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by Circuitbreaker

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Storycodes: F/m; transform; latex; M2f; liquid; doll; insertion; cons; X

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Part Two

I find myself regaining form only becoming aware of my surroundings when I am fully formed. I find myself stood in front of my mistress. She approaches me and I am unable to move until given permission and I can see she blatantly enjoys it. And I have to admit I love being her toy. She gets closer and rubs her rubber hand against the side of orbed face, the feel of rubber on rubber always feels such a turn on.

"I have a game to play with you today my little rubber toy." she said playfully. "I am going to make you my doll for a while. I know you love being a woman but now am going to show you what it's like to be an object of desire."

I was already her play thing but to actually be her doll was something I'd love to do. This was surely my reward for being closed up in that bottle for so long. Her hand moved over my face and it formed feminine features accentuated by the shininess of my skin. She stood back and grabbed a breast in each hand and started to draw them outward, doing this made them bigger, fuller and just so much sexier. After giving me at least a G cup, she moved her hands down to my waist and started to squeeze them together pushing my waist in on itself. She stopped when I had been given a 13 inch waistline, one which you could nearly put your hands around. She continued to move down my body and moved one hand onto my crotch. She made a circle into my crotch and made it deeper into me giving me a completely false looking pussy.

She didn't stop at the finger, but carried on with her hand making me deep enough to take anything. By this time I was in heaven. My new pussy just blew up into a blaze of pleasure and if it wasn't for the fact I was frozen, I would've collapsed into a pool of rubber onto the floor. She did the same to my ass and then continued down to my feet. She raised my heels to a massive 6 inches. I was literally on tip toes.

Satisfied she stood back and admired her work noticing one slight detail. She came up to my face and slid her rubber forked tongue between my rubber lips. Then as it entered, the tongue started to get thicker and longer. She'd turned her tongue into a huge rubber cock and was continuing to force it into my mouth. She pulled both her hands to the side of my face and pulled me onto her and started to pump at my face. With this my mouth was widening and becoming more rounded giving the appearance of a constantly open mouth ready for anything. Her pumping got harder and faster until she suddenly started to scream and I could feel her essence ooze down my throat. I felt it ooze down my throat and far into my stomach where it became part of me.

She stood back and returned her tongue to normal, looking at her work on my now totally false doll's body. She then began to rub her hands across her rubber skin and was obviously getting off on what she saw. "Speak!" she demanded.

My body remained locked but my lips began to move as a high pitch voice emerged. "Hel.lo miss.tress. I am your Would you like to p.lay with me? I am yours" this was actually me saying this and not a pre programmed response, and it was driving me wild. I wanted her to fuck my hole 24/7. Being her doll like this was such a turn on and I could see by the fact that mistress was pushing her own arm into her pussy, she too was enjoying the show. She was in as far as her elbow and just stretching herself to what looked like the limits.

"Would mis.tress like me to help?”

She looked up at me and gave the command to move of my own free will to which I could feel my limbs suddenly able to move. I walked to my mistress as best as I could as I was moving just like a doll. Jerky and thought out movements were all I could manage as my arms were bent at the elbow and my legs were unbending. I reached out my left arm and began to slide it in next to hers, she pulls her own arm out and starts to rub her fake tits that were getting bigger by the second. She was moaning as my arm was getting further into her pussy. I was now at my elbow and needed to re position myself to be able to get any further, so began to get in position and my arm was going further inside her. I could swear that if she was human, I would’ve been able to feel her heart by now. My arm was now as far in as my shoulder and couldn’t get any further in, so I looked up and asked “Mis.tress. May get in.side you?”

She looked down at me and replied, “Yes, mistress wants her dolly inside her. She wants you so deep in me NOW!”

With those words said I began to climb inside her pussy, my head started to slide in with my arm and it wasn’t long before that too was swallowed by her shiny rubber hole, my body followed and was as far down as my waist when I felt myself start to contort to fit inside her. I continued and soon all that was left on the outside were a pair of rubber doll’s legs kicking as they too disappeared between mistresses legs.

Mistress continued rubbing herself while feeling me inside her, she started to scream as I continued to move about in what was now my rubber womb and I was now part of her. The screams got louder and louder until she came and came and came. She collapsed onto her back onto the white floor as black liquid rubber began to ooze from her pussy, she held her bloated rubber belly and smiled to herself. Getting up onto her feet again she walked to the mirror and looked at her heavily pregnant form in the reflection. “Don’t think you’re coming out of there any time soon. I am liking being pregnant with my own rubber offspring. Will see you in nine months.”

With that I settled down and enjoyed the snugness of being inside my mistress.

The end.


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