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Understanding Part 2

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

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Part 2

Entering his kitchen, Brad James stared at the sight of himself standing at the stove. He wasn’t surprised to see Jenny, his daughter, in his body, not after yesterday. But the sight of himself wearing a bright flowered robe that barely covered his thighs just didn’t seem right.

As if sensing his thoughts, Jenny turned. Seeing him, she blushed vividly. “You were in bed,” she said, a bit lamely, “and I didn’t have anything else of yours to wear.”

Wrapped in his own robe, Brad nodded. “Trade?”

With a nod, Jen whipped off her robe, tossing it to her shocked father.


“Well,” she retorted, “it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

Brad laughed. Technically true. It was, after all, his body, or at least an exact duplicate. Since yesterday morning, Jenny had been wearing his body, just as he wore hers. He slipped out of his own robe and tossed it to Jenny, who quickly slipped into it. Brad put on her robe, drawing the belt tight around his waist.

“Done.” Jenny turned from the stove holding two plates. As Brad sat at the table, she set his usual scrambled eggs and bacon in front of him, before settling into her own chair. Her plate held eggs over easy and toast.

Brad eyed his plate dubiously. He’d eaten this same breakfast every weekend for more years than he cared to remember. Today, though, it appeared somewhat less than appetizing. The eggs looked dry, while the bacon had an evil looking gleam of grease. Jenny’s plate, on the other hand, looked delicious. He noticed Jenny glancing at his plate.

For a moment, both sat silent, then, at the same time, blurted out, “If you’re not going to eat that……” They stared at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing. Quickly, they exchanged plates and began eating.

“This is so wrong,” Jenny said around a bite of crisp bacon. “But, oh, it tastes so good. Am I becoming you, dad?”

Brad thought about it. “Well,” he finally said, “you have been in my body for a whole day now. I guess it’s possible you could be picking up some of my tastes and habits.” With a slice of toast, he mopped up a bit of egg yolk. He could see now why she ate like this. It was good.

“Speaking of habits, dad…..” As Jenny’s voice trailed off, Brad looked up at her.


“I did something last night I shouldn’t have.”

“What was that, hon?”

“I didn’t want to, I swear! It just kind of happened, is all. One second I was laying there, and the next I was touching it. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop. And then it felt so good, and I kind of made a mess.” Jenny blushed brightly. Brad stared at her for a moment, then shook his head.

“You too, huh?” he said.

“Daddy, you didn’t?”

“In the shower,” he confessed.

“How could you? That’s disgusting! That’s my body you’re wearing, you know! You’re saying you just played with your own daughter’s body!”

“Just like you played with your father’s,” Brad shot back.

“But that’s……..” Jenny paused, her eyes falling. “I was going to say that’s different,” she said softly, “but it isn’t, is it?”

“No,” Brad replied, “it isn’t. Jen, hon, you’ve never had a male body before. You’re not used to how it feels. I’m not surprised it got the better of you. If you were in your own body, you know I would never think of touching you. Just like you would never think of touching me.”

“Of course not. That’s gross!”

“Thanks a lot, hon.” Brad grinned wryly.

Jenny blushed again, returning his grin. “You know what I mean, dad. Does it always feel that way? All in one place like that? It was so intense, I couldn’t believe it.”

Brad nodded. “Just like I would guess it’s normal for your body to feel things all over.

Jenny nodded. “Now I understand why some guys think with their cocks.” She glanced at her father, eyes suddenly thoughtful. “And why you think you have to protect me from them,” she added.

Brad nodded. “And maybe I understand your situation a little better, too,” he replied.

“So maybe, in a way, this is a good thing?”

“Maybe. But I’ll still be glad when it’s over.”

“Amen to that. I love you to pieces, dad, but you snore.”

Laughing, the two finished breakfast.

“Ready to get dressed for the party?”

Brad looked up as Jenny entered his room, her arms seemingly loaded with clothing. They had managed to get through the day without any surprises, but now it was time to go to their respective parties. With a sigh, he nodded.

“Just lay it on the bed,” he said resignedly.

“Not a chance,” Jenny shot back. “You’re going as me, so I’m going to make sure you do this right.” She put her hands on hips and glared at him with mock severity. “So strip, young lady.”

Brad laughed, holding his hands up in surrender. “Ok,” he said, “you win.” He slipped out of his robe. “Ok, what first?”

Jenny deposited the clothes on his bed. “Panties first,” she declared, holding them up. Brad eyed them doubtfully.

“Aren’t they a bit small?” he asked.

“They’ll do the job,” she replied, dropping to her knees. Brad lifted each foot, allowing her to slip them into the panties. Jenny rose, drawing the panties up his legs, settling them into place.

When she was done, Brad glanced down. They did, indeed, do the job. Well, sort of. A tiny patch of cloth barely covered the mound between his thighs, a thin strip running back to meet the rear waistline. Jenny’s final tug to get the panties in place had pulled that strap between the cheeks of his ass. Now Brad fought the urge to reach back and pull on it.

“How do you stand that?” he asked, drawing a shrug from his daughter.

“You get used to it,” she replied. “Now for the pantyhose. Have a seat.”

Sitting, Brad watched as Jenny carefully inserted one of his feet into the rolled up leg of the hose. His other foot soon followed. As she unrolled the hose up his legs, he had to admit, this part wasn’t so bad. Indeed, the soft, silky feel of the hose felt pretty good.

Next came the bra. Jenny hung it on his shoulders, standing behind him to fasten the snaps, then reached around him to make sure his breasts were seated safely in the cups. That felt good too, and by the time she was done, neither of them could ignore the slight scent of female arousal in the room.


“I’m sorry, hon, but I can’t help it. How would you react if a man were touching you like this?”

Jenny blushed. “Probably the same way, I guess.” She grinned, even as her blush deepened. “Except if a man were touching me like that, the clothes would be coming off, not going on.”


“Just being honest, dad. After all, I would never lie to me.”

The dress was only slightly snug, showing a little more thigh and a lot more cleavage than he would have liked, but Brad didn’t argue. Jenny had been dressing this body all her life, so he had to assume she knew what she was doing. A quick, light application of makeup, and it was finished.

“Damn, I look hot,” Jenny said, smirking, as she examined her handiwork.

Brad shook his head. “Ok, your turn. My clothes are already laid out, so let’s go get you dressed.”

“Oh, no.” Jenny held up her hands. “I think I can pull on a pair of boxers all by myself.” She blushed, something she seemed to be doing a lot more of lately. “Besides,” she added, “if my body responds like yours did, well, I think I can do without that.

Brad nodded his understanding, turning and moving into the living room. When Jenny joined him a few minutes later, he was impressed with the results. Even the tie was done right. Then again, he reminded himself, she’d been correcting the knots of his ties for nearly a year now, on the few times he had to wear one.

With each now satisfied with how the other looked, they started for the front door. Just before they got there, though, Jenny stopped short. “Purse?”

“Wallet?” Laughing, Brad stepped into Jenny’s room and grabbed her purse from where it hung off the foot of her bed. For her part, Jenny slipped into Brad’s room, slipping his wallet into her back pocket, then dropping his usual pocket items into their respective pockets. Finally ready, they left the house.

Brad walked to his car and climbed in, then realized the key wouldn’t work. It took a moment to understand why. Then, feeling a blush of his own coming on, he stepped from the car. Jenny stood beside her own car, looking sheepish.

“Oops,” she said, causing both to laugh as they each moved to the right car. Soon, Brad drove away in Jenny’s Mustang, while Jenny piloted his Buick in the opposite direction.

How dad drives this boat every day is beyond me, Jenny thought, easing the big Buick through traffic. She’d only been to Brad’s boss’ house once, but she remembered the way. Dave Alan lived in a huge house in the exclusive part of town. Jenny eased the car up the drive, only slightly surprised when someone appeared to park it for her. One of the perks of being filthy rich, she thought.

Inside, Jenny fought to keep herself from staring at the people around her, suddenly feeling very nervous. Someone placed a drink in her hand, and she sipped it gratefully. How long, she wondered would she have to stay here, just to be polite?

“Brad, there you are.” Jenny turned to see Dave Alan moving toward her, followed by a handsome Oriental man. Before she could move on her sudden desire to escape, the two stood in front of her.

“Brad, this is Mr. Fushima, our prospective client. Mr. Fushima, this is Brad James, one of my top people. He’ll be in charge of any work we do for you.

Fushima nodded formally. “Honored,” he said. “I look forward to discussing with you the designs you plan to use for my company.”

“So do I,” Jenny replied. “But not tonight.”

“Not?” The man looked slightly annoyed.

Jenny put on the best smile she could manage. “Tonight is for relaxing and getting to know each other,” she said. “Time enough to discuss work when the work day starts.”

Fushima nodded, his frown becoming a slight smile. “A wise thought, Brad-san.” Seeing someone else enter, Dave pulled his visitor that way. “Until the work day, then,” Fushima said in parting. Jenny was more than happy to move in the opposite direction.

“Brad?” Jenny wove through the crowd, looking for a quiet place where she could just sit for a while, before claiming illness and leaving. “Brad?” Finally, she found a quiet alcove at the back of the room, settling onto the bench with a sigh.

“Bradley James, are you avoiding me?” Jenny looked up to see Ellen Carmichael, one of her dad’s coworkers, looking down at her. She’d heard the woman’s voice, but it hadn’t even occurred to her that she needed to answer to her dad’s name.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Carmichael,” she said. “I was thinking about something, and I guess I didn’t hear you.”

“My, aren’t we being formal tonight,” the woman retorted. “Mrs. Carmichael, is it now?”

Jenny thought fast. “I’m sorry, Ellen,” she said. “I had a long talk with Jenny today about respecting her elders, and addressing them properly. I guess my mind is still stuck on that theme.”

Ellen sank onto the bench beside her. “That Jenny is a willful one, isn’t she?”

Jenny felt herself begin to tense at the words, forced herself to relax. “Jen is a good girl,” she said.

“Oh,” Ellen replied, “I’m sure she’s an absolute angel with you. But I have to say, when you’re not around, she can get a bit wild. Why, my son tells me she’s even a bit of a tease, if you know what I mean.”

Tease? Jenny admitted to herself that she enjoyed flirting, but it couldn’t really be called teasing. Could it?

“I’m sure she doesn’t mean anything by it,” she said. At the same time, she was thinking, is that the way the guys see me? And what do the other girls think?

“Oh, of course not.” Ellen put her hand on Jenny’s knee. “After all, she’s spent the last few years without a mother. She needs a woman there to teach her what’s proper.” Ellen’s hand began slowly working its way up Jenny’s leg. “Your house needs a woman’s touch,” she said softly, leaning closer. Suddenly, Jenny remembered her dad saying that ever since her divorce was finalized, Ellen had been all over him at work.

Ellen’s hand reached her thigh. Jenny had no idea what to do. Her first impulse was to push that hand away, but she was afraid she’d mess things up for her dad if she did the wrong thing. Before she could decide, she felt Ellen’s hand stroke her cock through her slacks. Jenny immediately felt herself harden.

“Ooh,” Ellen whispered, “it looks like something else could use a woman’s touch right now.” She rose, then reached over her head. Jenny saw that the alcove was equipped with curtains, which Ellen quickly pulled shut. Ellen turned back, hands going to the straps of her gown, slipping them free and pulling the silky cloth down. Jenny could only stare as the woman’s breasts sprang free of their confinement.

Damn, Jenny thought, her tits are bigger than mine. Ellen cupped her breasts, leaning forward invitingly.

“Ellen,” Jenny began, “I mmmmmmmm!” As she tried to speak, Ellen had quickly pushed her left breast against Jenny’s mouth. Jenny suddenly found herself with her tongue pressed against a very hard nipple. She tried to pull back, but Ellen’s hand went behind her head, holding her in place. Below, she could feel Ellen’s other hand fumbling at her belt.

Jenny tried to protest, humming around the breast pushed into her mouth. Ellen moaned softly, and Jenny froze, realizing that her attempts to speak had only succeeded in sending her tongue across the other woman’s nipple repeatedly. She felt her belt give way, followed by the button and zipper. Ellen’s hand dived under her shorts, wrapping around her hard cock, causing Jenny’s whole body to stiffen.

What should she do? Last night was bad enough, in her mind. How could she possibly have sex with this woman, while wearing her dad’s body? Ellen’s hand began slowly pumping her cock, and Jenny had to fight against a surge of pleasure, struggling to think. Suddenly, she knew what she had to do.

Gently, she reached down and pried the other woman’s fingers from around her cock, pulling her hand away when she tried to resume her grip. Ellen leaned back to look down questioningly, freeing Jenny’s mouth to speak.

“Don’t stop me, Brad,” Ellen said in an almost pleading voice. “You want it, we both know that. So why won’t you let me?” She reached with her other hand, but Jenny caught it before it got to its target.

“Ellen,” she said, struggling to sound calm and reasonable, “I’m sorry. You are a very attractive woman.” That much, she felt safe in saying. Her dad had told her how much he appreciated Ellen’s looks. Remembering that sent a series of thoughts through her mind, thoughts that made her blanch.

“Brad, dear, are you alright?” Jenny saw the concern on Ellen’s face. “You look positively ill.”

Jenny gratefully grasped the opportunity. “Actually,” she said, “I’m not feeling too well right now.” At her words, Ellen stepped back and began drawing her gown back on.

“Then you should be home,” the woman said. “You shouldn’t even be here if you’re not feeling well. Now you go home right this instant. I’ll tell Dave you had to leave.”

“Thanks, Ellen, I think I will.” Jenny quickly put her own clothing to rights, then rose. She moved toward the door, only to find Ellen pacing her. When they reached the front of the room, Ellen placed a soft kiss on Jenny’s startled lips.

“You go straight home and go to bed,” Ellen commanded. “And if you need anything at all, I don’t care what time it is, you call me.”

“I will, thanks.” Quickly, before the chance got away from her, Jenny slipped from the house. Her dad’s car was already waiting when she reached the driveway, making her wonder how many people had been watching her. Jenny was glad nobody could see her face as she drove away.

Brad wound up parking Jenny’s Mustang nearly a block from Jason’s house. With all the cars lining the street, it was as close as he could get. As he walked toward the house, he promised himself to borrow Jenny’s car more often. He’d forgotten how much fun the sporty little cars were to drive. Unfortunately, he thought sourly, a Mustang didn’t present the proper image for his position at work.

Inside, he glanced around at the crowd of young faces filling the room. Someone pressed a cold beer into his hand, tab already pulled. Brad hadn’t tasted beer in ages, having long since moved on to more refined drinks, but, at that moment, the beer tasted just fine. He spotted the host and worked his way through the crowd.

“Hey, Jason, where’s your folks?”

Jason grinned. “Gone. They let me have the house for the night, on the condition I clean up any messes you animals make.”

Nodding, Brad moved away, his mind racing. No parents? Had Jenny known about this? He had to believe she would have told him.

Like his daughter, Brad found himself seeking a quiet place to bide his time until he could politely claim illness and leave. Not an easy task in such a crowded building. Brad eventually found himself on the enclosed back porch. The only other occupants were a couple necking quietly beside the door. Brad happily left them to it, moving to the far end of the dimly lit porch and sinking onto an old couch.

“There you are, Jen. I’ve been looking for you.” Brad looked up, barely repressing a groan at the sight of Joe Simmons. He recalled Jenny telling him once that Joe, along with Adam Carmichael, had been hitting on her since their freshman year. He knew she viewed Adam strictly as a friend, but she’d always been a bit vague about her thoughts towards Joe.

Joe settled onto the couch beside Brad with a sigh, setting something onto the floor beside him. “Great party, huh?”

“A blast.” Suddenly nervous, Brad took another pull at his beer, surprised to realize the can was empty. Beside him, he saw Joe smile.

“Another dead soldier, huh? Lucky for you I brought reinforcements.” He reached down and lifted a six pack, pulling a can loose. Setting the remaining cans back down, he pulled the tab, then handed the full can to Brad with a restrained flourish. “Your refreshment, ma’am.”

“Thank you,” Brad replied, accepting the can. As he let go, Joe’s hand fell, in a seemingly natural way, to land gently on Brad’s thigh, just below the hem of his skirt. Already taking a drink, Brad froze as Joe’s hand, still slightly cool from the beer, sent a buzz of pleasure through him. By the time he recovered, Joe’s hand was beneath his skirt, the tip of one finger lightly brushing the crotch of his panties. Brad felt another buzz, slightly stronger, at the soft touch.

“Um, Joe?” At his words, Brad was relieved to feel Joe’s hand retreating.

“Too fast, huh? I’m sorry, Jen, but you know how crazy I am about you.” Joe leaned forward, and suddenly, his tongue was slipping between Brad’s lips. He tried to pull away, but, for some reason, he couldn’t move. Instead, he felt his own tongue begin slithering around Joe’s. Brad was surprised. He’d never realized just how good a simple kiss could feel.

As the kiss lingered, Brad could feel the top of his dress loosening. He’s unbuttoning me, he thought. Next, he felt his bra pushed up, freeing his breasts. When Joe gently pinched one nipple, Brad found himself moaning into the kiss.

Slowly, Joe broke the kiss. Sliding down, he took one hard nipple between his lips, sucking gently. Brad felt his eyes close, his head falling back against the couch. God, that felt good! He knew he should put a stop to this, but, somehow, the will to do so seemed to be slipping away from him.

Vaguely, Brad felt Joe taking his hand, drawing it toward him. Suddenly, he felt his fingers wrap around warm flesh, and he realized it was Joe’s hard cock he held. Shocked back to full awareness, he pulled his hand away. With his other hand, he gently pushed Joe’s head back, pulling his nipple from between Joe’s lips.

“Damn, Jen.” Joe’s voice sounded almost pleading. “I know I promised to wait till you’re ready, but you’re driving me crazy.” He sat back, watching as Brad pulled his bra back down over his breasts. “Ok,” he said softly, “for you, I’ll wait.” He suddenly grinned. “At least I got further this time than ever.”

Brad finished buttoning his dress. “I’m sorry, Joe,” he said. “I’m just not feeling too good tonight. And this beer isn’t helping.”

At once, it seemed, Joe was standing, pulling Brad to his feet. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He sounded almost angry. “Let’s go!” Before Brad could even speak, he found himself being hustled across the living room.

“Hey Jen?” Jason moved to meet them. “Don’t tell your dad, ok? I know I said my folks would be home tonight, but I knew you wouldn’t come otherwise.” Surprised at this revelation, Brad could only manage a fast nod as Joe nearly dragged him out the door.

“Where are you parked?” Still not sure exactly what was happening, Brad pointed. Joe began walking quickly down the sidewalk, drawing Brad with him. At the Mustang, Brad found himself deposited in the passenger seat. Before he could protest, Joe had slammed the door, running around the car and sliding behind the wheel.

“Keys?” Without waiting for a response, Joe’s hand dived into Brad’s purse, emerging with the car keys. Brad could only watch in mute surprise as Joe gunned the engine to life, driving with deliberate speed toward the James home.

Pulling into the drive, Brad could see his Buick already parked. At least Jen made it home ok, he thought, breathing a sigh of relief. He hoped her evening had been less eventful than his own.

Parking the car, Joe raced around to open Brad’s door. With surprising gentleness, he drew Brad to his feet, then led him to the front door of the house.

“Now,” he said, his voice soft, “you go in and go to bed. Call me when you’re feeling better, ok?” Placing a soft kiss on Brad’s bemused lips, Joe turned and walked away. Shaking his head, Brad let himself into the house.

He found Jenny sitting on the couch. As he entered, she looked up, her eyes worried.

“How did it go?”

“It…….went. You?”

“About the same, I guess.” For a moment, Jenny looked silently at her father. “I think,” she finally said, “I’m going to call it an early night.”

“Me, too,” Brad replied. After a quick hug, the two separated. Somehow, each knew the other had some arousal issues to be dealt with, and neither begrudged the other what both knew was going to happen in both bedrooms tonight.

Brad woke slowly, softly cursing the alarm clock. As the fog of sleep began to clear from his mind, he gradually realized he was cursing in his own voice. Startled into full awareness, he sat up, looking down at his old, familiar chest. With a shout, he jumped from his bed.

Ignoring his nudity, he raced to Jenny’s room. There, he found his daughter standing naked in the middle of the room, hesitantly prodding one breast, as if to reassure herself that it was real. She glanced up as the door burst open.

“I’m back!”

Brad grinned. “Me too,” he replied. Smiling, the two stepped toward each other, arms extended, then both stopped. Each looked for a moment at the other’s crotch, then Jenny looked back up, meeting her father’s gaze.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

“Me either,” he replied, retreating toward the bedroom door. “I need to get ready for work anyway.”

“And I need to get breakfast.” Jenny turned away, hiding her nakedness from her father’s eyes. “And, dad,” she continued, grabbing her robe and slipping into it, “when you get home, we need to talk.”

“What’s on your mind, hon?” Brad had, while dressing, decided to take advantage of the situation by calling in. Dave had already talked to Ellen, so he wasn’t surprised, nor did he seem upset. He told Brad to take as long as he needed, but reminded him that the Fushima account was still hanging. Brad promised to be back as soon as he could.

Now, sitting at the kitchen table, Brad watched as Jenny nibbled at her bacon.

“This tasted better yesterday,” she declared, setting the bacon back onto her plate. “Dad, I want you to do me a favor.”

“Name it,” he replied, hearing the deadly serious tone in her voice.

“I want you to fuck Ellen Carmichael.”


“She cares about you, dad,” Jenny said earnestly. “And I think you care about her too. I think you would have fucked her a long time ago, if it weren’t for me. I think you’re afraid I’ll be mad if you were with anyone other than mom.” Brad remained silent, though he silently admitted to himself that she was right.

“Dad, I want you to be happy,” Jenny said softly. “And mom would too. Ellen is a good person, and she really cares about you. I saw that last night. And Adam is almost like a brother to me already.” Jenny’s face grew stern. “I think you should bring Ellen home one night,” she said. “I think you should fuck her the way you both want to, and then I think you should tell her how you feel, and see where things go from there.”

Brad nodded slowly. “You may be right,” he said thoughtfully. “I’ll consider it, but only on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“You need to fuck Joe Simmons.” At Jenny’s stunned look, Brad grinned. “I saw something as well, last night,” he said. “Joe cares about you, and I think you feel the same way. Besides, I think the boy’s waited long enough, hasn’t he?”

For a moment, Jenny remained silent. “Ellen is good with her hands,” she finally said.

“And Joe’s great with his tongue.” Father and daughter burst out laughing. When the laughter finally faded, Brad shook his head.

“Somehow,” he said, “I get the feeling there are going to be very few sexual secrets in this house after today.”

“And the bad thing about that is?” Jenny quipped, grinning. Then her face grew serious. “Daddy,” she said softly, “thank you for trying to watch out for me all this time. I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch about it.”

Brad rose from his chair, meeting Jenny half way and wrapping her in a tight hug. “That’s ok, hon,” he said, just as softly. “That’s what dads do. I’m just sorry if I was too strict about it.”

Brad wrapped his arm around his daughter’s waist, and the two of them moved to the living room. There, they talked for hours about being a father, a daughter, then about being a man, a woman. Both of them knew something special had happened to them that weekend. They now knew each other in ways they’d never dreamed of before. And they were much closer because of it. Each found themselves looking at the other with new insight, new respect, and stronger love. Closer now than any father and daughter had ever been, both knew things could only get better.

And the key, they knew, was understanding.



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