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A Slight Recalculation

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; F/f; D/s; transform; naked; bond; gag; cuffs; tease; strapon; cons/reluct; X

story continues from A Slight Miscalculation

Marc Reilly closed the door and leaned against it with a sigh. It was days like this, he thought, that bothered him the most. One of the companies he held a major interest in, hard hit by the economic slump, was facing serious problems. An emergency meeting of the board had been called, which Marc had to attend. At the meeting, despite his best efforts to come up with an alternative, it had finally been decided that downsizing was the only way to keep the company solvent. Marc sighed again, thinking about the people about to lose their jobs.

'What I need', he thought, 'is something to take my mind off all of this. Fortunately, I have just the thing'. Smiling, he moved to his bedroom, quickly removing his clothes and standing before that full length mirror mounted on the back of the door.

Under his gaze, his reflection seemed to blur slightly. When the image cleared, it was Mary, his alter ego, who gazed back. For a moment, Mary simply gazed at herself. Then, with a nod, she turned away from the mirror.

“Marc had a bad day,” she said in her soft voice. “Now it’s Mary’s turn to play.” Smiling, she moved to the living room, lifting the phone and dialing a number. Once the connection was made, she said, “Five minutes,” hanging up without waiting for a reply.

Exactly five minutes later, Mary nodded at the sound of the back door. Seconds later, a second woman entered the living room, moving to stand before her. Nodding, Mary walked slowly around the woman, examining her closely.

This second woman, standing naked before her, was almost a caricature in motion. Long, toned legs led up to flaring thighs and hips. A narrow waist created an hourglass shape, widening to a chest that supported breasts almost too large for the rest of the body. Long waves of golden hair framed a face that somehow combined an almost classical beauty with animal sensuality, with wide, blue eyes and pouting lips.

Her inspection complete, Mary nodded. “The toys,” she said simply, gesturing toward the bedroom.

“Yes, Mistress,” the other woman replied, her voice a soft, seductive whisper. Turning, she moved to the door, her firm ass swaying with each step. A moment later, she returned, placing a leather bag on the couch.

“May I begin, Mistress?” At Mary’s nod, she removed a number of leather straps from the bag. Kneeling, she secured a strap around each leg, holding her knees bent with her heels pressed against her ass. Next, she placed a penis gag into her mouth, buckling the straps securely. Finally, she took two more straps from the bag, silently offering them to Mary.

“Very good,” Mary remarked, watching as the woman shivered slightly with pleasure at the compliment. Taking the offered straps, Mary waited while the woman bent both arms, then attached the straps, securing her with elbows bent, hands fluttering helplessly at her shoulders. Stepping back, Mary watched as her captive explored the extent to which this simple arrangement rendered her helpless.

“Bed.” At these words, the woman leaned forward until her weight rested on her bent knees and elbows. Slowly, carefully, she began crawling toward the bedroom. Mary walked behind her, watching her ass sway with each careful motion. Making her way to the bed, the woman raised up until her upper body rested on the edge of the mattress. This was as far as she could get on her own, and Mary obligingly lifted her knees, turning her until she lay full on the bed. Squirming, the woman positioned herself on her back, knees pointing straight up, arms at her sides. For a moment, Mary simply gazed at her.

“Is this what you wanted?” she asked softly, watching as the helpless woman shook her head. “Are you sure? You described this body very well, and I heard every word.” Mary’s voice hardened slightly. “Naked, bound, horny, with you gloating over me, telling me I’d make a very good sex slave, but I could be better. Isn’t this the perfect sex slave you described, Brad?”

As the woman once more shook her head, Mary thought back on how her efforts to seduce her handsome neighbor had backfired. Using bondage to keep herself from backing out, she had soon found herself on Brad’s bed, too horny to free herself, while he gloated over having her for his own slave.

Eventually, he’d allowed her to cum. Once her arousal had abated, Mary had quickly turned the tables. Now it was Brad who served.

To the rest of the world, nothing had changed. Brad appeared as he always had. Only he and Mary knew of the changes she had made.

For one, he was unable to disobey any command she gave. His obedience was swift and complete, regardless of his own thoughts or wishes. Her telephone summons earlier had brought him to her, where the second change became evident, with Brad changing into this blonde slave girl as he entered the house. He would only change back when he left, whenever that might be.

Now, shaking off her thoughts, Mary retrieved the bag from the living room, rummaging within as she returned. The blonde’s eyes widened as she saw what Mary withdrew, her head shaking slowly as muffled pleas leaked from behind the gag.

“It’s play time,” Mary said, strapping the large dildo to her waist and climbing onto the bed. Positioning herself over the helpless blonde, Mary found herself thinking that her original idea hadn’t been a total failure after all. All it needed was a slight recalculation.

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