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by Circuitbreaker

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© Copyright 2009 - Circuitbreaker - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; transform; latex; M2f; liquid; enclose; cons; X

My name's Jay. I now live a life that people can only dream of. And here's how it began.

I had woken in a haze. Not quiet feeling myself, I lifted my groggy head to find something wasn't quite right.

I looked up to find myself lying on some kind of examination table in the middle of a completely white room. I then looked down at my body and it definitely looked different, shiny and black from what I could see but maybe that's just the blanket that's covering me. I lift my hand to remove the cover to find a slick shiny black hand reaching up. This didn't seem right so I reached for my face, except it wasn't there. I couldn't feel any features at all, no nose no anything. I raised my other hand in an attempt to at least find something of my face but just felt around and felt nothing but a smooth surface.

"Oh you won't find anything there my gorgeous little slave."

I recognized the voice but was still a bit hazy and couldn't quite pin it. I looked around and was met by a shiny black oval head on top of a female's black shiny body standing in front of me, she looked like she was covered totally in slick black rubber, in fact it looked identical to what I was wearing.

"You seem to be awake now my pet so I will explain to you your future existence and of course what you have become."

She looked over me and then walked beside me to stroke a hand lovingly down the side of my face.

"Do you remember our first date when I told you how obsessed with rubber I was? Well I have been working on my little obsession in the year we have been together."

Then suddenly I recognized the voice as my girlfriend Jade. She'd been working at a bio sciences lab for a long time and was always known for creating ideas on the whim.

"Well I've turned my... sorry, our fantasy into a reality. I've created a machine that can convert living matter into pure glorious rubber. I first started to experiment with objects but then decided to become my fantasy, so stored my genetic pattern into the machine in case I needed to revert to my previous form and transformed myself into living rubber."

I tried to reply but found myself unable to mutter a word.

"After my discovery I erased my previous form from the machine, and so the woman you once knew is long gone. She has become a being of great power and ability. And she has become your eternal mistress, if that is what you so desire of course. Your DNA pattern is still stored and will change you back if that is what you so wish."

It was then that I had started to fear what I'd become and started to think the thing that used to be my girlfriend was insane. I looked down again to inspect my body, the slight heaviness on my chest was down to the fact that I now had two glorious rubber globes on my chest. I put a hand to one and squeezed and was overcome with the amount me pleasure that the one touch gave me. I reached down in a vain attempt to find my manhood but instead found nothing. Not a thing, just a flat space where my cock used to be. But just touching this area felt so good.

"Oh so your looking for something?" Jade asked. "Well you did say one of your fantasies was to dress as a rubber woman. Now I have made you into one. If you're looking for your pussy, well I control that as I do with the rest of you. You are now my rubber plaything and your body will take any form I wish. And right now I wish for you to stand in front of me."

Right away I felt my body react to the mistress's command and raise itself from the table and to attention in front of her. My body was totally unable to move and making me a passenger in my own body. And I loved it!

She looked at me and simply said the word "face" With that I felt my facial features form and the rubber on my face create what the mistress had wished for.

"So my slave, this is where I show you your new perfect rubber body. I am about to step aside and show you the mirror behind me, I will give you free movement but be warned, if you try to escape or do anything I don't wish then I will regain control in an instant."

She moved to the side giving the command for my body to regain control of itself. As it did my eyes caught the most beautiful sight. The most perfectly shaped female body, covered from head to toe in gleaming slick black rubber. I moved a hand to my face and felt around, I couldn't believe it. Only a while ago I was a flesh and blood male and now, well now I am rubber perfection.

I moved a hand to my crotch and felt the empty space between my legs while the other hand reached for one of my breasts. Just looking at myself in the mirror was a huge turn on as I began to rub myself into a frenzy. I could feel the pleasure in my new body surge through me, the feeling was intensifying and I could feel myself on the edge of the most explosive orgasm ever.

Then a loud "FREEZE!" Came from beside me and suddenly mid orgasm my body just froze.

Looking in the mirror, the expression on my rubber face was one of sure bliss my rubber hands were frozen while working there magic.

"I can tell you like what you see. That was my reaction after seeing myself for the first time and I know what you are feeling right now is the greatest feeling in the world. But I can't have you cumming without your mistress's permission. So as a punishment, I am going to leave you like that until I return. Goodnight."

She walked into my field of view and caressed my face, then opened her mouth and extended a long black tongue into my semi open mouth. She brought her face closer and kissed my frozen body, then pulled away as I saw her exit the white room. All I could do now was stare at my frozen black body as it was attacked by the most intense pleasure.

After what felt like ages, mistress entered the room and stood in front of me with her legs slightly apart.

"How is my slave right now? I bet you want to cum so hard right now? Well I suppose I should let you. It has been two weeks."

I couldn't believe it. I've been like this for two weeks! But then again I did lose track of time trying to keep my sanity.

"I shall now give you permission but do not cum until my order."

She walked toward me and put her face to mine and formed a face. "I want you to cum, CUM NOW!"

With those very words my body went into major spasms and the huge building up just exploded as my body shook violently. Mistress grabbed my face and started to again insert her tongue into my mouth. I was losing control of my body, the pleasure was so intense. I was literally exploding on the inside and felt myself become unstable and then suddenly I simply melted into a pool of rubber on the floor.

I was now nothing more than a puddle of liquid rubber. Mistress knelt down next to me and said. "Oh you did need that didn't you? Hear, try this." She then began to circle her finger around my oozing body and this absolute was bliss! It felt so good having her do that. She then stopped and ordered me to my original form; I felt myself regain composure and stood to attention in front of her.

"Now you've experienced your new body I am going to give you the choice. Once you make it there will be no going back. EVER." she allowed me to speak. "Do you want to return to your human form and leave me forever or do you wish to become my slave of pure rubber for the rest of eternity?"

I looked at her and I think she knew my answer. "I wish to be your rubber slave for eternity."

She smiled and replied, "Are you sure? I will delete your DNA pattern from the machine and you will never be able to return to your old life and indeed society again. I will have TOTAL control over you and you will be made to obey my every command."

I simply nodded and said, "yes mistress. This is what I truly wish. I loved you Jade for years and now I wish to serve you as my mistress."

She looked at me and smiled and produced a small bottle with a cork in the end. She popped the cork and told me to get in. I felt my body ooze to the floor and then into the bottle where I was nothing more than liquid rubber in a bottle.

And that is where I am kept.

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