by Adegans

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; buttplug; rope; oral; climax; straps; cuffs; rom; cons; X

This is the second part of the first story in my Ariana series, and continues from .

Almost every story in this series should (mostly) work on its own but if you want context and some references/characters to make more sense it's better to read them in order.



Ariana Inoue is a 24 years old Japanese woman. Ariana has been building and using a self-bondage box and things went very much off the rails from the moment the locks clicked shut. She has been kept locked in her chest first by her careless friend Amy, and then is briefly forced into it by Amy, her abusive boyfriend John. This has left Ariana very upset and stressed out. With no close friends she has nobody to find solace from and her mental state is shaky.

Kate is Ariana's co-worker and they have been lunch buddies for quite a while. Seeing Ariana's fledgling career fail, Kate feels she needs to help her friend. She visited Ariana during her lunch break and is overwhelmed with Ariana's woes and issues. On top of that, Kate concludes that Ariana wants to include her in her kinky games because might have feelings for Kate which she finds highly confusing.

She is 26 and is very fond of her 'Instagram' look. Sporting her long dark blonde hair and toned body with pride. Kate is a smart and logical woman, 2 features Ariana likes a lot. Now she tries to figure out how to help Ariana but gets confused with her own feelings as she discovers she cares a lot for her cute friend.

During Kate's lunch break Ariana confesses her desire to be locked up in the box and wants Kate to lock her in. Kate is shocked but intrigued and hesitantly locks Ariana in her box for the afternoon.

Now Kate has just returned from work and went straight to Ariana's apartment, she just has released her from the box. The two are considering their next move while Kate discovers she may have feelings for Ariana.

1 - Going on a trip

Pondering her options and what to do next Kate makes a careful suggestion to Ariana. She suggests the two of them should go on a little trip. Kate had wanted to go on a little vacation anyway and she thinks she can get away with taking a few days off.

Why she makes such unusual decisions to help Ariana she doesn't quite understand, nor does she want to think about it too much right now.

Ariana looks at Kate and thinks she is very confident as always and she likes her for it.

"Where are we going?" Ariana asks.

"I don't know yet, but I'll think of something. Something with palm trees and a pool. Do you have a passport?"

Ariana nods.

"Got a credit card?"

Ariana nods again and mumbles, "It's overdrawn…" Making her box and changing the lock was expensive.

"But you have some money right? So you can treat me to ice-cream or something?"

Ariana nods, curious why she'd need a credit card for ice-cream.

"Good, stay here and pack your bag for a trip for a few days in the sun but keep it simple."

"You're the boss now?" Ariana asks hopefully.

Kate doesn't reply but sends a short email to their boss that she needs the Friday off and says she'd be back next Monday, today is Thursday. Not waiting for a response or approval she promises Ariana they are going on an adventure she won't forget.

"Where to?" Ariana tries again.

"You'll see, It's a surprise… Don't worry, you'll love it." Kate promises, "I'll be back soon. Go pack your things." And with that Kate left Ariana alone to head home and pack her own bag.

Ariana is left confused but excited. Her woes pushed to the background for the moment, she feels that itch again. She walks into the bathroom and looks for the dildo she threw in there earlier. It was still stuck on the floor. She wipes the dildo clean and wets it. She then lowers herself onto it and just sits there for a while thinking about crazy Kate. A vacation? Where to? Someplace sunny Kate had said… She wiggles her butt feeling the dildo move inside her.

She didn't feel like traveling at all right now. But Kate said they would go. She likes her bossy confident friend but should she go with her? Does she have a choice? Maybe she should ask Kate when she returns.

Enjoying the full feeling the dildo gives her she feels better already. Ariana thinks about Kate and thinks she is either turning out to be an excellent friend or secretly in love with her or something. Why else would she be all over her like a mother hen all of the sudden. Could it be true? Is that why she came to her house to 'talk' to check up on her secret love interest?

Ariana thinks Kate is really friendly and nice. And hot. And strong. And caring. And pretty. Maybe she's a dominant person? Someone she can follow and obey? "Maybe I'm the one falling for her…" Ariana shudders.

Getting up she suddenly feels immensely tired. A huge load has dropped from her shoulders.

Her Amy was replaced with a million times nicer and smarter version in the form of Kate. Ariana walks to her bed and lets herself fall onto it and is fast asleep moments later.

Kate gets back to Ariana's apartment around 9PM intent on spending the night at her place mostly so she can keep an eye on her. She doesn't think Ariana should be alone. She'll sleep on the couch or something, or carefully share the bed perhaps.

They would be leaving the next morning on a package deal vacation she found on a travel website. Palm trees, a beach, a hotel with a pool… They're going to Varadero in Cuba.

She lets herself into Ariana's apartment and again finds the place eerily quiet. Ariana didn't come to see who was coming in. Nor did she see or hear the girl at all. Looking around the apartment she sees the dildo has been moved from near the shower cabin to the middle of the bathroom floor. Kate rolls her eyes and thinks Ariana is a horny little monster.

But where was the little monster? She looks in the living room and in the kitchen, and finally finds Ariana hidden between the sheets on her bed. Her small frame is nearly invisible from the door. She looks peaceful, beautiful.

Sitting down next to Ariana she looks down at her slender body and dares herself to touch the young woman.

She puts her hand on Ariana's cheek and strokes over her lips with her thumb, this causes Ariana to open her mouth. Kate slips her thumb inside and Ariana suckles on it. Cute, Kat thinks with a smile.

She then strokes Ariana's neck and traces her hand down between her small breasts. She immediately feels awkward and guilty. She then bends down and gently places a small kiss on her forehead. Getting no response she kisses her cheek. Feeling extra daring she kisses her lips, to which Ariana softly moans.

Feeling uneasy Kate breaks off her intrusion and carefully gets up from the bed trying not to disturb Ariana. Kate feels conflicted and wonders why she just kissed the young woman. She looks around and sees no sign of any preparation for their trip. No bag or suitcase, no selection of clothes.

Quietly 'mmpf'-ing her dismay she glances over Ariana's clothes in and around the closet but can't decide if she would pack for her and probably pick the wrong stuff or wake her up and make her pack her own bag.

Kate figures she could pile some clothes on the bed for Ariana to pack and let her finish her bag in the morning. She finds a dark blue swimsuit that looks tiny. A few shirts, a skirt and shorts and a pair of sneakers. She neatly stacks everything on a chair next to the closet hoping Ariana wouldn't mind.

Kate then sets several alarms for 6AM, undresses down to her panties, borrows an oversized t-shirt from Ariana and sits on the couch, thinking she needs a blanket. She doesn't know where Ariana keeps her bedding and such and decides not to bother searching. Instead she decides she'll sleep in bed with Ariana. Just like she did on slumber parties when she was a kid she convinces herself. Nothing weird about that.

She carefully rejoins Ariana in her bed. Cautiously pulling the blankets over them.

Kate feels weird sharing a bed with another woman as an adult. Not to mention with someone she doesn't really know all that well. Even though they'd been friends for the last 2 years. Just as she considers moving to the couch again Ariana rolls over and shoves her arm across Kate her chest and mumbles something unintelligible while snuggling up against Kate like she's a huge teddy bear.

Kate then has no choice but to embrace her friend and carefully slips an arm under Ariana and tries to get comfortable.

Ariana feels somehow safe and secure in her sleep and has pleasurable dreams.

Kate has trouble falling asleep and lies in bed thinking about her confused feelings for Ariana and if she is doing the right thing. When she finally falls asleep hours later Ariana has gotten even closer, draping herself over Kate's whole left side and there seems to be no escape. Ariana doesn't seem to mind her presence at all, or maybe she doesn't realize the supposed pillow is Kate.

Waking up to her many alarms Kate groggily rolls over and looks around the bedroom. Slowly remembering where she is. She notices Ariana missing from the bed.

Ariana peeks around the door looking upset. "Why are you here?" She demands.

Kate looks hurt and replies "Good morning to you too I guess. I'm here to help you."

Ariana looks confused, "Help me with what?"

"With getting your head straight."

Ariana says nothing but disappears into her house and Kate follows her to see what she'll do next. She notices a blanket and pillow on the couch. "Did you sleep here?" Kate asks.

"You were in my bed." Ariana gives as a reply.

"I couldn't find a blanket and didn't want to intrude too much by searching for it. Was I wrong to assume you would like me next to you?" Kate asks carefully.

"I don't know." Ariana mumbles.

Kate walks up to Ariana ignoring her stepping back and hugs the girl. "Come now, don't be upset please. I care for you. Let me help you. And remember, we're going on a little vacation in a few hours. Just you and me?"

Ariana looks up at her, "Yea about that… Where are we going? Don't I get a say?"

Kate hesitates, "Yesterday you liked the idea. I thought it would be good for you, for us. So I booked a few days at a hotel in Cuba. They have a massive pool and a beach where you can relax in a happy environment and we'll finally get to know each other better. Without stress or chaos."

Ariana lights up, "Aha, I like the beach. OK boss!"

"Please don't call me boss" Kate says annoyed at the title.

Ariana looks confused. "But you are the boss…"

Ignoring Ariana's last remark Kate releases Ariana from her hold and she asks, "Do you need help packing your bag? I put some things on the chair that I like."

"Just my swimsuit and slippers I suppose?" Ariana looks suspicious.

"And a few shirts and other things." Kate adds laughing, "Just pick whatever you like. I'm just trying to help."

"Right, bo…" Ariana cuts herself off seeing Kate looking at her.

"Go pack Ariana, I'll make some breakfast."

And with that she leaves Ariana to her task and heads to the kitchen. Finding crackers and toast, but nothing to put on it. Heaps of instant noodles. Cookies and not much else. Kate sighs at the poor selection of food and decides to just cut up some apples and a banana and pour some juice for them. She sits in the kitchen eating her fruit while waiting for Ariana.

Meanwhile, Ariana inspects the pile of clothes Kate has chosen for her and thinks it's fine. Stuffing the items in her backpack, she thinks about what else she needs. A flowery dress? Or a striped pair of shorts? She wonders which one Kate would prefer. Should she bring heels? Or slippers? Unable to choose, she sinks to the floor with a sigh. Ariana decides she should bring her butt plug and without hesitation throws her larger plug in her backpack. She closes her eyes and blindly grabs at her shorts and ends up with a pink spaghetti top.

She adds flip-flops and a tank top along with a pair of denim cutoff shorts and stares at her bag wondering what she's forgetting.

She calls out to Kate and asks her to come over.

"Where are you?" Kate yells back.

"In the bedroom."

"What's up? What do you need?"

"I'm forgetting something but I don't know what…" Ariana confesses.

Kate looks through her bag, ignores the butt plug and advises her to bring some underwear.

"Oh underwear, right. Thanks boss" Ariana says.

"I'm not your boss Ariana, please stop calling me that."

"But you are my boss, no? Making all the decisions?"

Kate denies she's making all the decisions but feels she might be overstepping a bit by taking the lead.

"Just call me Kate, or something cute if you want?" Kate tries.

"I'll try… Kate."

"Good, let me know when you're ready to go." Kate tells her.

"The house is a mess, I should clean."

"No time girlfriend, our plane leaves in 3 hours. I'll help you clean when we get back if you want."

Ariana frowns "I'm your girlfriend now?"

"Would you like to be?" Kate asks cautiously.

Ariana giggles at the thought but says nothing.

At the airport the girls get a frown as the baggage scan reveals the butt plug in Ariana's backpack clearly visible on the monitor. Kate doesn't know where to look and hopes nobody says anything. Ariana doesn't seem to mind. But maybe her mind is just elsewhere, not realizing what's happening.

Later in the airport lobby Ariana giggles at Kate's discomfort and asks if she should wear the plug instead. Nobody would be able to see it then. Kate tells her to forget it and looks around nervously sipping her drink and poking at her breakfast sandwich.

A little while later their flight is announced and they fly to their destination. Ariana tries to sleep in the plane but the uncomfortable seat makes it a restless slumber. She dreams of Kate keeping her in her box. Only letting her out for a drink or some food once a day.

Kate is thinking ahead about the hotel she booked in Cuba and finds it strange Ariana doesn't seem to care at all where they're going. Kate hopes it's as nice as it looked in the pictures. She loves hotels and is eager to have her little vacation with Ariana hoping she's OK with sharing the room.

Arriving at the airport they find a taxi and off they go to their hotel. Going through check-in Kate thinks she found a super deal as everything looks very well kept and luxurious. She has booked a room with 2 double beds.

Ariana looks amazed at the nice hotel and wonders if she ever was in a more beautiful place.

After check-in they find their room on the 3rd floor overlooking the pool and the sea behind it, with some trees in between. Just like in the picture, Kate thinks relieved. She's been in many hotels like this, but sometimes the pictures aren't as truthful.

Ariana excitedly explores the room and ends up on the balcony. Staring over the pool and the beach behind it.

She turns around to Kate. "This is great… Right? Girlfriend?"

Kate smiles uneasy hearing the word girlfriend in a somewhat serious context. She usually just says it casually as a friendly nickname. "Looks nice huh, and check the bed, how soft it is."

Ariana jumps onto the bed next to the balcony door and lands flat on it with a dull whomp, sinking deep into the sheets. "Mmm that's soft," She calls out. "Much nicer than my bed…"

Kate tickles Ariana's feet and asks which bed she wants. Ariana looks at Kate and counters "Which one do you want?"

Looking at both beds she really prefers the one close to the balcony, the one Ariana is on right now, and assumes Ariana would then pick the other bed.

Instead Ariana stretches out her arm and invites Kate to join her. As Kate climbs on the bed Ariana whispers, "This will be our bed then…"

Kate is surprised, this morning Ariana was upset to find out they slept together. And now she wants it on her own volition. She smiles nervously at Ariana and nods. "Sure, but if you change your mind I'll sleep in the other one." Kate promises Ariana.

Ariana shakes her head and insists they sleep together, stating she's tired of being alone. She hugs Kate gently and the women lay in bed for a few moments.

"Wanna go explore the hotel?" Ariana asks.

"Sure, I'll slip into something more vacation-like, just a minute." Kate awkwardly changes clothes as Ariana watches her intensely, putting on her simple olive green string bikini and a long thin terracotta colored shirt that comes to her thighs.

"You're hot!" Ariana compliments Kate.

"Thanks! You're not changing clothes?"

"I should…" Ariana hesitates.


"I'll go pee first." She grabs her bag and disappears in the luxurious bathroom.

"Whoa," She hears Ariana call out. "Kate, it's a rain shower!" She never showered like that before.

Kate walks onto their balcony and looks out over the pool. "Oh yes,… This will be fun." She mutters to herself. Looking at the lounge chairs waiting for them downstairs. She can hear the waves crash on the beach in the distance. Excellent! She thinks. She loves the hotel life.

2 - Arrival

Ariana comes out of the bathroom fidgeting with her swimsuit. At first glance it's a conservative one piece swimsuit in a dark blue color, it almost completely covers Ariana's front leaving no cleavage and covering her crotch fully.

Kate really appreciates the seemingly simplistic design and seeing how form fitting the suit is she thinks it's a few sizes too small for Ariana. However, when Ariana turns around she realizes the smart design and how the high cut leg holes accentuate her slender waist in the most subtle way, the 'briefs' barely cover Ariana's butt and the completely open back only has a few narrow bands over her shoulders and under her arms cross between her shoulder blades to keep the otherwise conservative front in place. Kate's mouth is agape at the clever display of beauty in front of her. She has never seen a swimsuit like that.

"Whoa girl, where did you get that swimsuit?" Kate gasps.

Ariana quickly turns to Kate and sees her staring as she claims to be ready to go.

"Oh, from a site in Japan. Do you like it?" Ariana playfully twirls around once more.

"It's amazing! Somehow it's very different from western designs." Kate calls out feeling jealous. "You're not wearing a shirt?"

"I didn't bring something that goes with this." Gesturing at her swimsuit. "Should I wear shorts?"

Kate thinks for a moment and nods.

Ariana heads back into the bathroom and puts on her denim shorts. As she comes out she flings her backpack on to the spare bed and fidgets with her outfit to get comfortable in it.

They head out into the hotel to explore the pool, eye up the pool boy and bartender, find the restaurant, and find the beach access. It's an excellent hotel and once they figured out the basics they land on a pair of lounge beds with cold drinks. There aren't too many guests, and overall the atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming.

Ariana visibly relaxes and enjoys herself, looking around at the trees, the little waterfall in the pool. Finally she looks at Kate. "This is cool huh? I really like it here."

Kate agrees and enjoys her view as well. Which, from the corner of her eye is Ariana who had taken off her shorts. The blue swimsuit looks so pretty on her brown skin she thinks. Much nicer than her olive green bikini on her pale skin. But she'll fix that soon.

Ariana dozes off and Kate alternates drinking cold drinks with cooling off in the pool.

When Ariana wakes up after a while she shifts with notable discomfort and can't seem to sit still.

"What's up? Got a bug up your butt?" Kate asks with a smirk.

Ariana turns red and confesses shyly her butt plug is bothering her. Claiming it won't settle like it should.

Kate stares at Ariana for a second and tells her to turn over and let her have a look. As Ariana flips on her stomach Kate sees a clear round outline in her swimsuit of the flared base of the plug and she shakes her head.

"That looks massive," Kate whispers awkwardly, "And you've had that in you all this time since we left the room?"

"You don't like it?" Ariana asks softly, while looking uncertain at Kate.

"I'm not sure about that." Kate tells Ariana. Happy she had Ariana wear shorts or everyone would have seen the plug.

Ariana suggests with a glint in her eyes that Kate should try anal some time. She'll love it, Ariana promises her. But Kate isn't so sure. Soon after, Ariana rushes to the pool changing rooms to 'relieve herself' and comes back a few minutes later with her plug rolled in a towel. She looks so relieved that Kate can't help but laugh at her goofy face.

The two friends talk most of the rest of the afternoon and bond over many drinks and some snacks. Ariana learns Kate's last name is Birch. Which she finds funny but doesn't want to say why.

They also find out that they both like to read the occasional book and watch romantic comedies and action films regularly. Kate's favorite movie is 'A Good Year' with Russel Crowe. Ariana has many favorite movies, such as 'Iron Man' and a Japanese film called 'The Slave', which is a terrible movie really. But she likes the main character as she identifies with it. Ariana's favorite anime is Ghost in the Shell which Kate also saw and kinda likes.

Kate asks why Ariana identifies with a slave movie and learns that Ariana really likes the confident and controlled behavior of the actress. This has Kate wondering how a woman identifies with a slave.

For some reason they never really talked much about these things at work but they're pleasantly surprised they share many interests.

Ariana carefully pries into Kate her sex life and if she's had a girlfriend before. Kate says she never thought about dating a woman but also admits she likes Ariana a lot but doesn't know what to do with that. Kate fantasizes that maybe their friendship worked because of their mutual attraction to each other?

Ariana thinks about that. And considers if there is mutual attraction. Not being able to come up with a good answer she smiles at her friend claiming she feels the same about Kate.

"But you seem very eager to be with me, you even kissed me…" Kate counters.

"That's your doing… I never felt like that with other women." Ariana admits flustered. And continues accusing Kate, "And so did you! I felt you kissing me last night in bed!"

Kate flushes red, admitting she thought Ariana looked cute and felt like touching her.

"Pervert!" Ariana mocks Kate.

"So, when was your last girlfriend?" Kate asks jokingly.

Ariana tells she's had a few boyfriends, with a pained look she mentions that they're all giant assholes and her last one was over a year ago. She promises Kate she never dated a girl before, but she tried to kiss her college roommate once.

It was a similar story for Kate, her being single for almost 2 years. And also having a few boyfriends before that.

"Why did you break up?" Ariana is curious.

"Oh he was sweet and all, a good man. Good kisser too. But we just didn't match too well. Other than working similar jobs we didn't have any similarities." Kate explains.

"Mmm." Ariana nods. "Someone from our office? Marvin maybe?"

Kate shakes her head. "No, he worked somewhere across town. Marvin? Why?"

"He always looks at you like he misses you…" Ariana winks at Kate.

"Pfft…" Kate laughs.

Kate feels flattered at what Ariana said about her feelings for her. And is relieved that Ariana hasn't really lost her mind. She just needed a break and step away from her life for a while. Only 1 afternoon here and she's already back to the witty and funny girl she thinks she knows from work.

Not feeling very hungry they decide on a night in. Ariana goes for a shower and revels in the rain shower quietly humming to herself, thinking she should have one at home. After a few minutes a nervous Kate quietly joins her under the steaming water. Too shy to look at Ariana they shower silently together stealing glances at each other.

Ariana starts poking at Kate who giggles and squeals trying to dodge Ariana her hand. After a few pokes she grabs Ariana at the base of her neck and kisses her on the lips. Feeling awkward doing it but enjoying it at the same time. Ariana on the other hand gladly returns the kiss and plants her lips firmly on Kate's and has her hands roam over her friend's back immersed in growing feelings of lust.

Kate taken aback by Ariana's strong response loosens up and lets her free hand wander over Ariana's breasts pinching a nipple as their kiss gets more intense the longer they do it, gasping for air as they let up for a second they stare hungrily and stupidly grin at each other. The standoff only lasts 10 seconds when Ariana steps up and presses her chest against Kate and hugs her so tight that Kate gasps for air.

Kate struggles an arm free and wraps it around Ariana, over her shoulder and down her back. As Ariana finally lets go they kiss again, Ariana balances on her tip-toes trying to kiss Kate, and Kate lifts her friend's chin with her finger curled under it. With her other hand she reaches down and tries to reach Ariana's crotch but can't quite reach.

Bending down a little she reaches and awkwardly rubs Ariana's pussy for a few minutes.

Ariana gasps in a quiet orgasm and feels her knees getting weak and slumps down to the shower floor, her butt splats down on the floor. Kate turns off the shower and sits next to Ariana. "Are you OK?" She asks with a glimmer in her eyes.

Ariana looks at her friend smiling. "Wow… That… That was intense…"

"Mmhm, but you forgot about me…" She jokingly accuses Ariana.

"Oh, I'll make it up to you" Ariana exclaims and reaches up to Kate's face.

Kate stops her. "No need, silly. Let's dry up on the balcony and you can make it up to me later."

The girls sit on their balcony covered by a big beach towel they share and look at the sunset turning the sky orange and purple to the left. They sit sisterly next to each other on the king size sunbed, their shoulders touching and both lost in thought about what they just did.

"How was your day?" Ariana finally asks, "I really enjoyed talking to you and everything. And just now, it was… Amazing." She leans in and gently kisses Kate on her cheek. "Thanks for being my friend and for taking me here." She breathes.

Kate assures Ariana she really enjoys their time together as well. And that Ariana isn't as crazy as she thought.

"Do you really think so?" Ariana asks shyly.

"Yes… Just look at today, you just needed an escape from your regular life."

Ariana thinks Kate is probably right. "You're so smart, boss," Ariana whispers.

Kate suddenly grabs Ariana by her shoulders and pulls her down over her lap. Tickling her all over her body until Ariana can't stop laughing and squirming. Begging for Kate to stop between shrieks and laughs.

"I told you not to call me boss!" Kate grumbles while trying to hold in her laugh.

Ariana is pulled to her feet and dragged inside. "I've had enough of you calling me 'boss'. Time for your punishment girlie." Kate says laughing.

Ariana follows her friend inside looking unsure. "Please Kate, I didn't mean anything bad with it." She pleads, not wanting to be punished.

Kate pushes her friend on their bed and tells her to lay face down and stay put.

Ariana obeys Kate and sees her pull the cotton belt from one of the room bathrobes.

"What are you doing?" Ariana asks nervously.

Kate just winks at her with a smile but says nothing. She quickly ties a simple slipknot in the belt and slips it around Ariana's wrists behind her back, pulling it tight.

"Ow, please, don't be upset Kate… I'll never call you boss again. It's just that I…"

"Shh, Ariana and take your punishment like a good girl." She climbs on their bed and sits in front of Ariana's face spreading her legs, scooting closer.

"Now, lick! Make me cum. I've been wondering what that's like all afternoon…"

Ariana looks up at Kate who can't hide an excited smile and pokes Ariana's forehead with her finger. "Get to work!" And lays down leaning on her elbows waiting for Ariana to get to it between her legs.

Ariana looks bewildered at Kate's neatly shaven crotch. Unsure what to do and pokes her tongue at her friend's shaven private area.

"Mmm, that's it!" She hears Kate moan.

She's never done anything like this before. And just sort of mimics what she saw in porn videos hoping Kate likes it too. Scooting closer to her friend she buries her face in her pussy licking it trying to please Kate.

Kate enjoys herself immensely and her moans get louder and more frequent, groping at her own breasts and pinches her nipples repeatedly.

Ariana soon tires from her exertions, with her neck and tongue starting to hurt but she's afraid to let Kate down so she keeps going. Licking her friend's wet lips, sticking her tongue in sometimes. Rubbing her nose up and down the wet slit in front of her.

Kate likes what Ariana is doing to her and sits up looking at the head bobbing up and down between her legs. She grabs a fistful of Ariana's hair and pushes her firmly onto her crotch causing Ariana to squeal. Pushing down on her friend's head Kate moans "Almost there, finish me off if you want to breathe again!"

She feels Ariana's tongue desperately wiggle and massage her privates trying to make her orgasm.

Ariana feels helpless for Kate and thinks it's very exciting.

Kate feels all powerful in her moments of lust and holds Ariana in place by her hair smiling at her cute friend working so hard to make her cum. Ariana finally hits the right spot and she squeezes her legs around Ariana's head and tenses up abruptly as a powerful orgasm rushes over Kate. "Ohh, yesss! Yes! Fucking yes!" She exclaims. Bucking her hips as her pleasure rushes through her.

Ariana is stuck between her friend's legs and urgently needs air but barely can get any as she feels her friend's orgasm gush over her face.

Kate squirms and moans for almost a minute before finally getting back to reality and letting go of Ariana as her body goes limp.

Ariana takes deep heaving breaths filling her lungs with air.

"Oh my" Kate sighs. "I guess I should keep you my dear Ariana!" She looks down at the disheveled face leaning on her thigh, "Yes, I'll keep you all for myself!"

Ariana looks up at Kate not sure what that means, she squirms in her bonds and feels dirty. A strand of hair sticks in the corner of her eye and to her nose, mouth and chin are covered with Kate's wetness. Licking her lips she timidly asks, "Please, can you let me go Kate?"

"Just a minute miss, let me catch my breath… Fuuuck!" Kate sighs with a smile and falls back on the bed.

Ariana can't stand it any longer and struggles to the edge of the bed and runs to the bathroom with her hands tied to her back. With her mouth she tries to open the tap on the sink hoping she can stick her face in the sink to rinse her face. Unfortunately for Ariana It doesn't work and she can't get enough leverage on the knob.

Kate notices her girlie gone and rolls over enjoying the afterglow of her first girl-on-girl orgasm. Feeling quite content with her life for the moment. Sighing happily.

Ariana meanwhile thinks she's been had by Kate but isn't sure. That was no punishment… She can't really be mad at her, right? She's in love… Why else would she come on to her in the shower, and now this? She sits on the toilet lost in her thoughts for a few minutes before getting up and trying to wipe her face on a towel but that also doesn't work too well as she just causes the towel to drop on the floor.

Unable to even wash herself, Ariana feels helpless and stupid and after a while she slowly walks back to the bed and sees Kate with her back to her. She's sleeping? Already? Not wanting to disturb her, Ariana quietly lays in bed behind Kate struggling with her wrists trying to get out of her bonds but it's too tight. Finally she rolls over on her stomach as close to Kate as she can and kisses her between her shoulder blades whispering a good night to Kate.

Kate leaves Ariana be, thinking if she wants out she'll ask for it. She feels her shuffling around behind her and falls asleep seconds before Ariana's good night wish.

Ariana slept like this before with her handcuffs. But she could always get out then. She wishes to be free so she can get cleaned up. Struggling with her thoughts and emotions she finally falls asleep half an hour later or so.

Some time during the night Kate awakes and slips out of bed. She urgently needs to pee. Coming back to bed she notices Ariana's hands are still tied and wonders why Ariana didn't ask to be released.

She then has a wicked idea and grabs the belt from the other bathrobe. Carefully Kate ties Ariana's ankles together. Smiling at her handiwork she then carefully unties the belt from Ariana's wrists and very slowly moves her arms to the front before tying her wrists back together thinking it would be more comfortable.

Ariana whimpers softly and squirms a bit in her slumber. Unaware of her predicament.

Kate steps out of the room onto the balcony to look at the stars thinking of the sexy girl tied up in her bed. After a few minutes she returns to Ariana seeing she has rolled on her side and pulled her legs up. Perfect, Kate thinks and slips behind her soon-to-be-lover. Mimicking Ariana's position, she wraps her arm around Ariana and scoots close so that her breasts push into Ariana's back and soon dozes off dreaming of palm trees and sharing pineapple drinks with Ariana.

3 - Exploring town

Ariana wakes up the next morning with their wild evening fresh on her mind and she smiles at her first lesbian sex. She feels Kate is spooning her from behind. Being so intimate and close to her friend makes her feel happy and safe.

Stretching her arms and legs she notices they move as one but doesn't quite understand why that is.

Fully awake now she lifts her arms and sees they're tied together. Ariana guesses her legs are tied up then as well. She sighs and struggles until she faces her friend who's still fast asleep.

Ariana sticks out her tongue and licks Kate's nose. Causing her to wrinkle it. She then licks along the width of her forehead. Causing Kate to sniffle and rub her face.

Ariana, feeling playful then licks her friend's lips, softly sucking on them. Which causes her friend to make smacking sounds and lick her own lips with a soft 'mmpf'.

Ariana then softly bites down on Kate's nose holding it closed. After a few seconds her friend's eyes fly open and she gasps for air.

Ariana leans back, "She finally awakes. Morning lover!" She says laughing.

Kate looks bewildered "Hey girl… Ariana… Hello."

"I appear to be stuck… Did my little pervert have fun while I was asleep?" Ariana smiles.

"What?" Kate frowns, not understanding. But then she remembers. "Oh yea… Like I said, I'm keeping you." She smirks.

"You don't need to tie me down to keep me." Ariana says under her breath. "Or if you do, you have to wash me when you make me all dirty." She continues, complaining.

"Geez, you're in a mood today." Kate complains back.

"Hey, don't cum all over my face before you fall asleep then."

"Oh my, I'm so sorry." Kate realizes her carelessness. She quickly unties Ariana and guides her to the shower. "Please accept my apologies," She laughs. "All this is new to me."

"Yea yea, excuses." Ariana mumbles as she shuts the shower door not inviting Kate in.

"I'll be on the balcony if you need me," Kate informs Ariana "It's a beautiful day today!"

Kate sits on the balcony thinking about breakfast and wondering if Ariana is just not a morning person or if she's actually upset with her. She realizes that she still doesn't know the woman at all. This is exciting, but also a bit scary.

Ariana sneaks up behind Kate and strokes her hip from behind around the back of the chair.

Kate shrieks in surprise and looks under her arm behind her, but sees nothing.

"What the hell?!" She mumbles, rubbing her waist and is suddenly stroked from the other side. "HURR!" She exclaims. Looking to her right but still seeing nothing.

Ariana can barely contain her laugh, slowly rises up behind Kate and ruffles her friend's hair. "Hey dummy! It's me!" And she laughs at Kate's silly face.

"I thought there was a spider or something… You got me." Kate mumbles looking up at Ariana, straining her neck trying to kiss her as her face hovers over hers upside down.

Ariana one-ups that initiative by quickly walking around the chair and sitting on her lap and leaning in for a long and passionate kiss.

When they break off their kiss, Ariana rests her head on Kate's shoulder and informs her that she's falling in love.

Kate is lost for words at first hearing this revelation but finally quietly manages, "Are you sure?"

Ariana looks up and hesitates for a moment. "Yes… You're not?"

Kate hadn't really thought about it that way. Enjoying someone's company versus fucking versus falling in love. Three different things. Sex and love aren't necessarily connected, she believes. Besides, falling in love takes time…

Ariana takes her silence as a rejection and looks at her with dark eyes, "No?"

Kate finally replies she loves Ariana, lying a little for Ariana's sake. Seeing how it cheers her up.

"But…" She says, "This is all completely new for me and I'm not sure what to make of my feelings."

Ariana nods like she understands but really all she hears is that Kate loves her back.

Kate thinks about how real Ariana's love can be and considers if she isn't confusing love with the attention she gets or even the adventure they're on, mixed with some sexual experimentation. Are these rushed childish thoughts from Ariana again? Like what happens every so often when they talk about love, desires, life, duties or feelings. She hopes not.

"Let's go get breakfast," Kate says, breaking off her thoughts and worries, "Do you do breakfast? It's a buffet…"

Ariana admits that she's hungry, she helps Kate dress before getting dressed herself and they hold hands as they arrive in the hotel restaurant earning a disapproving look from the restaurant host.

Ariana feels really happy to eat all kinds of fruits and toast with jam.

Kate keeps it simple and just has a bowl of yogurt with granola and raisins.

"Don't be so boring" Ariana mocks Kate's food choice.

Come on, try some papaya. And she flicks a chunk of the fruit at Kate.

Kate looks at their plates. Ariana's colorful choice of food compared to her white and brown bowl of yogurt. "I guess I can get some strawberry yogurt for added color." She agrees.

"Booooring!" Ariana calls out.

Kate pricks her fork at Ariana’s plate taking some of her fruit. "What's this?" She asks.

"Dunno," Ariana replies, "It's sweet though. I like it."

"You're sweet," Kate says resting her chin in her hands. "But you're eating things you don't even know what they are." And shakes her head.

Ariana looks at Kate funnily. "Something the matter?" She asks.

"No, I'm just thinking about us and what we're doing"

"Why? What's wrong with what we're doing?" Ariana smirks.

"It's all very sudden and I can't help but wonder if we're not deceiving ourselves."

"But we're lovers, right? It'll be fine." Ariana assures her.

Lovers huh, Kate worries, that escalated quickly. "You're probably right," Kate says with a smile and changing the subject she asks, "What do you want to do today?"

"Let's head into town," Ariana suggests, "I didn't pack the right clothes… Your advice failed me," She mocks Kate recalling she had helped Ariana pack.

"Hey now, if you can't pack your own bags. How is that my fault?" Kate rebukes.

They laugh at each other for their silly argument.

"But I need a long shirt or a dress at least," Ariana says.

After breakfast the girls quickly freshen up and march arm-in-arm out of the hotel reception towards the nearby town. Kate wears her favorite jeans shorts with a t-shirt. Ariana a tank top and mismatched skirt.

On their way Ariana points at big trees and birds, scurries off and comes back with a coconut asking if they can drink it and more of such silliness, acting as if she's a cheerful kid. Kate again wonders how Ariana can be 24 and be so child-like. She kinda likes it though, seeing Ariana be this way cheers her op.

"Helloooo?!?! Earth to Kate! Are you listening?" A hand waving in front of Kate's face brings her back to reality.

"What? No, sorry, what did you say?"

Ariana pulls a mocking hurt face and pokes Kate in her side. "Look, this is a nice dress. Doesn't it look cute?" She points at a dress with a brightly colored flower pattern woven across the shoulders.

Kate looks around and sees they have entered the town's little center and she missed most of the walk lost in her thoughts.

"Look, they have my size. I'm gonna try it on" Ariana says, grabbing the dress and entering the shop looking for the fitting room, leaving Kate to wander around the shop and be shocked by the terribly ugly fashion lining the walls.

What's the world coming to? Kate thinks, looking at the shallow and dumb prints on touristy shirts. One especially stands out to her, a white shirt with a sort of street sign printed on saying "I fuck like a pornstar!"

Kate sniggers at the amazingly dumb message, wondering what man would expect good sex from a woman wearing that, since porn stars usually fake their sex acts.

She shakes her head and looks out the window of the shop seeing a colorful touristic town square. Just like in the pictures she'd seen online. How pretty, she thinks.

Ariana comes out of the fitting room looking stunning in the tight dress. Kate eyes her up and down. Her slender frame is perfectly accentuated by the fitted waist. Leaving a hint of cleavage. The dress is sleeveless and simply zips up in the back. Ariana's curves and shapes are on display but it looks very classy, in a sexy way. The off-white fabric contrasts on her brown skin beautifully.

She twirls around for Kate, "What do you think?"

"That, you, whoa… You look amazing…" She stumbles over her words.

"It's not too tight?" Ariana asks. Spinning around again flaring the dress and lifting her leg to demonstrate it's loose around her legs as the dress widens just below her butt.

"I… No, it's perfect." Kate stutters and a sudden urge comes over her as she rushes at Ariana. She pushes Ariana backwards into the fitting room until she hits the mirror with a bang, kissing her roughly.

Ariana, overwhelmed, almost falls backwards into the fitting room, hitting her leg against the bench with a bang. Before hitting her head on the mirror. Whoa, whoa, she panics from Kate’s forceful approach. But when she finds her footing Ariana gets into it and kisses her friend back grasping the nape of her friend, pulling her in.

She feels Kate grasping at her breasts rubbing them through the dress. They both moan softly trying to stay quiet.

Kate comes to her senses and breaks off the kiss and looks away from Ariana embarrassed, who looks bewildered at Kate.

"Whoa, what happened there?" Ariana whispers flustered, "Where did that come from?"

"Oh shut up," her friend hushes Ariana and tries to kiss her again.

Ariana pushes Kate back, stopping her advance. "Hey, stop…"

Kate looks at Ariana with lust in her eyes. "Why?"

Ariana motions at their surroundings and whispers, "Look where we are silly! What if the shopkeeper hears us."

Right at that moment there is a sharp knock on the door and a worried voice asking if everything is alright.

"It's fine." Ariana calls out.

"Are you sure? I heard a bang and some noise."

"Yes we're fine. I hit my knee. Thanks!" Ariana says looking at Kate trying not to laugh.

"Well keep it down, it's not a brothel here…" The voice sounds annoyed.

They laugh at the insulting choice of words.

Kate looks ashamed, "Sorry, I… Don't… Ugh, just buy the fucking dress. You look hot in it."

Ariana laughs at her friend while switching back to her own clothes. "Sure thing boss" And she hurries away laughing to go pay for her new dress. Kate swings at her to slap her behind but misses and knocks over a display with cheap sunglasses. Ariana looks over her shoulder and sees the mess her friend is making and apologizes to the shopkeeper for her clumsy friend.

Kate fumes at Ariana, How dare she laugh at her horniness. That's not funny, she thinks. After putting the display back in place she joins Ariana, her face red with embarrassment to see the shopkeeper frown at her. He then looks at Ariana as if to figure out what the 2 were up to exactly in his fitting rooms. "Thanks for your purchase, but please keep it in the bedroom next time." He had a pretty good idea what the blonde was up to looking at the predatory look in her eyes.

Kate wishes the ground would open up and swallow her. And she briskly walks out of the shop.

Ariana finishes her payment and joins Kate outside, she's in a good mood.

Kate is brooding, still mad at Ariana for laughing at her. But soon she forgets her anger as Ariana buys Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream for the both of them.

"Sorry for laughing at you, don't be mad please?" Ariana asks timidly.

"Sorry for coming on to you" Kate silently says, "I lost myself. Are you OK?"

"Yeah I'm fine," Ariana laughs. She just had the best-most-awesome confirmation that Kate really has feelings for her. Her day couldn't be any better. Even if she hurt her leg and head…

Enjoying their ice-cream they look at the people walking past. A man tries to chat up Kate and gives her his phone number. Politely thanking him with the vague promise for a date while she puts her phone down.

Ariana immediately lurches forward and sneakily deletes his number before the phone can lock. None of that, she thinks.

They wander around town for a large part of the afternoon. They look at more clothes and tons of souvenir shops while taking photos.

4 - Insecurities

Back in the hotel they go for an afternoon swim at the beach. Jumping in the waves and splashing each other before sitting down in the low afternoon sun. Kate’s is already getting a nice suntan and she thinks she looks much prettier in her olive green bikini compared to yesterday.

Announcing she's going to look for shells Ariana gets up and wanders around the shoreline picking up little shells and stones. Kate watches her friend enjoy herself and smiles thinking Ariana is amazing.

Still feeling silly for her indiscretion earlier today she enjoys her moment alone.

After a while Ariana drops down next to Kate, "Hey thinker, what's up?"

"Oh just enjoying the view. Did you find any shells?"

"Am I part of your view?" Ariana grins. "And, no, they're all broken or boring white."

"Hmm, that's no fun." Kate says disappointed. "You are the view, yes…" She admits after a few moments.

"I didn't know you like shells?" Ariana asks.

"Oh, not especially no, but some are really pretty."

Ariana nods in agreement. "You really like looking at me? I noticed you look at me a lot…" Ariana asks.

Kate looks at Ariana as she stares at the sea and quietly breathes, "You're spectacular to look at Ariana."

Ariana giggles and pokes Kate in her shoulder.

They look at the waves together for a while when Ariana starts, "Why do you like me?"

"Because you're funny and smart and cute." Kate responds after a second.

"I'm not smart," Ariana starts, "And I'm screwed up you know…" Ariana assures her.

"You haven't been screwed up for the last day or so, I think." Kate assures her.

Ariana rolls on her side, caressing Kate's arm, "But I am many other times. You don't mind?"

"We'll see, for now I just know that I want to be with you.."

"You know, I really do love you…" Ariana continues.

"I know babe," Kate says looking at the waves.

"But you don't love me, right?" Ariana pushes on, "I mean, not really, right?"

"Why do you say that?" Kate looks at Ariana.

"I don't know…" Ariana says with a small voice, "Just a feeling…" And in an accusatory tone she finishes, "Because you don't say it… I mean, I'm just your lesbian experiment for now."

Kate looks hurt at Ariana and says, "Don't think that please. I love you girl, but these things take time. Remember the shop? I couldn't contain myself. You're totally hot."

"No it doesn't take time!" Ariana argues. "And thinking someone is hot doesn't mean you love that person! If you love someone, that's instant."

"Yea? Like you immediately knew you loved me?" Kate smirks.

"But…" Ariana stammers, "But, I love you now."

"We've been having lunch for over 2 years and you never thought you'd love me before. And so it will take me some time to figure it out too." Kate says feeling a bit irritated at Ariana's childish behavior.

"That's not fair Kate! Why don't you know?" Ariana whines.

Kate looks away, looking at other beach goers while she thinks for a way to distract Ariana from this nonsense argument. She then says, "But I'm here right? With you. I can be anywhere in the world but I choose to be here with you… Come now, don't be so insecure please."

"But… But…" Ariana stutters. Not sure what to say next.

"Come here," Kate says, reaching out to Ariana, "Come closer, calm down sweetie."

She rolls on her stomach next to Ariana and grabs her hand while whispering in her ear, "Hey, I didn't think I might be a lesbian 3 days ago OK? And I'm sure neither did you."

Ariana nods.

"Well then, let's not rush things and just enjoy ourselves for now." Kate softly says, kissing Ariana on her shoulder.

Staring intently at Kate, Ariana dejectedly says, "Don't make me into your sex experiment OK? I need you for real, boss!"

Kate squeezes her hand tightly so that she squirms, "You're not an experiment. We, I… Just need to figure something out. And don't call me boss." She hushes her friend.

"But…" Ariana starts.

"No buts… I'm not your boss." Kate tries to move along.

"I feel like you're my boss though…" Ariana whispers.

"Why sweetie? Am I so bossy?"

"No, it's just… My first boyfriend wanted me to call him boss. I like it that way when I feel submissive to the person. It's like, automatic. I don't know…"

"You mean you're a submissive?" Kate inquires.

"Yes… I guess."

Kate thinks about that while they look at the ocean and finally says. "I thought you're more an introvert who's stressed out or something."

"No Kate, I need a boss." Ariana confides in her.

How would that work for you? Me being your boss and you being submissive?" Kate finally asks.

"I need you to love me first." Ariana says quietly, "Otherwise it won't work."

"What won't work?"

"I can't belong to someone who doesn't love me… It's pointless."

"I see, and can you believe that I'm in love right now?"

"Maybe…" Ariana whimpers, "What if you figure out it's not me. You're, eh, distant or something."

"Not you? I'm distant?" Kate asks, not understanding what Ariana is getting at.

"Nooo, it's the wrong word. I don't know how to say it." Ariana sounds frustrated, "You're just, eh.. Oh fuck it, forget it!"

Kate makes a noise. She doesn't know what Ariana means to say. "What do you mean to belong to someone?"

"Not really belong. But yes, I love to be someone's submissive and to be helpless."

"Oh… Like with your box?" Kate says flatly.

"Yes, but with the right person we don't need the timer lock… Or a box…"

"Ehh, OK?" Kate doesn't really get it. "Why not?"

"Because there is no need for a timer. Or even a box. You can control me, right?" Ariana explains.

"Oh…" Kate says, intrigued. "So it's a trust game too? What if I would keep you for a day?"

Ariana nods with a dreamy look in her eyes. "It will be great I think…"

Ariana pulls free from Kate and sits up kneeling with her back straight and her feet crossed under her behind.

Kate looks up at the young woman once again thinking she looks beautiful and wonders why she can't just fall in love with Ariana and make them both happy.

She reaches up to touch Ariana's arm. "What is it baby? Why are you so worried?"

Ariana looks down at Kate, "Nothing, I'm just being stupid…"

"It's OK to worry Ariana. Just try not to overdo it. OK?"

Ariana says nothing and stares at the horizon.

Kate looks at her friend, "Hey, wanna tell me something?"


"How do you know you love me?" Kate inquires, "How did you find out? How does that make you feel?"

"I just know…" Ariana looks down on Kate, who looks back up. "I feel that I need you and I want to be with you… I feel safe and happy. And I can trust you. I didn't feel like that for a very long time."

Kate looks amused at Ariana, "Thanks, and you know what? I feel pretty much the same way. Is that what love is to you? A need to be together?"

Ariana nods, "But very strongly… Not like how you want to really eat pizza sometimes, but really really wanting it. Like your whole being craves the person."

Kate thinks that was a weird comparison, but she thinks she understands what Ariana means. A wanton need, bordering obsessive? Maybe that's a bit much, but that would be romantic. She smiles at the thought.

"Let's cool off in the water," Kate suggests after a few moments and gets up pulling Ariana to her feet. "Come…"

Ariana lets Kate pull her to the water.

"Come, come…" Kate invites her friend into the water with a laugh.

They run into the water splattering water everywhere until they're waist deep. Kate positions herself in front of Ariana and drapes her arms over her shoulders, looking down into Ariana's eyes.

Ariana thinks she knows what Kate wants and raises up to her toes for the kiss just as Kate bends down and their foreheads bump into each other. Ariana yelps, "Ow!"

Kate caught off-guard steps back into something of a hole in the sandy sea floor and stumbles pulling Ariana along with her.

They both scream in surprise and go underwater. Kate struggles to get up on her knees, she sees her opportunity and pulls Ariana close and holds her close with her hands wrapped around her waist. She kisses Ariana. First on her neck, then her cheek before finally finding her mouth.

Unprepared Ariana needs a second to realize what's happening before draping her arms around Kate's shoulders and responding to her girlfriend's kiss.

With only their heads and shoulders sticking up from the water a wave rolls in and they fall over again.

As they come up spluttering for air and rubbing their eyes Ariana laughs at their ruined moment.

Kate grimaces and says nothing but lifts Ariana up with one arm behind her back and the other under her knees. She carries her friend to shallower water, putting Ariana down in ankle deep water where they sit down facing each other.

"Ohhh," Ariana moans, feeling Kate's fingers on her vagina, "Please, do my butt" She mutters.


"In my butt" Ariana gasps. Scooting closer, so Kate can reach around.

Kate hesitates but slides her hand around her waist stroking her friends behind.

"Look sweetie," Kate whispers, "You drive me nuts! And I love it! I love you!" And she rapidly places kisses all over Ariana's neck while she tries to slip her hand in Ariana's swimsuit so she can try and finger Ariana's butt. Having never done such a thing before, she manages to slip in the tip of her finger and leaves it there just slighting poking inside.

Ariana holds on to Kate for dear life, her arms wrapped around Kate over her shoulder and the other below the arm on the opposite side. She wraps her legs around Kate as she scoots so close their nipples rub together. She feels happy with Kate's clumsy attempt to prove her love for her. She's had fingers up her butt many times before, but only once from someone else. And now Kate does it. It's one of the most exciting sensations she's felt in a long long time.

"More, deeper!" she demands under her breath.

They fidget around for a while and Kate tries to accommodate Ariana with her finger in Ariana's ass. But she can't really reach and feels dirty doing it. But she really wants to prove to Ariana that she needs not to worry about their fledgling relationship.

After a while they calm down a bit and Ariana smiles at Kate as they sit glued together with the ocean sloshing around their hips.

"You're in love," Ariana assures Kate, "I can feel it now. Give in to it, girlfriend!"

Kate leers at Ariana, "How do you feel that?"

"This is the 2nd time today you come on to me in public, boss…" She whimpers.

Kate growls, "I'm not your boss."

"You should be… Please?"

Kate ignores Ariana's last comment for now and after a while they get up and wander back to their towels.

"Is what we do too much Ariana?"

"No, but you're being rough and sometimes it hurts, like in the shop."

"Sorry, I don't want to hurt you," Kate says feeling slightly guilty.

"It's fine. I don't mind." Ariana lies.

In reality she doesn't like pain at all.

Ariana gathers their towels and things and they head back to their hotel room.

Kate wants to hold Ariana's hand. But Ariana walks faster than her and she can't really catch up.

"Hey wait up…"

Ariana looks over her shoulder, "Catch me!" And she walks a bit quicker.

Kate doesn't feel like rushing, but still hurries after Ariana, playing along trying to catch up with her. She finally manages to catch Ariana just before they reach their room.

"Oh no, you caught me." Ariana giggles like a little girl. "Whatever will you do now?"

Kate finally realizes Ariana is playing a bit of a game and laughs, "I'll leave that up to you…"

Ariana giggles again as Kate opens the door and pushes her inside. The door smacks closed behind them and Ariana grabs Kate by the arm and pulls her to the bathroom knowing exactly what she's going to do. Kate follows her into the shower.

"Here Kate, just stand here. Don't move." Ariana pushes Kate under the water and turns her to face the glass pane of the shower cabin.

"What? Why?" She says reaching to touch Ariana behind her, but her hand is slapped away.

"Not yet, just wait!" Ariana insists.

Kate looks through the glass divider into the mirror and sees Ariana behind her and pressing up against her.

Ariana slips a finger in Kate's mouth and she sucks on it.

After a few seconds Ariana pulls her finger away and a moment later she feels Ariana's hand on her butt.

"Do you want to feel something awesome?" Ariana whispers in Kate's ear.

"Ehh, I'm feeling you…" Kate squirms against the glass panel.

"Yes but something else?" Ariana seductively asks.

Kate suspects what Ariana is up to and is unsure if she wants that kind of attention. "Ehh…" Then she feels Ariana push her finger against her anus and she shrieks. "Ow, no, that's weird."

"You don't like it?" Ariana pouts.

"I, I don't… know…" Kate gasps, straining her voice, feeling Ariana's finger push a bit more firm.

"Just relax, you'll like it when you get into it I'm sure," Ariana assures her with a girly voice.

"I don't know about this, " Kate grimaces, "Please be gentle."

Ariana smirks, says nothing and slowly pushes her finger inside Kate's butt. Wiggling it around slightly.

"Ooohhmmmnooo" Kate gasps. Tensing up.

"You like it?" Ariana asks excitedly, slowly moving her finger in and out.

Kate has no response but relaxes slightly in Ariana's gentle embrace and they stumble a bit. She's not sure what to think of all this. She likes Ariana's attention. But having something slide in and out of her butt is beyond weird.

Ariana picks up her pace a bit, enjoying seeing Kate squirm and gasp, thinking she's getting into it.

"Please Ariana, no more. It's weird." Kate gasps while trying to regain her composure and tries to push Ariana's hand away from her butt.

"No Kate, you have to experience this. It's the best feeling." Ariana says with a soothing voice.

"I don't think… Sooooohhh" Kate moans as Ariana forces a 2nd finger in.

Kate grasps behind her at Ariana's arm to make her stop but Ariana avoids it and keeps pumping her fingers into Kate's behind. "Ariana Stop, I don't like iiiihiit" Her voice rising in pitch as Ariana pushes in deep before pulling her fingers out finishing with a kiss on Kate's butt cheek.

Kate turns around and looks at Ariana distressed. "I told you to stop! Please, no more!" and steps out of the shower.

Kate quickly dries off and flees from the bathroom to the balcony leaving Ariana behind without another word.

Ariana looks disappointed and quietly showers the remaining sand of her body, washes her hair with a lot of bubbles before drying herself off. She peeks into the room and sees Kate on the balcony with her legs pulled up and her arms wrapped around her knees, she's staring at the horizon.

What now? Ariana thinks. She quietly walks to the balcony door. "Kate?"

No response.

"Hey, Kate?"

Kate sighs, but doesn't respond.

Ariana walks up to Kate and sits behind her on the sun bed, "Kate, please, talk to me?"

"That wasn't nice." Kate says with a strained voice.

"Please," Ariana pleads, "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"I know. It's just not for me." Kate admits.

Ariana leans forward and drapes her arms over Kate's shoulders, leaning her head next to Kate's, "I thought you would like it. I'm so sorry."

Kate leans her head against Ariana's and motions for Ariana to get up, "Come, let's lie down. I want to lie down."

"Can I join?" Ariana asks demurely?

"It's not a lie down if you're not there," Kate forces a smile at Ariana.

Ariana runs to the bed, jumping on it, ready to receive Kate. They lie down together, Ariana holds Kate in her arms, she is very quiet.

"Hey, you OK?" Ariana asks after a few minutes.

"Yea I'm fine. Don't worry about it."

"What's up then…?" Ariana asks. "I mean, it's only a quick finger. Why are you so quiet?"

"I'm not. I just wanted to like it for you but I can't."

"Oh Kate, don't be silly." Ariana snuggles up closer. "We don't have to 100% match everything we do."

"Yea I guess so." Kate quietly says. "But it would be more fun right? To like all the same things?"

5 - Last night at the hotel

Kate and Ariana spend their remaining day and night at the hotel, mostly at the pool and in their room, talking, exploring their sexuality and getting to know each other better as they've been doing over the past few days.

During the day Kate thinks about their time together and decides she must be in love as she has many of the same feelings and emotions as she did with her previous boyfriends. But she's just too stupid to admit to it when it's with a woman.

That afternoon she tells Ariana of her discovery and carefully chooses her words. She is surprised by how excited Ariana responds. Certainly no boyfriend of her ever appreciated her declaration of love in this way she thought.

Ariana wants to celebrate in the hotel bar with wine. To which Kate can't refuse. They drink away the night before ending up in bed together Ariana drunkenly teasing Kate she can even tie her up and keep her forever.

Kate, having a bit too much to drink as well, indulges her now girlfriend and ties her with the bathrobe belts again.

Only this time she lies Ariana down on her back and pulls her left ankle up and ties her left wrist to it. She does the same with her right side.

Ariana giggles at this exposed and slightly uncomfortable position.

Kate is all over her and sucks on her nipples, rubbing them. She kisses Ariana's neck and lips. And finally fingers and licks Ariana to a thundering orgasm before slumping over the girl falling asleep breathing heavily.

Ariana lies there, still tied, spent and unable to move because Kate is lying on her lower half. She feels worn out and tired but she feels her legs cramp up a little too. She struggles onto her side feeling Kate slide off her looking goofy with her mouth open.

Ariana is now lying on her side in a loose hogtie. Not really an improvement, she thinks. The alcohol starts to wear off and she becomes more aware of her predicament. Bucking her hips to pull her wrists free. This of-course doesn't work. After some struggling she then tries to reach the knot on her right ankle with her left hand but only manages to make it tighter.

Bucking her hips again she struggles onto her stomach but that puts strain on her shoulders as her legs now pull her arms backwards.

Ariana sighs… "What the fuck," she mutters. On the one hand she enjoys being helpless without the option to release herself. But without Kate to watch over her she feels she needs to get out. She struggles again, accidentally kicking Kate in the head with her knee.

"Ow! Watch it babe." Kate mumbles.

"Kate! Kate, quick, let me out!" Ariana hushes.

"Wha…Huh?" Kate yawns.

"Kate, please…"

Kate wakes up and looks at her girl struggling. "What are you doing Ariana?"

"Help, I'm stuck, I can't get loose." Ariana says flustered.

Kate smiles, she had forgotten to release Ariana again. "Maybe I'll keep you, miss. Maybe I’ll make you my little submissive." She teases Ariana.

"No Kate, I'll do anything, please. But let me out, it hurts."

"Anything huh?" Kate smirks.

"Yes, please, I'll do anything. Let me out please." Ariana desperately begs, still struggling.

Kate feels a rush of power come over her. Should she make Ariana submit to her? She didn't think it would be all that hard. But she doesn't feel like a dominant really. Snapping back out of her thoughts she finally unties Ariana's wrists.

Ariana mumbles a thanks and rubs her wrists and shoulders.

Kate asks her if she wants to sleep tied up again?

"Another time maybe." Ariana quietly says.

"But you liked it earlier?" Kate asks.


"Being helpless?" Kate continues.

"Sure. Sometimes." Ariana tries to be casual, but her eyes give a different answer.

Ariana senses Kate might be up to something but doesn't say anything, instead she snuggles up against Kate wishing her goodnight. Anything Kate wants is fine with her as long as it doesn't hurt.

Kate pinches Ariana's nose and wishes her lover a good night too.

6 - Past events catching up

The next day they have an early flight home, which went mostly uneventful. Ariana decides she should wear her new dress and feeling naughty she didn't wear a bra under it. Only to regret that decision as soon as the plane took off because the air-conditioner felt very cold. Ariana's nipples are clearly visible through the dress and when she rubs herself up to Kate for warmth, Kate tries to scoot away thinking Ariana is teasing her with the dress trying to embarrass her.

Finally arriving back in Canada, Kate drives Ariana home and notices her friend dawdling more and more the closer they get to saying their goodbyes. Sitting in the car Ariana turns to Kate.

"Hey Kate?" Ariana starts, "Thanks for the vacation. It was really nice of you."

Kate smiles. "No problem sweetie. I needed a break almost as much as you did, this was the perfect moment for it, huh?"

Ariana nods and blurts out, "Wanna move in with me?" She looks at Kate with the cutest face she can manage.

Kate stares at her big expecting eyes in shock. "Already?"

Ariana nods eagerly.

Looking down at the steering wheel Kate thinks for a second. "Ariana, I… uh, I can't."

"Please please? I won't make trouble, I promise. And I don't want to be alone anymore." Ariana promises with a timid voice.

"I mean, it's too sudden. I need to think about it." Kate weakly refuses.

Ariana falls quiet and with a short disappointed "I see…" she abruptly leaves the car slapping the door closed without another word. Quickly running into the building before Kate could even call out after her.

Ariana doesn't want Kate to see her tears.

Geez, now this… Kate thinks, sighing deeply. She finds a parking spot across the street and walks to Ariana's apartment building. Knocking on her door there is no answer.

Kate knocks again and then remembers she still has Ariana's key in her car so she runs back to the car to get it and lets herself in. Inside she hears the shower running and cautiously peeks around the bathroom door with one eye. Ariana sits on the shower floor with her arms wrapped around her knees staring at her wiggling toes. Kate can hear her sob quietly over the rushing water.

Coming home Ariana feels relieved and saddened. Relieved to be back in her own trusty little world. Her own trusty bed, trusty house with familiar smells and things. But saddened because her time with Kate is over. And even more so because Kate didn't want to move in with her.

What if she doesn't love her after all, she thinks. I'm just a sex experiment after-all… She can't stop thinking about being Kate's lesbian experiment while sniffling and crying softly to herself.

Kate sees Ariana and immediately feels guilty at her hesitation… But she was of-course completely caught off-guard by her silly girlfriend. She feels sorry for the girl. Clearly still not right in the head and head over heels in love with her. Kate mulls over her thoughts while standing in Ariana's hallway.

Quietly leaving the apartment, Kate enters her car caught in her thoughts and sits there thinking she should move in with Ariana. Why not? She argues with herself. She loves the girl a lot.

It'll be fun… She promises herself. And what of Ariana being submissive, maybe they can explore that and bond over that? She finds the whole submission concept very interesting.

Making up her mind Kate realizes she wants to spend all her time with Ariana, if for no other reason than to not be alone in the evenings. Oh, how selfish of me, she thinks.

After a few minutes Kate turns on the engine and heads home. Some time on their own will do them both good. But first, herself, geez. She's freaking tired and hungry. She'll talk to Ariana in the morning and find out if she's serious about living together.

Ariana sees Kate drive away from her window, dripping from the shower. She was sure she heard a knock on her door and then felt someone was in her apartment. Why didn't Kate talk to her? Barely a new lock and already people are walking in and out without telling her. Still dripping wet she sits on her couch rehashing their time together and finally she convinces herself she lost Kate because she rushed to ask her to move in.

Her own dumb fault.

Kate arrives home and does the practical 'getting-back-home-from-vacation' things. Starting the laundry, checking email, plugging in the WiFi, wiping her kitchen top…

She soon settles into her home already missing the luxurious hotel room they had stayed in. Ariana is constantly on her mind and she too feels lonely. After looking over some of the photos she took of them she decided she needed to talk to Ariana first thing in the morning.

Leave her be for the night, she'll be fine. Some alone time will be good for us. Kate convinces herself once again. She sends a short message to Ariana wishing her good night. But she gets no response.

Ariana meanwhile wasn't all that fine. She felt very depressed and slept poorly that night thinking about her great loss.

The next morning Kate rushes to get ready, she drinks the last milk before it expires, gets dressed for work and rushes out the door. She wants to talk to Ariana before going to the office.

She sends a message to Ariana that she'll be there in a few minutes and hurries to Ariana's apartment.

Walking into the hallway of Ariana's building she sees a man walk ahead of her and stop at Ariana's door.

Stopping a few meters away from him she says "Hello, looking for something?"

Startled, the man turns around and looks Kate up and down.

Then he points at Ariana's apartment, "I'm here to get my friend."

"I didn't know Ariana had male friends." Kate replies cautiously.

"Oh really?" the man replies. "Well, I'm John, Ariana and I go way back. And you are?"

"Reeeeally…" Kate says, trying to remember where that name belonged.

"Yea, like way back." John repeats. "You're here for Ariana too? Are you a friend?"

"Yes, she's mine, eh, my girlfriend." Kate blurts out.


Then Kate remembers, "You're that fuckhead that kept her against her will in her box!" She states boldly.

"Ehh, what?" John hesitates, "Not against her will… Not really anyway."

"That's not what she told me." Kate boils with anger, "Get the fuck away and leave her alone or I'll call the police."

"That's not for you to s…"

Smack Kate hits John with her purse. "GET! OUT!"

Ariana had heard the racket in the hallway and opened her door to check out what's going on, just in time to see a flash of something and hear a man yelp in pain.

Kate sees the door open and calls out, "Get back inside Ariana, quick! He's here!" And swings at John again.

Ariana sees Kate attack John and can't believe her eyes. She freezes. John meanwhile dodges Kate's attack and steps towards the door.

"I'm warning you mister, get closer to that door and I'll kill you!" Kate says menacingly.

"Try me…" He shrugs off Kate and tries to enter Ariana's apartment. "Hey bab…"

smack John yelps as Kate hits him again with her purse. John stumbles backwards.

Ariana finally realizes she's in danger and steps back. Her eyes wide, she looks scared. "No, no… Not you." She stutters looking at John.

Kate sees this as a confirmation she's doing the right thing and steps past John through Ariana's door pushing Ariana inside and slamming the door shut.

John tries to stop the door from closing but is a millisecond too late and boinks into the closed door with a loud bang.

"Quick," Kate urges, "Call 911."

"But, what… What's going on?" Ariana stands near the front door, "What's happening?" She is lost, unable to deal with the situation.

Kate steers her friend to the kitchen. "I'll explain it later, sit there. I'll keep you safe girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" Ariana repeats Kate.

"Yes! Where is your landline?" Kate demands.

"Ehh, girlfriend?" Ariana says again and looks at the phone on the counter.

Kate follows where she's looking and spots the phone grabbing it.

"Please Ariana go take a seat." And she wraps her arm around Ariana's shoulders guiding her to a seat while dialing 911.

"Hello 911, what's your emergency?"

"Yes, hello!? I'm here at my girlfriend's apartment and there is a man outside trying to force his way in." Kate yells.

"Is he threatening you?"

"Yes, hurry up! I had to hit him to keep him from entering the door, please hurry!" Kate calls out.

After a few moments the operator calls out Ariana's address to confirm the location.

Kate exclaims "Yes that's the place. Please hurry, send everyone!"

"Police are on the way ma'am, please stay on the line."

But Kate doesn't listen, she hangs up and sneaks up to the door and peeps through the little peephole to see John stomp around the corridor. Slapping the walls looking upset.

"Stupid asshole!" Kate mumbles.

She returns to the kitchen but Ariana isn't there.

"Ariana? Where are you?" Kate calls out.

"Here…" She hears from behind the living room couch seeing Ariana poke her head above it.

"Hey, are you OK?" Kate plops down on the couch near Ariana's head.

"What's happening? Why are you here? And John?" Ariana asks.

"Is that the fucker who put you in your box?"

"Yes, but…"

"Then I'm here to save you." She interrupts Ariana.

Ariana looks at Kate with glistening eyes, "From him?"

"Yes!" She reaches up and strokes Ariana's cheek. "Can you forgive me for last night?" She asks.

Sirens, more sirens, police arrive, yelling and stumbling noises from the hallway, a shriek and then a knock at the door.

"Who's there?" Kate yells.

"Police ma'am open up!"

"How do I know?" Kate yells again.

"Look through the peephole ma'am, are you OK in there?"

Kate looks through the peephole to see 2 police officers in the hallway.

She cautiously opens the door and sees John being hauled away by 2 more policemen. "Did you get him?" Asking the obvious, while looking around.

"We arrested one man identified as John."

"Then we're fine."

"Are you the girlfriend ma'am?

"Yes!" Kate replies. Opening the door further.

"Did he hurt you?"

"What? No, wait, he's after my girlfriend. Not me." Kate clarifies.

"Right, so you're the caller? Can we speak to the victim?"

"Yes of-course, she's in the living room. She's confused and scared. Be gentle." Kate opens the door fully and motions the cops inside.

"Ariana? The cops are here, they kicked John's ass." She calls out, walking back to the living room. "Ariana? Where are you?" Kate looks for her girlfriend but doesn't see her.

"Wait here please," She says to the cops, gesturing to the kitchen chairs.

Kate rushes into the bedroom to see Ariana sit on the bed fumbling with a shirt. "What are you doing sweetie?"

"I just put on a nicer shirt."

"OK, come, the cops need a word. Tell them everything, OK?"

"Everything?" Ariana hesitates.

"Well, about what John did, before and today."

"Yes but it's my box… I shouldn't." Ariana whispers.

"Uhh…" Kate stands there. "Yea, I didn't think of that. Fuck!"

"I'll tell them…" Ariana says softly.

"OK girl, just summarize it maybe. Just bullet points." Kate advises.

They walk out to meet the now 4 police officers standing there looking around.

"Are you the victim ma'am?" One of them asks, looking at Ariana.

"Eh, yes… I guess."

The policeman looks at Kate, "Please wait in the living room." He motions for Ariana to get back to the bedroom and follows her closing the door.

"How are you doing?" He asks much friendlier than before.

"I, uh, I'm fine."

"OK, what's your name please?"

"Ariana Inoue"

"How do you spell that?"

"I-N-O-U-E" Ariana spells it out.

"That's a nice name. Japanese right? And her? Who's she?" The policeman motions to the door.

"Thanks, it's from my parents. Kate is my friend." Not realizing how silly her answer is.

The cop continues "Is she living here? What's her last name?"

"No, she's not. I'm not sure why she's here. It's Kate Birch."

"Right, but she's your friend? Or girlfriend? Or what is she?"

"I'm not sure, she, eh, I…but I love her very much." Ariana smiles unconvincingly.

The cop frowns. "She did not threaten you or make you tell us things?"

"No… She's my friend." Ariana says again.

"Right. That'll do for now. Let's head to the living room." The cop follows Ariana out the door and frowns to his partner who nods and motions to Kate, "You! Please head into the bedroom and wait for my partner."

The 1st policeman meanwhile motions for Ariana to take a seat and asks again, looking serious "Are you under duress now?"

Ariana shakes her head.

The policeman motions his partner to watch Ariana and goes back into the bedroom to talk to Kate.

"What's your name miss?"

"I'm Kate."

"Kate Birch?" He asks.

"Yes, what's going on? Why the questions? Doesn't Ariana need to give her statement?"

"John says you're with him. Is that true?"

Kate explodes, "That fucking bastard, I barely know who he is! Why would he say that?"

"Hey, Calm down! So you know him then?" The cop realizes John probably lied.

"No, not like that. Ariana knows him I think. Ask her, she told me about what he did and today I found him in the hallway looking to bother her again."

"What did he do to her?" The policeman asks.

"Eh…" Kate hesitates, "She has a box, he put her in it against her will so he could claim her. That's what she told me."

"A kidnap huh…" The cop looks even more serious now.

"Something like that. Yes," Kate says, "Please don't mention the box too much. She really likes it and he caught her at the wrong moment. I'd hate for her to be put off of her thing if you guys make it awkward for her."

The cop looks at her with a frown. "You care for her?"

"Yes! Very much." Kate admits sincerely.

"Wait here." He says, and steps out of the bedroom.

"Be careful…" Kate calls out after him.

"What's this about a box?" The policeman asks Ariana, "Were you locked inside a box against your will?"

The 3 other officers perk up at hearing this. This was getting interesting.

Ariana looks shyly around and nods.

"By her?" The primary policeman points at the bedroom.

Ariana shakes her head, "By John…" She says.

"The same John we arrested just now?"

Ariana nods.

"Does she know John?"

"No, before today I don't think she ever saw him."

"How do you know John?"

"I don't know him but he's a boyfriend from Amy. We no longer talk."

"Right." The cop relaxes, his suspicions taken away.

"Ms Birch, please come join us." He calls for Kate.

Kate comes out of the bedroom and sees the 3 policemen loiter around looking semi-bored. One points to the living room, "Over there miss." Kate joins Ariana on the couch and Ariana grabs Kate's hand holding it tight.

The cop takes this as a good sign and takes a seat on Ariana's box, not realizing what he's sitting on.

"Tell me everything."

Ariana tells how John came into her apartment and had locked her in the box he's sitting on for a while and wanted to have her for himself. She then tells how Kate is trying to help her and today found John at her door.

She also implores that she doesn't want to go to court or anything to talk about her ordeal. She just wants to be left alone and be with Kate.

Kate is glad to hear Ariana wants to be with her.

"Right." The policeman writes everything down, Ariana reads her statement carefully and signs it. The cop looks sternly at the two. "I know this may sound cliche, but you two should really be more careful. Don't share house keys with people you don't know or trust"

They nod in unison.

The policeman then continues, "We'll deal with this John guy, his girlfriend also filed a complaint recently. These charges won't look too good for him. We'll be in touch. Will you be OK? Do you need professional help? Someone to talk to?

Ariana looks at her friend, "No, Kate's here." She rests her head on Kate's shoulder.

The cop looks a bit awkward at this display of affection wondering how someone can be 24 and be so immature or simple minded or whatever but writes it off as stress overload. "You're lucky to have each other. And be careful." He remarks. "Here take my card please." Urging Ariana to call if she needs anything or thinks of other details that may help the case. He then motions to Kate to follow him to the door.

The other 3 officers say goodbye and wish Ariana the best before walking out into the hallway and Kate and the 1st officer stand at the door. He quietly asks "Will she be fine? She seems uh, well, screwed up."

"Would you be fine after going through all that?" Kate is irritated at his choice of words. "But yes, I'll keep an eye on her and make sure she'll be fine."

"Right." The officer says and turns to leave. "Also for you, call me if you need anything. She seems like a nice girl. These kinds of ordeals can really mess someone up so take extra good care of her."

"I will, officer. Thanks for all your help."

The 4 policemen leave.

Unknown to the two women, downstairs no less than 6 police cars leave the scene. Leaving people wondering what the hell happened in the building they charged into.

Kate quickly locks the door and heads back to Ariana who looks at Kate. "So it's over?"

"Yes, John is done for it seems." Kate assures her.

Ariana looks relieved. "And us?"

"Oh we're not done sweetie," Kate promises, "If you'll have me, that is."

"I hate my life!" Ariana cries softly.

Kate sits down next to Ariana and wraps her arm around her shoulders, "Hey now. A minute ago you said you'd be fine."

"But will I?" Ariana starts rambling. "I heard you yesterday. You were here and then left without even saying anything. And now this, people keep bothering me. Bad people. And you don't want to live here. And what am I gonna do alohoone?" Ariana cries.

"I… ehh. Sorry…" Kate didn't consider that Ariana would discover her, "Hey, calm down. Why didn't you say anything last night? I would have stayed."

Ariana says nothing and wipes her tears away.

"Ariana, sweetheart, please. Look, I felt really bad leaving you last night. That's why I came back today before work. I wanted to see you, to talk to you."

"Just before work huh, to leave me again…" Ariana weeps.

"Yes sweetie, I have to work. And perhaps you should too. Not today, but soon. Remember? You have a job too."

Gosh she's immature when she's like this. Kate worries with a frown. Kate looks at the time, way too late to show up fashionably late for work… But that doesn't really bother her for some reason. She strokes Ariana's cheek.

"Babe," she says sternly, "Hey… Look at me."

Ariana looks at Kate, "Wha…mmmh."

Kate clumsily kisses Ariana on her lips. Pulling Ariana close with a hand on the back of her neck. Ariana responds as strongly as before, kissing back with great intensity and they kiss passionately for a few moments and she feels Ariana relax, lighten up.

She'll try her idea, Kate thinks. Not wanting to think about the complexities of it.

7 - Living arrangements

Breaking off the kiss Kate sees Ariana looking at her with big uncertain eyes. "I love you dummy…" Kate says, "Can you forgive your stupid girlfriend?"

Ariana nods.

"Well then. Are you up for a small adventure?" Kate asks, hoping for a yes.

Ariana wants to know, "What kind of adventure?"

"Oh nothing really, just something I want to show you. But if you're not up for it I guess you can stay here."

Ariana her hands shoot out and she clings to Kate's arm. "No, I'll come!" Desperate to not be home alone.

Kate laughs, "Well, if you insist. Go get your shoes and we'll leave in a minute. It won't take too long I promise."

Ariana looks for her sneakers and Kate sighs quietly. Hoping she's making the right decision.

"Hey Ariana? If you want to make it more exciting, bring a scarf or something so I can blindfold you."

"That's OK, I'll close my eyes" her reply sounds.

Ariana feels energized, her Kate is back and they're going on an adventure again. She feels more at ease. But what the hell kind of adventure is she cooking up now. She just has to follow her 'boss' to find out.

"Ready!" Ariana calls out walking up to Kate, "Where are we going?"

Kate looks at Ariana with envy. Not a care in the world for looking professional. Dressed in a knee length skirt and a cute thin top. Just like she often wears at the office. Defying the company policy requiring more professional attire. A stark contrast to herself, in her semi-professional looking pants and shirt wearing low heels. She once again wishes she could be more like Ariana.

"Come babe, we'll take the car." Kate grabs Ariana's hand and they walk to her car that's parked a block away.

Getting in, Ariana sees Kate getting very nervous and wonders where she's taking her and she hopes it'll be fun.

Kate realizes Ariana doesn't have a clue where she lives. So her blindfold idea is not really necessary. Funny how I have a house key and she doesn't even know where I live. Why didn't we ever talk about my flat? Kate ponders.

"Ready?" Kate nervously asks, a huge knot forming in her stomach.

Ariana nods, looking at Kate and leans in to rest her head against her arm, "I'll follow you anywhere…"

"Hah, we'll see about that." Kate laughs.

Kate quickly drives the 20 minutes to her flat with a huge knot in her stomach from her nerves. Ariana sits quietly looking out the window seeing the city pass by.

Finally they pull into a quiet street and park in a parking garage under a boring looking tower building.

Ariana has no idea where she is, some part of the city she never goes to.

"Come follow me!" Kate lures her friend up some stairs while trying to look strong and confident.

"Where are we?" Ariana asks, "Do you live here?"

"You'll see," Kate says as she leads Ariana into a marble tiled lobby and presses the elevator button. It arrives with a clunking sound and they step inside. "12th floor if you please." She motions to the control board.

Ariana presses the button for the 12th floor and up they go.

As the elevator slows down she tells Ariana with an unsteady voice to close her eyes and follow her lead. "I'm going to show you 3 things." Kate tells her, "And then you can give your thoughts after. OK?"

"Don't be so nervous Kate, it's making me nervous." Ariana says with a scared voice. She then squeezes her eyes shut and lets Kate lead her around through a few doors and into a room with a big bed in it

"Stop!" Kate positions her friend and says "Open your eyes please, but don't look behind you."

Ariana looks out of a window overlooking the city.

"Saw it?" Kate asks.

"Saw what?"

"The view of-course."

"Oh… Yes. It's nice."

"OK, close your eyes again"

Ariana squeezes her eyes shut and is being led to another spot in the building.


Ariana opens her eyes and sees a neat living room with a sofa and a huge TV. There is a balcony on the side as well. She thinks Kate's flat is much nicer than her apartment, envying her choice of furniture and decorations.

"Now close your eyes again."

Ariana is led to a different room.

"Last one, count to 5 before opening your eyes. Have a look around and meet me in the living room when you're done."

Kate lets go of Ariana's hand and softly closes the door behind her as she goes to wait in the living room.

Ariana opens her eyes and looks around. She's in a medium sized room. A window overlooks the city again but in a different direction. She can see the city center in the distance. Her apartment is there somewhere.

She looks behind her and sees the room mostly empty. Not sure what to make of it she opens the door into a basic but stylish hallway. Looking to the right she sees an open door with a bathroom behind it. To the left is what appears to be the living room. She heads that way.

On the couch she saw earlier Kate waits for her, looking intensely at the hallway. Kate jumps up when she sees Ariana, with a smile on her face she asks, "And? What do you think?"

"It's beautiful, I like it." Ariana compliments what she assumes is Kate's flat. "Why did you put me in the last room?"

"OK, hear me out…" Kate starts, "What if I told you that could be your room. For whatever you want to do."

"Ehh…" Ariana looks confused, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I have this bedroom with a big bed in it… So you can just sleep there."

Ariana blinks. "I can? OK… Yes?"

"And I happen to know you have a job that you hate…"

"I do…" Ariana sounds cautious now.

"Surely there is something you can do other than sit in that stupid cubicle all day and do something you actually like?" Kate wonders.


"Come on silly, don't you get it? I'm asking you for real…" Kate says with a nervous laugh.

Ariana's eyes light up, "Are you…? Do you…? Can I…? Ehh… You mean I can live… Here? With you?" She can't really come up with the right words.

Kate just nods laughing at her friend's transformation in front of her.

Ariana snaps out of her uncertain mood. Gone is the worn, tired look. Gone is the unease in her eyes. Ariana jumps around Kate's shoulders. "You're serious?" She screams "Really, like really really?"

"Really really, babe. Come join me in this otherwise boring flat. It needs brightening up." Kate whispers in her ear.

"It's not boring, I like it." Ariana says before letting go of Kate and running away to explore.

Ariana heads to where she remembers the bedroom is. She looks inside and exclaims "Whoa!" And jumps on the king size bed. Landing flat on the mattress sinking deep into sheets. She clambers off the bed and runs the other way into the kitchen. Admiring the big stove, the view, and heads into the next room which is the bathroom. "Oh my, you have a rain shower! Just like the hotel!" She yells. She runs her hand along the edge of the bathroom sink before briskly walking into the spare room. "You know what?"

"What?" Kate slowly follows Ariana around.

"I can do work from here! Right?" Ariana shouts.

"You sure can!" Kate calls out, smiling to herself. Yep, she made the right choice.

Kate catches up with her as Ariana grabs her hand. "I need to show you something about your house." She says urgently.

"Our house…" Kate corrects her, wondering what that could be and follows Ariana as she is pulled into the Kitchen.

Ariana puts her arm around Kate's waist as they stand before the window overlooking the city. "Look," she says, "Isn't it pretty?"

Kate looks puzzled and nods. "Uh-huh." But all she sees is the city view.

"Look closer," Ariana says, "Forget the view. What do you see?"

"What do you see?" Kate whispers in her ear wondering what Ariana is talking about.

"Us…" Ariana whispers under her breath.

"It's us!" Kate whispers back, seeing their reflection now, "Aren't we pretty together?"

Ariana nods and leans her head against Kate, her shoulder taking in the view.

After a few moments Kate turns to face Ariana looking serious, "Come live with me Ariana. Here, in this place where nobody can bother you. We're 12 floors up. Nobody in the world can reach you here unless you allow it."

"12 floors" Ariana whispers in awe. Then laughs, "Yes! Yes, I want to live with you!" Ariana is amazed at Kate's offer. Her life looks so much better now, not at all like last night.

Kate continues, "Bring whatever things you need from your place and we'll make this flat our love nest. No bad stuff. Just us…"

Ariana looks at Kate, "I had you all wrong," She apologizes, "I need to sit down. It's too much."

Kate supports the young woman and guides her to the living room. They sit down on the soft couch.

"Mmm this is so nice" Ariana lets herself fall down on it. Stroking the fabric.

Her eyes fly open, Ariana sits for a minute, seemingly taking in the room she's in absorbing it you will. Kate looks at her amused wondering what she's doing. Meditating?

"Kate!" She hushes, "This is perfect. So fucking perfect, much nicer than my place."

She looks at Kate, "Is that why you didn't want to move in with me? Because your place is nicer than mine?"

"Weeeell, your apartment is pretty nice too." Kate assures Ariana.

"Nooooo…" Ariana says under her breath. "Here is better, the energy here is much more positive than in my apartment. Don't you feel it?"

"Ehh, OK. So good juju?" Kate says not really knowing what she means with positive energies. Something spiritual she assumes.

"Excellent juju." Ariana murmurs.

Sitting up, Ariana asks, "So what now boss?"

"You're going to insist on calling me boss? My dear underling!" Kate laughs.

"What's an underling?"

"Someone kinda like a servant to his or her boss…" Kate giggles.

"I can be your servant if you want," Ariana says quietly.

"Hah, so you really are submissive then? You're giving in?" Kate wonders casually.

Ariana looks at the ceiling thinking for a few moments. "For my lover I can be anything…"

"Hmm, we'll talk about that later Ariana. I really really need to get to work now. Or I'll get fired…" Kate says, "Do you want to stay here? Or Shall I bring you to your apartment?"

"Can I stay here? I'll be no trouble…"

"Of-course you can, silly. You live here now, remember? We'll celebrate and make it official very soon."

"Oh right…" Ariana dumbly replies. Realization setting in. "It's really happening huh?"

"Only if you want it to, sweetie, but don't back out now please." Kate says with a wink. "You're not the only lonely girl here…"

Kate then asks, "Got a message for our boss? I assume you're still 'sick'? She airquotes the word sick. "I need to talk to him anyway so I can deliver any message." She continues.

"He's not my boss. I'm not going back to work." Ariana says flatly.

Kate freezes, "Eh, you're quitting your job? When did you decide that?" Kate asks cautiously.

"I'll figure it out." Ariana says. "I hate that place. Will you help me?"

Kate says she'll cover for her for now.

"Just stay here and explore the house and relax." Kate gives Ariana a spare key and urges her to always lock the door even if they're 'safely' on the 12th floor and she kisses her goodbye.

"What time will you be back?" Ariana asks.

"Uhm, maybe around 6PM." Kate guesstimates. "I'll bring dinner."

"OK boss!" Ariana said cheerfully.

8 - Out of a job

Kate rushes downstairs and races to the office in her car. Arriving at the parking lot of her office she ruffles her hair a little and redoes her shirt buttons so that they mismatch to make it appear she overslept and made a clumsy effort to make up time.

As she pretends to rush onto her floor almost 3 hours late, her boss is waiting for her and immediately calls her into his office. "Where the fuck have you been?" He demands.

"I overslept." She lies timidly.

"I mean where have you been since Thursday, taking unauthorized days off. What the hell were you thinking?"

"Ehh. Oh. I thought it would be fine for a short vacation." She flatly replies.

"Riiight… What's going on here? You get close to Ariana and you turn into just as big a waste of time as her?"

Kate feels a pang of anger, "Hey now, She's not a waste of time! She's…"

"Well whatever she is, I won't stand for it. Pretty or not…" Her boss interrupts her.

Kate stares at her boss, "What?"

Her boss quickly shuts up at his unprofessional remark, thinks for a second and rages on, "Ask for approval next time. Don't fucking take initiatives outside your duties and be on time from now on and we'll take it from there!"

"Yes sir!" She replies realizing she's being let off the hook. "Sorry for the trouble."

Her boss waves her away and goes on looking at a document while reaching for the phone.

Kate quickly leaves the office. Stopping outside to take a deep breath. She then hears the muffled voice of her boss on the phone.

"Yes, hello? … Yea, no, haven't heard from her still … No I don't know … I don't care … Yes … Yes … No … Just get rid of her … Correct, starting today … Thanks!"

Kate feared this brief talk was about her newfound love. Gathering some courage she knocks on the door of his office.


She enters his office again. "Can I talk to you about Ariana for a moment?"

"What? No… It doesn't concern you anymore. Now get out of my sight and be glad you're not let go as well."

Realizing she has no leeway she quickly closes the door and heads for the restroom. On her way there she gets some strange looks from several coworkers.

Arriving at the restroom she fixes her hair. Straightens up her shirt and looks at her phone again, wondering what Ariana is doing. Probably enjoying the view or thinking of something to do in the spare room. She sends a message to Ariana warning her of her discovery and to prepare for the worst. She stares at the mirror before letting out a sigh and heads to her office, locking the door and pretends to work.

Ariana meanwhile is ecstatic, she keeps walking around her new home looking at everything she can find. Opening cabinets, drawers, looking at the complex TV remote. Trying to work the stove in the kitchen. She finds the bed amazingly comfortable. It's firm and soft at the same time. She even smells the shampoo and soap in the bathroom. She finds a washing machine, then discovers Kate has no dishwasher. And on and on her exploration goes.

She figures out the balcony door latch and goes onto the balcony. Peering over the edge, 12 floors down.

This creeps Ariana out. She has never been this high on a building balcony and a sense of vertigo comes over her.

Quickly Ariana steps back and inside. No! The balcony is off limits for now.

Ariana then rolls around on the couch, finding it spacious and soft. Much more so than her own little couch.

This is more a lounge sofa, she thinks. She tries the TV again, but doesn't care for any of the programs. When is Kate coming home? She looks at the clock and sees that barely an hour has passed.

Getting up she tries the front door lock and rides the elevator down and looks around the lobby. Just a bunch of mailboxes and a bored looking concierge. She looks for mailbox 12 but doesn't see it. All mailboxes are numbered but she doesn't know Kate's house number.

She goes up again. All the way to floor 20 and ends up in a little vestibule just like on her floor. No roof access.

She then rides the elevator back down to the ground floor and walks around the building.

There is a small park nearby but where are the shops? She sees no trace of any convenience stores or anything shop-like. Unlike near her apartment where there are shops and eateries everywhere. Ugh, boooring, she sighs.

Heading back inside the concierge looks at her and asks who she is and what she's doing here.

Ariana has no good answer other than "I'm moving in today" and shows her key. "Floor 12."

The concierge flatly says there is no vacancy on floor 12 and asks again who she is and what she's doing in the building

Ariana shrugs. "And yet I have the key." And walks away heading back up to the 12th floor.

Entering Kate's flat she remembers Kate had said she could bring any of her things over to make this place hers. She sits on the couch thinking about that, making a list in her head. She didn't really care to bring much… Just her clothes, her computer and some small stuff. Maybe she should sell all her possessions and start fresh while pocketing a profit?

Hah! She thinks. That's a great idea.

Sighing longingly Ariana again wishes Kate would be back and heads to the spare room. Her supposed workroom. She had lied that she could work here. Well, she can of-course but has no idea what to do with it. Maybe she should find some contract work? Or maybe she could convince Kate she didn't have to work at all but do something else instead. Like being a housewife kind of deal? Kate would know what to do, she was sure of it.

Too much thinking, too much input, too much emotions…

Suddenly feeling tired Ariana heads to the bedroom, undresses and climbs into bed. Wallowing in the soft sheets she soon dozes off in a deep sleep, dreaming of Kate, her new home and what happiness it would bring.

Her phone buzzing in the living room goes unheard and unanswered. Until finally with a dinging sound a message pops in: "We've been unable to reach you for several days/attempts. You're hereby informed that your employment has been terminated as of today for under performing on your duties and breach of contract. You can come and collect your possessions within 7 days or they'll be binned. Report to the front desk for assistance. Contact HR for more information should you have any questions."

Ariana slumbers blissfully free from worries for the first time in many weeks.

Meanwhile Kate doesn't feel welcome at work. Her coworkers are looking at her funny and her boss is meaner than usual. What a lousy day, she thinks with mixed feelings… And what do I have to do to mend things?

On her lunch break she can't reach Ariana. She tries calling a few times, but there is no answer.

Catching up on her email Kate does some of her smaller tasks but can’t really focus. As the day ends and Kate feels a wave of relief wash over her as she can finally leave her work behind. She sits in her car fuming at her co-workers for being a bunch of dicks talking behind her back.

For dinner Kate decides on her favorite Chinese take-out place and orders sweet and sour chicken with noodles and a double order of dumplings. Waiting in line, she calls Ariana again but now her phone seems shut off or out of service. That's odd, Kate starts to worry.

After waiting what seemed an hour her order is finally ready and Kate rushes home. Entering her flat she calls out to Ariana "Hey babe, I'm hoooome!" But her house is as quiet as it always has been when she got home.

She puts the food in the kitchen and searches for her special lady, eventually finding her almost naked and entangled in her bed sheets. She's sleeping so vast it looks like she's in a coma. She looks beautiful, her hair splayed around her face. Her right leg bent with its foot under her left knee. Her left arm stretched far and the other bent with her hand on her chest, and her face… Oh her cute face. A vague smile on her lips.

Kate loves to see her girlfriend smile on her own accord. Progress! She thinks.

Tickling her foot results in a grunt and a wiggle of her leg. She traces her finger up and tickles her knee.

Ariana emits a sigh and shakes her leg, idly scratching her knee where Kate touched her. Kate traces her finger over her thigh and up her waist when Ariana's eyes fly open and she sits up with a start, rubbing her waist.

"Ugh!" She sighs, falling back seemingly reaching for her phone that's not there.

"I'm back…" Kate whispers.

"Eek!" Ariana sits up again with a yelp. "You're back!" She throws herself at Kate and hugs her. "Ohh, I missed you."

"Hi babe. Are you hungry? I brought dinner. How was your day?"

Ariana feels her tummy rumble and admits she didn't eat all day.

Kate shakes her head and says "Come, I have dumplings and chicken in the kitchen."

Ariana puts on one of Kate's shirts and follows her to the kitchen.

They eat their dinner and Kate wonders what Ariana did all day, Ariana claims to have slept the whole time.

"Nothing else?"

"Not really. I tried to go on the balcony but it freaked me out."

"How so?" Kate wonders, "too high?"

Ariana nods sheepishly.

Kate laughs, "You'll get used to it. It's nice when the sun is out."

"Your concierge isn't very friendly," Ariana complains.

"What about the concierge?" Kate wonders.

"Yea, some old guy? He asked me all kinds of questions like I didn't belong here. And I said I'm moving in but he didn't believe me, so I walked away."

Kate laughs again, "Aww, didn't he notice your unannounced arrival only hours before?"

"That's not funny…" Ariana says, realizing she did something rude and dumb.

Kate laughs at her silly face, "Next time you see him you'll introduce yourself properly OK?"

"Mmpf" Ariana makes a noise.

"Ariana," Kate looks at her sternly, "Hey, be nice to the building people! They work here for your comfort!"

"Yes yes, I know."

They eat silently for a few moments.

"Hey, what happened to your phone?" Kate asks, changing the subject.

"Dunno," Ariana looks around, "I didn't use it all day."

Kate asks if she brought it this morning but Ariana doesn’t remember.

"We'll find it in a minute. Listen, I have to tell you something." Kate continues, "I went to see our boss and he's mighty upset that I took off for our little vacation."

Ariana pulls a face, “and now?"

"Well, that'll be fine eventually. But I'm pretty sure you've been fired."

"Oh. OK." Ariana replies neutrally. Shrugging.

"Weeelll," Kate says, "Look, maybe you don't care for your job. But I do. And I would appreciate it if you can chip in with stuff like groceries or even with the mortgage. And for that you'll need income. Understand?"

Ariana nods, "I know. We'll figure it out."

"Go find your phone," Kate tells Ariana as they finish eating.

"Yes boss," And Ariana starts looking for her phone.

Kate meanwhile clears the table and throws out the leftovers and cleans up the kitchen. With a smirk she notes that all the knobs on the stove have been turned. And small things are in different places or are arranged differently now. So she did something more than just sleep…

"Phones dead." Says Ariana as she walks into the kitchen.

"I see, use my charger, it's under the TV. But be prepared for some bad news when it turns on..

Ariana nods quietly.

"And keep your phone charged Ariana, I was worried when I couldn't reach you today!"

"Yes boss. Did you miss me?" She asks teasingly.

"You can't imagine how much" Kate asks. "Work was terrible."

Ariana leans in and kisses Kate's cheek without saying anything.

Kate has a lot of getting used to to fit Ariana into her little world. What would her friends think if she showed up with a girlfriend? Will her parents and sister approve? Would she have enough personal space? Enough time for herself?

9 - Moving in

The following day Ariana starts clearing out her apartment. Kate had dropped her off on her way to work giving a lot of instructions on how to go about it. She had insisted that Ariana would think 3 times before packing anything. Not because Kate doesn't want Ariana's things in her flat but because her flat is fully furnished and kitted out. No point in bringing the microwave or vacuum cleaner since they already have one, unless the one Ariana has is better.

Ariana had nodded quietly, feeling overwhelmed by her daunting task and is now dutifully going through everything she owns to see if it could belong in Kate's flat, starting with her clothes.

Eventually she ends up with 2 large bin bags of clothes and shoes which she transported to Kate's flat on her scooter.

Kate had cleared out a few shelves and bins in her closet so Ariana could use the space for her clothes.

Arriving at Kate's flat she goes through the bags of clothes she puts everything in the closet, sending a picture of it to Kate with the message 'Your roommate is home!'

Kate replies, 'Looking good girlfriend!'

Followed by, 'Need any help moving things with the car?'

Ariana doesn't know yet and lets Kate know she'll update her on that later.

Kate complains about the terrible work atmosphere wishing she was with Ariana to help her.

Ariana doesn't see the message until much later as she is on her way to get more of her things.

She packs her toys and handcuffs, puts all her precious photo frames in a box along with a bunch of nick-knacks and little toy thingies. All-in-all it's not all that much and she ends up with 5 movers boxes with items.

One full of kitchen utensils that Kate doesn't have, along with her rice cooker. Another with bathroom/beauty accessories and the final 3 with her personal effects such as the photo frames.

Remembering Kate's offer to transport stuff with the car she sends a message, 'Can you pick up the 4 boxes in the middle of the living room? I have everything else already here.'

And in a separate message, "What's so terrible at work?"

Kate sends back, 'everyone has turned into a gossiping back talking asshat…'

Ariana thinks most of her former co-workers always were like that and doesn't really understand why Kate complains about it now.

Kate disagrees but promises to bring the boxes when she gets home. She never really experienced or noticed any back talking. She used to have people's respect or maybe commanded some authority from her office. All of that seemed to have disappeared over the weekend. Maybe this is why Ariana hates her work so much? Kate thinks. Maybe she had to endure this kind of abuse for years already? She never noticed anything of the kind but finds it very frustrating and upsetting.

Moving on to happier thoughts, Ariana and her 4 boxes. Only 4, huh? Kate concludes she didn't bring much then and is relieved to not have to re-do much of the flat to fit Ariana into it.

Kate's recent life changes don't do her any good at work. She's constantly distracted with thinking of ways to help Ariana. Or what Ariana is doing in her flat, and Ariana this, Ariana that. This doesn't help her attempts to salvage her career by being a good employee in the slightest, if anything it makes things worse.

On top of that she hates it that everyone seems to think she's something of a low-level-nutcase now and doesn't really get where that idea comes from. Her boss is especially mean to her. Making hurtful insinuations whenever they talk and her time away comes up. Much to Kate's frustration.

Ariana's absence is causing a bit of a stir in the office it seems, as people now need to make their own copies, fetch their own printed documents and more of such tasks Ariana would usually take care of. Listening to various complaints it seems to Kate that particularly a few of the guys enjoyed bossing her around sending Ariana on errands and doing little tasks for them. Exactly why she was hired, to assist the people working around her, but the lack of respect for Ariana… Kate finds it appalling and thinks this is why Ariana probably hated her work.

A few coworkers ask Kate about Ariana, if she knows where she went. Kate for now just says she's recovering at home. She feels awkward talking about Ariana. She wonders why she's scared to talk about her, or her relationship with the young woman.

ping-ping Another message.

A selfie from Ariana with her box in the background, one of her arms is outstretched pointing at the thing. 'Do we need this?'

Kate smirks at the innocent looking questioning face her girl is pulling and wishes she could be there and do this in person and sighs. She sends a reply reminding Ariana of what she said a few days ago, 'Didn't you say the box was optional with the right partner?'

'I did…' Comes her simple reply.

'Well, I think I can make you feel helpless if you tell me how to do it, my love.'

'OK boss.' Followed by a selfie of Ariana posing with an elated smile and a thumbs-up.

Ariana sits on her couch and looks at her chest. Thinking about what to do with it. Take it or leave it?

She loves being in it. But now she has Kate to keep her busy. Would Kate allow it if she brought the box? After thinking for a few minutes she decides to trust Kate and take the whole thing apart and throw it away. Other than a few hours of fun it had given her a lot of trouble too.

She'll sell the still new winch along with her other belongings and that's that. She can always make something new if the need arises, she tells herself.

Going over the rest of the apartment, Ariana decides she doesn't need much from her 'old' life and picks up a few of the essentials she already packed and brings it to Kate's flat. These are her personal and important items, things she got from her family, a few framed pictures that are important to her, her toys and plugs, personal papers and some other small accessory things she likes or finds useful.

Heading out the building she feels weird knowing she's leaving almost her entire life behind. Not wanting to ponder on it for too long she jams the box on the footrest of her scooter and rides to her new home. She's going to start selling the rest tomorrow, or just throw it away.

Once again arriving at Kate's flat she looks at her box of random items and doesn't know what to do with it. She'll have to figure that out with Kate not wanting to mess up the house.

Ariana grabs a drink and nibbles on a cookie feeling sleepy, she soon dozes off on the couch in her new home while waiting for Kate.

It's lunchtime and Kate sits in the canteen eating, tapping on her phone, sending messages to her sister Lisa while trying to find the right words to tell her she has a live-in girlfriend now. 2 of her coworkers walk up to her table and gesture if they can join her. She nods with her mouth full.

"Hey what's up," one asks, "how are you doing?"

Kate looks at the man and swallows, "I'm fine, how have you 2 been? Steve, right? And…"

"We're doing OK, Yea I'm Dick and he is Steve." the other guy replies.

"mmhm," Kate nods only mildly interested. She doesn't remember ever talking to Dick but Steve is alright, she thinks.

"Hey, we're wondering about something. Do you mind?"

"Sorry,” Kate puts her phone down, “What is it?"

"Is it true that you took off with that other girl that works here? Rianne or something? You know, the Chinese one…"

Kate looks up from her phone and stares at the pair, "Her name is Ariana and she is Japanese, not Chinese…"

When the guys just look at her expectantly she adds, "…and I'm not sure what you're talking about."

The 2 men look at each other and back at Kate. "Yea, we heard you visited her when she got sick. Then you both disappeared and the bossman is now upset with you both. He told the mail girl you two ran away together. And you know Gina, so that's the top story now. But you're back… So ehh, what's going on?"

"And what do you think is going on?" Kate slowly says with an ice cold stare.

"Well, uh, we're just curious, you know. Don't be upset with us…" Steve says softly.

"What do you want from me anyway?" She asks, holding in her anger. Everything suddenly made sense. The looks, the talking behind her back… All Gina’s doing.

The guys look wary, not wanting to get into a fight, and Steve says, "Well, usually if 2 people run away they don't come back."

"Suppose none of it is true then… Could that be a possibility in your tiny brains?" Kate sneers and continues with her lunch and phone.

The guys look at each other again with a look as if to say 'see, told you…'

"Don't worry about it Kate. Enjoy your lunch." And they walk away, Steve winking at her before following his mate.

"Hey," Kate calls after them. Not sure what else to say. "Keep it to yourself OK?" She asks.

The men smirk. "Sure thing Kate." And they walk away.

"See how she reacted? I told you they're fucking lesbians!" Steve convinces himself and Dick.

And then continues, "They've been having lunch together for years too… Ignoring everyone else."

"Yea, she probably took Brianna and keeps her in her house or something," Dick nods while picturing the '2 hottie co-worker chicks' touching each other up like in a cheap porno.

Kate sees the men talk quietly from a distance before they walk away with Steve looking over his shoulder at her. She sticks out her tongue and angrily continues with her lunch. Assholes. What the fuck was that about, she thinks.

But now she knows why the work atmosphere is so fucked up.

After her workday ends she decides she has to find a new job. All afternoon she'd been trying to make nice with people but everyone seems to know something else about her that she herself doesn't know about.

She can't stand it any longer and enters her boss' office without knocking and gives her notice.

Her boss looks up in surprise, "Sorry to hear you want to quit, any particular reason?" He asks seriously.

"You all make me feel uncomfortable being here. I can't stand it soooo… Yea."

"I'm very sorry to hear that Kate. Anything I can do to help? Perhaps change your mind?"

"You all could be nicer to me for a start," Kate argues. "You could be nicer about Ariana and not spread rumors to everyone." Suddenly she's very upset and fumes at the thought of being pestered away.

"Hmm, what do you mean?" A guilty look creeps over his face.

"Oh come on," Kate rages, ignoring his look. "Ever since I got back everyone looks at me like I'm a fucking weirdo and talks behind my back about me and what happened to my girlfriend. And apparently it all started with you and Gina."

"Your girlfriend heh? That's Ariana?" He smirks.

Kate flushes red, but quickly reasserts herself. "Eh, yes, she's my girlfriend. Got a problem with that?"

"No, no not at all…" Her boss assures her with a disingenuous smile, "So, uhh, anyway, what will it be? Will you stay if I improve the atmosphere? Give Gina a talking to?"

Kate hesitates for a moment. She thinks she's got her boss all figured out. Considering the last few days and how she hates being here.

"No. I'm out. I'll take up my remaining days now and get out of your hair." And she leaves her boss who frowns stupidly.

"Hey," her boss calls after her, "We're not done… You…"

Kate turns around in the door and yells, "Oh hell yes we're done! I'm out! And leave me the fuck alone!"

Now having lost both 'his' hot chicks from his department he looks disappointed, but calls HR to start terminating Kate's employment first thing in the morning. What a pity he thinks, mostly because Kate is quite attractive. But she's also quite good at her job.

Kate heads to the mail room where Gina sits typing on her phone. Kate demands a box from her which Gina refuses, saying she has no empty ones. Kate then grabs the nearest box which happens to have documents in it from a stack and turns it over spilling its contents over Gina's head and leaves the room without a word.

Gina sits staring after Kate, too stunned to even call out or blink.

Back at her desk Kate grabs her stuff and puts it in the box. When she passes by Ariana her old desk she gets her things as well and stomps out of the office ignoring everyone and everything while her coworkers watch on wondering what happened there.

Maybe the latest rumor was true and Kate truly had gone nuts.

Leaving the building Kate crosses the parking lot to her car. Watched by her former boss from his office as Gina complains to him about Kate being extremely rude to her. "Don't worry about it, she won't bother you anymore." He tells Gina.

Kate hops into her car and drops the box on the passenger seat. She then sits there for a while crying softly to herself while bumping her head repeatedly into the steering wheel. She growls "Ughhh! Fuck it, fuck everyone, fuck them all to hell!" She wipes her angry tears from her eyes and drives home to Ariana hoping she can find some peace and clear her mind.

Arriving home she slides the box aside near the electrical cabinet and finds Ariana in the kitchen.

Hearing Kate come in she drops her spatula and jumps at Kate. "Hey Kate, welcome home!" Kissing her girlfriend on her cheek.

Kate instantly feels better in such a welcoming atmosphere and she smells something sweet.

"Hey sweetie, what are you doing?"

"I'm making pancakes!" Ariana beams. "Do you want some? How many do you want?"

"Hmm…" Kate thinks. "2 or 3 is fine if you're making French ones. Is this dinner?"

"Dinner, yes. Just sugar on top? Or syrup?" Ariana pushes Kate to the dinner table, "Come, sit, they're almost ready."

Kate sits quietly and watches her girlfriend struggle to flip a pancake in the pan. She barely manages and Kate laughs at her lucky attempt. "Woohoo! That looks professional!"

Ariana smiles over her shoulder. "So? Sugar or syrup?"

"Eh, sugar is fine. Powdered please." Kate requests, "Can I have 4?"

Ariana finishes and ends up with a stack of 9 pancakes and puts the steaming plate on the table. "Tadaah!" She then quickly sets the table for 2 and places a jar of powdered sugar next to the pancakes.

"Here, have the first one!" Ariana flops a pancake on Kate's plate and takes one for herself as well.

Kate considers telling Ariana about her day, but decides to wait for a bit and just enjoy the happy moment for a while more, she really needs the positive energy right now.

The women enjoy their pancakes and Ariana talks about her day a bit. How hard she worked and that she can start selling her leftover stuff soon.

When they finish eating, Ariana grabs Kate's hand, "Hey did you bring my boxes?"

Kate shakes her head, "No, I forgot, sorry."

"Oh, well maybe tomorrow then, as you get home? Or shall I get it myself?

"Yeah we'll get them tomorrow with the car." Kate promises.

"Oh that's cool, but then I also need your help because I don't know where to put it since it's your place."

"Our place…" Kate corrects her girlfriend for the hundredth time.

"Yes yes, our place." Ariana, "But really it's your flat. I'm just moving in."

"That makes it our place. Come on Ariana, you're not here for charity. This is your home now!" Kate bursts out annoyed.

Ariana falls quiet and looks at her friend. "What's wrong?"

"I quit my job."

"Oh?" Ariana looks startled, "But you like your work. What happened?"

"Our… My boss has been mean ever since I got back. All our co-workers were being weird about us. I couldn't stand it so I quit." Kate smartly leaves out what she discovered about how people thought about Ariana's position, or what was being said behind their backs, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

"So you lost your job because of me?" Ariana worries.

"Not quite, but I made a scene and walked out." Kate tells her.

"Oh. What happened then?" Ariana is none too happy seeing Kate lose her job. Now they can't pay rent at all she worries.

Kate tells about her conversation with her boss earlier today. Omitting her talk with Steve and Dick.

Ariana expresses her concerns and feels sorry for Kate, feeling it's all her fault.

They sit quiet for a moment when Ariana squeezes Kate's hand. "Hey, I need your help with something?"

Kate looks at Ariana curiously, "Yeah?"

Ariana leans over the table and kisses Kate on the nose. "Come with me," She smiles.

They walk to the bedroom where she shows their closet. "Look, I put my clothes in there." She points at her shelves. "What do you think? It's OK?"

Kate nods her approval. "Looks goo… Hey, what's this?" She pulls out a cute looking shirt. "This looks cool. I'm gonna borrow that some time." She winks at Ariana.

Ariana shrugs.

"OK what more," Kate says, "Where is your other stuff?"

"That's what I need help with, look, I picked these things to bring." Ariana points at her movers box.

Kate wonders if that's all.

"No, there are more boxes, remember? Anyway, I was going through my stuff and for most things either you have it already or I don't want it anymore…" Ariana explains.

"Oh OK. I thought you'd bring over loads of things." Kate says with a relieved smile. "This is simpler." She laughs. "And you need help with…"

"I don't know where to put it, I don't want to mess up your flat."

"Our flat…" Kate corrects her again. "Shall we look at that when everything is here? I'm sure you have some nice accessories and nick-knacks to put everywhere."

"Kitchen utensils too, and I need my rice cooker." Ariana adds.

"Alright then, let's go get everything tomorrow morning then."

Ariana agrees and pulls out a photo frame. "Look, it's me and my dad when I was young."

Kate looks at the picture seeing a cute girl sitting on a handsome proud looking man's arm pointing at something outside the picture. "How old are you there?"

"Uh maybe six? We were still in Japan."

"You're not born here?"

"No, I moved here when I was seven. After my dad died. This is the last picture of him."

"Oh, sorry…" Kate puts her arm around her girl's shoulders. "Accident?"

Ariana nods.

"And this? Where is this taken?" Kate picks up another frame where Ariana is pictured in her teens trying to hold her dress down in a breeze on a ferry or something.

"That's uh, here on the river ferry. My first boyfriend took it." Ariana remembers. "Can we put these in some nice place? I really like them…" She holds up several more frames.

"Yea uh, where do you want them? I don't really have a place for photos."

"Oh anywhere is fine really. I guess." I just want to look at them sometimes.

"Right, we'll figure that out, definitely in the extra room. Or we can use the wall between the bedroom and bathroom door and add pictures of us to it. Make a wall of memories…" Kate suggests.

Ariana smiles at the idea. She looks lovingly up at Kate.

"And these?" Kate points at her girlfriend's toys. "Bathroom cabinet I presume?"

Ariana looks shy, "Ehh… I don't know. Maybe I'll just throw them out. Since you don't like that stuff."

"I don't mind it sweetie, don't let me stop you…" Kate counters.

"But, you're really upset last time."

"Because you stuck your fingers in my, butt." Kate says awkwardly, remembering vividly how weird she felt.

"Hmm." Ariana says nothing.

She puts the picture frames on the bed and slides the box into the closet. "I don't want to think about it now." She claims.

Kate looks at Ariana, sits her on the bed and looks at her. "Sweetie, please don't change for me ok? I'm in love with who you are now. If you like to play sometimes, just enjoy yourself."

"I wish we could play together," Ariana says flustered. She looks up at Kate towering over her with her most innocent look. "Can we?"

Kate laughs at her cuteness. "We'll see about that, OK?"

Ariana asks, "Can we lie down for a while? Maybe watch TV and not talk? We talked so much in the last few days. Always, talk talk talk."

Kate looks at her and sticks out her tongue. "Sure, I'll shut up… And I'll get us some drinks. Want some chips or crackers?"

"No, just you. I'll be out in a minute."

Kate heads to the kitchen, considers wine, but ends up pouring 2 large glasses of orange juice and sets them on the table next to the couch. She then arranges the pillows so they can lounge comfortably for a bit and realizes she's still in her work clothes.

Returning to the bedroom to change, she doesn't see Ariana and decides to borrow her friend's shirt.

"We may as well mix all clothes together," She mutters. Mostly the same size, almost the same tastes… Who cares who owns what, she thinks. Deciding to let that line blur with the next laundry.

Considering that, she does notice that Ariana has practically no pants, maybe one or two pairs. She does however have a lot of shorts, leggings and skirts.

Briefly browsing through the rest of it Kate finds an odd worn out silky smooth plum colored pair of underwear. Razor thin material and sewn in places that suggest it's tailor made and very form fitting. Odd, what would these be for? She curiously thinks.

Not lingering any more Kate grabs some comfortable shorts, strips naked and strikes a pose admiring her toned body in the long mirror for a moment before changing her mind and puts on a pair of cotton pants and Ariana's shirt she liked earlier and heads back to the living room barefoot.

A few minutes later Ariana joins her looking all flustered and a strand of hair stuck to her cheek. "Hey girl, come. Let's watch a movie." Kate calls out. She sees Ariana's wet face, "You showered without me?" She laughs.

"Huh? No, why?"

"Your face is wet, what did you do?"

"I uh, nothing." Ariana combs her hair away with her fingers and wipes her face with her hand before sitting gingerly on the couch, and carefully leans against Kate.

Kate smiles to herself, she thinks she knows what Ariana did, but says nothing. "OK baby, let's watch a movie then." She says, "Anything on your mind?"

Ariana glugs her orange juice down, "Uhm, how about… Uhhh, that!" She points at the screen, some animated movie with aliens.

"Ohh, Titan AE" Kate says, that's a fun one. And she whispers, "It has Matt Damon in it, see if you can find him."

Kate always feels she needs to stimulate the people around her with little tasks and challenges. She believes it keeps the brain sharp.

Ariana wonders how she would spot Matt Damon in an animation film. "Really? Hah, maybe I'll let you know."

Kate slips her arm around Ariana's torso pulling her close and both women nestle against each other on the couch feeling real content with each other. Ariana is happy to not have to talk for a bit.

Mid-movie Kate's hand wanders absentmindedly over Ariana's stomach tracing circles around her belly button, tracing the outline of her breasts and Ariana starts squirming around a bit.

Tracing her finger down once again to Ariana's stomach she keeps going down and lightly touches her pussy lips which feel slick and wet.

A soft moan escapes Ariana and she immediately loses focus from the movie. She hasn't found Matt Damon yet anyway and doesn't really care. She watches as the hero is trying to rescue his girl companion - Akima. Such a nice name it has great meaning just like her own she thinks with a muddled mind.

Meanwhile Kate keeps at it and moves around to Ariana's behind. Unsurprisingly she finds a rubbery flared base of a plug poking out of her behind. She traces her finger around it. I knew it, she thinks with a smile.

"Mmmm" Ariana moans softly. Pushing her behind against Kate's hand.

Kate grasps the butt plug and very lightly pulls on it.

"Shh, watch the movie," Kate shushes her, "it's getting exciting now." Leaving the plug alone.

A few minutes later Kate grasps the plug again and tries to rotate it in her lover's ass. Just slightly.

Ariana feels the strange sensation but tries not to respond, watching the movie like Kate told her to, trying very hard to focus on a big chase scene on a boat through a field with big gas balloons.

At first the plug seems a bit stuck, but after some wiggling and a soft push it gets more loose and Kate can now freely spin the thing in her girlfriend's behind. Ariana shudders and moans involuntarily at the sensation and forgets the movie instantly.

"More, yes, more, mmm!" Ariana whimpers as Kate pushes on the base of the plug so it nestles back firmly inside Ariana.

Ariana looks up at Kate, "Why'd you stop?" She pouts. "Aww, please do it again."

"Not now babe, we'll play later. Watch the movie."

Ariana squirms around pushing her butt against Kate reaching back there with her own hand but Kate prevents her. Holding Ariana's hands at her front, preventing her from touching herself other than her stomach.

"Kaahaate…" Ariana whines softly, "Please, play with me… it feels so nice."

Kate ignores her pleas and just holds Ariana, kissing her on the top of her head.

Ariana feels all hot and bothered and can't focus on the movie anymore. Not being able to do anything about it she remembers Kate had said she'd make her feel helpless and wonders if she meant this. She keeps squirming and slowly grinds her butt against Kate who holds her firmly while ignoring her.

10 - Taking the reins

When the movie finishes they lay on the couch for a bit, Ariana has calmed herself a little but still feels horny from being teased repeatedly by Kate.

Kate meanwhile has released Ariana and absentmindedly plays with her girlfriend's hair trying to make a braid starting at the top of her head. "Did you spot Matt Damon?" She casually asks Ariana, not really expecting an answer.

Ariana doesn't recall seeing the actor at all.

"He voiced Kail or what's his name, the lead character," Kate says distractedly.

Ariana doesn't care, "Can we do something now?" Sounding a bit more impatient than she intended.

Kate gives up from doing up Ariana's hair and innocently asks, "What do you have in mind sweetie? Wanna watch the city lights on the balcony?"

"Nooooo, you know…" Ariana looks at Kate, "Let's fuck!"

"On the balcony?" Kate inquires, teasing her.

"Ehh…" Ariana wiggles her butt at Kate and gets up. "Come Kate, come get me…" Ariana tries a new tactic and runs laughing to the bedroom.

Kate looks at her girlfriend with a smirk. "She's such a kid." She sighs turning off the TV, realizing she really fancies a fuck too if for no other reason than to relieve today's stress.

Following Ariana she sees the young woman rush into the bathroom, "I'll be there soon, wait for me OK?" Ariana calls out.

Kate undresses and fluffs the pillows before burying herself under the blankets. When she's done she peeks over the sheets to see if Ariana is coming yet. She hears a soft yelp and a cry and a moment later Ariana enters the bedroom naked with a pained frown on her face.

"Hey beautiful! Are you ready?" Kate invites her, lifting the blanket so Ariana can join her.

Ariana says nothing and climbs into bed and curls up against Kate.

Kate lets her hand wander over Ariana's body lingering at her pussy lips but Ariana barely responds. Usually she's very active and willing to have sex together. They have had sex or some intimate moment almost every day. Not today, it seems.

Kate whispers, "Not in the mood anymore?"

"No," Ariana whispers back.

"Something wrong?" Kate asks.

"No, I'll be fine."

"Come on, let's do something, I'll make you if I have to…" Kate responds playfully, slipping a finger between Ariana's lips.

"Not now!" Ariana shoves the hand away.

Kate ignores the rejection and slowly fingers Ariana and leans in for a kiss. "Come on babe, you got me all worked up and now you don't want to?"

"I hurt myself, OK? So another time…" Ariana whispers with an irritated tone.

Kate stops her teasing and worriedly asks, "What happened babe? Did you hurt your butt?"


"Anything serious?"

"No, it's fine." Ariana curtly responds.

"Tell me if you need anything." Kate sounds a bit worried but doesn't press the issue knowing how Ariana shuts down when she's in distress or pain.

Ariana doesn't respond, feeling stupid for pulling the plug out too fast.

Kate sighs and hugs her cute girlfriend tightly. "Come babe, let's then sit on the balcony for a bit and watch the city." She really likes to look at the lights from time to time.

"I'll stay here, but have fun." Ariana responds, while pulling her knees up even closer to her face.

For a moment Kate considers staying in bed to comfort Ariana, but instead she needs some fresh air and think, so she slips out of bed and bends down to Ariana, "Hey, feel better soon. I'll be back in a bit…" And kisses her lover on the forehead before slipping on her pants and a shirt over her naked body and quietly walks out.

Uncorking a bottle of wine in the kitchen with some effort she pours a generous glass and takes it to the balcony where she sits down on the big lounge chair.

Pondering her current life status, if she's being smart or incredibly stupid. Ariana doesn't seem to mind her stupid shit too much, or doesn't show it. Her hand wanders idly over her crotch, still feeling a bit horny from earlier she rubs her lips absentmindedly. Kate's mind keeps wandering and she hopes Ariana will look for a new job soon. At least one of them has to and she herself doesn't know yet what to do. This worries Kate. We'll have to fi…

Her thoughts are interrupted by a hand on her shoulder. "Hey…"

Kate, feeling caught quickly moves her hand away from her pussy looks up at Ariana, "Hey sweetie, how do you feel?"

"I'm fine, can I join you?" Not waiting for Kate to respond she lays down next to her and rests her head on Kate's chest and plays with a lock of Kate's hair, twirling it around her finger. "I'm sorry for ruining the moment," She whispers.

Kate doesn't say anything at first but winks at Ariana. "That's alright, I needed some time to think anyway…"

They look at the view for a few moments.

"Want some wine?" Kate offers her glass.

Ariana shakes her head. "Are we going to be OK?" She asks.

"What do you mean sweetie?"

"We're both without work…" Ariana starts, "That's a problem right?"

"It will be, yes."

"We should be webcam girls…" Ariana says under her breath.

"What?" Kate looks down on Ariana, noticing she's naked.

"Yea, it's easy money, we can use the spare room… I'm sure hundreds of horny losers pay big bucks for 2 hotties kissing on cam."

"Like you would know," Kate smirks.

Ariana looks at Kate holding her breath, trying not to laugh, "I'm just joking. We're too cool for that kind of nonsense…" Ariana laughs. "Still, it's easy money…"

"Oh shut up…" Kate responds feeling set up. "Let's just live off your savings instead…"

She looks at Ariana, who tries to look serious, "All $500 bucks?"

After a few minutes of silence Kate continues, "Did you think about what kind of job you want? Did you start looking yet?"

"No not yet. I could be a model though, don't you think?" She strikes a goofy pose, cocking her head and moving her arms while pulling a face.

"Oh absolutely!"

They both burst out laughing.

But yes, we both could be models. Kate thinks. And immediately hates the idea.

Ariana shivers, "Let's go inside, it's cold."

Kate leans over and rubs her girlfriend's arms and stomach while leaning in for a kiss.

She slips from under Ariana's head and positions herself next to her, her hand finding its way down rubbing her lover's pussy lips.

Ariana responds to the kisses this time, holding on to Kate by wrapping her arms around her.

Kate quietly moans, "Ohh babe, I want you so bad."

Hearing this, Ariana gasps and squirms against her girlfriend.

Kate rubs her friend's pussy for a while before pulling her to her feet. "Come underling!" She calls out.

"Yes boss." Ariana follows immediately.

Kate pulls her to the warm bedroom and points to a little stool in front of the bed, "Sit. Say nothing and close your eyes!" She commands.

"Yes boss"

Kate rummages through Ariana's toys, finding her handcuffs and snaps them around Ariana's slender wrists behind her back.

Ariana peeks and secretly follows what Kate is doing. Feeling excited.

Kate then finds a worn leather belt. She wraps it around Ariana's ankles a few times and straps the buckle on tight.

"Get on the bed, face down!" Kate orders her friend.

Ariana stands up and tries to scoot onto the bed shuffling forward on her knees and leaning her shoulders on the sheets, her butt sticking into the air.

Kate admires her struggling girlfriend and finds it erotic to watch her like this.

Ariana feels her legs being pulled from under her and flops down onto the bed. Her lower legs sticking out from the bed. "Kate? I…" she squirms.

"Shh, I told you to not talk." Kate says sternly.

"Yes boss" comes her timid reply.

Kate quickly climbs on the bed and positions herself in front of Ariana's face. "Lick me!" She orders Ariana.

Ariana opens her eyes and sees Kate in front of her, hesitating only for a second and starts to lap at Kate’s wet slit.

"Ohh yes, that's it!" Kate whimpers, leaning back feeling the pleasure rush over her.

Ariana works hard to make Kate cum, just as she always does. But she's tied up now. That's kinda new. Kate had tied her up only once before, on their little vacation.

Ariana likes being helpless for her girlfriend. And she knows Kate will not abuse her power so it's extra nice. She licks Kate's lips with energy for minutes, rubbing her nose on her friend's wet slit from time to time. Kate rests a hand on her head and pushes her into her crotch. "MMMM" Comes Kate's voice in a throaty moan.

Almost, Ariana knows and sticks her tongue in Kate's wetness, lapping at her clitoris.


Ariana continues licking.


Ariana nuzzles her face into Kate's pussy, rubbing her nose against her friend's clitoris."

"Yeeeeees!" Kate tenses up and falls back shaking in her orgasm.

Ariana feels happy she can give Kate these intense feelings and have that power over her body.

She lays between Kate’s legs, patiently waiting to be released.

Kate takes her time, feeling very relaxed now. All stress has left her body. Marveling at Ariana's efforts, she's really good at this.

"Hello?" Kate hears a small voice and lifts her head looking down her boobs to see an innocent looking Ariana look back up at her. Kate laughs at her friend's cuteness, "Hey babe…" And lets her head drop down again, sighing deeply at her fading orgasm.

"A little help please?" Kate hears Ariana with a meek voice.

She rolls away from Ariana and sits up so she can turn around and touch her friend's face.

"I need to pee…" Ariana whimpers. "Please…"

Kate gets up and loosens the belt around her girlfriend's ankles but holds her down. "What if I don't allow you to pee?" She asks teasingly.

Ariana squirms to get free, "I'll pee on your nice bed." She threatens weakly.

Kate promises her she'll have to suck the pee from the sheets until they're clean.

Ariana looks at Kate unsure what her girlfriend is trying to do. "Can I pee now please?"

Kate feels like controlling Ariana but lets her go, "Sure, this time I'll allow it."

She helps Ariana get up and steers her to the bathroom pushing her in the small of her back.

"Hey, I can do it…" Ariana protests.

"Quiet underling!" Kate shushes her girlfriend and sits her down on the toilet. "Hold it in."

Ariana looks at Kate pained, "Please boss, I really need to go."

"Hold it!" Kate says again and crouches down in front of Ariana tying her legs together with the belt again.

She looks Ariana deep in her eyes and whispers "Pee for me!"

Ariana looks awkwardly at Kate, "I can't if you're looking…"

Kate says, "Hey you either need to pee or you don't. But if you don't, we'll head back to bed right now."

After a minute or so of squeezing Ariana finally manages to let go and her pee clatters into the toilet.

Kate keeps looking intently at Ariana who is flushed red from humiliation. "I'm done." She finally says with her eyes downcast when nothing comes out anymore.

Kate pulls Ariana to her feet and wipes her bottom. Ariana feels stupid and helpless. "Kate, what are you doing? Let me go."

"Shh" is all Kate says. She wipes Ariana's face with a wet towel and pulls her back into the bedroom forcing Ariana to hop after her. Ariana then has to sit on the edge of the bed and Kate gently tucks her in.

Ariana nervously looks at what Kate is doing as she walks around the bed cleaning up some bits and bobs.

Kate then joins her in bed and hooks an arm under Ariana and pulls her close. Kissing her on her nose. "Good night little one." And lays down with a smile.

Ariana is stunned by what is happening. Why is Kate doing this to her? What the fuck is she thinking? Am I supposed to sleep like this?

"Psst, Kate!" Ariana whispers hushed. "Hey, let me go."

"No baby, you're mine," Kate mumbles.

"Kate, no, it'll hurt. Please let me go…" Ariana says with a quiet and worried voice. She knows her night is going suck if Kate doesn't listen.

"Shh, get to sleep…" Kate whispers.

Ariana lies still for a moment. "Kaahaate" She whines, "I can't sleep like this… And you didn't make me cum either…" She continues complaining.

"You'll be fine, now be quiet, I want to sleep." Kate mumbles.

Ariana feels her pussy tingle from being so helpless but doesn't quite realize what's happening to her. All she sees is Kate being weird and her being stuck.

She squirms and struggles and tries to get free until she sees Kate look at her disapprovingly.

"Stop fucking around Ariana, get to sleep."


"No buts!" Kate scoffs at her, " I'll let you go when I feel like it."

Ariana pouts, but doesn't say anything and lays still, she quietly whimpers feeling very uncomfortable but after a while falls asleep, resigned in her plight.

Kate during her capture of Ariana paid close attention to what Ariana does and how she would respond. She mistakes Ariana's struggles and pleas as being playful. All in all, she's amazed by how easily she can control the young woman and with relatively little protest. She pretends to sleep but carefully watches Ariana. When she notices her girlfriend finally falling asleep Kate considers her actions a success before falling asleep herself.

11 - Bondage woes

Ariana sleeps uncomfortably for a few hours while dreaming of her cruel mistress keeping her tied up for many days while making her lick her pussy every morning and afternoon and spanking her for not doing a good enough job.

Ariana wakes up at around 3AM feeling all weird from her dream and feels her shoulders ache. Seeing Kate sleeping comfortably next to her she suddenly gets upset. She wants to sleep comfortably as well and has had enough.

She rubs her head against Kate "Hey, psst, Kate wake up!" She whispers trying to get a response. Kate blissfully doesn't notice anything.

Getting angry at being ignored she head-buts Kate in the chest who then awakes with a shock.

Looking around she sees Ariana with an angry face next to her, "Hey babe, what's up? Did you kick me?"

"Yes, let me out now! You're hurting me!" Ariana demands.

"What's wrong sweetie," Kate asks, her face worried.

"My arms hurt, let me go!" Ariana pleads, panicked, and kicks with her legs into the air before grimacing in pain by her exertions.

Kate finally realizes Ariana might not be playing around and rushes out of bed and starts looking for the handcuff keys. Ariana scoffs at her non-stop for being a careless meanie. After finding the keys she sits next to Ariana.

"Be nice now or I'll keep you locked up," She laughs at Ariana still half thinking she's putting on a bit of a show.

"Whatever, let me out. It huuuurts!" Ariana yells half hysterically now.

Her shoulders are causing some real agony now. What the hell is wrong with Kate, can't she see she's in pain?

Kate unlocks Ariana's wrists who groans painfully as she moves her arms to her front and rubs her wrists, looking hurt at Kate.

"I thought you liked being controlled sweetie," Kate mumbles.

"Not if it hurts, stupid!" Ariana says angrily and struggles out of bed and undoing the belt on her legs before heading for the shower. She smacks the door closed behind her.

Kate sits on the edge of the bed listening to the water running and hearing small pained "oohs" and "ahhs" from Ariana as she tries to massage her painful shoulders under hot water.

20 or so minutes later Ariana comes out of the bathroom with a towel on her head fishing a set of clothes from their closet.

Kate still sits on the bed, she looks distraught and is desperately thinking how she can make it up to her girlfriend asking softly if she's OK.

To which Ariana sneers, "what do you think after hours of nightmares and pain? Leave me alone!"

She stomps out and locks herself in the spare room leaving Kate behind.

Clearly she made a mistake. Kate has never seen Ariana this angry and doesn't know what to do. She wishes she knew better what to do to please her lover's whims and desires. She truly thought she would enjoy being helpless for the night.

Ariana sinks down in a corner of the spare room and cries to herself. She feels screwed over by Kate. Her shoulders still hurt with every movement and her wrists are chafed red from lying on her cuffs. She'll be fine she thinks but that stupid Kate and her unthinking domineering bullshit.


Looking around the room Ariana finds a blanket, she rolls her pants in a sort of pillow and makes a little bed for herself. Wearing only her top. She twists and turns while sighing for almost an hour before falling asleep, a little more comfortable than before. But at least now she is free.

Ariana sleeps for a few hours and wakes up when the sun starts to shine into her face.

She feels terrible and her whole body aches and feels sore now from basically sleeping on the floor. Sitting up staring out the window for a while she hears a soft knock on the door.

As soon as Ariana makes a noise moving a chest she hears Kate at her door, "Ariana? Sweetie?"

"Go away!" Ariana yells! She's still angry at Kate.

"I'm very sorry for last night. I made breakfast, please come out and have some." Kate begs her girlfriend.

"I said go away!"

"I'll leave it at the door, toast, eggs and bacon. Just how you like it." Kate says softly, "Please come out when you're ready or hungry. I'm really sorry."

Ariana is hungry, and she wants to shout at Kate face to face. But she also feels she needs to make a point.

She stays in the room all morning, trying to get some rest, regain some energy, but it doesn't really work and ultimately she's just bored without anything to do. She doesn't even have her phone.

She didn't hear anything from the flat for a while. Kate had showered, tried the door a few more times while asking Ariana to come out, or let her in. Ariana had ignored her completely moping in the corner of the room under her blanket.

At lunchtime Ariana can't stand it any longer and quietly unlocks her door. Peeking out through a tiny gap to find out if she can see and avoid Kate while she gets her phone or laptop. She sees no-one and quickly dashes to the living room to find her phone.

She makes it 2 steps out of her room as her wrist is grabbed from behind.

Ariana squeals in surprise. Her wrist is held tight and her other arm is grabbed and held as well.

Kate turns Ariana around and faces her full of determination. She feels her hands are being cuffed in front of her. Staring at Kate in disbelief she's being led to the kitchen table and forced to sit.

Kate then grabs her ankle and ties it to the chair leg.

Ariana finally grasping what's happening to her gets upset at Kate and tries to kick her with her free leg.

"Let me go, I don't want to be tied up!" She yells at Kate. And screams out of her lungs for help.

Kate looks at her and yells "Are you done? Thankless little slut! Now shut the fuck up and listen to me."

Ariana shuts up and looks at Kate. Thankless little slut? What the fuck was that supposed to mean? "I'm not a slut… I'm a dece…" Ariana starts softly.

"But it got your attention didn't it?" Kate yells. "Can't you understand I made a mistake and that I'm sorry? I've been trying to apologize all day and you ignore me?"

"You hurt me Kate," Ariana pouts.

"And I'm sorry!" Kate repeats, "But nooooo! Miss irrational must drag it out all day and ruin everything!"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Ariana exclaims. Kate can't seriously be blaming her for this situation…

"Let me go please…" She continues.

Kate looks upset at Ariana but unties her leg from the chair.

"These too please," Ariana holds up her wrists. "Really, I'll be no trouble."

Kate hesitates, but unlocks her friend's arms.

Ariana rubs her wrists and looks at Kate. "What are you trying to achieve Kate?"

Kate doesn't respond and just stands there. Once again not sure what to do.

Ariana slowly gets up and stands in front of Kate who looks remorseful at her.

slap She slaps Kate on her left cheek.

"That's for hurting me last night."

Kate looks shocked at Ariana.

slap Right cheek.

"That's for humiliating me, making me pee!"

Kate blinks in pain.

slap Left cheek again.

"That's for making me hate you!"

Kate snaps out of her passive state, "You hate me?"

"Today I do!" Ariana cries out and runs away towards the bedroom.

Kate follows Ariana and catches her in the hallway, hugging her from behind.

"Let me go!" Ariana struggles, but Kate holds on.

"I'm sorry girlfriend!" Kate whispers. "Please forgive me, I thought it's what you like."

They sink to the floor, Ariana struggling in Kate's arms.

Ariana weeps with conflicting thoughts. She does like it. But not when it hurts and she doesn't know how to tell Kate that in her anger.

Kate keeps quiet, hoping Ariana will calm down and holds her close.

They sit there for a while, Ariana sobbing and sniffling in Kate's arms. Finally Ariana comes up with what she needs Kate to understand, and says "I love you, but never do that again Kate! Do whatever you want to me, but no more pain… OK?"

Kate promises to communicate better next time. Vowing quietly to herself to be vanilla from now on. There was no winning with Ariana's twisted desires and her own inexperience with these kinds of things.

This of-course was a bit of an exaggeration, as Ariana does like some kinky stuff, but not anything rough and she is not nearly as 'twisted' as Kate made her out to be. But, Kate is inexperienced and doesn't know what's acceptable or what the results of her actions would be.

As the couple sort of make up and continue their day mostly in silence, things normalize over the next few days.

Ariana becomes more talkative again and seems to forgive Kate.

12 - Moving on

A few days later Ariana has managed to find a furniture reseller who will buy most of her bigger furniture. With that done she makes countless trips on her scooter all over the city to deliver things she sells via Facebook Marketplace. And whatever remains she donates to charity shops and the landfill.

She then talked her landlord into canceling her contract early. To which he agreed in exchange for 3 months rent. She managed to sweet-talk that down to 1 month.

Ariana had left her keys on the kitchen counter a week ago and her first home was a distant memory now.

She has no clue what she wants for herself and seems happy as long as Kate is nearby. Ariana enjoys seeing Kate cheer up when she welcomes her home which encourages her to do it again the next day. Making Kate happy is really what she cares for and Kate seems happy. So Ariana is happy.

Simple, childish logic, as Kate would call it.

A similar logic applies to their sex life, simple excited lovemaking is what they often do. But Ariana wishes she could talk to Kate about her real wants and needs. A problem Ariana has had with every partner she ever cared for. She doesn't really know how to talk about her wants and fantasies.

Kate soon finds a new job in a large hotel. This solves their money worries.

To keep herself busy while she figures out life, Ariana is learning to cook better and more varied dishes. This in turn automatically means she is the household cook. Being usually at home she also does most of the chores and housekeeping tasks. Ariana feels wanted seeing Kate's appreciation and hopes she doesn't notice her slacking off every once in a while. But, as Ariana figures, doing chores is a small price to pay for everything Kate does for her. She provides structure and meaning to Ariana's otherwise 'empty' life.

Kate discovers that Ariana is more of a homey type. Her dislike of the world is often apparent. A couple of times a week she drags Ariana out of the house for some shopping or to have lunch or dinner together and just have some fun and a change of scenery.

More worrisome, Kate thinks, is that Ariana seems to not care much about anything in the world, she follows no news. Doesn't care for politics or anything that's going on in the world. She seems to have a complete apathy towards everyone around her except Kate and some select people. When asked, Ariana asks why she should care about people she knows nothing about. Or worse, get to know people, who inevitably will end up hurting or abusing her. Or about a government that won't take care of its people, or any capitalist company exploiting everything they can for a bit more profit.

A viewpoint that haunts Kate for many nights.

Much to Ariana's relief they never heard from Amy again. She simply vanished from her life. Similarly, John wouldn't be a problem either, the police contacted her for some additional details which she provided and they tried to convince her to show up in person to a court hearing to make an 'extra strong' case. Ariana didn't want to hear it and sent her lawyer instead. Who after a quick trial reported back that John was being put in jail for 5 years on combined charges of kidnapping and abuse against both her and Amy. On top of that he was ordered to pay her legal fees as well as a decent restitution sum. Which put Ariana's mind at ease about future encounters. She and Kate celebrated in town with a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Kate never imagined she could fall in love with a woman but she is happy she did. No man had ever filled her with this kind of happiness.

Likewise, Ariana considered it impossible to fall in love so badly with a woman until Kate saved her.


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