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Not Knowing can be Dangerous and Fun! Part 3: Second Bauble - Their Experience

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2012 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; F/f; majick; bodyswitch; F2m; M2f; bond; cuffs; collar; wrap; tease; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 3: Second Bauble - Their Experience

I had to admit to myself that I was getting really turned on, not just seeing myself in that situation, but I really wanted to taste him, I wanted to taste his skin, my own skin. I wanted to lick my own pussy and suck on my own nipples that now resided on his body. I grabbed up the remote to the vibrator and set it to on, and left the room to get my husband’s ring from downstairs. Coming back upstairs I set his ring down on the bed stand. By time I had rejoined him, I could tell he was almost to orgasm and I shut off the vibrator again, and caressed my hand down his foot. Still in my own body I got onto the bed between his ankles. I could smell my own sex and I could not tell if it was his or mine. All I knew is that this woman’s body was mine, literally it was my body, but I mean to say that she was mine for the taking, my toy.

I started by sucking on his big toe. Well for simplicity sake let’s call it her toe. I never told my husband this, because he has an aversion to feet, but I had a previous boyfriend that would suck on my feet till I could feel it in my privates. With a little jolt of realization and a sudden surge of pleasure she started writhing her hips pressing them at an imaginary cock. I could tell she was tired and I wondered how long she had been stuck like this. I moved from toe to toe sucking and licking them like little cocks until I had gotten all of them then I moved my way up her leg slowly, passing right by her sex that was pressing towards my mouth has hard as she could. I moved back down her other leg and started with the toes again. I knew this would drive her mad with lust and it did the trick as expected. When I was done there I moved up to her stomach and licked, sucked and nibbled my way around her navel brushing my nose teasingly along the base of each breast, but moving away quickly. I would move towards her clit, then towards her breasts, but I would circle around the outside of her breast or lick all the way around the very outside of her pussy lips but move away just before I got to anything sensitive.

Once I was satisfied that I had teased her enough I teased her some more by giving her fingers and arms the same treatment as I had given her toes and legs. Knowing she could not take much more I went in for the kill, I unstrapped the butterfly and I knelt over her allowing my knee to press lightly on her pussy. She immediately started humping and grinding her sex into me but I knew this would not do much for her while I went in for the breasts with earnest. Nipping, licking, sucking, flicking, brushing, and blowing on her breasts and nipples I could feel her getting closer and closer to orgasm. I knew that she would just burn out and be over sensitive if I got her off now so I stopped all of my contact with her body and instead I removed her penis gag. As soon as she started to speak I shoved my left breast into her face and got an unexpected gasp of shock as I realized she was not expecting me to have female anatomy. The thought of lesbian sex sent her into a frenzy, she did her best, tied as she was to copy what I had done to her breasts onto her, pleased with her learning I gave her the other breast and received some more pleasure for myself.

Once I was satisfied with her work on my breasts I gave my husband, currently transformed into my clone, the deepest most passionate kiss I could muster and she returned in favor. After biting her neck a couple of times to let her know I was boss and warning her not to say a word I sat up and presented my pussy to her face and received a warm greeting from her tongue.  She went to work as he usually did, not knowing where to go or when, but doing a more than satisfactory job, then I finally bent down to give her the same treatment. What I sight we would have been two perfect twins one tied spread eagle in super hot sexy lingerie and the other wet and ready on top of her in 69 position pleasuring each other, both girls moaning and whining by now.

When I started to lick his pussy he stopped what he was going and started to copy me. It was amazing and a little weird to feel what I was doing to this woman below me mirrored on my own sex. I worked a little magic on her clit and she worked on mine, and I could not believe that she was actually working better on me that I was. I guess I should have suspected as much; she had had so many years experience sucking on clits as a man and I had really had none as of yet. Sooner than later I was coming, moaning and groaning on top of her as I came. Knowing that I had her close, I got up and spun around. I asked her if she had cum yet and she said she didn’t think so. I grabbed the ring and gave her a passionate kiss while I put the ring on. As I transformed I could feel the mass of my body grow, and I could imagine the great feeling of being a woman and having a man on top of me as my newly formed penis grew and pressed right up against her sex. My heart leapt as I realized that I was going to fuck myself in my husband’s body for the first time and I was going to make her scream.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Fuck me, please… please… now… I’m ready, please fuck me.”

I figured that was begging enough so I pressed my hard cock just an inch into her body, knowing what it would feel like to be fucked for the first time.

“please..” she whimpered. So I pressed in another inch... and waited… “plea…oh” just on cue I slammed balls deep into her “hhhh….ohhh god…” enjoying the feeling of my cock fully imbedded into a pussy for the first time, the feeling of power as her tiny body pressed into mine trying vainly to fuck me from underneath.

Her bindings were to tight to allow for that kind of movement. Knowing just what she needed now, I started pounding into her as hard as I could, making sure to press my pubic bone hard into her clit on every thrust. Sometimes stopping my thrusting just to grind deeply for a couple seconds. I twisted my hips and made sure that I got my cock pressed into her at every conceivable angle. When I started to feel her cum I kept on pounding, letting her ride the orgasm out till it’s end, pressing deeply into her with each thrust. She moaned and screamed with pleasure. She pulled at her bindings as she spasmed against my cock. When she was done I just fucked her slowly, very slowly. All the way in and all the way out ever so slowly I knew this would keep her ready for more when she calmed down.

Sitting up the best I could without pulling out of her, I struggled to disconnect the bindings on her right ankle. I pulled her long silky leg over my body so that she was now on the side of her hip and I pressed her leg hard into the bed. Now it was my turn, I knew that this was one of my husband’s favorite positions and I knew that I enjoyed it as a woman too. I started off slow again, but soon I was pounding into her without mercy, feeling a totally new kind of orgasm building inside of me, squeezing my muscles to make it last that much longer and finally letting loose with a grunt of my own I plowed into her one last time and pumped my balls deep into her, knowing that it would feel amazing to her to have hot cum splashing into her. Exhausted and spent I lay down on top of her and thought I would pass out from it all. Knowing that she would not want me to pull out for a while I just stayed on top of her, breathing hard, kissing her breasts lightly where I could reach them, feeling the hot sticky mess between our legs, and smelling the fabulous scent of sex in the air.

Finally exhausted I pulled her leg back pulled my cock out and tied her leg back to the bed post. I pulled off his ring and transformed back into myself as I felt the sudden need to clean her up. I had always enjoyed the naughty feeling of swallowing his cum, though he never knew it. I knelt down between her legs and started licking and sucking up the cum and pussy juices that where trying to leak onto the bed. I kept licking and sucking, while I reached up and pinched her nipples, I knew that one more small orgasm would not hurt, and I would get to drink up even more of our mixed cum as her orgasm pressed it out. It took much shorter than I had expected and she had a small rolling orgasm, and sure enough her pussy released my prize and I cleaned it up with enthusiasm not missing a drop.

Laying next to her I pulled off her blind fold and we looked into each other’s eyes as twins for the first time. All she could do was thank me with her eyes, too tired to do anything else. I got up and released her ropes, leaving the ankle cuffs on her. I climbed back into bed and we fell to sleep in each other’s arms almost immediately.

* * *

I woke up sore and exhausted. Amazing what a woman’s body can endure. We all know they can endure more pain but who knew that they could endure massive amounts of pleasure so intense it verged on pain. I woke to find my wife pressed very sexily into my breasts as I realized that I had slept with her last night still in the form of her clone. Thanks to our newly magical wedding rings I was able to wake up with a set of breasts and a pussy to play with this morning. But I had more pressing business to get to, revenge. I quickly went to take off the ankle and wrist cuffs from last night but found them still locked on with padlocks. I knew that the padlocks to at least some of my cuffs should be in the toy drawer but when I checked I found the drawer completely empty, not even a scrap of rope! My plan, immediately after waking up had been to tie my wife up and make her eat me out as punishment for making me eat her out last night. Instead I found myself still in “bondage”. I went to at least take off my chocker and found that it had been locked on as well.

Finding that I could not get out of my bindings I went for the door to go down to the garage for some tools. That’s when someone grabbed me from behind. He was strong and had very muscular arms, I found that I was fairly helpless in his grasp. Spinning me around I found a naked man I had never met before now holding my arms behind my back, I tried to kick him in the nuts but with a simple leg block he prevented the blow. Picking me up and carrying me to the bed and roughly slammed me to the bed and started binding my arms behind my back and he tied my ankles together.

All of this of course was simplified by the bondage gear I was already wearing. Lastly he put a rope on my collar as a leash and picked me up again setting me in front of the mirror. I was busy trying to work my ring off my finger, to maybe get some kind of size and strength advantage when I was distracted by the view in the mirror. My wife nor myself was standing staring back at me, but a strangely familiar and unfuckingbelievably HOT girl standing there instead. She, or I should say I had very nice large breasts, I wondered if they were fake. Amazing thighs a very cute face and totally blow job lips. I could not place why she looked familiar.

The man behind me was still holding my arms now bound to each other, which by the way made my tits stand out in a very arousing manner. I could feel the heat of his body radiating onto my small frame, and I could feel a raging hardon pressing against my ass cheek. Still looking in the mirror I could tell why this stranger would want to fuck the hell out of me, I mean come on I was hot. And as I looked at him, I could also see something strangely familiar about him. For some reason I was not nearly as scared as I thought I should be. It was obvious that I was going to get raped by this man.

“Honey, it’s me. The rings have another trick, don’t you remember me telling you. If your turn your own ring three times and put it back on you become the equivalent of yourself as the opposite sex. I switched our rings back last night, and I got a good quiet chuckle out of seeing you dressed in drag while you were temporarily a man.” This calmed me considerably, though I was already quite calm. “And I’m guessing that since, as a man, you are very dominant, as a girl you are very submissive, am I right? Quiet type huh? Well let’s see. Kneel woman.”

Without much though I knelt to the floor, falling to my knees with a loud thud, though it didn’t hurt on the rug. “Stay there slave.” My wife said, or course she was not really my wife right now, she was transformed into a sexy tall dark strong man. And it was turning me on to be bossed around like this. Before she walked away she tied my collar to the nearest dresser leg, trapping me here. Without the use of my hands I was not getting free. He left the room and I heard him in the kitchen a few seconds later. In no time he was back upstairs.

While he was away I was looking at myself in the mirror, and I noticed a couple more changes my wife had made to me last night while I slept. Not only had she locked on my collar she had removed the bra that I had been wearing and put my hair into a normal pony tail. She had taken off my bondage shoes and reattached the ankle cuffs leaving the thigh highs and garter belt on. I almost missed that she had taken off the rubber bands from my nipples because it seemed that my new smaller frame and tight yet large tits stood at attention all of their own will.  I was very turned on by the view in the mirror and I wondered if the female version of me was bisexual or if it was just because I was so damb hot in these bindings and lingerie.

Admiring myself in the mirror I didn’t see what he brought into the room with him, and then everything went black as the blindfold from last night was placed back on my head. Then he pushed me forward onto all fours and I expected to receive a cock at any second. Instead he used something to wrap my ankles to my thighs and wrap my wrists to my shoulders, effectively forcing me into a gimped dog position and I felt him lead me around the room.

After getting more used to walking around the room on my knees and elbows I was getting noticeably more wet. This was greeted by three fingers shoved into my pussy then pulled out and fed to me. I cleaned his fingers off without needing instruction to do so. Then I was presented with his manhood. It seemed totally natural to take his cock into my mouth and I seemed to know what I was doing with it too. This body came with some experience of its own I was not aware of. With ease I leaned forward and took his entire considerably sizable cock deep into my throat when my nose was buried in his man bush I stuck my tongue out and licked the bottom of his balls.

“Wow, you are talented as a girl, maybe you would have been a porn star, you sure are hot enough!”.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth with a loud pop, he pulled off my blindfold and told me to fuck him. It was tougher than I had thought to turn around on the spot bound up like this, but turn I did. Soon enough he had pressed the tip of his cock into me and I backed my little behind up onto it taking it as deep as I could in my position. I moved forward and back enjoying the fullness, but I guess it was not fast enough for him and soon he was fucking me. 

To my surprise he grabbed me around the waist and picked me up like I was a rag doll. He continued to fuck me while he carried me to the bed, spinning me around on his cock he lay me down on the bed on my back and kept fucking me as my blindfold started to slip off. My arms and legs bounced around helplessly and I could see now that he had bound them up with kitchen plastic wrap, turning me into his personal pet. I licked my lips as my first orgasm built, he was pressing way too deep into me, but I seemed to love the mixture of pleasure and pain. Soon I was cuming and I could feel myself squeezing his cock so hard he could barely stay in me. Only seconds later he was cumming deep in my pussy and I could feel his seed dripping down my ass crack.

Still deep inside me I watched him take off his ring as I felt his cock shrink down to nothing inside of me then it was gone and my wife was standing in front of me panting like a race horse. She started unwrapping my legs and arms and pulled me up further on the bed, with a bit more difficulty in her normal form. She reached into the bed stand on my side and pulled out two keys and removed all of my other bindings and clothing. Wherever she removed an item she would kiss me lightly and it felt nice to be free of so much weight. She took the collar off last and I sat up surprising her and kissed her deeply then lay back on the bed tired.

Feeling comfortable in this body and not knowing what would happen if I changed forms with cum leaking out of my body I pulled my tired wife down by my side and lay behind her spooning her and caressing her body with my tiny hands. After a short recovery I felt my wife’s body growing and felt down her body to her manhood and found it soft and placid. He turned around and picked up my body, much more gingerly this time and carried me like a precious fragile thing to the bathroom and set me down standing in the shower. He turned on the water, checking for temperature and washed my body from head to toe. Once he was done washing both of us he simply held me close, hugging me chest to chest, my head resting on his pecks. I hugged him back and felt his body with my hands, exploring the muscular texture of his skin. Exploring a little lower I found his soft penis and bent down to take it into my mouth.

Spending some time massaging his penis in my mouth, warming it, and smoothing it over my tongue I felt some life pulse back into it. As I felt him growing I became more aggressive with my actions. Within no time at all he was again balls deep in my throat and I held him deeply. I half expected him to grab my head and start fucking my mouth but he didn’t move, not an inch. Getting tired of sucking him off and wanting a little pleasure for myself I stood up and pressed myself back against him like a hug, again he didn’t move. I grabbed him around the neck with my arms, reaching high on my tippy toes, and pulled him down for a kiss, but he didn’t move. Feeling his cock against my stomach I realized a burning desire to have him inside me once again.

Not knowing what else to do and getting desperate I hugged him around the neck again and hoisted myself up onto his chest with my legs wrapped around his waist. My tiny body didn’t seem to even faze him as I could feel my body rise and fall slightly with each of his breaths. He still didn’t move, and I was getting aggravated with him. I reached down with one arm, threatening to fall off and pressed him against my pussy. Taking his not moving as my cue I lowered myself slowly onto his cock. From this position I could very comfortably fuck him with little to no effort, the only effort was holding on and for this huge cock that was not going to be a problem.

His cock was so large in me and filled me so completely I felt as though I could let go of him with all my limbs and it would more than support me, but I was not going to test this stupid idea. Instead I continued to fuck him until I felt my own orgasm coming, I didn’t let on that I was cumming I didn’t want to give him the pleasure of knowing that I had cum when I was doing all the work. My body betrayed me though and I could feel my pussy clamping down on him so tightly that even the weight of my own body was barely enough to achieve an inward thrust. Sliding slower down his cock as my body spasmed around it just teased me that much more and made the orgasm last that much longer.

By the end of my own orgasm I could feel him start to react, finally making some movements he pulled his ass back some using me as a counter balance and started fucking me hard. Slamming into my unprotected clit with his muscular pubic bone sent a thrill down my spine and rocked me another orgasm right on top of the last one. This orgasm was distinctly different from the first as he splashed some more cum into my already swollen and sore and over full pussy. Finally coming to rest still standing, I held onto him for dear life not wanting him to leave me feeling empty too soon. I held on until he softened up a few minutes later and fell out of me on his own. Then he set me down and washed my pussy again, ensighting some not unwanted pleasure upon my sex.

After we cooled down some in the crisp cool water of the shower he carried me out and set me on the soft rug and toweled me off. Then he carried me to the bed and placed me under of covers before rejoining me as my wife. As I nodded off to sleep I felt her take my ring and return it to my hand immediately after.


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