by Adegans

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This is the first story in the Ariana series, split into two parts.

Almost every story in this series should (mostly) work on its own but if you want context and some references/characters to make more sense it's better to read them in order.

Box of Trouble


Ariana Inoue is a cute 24 years old Japanese woman. She has shoulder length black hair. Currently her favorite hair styles are either having it loose, or one or two short ponytails. Usually she has her hair done up for work in a ponytail. She rarely puts on makeup, but really likes the look of cat-eyes with dark eye liner.

Her face is made up of soft lines with dark eyes which along with her effortlessly slender body are the envy of men and women alike. A small B-cup adorns her chest and she stands about 140cm tall with a cute butt.

She moved away from Japan at a young age with her mother. Ariana lives alone in a single bedroom apartment. She has been without a serious boyfriend for over a year and has few real friends. Ariana is often frustrated by the world around her and as a result just wants to be left alone and do her own thing.

In school Ariana never stood out much other than being the attractive asian chick. She used to be more outgoing but midway through college all that changed at the hands of her abusive first boyfriend. In class she wasn't dumb or anything but just never saw much need for most of her courses and never performed all that well because of it. Ariana is fairly creative and inventive and always liked simple hand crafts and DIY kind of stuff.

After barely graduating she was talked into working for a big corporate office. Which she soon found out pays alright but it also meant she now works a boring job with many rules and restrictions. She's a bit of a do-it-all assistant and her tasks include preparing documents and reports for her co-workers, managing the floor, its office supplies and the copy machine, sometimes she helps with some accounting for the department. Ariana only tolerates doing her tasks so she can get paid, much to the chagrin of her boss who in turn only tolerates her tardiness because he thinks she's hot and likes looking at her.

Her real passions are far removed from her job and she's often lost in her fantasies about anything related to anal insertions. Simply put, she loves sticking things up her butt. Ariana would often obsess about her next adventure and won't put it to rest until she tried it. Usually immensely enjoying herself when an idea worked out.

Another kink she has is a craving to be helpless, preferably at the hand of a loving partner. Not being able to find such a partner she has been experimenting with simple self bondage for a while she figured she should up her game from simple handcuffs and a belt to something more elaborate. Ariana had fantasized about being confined and being in a very compact position recently, thinking the challenge and helplessness it would bring would be fun and exciting. And so she sets out to achieve that.

1 - Building a box

Ariana had gotten the idea after seeing a picture online of a woman kneeling with her torso pushed flat onto her folded legs. She mimicked the position and soon discovered that she could fold her head down with her nose between her knees. She figured that this position would make her really small. She didn't really consider her arms but folding them on her sides or something would probably work well enough.

Her idea formed into a daring plan.

Spending many hours measuring herself with measuring tape she tries to get an idea of her dimensions. Wrapping it around her folded form as best she can. She guesstimates her length from her butt to her bent neck. And her height by sitting next to various objects such as a chair or small table to figure out how tall she'd be. Then measuring the object to see how many centimeters that actually is.

She then re-measures everything several times over before she finally decides it is accurate enough and contacts a woodworking shop to build her a chest, claiming she has to move some fragile things.

Ariana has drawn up a design for a basic chest, or crate rather mostly to illustrate the dimensions she wants. She will kit out the chest with everything she needs for her wild plans herself.

After a week or so Ariana receives a call that her crate is ready for pick up. She races through town on her scooter to pick up the box and carefully drives home with the box precariously balanced on the little luggage carrier behind her seat. Back home she excitedly climbs inside to see how much room she has. With the lid closed she can lift her back up and finds she has plenty of space to move around.

Now Ariana can finally visualize and design what the box should look like on the inside. She orders a few thick slabs of a kind of plastic-ish mattress foam that will squeeze nearly flat from a 10 centimeter thick sheet and when released will expand again to its original shape.

She also plans for the chest to have a partial false bottom. This is so her feet can naturally stick down with her shins resting on foam covering the raised bottom. It also serves so she has room for a breathing tube and future upgrades in the empty space below it.

Not wanting to miss out on a chance to do anal she had a welding shop create a 25 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide pipe and solder on a rounded cap. The weld is smoothed out and the seam made nearly invisible and perfectly smooth. A 1 centimeter thick strip of metal is ringed tightly around the pipe about 5 centimeters from the tip. The strip is soldered all the way around on both sides and smoothed out so it works as a lumpy bump or ridge.

And lastly the open end has a big nut soldered in so it can be screwed onto a bolt.

Ariana then spray paints the pipe several times with neon pink automotive paint. Which gives it a nice and glossy finish and she thinks it looks very pretty and artsy, imagining it will look awesome against the dark gray foam. Finally she tries to insert it into her ass and thinks it's way too long for her to comfortably hold but let it be as she doesn't know yet how thick the foam behind her will be.

On both longer sides of the chest, about 15 centimeters above the bottom she attaches 2 wooden slats to hold the false bottom. Between where her knees will be she drills a hole. Through the hole a hose is fitted to which a snorkel bit attaches. The hose exits through the false bottom and out the side of the chest.

A few days later her foam arrives and she sets out to carefully measure and cut out pieces to line the insides of the chest. For this she uses a long bread knife for the initial cuts and her smaller potato knife for the finer details. Ariana thinks the center space should be 5 centimeters narrower than her body so it will be snug all around her. Feeling extra clever she makes the foam sides slightly slanted from the top so her arms will fit along her sides more easily.

In the gap next to the false bottom Ariana fits a block of foam with 2 wedged shapes cut out for her feet to fit in. On the other end, where her head will be, she cut a sort of U shape with little recesses for her ears and another for her mouth.

Most cuts look a bit rough, but it would work well enough, she thinks. She tries to smooth the cut surfaces a bit with the potato knife, removing all of the loose bits and is quite pleased with the result after a few hours of work.

The uglier cuts she hides by flipping the foam around so the ugly sides are touching the chest wall instead of being visible to her.

Fitting all the pieces of foam in place and then after pushing in the foam she test fits herself in the remaining gap she discovers that while the foam shifts, she is squeezed very snug inside the chest. Happy with the result she glues each piece of foam in place with double sided tape used to hold carpet to the floor. For the piece that would press into her butt. She measures where the pipe dildo should be and cuts a snug gap into the foam for it.

Forcing a bolt through the hole she drilled she then sticks the foam in place with more double sided tape and onto the bolt she attaches her pink plug. It pokes about 14 centimeters through the foam when it is half compressed. In a similar fashion she makes a hole for her breathing tube between her knees and threads the hose through it, leaving about 20 centimeters or extra length so she can move her head as she fits the breathing piece in place in her mouth.

That will probably work, she thinks with a smile.

Finally on the inside of the lid a layer of the foam is attached, cut to size to fit between the foam on the sides which will push her down into the foam increasing the snugness.

The woodworking company created the lid so that it has 3 hinges and 2 locks. The locks are cheap simple latches that will pull the lid shut and are locked with padlocks through little loops - The kind you would expect on a swinging garage or shed door.

Ariana tests fitting herself into the crate a few times leaving the lid resting on her back and learns she can barely fit inside, just as intended. She learns that if she compresses the foam before squeezing herself inside it'll be much easier to get in. She also tries to insert the dildo pipe into her ass and thinks it is a nice length, maybe a bit short to fill her but it will work just fine. It slips into her ass about 8 centimeters deep with the ridge being a few centimeters deep.

Finally, her big adventure can start. She messages her friend Amy to come look at her contraption and hopes she wants to help with her first time inside.

Amy knows about Arianas interest in anal and always thought she was a bit weird. But she also likes Ariana and when she is asked to help with something she usually will. Most of the time though she is simply a safeguard for if Ariana gets stuck or something. Which so far never happened.

A curious Amy arrives and sees the small crate. She immediately tells Ariana that she is crazy to even consider going into such a small thing.

But Ariana insists it will be fine and tells her friend all she has to do is push the lid down and keep it locked for an hour before letting her out again.

Amy shrugs and says she will do it but only if they'll have dinner together after, sensing a free meal…

Ariana is glad to treat Amy for dinner in exchange for her help and promises they will order pizza or something and make a night of it.

Quickly throwing her clothes aside Ariana excitedly steps into the chest.

Amy looks shyly away as Ariana undresses. "Do you have to be so casual about being naked in front of me?"

Ariana looks at Amy and smirks, "Why? Am I too ugly for your tastes?"

"That's not it… You know what I mean," Amy says shyly, "It's just that…" Her voice trails off as she uncomfortably watches Ariana her butt wiggle to slot her feet into the cutouts and carefully sit down on her knees while pushing the tight foam apart so she can slip inside the chest more easily.

Ariana then carefully pushes the tip of her custom pipe plug into her ass and with a grunt lowers herself further down feeling the pipe slip into her behind. The further she bends down the more comfortable she feels with the plug as the angle of insertion improves. Barely able to look over the edge of the chest she looks up at Amy deviously and says, "What were you saying?"

Amy stares at her friend, "Nothing, never mind. Just do whatever you want."

Ariana gives Amy her last instructions, "All you have to do when I'm in is push the lid closed and lock it with those latches and those locks." She points at the locks on the corners of the chest and then to the padlocks on the nearby table.

"And please keep it locked for only an hour. No longer, this is just the first test." Ariana continues.

"Oh, ok, that's it?" Amy replies, thinking about what she'll do for an hour.

"Don't forget, ok? And don't lose the keys!" She looks at Amy with a serious face.

"Yes yes, no more than an hour." Amy says curtly.

Looking at Amy one last time she winks at her before bending her head down and fits the snorkel bit in her mouth and tries to force her head towards her knees while folding her arms beside her torso.

Struggling to get into position she squeals in surprise as she feels Amy push her head down firmly until it will go no further. Before Ariana can push back or flex a muscle Amy lets the lid drop on her back and sits on it to push it closed. This downward force pushes Ariana deeper into her foam cushioning completely removing her ability to move.

This is not entirely unexpected, but having never experienced such restriction her instinct makes her try to get out. Her inability to move emphasizes how super stuck and helpless she is. Sealed in her box, Ariana hears very little and is unsure what Amy is doing, did she lock the box yet? Or is she just sitting on it keeping it closed? She already feels super helpless and thinks maybe an hour is too long. But she has no choice until Amy lets her out.

Amy meanwhile has already clicked the locks shut and sits on the couch staring at the chest thinking Ariana had gone nuts.

2 - First impressions

This is way too tight, Ariana thinks as she tries to move. She tries to adjust her body by stretching her back, but can only flex the muscles around her shoulders and calves. She quickly learns she can't actually move a single muscle.

As the minutes pass she feels the foam creep around her slowly returning to its original shape. Not only does this cause a tingly sensation all over her body it also causes her body to be compressed removing even her ability to flex her calve muscles as there is no room for the expanded muscle. The tingly sensation drives her nuts and she has an urgent need to scratch everywhere the foam touches her.

Foam pushes between the folds of her legs and arms. It fills up around her butt and head leaving her near deaf. The foam pins her hands to her body until she can't even move her fingers. Likewise with the lid pushing her firmly into the foam on the bottom of the chest her feet are forced deeper into the cutouts and as a result she can't even wiggle her toes anymore.

Ariana feels blissfully helpless as all she can do is moan into her mouthpiece.

Her body feels compacted in her foam prison and as Ariana starts to get used to the sensation she loves the tightness. She feels the plug in her ass and loves its unyielding presence.

Amy meanwhile realizes she has now nothing to do but wait and looks around for something to entertain herself with but sees nothing interesting to do. "Selfish bitch" Amy mutters at the crate. "What am I supposed to do now?"

She turns on the TV but it being a Saturday afternoon there is nothing worth watching. Amy plays with her phone for a few minutes. She takes a selfie of herself looking cute on Ariana's couch and sends it to her boyfriend.

She then tries the various drinks and snacks in the kitchen and is not paying attention to the time. Boredom finally gets the best of her and she decides to run out to the nearby convenience store to get some chocolate or something. Amy leaves Ariana her apartment thinking about what candy bar she wants.

Ariana, stuck in her box, enjoys her predicament and thinks it is a great success so far. It's a bit tighter than she'd expected but once the foam settled and stopped tickling it actually wasn't too bad.

Breathing through the snorkel is fine as well. Albeit that the cheap rubbery plastic feels uncomfortable and hurts her gums.

I'll need to fix that for the next time, she thinks.

The real teaser of the box is the anal plug though. Ariana has been very active with anything to do with anal for the last year or so. She loves trying to get off on it. Though she rarely can orgasm from just anal alone.

Now though, she cannot even properly stimulate herself. She has to endure the feeling of having something unyielding up her ass and she can't do anything with or against it.

She discovers that if she clenches her butt she can feel the ridge. If she clenches really hard it hurts a little, but in an exciting way. Not being able to expel the intruder or use it for pleasure makes her feel extra helpless. Without anything better to do she focuses all her energy on trying to stimulate herself but she has only minor success as all she can do is clench.

After a while Ariana takes a break from trying to pleasure herself and wonders how long she has been inside the box. She also wonders what Amy is doing. Is she watching TV? Sitting on her chest feeling all powerful? Would her hour be almost done?

Ariana mmpfs into her tube to get Amy's attention. But she gets no reply.

Meanwhile Amy is in no hurry to return to Ariana her apartment. She is sitting near the convenience store on a bench biting into her chunky KitKat. She's enjoying the summer sun and some sweet chocolate while swiping Tinder profiles with her mind distracted from Ariana and her box.

Looking up from her phone she realizes she should probably let her friend out. What time did she lock her in her crazy box? She didn't remember and thought neither had Ariana paid attention to what time she went inside.

She guessed it would be around 2:30, maybe 3PM.

It was close to 5PM now.

"Oh well, I'll just tell her she went in around 4PM" Amy mumbles to herself, not feeling too sorry.

Then a smile flashes over her face, "Or maybe I should leave her for a day pretending it has been only one hour." She laughs devilishly to herself and wonders how long that ruse would last.

Amy gets up and strolls back to Ariana's apartment taking her time to remove her jacket and shoes. Sitting on the couch staring at the chest she wonders if Ariana is enjoying herself.

3 - Stuck

Amy's phone rings, her boyfriend calls her up and wants to have dinner with her. Amy tells him she's housesitting for her friend and babbles about her day for a bit.

He offers to come over if she needs some company. Amy entertains the idea but doesn't think Ariana would approve of it. But Ariana is in a box… If she sent him away in an hour or so Ariana would never find out he was here. Thinking for a second she feels a rush of naughtiness come over her as sends her friend's address to her boyfriend.

John, her boyfriend, promises to be there very soon with dinner.

Amy is sure Ariana wouldn't mind an hour or so extra in her box. She loves that stuff after-all. She'll let Ariana out after she kicked John out after dinner.

Looking around for a suitable spot to hide the chest out of sight she remembers the tiny laundry room next to the bedroom. A small space at the back of the apartment where Ariana has a washing machine with some shelves above it to store random crap. Sliding the chest with Ariana through the door would be perfect.

'Aha!' She smiles, grabbing 2 corners of the chest and starts pushing the chest over to the laundry room.

Ariana feels the sudden movement and mmpfs in protest, Amy however is thinking about her boyfriend and doesn't notice her friend's sounds of distress. To get the crate over the doorstep Amy simply tips the chest over it into the room leaving it on its side and closes the door without a 2nd thought of its contents.

Ariana is very confused by being moved. She never anticipated Amy to move the chest. And as a final fuck you Amy had flipped her on her side. She also wonders why the time seems to stand still. An hour shouldn't last this long.

What the fuck is Amy doing? Ariana nervously thinks.

For Ariana her position didn't matter much, she didn't shift a millimeter in the box. But the changed gravity and sudden movements were scary and confusing.

'Amy is screwing me over', Ariana angrily thinks to herself. This can't be just an hour, it's too long!

Though she Immediately doubts this thought, remembering a previous time when she restrained herself and thought her 30-ish minute ordeal took hours longer than it actually did.

Not satisfied with that thought Ariana starts making noises and moans into her snorkel tube to get Amy her attention. Unfortunately all her efforts are for nothing as she is behind a door, on the far side of her apartment.

Meanwhile Amy receives John, her boyfriend, who arrives with a massive pizza. They have dinner together and drink all the wine. Well, Amy drinks most of the wine while John sips from his glass slowly.

John appreciates the nice apartment he's in. And thinks it's decorated much nicer than Amy's place. Done with eating they sit on the couch smooching. Amy being a bit tipsy is getting excited by Johns attention and decides she wants to fuck. She leads John into the bedroom and pushes him onto the bed. Completely forgetting about Ariana.

John likes where this is going and leans back watching his girlfriend drunkenly undress herself.

Amy gets rid of her shirt, and with drunken seductive movements wiggles out of her leggings. Soon her bra and panties follow and she drops to her knees crawling forward to John to help him get naked.

John, lost in his vision of his sexy girlfriend jokingly asks if Ariana wouldn't return anytime soon.

To which Amy drawls, "She's all squared away."

This answer made no sense to John. But accepts it as them being safe from discovery.

Amy undoes John's pants and releases his semi-erect penis from his briefs. She admires it for a moment and lowers her mouth over the tip and lightly sucks on it.

"Ohh yea, baby!" John sighed. Leaning back on his elbows to enjoy his blowjob. He loves getting blowjobs.

Amy was not very good at sucking cock by any standard he thought, but he loves that she would try for him after having talked her into it on their 2nd date.

Soon Amy's jaw starts aching and she stops sucking which causes John to urge her to go on. But she just sits complaining about her hurting jaw while looking at John with pouting lips as if he could fix that.

John sighs quietly and pulls his girlfriend up by her arm and motions for her to get on the bed.

"Lay on your back with your head toward me!" John orders.

He's not finished with her mouth just yet.

Amy lays down as ordered and looks up at John with puppy eyes who stares at her sternly.

"You really need to practice that jaw woman! This won't do…" He says with a mocking tone and a laugh while lowering his crotch over her face.

Just as Amy opens her mouth to protest he pushes his cock into her mouth sliding in all the way to the back of her mouth, hesitating as he reaches her throat. In her drunken state Amy is slow to resist as he carefully pushes his dick into her throat causing her to go wide eyed and gag.

Hearing Amy gag and choke on his penis he gets more turned on and he starts to slowly fuck her mouth. Seeing Amy struggle below him every time he pushes in. He knows she likes this, but only if he is careful with it.

Amy meanwhile quickly sobers up as she feels the discomfort her boyfriend causes in her throat. She hates it when he fucks her mouth and hates it even more to have to deepthroat him. She moans and struggles to try and get away.

John meanwhile, thinking she's just jokingly playing the victim, continues for a few minutes more until he feels he is about to cum. Grunting and growling he pushes deep in her throat one last time before pulling out and spurting his semen over her face.

Amy, not too pleased with what just happened grumbles "Asshole! That hurts!" And giving him a weak slap which lands harmlessly on his leg.

John laughs at what he assumes is a bit of a show and tells Amy to turn around. She complies timidly and leans on her arms sticking her behind up at him wagging it left and right. John looking lustful at her firm round ass can't help but exclaim, "Damn woman you look fine!"

Meanwhile Ariana in her box feels miserable, her sideways position while not overly burdensome is not very comfortable either. She is convinced Amy is doing this to her on purpose for some unknown reason. Either that or she forgot about her. She believes that her hour was up many hours ago and wants to be released. She wonders what Amy is doing that required her to move the chest and what she did to Amy to deserve this betrayal.

Her mouth, or gums rather, continuously hurt now from the cheap snorkel bit. The rubbery part she has to bite down on chafes her gums. Luckily she discovered she can let the bit rest between her lips to ease her pain a bit. But she's scared that if she opens her mouth the bit will fall out so she has to focus on it all the time.

At her other end her ass feels sore and painful from the rigid intruder that's nestled into her. Flexing her butt muscles only hurts her now and not being able to relieve her pain makes her feel miserable on top of being helpless. What's worse, her neck feels strained from being bent over and her left elbow, the one she's laying on, pokes in her waist. Ariana hates pain and discomfort so this is no fun for her.

Her mind is playing tricks and Ariana wishes she could wiggle her feet, she isn't even sure if she still has feet anymore. She can't move or feel them. And if she can't feel her feet, does she still have any? Or can't she feel anything because she can't move anything. And round and round her mind spins and it drives her crazy to not have feet until finally she comes to the conclusion she must be going insane.

The whole train of thought makes no sense even to Ariana, but she gets so worked up about it that she doesn't think to stop rationally about why she would not have feet.

Trying to wiggle for the millionth time she gets irritated by the lack of movement she has. After being in the chest for almost 7 hours Ariana finally dozes off into a restless sleep filled with dreams of torture, being stuck eternally, not having feet, and other scary thoughts.

Amy is having a far better time as John is rhythmically pumping deep into her dripping pussy. Moaning and screaming "Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!" loudly into Ariana's pillows. She has long forgotten about Ariana and her silly box.

John feels spent, having made Amy orgasm several times. He managed to keep up his erection for a 2nd orgasm for himself and already forgot about her terrible blowjob earlier, he's having a great time. He has her body at his command and uses her as he pleases for as long as he can manage.

He loves it when she's had a bit too much to drink. It makes his girlfriend so much more willing and accommodating to his whims and he loves her for it. He spanks her ass for the dozenth time admiring her shapely butt as it turns red while he continues his sexual onslaught before finally spurting a 2nd load of semen inside his girlfriend.

Late that night they fell asleep sprawled over Ariana's bed.

4 - Getting out

The next morning Amy wakes up first. John is still sleeping next to her with a content smile. She looks at his goofy face and traces her finger from his ear down over his neck and chest before getting up to get something to drink and pee. Then she figures she has to find a way to get John out of Ariana's apartment before her friend gets home.

Amy mutters, "That's funny, I don't even know where Ariana went."

Shrugging off the thought she walks into the living room and she suddenly remembers where Ariana went.

"Oh fuck!" She exclaims wide eyed. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

She rushes back into the bedroom and slaps John on his arm who awakes with a shock muttering, "Wha… What? Ow!" Looking up at his distressed girlfriend. "Morning sexy, what's up?"

She looks at her boyfriend and tries to think of a way to get rid of John. "What? Nothing, I just remembered I have to be somewhere. Sooooo, time to go…"

"On a Sunday?" John yawns.

"Yes, no! What?" Amy looks confused before remembering it's the weekend.

"What's wrong babe? Lost your brain? I didn't fuck your brain out too hard last night did I?" John laughs at his dumb joke.

Amy thinks back to their wild evening and smiles, "No, but you have to leave, Ariana will be back soon"

"You said she'd be gone all weekend." John lazily reminds her. "Let's take a shower first…" He reaches for her hand.

"Yes, but you never know with her." Amy is getting frustrated. "Come oohoon, Ariana will be back."

"Aww babe, a quick shower won't hurt. What time is she getting back anyway?"

Not waiting for a reply he gets up and pulls Amy to what he thinks is the bathroom and stubs his toe on a wooden chest standing directly behind the door.

"Ouch! What the fuck?" John curses, looking at the chest realizing this is no bathroom.

Amy's eyes go wide and she quickly pulls him away smacking the door closed pushing him to where the bathroom is.

"What's in that chest babe?" John asks curiously.

"I, uh… I don't know… How would I know?" Amy stammers while pushing John into the bathroom. "Go shower, I'll be right there."

"Babe, fucking relax ok? Geez, I'm sure your friend won't mind." John rolls his eyes.

Ariana wakes with a start from John hitting her box. She tries to stretch and yawn but finds she's unable to. In fact, she can't move a muscle.

'Huh?!?' She thinks, and starts to struggle but quickly remembers she's in her box. Her body hurts, especially her ass and neck. Moaning to herself she wonders how long she slept and figures Amy will release her soon. Her hour must be almost done. She longs to be free.

Amy doesn't listen to John as she turns on the shower and shoves him under the still cold water.

"Hey," he calls out to her. "Amy, wait, fucking hell!" And he shivers moving from under the shower head.

Amy rushes to the laundry room, looking at the box Ariana is in and notices the breathing hole. Listening near it she hears soft moaning and whimpering. She then whispers into the hole "Are you ready to come out? Your hour is almost up." More moans escape from the hole. "Just a while longer girlfriend! Remember you wanted a full hour!" Amy beams, smiling at her genius idea.

Ariana doesn't hear Amy whispering, she doesn't hear much of anything because of the foam around her head.

However, Amy thinks the moan she heard is an acknowledgment. Feeling more relaxed Amy joins John in the shower.

John has figured out the water temperature and looks at his girl's naked body with hungry eyes.

"Come here woman!" He pulls her close and hugs her from behind, groping at her tits.

Amy feels his erect cock poking at her butt. She sticks her butt out a bit so he can enter her but he insists on her anal virginity. "No baby, not today" She says, twisting her waist to get away.

"Aww Amy, aren't you curious?" John rests his head on her shoulder as he tries to convince his girlfriend to try anal sex while playfully poking into her butt with her penis.

Amy rejects John, "I don't like it. It'll hurt."

"Don't be so childish. I'll make it fun for you." John whispers in her ear, and proceeds to push harder into her, squishing her between the glass wall and his body. He feels a great victory as his tip slips in without her resisting too much. He always gets his way with Amy.

Amy isn't keen on anal, and thinks her blowjobs are exciting enough. But she knows John can be a mean man and doesn't object too much fearing he'll get angry with her. She hates angry John.

She weakly struggles and tries to push him away, but it's futile as John simply forces himself on her.

"C'mon, stop resisting, you'll enjoy it." And John pushes in, starting to fuck her ass gently.

Amy, lost in her thoughts, feels a stinging pain in her butt but doesn't respond to it. Not caring much for what John is doing to her, she's thinking about Ariana in her crazy box, also with something in her ass. She wonders if that will feel better compared to what John is doing.

Lost in her thoughts she moans in tune with John's thrusts, but she doesn't pay much attention to John pumping away into her and doesn't notice he's about to cum. Suddenly he pushes in all the way forcing her on her tiptoes as he lifts up her body with a strong thrust. He then pulls out and cums on her butt and spurts into the bathroom making a mess. Having Amy squeal in surprise at his climax.

"Ohhh yeah!" He moans, kissing Amy below and around her ear from behind. "Mmm sweetie, I love you babe! Did you like it?"

"Mmhm, yea… sure… no…" Amy replies with her mind on poor Ariana. She's suddenly aware her ass feels stretched and painful and quietly promises herself to never have anything enter her there again.

John is frustrated with Amy. She's so distracted and he thinks he should give her a stern talking to when he gets a chance. He feels that she has to be more appreciative of him spending time with her.

They finish showering, John keeps trying to get his girlfriend's attention and gently washes her hair using a lot of shampoo playfully making bubbles and covering her in them. He knows Amy likes his attention but is clearly distracted with something.

When they step out they dry each other using all 4 towels and have fun toying with each other before finally ending up in the bedroom again. The bed is a mess. Amy's mind is set on releasing Ariana and feels terrible about forgetting Ariana last night, she hopes Ariana will believe her trick.

She quietly helps John dress so he can finally leave.

John thinks his girlfriend is acting weird but says nothing for now. He's brooding on a punishment to re-assert his dominance over her so she pays better attention to him.

They kiss goodbye and before he leaves asks if she's coming over later to his place. She hastily agrees and pushes the door closed. Leaving John to wonder what he fuck is wrong with her.

Running to the laundry room a still naked Amy looks down at the box. She decides it's best to return it to the living room so she turns the chest around and rolls it over the doorstep again.

Ariana is very upset by now and can't wait to be released and chew her friend a new one. She has come back to the thought that Amy is screwing her over and believes she has been in the box for at least 3 days now. The sudden movement has her yelp into her tube as she's suddenly spun around and falls over backwards. Now she is lying on her back. Ariana is furious with Amy and screams her lungs out through the tube, cursing her to be let out and all kinds of angry remarks in a fit of absolute rage.

Amy hears the noise Ariana makes through the tube but can't understand a word of it as all she hears is distorted groaning and moaning sounds. She worries if Ariana suspects how long she has been in the box, or maybe she heard their sex or something?

Reaching the living room Amy grabs the keys and is confused at why the locks have moved to the bottom of the chest before realizing her mistake.

Lifting the chest and flipping it over has Amy struggling with the weight.

Ariana feels her butt being lifted up and for a few seconds balances on her head. Then the chest is lowered and with a dull thud she lands in the right orientation.

What the fuck is Amy doing? She thinks. Ariana screams into the tube again demanding to be let out.

Amy decides Ariana is definitely angry at her and must have realized something didn't go according to her plan. She then bends over to the breathing hole and shouts at the box, "Ariana, can you hear me!?" A pathetic 'uh-huh' sounding moan escapes from the tube as Ariana gives up, she is out of breath from screaming and can't take it anymore.

Amy and the box defeated her, she gives up and resigns to being in her box forever.

"Are you angry with me!?" Amy calls out at the box.

A weak moan comes out of the tube.

"Ariana!? It's been a little longer than an hour! But I'll let you out soon. Ok?!"

A whiny cry comes out as Ariana believes Amy is just toying with her now. She desperately wants out but has no energy to struggle anymore.

Amy quickly heads to the bedroom and looks for her clothes. She can't find her panties but not wanting to delay any longer she gets dressed without them. Slipping her leggings over her naked butt enjoying the stretchy fabric sliding up. She then walks back to the living room and unlocks the first lock.

Amy bends down to the tube again and shouts, "I'll unlock the box now, but I also have to go! Will you be fine finishing up on your own?!"

Dumbfounded Ariana hears the muffled voice of her soon-to-be-ex-friend trying to cop out on her distress and need and just whines sounding pathetically. At least she'll be free.

Amy takes this as a yes and unlocks the 2nd lock. She unlatches the locks and lifts the lid. A musky smell comes from the chest. Ariana is firmly wedged between the foam and other than her back muscles flexing doesn't move.

Ariana finally feels the lid come off and shivers as a breeze of fresh air rushes over her back. She tries to get up but is stuck.

Amy pulls on Ariana's shoulders until her arms slip free and whispers to Ariana she is sorry for everything and rushes out the door, slamming the door closed behind her as she quickly gets away from her angry friend.

Ariana feels exhausted. Her body feels strange at no longer being compressed, like it's pulsing or expanding. Actually everything feels weird and she shivers again as the sheen of sweat covering her comes into contact with fresh air. The plug in her ass plops out and with a sigh of relief Ariana sits up rubbing her sore behind while sitting on her knees. After a minute she starts trying to stand up in her weakened state and with some difficulty manages to struggle free from the box.

"That stupid Amy, can't trust her with anything" She complains to herself. "What time is it?"

Looking around, she blinks at the light coming into her living room, light she'd been deprived off for days she thinks.

Spotting the clock in the kitchen she sees it's just past 9. Having remembered climbing in at just before 3PM she tries to come up with the number of hours that have passed but her tired mind can't do it. A sudden realization hits her, it's very bright outside. She crawls to her coffee table and unlocks her phone and sees it's 9AM, not 9PM. It finally dawns on her that Amy had actually left her in the box for far longer. All the way through the night, perhaps days?

"God fucking dammit!" She curses under her breath. Feeling upset and betrayed, but also turned on.

Her hand wanders down to her crotch stroking her vagina.

"Mmmm, 18 hours… Or more…" She finally manages to think of how many hours. She moans, getting horny at the thought. Gathering her wits she then angrily types a message to Amy calling her a stupid whore and to never talk to her again. Ariana then heads to the bathroom on wobbly legs.

The bathroom is a mess. Towels everywhere. A wet floor, her shampoo and sponge in the wrong spot.

For the moment she doesn't care and looks for a towel she can use but finds none. Craving a hot shower she turns on the hot water and feeling weak again she slides to the floor of the shower cabin, her hand landing in a slimy patch of white-ish goo.

"Eww!" She shrieks.

Wiping her hand on a towel she realizes she has someone's sperm on her hand.

"Great!" She scoffs… "That fucking whore. Inviting people into my home when I'm shoved aside?! What the fuck!"

She shuffles to the laundry room to get a beach towel and as she passes by her bedroom she notices the sheets in disarray. Rolling her eyes and resigning to her chore of having to clean her bedroom before she can get some rest he wonders what else Amy has messed up.

5 - Aftermath

While in the shower Ariana momentarily forgets her anger and enjoys the hot water finding it energizing, and after a while she feels almost human again. She starts to think about her time in her box, considering how long she has been in there. And she comes up with a few improvements that would have to be made.

One thought following another Ariana starts contemplating that maybe one hour was never enough. Maybe Amy did the right thing after all and she was being angry for nothing. Maybe this, maybe that. But in the end she's mostly angry at her friend for messing up her house and inviting people over. She then considers Amy probably didn't think about anything but herself and just forgot about her. All because she wanting to fuck someone in a strangers bed or whatever.

"Stupid bitch" she sighs while her hand wanders to her crotch before ending up rubbing her sore butt. Carefully pushing a finger in her tender hole. She carefully fingers her ass and traces circles inside until he feels the anger slip away. Sighing deeply, thinking happy thoughts to block her friend's betrayal from her mind.

Done with her shower Ariana feels hungry, having no food in the house she decides that one of those Italian breads from her favorite pizza place will do nicely and places her order through her laptop. Noticing a big pizza box next to her couch.

"GRRRRR!" Ariana felt instant anger again.

While waiting for her food she throws the bedsheets in the laundry. She can't stand the sweaty smell and just touching the bunched up sheets makes her feel dirty again. When she's done Ariana gets dressed and slumps down on the couch, with nobody to talk to about her experience she feels empty and alone.

She also feels incredibly horny and looks for something to wear under her shorts.

A few moments later she sits hunched down in her bedroom slowly fucking herself with her dildo for a few minutes before sighing deeply in a quiet but satisfying orgasm. She then pushes her medium sized butt plug into her ass. This feels a bit tender but nothing a bit of spit couldn't fix. As she stands up and pulls her shorts up the doorbell rings. Gingerly walking to the door she peeps out and sees a handsome looking guy.

Smiling inwardly at her naughtiness and the delivery man's manly appearance she opens the door and eyes the man up and down, "Yes?"

"Ariana In… uh, Ino…"

"ii-no-weh," Ariana voices out her name with a tired smile. "That's for me?" And she reaches out to the plastic bag in his hand.

The man looks at her tired and sweaty face thinking she's cute. "Ah, yes. Ariana E-no-uh? I have your delivery. Did I interrupt you working out? I hate when that happens."

Ariana clenches her butt feeling caught and feels her plug move in her and her mouth opens slightly, barely able to hold in a soft moan. "Yes…" She gasps, "squats or something…" Her voice trailing away and a horny glint in her eyes.

"Ehh, right, thought so. I work out too." He flexes his arm muscle as he hands Ariana her food.

She thanks the man for coming so quickly while clenching her butt again. Leaving him to wonder why she looked so wicked at him.

Sitting down on her couch she enjoys her bread. Spotting her favorite sweet wine bottle empty on the table Ariana decides Amy could get hit by a bus for all she cared. Typing furiously she tells Amy in no uncertain terms to get hit by a bus via a last message and blocks her number and account.

Ariana finishes eating and carefully removes her plug before going to bed, she sleeps in her freshly made bed spreading her limbs in her luxurious freedom while falling into a deep sleep.

Ariana wakes up In the evening and soon after is fantasizing about her box again and what to do to make it better.

6 - Back to work

The next day Ariana is still hurting. Moving her neck is stiff and hurts a little. Her butt feels strangely empty. She decides to call in sick from work lying to her boss that she'd been unwell all weekend, and hopes it's just a stupid cold, assuming she'll be fine the next day or Wednesday.

Her employer wishes her well, not caring too much about Ariana being absent for a day or 2 as she wasn't much help at the office anyway. He would miss looking at his eye candy though… For a moment he longingly stares out of his office door at the cubicle he handpicked for her so he had a good view to gawk at. Always a pleasure to see her spin around on her chair, he thinks.

Relieved of her work burden Ariana sets out to clean her bedroom and bathroom. This went quicker than she thought. She had found Amy's panties and threw them in the thrash, and felt relieved at not finding any more semen.

Sitting down next to her box Ariana looks inside. Thinking she should wipe it down and start making her improvements. After briefly massaging her neck she gets rid of her mouth piece and goes online to find something better. Being a practical girl she quickly discovers that divers use breathing apparatus as well. Similar to snorkeling. These are much more professional looking. She orders a diver-mouth-breathing-piece-thingy through Amazon hoping it will work on her box.

She also considers getting a medical breathing mask or something and learns that hospitals often prefer using tubes inserted through the nose, sometimes with an air pump.. Briefly considering that as a next level helplessness experiment. She can't imagine not having to, or able to, breathe but have air forced in and out of her. Shuddering at the scary thought she shrugs it off as too extreme.

Next she starts to think about how to lock the chest unassisted. If she can't even trust her friend then she must rely on herself.

A time lock seems logical. But the foam compression prevents the lid from closing completely on its own. Googling around for a solution to this issue she only finds various manual latch systems, hydraulics, pulley systems but it all requires someone to push down a latch or handle on the outside. Some searching reveals that a common way to pull hatches closed is with a pulley or winch, so Ariana focuses on that.

Many hours of searching later she has finally found a small winch that promises to be able to pull a small car and can be connected to an external input which will release the cable. "Aha!" She calls out to herself, sort of understanding what that means.

Now if she can find a timelock that will be able to input to the winch when the timer runs out she has her self-contained-super-chest.

The small winch will barely fit under the false floor according to the specifications. But figuring out how to route 2 cables behind the foam to pull the lid shut and how to wire up a lock and get power to it is much more tricky.

She does find a lock that can output a current when the timer runs out. But not being an electrician she didn't really understand if that would work for her purposes.

Nor does she understand the mechanic engineering wizardry to pull a lid shut.

It becomes clear that Ariana needs advice from people smarter than her.

Talking to a friend about the issue of wanting to have an automatically-locking cat flap on a timer he assures her that if the lock emitted a current in the same voltage as the pulley it should work easily. As long as the wires were connected correctly to the positive and negative.

"Uhhhh ok." Ariana mutters as if that makes sense to her.

"Just match up the Plus and Minus. It'll be labeled that way." Her friend repeats "…and make sure that the current is constant and the receiving end works with a relay."

"Ah…" Still not understanding what he means. "I'll have a look when I get the stuff, can I call you again if it doesn't work?"

Her friend agrees and they sign off.

He then mutters to himself, wondering what Ariana needs an automated cat flap for in an apartment anyway? And who wants that…? Ugh, women and their crazy logic sometimes.

Ariana then calls another friend who she thinks is some kind of engineer and asks about pulling a door closed with a winch. To which her friend laughs and says she should not be lazy and just close the door herself.

"I know, it's not for me, just something I saw in a movie and was thinking about trying to try and figure out." Ariana defends herself.

"Yea right…" He laughs at her. After hearing the weak lie her friend decides to not question her bullshit and just cooperate as that would be quicker. He draws up a simple diagram showing how to route a single cable winch to pull a door shut on 2 points.

"This," He explains, "Will make sure the door closes better without getting bent in the long run."

"I see," Ariana lies, she looks at the, to her, complex diagram. And hoped she will understand how it goes together when she installs the winch.

"Just let me know if you need further help, gotta go, bye!" Her friend says, hearing her uncertain tone, and he hangs up.

Ariana, feeling more confident, orders the winch and the timer lock along with a spool of insulated copper wire she hopes will work for electricity. And to her dismay sees it'll take 3 days to deliver. She then visited her local hardware store and bought some eyelets and tubing to route the cables and wires per the diagram her friend made. And starts her impatient wait for the rest of the parts.

Returning to work on Tuesday Ariana sits at her desk fantasizing about spending time in her box soon. Unfortunately for her employer she doesn't get much done at work. She makes mistake after mistake and is generally being useless. When Ariana prints 12 reports of 89 pages each using color toner instead of black and white, and binding the pages on the wrong side her boss finally has enough of her tardiness.

Sitting her down in her cubicle she sways left and right on her swivel chair and looks absentmindedly at her boss, his angry face as he berates her for not performing her duties and needing to pay better attention. He finally has had enough and sends her back home. Clearly she hadn't recovered yet from whatever was wrong with her.

"Come back next week or so." He had ordered with a frown.

Not sure if she'd just been suspended or put on sick leave Ariana shrugs and heads home. She waves at her friend Kate who waves back with a smile as she walks past her office feeling glad she can do something else.

7 - Improvements

Sitting around in her apartment waiting impatiently for her package, refreshing the courier page every 10 minutes or so. The delivery date had moved up by a day to tomorrow according to the tracking page.

The thought of an early delivery excited her so much she slid off her chair and flopped down over the couch rubbing her pussy and fingering herself until she tensed up and came with a loud gasp.

ding dong The doorbell chimes.

Feeling interrupted she wipes her wet hand on her shirt and heads for the door still glowing from her orgasm. At her door she finds a man. "Yes?" She eagerly looks for her package.

"Hi, I'm John, Amy's boyfriend. Is she here? I can't find her. How was your trip? Did you get back ok?"

A flash of anger comes over Ariana and she snaps "Why would that bitch be here?" And she smacks the door closed leaving John on her doorstep.

John walks away wondering what had Ariana so upset. And he thinks Ariana looked amazingly cute but also that she's a right mess with her crumpled clothes and messy hair. Yet another woman in need of a man to get her in line he suspects.

Ariana runs back to her couch and drops down on it, refreshing her package tracking page once again.

And to her surprise it read: "Courier en-route."

5 excruciating hours later the delivery man finally arrives with a little cart and 3 boxes on it. She quickly signs for her delivery. The man kindly puts the boxes in her living room and leaves as Ariana thanks him for his help before closing the door. Inside she eagerly starts tearing away the tape sealing the boxes.

She finds her winch, a basic looking timer with a big dial and a tiny display on it and a huge roll of wire. Looking at the receipt she discovers she ordered 500 meters of the stuff instead of 15… "Well, if everything else fails I can wire up the whole city" She jokingly says to herself.

Looking at the diagrams and manuals she could make heads nor tails from it all. The winch looks industrial and the connect screws are unlabeled but there is a poor quality legend in the manual. The symbols on the timer connection points mean nothing to her. And, she sees in the booklet, to install the timer unit she needs to drill a big hole in the chest for the wires to go through. She also has to somehow remove the false bottom to install the winch and find a way to route the cables.

But, perhaps most importantly, she didn't consider at all how to power everything.

Suffice to say, Ariana is a bit overwhelmed.

She curses herself for her ineptness and starts looking on YouTube on how to solve the difficult task ahead.

After a while of skipping through videos and searching for things she doesn't know the correct terms for she gives up and decides she will just start putting things together and see what happens.

Ariana starts by removing the current latch locks from the chest with her little battery powered screwdriver, nearly stripping the screws in the process. She then unscrews the side panel from the chest and inspects the foam liner. Seeing the setup laid out before her she figures she can cut a small groove along the edges of the foam to route cables and wires to where they needed to be. Feeling really smart she then measures the pipe diameter and cuts away from the foam so the pipe would fit.

Ariana then realizes she can reach under her false bottom through the removed side panel. "Wooo! Another big win for Ariana!" She cheers for herself. Rummaging through the few tools she has, she doesn't find a suitable drill so instead drills 4 smaller holes in a square the timer wires would fit through.

She then pokes a wire through each hole and maneuvers it down the foam to the bottom of the chest. This takes a long time but after many attempts and wiggling of the wires she ends up with 4 wires going to the timer unit. 1 wire for each connection point. Tugging gently on each of the wires to see which is which she labels them with the icons from the timer unit and connects each wire to the unit before attaching it in place on the box side panel. She admires how nice and advanced it all looks.

Feeling a great sense of achievement she then wires everything up as best she understands and with some effort bolts the winch in place under the false bottom. Finally Ariana leans the side panel against the chest wondering how to connect the main power.

"Ummm…" Looking at the 2 empty screws the power should connect to the winch. She assumes it would be like a lamp, the same kind of cable.

She searches for a lamp to sacrifice. One with a long cable attached to it and decides the standing lamp in the hallway will be her cable donor. Grabbing a pair of kitchen scissors she cuts the cable causing a blue spark and all electricity goes off in her home.

Ariana screams and sits in the dark looking around bewildered.

"What the fuck!?"

She realizes she is doing something dangerous.

Calming herself she finds her way to her hallway where the apartment's electrical box is and tries to flip the power switch, it clicks and clicks again but won't stay on. Feeling thoroughly helpless in this kind of situation she calls her engineer friend and asks for his advice.

"Did you unplug the rice cooker before turning the mains on?"

"Mains? What? No, it's plugged in, wait…" She yanks on the cut cable unplugging it and tries to click the mains switch again. This worked. "It's working now!" She cheered "That's all?"

"Yep, if it stays on now the short is gone. You should buy a new rice cooker just to be safe." Her friend advises.

"Will do, thanks! I owe you one."

Looking at the burnt cable and charred scissors she decides she needs to learn a bit more about electricity and what to do with it. Ariana reads that shorts are dangerous and you should use appropriate tools and always turn things off before working on them blablabla. "My lamp was off and still it exploded." She scoffs at the computer.

Quickly getting lost in all the technical details she doesn't think she needs she reads that for wall power it doesn't matter how the wires are connected. This didn't make sense to Ariana as it contradicts with what her friend told her when she had to match the plus and minus, but whatever. Just connect the wires and be done with it then. Nice and easy.

Carefully stripping a bit of each wire and connecting each to the winch she nervously plugs in the cable to the wall outlet. Nothing happens.

She then clicks the light switch in the cable and the winch starts humming. Clicking the switch again and it stops.

"HAH!" She calls out.

Clicking the winch on again she discovers it stops when the cable is all the way retracted.

"Hmm, but how with the timer…? What?" She mutters. She then remembers the timer didn't have power yet and smartly thought she could just connect the 2 power wires from it to the winch, daisy chaining both devices. The extra wires crammed under the small screws barely fit and it looks messy. Nothing happens though.

She thinks about that for a minute and realizes the timer probably needs constant power so the little countdown thingy can work and the winch only needs power when she enables it.

To test this she enables the winch power and the timer beeps and its display lights up. Clicking it off again and the timer loses power.

Sighing, she goes to find another cable to hook up to her box. Finding one of similar length she is careful to unplug it this time before cutting it from the appliance. She then feeds the cable through the hole of the other cable and disconnects the timer wires and twists them onto the new cable. Wrapping the twisted ends with tape like she saw in one of the DIY videos she watched earlier.

Plugging in both cables to a wall socket she hears the timer beep and the winch stays off. Until she flips the switch and it retracts the cable. Now the only problem is that if she sets the timer and starts it, it takes her too long to get into her chest. She'll be missing some minutes from her total time inside. However this is easily solved by just adding one or two minutes to her timer countdown.

She re-assembles the side panel onto the chest and after finding in the manual how to set and cancel the timer Simply twist the dial until the display shows the right time and press 'start'. To cancel, all she has to do is press stop start stop within 5 seconds. She writes this next to the timer with a marker.

Ariana sets the timer for 10 seconds and clicks the winch on.

The lock beeps 2 times as the winch whirs but the timer already finishes by the time the cable is fully retracted so she can immediately extend it again. This means the input contact from the timer probably works? She wonders.

Setting the timer for 30 seconds and activating the winch. It retracts in about 10-15 seconds and soon after she can extend the cable again. "So it works then?" Ariana excitedly experiments further, winching the cable tight, enabling the timer, letting it run out and checking the cable again. Which was again loose.

"Yes! I did it!" Ariana cheers for herself.

She hooks up the winch cable to the chest lid and feeds the cable through the eyelet and the tubing following the diagram and winches the lid shut. The lid is shut very tightly because the winch stops on tension, and seconds later it releases and she can pull it open again. Magical, she thinks smugly, I'm a genius!

She then remembers how Amy had to push her into the chest and also had to pull her free. Thinking about how to fix that she decides on removing a bit of the foam so she could get in and out without help. After carefully slicing tiny strips of foam away and bending down and sitting up for a 100+ times she got to a point where she could push her arms between the foam and when tensioning her back could wiggle back out on her own power.

Ariana is ready to get locked up. Right now! Immediately.

8 - Back in the box

She is so excited Ariana forgets it is past midnight already and that really she should think about what she is about to do. But instead ignores the mess she made, and doesn't consider the time or what's smart. She climbs into her chest and before slipping all the way in she looks over the edge barely able to see the display and sets the timer for 90 seconds before reaching for the winch switch. A whirring sound and the lid is pulled shut. Almost getting her arm stuck between the box and the lid she manages to fold her arms inside and maneuver her head between her legs only to realize she didn't install her mouthpiece.

Angry at herself she struggles and curses between her knees as she tries to breathe in her cramped space. Just over a minute later she's relieved that she can escape her box. Climbing out of it she is angry with herself for being so careless. Agitated, she unpacks the breathing device and tries to fit it into her mouth.

The bit is quite a bit larger than her snorkel piece and it covers her teeth like a mouth guard. Her mouth feels confidently full and comfortable. She instantly feels her frustration flow away and wonders if this is how a proper gag feels.

She tries to inhale through the breather but barely gets any air. But twisting the little knob on the side opens up the regulator and she can breathe more freely. She opens the knob all the way and glues it in place, not wanting to risk having it shut over time.

She then tries to attach the breathing unit to her existing hose bit but that doesn't fit. So instead she fits the new thinner hose through the old one until it sticks out of her breathing hole and cuts the old one flush with the chest, or as close as she can get.

Glancing at her kitchen clock she sees it's almost 1AM and feeling horny and overly confident she twists the dial on the timer to 1 hour and climbs back into the chest. Carefully she inserts her mouthpiece, as a final test Ariana takes 2 deep breaths and folds herself into place. Sliding herself onto her anal plug on the way down and pressing 'start' on the timer and activating the winch before quickly folding her arm against the side of her torso.

The timer beeps and a few seconds later the lid is pushed into her back. She tries to push up, nothing. No movement possible. Ariana is as stuck as she was the first time in her box. But now she knows for sure it will only last for about 1 hour. Feeling mighty smart she indulges in her helplessness. Feeling the tingling of the foam as it expands and conforms around her.

Ariana clenches her butt repeatedly to try and stimulate herself. She wiggles as much as she can imagining she has been captured and sent off in the post to an unknown owner.

Arianas mind runs wild with all kinds of crazy fantasies and blissfully loses track of time. When her hour is up the lock unlocks as it should but she doesn't notice it as the lock doesn't beep when the timer reaches 0. She is patiently waiting for her release having spent her energy struggling and trying to move. She'll try and get out when she's ready or thinks her hour is finished.

Meanwhile her front door quietly opens and John pokes his head around it to see if the coast is clear. The light in the living room is on, but otherwise the apartment seems dark and its cute occupant out of sight.

Quietly stepping inside and carefully closing the door he shuffles forward and looks in Ariana's bedroom but doesn't see her. Moving on he doesn't see her in the kitchen either and finally finds an empty living room with some sort of crate in it. It looks like the same crate he hurt his foot on when he was here with Amy.

Looking at the crate he hears breathing and a muffled moan escape from one of the sides.

A big grin comes over his face as it all makes sense now. Why Amy was almost hysterical to get rid of him. Why he can not find Ariana now. Why the 2 girls are friends, submissive girls always band together. And now he finds Ariana locked inside a crate, he quietly laughs at himself.

He had taken Ariana's house key from Amy and had planned on grabbing Ariana while she was sleeping to make her submit to him like he did with Amy a few months ago. She had learned to love him after he convinced her that invading her home was for her benefit. It had taken a few days of coercion but she loved him ever since, or so he thought to know. This was so much easier. The kinky slut was already packaged up for him. Oh how nice, he smiles broadly.

Ariana thinks her hour is up but doesn't want to get out yet. Considering to lock herself in she decides to just not get up for now.

She faintly hears 2 beeps, and the winch briefly turns on pulling on the lid.

"Wait what?" Ariana thinks perplexed, "Locked again? How?"

And sure enough, she can't push open the lid. Panicked, Ariana screams in her breather. She struggles and fights the foam prison as much as she can in her tiny box but she is completely stuck. Sobbing and wailing through her breather she feels the lid being lifted.

A hand grabs her hair and roughly pulls her from her foam prison. It goes so sudden she barely has enough time to push forward to let the plug slip out of her behind. Bleary eyed she looks around to see someone sitting next to the box.

"What? How? Who are hell you?" Ariana fumbles her words shocked and looks fearful at the unknown man sitting next to her.

"Hi" He introduces himself, "I'm John. Your new owner. You don't remember me from before?"

"Who? When? No! How did you get in here?" Ariana tears up and struggles to get out of her chest.

John simply pushes her back down. "Stay Ariana" He says calmly. "Stay where you belong…"

"Let me go…" Ariana whines and tries to get out again, "What do you want?"

"I'll explain later but first you have to do something for me" He promises her, and he pushes Ariana's head towards the chest, the plug slips into her ass and John forces the breather into her mouth.

Ariana screams and struggles as much as she can but is no match for John's strong arms. He pushes the lid closed and she is stuck again in her foam prison.

"See you in a few days…" John shouts cheerful through the chest as he sets the timer for 10 minutes and activates the winch.

Ariana fears for her life. Unable to comprehend where this madman came from or what is truly happening. A few days? Seriously? She thinks.

John meanwhile sits on the couch watching the countdown and laughs at his catch and how lucky he is. A submissive girl in heat… All for himself. So much better than boring Amy, he thinks.

After a few minutes Ariana calms down and fidgets in her confinement. She cries softly and hates the world for her misery. She hates herself for, for… what? Letting her get captured? How did this guy get into her house anyway? This wasn't her fault. He must've broken in. What would happen to her now? Would he rape her? Would she survive several days in the box? Would he take her away to some place? Take her to his house? Or some public place to be found by anyone naked and vulnerable? Each thought is more frightening than the previous and she weeps uncontrollably.

John just sits there listening to the muffled sounds of distress and gets more excited by the second.

Then he knows what to do. He knocks on the chest causing Ariana to abruptly be quiet. He then shouts "Can you hear me?"

Ariana mumbles something.

"Good!" John shouts. "If I let you out will you be quiet and be mine?

More mumbling.

John cancels the timer and lifts the lid before pulling her up by her hair again and helps her out of the chest.

Ariana stands next to the chest trying to cover herself, unsure about what is happening.

"Sit there" He simply says, pointing to a spot in front of the couch.

Ariana looks at John and where he points but doesn't move.

John sits down on the couch and repeats his demand more forcefully.

"C'mon, woman. Listen to me. Sit!"

Ariana whimpers, "I'm naked boss…"

"As you should be, now sit down and shut the fuck up!" He commands.

Ariana slowly sinks on her knees on the indicated spot and covers her breasts with her arm.

"Arms to the side." he commands. "No need to hide from me!"

Ariana Doesn't move. "Who are you?" She asks, her voice trembling with fear. "What do you want with me?"

"You said you would be quiet!" He snaps. "So be quiet and lower your arms!"

Ariana looks at her knees and whispers, "Yes boss." But keeps her chest covered with her arms.

John frowns and wonders if she's stupid. She agreed to submit. He thinks.

He bends forward and pushes her arms aside.

Ariana yelps in protest and wants to move her arms back.

"NO!" John exclaims. "Clasp your hands on your back and submit like you agreed to." He orders.

Ariana does as ordered and whispers "Y… Yess boss," while looking at her knees wondering what he is talking about with submitting to him. She didn't agree to anything.

John continues, "Better, and to answer your question, I'm John. I'll be your owner from now on. Amy's soon to be ex-boyfriend."

Ariana looks up with fire in her eyes at hearing Amy's name and forgetting her fear she screams "Get out! Get out of my house, leave! Don't come back! Goooo awaaaay!!"

She jumps up and runs to the bedroom to hide from John but he easily catches up with her and grabs Ariana from behind as she reaches her bedroom door. Holding her arm pinned to her side he pulls her against him. Ariana struggles and screams hysterically and as loud as she can, "Let me go! Help! Help!! Let go of me!!" Her free arm swinging around trying to hit him.

"But I want you." He whispers in her air. "I thought I wanted Amy, she's nice and all. But she's not like you. She doesn't have your kinks, your energy!"

Ariana instantly becomes quiet. Twisting her head to see John but can't turn her head far enough.

Finally she snaps, "You don't know me. Let me go and leave!" Ariana stomps on John's foot and with a pained shout he lets go of her.

"Fine!" John shouts after her "I will leave the key along with my number on your kitchen table. I mean you no harm ok?" And a little less loud he continues, "You'll change your mind soon enough and beg me to take you in. You want structure in your empty life? Come to me, a man who can fulfill your deepest darkest desires and love you for craving it… Call me, Ariana! Really. I understand you, I want you!"

Not sure what else to say he turns around and walks out of her bedroom with the words "I'll be waiting for you…"

Ariana ignores John and hides behind her closet door like a scared animal. She intently stares at the doorway to see if John is coming after her again. He doesn't, and after a minute she rummages through her closet to find a robe or something.

Meanwhile, John quietly writes his phone number and a note inviting her to give herself to him. Adding that if she wants structure and a fulfilling life he urges her to contact him. He writes it all on a paper kitchen towel and puts it on her kitchen table, along the key he took from Amy and leaves without another word.

He thinks she'll come around when he gets back in a few days. Taking a softer approach on Ariana than he did on Amy as he feels Ariana is way more susceptible for a kind and sensitive approach. Amy needed a slap in her face to see reason, Ariana needs care and confidence, he thinks. Fully expecting Ariana to give herself to him when he talks to her soon.

9 - Structure

Ariana hears her front door close but keeps hiding inside her closet and sinks to the floor crying quietly. She leans against the door of the closet and wonders what this psycho wanted.

'Structure? Empty life? Expecting me? Cravings and desires? What the fucking fuck fuck!' Her mind races.

Nothing makes sense to her… Nothing except the empty feeling in her butt. Unable to control herself her hands wander and she rubs and fingers her pussy and ass quietly moaning.

Ariana wakes up hours later as she had fallen asleep in her closet. She is cold and her body is sore. Dragging herself out of the closet she carefully checks her apartment for more intruders. As expected she finds none and puts the key from the kitchen table away. She considers getting rid of her box as it only seems to attract trouble. Or maybe she should get some structure in her life and be more careful so no more Johns and Amys could interfere.


Ariana looks at John's message and promise on the kitchen table and lets her mind wander for a few seconds… Considering he might be what she needs in her life. A strong controlling master to make her dreams come true.

'Noooo!!' Her mind screams at the insanity of the thought. She wants a decent man, not an intruding abusive moron, not again, and she angrily throws the note in the trash.

The next day Ariana gets up early and promises herself it's time to fix her life. Structure, she thinks.

She calls a locksmith and implores the woman on the phone to come this very instant, immediately and very quickly to change her locks. She doesn't care about the costs. Express priority turbo service is what she needs. The woman on the phone senses the urgency and promises someone will be there within the hour.

Ariana then pours herself some juice and sits on her couch waiting for the locksmith while thinking what to do next. Stock up… She decides.

"I'm staying home for a while." Ariana says out loud.

She eyes her wrinkled shorts and her dirty t-shirt with no bra under it and decides she doesn't care today.

About 30 minutes later the doorbell rings.

The locksmith arrives and the grumpy older man eyes her up and down, frowning at her distressed face, messy look and old clothes. He judges that the younger generation really needs to take better care of themselves or society would be doomed.

He explains to Ariana her options. A cheap lock which will work fine but at the same time is nothing special. An expensive lock with more advanced keys and it has a double lock feature. Or something in between, which he recommends, as most people will be perfectly safe with it.

Thinking for a second Ariana picks the in-between lock and practically begs the man to check if the door is strong and safe. He looks at her strangely and knocks on and kicks the door, telling her it's fine. He then spends the next 10 minutes installing her new door lock, glad she didn't pick the expensive lock which requires a lot more work to install and pulls out a portable payment terminal. Ariana swipes her card and without looking at the cost makes her payment. The older man frowns at her carelessness but says nothing and leaves her to it.

With her new keys in hand she feels more in control! There will be no more random unknown people coming and going she reassures herself.

Quickly combing through her messy hair with her fingers Ariana slips on a pair of sneakers as she heads out the door to get groceries. Zipping across the city center on her scooter to the supermarket she regrets wearing just a thin shirt and shorts as it's cold outside. Entering the supermarket shivering she feels her shorts rub her crotch slightly as she forgot to wear underwear. Struggling with her outfit with every step she takes she decides on easy foodstuffs. Noodles, wheat cookies, some fruits and drinks. Crackers and easy to digest foods. Enough for about a week or two. No screwing around with cooking and complicated nonsense, it's comfort food time.

Gathering all the things she thinks she wants Ariana lingers in the hot sauce section. Looking longingly at the sleek and slender little bottles lining the shelves. Imagining which ones would fit the best in her ass. She feels horny thinking about slipping a slender tabasco bottle into her ass. The burning sauce mere millimeters from her sensitive insides. She remembers the feeling of a fancy ketchup bottle she once tried to insert. And wonders about the ribbed curry spice bottle that's on sale, how the little ridges will feel sliding in and out of her butt. But then realizes the size and decides against it as it looks to be too thick for her comfort.

People walk past the young woman and wonder what could have had this poorly dressed girl so lost in thought…

Coming back to reality she feels hot and bothered and feels her nipples poke against her shirt. Looking shyly around, she hopes none of the other customers pay attention to her and quickly pulls her shorts out of her crotch and heads to the cashier trying to calm herself down. Having paid for her groceries she rides her scooter home feeling increasingly uneasy and yet horny.

Arriving home she rushes to put her shoppings in the kitchen and makes sure her front door is locked securely. She then hurries into her bedroom kicking her shoes off and slipping her pants down on the way over.

Diving under her bed she feels around until she finds her favorite penis shaped dildo. The one with a big suction cup on the end. Heading back to her kitchen she smacks the dildo on a chair sticking it to the seat. She spits at the tip of the penis, missing 3 times but finally hitting it. Grimacing, she then lowers herself down sliding the dildo into her ass.

"Ahhhhh!" she sighs, reveling in the sensation. "Mmmmmm, that feels good." Lifting up slowly before sinking down again. She immediately feels more relaxed. She then moves the chair in front of the TV before quickly sitting on the dildo again.

Wiggling her butt as the dildo settles inside her she turns the TV on and looks for something to watch.

10 - Intervention

Ariana sits in front of the TV on her kitchen chair with a dildo embedded in her ass. She's enjoying the full feeling wiggling her behind to get some pleasure from it. While she sits she rubs her pussy with one hand and idly flips through channels with her other hand, when her phone rings.

Putting down the remote she answers the phone, it's her boss.

"How are you feeling Ariana? It's been a few days. I haven't heard from you."

Ariana is startled as she completely forgot about her duties at work.

"Are you ready to come to work again soon? Maybe next Monday?" Her boss continues.

"Work? I… What?" Ariana stammered trying to remember what day it is.

"Yes work, miss. You signed a contract, remember?" Her boss sighs, strongly getting the idea he caught Ariana doing something she shouldn't be doing.

Ariana hasn't paid any attention to what day it was for a few days now. As such she wasn't sure if it was Thursday, Friday or even Saturday… She didn't know how long she'd been absent from work. Didn't she go to work on Tuesday? What day is it now?

"I uh. I'm still not feeling too good." She lies.

"Well, that's too bad." Her boss replies. "Maybe it's not just a cold then, huh?"

"I guess so…" Her voice trailing off as she wiggles her butt and feels the dildo embedded in her move.

"Well, keep me informed ok? We miss you at the office." He urges her.

Yea right, Ariana thinks. You just miss watching me…

She moans a soft mmpf as she squirms on the chair "Yea, uh, I'll let you know when I'm cumming, eh, return, uhm, when I feel better. You know?"

"Yea come soon alright? We miss you." Her boss replies imagining Ariana must be masturbating to be making such weird sounds and be so distracted.

Saying their goodbyes the conversation ends.

"If only he knew…" She whispers to herself with a smile, she wiggles on the chair to get more pleasure.

"Did that sound like having a cold to you?" Ariana’s boss asks Kate, one of Ariana's direct co-workers he knows is friendly with her.

"No, not at all. But she did sound stressed or perhaps pained. I'm sure she's having some issues."

"Then she lied to me about being sick." Their boss says like he'd been betrayed. "Thanks for your time Kate."

"Well, don't be too harsh on her… You don't know what's going on and she's a sweet girl. She could actually be sick for all we know." Kate defends her friend.

Feeling bad for Ariana, Kate, who is her lunch buddy sends a message warning her of her impending doom at work and promises she will come visit to check up on her during lunch time as she too has been wondering where Ariana has disappeared to. Lunch is about an hour from now.

However, Ariana is busy 'watching TV' and doesn't notice the message coming in.

Still squirming on her dildo Ariana feels happy forgetting her recent woes and pains.

Ding dong The doorbell.

Enjoying herself too much she ignores it. Ariana has opened a packet of biscuits and sits eating them while wiggling on her dildo while amusing herself with a stupid animated series for kids.

The doorbell rings again and at the same time a message plinks into her phone.

Picking up her phone she reads that Kate would be coming over. And another message saying she is at her door right now and needs to talk to her. Looking around her living room she thinks it is in no state to receive a visitor.

Her box is still in front of the couch. Bits of cut foam, sawdust, pieces of wire and some loose screws were strewn around. And of-course, the kitchen chair, with its horny owner on top.

Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong

"OK, OK!" She shouts at the door. "A minute please!" Ariana sighs deeply and gets up from the chair. She shoves the chest in the corner of the room and kicks the loose scraps of foam and other garbage out of sight as best she can. She then fishes her shorts and shirt from her bed and puts on over her naked body. And finally she shoves the chair back into the kitchen and throws the dildo into her shower cabin as she hurries past the bathroom to the front door. The dildo bounces on the floor landing with a dull thwack wagging back and forth as the suction cup sticks to the bathroom floor.

She feels a wetness in her butt crack from the dildo as her cheeks rub together as she walks. It's a weird and exciting feeling she thinks.

Ariana opens the door with a frown, "Yes?"

Kate looks at Ariana's messy hair, and scruffy clothes. "Hey Ariana, how are you?"

"I'm fine… Kate."

"You don't look fine." Kate says with a critical look.

"Ok…" Ariana says looking Kate in the eyes trying to look strong.

"Perhaps…" Kate says looking over Arianas shoulder and as Ariana follows her look she pushes past the girl entering the apartment.

"Hey, what the hell…" Ariana calls after Kate.

"Girl, we really need to talk, come." Kate motions Ariana to follow her. Kate sits down on the couch and motions for Ariana to join her.

Sitting down next to her friend Ariana wishes she would be left alone.

Kate is 26. She prides herself on looking like one of those typical instagram hotties. Slim, trained body. Long wavy dark blonde hair. Soft lines in her face with smart eyes on either side of a narrow nose.

Kate is especially proud of her long wavy hair almost reaching her round butt while looking healthy and strong. She works out regularly to stay in shape. However, she's secretly envious of Ariana who never seems to make any effort towards her body and still looks almost as good as Kate does.

Kate is about a head taller than Ariana. She has a B-cup sitting on her chest which is just a bit bigger than Ariana's.

Kate is smart, reserved, vanilla or ordinary you might say. And she likes a friend like Ariana who is more playful and 'more fun' than herself. Often wishing she could be like that.

She likes Ariana mostly for that reason. Finding her funny and witty. Different and rebellious perhaps, at least in the office. But she also thinks Ariana needs guidance from time to time. So now she's here. To save her lunch buddy from getting reprimanded for her tardiness or even getting fired.

Kate doesn't show it, but she's shocked to find Ariana as she did and wonders what happened to her friend. She cares for Ariana and seeing her like this has her worried, but not overly so.

Ariana thinks Kate is intelligent and professional and she likes that, a lot. The organized demeanor works calming for Ariana as it exudes confidence to her. She loves having confident people around her. Like some of her male co-workers, and Kate. When she and Kate first sat down for lunch together about 2 years ago now she immediately knew Kate would be a nice person to spend time with.

"Hi, What's going on girl?" Kate cheerfully asks again.

Ariana just shrugs, "I have a cold" She lies.

"Come now, people with a cold don't shout through doors. What's really going on?"

Ariana wavers thinking Kate immediately figured her out. "I'm tired of work, of the world, of… People… Everyone. I just want to be left alone, doing my own thing." Ariana rambles.

"Your own thing huh…" Kate says looking around at the mess that seems to be everywhere. "Your world is a mess Ariana" Kate concludes. "Can I do something to help you? Do you need anything?"

"No, I just want to be alone for a while."

Kate wraps her arm around Arianas shoulder and feels Ariana immediately scoot closer to her.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Kate asks worriedly, sensing her friend is pretending to be stronger than she is.

"Yes Kate, I'm fi…" Ariana interrupts herself thinking about her crazy adventures from the last few days realizing she's not fine. Not even close.

"Actually no… No, I'm not fine." Ariana says, tearing up.

Kate looks down at her friend. Unsure what to do or say at the sudden outburst of tears. Ariana feels vulnerable in her arms. "Hey, do you want something to drink?" She asks Ariana. Hoping for a chance to look around her apartment to spot clues of what's going on.

Ariana nods quietly.

Kate gets up. "What do you want?"

"Anything, juice…" Ariana lets herself fall down on the couch with a sigh.

Kate walks into the kitchen and thinks it looks fairly organized. "Not a total slob" she mumbles.

She notices one of the kitchen chairs is on the wrong side of the table and the seat is all wet.

That's odd. Kate thinks to herself.

She finds 2 glasses and pours pineapple juice. Walking back to the living room she looks in the bathroom. Which is neat and clean as well. Aside from a big dildo stuck in front of the shower door it all looks normal. Saying nothing she sits back on the couch and helps Ariana sit up before handing her a glass of juice. "Hey, tell me what's bothering you if you're up for it" She invites Ariana to talk.

Ariana looks at Kate with sad, tired eyes and reaches for her arm. "Hold me, please. I need it." She is barely audible.

Kate looks at Ariana unsure what to think of that request but lets Ariana curl up against her again. She puts an arm around the girl's shoulders holding her firmly. Sensing a strange eagerness in Ariana as she rests her head on her chest. They sip their drinks in silence for a few moments.

Kate is not sure what to think of Ariana leaning against her so closely and jokingly asks, "So, eh, are you attracted to me?" Immediately regretting the question.

Ariana sighs. "So what if I like you?" She puts down her glass.

Kate now feels she needs to know, "Well… If you are, uh, you're nice and all. But, eh…" unsure how to finish her question.

"You're smart and sweet." Ariana says.

Kate replies slightly frustrated, "Ok, but what is this? Can you talk to me? Help me out here…"

Ariana turns her head and looks up at her with a smirk, "Would you mind if I was attracted to you?"

"Eh, no, I guess…" Kate mutters.

"Then would you mind if I did this?" Ariana raises her head and leans it on Kate's shoulder.

"No… That's fine." Kate says.

Ariana smiles and continues, "And would you mind if I did this?" And she softly kisses Kate on her neck.

Kate almost spills her drink in shock. "Hey, what? What are you doing?" She asks nervously.

"Do you mind this?" Ariana whispers. Kissing Kate on the corner of her mouth.

Kate tenses up as she feels Ariana's lips touch hers. "Wait… Stop…"

Ariana sits upright and looks Kate in her eyes. "I'm teasing you, dummy! You said you didn't mind, but you do!" And she pokes Kate in her side with a weak smile.

Kate laughs nervously. This wasn't at all how she expected things would go.

"Listen." She changes subjects, "I came here to talk to you. I think they want to fire you when you get back to the office."

"Oh." Ariana's face is neutral.

"Just, oh?" Kate snaps, "That's your job Ariana. You don't care?"

"So what if I don't?"

Kate is getting increasingly uncomfortable, "Why? Are you unhappy at work?"

Ariana admits she finds her work boring, stupid and demeaning.

Kate thinks about that and the two sit quiet for a moment. "Boring and stupid like cleaning yourself up once in a while?" Kate tries to get the upper hand again. "I see what you're doing. Pretending to be ill so you can masturbate all day. That's not healthy, girl."

Ariana looks at Kate, her mouth hanging open. "What? How… What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on… You have a wet chair in your kitchen that stinks of sex. A big fat dildo flopping around in your bathroom and god knows what else you're doing in here all day." Kate says looking around as if the whole place is covered in filth.

"You don't know anything" Ariana defends herself. Her anger is growing. "You don't know what I do or have to do to feel happy!"

"Do or have to do?" Kate repeats, "What does that even mean?"

"You don't want to know." Ariana snaps back. "Just mind your own business."

Kate looks at Ariana with worry. "What's going on with you Ariana. You're completely different from last week. Come, help me understand please. I'm worried about you."

She reaches out to Ariana but she leans away from Kate's attempt to touch her.

Kate senses Ariana is shutting her out and thinks of what happened a minute before and tries a different tactic.

"Do you really not feel attracted to me?" She quietly asks, hoping Ariana would answer this time. "It's ok if you are… I mean, you don't have to pretend you're just playing around if you feel that way." Kate rambles. "Are you trying to tell me something?"

Ariana looks at her "I'll tell you if you tell me…"

Kate stares at Ariana, "Tell you what?"

"Do you like women? Me, do you like me? Is that why you want to have lunch with me? Is that why you're here?" Ariana asks Kate with a dark look.

"What? No! Yes. I like you. You're my friend and I think you're funny and I'm just worried about you."

"I like you…" Ariana quietly says, not finishing her sentence.

Kate's worried look makes Ariana feel strangely at ease with her and she feels safe in her caring embrace.

Ariana is hesitant to admit that to herself though, unsure why she feels that way. However, for the first time for as long as she can remember she doesn't feel the need to shut someone out. She leans forward so her face is close to Kate. "Wanna know what's on my mind?"

Kate looks at her friend and nods nervously.

"I'm obsessed with sticking things up my butt" she whispers. "I've been having these urges for years, but in the past few weeks it's gotten so much worse and I can't put it out of my mind. I can't stop thinking about it and it drives me crazy. Half the time I spent thinking about what I can stick into me and wonder how it feels."

Ariana sits back down. Looking away from Kate feeling ashamed.

Kate stares at Ariana, her mouth hanging open.

"Ehhh…" she says after a few moments. Her mind racing. What the fuck kind of admission is this? She feels a growing regret ever wanting to visit this crazy girl yet is fascinated by her.

Ariana looks at Kate emboldened at her puzzled reaction. "There, you know my secret. Are you happy now?"

"Ariana… Please. Is that true? How can you live like that."

"I did say it drives me crazy. Didn't I?" Ariana says irritated.

"So all this time we've been talking, you're making your advances on me, you being upset. Going to work… All this time you're, eh, horny? For anal sex?" Kate asks in disbelief.

"Why do you think I have a wet chair in the kitchen? You interrupted me."

"Oh my… Eww!!" Kate calls out feeling completely uncomfortable now. She thinks her friend secretly must want her help. Why else would she tell her all this?

"Ariana, you poor thing… Can I help you, eh, cure you from your thoughts?"

Ariana thinks for a second. "Tell me why I should trust you?"

Trust me, how? Kate wonders. And she tells Ariana she's her friend. Friends usually trust each other.

Ariana takes a gamble. "Then prove it and put me in my box."

"In your what??"

"My chest, my box, put me inside it. Own me."

"Ehhh, ok? Why? What does that do?"

"I have a box you can put me into and you can lock it." Ariana says. "I want you to put me inside it and lock me in. If you come back and let me out I can trust you."

"You're crazy," Kate says. "You can't expect me to help you with your perversions. I refuse!"

"Why?" Ariana asks, "If you want to help me, why not do this? Don't you like taking me under your care? You've only asked like 4 or 5 times now."

Stumped, Kate sits for a moment thinking about what she just heard. What the box is, and if Ariana is serious.

"Show me your, eh, box." She finally says thinking Ariana has gone completely nuts.

Ariana jumps up and pulls the chest from behind the couch. Putting it in front of Kate. And proudly looks at her friend. "Look, I made this." She lifts the lid and shows the narrow space inside.

"Ariana, please… You can't fit in such a small space. And why would you want to? How does this fix you?"

"I'll fit. And I want to be inside it. I don't care if it fixes me or not. It's relaxing to be in there." She points at the pink plug. "Look, this goes inside me. And there, at the other end, I breathe through that."

Kate shakes her head as a morbid curiosity comes over her. Many thoughts race through her mind. What if Ariana is secretly attracted to her and she doesn't realize it herself? What if that's why she shows her all this madness because she wants Kate to be a part of it? If true, a lot about the last half hour would make sense.

Kate worries, what if Ariana will like her attention and wants more after? Why would I even indulge in this insane fantasy? And why am I curious about it at all?

"Fine, I'll put you in your box for a few minutes." Kate says hesitantly.

"Only a few minutes?" Ariana looks disappointed.

"How long then? More than a few minutes?" Kate asks cautiously.

"How about you keep me until you get back from work, Kate?"

Work… Shit, how long was her lunch break. They'd been messing about for what feels like ages.

Kate glances at her watch and sees she has about 30 minutes left.

"So you want to be in there, locked, stuck, at my mercy, until I get back from work?"

"Yea helpless… We can eat dinner after. I'll cook for you if you want. My treat." Ariana feels excited now.

My god, she's serious, Kate realizes. Locked in a box for hours.

"You're sure? You're completely nuts are you?" Kate asks nervously.

"I need it! And I need to know if I can trust you." Ariana simply says looking at Kate with a horny glimmer in her eyes.

Kate feels conflicted. Ariana will apparently do anything to get her dirty pleasures and for some reason wants her to be a part of it.

Of-course Kate has no idea that Ariana has been in the box for almost a day already and thinks being in there for the afternoon is absurdly long. She'll teach her crazy horny friend a lesson. Or so she thinks.

"Fine," Kate says again. Getting up, asserting herself. "I assume you'll go in naked? So get naked."

Ariana looks up at Kate, caught off-guard by her sudden commanding attitude.

"Hurry up girl, I don't have all day!" Kate orders.

Ariana swallows, "Yes boss" She mumbles. And quickly pulls her shirt over her head. Revealing her boobs with rock hard nipples. She then removes her shorts, tossing them aside.

Kate admires Ariana's slender body for a moment. Feeling awkward seeing her naked.

Quickly overcoming her uneasy feeling, a sudden urge to see her body fully rushes over her.

"Stand up straight." Kate commands.

Ariana stands before Kate hiding her crotch with her hands.

"Turn around, let me see you!" Kate orders, and as Ariana slowly twirls around Kate feels satisfied that Ariana is indeed very pretty and slender; she is not as toned as herself. That's her suspicion about her lack of a gym routine confirmed. She reaches out for Ariana briefly stroking the small of her back. Feeling Ariana shiver.

"Show me how that thing works." She demands from Ariana while pointing at the box.

11 - Power shift

Ariana drops to her knees next to the box and explains how to set the timer. How the winch activates and how she fits inside. She really enjoys showing Kate her contraption and seeing what Ariana interprets as an impressed look.

Kate nods. "Right. I get it. Now get in quickly. My lunch break is almost over. Hurry now!"

Ariana rushes to get in the chest. She slips over the anal plug and gasps as she feels the shaft settle in her behind and lays down inserting the breathing piece and struggles to get her head down.

Kate pushes on her shoulders to help her in pushing hard on her back but Ariana mumbles in protest and points at the lid making a closing gesture with one of her arms before folding it alongside her torso. She gets the hint and drops the lid down and stares at the time lock and sets the timer for 5 hours and flicks the switch.

The box makes a whirring sound and the lid is pulled closed. Kate presses start and the lock beeps twice and starts counting down.

Insanity! Kate thinks to herself. Absolute insanity! She looks at her watch and sees she only has 15 minutes left to get back to work. Looking around Ariana's apartment one last time she shakes her head at her friend's messy living room. Kate finds the house keys, separates one from the ring of 4 and pockets it and quickly heads out the door.

Back at the office she heads straight for her boss's office to talk about Ariana.

"Hello sir, I've visited Ariana and you were right. She doesn't have a cold. But she's far from OK."

"You did? What's wrong with her then?" Comes his worried reply.

"We're friends you know." Kate says as if that explains everything. "She's not been feeling herself lately and needs some time alone to figure things out."

Her boss looks unhappy, "We don't hire people so they can wander off whenever they feel like you know."

"I know, I'll make sure she finds her way and gets help. I'm headed there for tonight as well. See if I can help the poor girl."

The boss shrugs "Just get her well enough so she can return to work. And keep me posted on her wellbeing or we'll have to send HR after her."

"Will do." Kate promises and heads to her desk.

Ariana in her box feels uncertain of what she's doing. She promised herself structure this very morning and since then she confessed her kinky secrets to a co-worker and now she's at the mercy of that very co-worker at her own request. Locked in her box for who knows how long. She didn't even ask Kate how long she'd be in here or if she'll be back at all. Although she was sure Kate would be back soon.

Ariana really likes her helplessness, but doubts her wisdom of letting Kate take the reins. How well did she know Kate anyway? She didn't even know her last name…

"Oh what do I care!? I would have done this to myself anyway." Ariana mumbles into her breather. And she focuses on her anal intruder and tries desperately to get pleasure from it. She thinks of how worried Kate had been for her and she kept asking if I'm attracted to her… What's up with that? Ariana struggles with the plug in her ass and soon rediscovers she can't get off on it. Which enhances her helpless feeling a great deal. For Kate… Or so she tells herself.

Kate meanwhile can't focus on her work and wonders what the hell she got herself into. Was Ariana really attracted to her? She sure seems comfortable around me. And she kissed me… What the hell was up with that. Kate thinks confused.

But what's worse, Kate had kinda liked Ariana's advances although she's not sure why. Maybe because Ariana wants to include her into her silly games. How kinky, Kate thinks.

She then realizes she abused her supposed authority over a vulnerable and conflicted girl just now.

Yes, Kate convinces herself, Ariana had gone insane and she took advantage.

Kate sighs feeling guilty and worries for her friend.

The afternoon passes by slowly and Kate is wondering what Ariana is doing. Would she really be stuck in her box or could she get out on her own if she wanted to? She would find out tonight she guessed.

When it is 4 o'clock Kate takes a short break and spends some time with a few colleagues in the canteen. One of the guys wants to know if she had seen Ariana recently. Kate tells him she visited her today and hopes she will be fine soon.

"She's really under the weather then? What does she have? Flu or something?" The co-worker asks.

Kate lies and tells them that she doesn't really know but Ariana seems to be caught up in a real predicament. Laughing inwardly at her lame joke in a vain attempt to hide her unease to talk about Ariana she makes an excuse and goes back to her desk hoping she can finish at least a few of her tasks today before heading home.

Home… Or back to Ariana's place. Her conundrum for the day. She could just ignore Ariana if she wants to. The box would open by itself apparently and she can safely forget about the whole situation and leave Ariana to it.

But then she'd abandon her friend. And besides, she fears Ariana will do something stupid and dangerous if she leaves her alone. And… Oh why does she care so much about Ariana anyway?

The thoughts and the worry she feels confuse Kate.

Finally her workday ends. Rushing out of the office at around 5:30 Kate jumps into her car and drives to Ariana's place. She feels guilty for leaving the young woman locked in a box for so long and is anxious to know how Ariana is doing and wants to see her and apologize to her.

Entering the apartment she finds it eerily quiet. Like entering a tomb… "Hello?"

No answer. Would Ariana still be in her box? Or would she jump out and laugh at her for believing she would actually let someone lock her up?

Kate walks into the living room and sees the chest where she left it. The timer has 19 minutes left. So Ariana is still in there? She wonders what will happen when the timer runs out. Kate looks around and finds the storage cabinet and in it a vacuum cleaner. She vacuums the living room and tidies up a bit while waiting for the timer to finish.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 click

But nothing happens.

After almost a minute Kate leans over and knocks on the lid. "Ariana?"

A muffled moan escapes the chest.

"You can come out now, the box is open."

The lid moves slightly, but Ariana doesn't come out.

Lifting the lid she sees the compacted girl beneath her and wonders how Ariana is doing and what would happen next.

Kate sits down next to the chest and sees Ariana struggle to get out of her prison.

Forgetting her guilt and being taken aback by the sight feels like teasing her captive a bit. Gently she holds Ariana down by her neck and strokes her along her waist and lower back, tickling her.

This evokes a strong response in the form of giggly whimpering and Ariana trying to escape.

Kate trails a finger over Arianas back following her spine and without thinking she slips her finger between her butt cheeks until she feels the plug sticking into her ass. Startled, Kate pulls her finger up and lets go of Ariana. She had forgotten about Arianas intruder. Sitting back she orders Ariana to get out of her box.

Grunting in agreement Ariana flexes her muscles and slowly she rises from her foam prison sitting up, looking around the room rubbing her eyes. Kate thinks she looks beautiful with her messy black hair and soft lines in her face. So cute… She notes the small-ish but firm breasts just like she has herself. Lovely…

'Wait, what? Why am I admiring this woman's body?' Kate thinks shocked and she looks away.

Ariana struggles to get out of the chest groaning softly as she pushes herself up. Without saying a word Kate helps her step out and Ariana slips and falls on top of Kate. Both let out a pained scream.

Flailing her arms she scurries away from Kate and quickly moves into the bathroom leaving the door open. Kate rubs her hurt thigh and shoulder and sits next to the box looking inside at what Ariana had invented and is amazed by how small the opening for her body really is. That must be super tight she thinks, wondering what it would feel like to not be able to move.

Kate looks up at the bathroom door and sees Ariana looking at her before quickly retracting her head with a smirk and Kate hears the shower being turned on.

"Are you OK?" Kate calls out.

"Yes boss" comes as the reply.

Kate calls out again. "Need anything? Any help?" And Ariana shouts back. "No boss."

"I'm not your boss Ariana." There is no reply this time.

10 minutes later Ariana comes out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her head but otherwise naked and wants to sit down next to Kate who is sitting on the couch now playing with her phone while she waits for Ariana.

"You're not getting dressed?" Kate wonders.

"Should I?" Ariana asks demurely.

"Of-course, go put some clothes on Ariana!"

Ariana says nothing but disappears into the bedroom.

"Hey Ariana?" She calls out. "When you're presentable, can we talk?"

"Yes boss" comes her reply at which Kate rolls her eyes.

12 - The talk

Ariana reappears wearing clean cotton shorts and a tank top. Clearly no bra and Kate couldn't see any hint of panties either.

"Is this what you normally wear indoors?" Kate inquires.

Ariana looks at herself and then at her friend and asks if she should change.

"No, it's fine. Just wondering." Kate says, still trying to work out how mature or insane Ariana really is.

"Please sit Ariana" Kate says with a serious face, "We need to talk. Like, real talk. Do you understand?"

Ariana looks hurt and mutters, "I'm not stupid Kate"

"We'll talk about that too Ariana, please sit" Kate motions to a chair near the couch.

Ariana mills over the suggestion that Kate thinks she is stupid and wonders why she has to be so mean.

"Ariana…" Kate starts, "I think I really like you. I've always really enjoyed talking to you at lunch…"

"But…" Ariana interrupts, "you think I'm stupid and a freak?"

"Shh, let me finish." Kate says, waving her words away, "You're not stupid…"

Ariana smiles.

Kate continues, "But you do look like you've lost your mind a little and this afternoon I thought about that and discovered it hurts me to see you like this. I wish to see you well."

"What if this is the real me?" Ariana says in a flat voice.

"I'm sure it isn't. Or were you acting every time we had lunch at work?" Kate counters.

Ariana shakes her head.

"See? Now, tell me about your afternoon." Kate wants to know.

Ariana looks down, "I was in my chest. It was nice." Looking up at Kate she continues, "I didn't care how long you'd keep me in there because I knew you'd take care of me and let me out."

Kate looks puzzled, "How could you know that? Aren't you playing a very dangerous game?"

"I felt you would return for me. And look, I'm out. And you're not a psycho… Right? Ariana says nervously.

"I'm not a psycho." Kate assures her, "But you didn't know that when you asked me to lock you in the chest."

Ariana looks lost at this statement before saying, "Don't leave me alone please. I can't stand being around people but with you everything is different."

"Different how?" Kate curiously asks.

"I don't like people." Ariana says flat-out. "You're… Ehh, nice… I feel safe."

Kate looks taken aback but ignores the remark. Instead she asks, "Why are you refusing to go back to work?"

"Well, a couple of days ago there was a guy…" Ariana starts before her voice fades, her top lip quivers.

"A guy?" Kate calls out, "What do you mean? In here?"

Ariana nods.

Kate grabs Arianas hands, "oh girlie, what happened to you? Tell me."

"He uh, I… He came in here and locked me in the box. Only for a short time. And when he pulled me out he wanted to have me. But he's with Amy I think and I'm more his type or something. And then we fought and he left. And he left his number for me if I wanted him. But I don't even know who he is." She rambles, bursting in tears.

Kate doesn't fully understand what Ariana is saying, but feels her friend is in dire need of someone to talk to. She seems to be emotionally hurting and needs a real friend.

"That's why you have a new door lock?"

Ariana nods slowly.

"Did he come back or contact you?

Ariana shakes her head.

"Is he real? Or in your head?"

Ariana doesn't respond.

"And Amy? Who's that?"

Ariana suddenly looks angry, "Amy is a bitch" She fumes.

"Uhm, ok… Why? I don't understand Ariana…"

"She locked me in the box as well and left me in there all night while she and some guy fucked in my house."

Kate looked shocked at this revelation, "What the… All night? They had sex? What do you mean?" Afraid to hear the answer.

"Amy was my friend." Ariana looks betrayed, "I asked her to help me with my first time in the box. She promised to keep me in the box for 1 hour. I guess she forgot about me. And then I called in sick after."

Kate shakes her head looking pitiful at Ariana, she's lost for words.

"How long were you in there?" She asks quietly.

"I think for 18 hours but maybe longer. I don't know." Ariana whispers. Then continued louder, "They used my house. Drank my wine. My bed, the bathroom. It was a mess everywhere."

"Then what?" Kate asks after a few moments.

Ariana rambles on, "When she finally let me out she pretended it was only a bit longer than 1 hour and quickly left me alone before I could figure out the truth. I then thought I spent 6 hours inside. But it wasn't night but morning. So it's 18 hours or maybe more, like 2 days? I don't remember what day I went inside. When I got out I needed her badly but she betrayed me and ran away. And then I find my bathroom all messed up, all the towels dirty. I touched someone's sperm. And then the bedroom. My sheets were stinking of sex. And my favorite special wine, gone. And…," Ariana breaks down weeping.

Kate quickly gets up and pulls Ariana in her embrace, shushing her quietly while holding her in her arms like she's a kid. Kate considers Ariana's words and says. "But you didn't miss work and I think you called in sick on Monday?"

Ariana nods, "Monday yes."

"And you were released the day before? Ariana?"

"Ehh. Yea, I think so." Ariana sniffles.

"So if you consider that, then you went in on Saturday? Right?"

Ariana nods quietly.

"It must be only 18 hours then, and not 2 days…" Kate looks like she solved a happy mystery.

Ariana just looks sad. "That's very long…"

Now Kate nods quietly. "Indeed. Way too long…"

Ariana looks like she's about to cry again.

"Come now, it's over, I'm sorry I asked. Let's talk about something nice now." Kate whispers in her ear. Kate eases Ariana's mind with her soothing words and smart logic about what happened. She then awkwardly tries to kiss Ariana's forehead. This calms Ariana down. Or, she doesn't cry anymore at least.

"So that's why you called in sick and bought so much food for yourself? To isolate yourself?"

Ariana nods, "You know I always liked talking to you? You're so smart."

"No I didn't know that," Kate whispers, "But I'm glad to hear it. What do you want to do now Ariana?"

"I want to stay with you." Ariana pleads, "please?"

"But we have work, our lives, we can't stay like this forever," Kate says practically.

Kate suspects Ariana is severely damaged by her recent troubles and doesn't know what to do.

Kate sighs, this girl needs therapy and a psychologist.

Assessing the situation so far between them, Kate reasons she, for some reason, cares a lot about Ariana. Ariana seems very comfortable with her and desperately needs a good friend. Sensing a loneliness or sadness in her she can't put into words. Milling over that she doesn't really believe either of them are falling for each other. But if that's true, why did she just associate her caring thoughts with falling in love with Ariana for the second time that day?

Kate finds her own feelings and thoughts very confusing.


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