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by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M2f; F2m; solo-f; solo-m; bodyswap; mast; first; climax; reluct; X

Friday night can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s the end of the work week, a chance to get away from the job for a while. For others, the beginning of the weekend means a chance to party, to see and be seen, or simply a chance to relax. In the James home, Friday night meant an argument. Always.

“Why not?”

Brad James sighed. It was the same thing every week. Jenny wanted to go clubbing with her friends, and Brad always said no. And always for the same reason.

“Jen, hon,” he said, trying to sound reasonable, “you know why not. Your friends are old enough to drink legally. You’re not. You only turned nineteen a month ago. When you’re old enough, meaning twenty one, you can go into those places. But not before.”

“The law says I’m old enough to make my own choices,” Jenny retorted. “Which means I can decide where I will and won’t go.”

“Maybe so,” Brad said, growing angry, as he always did, “but as long as you live under my roof, you follow my rules.”

“No matter how much it humiliates me in front of my friends?”

Brad sighed again. “I’m sorry you feel that way, Jen. I know things haven’t been as good between us as it was before your mom died, but….”

“You leave mom out of this!” Jenny’s face grew flushed with anger. “Every time I want to do something, you use mom as an excuse, saying you’re trying to do for me what she would have. Well, you’re wrong. Mom would have understood me. She would have known me well enough to know why I want to do the things I do. And she would have said yes! If you want to be so much like her, then let me go where I want.” With that, she stomped off into her room, slamming the door behind her.

Brad sighed yet again, turning toward his own room. If only, he thought, as he prepared for bed, if only Jenny could understand why he made the choices he did where she was concerned. Maybe then she wouldn’t fight him so much.

In her room, Jenny threw herself onto her bed. Why couldn’t he understand? Why couldn’t he let her just be herself without interfering in everything she did. Jenny lay for a moment, fuming, then rose and, with an air of near defiance, stripped off her clothes before throwing herself back onto her bed. For a long time, she lay staring through the darkness toward the door, as if expecting her father to come in and object to her sleeping in the nude. As she drifted off to sleep, her last waking thought was, if only he understood.

Somewhere, somehow, their thoughts were heard. And understood. And, somehow, answered.

Brad woke slowly, dimly aware that it was Saturday, with no need to hurry off to work. After a slow, luxuriant stretch, he threw off the light sheet covering him, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and sitting up. He sat for a moment, staring with half closed eyes at the wall, before pushing to his feet and staggering toward the bathroom. He had a vague sense that something wasn’t quite right, but his mind was still too fogged with sleep to worry about it. Reaching the bathroom, he flipped the switch just inside the door, wincing at the sudden bright stab of light.

Why is it always so hard to wake up in the morning? he wondered. Why do the lights always seem so much brighter right after you get up? And why is Jenny looking at me from my mirror?

Stung to full awareness by the shock, Brad clenched his eyes closed for a second, then opened them slowly. Sure enough, his daughter’s face stared back at him from his mirror with wide eyes. Stunned, he reached toward his face, only to have his hand hit an obstruction that shouldn’t have been there. Looking down, he suddenly realized that it wasn’t just the face in the mirror that was wrong.

Slowly, hesitantly, he poked at one of the soft mounds pushing out against the front of his shirt. He could feel the firmness beneath the cloth as his finger prodded. How could he have breasts?

Suddenly, a thought made him stiffen. If he had Jenny’s face, and if he had breasts…… His hands leapt to his crotch, only to feel a feminine mound beneath his strangely snug shorts. His touch sent a strange feeling coursing through him, and he yanked his hand away quickly.

He had returned to staring blankly at the face in the mirror, his mind struggling for an answer, when he heard a hoarse scream. It was a male voice, he realized. More to the point, it was his voice. He glanced again at the face in the mirror, and something clicked.

Jenny! If he looked like her, did she…….? Turning, Brad rushed from the bathroom toward his daughter’s bedroom. In spite of the shock, despite his sudden fear for Jenny, Brad couldn’t help but notice the way his new breasts bounced and swayed with each rushing step. Trying to ignore the sensation, he rushed into Jenny’s room, only to stumble to a halt when he saw himself standing naked in the middle of the room.

“Jen?” Was that him? It sounded just like Jenny’s voice. At the sound, the naked man turned to stare at him.

“Who are you?” As Brad had almost expected, she sounded just like him. “And why do you look like me?”

“I’m your father, Jen.” At this, the man’s eyes widened.

“You can’t be. My father is a man.”

Brad glanced down at the firm swell of breasts beneath his shirt. “Not any more,” he said. “I have no idea how this happened, but we seem to have changed places.

“But that’s impossible!”

“Evidently not. Either we’re both having some strange nightmare, or we’ve changed places.”

“But I don’t want to be you!” Brad could hear the rising panic in Jenny’s voice. Well, his voice, actually, but coming from his daughter, who now resembled him. Brad’s mind spun as he tried to sort it out. Finally, he forced his mind back to the problem at hand, mainly his daughter.

“I know, hon,” he said softly. “We just need to see if we can figure out what happened, and how we can change things back. But we need to think. Can you do that for me hon?”

“Daddy, I’m scared.” With that, Jenny rushed forward and threw powerful arms around Brad’s shoulders.

Never in his life had Brad held a naked man against him, nor had he ever wanted to. But this was different. Hard as it was to believe, this naked man was his daughter. Gently, he wrapped his own arms around the naked body pressed to his, holding tightly.

“So am I, hon,” he confessed. “But we’ll get through this. Together.” Releasing his hold, he stepped back, looking into her (his?) frightened eyes. “Now, why don’t you go into my room and get some clothes on. I haven’t seen you naked since you were twelve.” He forced a grin. “And never quite like this.”

“Ok, daddy.” Turning, Jen rushed from the room. Alone, Brad set his mind to the task of trying to figure out exactly what was going on. Slowly, his mind racing, he turned and left the room.

Brad entered his room to see Jenny pulling a pair of his sweats into place. Seeing him, she quickly crossed her arms over her chest, then slowly let them drop.

“I forgot,” she said slowly. “There’s nothing there to see any more.”

Brad knew his daughter hung on the edge of hysteria. It was up to him to show her a calm, confident face, even if that face wasn’t his. Even if he was just as mystified as her by what was going on.

“Why don’t you fix us some breakfast, hon,” he said, his voice carefully even. “I’ll be right in, and we’ll see what we can figure out.”

“Ok, daddy.” Grateful for something to do, Jenny moved toward the kitchen.

Brad moved into the bathroom. Stepping up to the toilet, he pulled down the front of his shorts, reached in….and felt nothing. For a moment, his fingers fumbled across the mound between his thighs, then he pulled his hand back. Shaking his head, he pulled down his shorts, turned, and sank toward the toilet, halting at the last moment, realizing the seat was up. He lowered it, then sat, jumping only slightly as his ass hit the cold surface.

As his kidneys emptied, Brad found himself thinking this could be more complicated than he’d first imagined.

“So what should we do, dad?”

Brad looked up from his bacon and eggs. As usual, Jenny had cooked his normal breakfast, fixing eggs and toast for herself. He was glad to hear that the note of panic had vanished from her voice.

“First off,” he said, “we have no idea how this happened, or how long it might last. It could last a while, or it could end five minutes from now. Either way, we need to be prepared.”

“How do we do that?”

“Well, for one thing, I don’t think you’ll be going in to work for me Monday,” Brad replied with a grin. Brad worked as a draftsman for a architectural firm.

“Oh God no!”

Brad’s grin widened. “Ok, so if we’re still like this Monday, you’ll call in to work for me. Say you’re not feeling well, and take some of the leave time I have coming. That should give us a little more time to figure this out.”

“But Jason’s birthday party is tomorrow night,” Jenny pointed out.

Brad winced. “Oh, I’d forgotten about that. And I just remembered, I have a party to go to as well. Entertaining some prospective clients at the boss’ house.”

“We’re doomed,” Jenny wailed.

“No, hon. If it comes to that, I’ll go to Jason’s party as you, and you go to the business party as me. Stay long enough to be polite, then say you’re not feeling well and leave. Actually,” he pointed out, “that will help make you more believable if you call in sick on Monday.”

“Do you think we can pull it off?”

Brad nodded. “I know most of your friends,” he said, “and you know enough of the people I work with. Just try not to talk about work.”

As usual when something was bothering her, other than her dad, Jenny spent the day puttering around the house. For Brad, it seemed very odd, looking up from his computer, to see himself sweeping or dusting. He could imagine Jenny felt the same, seeing herself seated at his computer.

At one point, Jenny approached him, a strange expression on her face. “Um, dad,” she said hesitantly, “I kind of have a problem.”

“What’s wrong, hon?”

“Well, I, um, I have to pee.”

Brad grinned. “It’s not that hard, hon. Not really too different from what you’re used to, except you do it standing up.”

“I know that,” she retorted. “I’m not a kid any more, dad.”

“So what’s the problem?”

Jenny blushed. “Well, it’s just that, well, every time I try…….” Her voice trailed off.

“Yes, hon?” Brad was puzzled by his daughter’s embarrassment.

“Well, it’s just that……..damn it, every time I touch it, it gets hard! I can’t pee if it’s aimed at the ceiling!”

Brad was stunned. “What do you mean?” he stuttered, causing Jenny’s blush to deepen.

“I know it’s disgusting,” she said quickly. “After all, it is, technically, yours. But it’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and every time I touch it, I can’t help wondering how it would feel to…….you know!”

“I’m not sure I do,” Brad replied.

“Daddy, do I have to spell it out for you? To be with a man that size, ok?”

Brad thought for a moment. “Try this,” he finally said. “If it starts getting hard, think about your old science teacher with a cock like that, wanting to use it on you.” Jenny had hated that teacher, calling him an ugly old troll.

“Worth a try,” Jenny said. “And I hope it works. I really have to go!” She vanished through the door, only to reappear moments later.

“It worked!” she crowed. “I thought about that old troll trying to climb on top of me, and it shriveled faster than you would believe!”

Brad grinned, but, at the same time, he was thinking, the biggest cock she’d ever seen? Compared to how many? He knew his daughter was old enough to look out for herself, and smart enough not to get herself into trouble. At the same time, he realized, he’d blindly cherished the image of her as his little girl. His virgin little girl. Oh well, he thought sadly, another father’s dream bites the dust.

Fortunately, the rest of the day passed without any problems arising. At supper, Brad found himself eating much less than usual. Jenny, on the other hand, consumed quite a bit more than her usual. Putting it down to her keeping busy all day, while he spent his time at his computer, they spent the evening quietly discussing their mutual problem. Finally, with no solution in sight, they bade each other good night and went to their respective rooms.

Brad stepped into his private bath, intending to take a shower before bed. After adjusting the water, he slipped out of his clothes and stepped under the hot spray. Standing with his eyes closed, feeling the water cascade down his body, he once more pondered his situation.

Although he had tried to ignore it all day, Brad couldn’t help but notice the different feelings of this new body. The way his breasts moved under his shirt. The way his ass seemed to sway whenever he walked. Even, he thought wryly, the way the overly wide seam of his shorts tickled him in ways he’d never been tickled before. He’d never realized how much being in a female body could make a person aware of themselves. Part of it, he knew, was simply the fact that it was all new to him. Still, he had to wonder how much of it was an inherent part of this body.

Shrugging off his thoughts, he grabbed the soap and washrag, lathering up and beginning to scrub himself vigorously. His mind drifting once more to thoughts of the situation, he didn’t notice when his hands began centering their attention, as if on their own, one hand rubbing the washrag across his breasts, the other slipping between his thighs. He realized what was happening when one of his fingers slipped between his new nether lips, pushing inside of him.

Startled by the sudden rush of pleasure, Brad yanked his hand away. This wasn’t right! He might be wearing it, but this was his daughter’s body! He resumed washing, only to have his hand return between his thighs before he realized it.

Three more times, he tried simply washing, and three more times wound up with his hand buried between his thighs. By now, the repeated contacts had aroused him, and he couldn’t deny to himself how good it felt.

I guess as long as I’m wearing this body, then, technically, it’s mine, he reasoned, rationalizing what he knew he was about to do. He glanced around, as if afraid someone would catch him, then slowly slipped a finger back inside himself. His other hand began squeezing his breasts, rolling and pinching the hardened buds of his nipples.

Brad couldn’t believe it. As his finger penetrated, the pleasure seemed to expand from between his thighs to fill his whole body. His nipples, too, added to the sensation. Quickly, the sensations grew, until he felt as if his whole body pulsed with need. Then his finger brushed against his clit, and something in him exploded. His hips bucked, driving his finger deeper within him, as waves of pleasure raced through his body. Slowly, the waves receded, leaving him standing limp beneath the spray. Shocked by what he had just done, Brad quickly rinsed himself off. Shutting off the water, he dried himself, then crawled into bed.

Jenny lay on her bed, staring up into the darkness. She wanted to sleep, but every time she closed her eyes, images filled her head. Images of a large, hard cock. She could see every contour as it waved before her mind’s eye. To make matters worse, she could feel her own cock hardening.

Jenny reached down, not really sure what she was going to do. To her surprise, her fingers wrapped around her cock and began slowly stroking it. Stunned, she lay still, doing nothing to stop the motion of her hand. By the time it occurred to her what she was actually doing, it was too late to stop.

As her hand continued to pump her cock, Jenny was amazed. So much pleasure, and all in one place! It was as if all the pleasure were centered on her cock. Sure, the rest of her body felt good, but nearly all of her sensation was focused on that one place. It was almost more than she could bear.

Jenny felt a tingling sensation in her balls. Before she knew it, her cock began pulsing, sending gobs of cum spurting up to splash onto her stomach. At each pulse, Jenny groaned. She couldn’t believe so much pleasure could be bottled up in one place like that.

After several pulses, the feeling began to subside, and Jenny could feel her cock softening under her fingers. Blindly, she reached to her table and grabbed some tissues. After wiping herself off, she took the tissues to the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet, then returned to her room and tumbled back into bed.

In their separate rooms, father and daughter both drifted off to sleep. Each of them, shocked by what they had just done, hoped only that this would end soon.


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