by Adegans

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Storycodes: F/f; FF; bond; shop; armbinder; hood; cuffs; gag; chastity; oral; public; tease; climax; rom; cons; X

This is part of my Ariana series and a continuation of previous events. Taking place a few months after

Each story in this series should (mostly) work on its own but if you want context and some references/characters to make more sense it's better to read them in order.



Who are Ariana and Kate? Ariana Inoue is a cute 24 year old Japanese woman. Like many asian women she has black hair. Lately she likes her hair done up in a braid. She rarely puts on makeup but is fond of eyeliner so she can make cat eyes. Her slender body and cute facial features are the envy of many men and women. Ariana has a small B-cup and is about 140cm tall with a cute butt.

Kate is 26 and is very fond of her 'sexy instagram' look. Her long dark blonde hair looks great on her. Like Ariana, she has a slender body, but unlike her lover she works out in the gym to stay in shape. Secretly she's happy that her body is more toned than Ariana's, just so she knows her working out pays off. Her smooth face looks sweet enough, but she can be bossy and strict if she has to. This gives her a confident and assertive nature. She mostly exercises this power at work though. She stands 175cm tall.

Kate works at a large hotel as a floor manager, dealing with guest requests and coordinating housekeeping and maintenance and things like that. She has been in this kind of work for a few months and is unsure of the career prospects. So far she thinks her job is tiring and intense.

Kate and Ariana are living together in Kate’s flat, which is on the 12th floor of a 20 floor residential tower. They have been in a relationship for a few months.

Ariana has developed into a stay-at-home partner as she's often frustrated with the world around her, mostly based on her earlier life. She only leaves the flat occasionally when she and Kate go out for lunch, dinner or do some shopping. She rarely ventures out alone other than for grocery shopping. As a result Ariana practically has no friends who she knows in real life and most of her 'close' friends are really Kate's friends.

Kate on the other hand is more outgoing, sometimes she teams up with some co-workers for lunch or an after-work drink. But much less so since she met Ariana. She usually rushes home to Ariana so they can enjoy each other, or drive each other crazy.

The two fell in love over a very short period of time after being work buddies for a while and are still working out for themselves what works best for their relationship.

1 - Working process

Ariana and Kate have more or less settled into their new life together. Kate had found a new job a few months ago. She feels lucky at finding a well paying job before she would have disappeared into the unemployment system. She had shown up to the hotel very nervous as she never worked in a hotel before. Let alone as a manager anywhere.

The hiring team had thought that Kate would make a good fit for the position as her experience as a hotel guest and matter-of-fact attitude would be beneficial in resolving customer requests and complaints.

Kate wasn't so sure, but accepted the job on a one year contract and has decided she would give it a year and see how she liked it. Kate loves hotel life, having been a guest in dozens of hotels herself. Now she'd be on the other end of that experience.

Showing up the first day she collected her uniform and felt insecure wearing it until she sent a selfie to her girlfriend Ariana. Who quickly sent back a dozen hearts, complimenting on how sexy it looked on her.

'Sexy?' Kate had asked in a text message.

'It's form fitting and official looking, I love it' came her simple reply.

Hmm, Kate smiles, feeling flattered. Looking at her figure in the small mirror. 'Gotta go now, cya tonight babe xxx!' Kate sent a last reply.

Over the following week Kate had learned all the basic systems of the hotel. How to talk to, and deal with guests from a policy book. It had scripts for every situation Kate thought.

At the end of every shift Kate had felt exhausted but Ariana would be waiting for her at home taking care of her with whatever she needs without fail, every day. At the end of the 3rd week Kate got her big chance. Her trainer had called in sick and she was given the floor to manage by herself. Which she did quite well, albeit a super stressful day.

Hearing Kate ran the floor by herself, Ariana praised her 'promotion' and prepared Kate her favorite pasta and finished with a long shower and fingering each other to orgasm multiple times that night.

Kate didn't do that well the next day at work as she felt tired from Ariana's exertions.

Meanwhile, at home Ariana had set up a simple home office in the spare room and has been looking for work.

The room is a fairly simple setup, they had bought a double desk and two wheeled chairs so Kate and Ariana can both do some work there. Ariana had decorated the room with some small toys and accessories as well as a small plant in the window. She also hung some of her favorite posters to the wall. Her favorite being a big ‘Ghost in the Shell’ film poster. The animated film. Not the one with ScarJo in it, that movie ruined the franchise she thinks.

Left and right from the door she had hung two Ofuda made of paper, protected in a picture frame. One for safety at home and one for finding true love. She had these protective talismans created at a Shinto Shrine. Kate had appreciated the designs and smiled at what they meant to Ariana, thinking of it as a fun superstition. The rest of the room is mostly empty. Some boxes and things stacked along one of the walls. Ariana had found a nice small rug with various pink hues in a line pattern to bring some color in the room. The desks face the window so Ariana can look outside and that's about it.

For her work Ariana had decided that for now she doesn't want any long term commitments and instead wants to do smaller jobs. So that if she gets fed up with her tasks she can easily get out.

In reality Ariana doesn't want a job at all and prefers to be an obedient housewife for Kate. But Kate had insisted she does something useful and earn her keep, but also to keep herself busy during the day.

Ariana had found a few websites where she applies for short contracts making translations, or simple bookkeeping and more office tasks like that. While browsing the available jobs and contracts Ariana discovers there is a bit of a market for Japanese translators. Which she is happy to take on and overconfident she accepts several offers only to find out that translating text from vastly different languages is actually quite hard.

Struggling with four simultaneous jobs she barely manages and complains to Kate every chance she gets until Kate tells her to shut up and just deal with it. Tired of hearing how hard Ariana her life is sitting at home while she works her ass off in a big hotel having actual issues to deal with while making sure they get enough money in.

Ariana falls quiet, miffed at Kate for being so short with her.

She doesn't tell Kate to shut up when she complains about her long days… Not fair, she thinks.

Soon after, Kate is actually promoted and she now runs her own floor at the hotel, without a direct supervisor. Her work schedule is also changed, she is now working Thursday through Monday. This means she has to work the busier weekends, and has Tuesday and Wednesday off, instead of the traditional weekend.

Ariana hates changes in her simple routine and wishes Kate would work normal hours again.

Kate doesn't care too much, she gets paid more and still gets to spend two full days with her lover. Just not on Saturdays and Sundays, but that's fine with her.

Today it’s her day off and Kate does some of their finances this morning while Ariana quietly works on a bookkeeping job she accepted the day before: some company that needs their accounts sorted out before they submit their tax papers.

Kate is looking at what Ariana has been doing recently and notices discrepancies in her income versus the jobs she did in the past few weeks. Or… A lot of it doesn't seem to match with what Ariana had told her.

"Babe?" Kate draws Ariana's attention.

"Hmm?" Ariana sounds.

Kate looks up from her screen, "I think we're missing money…"

"What do you mean?" Ariana asks.

"I remember you told me last week you finished two of your contracts, but there is no income for last week." Kate tries to explain.

"Ehh, ok…" Ariana looks startled.

Kate notices her reaction and gets suspicious. "Ariana? Something you want to tell me?"

"I, I uh, I'll look into it…" Ariana stammers.

"I'm looking into it now sweetie," Kate says, "What's going on? Is the money still coming or how does that work?"

Ariana says nothing, ignoring Kate.

"And here, three weeks ago, same thing. No income." Kate continues. "But I remember you telling me you finished several orders in that period?"

Ariana looks guilty at Kate. "I uh… I missed the deadline."

Kate looks at her, "What does that mean?"

"I don't get paid." Ariana explains.

"But you still do the work?" Kate is flabbergasted.

"Usually yes…" Ariana admits.

Kate doesn't understand. "How does that work baby? Can you explain your process?"

Ariana starts to explain, "Well, I send in the work and if it's approved I get my money."

"And if they don't approve of it?" Kate asks suspiciously.

"Then no money." Ariana looks down at her keyboard.

"But they still have your work? The product you spent hours on?" Kate insists.

"Yea I guess…" Ariana says softly.

Kate sits fuming in silence for a moment. Thinking of a way to call Ariana a dumbass without saying dumbass.

"Babe," She pleads. "If you screw up the deadline or anything they won't approve of, don't send in the work please… Don't work for free, like ever…"

Ariana nods.

"C'mon now, you're not a fucking charity Ariana!" Kate gets angry.

"Kate please, don't be mad, it's fine. Ok?"

"It's not fine, Ariana, if you spend your time on something you need to get paid. Just think about it. Our life costs money, everything costs money, money and more fucking money!" She says. "Just don't work for fucking free, that's all I'm saying!"

And she turns back to her spreadsheet checking the other accounts. Kate sighs, seeing her girl shift in her chair looking uncomfortable.

Ariana sits quietly next to Kate for a few minutes. Not sure what to say. "Kate?"

Kate mmpfs.

"Kate please, don't be mad at me."

Kate looks up, "Is this not your doing?"

Ariana looks sad "I don't make the rules on the site Kate… It's how it works."

"Then don't use that particular site anymore," Kate tells her.

Ariana sits quiet again for a few minutes thinking about what Kate said. "Isn't your salary enough?" She asks with a soft voice.

"That's not the point sweetheart." Kate says, "If you work, you need to be rewarded. That's how the world works. What you're allowing is that they exploit you."

"I understand…" Ariana quietly says. She rests her head on her crossed arms with a sigh staring out the window. "You know, it's not easy. Finding the work and making sure it's a reliable offer."

"I'm sure it isn't. But you can always find a real job if you don't like it." Kate says with anger in her voice.

Ariana says nothing. "I'm sorry Kate. I’ll fix it. Ok?" She finally says.

Kate leans over to Ariana resting her head on her shoulder. "I'm sorry sweetie, I just hate it when people abuse us regular people. It pisses me off." Kate looks at her depressed girlfriend for a moment. "Hey, do you want to go out and get some ice-cream?" Kate changes the subject. "We can go for a walk and get some air?"

"Yeah sure, I'll finish this bit and we can go in a few minutes." Ariana points at a piece of text on her screen.

"Cool, I'll prepare then." Kate slaps her laptop closed and heads to the bedroom to get changed. Kate has put on her knee length shorts with a thin blouse and is wearing leather slippers. She is tidying up the bedroom a bit as Ariana walks in.

"I'm done." Ariana announces. "Where are we going?"

Kate thinks for a moment, "hmm wear something nice, we'll go to the mall."

"Yes boss," comes Ariana’s timid reply. She looks through the closet looking for the dress she bought a few months ago while on their vacation. Finally finding it she quickly changes and makes a simple loose braid in her hair that hangs over her shoulder.

Kate zips up Ariana's dress and notices she's not wearing any underwear. "No underwear?" She inquires playfully.

"Oh, ehh. Is it allowed for me to wear panties?" Ariana asks timidly, remembering from her first boyfriend it's not allowed on dates and Kate had never mentioned it before.

Kate frowns at her. "What do you mean 'it's allowed?'" She is intrigued.

Ariana looks shyly down, "I always thought it's not allowed when I go out on a date."

"Who told you that?" Kate laughs, "What a silly rule."

Ariana admits her first boyfriend had forbidden her to ever wear panties when going out with him.

"But I'm not your first boyfriend sweetie." Kate laughs at her, which makes Ariana feel stupid. Kate then thinks for a second. "But it's up to you, a good underling doesn't wear panties though." She jokes.

Ariana smiles, uncertain if Kate gives her a choice or not but after a moment's hesitation lifts up her dress and slips a thong over her behind.

Kate nods at her approvingly and off they go to a shopping mall in their car and enjoy the rest of the afternoon window-shopping and eating ice cream.

Kate immediately forgets the underwear discussion and how ridiculous it is that Ariana six years later still follows her ex-boyfriend's rules. Instead she focuses on entertaining Ariana and looking at the shops around them.

2 - Double date

The next Monday Kate comes home to an excited Ariana, who's waiting for her at the door. Like she sometimes does when she has big news or something exciting to tell.

"Hey babe, how was your day?" Kate hugs her girlfriend.

"It's fine. I finished a contract today. Look!"

"That's good sweetie," Kate glances at the living room, wanting to sit down.

"Kaahaate, look!" Ariana insists.

Kate looks at her girl seeing her excited look, and looks at the screen of Ariana's phone.

There is a summary of amounts and below it In big green letters: 'Deposit: $4500 - Completed'

Kate blinks in disbelief. "Whoa, That's one job?" she says.

Ariana nods excitedly.

"How long did that take to complete?" Kate asks.

"2 hours" Ariana giggles.

Kate stares at her girlfriend for a moment. "Any more of that? Can I join?" She stammers.

"I dunno, but they offered way too much." Ariana laughs. "So I took the job and it was really easy too."

Kate shakes her head still not really believing Ariana had made her month's salary in two hours and walks into the apartment.

"Kate?" Ariana comes after her.

"Yes?" Kate looks over her shoulder.

"This covers the loss of all the contracts from the other day that didn’t get approved…" Ariana pouts, "I thought it would be good."

"It is honey, it really is." Kate falls down on the cough feeling tired.

"Why aren't you happy then? I thought you would like it." Ariana whines.

Kate looks at her girlfriend and smiles. "Come here baby. Come close…"

Ariana kneels on the floor next to Kate's head.

"I'm really glad you found this and managed to do it so quickly."

Ariana smiles and nods. "Uh-huh…"

"Thanks for making the effort, really. But today was really tiring," Kate continues, caressing the girl's cheek.

Ariana crawls to Kate's feet and takes her heels off. "Wait! I'll help you relax," She promises Kate. She puts Kate’s shoes away. "Here, sit up." And she helps Kate out of her uniform and bra. Throwing everything in the laundry basket.

Kate sits on the couch wearing only her socks and panties as Ariana comes back with one of her sweatshirts. "This is the most comfortable one. Put it on." She pulls the shirt over Kate's head, guiding her hands into the sleeves. As Kate her head pops through the neck opening she kisses her lover on the lips.

They kiss enthusiastically for a bit before slumping next to each other on the couch.

"Thanks sweetie," Kate mumbles. She'll probably never get used to Ariana's silly sense of caring for her.

But it's so sweet… She likes Ariana's attention a lot, every day again she feels desired and it's addictive.

Sitting quiet for a few moments Kate tells about her day and her co-worker who insists on meeting her boyfriend.

"You have a boyfriend?" Ariana frowns.

"Mmhm, I've tried telling her the boyfriend is a girl." Kate smirks. "But I'm not sure she wants to hear it."

Ariana giggles. "So what now?"

"Well, we'll just show up and we'll see what happens I guess." Kate laughs, "It's a double date by the way. She's bringing her boyfriend."

"Oh, who's that?" Ariana wants to know.

Kate explains, "Her name is Chloe, she manages cleaning crews at the hotel. I don't know the guy's name."

"When is it?" Ariana sounds apprehensive. "Why does she want to meet me?"

"I don't know, maybe she's just curious who you are. But I said I would discuss it with you first. So whenever you want, I guess." Kate smiles.

"Oh, right. Tomorrow then?" Ariana suggests, wanting to get this over with quickly. She doesn't feel like meeting new people.

"Yea Chloe also suggested tomorrow." Kate looks relieved Ariana doesn't flat out refuse to go. "I'll call her."

Ariana stares at the blackness of the TV as Kate looks for her phone. Sensing a disturbance in her life.

Kate fishes her phone from her purse to call her friend. "Hello? … Yes, it's me … Fine … Yeah … Yes … Hahaha … Oh, yea, tomorrow is fine … Sure … 6:30PM is good … Yes at our place … Ok … Yes … See you tomorrow."

"I thought we were going out?" Ariana inquires.

"Yes, I insisted on our favorite pizza place so you can have your lasagna if you want. I thought you'd be more comfortable that way." Kate replies.

"Hmm, but they're coming here?" Ariana sounds defensive.

"Only to pick us up downstairs." Kate re-assures her. "6:30 tomorrow."

Ariana doesn't like where this is going. She feels like she's being bought off with lasagna.

The next day Ariana stares at her payment email from a few days before, still with an unreal feeling at the huge amount of money. She spends the whole morning looking for similar high paying jobs but finds none.

Disappointed, she closes down her computer and starts some house chores. Ariana does the laundry and changes the bedsheets. She wipes dust off the TV. On the balcony she rearranges the furniture that had moved in the wind.

All the while she is thinking about tonight. Ariana doesn’t feel like meeting new people and in her mind she has already decided she doesn’t like Kate's co-worker and her boyfriend. Thinking she will be a bitch about their relationship and he will be a dickhead asking way too personal things about being lesbian or something.

Sighing deeply Ariana sits down on the lounge bed that's on the balcony, thinking she should stay home. But she doesn't want to disappoint Kate, who seemed to be looking forward to the dinner date.

Ariana sighs again as she looks over the city.

Kate comes rushing in at around 5:30PM. "Hey babe, where are you? Are you almost ready?"

Ariana, who didn't prepare a thing, sits on the couch reading her book. "What?"

"Our date. Come on, it's almost time." Kate calls out.

Ariana frowns. She hadn't seen Kate this nervous since she went for her job interview.

"Relax Kate… Are you ok?" Ariana asks casually.

"I'm just nervous," Kate admits. "Chloe still doesn't believe you're a girl and thinks I'm joking."

Oh great, one of those, Ariana thinks. But she pretends to Kate it'll be fine.

"You're right," Kate hopes. And hurries off into the bathroom to freshen up.

Ariana sighs and puts her book aside as she walks to the bedroom. Not wanting to put too much effort into the date she starts to apply some eye liner, drawing her favorite pointy lines giving her catlike eyes. She fixes her hair into an off-center loose braid as she noticed a few days ago that Kate really liked it. Tying her hair off she lets the braid fall over her left shoulder admiring the look.

Looking in the closet she decides to wear Kate's black bustier covered by a thigh length black dress. The combination accentuates her small waist beautifully she thinks. For Kate…

She hesitates about wearing underwear and decides since the bustier has cups it’d be fine to wear panties. For footwear she puts on her white sneakers giving her whole attire a casual youthful look.

She twirls in front of the mirror and thinks she'll show those fools what a cute boyfriend Kate has.

Heading to the kitchen she hears Kate come out of the shower and mumbling to herself. Ariana quietly sits at the kitchen table sipping a glass of cranberry juice and waits for her lover.

Kate meanwhile looks for her outfit. She wants to wear something simple and settles on her stone washed skinny jeans with low heels. For a shirt she wears a beige spaghetti top covered by a casual brown jacket. Kinda like she would wear to a business meeting if she'd had her own business, hoping the semi-official look would make her appear more confident.

Calling out for Ariana if she's ready she hears her girlfriend in the kitchen. "Kate, over here, I have juice."

Kate walks into the kitchen and stops dead in her tracks. "Wow! You look amazing, girlfriend!"

"I'm the prettiest boyfriend you'll ever get to show off." Ariana replies mischievously.

"Damn straight you are! I like your hair," Kate compliments Ariana.

Yes! Ariana thinks. Maybe tonight wasn't gonna suck after-all.

They head downstairs and see a young woman pace around outside. Kate opens the door and greets her friend Chloe. Who kisses her on both cheeks as a hello.

Ariana stands to the side looking at the two.

Kate turns to Ariana, "Chloe, this is my partner, Ariana. Ariana, Chloe, esteemed coworker."

Ariana waves at Chloe. "Hi."

Chloe looks puzzled. "And your boyfriend?"

"She's my boyfriend." Kate laughs nervously.

"Oh ok… So it's no joke then?" Chloe looks uncertain.

Ariana hates Chloe already giving her angry looks.

"Where's your man?" Kate sees Ariana's frustration and quickly steers the conversation in a different direction.

"Dunno, he said he would be here…" Chloe says nervously, looking back and forth between Kate and Ariana.

They hear a car door slam and a tall broad shouldered man approaches.

"Jim!" Chloe exclaims. "There you are."

Kate puts her arm around Ariana, sensing her mood. "Be nice ok? Not everyone is as cool as us."

Ariana nods, she clings to Kate with her arms around her waist and says nothing.

Chloe returns, she's pulling Jim along by his arm. "Soooo, this is Jim…" Chloe points at Kate, "That's Kate, and she eh is, eh…" Already forgotten her name.

"Hi girls," Jim interjects. "So we're two men short?" He looks around curiously.

Ariana rolls her eyes with a sigh.

Kate interrupts. "No, we're all here." Shall we go? She separates from Ariana and starts towards where Jim had come from.

"Hello, what's your name?" Jim asks Ariana as they walk towards his car.

"I'm her girl-friend…" Ariana says, emphasizing the word girlfriend.

Jim senses her hostility and laughs jovially at Ariana. "That's cool. I'm Jim, and your name?"

"Ariana" Ariana says thinking Jim is much nicer than Chloe. She looks up to him with a weak smile.

She thinks Jim is very tall, even taller than Kate.

"How tall are you Sir?" Ariana curiously asks.

Jim looks over his shoulder and down on the petite woman, "Me?" He laughs, "Make a guess… And call me Jim please."

"It must be more than two meters?" Ariana giggles.

"Close…" he smirks, "I'm almost two meters tall." He claims.

"Whoa… I'm only 142 centimeters tall…" Ariana says, the top of her head barely raises above his elbow.

Reaching his car, Jim grabs her by the shoulder and bends down to her ear. "But being the little one is useful for a good intimate hug, right?" Seeing her puzzled look he adds, "Like you did just there, when I arrived. Or when cuddling in bed…"

Ariana doesn't know how to respond to that but then thinks he might be right, so she quietly says, "Yea I guess… But I can't reach the cupboard in the kitchen, so I need Kate to help me or I need to climb on a chair… And I'm often on my tiptoes to kiss her." She complains.

"I think that's very cute." Jim assures her, in his mind he's picturing her fumbling around reaching for things needing his help all the time. "I'm sure she's a great help to you!"

Ariana shyly replies "She is…"

And to Kate he jokes, "You should make more of an effort, miss. Lift her up if she wants a comfortable kiss."

Kate hasn't been paying attention to Jim and looks interrupted at the remark and is not sure why he says that but assures him their kissing is fine.

Chloe listens closely to Jim's flirty interaction with Ariana and makes a face to Kate who just awkwardly smiles back, she's not sure what to make of it either.

They pile into Jim's car and head off to the restaurant.

Kate senses how tense Ariana is towards Chloe and hopes she can keep her cool and wishes Chloe would be more fun like Jim. She quietly asks what he meant that she should lift Ariana up. Ariana says he thinks she's cute for being short and that Kate should lift her when they kiss. She just asked how tall he was, she mumbles back.

Ariana leans heavily into Kate on the back seat thinking Jim is friendly but in a weird way.

Jim on the other hand seems to really enjoy himself. He jokes about having to chaperone three women. And jokingly complains about not having someone to talk to about football now. Clearly not caring much about the group's composition.

Arriving at the restaurant they're escorted to their table and they finally get a good look at one another.

Ariana looks quite excellent in her dress with her braided hair hanging over her shoulder, Jim and Kate both really appreciate her look. Kate wishes she had gone for a similar look. She also notices a number of men appreciating her appearance as heads turn, making her feel jealous.

Chloe wears a shapeless baggy full size onesie kind of outfit with a leather belt around her waist. Impractical and clumsy, but it looks comfortable enough. Not something Kate would wear in public she thinks.

Jim had made an effort, his short beard neatly trimmed, he effortlessly pulls off the macho man in a charming way. He's wearing a fancy looking button up shirt and jeans. He reminds Kate of a previous boyfriend who had a similar look to him and she finds it immensely attractive. She can see why Chloe likes him.

The three of them order pizza and Ariana chooses Lasagna. As Kate expected.

Kate pinches Ariana her thigh, feeling around the hem of her dress. She gently rubs her inner thigh. Causing Ariana to sharply breathe in through her nose and shift in her chair nervously, scooting her chair closer to Kate. Kate nods at her lovingly, and holds her hand on Ariana's leg close to her crotch. Ariana looks helpless at Kate but forces a smile, hoping her wine will arrive soon.

"So," Jim starts. "What's the deal with you two? Friends? Girlfriends?" He winks at Ariana and looks curious at the couple across the table. "Chloe said you have a boyfriend, but she," He nods at Ariana. "She, eh, looks way too sexy to be a guy." Then he looks at Kate, "And you, you don't look very manly either."

Jim is unsure which of the two women is Chloe's coworker so he has to address them both and wants to figure it out on his own.

Ariana looks shyly down at the menu and Kate replies. "Oh, but she is my boyfriend… I met her at work." Nodding at Ariana.

Jim laughs, playing along, "Oh really. That's sweet. Let me guess… Lunch buddies first? Or cubicle neighbors?"

Ariana stares at Jim. How does he know that?

Kate laughs, "Oh yes, lunch buddies, I had an office by the time she joined the company. But we really hit it off when she called in sick one day and I invaded her home." She slips her hand higher up Ariana's thigh, lightly touching the edge of her panties.

Ariana steps on Kate's toes and applies pressure hoping to indicate for her to stop.

Chloe asks, "But you're into guys right? I mean, before…"

"I was before catching this cutie." Kate admits looking lovingly at Ariana, slipping the tip of her finger under her panties as she leans closer to Ariana.

Jim compliments the two "Well, isn't that just awesome. Right Chloe? I love it when two people just love each other without a care in the world."

Chloe nods but says nothing and wishes Jim would focus on her instead.

Ariana stomps on Kate's foot and looks away. Kate gets the hint and moves her arm from under the table and fidgets with her fork.

Their drinks arrive and Ariana smells her wine like she sees Kate do all the time. Taking a small sip. Mmmm, that's nice, she thinks smiling.

Kate sees that Ariana copies her moves and smiles inwardly. So cute.

"Ariana? That's Japanese right?" Jim asks.

Ariana nods.

"C'mon don't be shy, talk a little. You're born there?" Jim calls her out.

"Yes, I moved here when I was very young."

"Oh right." He says, and continues "Kon'na orokamono-tachi ni kimazui omoi o sa senaide kudasai. Watashi wa bugai-shadearu koto ni tsuite subete shitte imasu." (Don't let these fools make you feel awkward. I know all about being an outsider.) In a near flawless accent.

"What?" Chloe and Kate call out in unison.

Ariana stares wide eyed at Jim and replies in her native tongue, "Ō? Sugoi! Nihon ni sunde ita koto ga arimasu ka? Doko ni sunde imashita ka? Anata no akusento wa kanpekidesu!" (Wow? Amazing! You've lived in Japan? Where did you live? Your accent is perfect!)

Kate laughs "Hey now, English please. We're not all at a higher level like you two."

Jim continues, "Hah! Your pronunciation is pretty good too. I've lived in Tokyo for eight years before meeting Chloe."

"Sugoi ne!" (Amazing) Ariana says completely flabbergasted. "I'm from Ōita Prefecture."

Jim asks if she still has family there. And where that is.

She says she does, but hasn't heard from anyone for a long time.

And the two talk about Japan forgetting Kate and Chloe who sit there looking at each other.

"So uh, how was your day?" Kate asks Chloe.

"Shhh," Chloe urges, listening to Jim's charming flirty voice as he talks to Ariana.

He has captured Ariana's attention completely and she looks intently at him as he talks about Japan and Chloe hates it.

Kate has never seen Ariana distracted with another person like this and feels jealous. She quietly wraps her arm around Ariana's shoulder holding her close. But Ariana barely responds to it, quickly looking up at Kate before focusing on Jim again.

As the conversation falls silent Ariana looks at Kate and leans into her grinning from ear to ear.

Kate leans in and whispers, "Love you sweetie… Having fun?"

Ariana leans in and kisses Kate on her cheek. "I'm ok Kate. Love you more!"

Chloe doesn't really approve of Kate having a girlfriend. Much less so that Jim seems to like Kate's girlfriend. And she's disappointed at Kate for both. She scoots closer to Jim and squeezes his leg as a hint he's hers and should stop talking about Japanese crap with what's-her-face.

Jim gets the hint and talks to Chloe about her day, which he thinks is boring. Glancing at Ariana every chance he gets.

Their food arrives and they dig in. Kate and Ariana share their portions, but Ariana prefers her lasagna to Kate's ham and mushroom pizza.

Jim thinks his pizza is too small and steals a slice from Chloe while trying to distract her from him doing so.

Ariana refocuses her attention on Kate and their food, she loves the lasagna from this place. And eats big bites while chatting to Kate and Jim about their day. Ignoring Chloe for the most part.

Jim is a language consultant they find out. But he's a bit vague what that means and what he actually does.

Ariana talks about her work and the unexpected payday she's had.

Kate is very relieved Ariana opens up a bit. But is worried she'll never hear from Chloe again after tonight. Looking at the woman across the table who sits there eating mostly in silence paying close attention to what Jim does but doesn't join in for most of the conversation.

As dinner concludes Jim suggests they have a final drink, he insists on Sake and orders a bottle from the bar. The Sake arrives a few minutes later with four little cups and Jim explains to Chloe that she should drink the whole cup and try to really taste it before swallowing.

For some reason Ariana thinks he's trying to impress her. Wondering why he's so friendly and interested in her. Ariana whispers to Kate to just quickly swallow it like you do with vodka shots. Kate nods.

Jim pours four drinks and hands out the little cups. He and Ariana go first and Jim pulls a face as the liquid burns on his throat. Ariana swallows the drink and laughs at Kate. "That's not bad!"

Chloe smells the Sake and thinks it stinks of rice. She then takes her drink and thinks it tastes terrible. She pulls a face and spits it out with Ariana looking disapproving at her.

Kate quickly drinks her cup and swallows like Ariana did. She doesn't really like the Sake and quickly finishes her wine for a better taste.

Jim fills up for another round but Chloe passes. Quickly biting into a piece of leftover bread to try and get a nicer taste in her mouth. Ariana laughs at her inwardly thinking she's an uncultured dummy.

They ask for the bill and head to the car. Jim drives them home and escorts Ariana and Kate to the lobby of their building. With a hearty goodbye he leaves the girls. He bends over to Ariana and whispers "Take good care of your friend, you two are awesome together."

Leaving Ariana with a puzzled look. He singled her out again. Why? "What a strange and nice guy," Ariana quietly says. "But your friend is a bitch."

"Yea he seems friendly enough." Kate says thinking about Chloe and how unenjoyable she was.

"And he knows Japanese!" Ariana is still in awe of that. "How cool is that?"

"Uh-huh" Kate says, lost in thought.

They stand in the lobby in silence, waiting for the elevator. Jim heads back to his car where Chloe waits.

"What a nice couple" Jim starts, looking at Chloe. "Which one is your co-worker again?"

"The blonde." Chloe snips back.

Jim nods, having really enjoyed his evening. Thinking, god damn that Japanese girl was cute. Pity she's not available. He loves Japanese chicks!

Chloe ogles Jim, "You're in a good mood," She says. "Something on your mind?"

If only you knew, he thinks. Picturing Ariana naked in his bed looking longingly at him with her amazing eyes. Then he replies "I just had a good time honey. How about you? Did you have fun?"

"Yeah it was alright." Chloe lies. She didn't have a good time at all thinking her idea for a double date was the stupidest ever.

Kate and Ariana get ready for bed, feeling tired. Ariana keeps talking about Jim and his Japanese. Jim and his excellent accent and how interesting Jim was.

Kate doesn't really want to hear it and wishes Ariana would forget about the guy. Feeling a pang of jealousy every time she hears his name. Maybe she should learn Japanese too to impress her?

Nonsense, she thinks.

"Chloe seemed weird," she interrupts Ariana.

Ariana knows why. "She hates lesbians. Can't stand it…" She claims.

"Why do you say that?" Kate smirks.

"Just look at her, listen to her." Ariana says.

Kate doesn't get it.

"Oh come on. She didn't want to hear I'm a woman and kept assuming it's all a joke. She then told Jim I'm a guy. And she looked angry at me all evening. She hates me."

"She hates you because you stole her boyfriend for the evening, missy."

Ariana abruptly goes quiet. "Hmm… You think?"

"Wouldn't you hate a woman for being more interesting than yourself to your boyfriend?" Kate suggests.

"But he constantly singled me out…" Ariana defends herself.

"Yes, that's true." Kate remembers. Wondering if Jim likes Ariana a bit too much.

The girls take a quick shower, washing each other's hair while playing with the soap and splashing water at each other and head to bed tired.

3 - Indecent proposal

That night Kate can't get to sleep. Ariana had fallen asleep with lots of happy thoughts about an hour ago. But Kate keeps thinking about their dinner and how she got Chloe all wrong. She thought Chloe was cool at work. Always funny and friendly. But now… Not so much. It bothers her that she had misjudged Chloe so badly.

Kate listens to Ariana's breathing. Thinking how lucky she is with Ariana. How unlucky Jim is with Chloe… And her mind wanders what would have happened between Jim and Ariana if they met under different circumstances. Say the year before… They'd probably run off to Japan or something Kate considers.

And Kate would be stuck with stupid Chloe… As if that thought made any sense… She didn't even know Chloe back then. Kate also worries about Jim and how interested he'd been in Ariana. Seemingly uncaring she's with Kate and him dating a woman himself. What's up with that? She thinks.

Kate looks at Ariana and carefully pulls the blanket away exposing part of her naked torso. Oh, she's so nice to look at. She leans in and softly kisses Ariana's shoulder. Scooting closer she drapes herself over Ariana who squirms a bit, mumbling to herself.

Kate sighs and listens to her girl's heartbeat. She often does that. It calms her down in times of worry.

Kate traces her finger around Ariana's bellybutton feeling her lover move under her.

"Kate…" She hears a soft whisper.

Looking up she sees Ariana looking at her. "Hey sweetie, did I wake you?"

"A little, you're hurting my boob…"

Kate moves her head so she no longer squashes her girlfriend's breast. "Better?"

"Yes, thanks." Ariana says, rummaging her fingers through Kate's hair. "Are you ok?" She asks.

Kate sighs and says she can't sleep.

"Again?" Ariana worries. "Still bothered by your friend?"

"Chloe? A little… Actually a lot."

"Oh forget about her. She's a clueless dummy."

"Mmm" Kate agrees. "Why clueless?"

"She has Jim and…" Ariana starts.

Jim, Jim. Fucking Jim. Kate thinks suddenly annoyed. "Please stop talking about Jim all the time." Kate whispers. I don't want to hear it.

Ariana looks down. "But he's very…" She starts as Kate interrupts her.

"Ariana! Please. No more Jim. I'm sick of hearing his name." Kate calls out frustrated.

Ariana pokes her girlfriend in the neck. "You're jealous…"

"Yes… I am." Kate admits.

"Don't be." Ariana tells her.

"What if he comes on to you?" Kate worries.

"Why would he do that?" Ariana laughs softly.

"I saw how you responded to him. All he has to do is speak Japanese and you'll melt for him." Kate assures her.

"If that's what you think we have nothing to talk about anymore." Ariana pushes Kate off of her and rolls on her side with her back to Kate.

Kate 'mmpfs' and traces her finger over Ariana's back, following her spine. "I didn't mean it like that" She mumbles. But Ariana ignores her and falls back asleep moments later feeling upset with Kate.

The next day Kate wakes up early for work and dresses in her uniform. For the 1000th time she remembers Ariana's words saying she looks sexy in it. But she still doesn't see it. Even though it's a nice uniform. She likes the compliment though.

Ariana is still sleeping and Kate lets her be. She writes a short note that she's sorry about being jealous last night and loves her and will be back around 5PM. She puts the note on top of Ariana's phone so she surely will find it and leaves for work.

As the door smacks shut behind Kate, Ariana awakes with a start and after a few minutes saunters yawning through the flat thinking what she'll do today.

She checks her computer and browses through some job offers but there is nothing she wants to or can do. Feeling hungry she wants a donut and decides to get one at the local coffee shop.

On rare occasions she goes out by herself just for a snack or a drink. Usually if she leaves the house it's on an errand or accompanied by Kate. Kate… Her dummy jealous girlfriend, she thinks.

Getting dressed in a pair of basic leggings and a stretchy top she grabs her phone and finally sees the note Kate left her. Smiling at Kate’s sweet words she immediately forgives Kate for being jealous last night and heads out the door and downstairs.

Just as she leaves the building she sees Jim jump out of his car and wave at her.

Ariana freezes momentarily and thinks Uh oh. She waves back and starts moving to the left, away from him.

Jim rushes after her. "Nē, Ariana-chan? Hanashite mo īdesu ka?" (Hey, Ariana-chan is it? Can I talk to you?)

Ariana stops and turns to Jim. As he catches up with her she says "Ariana-des." (It's Ariana). Disappointed he sees her as a kid, or a minor. She dropped the honorific from her name hoping to signal she's an adult and he should respect and treat her like one.

"Oh right, Ariana. Good morning." He smiles at her as he bows but very slightly.

Nope, he even bows wrong, but points for trying. She thinks feeling insulted. Ariana smiles back, hiding her annoyance, "Can I help you with something?"

"Eh… Well, I just missed you and wanted to talk to you." Jim tells her.

"I'm in a relationship, not available." Ariana curtly says sensing where this is heading and continues walking away from the building.

Jim keeps up with her. "I know, but can't we talk? About us?"

"What about us?" Ariana stops again and turns at him looking him up and down.

"Yes, well…" He looks back intently at her.

"Come," she says, "You're gonna buy me a donut."

Jim laughs elated and walks with her to the coffee shop.

As they sit down with a big chocolate donut each Ariana pretends to have forgotten her drink and starts to get up.

"No, no, please… Let me get that for you." Jim rushes to be of service. "What do you want to drink?"

"A small orange juice." Ariana says. Yay, free breakfast she laughs at herself.

Jim rushes to the counter dripping with an eagerness Ariana finds unpleasant. A few minutes later he returns with a large orange juice.

"They had no small cups?" Ariana looks up at the very tall man, she feels very small.

"For you, only the biggest and best is good enough Ariana-chan." He says under his breath.

"Mmhm" she mumbles. Again with the 'chan' she thinks, annoyed he's insinuating she is a child again.

She knows enough, it's a John situation all over again.

John also tried to rush into her life and give up his girlfriend for her… But in an abusive dominant way, Jim has a pleasing quality to him but she finds it annoying and intrusive none-the-less.

Ariana sighs… "Jim, please sit."

He starts to sit next to her but she points across the table.

"I'm not a kid Jim, can you at least address me properly?"

He looks at her, not seeing the problem.

"You're calling me Ariana-chan. Chan is for kids. I'm not a kid." Ariana explains.

"Oh, but 'chan' means little, and you're not a 'san', right?" Jim says, defending himself.

She gives him an angry look and changes the topic. "You're being very rude now, Jim… Anyway, where is Chloe?" Ariana asks.

"Dunno, home I think." Jim shrugs.

"But you're living with her right? Why don't you know?" Ariana insists.

"Do you know where your friend is right now?"

"Of-course I do," Ariana replies. "She's at work. And she'll be back in the afternoon."

"Well, I've been waiting for you to come outside for a few hours." He says. "I have no idea where she is."

Ariana rolls her eyes. "Go back to your girlfriend. Which is not me."

"Yes but…" His voice trailing away.

"But what?" Ariana interrupts.

"…just so I have a place to stay." He confesses.

Ariana stares at him with disdain. "Seriously?"

"Chloe is sweet, I like her. Really I do…" he rushes to say. "…but my life is in Japan."

Ariana says nothing, sipping her drink.

"I'm here for business but your government canceled my visa while I was here."

"So now you abuse the trust and feelings of a woman?" Ariana accuses him. "And you're stalking Japanese women in the meantime?"

He looks at her weird for a moment. "You're right. I'm an asshole…" He continues. "…but I'm also a practical asshole. I know you liked our time together in the restaurant."

Ariana nods. "What woman doesn't like to be surprised in her native language by a charming man…" she says, carefully.

"Right…" Jim looks expecting at her like she should throw herself at him in love at that remark.

Ariana starts to lose her patience. "What do you want Jim?"

"You, I want you! Come to Japan with me as my partner." Jim bluntly states, "I'm crazy about you."

"You don't know me at all. And I told you I'm not available. Plus, didn't you just say you have no visa?" Ariana starts to get up. She's had enough of this moron.

Jim grabs her hand. "Please, a moment. If we're together it'll work because we'd be partners."

"Mmhm," Ariana mumbles and pulls her hand free. "Goodbye Jim-kun, stay away from me or I'll tell Chloe what you're up to."

Jim sits with a frown on his face as Ariana walks away, did she just call him a boy?

Ariana hurries away and sends Kate a message she needs to talk to her. If she can call her soon. She needs to hear Kate's voice and get her opinion or advice.

Seconds later her phone rings. "Ariana? Are you ok?" A worried voice from Kate.

Ariana walks to a nearby bench and sits down. "Oh Kate… You'll never guess what just happened."

"Jim?" Kate guesses.

"How did…" Ariana starts. "Never mind. Yes Jim, he's an absolute asshat. You should tell Chloe."

"Chloe said he's been talking about you nonstop and disappeared this morning. She's very upset with you."

"O…" Ariana is stumped. "How is any of that my fault?"

"What happened?" Kate asks.

"He was stalking around our building." Ariana tells Kate, "He was waiting for me because he needs a Japanese girlfriend to take him back to Japan for a visa. He said he is crazy about me."

"What the fuck…?" Kate exclaims.

"He's only with Chloe because he needs a place to live until he can sort that out." Ariana says quietly.

"Ehhh, ok… So, should I warn Chloe?" Kate considers.

"He bought me a breakfast donut and a drink…" Ariana laughs.

"Ariana! This is not funny." Kate scolds her. "Where is he now?"

"I don't know. I left him at the coffee place. I just thought you should know." Ariana says.

"Hmm" Kate sounds, "But you're ok? He didn't touch you?"

"No, I'm fine. He's desperate, but polite. It's annoying. But what do I do?"

"Good, be careful sweetie. Go home quickly and let me know when you're safe. I have to get back to work, my phone is ringing. Love you!"

"Yes boss, love you more!" Ariana calls out. But Kate has already ended the call.

She rushes home with her donut and quickly gets inside. Looking over the balcony to see if Jim is loitering around. But she sees nobody. His car is still in front of the building, she sends a message to Kate she made it home and warns her to also watch out.

Ariana opens her laptop again and sees a new offer. She reads what needs to be done, and likes the pay. She accepts the translation job and gets to work putting on some loud music forgetting about annoying Jim.

As she finishes her work just past 2PM she sends it in for approval and looks for her next job. Another high paying accounting job like a few days ago.

She carefully reads the description and the reward and decides to give it a go.

Just like last time she finds the fault in the account books in about an hour and sends in the result.

She wonders why someone would pay several thousand dollars for such easy jobs and wishes for more.

Both her jobs are approved and she screenshots the payout amount to show Kate later.

She earned $3750 today… Not bad, she laughs to herself.

Kate gets home with a bag full of little strawberry jam packets and leftover bread from the buffet this morning. She figures the bread would be good for a day or two before getting stale. Free food is never bad.

Ariana comes running at her as she opens the door. "Kate! Kate!" She calls out.

Kate drops her bag and takes off her jacket. "Hey sweetie. You're in a happy mood. Did you push Jim off the balcony?" She laughs.

"No, better. Look, I found another one of those jobs." She holds up her payment for today.

Kate stares at the screen. "Wow," she says. "All for 1 job?"

"Two, but one was only for $150. The rest is for finding a simple accounting error, just like before."

"You'll be a millionaire soon," Kate laughs and they walk to the living room.

Kate wants to hear all about Jim's insane proposal. And laughs at his stupid idea. "What a dork," she laughs. "And now? Did you hear from him?"

"No, but he's probably waiting in the street or something." Ariana thinks.

Kate says that if he comes on to her again when she's alone she should call the cops and make a complaint for harassment or stalking.

That night they eat French toast until their teeth hurt from the sugar, Ariana had made a pile of it from the bread Kate had brought home. And afterwards they chat a little about Jim's stupid plan again and if Ariana should report him to the Japanese embassy.

Kate advises to just forget about it or call the cops if he becomes a nuisance.

Kate realizes she never asked Ariana what her nationality is. To which Ariana laughs. I have dual citizenship. So you can have a threesome with both of me any time you like. They both laugh at the silly idea and head to bed early.

Coming out of the bathroom, Kate feels randy and can't stop touching Ariana. Ariana is more playful today and just jokes around. This frustrates Kate who wants to have sex. After some fooling around and smooching she pins Ariana to the bed and forces herself onto her.

Ariana struggles and giggles playfully at Kate's assault, trying to get back at Kate poking and tickling her. Kate lets go of Ariana and they embrace each other while kissing and fingering. Kate gropes Ariana's breasts and pinches her nipples until she finally gets serious and they finger each other in unison.

Moaning at each other and whispering encouraging and sexy words at each other. Ariana comes first and her body tenses up with a gasp and a moan. While she lays panting on the bed Kate rubs herself to orgasm before falling down over Ariana's torso.

"Fuck…" Kate sighs.

"Indeed" Ariana says.

They both laugh tiredly as Kate gently kisses Arianas breasts nibbling on her nipples before nodding off to sleep. Ariana feels wasted and falls asleep soon after too.

4 - Coming around

A few days after Ariana's encounter with Jim, Kate had sent Ariana on a little errand - To buy a few bottles of wine that were on sale across town. Expecting her to be gone for at least an hour.

Ariana walks back to her scooter with two bottles, she's distracted by a flock of pigeons flying around her and she delays a bit to look at the birds. "Whoa, so many," she mumbles. And thinks she should buy some bread to feed the birds. She loiters around the little park sitting on a bench watching the pigeons before heading home.

Arriving back at her front door she has a strong sense of foreboding.

Opening the door Ariana sees a pair of shoes that do not belong there and hears a vaguely familiar voice.

Who's that, she thinks? It's been ages since they have had an actual visitor.

She walks into the living room and sees Kate and Chloe sit on the couch. They're talking about men.

"But a man has so much more to offer." She hears Chloe say.

"So does Ariana…" Kate replies.

"Still, it's different." Chloe insists.

"Of-course, I'm not saying it's the same experience." Kate sighs.

They had been talking for a little bit when Ariana came home so she's not sure what they're talking about.

Kate had sent her away on the mostly pointless errand to avoid the awkward first moments. She figured if Ariana came home and walked in on them with Chloe already being there, there would be less tension. And she was right.

"Hi," Ariana flatly says as she puts the wine in the kitchen and walks into her home office.

She doesn't want to see Chloe.

Kate waves at her, smiling and looking after Ariana with a longing Chloe can only describe as desperate.

She clears her throat, not wanting Kate to be distracted from her and continues droning on about men and how good it is to have a man.

Kate sits passively across from Chloe only half listening while 'Mmhm-ing' and 'uh-huh-ing' every so often.

Finally she interrupts Chloe, "Just a moment." And practically jumps up and rushes to Ariana. She urgently wants to give her a hug, she feels.

Chloe, miffed at being cut off mid-talk, looks around at a normal house, sees a normal woman, doing mostly normal things. She still can't comprehend Kate is in love with a woman. Let alone living with one. So unnatural, she thinks. She should date a man…

But not wanting to give up on her friend she had decided to try and steer Kate in the right direction. It was why she was here today, to talk about life and relationships.

Chloe is not achieving what she hoped for with her intervention and realizes Kate's flat is just like a normal household. As such she sees nothing really to call her out on as being weird, she thinks of a new angle to pry in their relationship. Chloe thinks Kate is the leader of the couple. Ariana looks much less independent and seems to follow Kate's lead. She thought she noticed that during their dinner as well.

Kate comes into Ariana's room and hugs her girlfriend. "Hi, found the wine deal?"

"Yep, I put the bottles in the kitchen." Ariana says, and whispers. "What is she doing here?"

"She's on a mission I think," Kate whispers back.

"A mission?" Ariana looks surprised.

"I think she wants to fix us." She winks at Ariana. "Let's get out there and show her what's up…"

Ariana shakes her head. "Maybe later."

"Alright, I'll get back then. Join us anytime you feel like it ok?" And she kisses Ariana on her forehead, caresses her cheek and walks back to the living room. Ariana listens to what the women are talking about.

Chloe's thoughts are interrupted as Kate re-appears. "Is she ok?"

"Indestructible!" Ariana smiles at hearing that.

"Is she not joining us?" Chloe wonders.

"Maybe later, she said she has some work to do." Kate lies for her.

Gotta work huh? Ariana thinks. And she focuses on her laptop, looking for accounting jobs.

"So what's up with you two? How does your relationship work?" Chloe leans close to Kate in a sisterly manner.

Kate thinks for a second, "Like any other relationship I've ever had…" She finally says.

"Any other huh? But there is no man…" Chloe interjects.

"Yea, we eat together, sleep together. We fuck, we fight… Same as every other relationship." Kate says.

Chloe shakes her head quietly. "You two should date men," She finally blurts out.

"No we don't." Kate says getting frustrated. "Why can't you accept that we love each other Chloe?"

"It's not natural." Chloe says. "How does the species survive with people like you…"

"Whoa, whoa, if you're going to be like that, you better leave." Kate says pointing at the door.

Ariana hears bits and pieces of the conversation and hears Kate getting upset. Time for some backup she thinks. She comes out of her room and heads for the kitchen. "Want a drink Kate?" She ignores Chloe.

"Ehh, yes. Pineapple please."

Ariana gets two glasses of juice and sets them on the living room table taking a big swig.

She sits next to Kate leaning heavily into her, resting her head on her shoulder.

With her free hand she squeezes Kate's arm reassuringly behind her back.

"What are you talking about?" she asks innocently, finally acknowledging Chloe's presence.

"Chloe here thinks we're unnatural," Kate scoffs.

"Oh? How so?" Ariana inquires.

Chloe looks uncomfortable, sensing a setup. "I uh, just think women dating women is not natural." She carefully says.

"Apparently we're ruining the human species." Kate laughs.

"We're already ruined as a species… So we might as well enjoy ourselves while we last." Ariana assures her.

Chloe looks surprised at Ariana, "What do you mean? We're not ruined…"

"Yes we are, just the mere fact that you are so intolerant to us being gay says it all… Why can't you be understanding, or at least indifferent about us. Aren't you Kate's friend?" Ariana looks at Chloe accusingly. "On top of that," she fumes, "it's a fucking mess in the world everywhere you look. How are we thriving as a species?" Ariana snaps at Chloe.

"But…" Chloe starts.

"You don't have to like our choice… Just be Kate's friend, or not. What do you care if she likes me," Ariana asks in an upset voice.

"But…" Chloe tries.

"Take yourself for example," Ariana interrupts her again.

Chloe looks puzzled, "Me?"

"Yes you, the dumbass who can't even choose a trustworthy partner. How are you better than us two?"

"Jim's trustworthy…" Chloe says.

"Oh yea? Didn't you hear? He's in trouble with the Japanese government and only fucks you because he needs a place to stay. Just ask him and tell him I told you."

Kate listens intently to Ariana berating Chloe but says nothing. Go girl, she thinks, curious where Ariana is taking this.

Chloe sits quiet for a moment looking helplessly at Kate who is focused on Ariana. Then she says, "What the hell are you talking about? Jim loves me."

Ariana's immediate response hits hard. "Maybe he does, but two days ago he was ready to run away with me so he could get back to Japan. Just ask him. So, until you figure out your own shit don't come into our house and judge us OK?"

Chloe says nothing and stares at her knees. Kate listens to Ariana rage and is surprised at her fierce words but also proud of her girl for standing up for them so strongly. She thinks Ariana hit the nail on the head with her little rant.

Ariana looks at Kate. Kate mouths 'enough'.

"So ehh." Kate tries to break the tension. "Chloe, want a drink too? Some wine perhaps?"

"I better go," Chloe says softly and gets up.

Ariana laughs after her. "Not how you thought things would go huh? Trying to fix the freaks…"

Kate looks at Ariana with a stern face and shakes her head. Indicating she should shut up now.

Ariana looks out the window with her drink and thinks Chloe is a terrible friend to Kate.

Chloe and Kate enter the hallway and Kate quietly apologizes for Ariana's rant. Saying she went a bit too far perhaps.

"No, she's right." Chloe says dejected. "And I'll go find out about Jim. Sorry about everything."

"Hey now, don't feel bad…" Kate says. Grabbing Chloe's arm. "Most people don't get why we are who we are. Plus, I was gonna tell you about Jim in a more subtle way soon. Don't feel bad for his deception ok? If you need to talk, just call me."

"Thanks." She sniffles, "I'll be fine. We're still friends?"

Kate nods. "Of-course, but don't screw with our lives ok? If you can't deal with our sexuality that's your problem. Don't bother us with that."

"You're right, I’m sorry for prying. I'll see you at work then." They briefly hug and she's out the door.

Kate rushes to the living room.

"She's gone?" Ariana looks behind Kate, ready for a fight.

"Yep, and I doubt she'll ever be back. You destroyed her…" Kate says with a frown.

"Serves her right." Ariana says harshly.

"Oh come now. She's alright. Don't be so hard on her." Kate says.

"I don't like her."

"I think she'll change her mind… Chloe knows you were right."

Ariana laughs. "And of-course you offered to help her?"

"She's my friend Ariana, I have to."

Ariana pulls a face.

Kate urges Ariana to be nice to her next time.

"But…" Ariana wants to argue.

While Kate and Ariana get into a fight over Chloe, Chloe gets out of the elevator downstairs and has her own struggle. She sinks down on the bench in the lobby thinking about what Ariana said. Is Jim really stranded and only with her until he can get a visa? Ariana sure seemed convinced of it… Surely he'll take her with him right? She worries. And then, what is she gonna do in Japan?

She sighs, her head full of worries.

What of them as a couple? Chloe thinks Kate is cool, and after Kate had explained how people are always attracted to Ariana for some reason just like Jim was. Kate admitted she often is jealous because of it. Chloe thought Ariana seems so sweet if you look at her, but she's crazy fierce under her cuteness.

She decides she should make up with Ariana sometime and try to be friends with the couple. Give it another shot.

5 - Party preparations

A few weeks later Kate is planning a little get together for some of her friends. Ariana can invite people too if she wants but she's not really up for having people in the house and most of her few friends are online and live far away anyway.

Kate insists it'll be good to see some different faces every once in a while and tells Ariana to help out and meet some of her friends. Ariana obeys Kate's wishes without too much protest and a few days before the party asks Kate if she's not nervous. Kate admits she is a little nervous, but more about if the party will be fun than anything else. Ariana on the other hand is super nervous because other than Chloe she doesn't know any of the people personally and Chloe is a bitch she thinks.

Her nerves trip her up so bad that Ariana convinced herself that Kate's friends will either reject her or be weird about her being Kate's girlfriend. Ariana doesn't mind telling people she's with Kate. But she hates having to deal with people's ignorance about it.

Kate is not so worried about that, she invited only a handful of people and they all know Kate has a girlfriend or is dating a woman.

"I'll handle it sweetie, don't you worry. Trust me ok?" Kate comforts Ariana.

And she changes the subject, "I know you've been practicing making cakes or something… If you're making something like that for the get-together, can you make something for six guests?"

Ariana nods, "You don't know if it's a cake! Maybe I'm making something else." She sticks out her tongue.

No you're not, Kate thinks. She knows her lover. It'll be some kind of fruity cake.

"6 including us?" Ariana asks.

Kate winks at her, "8 Including us, babe."

Ariana looks relieved. Only six idiots to ignore for the day…

Kate says she's going to check on the mail and heads downstairs so she can secretly call the invitees without Ariana hearing it. She doesn't want any awkwardness so it's time for some forewarning.

She calls Chloe first and reminds her of the party. Chloe says she's kept the day free and thinks she found a way to make friends with Ariana. She also casually asks if Ariana is OK with her coming and if Kate has an idea for a little gift for Ariana.

"Ehh," Kate wonders. "She's into baking lately. Cakes and stuff. I dunno. Maybe a recipe book or something. Or if you want to be all practical, maybe a book voucher or something, she reads tons of action thrillers lately."

Kate doesn't really know what a good gift would be as she's not really the gift-giving type. Kate and Chloe chat for a little bit and Chloe promises to be there a bit early so she can appease Ariana.

She had also invited some of her older friends. Garret and Barry from her old job where both she and Ariana worked for a few years. Her sister Lisa is coming too and two of her gym buddies, Dana and Sheila.

Lisa knows all about Ariana but hasn't met her yet as she lives in a different city and rarely meets her sister.

Garret knows Kate is dating some girl and suspects it's Ariana but doesn't really know how serious they are or that they have been living together. They haven't talked for ages. Kate briefly explains she had found a great lover in Ariana and the two have been living together for a few months now but that she is very nervous about meeting Kate's friends.

"That's Ariana from the office?" Garret calls out.

Kate confirms and is greeted with a cheer.

"Nice catch girl!" Remembering how cute Ariana looks. "I've always wondered what happened to her."

Kate tells him he can find out soon then.

"You're right! Hah, that's exciting to see her again." Picturing her hot look from seeing her at the office in his head.

Next she calls Barry who is busy with his accounts so doesn't really have time to talk. Kate summarizes her worry. Barry is not at all enthused with hearing that Kate's girlfriend is nervous about meeting him but promises he will leave her alone.

Finally Kate calls Dana, who happens to be with Sheila, and warns them about Ariana being nervous as hell.

Dana snorts. And when Kate asks what's funny about that she hears them both laugh.

As Kate rolls her eyes she hears that she need not worry as they completely understand and Kate doesn't need to worry.

Hanging up Kate doesn't understand why the women laughed at her, she heads back upstairs and reunites with Ariana. "No mail today." She reports.

"And that took you 35 minutes to find out?" Ariana smirks.

"Yeah." Kate casually responds.

A few days later it's party day. Kate sits up in bed and sees Ariana is already up. The flat smells like a bakery.

Instantly feeling hungry she puts on a shirt and wanders to the bathroom for a pee. Coming out she follows her nose to the kitchen where she surprises Ariana who squeals in surprise when Kate grabs her around the waist.

Kate laughs and kisses Ariana on her nose. "Morning sweetie, what are you making?"

"A secret! You'll see soon!" And she pushes Kate out of the kitchen, turning away to prepare a tray for breakfast.

Ariana had found a recipe for apple pockets. Thinking it'll do nicely for a party snack she pours juice and peeks around the kitchen door seeing Kate enter the bedroom again.

She shuffles to the bedroom with her tray following her lover.

"Gooood morning baby!" Ariana exclaims putting the tray on bed. "Look, I learned to make apple pockets! I think they're delicious. I also brought orange juice!" She points at the plates.

Kate looks at the simple breakfast and smells the sweet apple aroma. "Mmmm babe, that smells awesome. Come sit, let's try it." She firmly hugs Ariana and they sisterly sit next to each other as they bite into the fruity snack.

Kate compliments Ariana that they're better than the ones from the coffee shop nearby.

Ariana pokes Kate in her side, "They're not! You're just saying that."

"I'm serious, they're really really good." Kate mumbles with her mouth full.

Ariana laughs, pleased that Kate likes her efforts.

They eat, make little jokes and talk about what they remember of the dreams they had last night. Kate never remembers much of her dreams only if it was a good dream or not, but Ariana thinks she will meet a friend tonight. She saw it in her dream.

During the morning Ariana finishes up some work and helps Kate clean the flat.

They decided to keep it simple and just put some small snacks on the kitchen table. Ariana has baked 14 more apple pockets. If anyone would stay for dinner they would order a stack of pizza or something and call it a day.

6 - Making a friend

Around 2PM Chloe shows up. A bit early hoping to catch Ariana alone so she can talk to her. Kate welcomes her friend at the door and she hugs Chloe. "Come in, Ariana is in the living room."

They walk to the living room where Ariana is making the final preparations.

Chloe sees Ariana and greets her, "Hi, how are you?"

"Hi Chloe," Ariana greets her. "Want something to drink?" Ariana still remembers Kate's strict orders to be nice to Chloe. But she finds it difficult to put on a smile.

"Thanks. What do you have?"

Ariana points to the table, "Look, it's all there."

"A coke please. Hey, can I talk to you?"

Ariana looks uncertain at Kate who nods encouragingly and shoos her to her home office. "Ehh, sure, in there?" She points at the room.

Kate winks at Chloe while the door buzzer sounds.

Ariana and Chloe disappear into the other room and Chloe sits on Kate's chair.

"So?" Ariana asks carefully "What's up?"

"Ariana, I'm sorry for last time. I was out of line." Chloe simply blurts out so as not to lose Ariana's attention with long winded explanations.

Ariana looks at her with a pained face. "That's alright. Nobody ever gets us."

Chloe senses a deep rooted frustration in Ariana and smiles empathically at the girl. "So uh, Kate insists you're the best thing to ever happen to her. And seeing her being happy I trust her judgment." She continues. "Being lesbian must be worth it huh?"

Ariana sits quiet, unsure what Chloe is trying to say. "And to sort of make up for last time I got something for you, if you'll have it." She pulls a nicely wrapped gift from her purse and hands it to Ariana.

Ariana takes the gift and feels it's a book or something.

Chloe says with a disarming smile. "I'm not sure if it'll change anything between us, but consider it a peace offering. Kate tells me you like to read."

Ariana carefully unwraps the item and sees it's indeed a book. In Japanese. 'The devotion of Suspect X' The title reads.

"Whoa," Ariana gasps. "Where did you get this? It's in Japanese…"

"I found it on Amazon, but I think they got it straight from Japan." Chloe says, "It arrived this morning… Almost too late." She grins.

Meanwhile, Kate picks up the intercom phone and hears Garret on the other end. "Open up woman! Party squad coming in!"

She presses the door button and a few minutes later hears a racket at the door, Barry and Garret are drumming their hands on it.

Kate calls out. "Ok ok! I'm coming!!"

"Sup Kaaaaaate!" Garret calls out. "How's my favorite blonde?"

Kate laughs at his exuberant energy "Hey guys. Welcome. Come in."

Barry, more reserved, quickly hugs Kate and says he missed seeing her.

She invites the men into her home and shows the table with snacks and drinks Ariana had prepared. "Have at it. I think it's two for each." She grins.

"Where are the others?" Garret asks.

"Eh, my friend Chloe is already here. She and Ariana are sorting some stuff out. And the others should be here soon." The three sit down and Kate starts. "How have you…"

Bzzzt the door buzzer sounds, interrupting Kate.

Kate picks up the intercom again and hears Lisa, her sister. "Hey sis, come on up, doors open!"

"Sorry about that." She turns back to Garret who has his focus on Barry as they talk about last night's football match, both had found a beer.

Oh, ok. She thinks. And she heads on to check on Ariana. Peeking around the door she sees Ariana sit on her chair listening to Chloe. That looks calm enough, and she heads to the front door to receive her sister.

Lisa arrives and kisses her sister on the cheek. "Hey heeey! Long time no see sis."

Kate and Lisa do not see each other too often as she lives in a different city a few hours away. But they call each other from time to time and have an ongoing chat in messenger.

Pretty much like Kate has with Garret and Barry. Sometimes nobody says a word for weeks. Other times they lose an entire evening or lunch break talking to each other.

Lisa spots Barry and eyes him up and down. "Hi, I'm Lisa. Kate's sister." She says breathless.

He shyly replies, "I can tell. You look just alike." Clearly meaning she's as hot as Kate.

Lisa doesn't pick up on it but shakes his hand and doesn't let go. Infatuated by his appearance.

"Hi, I'm Garret," Garret tries to interrupt them. And only gets a passing glance and hello back.

Ariana meanwhile sits down in her chair and tells Chloe she didn't have a Japanese book for many years.

"I don't know if it's actually good but some reviews say it's very popular. I can't read it of-course." Chloe smiles, pleased she picked something Ariana likes.

"Thanks. It's perfect." And she leans in to hug Chloe.

"Let's go meet the others," Chloe says, "I think someone just arrived."

"I'll be out in a minute." Ariana says distractedly, flipping through the book with a dreamy grin.

Chloe leaves her alone thinking she's a weirdo, but her gift has worked and she finds Kate at the door.

"Hey spy girl…" She says softly. "Ariana will be out soon."

"I need her now…" Kate whispers back desperately. "What is she doing?"

"She's, eh, busy. Leave her be for a few minutes. She'll be out in a bit, she said."

"Fine, but then you have to help me… It's going off the rails already."

Chloe laughs. "Sure thing, want me to run interference on that guy?" She nods at Garret.

Kate looks at Lisa who sits with Barry in the corner quietly talking. She's still holding his hand and smiles endlessly at whatever he's whispering to her.

Garret on the other hand is looking bored and tries to get Barry's attention in between playing on his phone.

"Yea he looks like he can use a friend. That's Garret, I'll introduce you." Kate feels a bit stressed with Ariana having sort of disappeared.

bzzzt bzzzt bzzzzzzzzt

Kate motions Chloe to Garret as she turns around to answer the door. "Yes?"

"Hey Kate, got space for two more?" Dana her voice sounds.

"Sure, come on up. 12th floor." Kate laughs. And she opens the door.

Chloe feels awkward, not knowing any of the people and instead heads for the balcony to look at the city view. She grabs another coke on her way out and admires the buildings in the afternoon sun in the distance.

Ariana is lost in her book. Reading Japanese is always so much fun and now she has a real book with a real story. Not those boring texts she translates regularly. She almost finishes the first two chapters before remembering there was something of a get together going on in the flat.

Finally Ariana comes out of her room and is greeted with a cheer from Garret.

Lisa also forgot she's at a party and in the company of six other people, she only has eyes for Barry. Likewise Barry's focus is on Lisa and didn't even notice Ariana joining the room.

Garret notices this and laughs at his friend. "Look at that fool," he laughs at Kate. "Smitten by beauty." He winks at Kate. "I think you need to find a new sister, she's going with him. Just you wait!" He laughs again.

Kate sees the dreamy look in Lisa's eyes and wonders what he's telling her.

7 - Party talk

Kate steps over to Ariana and rubs her shoulder and asks if she's alright.

"Yes, look what Chloe got me." She clutches her new book.

"What's that?" Kate asks.

"A Japanese novel… In Japanese." Ariana whispers excited. "Look." She flips through the pages showing the foreign language.

"That's nice," Kate smiles. "Do you like it?"

"I love it!"

Kate squeezes her arm and motions her to Garret. "You should talk to Garret, he's very curious about you." And she heads for the door to welcome Dana and Sheila.

Ariana looks at the unknown man. "Garret?" She asks.

"There she is! The mystery girl!" Garret calls out. "How you doin' Ariana?"

"Hi. Ehhh. Hello? I uh, who are you?" Ariana stutters.

"I'm Garret, from the office. I work on the floor above where you used to work."

"Oh ok, nice to meet you." She doesn't remember him.

"Hey Ariana? How are you?" Garret asks again, not realizing she does not recognize him.

"I didn't know you and Kate were friends." Ariana says.

"Oh, we're more like work buddies I'd say. But for many years now. Since you guys made a run for it we've been talking via messenger every now and then."

"Ah," Ariana says. Thinking that's probably why she can't remember him.

Garret guides Ariana to two chairs, "Come, let's catch up. What do you have there?" And they sit down.

"My book, look. Chloe got it for me." She shows the book to Garret who flips through the pages.

"But it's encoded…" He laughs. "Must be a mystery novel."

Ariana explains it's Japanese.

"I know," He winks at her. "But to me it's like encrypted. So what are you up to these days?"

Ariana hesitantly tells him she abandoned her old job and now works from home. Doing contract work.

"No shit," he exclaims. "And Kate? You're living here together?"

"Yes we do." Ariana smiles dreamily. "She, eh, I love her. So you know about us right?"

"Kate mentioned she had the sweetest girlfriend but I didn't know it's you…" Garret says.

Ariana goes along with his energetic friendliness but has no idea who she's talking to. She's sure she never saw him at the office. "Why am I the mystery girl?" Ariana asks after some chit chat.

"Everyone at the office knows about you two." He confides in her. "But nobody 'really' knows anything." He says air quoting the word 'really'.

"What do you mean with; everyone knows about us?" Ariana asks, intrigued.

Garret leans close and in a conspiring voice says, "Well, look at yourself. You're cute and asian, right? And Kate is, well, she looks like an instagram model. Every guy at any office anywhere in the world knows who and where the hotties in the building are."

"Oh…" Ariana says shyly. "Just like in school…" She never considered being so visible herself.

"Right, well, don't take it the wrong way. Just telling you how it is…" Garret continues.

Ariana doesn't understand what he's trying to say. "Ok, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, first you disappear, mystery numero uno. Then Kate disappears for a week or so."

"Yes?" Ariana hangs on to his words.

"Then suddenly she's back and makes a huge scene, fighting with the bossman and the mail girl before running away with a box of stuff. Nobody knows what's going on, and poof, you two never show up again."

"So, that, and mystery dos… Kate never told me you're her new partner…" He rushes to add.

Garret tells a twisted truth as all he knows is hearsay and Kate's version of events.

"They fought?" Ariana is amazed at hearing this.

"Weeell, maybe not fighting, but you know. As far as an office and quitting goes it was pretty intense. She was shouting and everything." Garret laughs.

Ariana frowns. She doesn't really get it and that doesn't sound like what Kate had told her. "And after?" She asks.

"After Kate left?" He laughs.

Ariana nods.

"Bossman was super upset about you two abandoning him. His precious eye-candy gone, HR was on his ass for misconduct too." Garret laughs again. "You two caused a big stink and it took weeks to calm down."

"Oh, and Kate knows this?" Ariana looks in disbelief.

"Oh yea, I think I told her a few months ago. She was there herself too, just before she quit. She hated how they talked about you, I think that was the final straw for why she quit. All the gossip about you two."

Ariana considers Garret's words. The office in turmoil? She didn't believe that. And Kate never told her. Hmm.

"What gossip?" Ariana asks, she knows nothing of this.

Garret looks doubtful, unsure if he should tell her. And just at that moment Kate enters the room escorting two young women into the living room, distracting Garret as he sees Dana. Rushing to meet her.

Lisa glances at the new arrivals and waves. She also notices Ariana and finally finds a moment away from Barry. "Get us some drinks darling, I'll be back soon." She whispers to Barry. Barry nods at the woman and can't believe his luck. A clone of Kate, and she likes him…

Ariana sits quietly on her chair thinking about what Garret said. And wonders why Kate never told her the full story. She feels very confused and is lost in thought when Lisa sits down next to her, "Hi, how are you? Ariana right? Nice to finally meet my sister's girlfriend."

"Hi, You're Lisa?" Ariana asks shyly.

"I saw your picture, but my gosh you're so much cuter in real life. I can see why Kate loves you so much."

Ariana giggles shyly. She looks at Lisa for a few moments thinking Lisa looks like Kate's older twin but with darker hair. She finds this also confusing.

"Right, can't you tell?" Lisa pulls a face.

"I think so," Ariana smiles. "You look good Ka… eh, Lisa. How are you?"

Lisa frowns at Ariana almost calling her Kate. "Hey, we should talk soon, ok? Kate said you made some awesome snack, let's try it together."

"Sure." Ariana mutters.

Lisa leaves Ariana and heads back to Barry where they continue their quiet talks.

Dana and Sheila come say hello to Ariana and Garret. "Hey girlie, there you are. Finally we meet the girl Kate can't shut up about." She smiles at Garret, "Hello, how do you do?"

Garret looks at Shiela and Dana thinking Dana has great energy and greets them energetically, as he does everything.

The two look Ariana up and down and Sheila whispers loudly to Dana "She's cute, can we keep her?"

Ariana giggles a bit at their playful little show.

Kate hears Sheila plotting to steal Ariana and jokingly tells her "Hands off, she's mine."

"But Kate," Dana argues. "Don't you think she'll look nice in our kitchen?"

"Or in mine…" Garret tries to be funny. His addition not landing he wanders off with a frown to find a drink.

The girls laugh and Dana and Sheila head to the snacks table to look for beer. "What are these?" Sheila asks Ariana. She points at the apple pockets.

"Those are apple pockets, I made them this morning."

"Oh, I love apple. Can I have one?" Sheila asks Ariana, but looks at Dana.

Ariana nods, "They're really good."

Dana interjects. "Just wait for a bit Shiela. You just had lunch. Get us a drink instead, will you?"

Sheila looks disappointed but obeys her friend and grabs two beers. "Where do we sit?"

Ariana guides them to the couch and the three sit down, Dana and Sheila talk about 'leg day' and Ariana feels a bit like a 5th wheel in their conversation. She's not into sports or gym stuff.

Garret re-joins the girls with a beer, he knows all about leg day too, or so he claims. But he can't really seem to connect with the two young women. He's brotherly sitting next to Ariana, trying to figure out if he likes Dana or not.

"Tell me about the office and the rumors…" Ariana curiously says to Garret.

"Ehh… Better if you ask Kate honey." It's not really my place, Garret evades answering.

Ariana looks upset. Kate didn't tell her. Garret won't tell her. She feels like she's being left out on a big secret.

Kate goes to find Chloe and notices her alone on the Balcony. "Hey, there you are. Are you ok?"

"Yea I'm fine, just enjoying the view."

"Not in the mood for a talk with the others?"

"Oh, that's alright. I don't know any of them anyway."

"I see," Kate says. "I didn't really consider that."

Chloe says not to worry.

Kate tells her that if she needs a friend, she thinks Garret needs a friend also.

They look out over the city for a few minutes. Kate thanks Chloe for making up with Ariana. Telling her the gift is very much appreciated.

Chloe is pleased to hear that and hopes they'll be friends. Kate is sure Ariana will not forget about her.

Kate heads back inside and casually inquires with Dana what she meant with keeping Ariana.

Dana pulls Kate aside. "Jealous little goof… Sheila and I are just playing around to put her at ease. We're just like you two you know? You've never noticed?"

Kate blinks… No she didn't. Dana playfully punches Kate's shoulder. "Well, now you know, fellow womanizer."

But unlike you guys we're not living together yet.

"Oh right." Kate feels ignorant. "I never thought you two were a couple. And we've been friends for what? Four years?"

"Yea something like that." And she calls out to Sheila, "See, she didn't know."

Sheila shakes her head. "Pity, but can we finally have our foursome now then?" She laughs at Kate's silly face.

Chloe hears their innuendo laden conversation and frowns. Apparently she's the only normal woman here. Kate has some weird friends.

Dana and Sheila retract to the drinks table trying to one up each other while drinking one beer after another. 

Garret sees a lonely damsel on the balcony and heads outside, leaving Kate alone with Ariana. Kate leans onto Ariana who's still holding on to her book.

"I'm tired Kate," She whispers.

"They're a busy bunch," Kate agrees. "Wanna lie down for a bit?"

"Yes but we still have so many guests."

"You choose babe. I can handle them for now, go lie down for a nap or something, maybe just 30 minutes or so?"

"Tell me about work Kate? Garret said they're talking about me and us?"

Kate looks caught and swallows nervously, "Ehh… Not today sweetie. It's just a bunch of bullshit anyway."

"Why didn't you tell me before?" Ariana looks up at Kate.

"Because it's just a bunch of hurtful crap. I don't want you to be hurt. I'll tell you if you really want to know, but now is not the time." Kate assures her.

Ariana nods and mumbles something followed by a 'thanks boss' and rushes to the bedroom, thinking that maybe she doesn't really want to know about the office.

Dana sees Ariana head into the bedroom and winks at Kate. "Is she ok?"

"Yea just a bit tired, she's been busy all day." Kate covers.

"Uh-huh… These apple things are great!" She compliments Ariana's baking skills. "Did she just call you boss?"

Kate looks caught at Dana, "She does that yes…"

Dana winks knowingly at Kate but says nothing.

"Can I have one now Dana? Please please!" Sheila interrupts with a whiny voice. She loves apple and seeing Dana enjoy her snack without her frustrates her.

"Sure silly, You can have two." And she pushes one of the snacks in Sheila's mouth.

Barry can't stop looking at Lisa. He doesn't care about apple pockets. He forgot all about Kate and Ariana or his friend Garret. Or that indeed he is at a party. His entire world revolves around Lisa at the moment. Lisa likewise is completely infatuated with Barry.

"Do you want to go for a drink somewhere quiet?" He asks Lisa, "Did you book a hotel yet for the night? Or do you want to come to my place?"

Lisa replies she was planning on staying with Kate. But if he'll have her she gladly goes with him instead.

Minutes later Barry is ready to leave, he is eager to have Lisa all to himself. He's feeling extremely lucky he found her, having lusted after Kate's looks for years and now he has her lookalike sister…

"Just a minute, I have to say goodbye…" Lisa tells him.

Lisa goes to find Kate and makes her excuses. She really likes Barry and she's going with him to his place.

Kate whispers at her to be careful and call if she needs a rescue. But also to have fun.

Lisa asks her sister to tell Ariana she wishes she had more time to talk to her, and promises she will be back sometime to properly meet her.

She then sees Barry beckon at her and she rushes after him as he waves goodbye at Kate, he forgets to say goodbye to Garret and practically drags Lisa with him thinking about the night ahead.

Downstairs they hail a cab and head to Barry's place in the city center.

"Well, that was weird." Kate thinks. She didn't get to talk to either of them at all. She looks out at the balcony and sees Chloe and Garret finally found each other.

Garret had indeed found Chloe, "Sup, who are you? I'm Garret."

"Hi Garret," Chloe says. "Chloe," she introduces herself.

"You're here by yourself? You look a bit lost…"

"Yea uh, it's ok. I sort of wandered in. Nobody notices me though. But seriously, I only know Kate and Ariana. It's a bit lonely to be honest."

"Fear not ma'am, Garret is here. At your service."

Chloe giggles.

"Did you bring a girlfriend?" She asks, motioning at Dana.

"Ehhh, weeell, my wifey was a bit annoying on the way over. So I put her in trunk for now." Garret jokes while showing he has no ring on his finger.

"Oh really," Chloe laughs. "So you're available then?"

"Yes ma'am. Want a drink? I know a great bar nearby…" He points at the kitchen.

Chloe giggles again and tells him to lead the way. He gracefully takes her hand and guides her to the kitchen to steal some of Kate's cheap wine.

"How about this?" He holds up a supermarket wine. "Find some glasses and I'll meet you back on the balcony in a minute if you dare." And he wanders away to find Kate to ask if he can borrow the bottle.

Kate meanwhile bites into another apple pocket. They're really good, she thinks. Ariana should make stuff like this more often.

"Katiekate!" Garret interrupts her thoughts. He bends over as if to tell her a big secret.

"What's the deal with her?" He motions at Chloe in the kitchen.

Kate looks in the direction he gestures in, "Chloe? She's a lost soul with a dumbass 'boyfriend' in need of a good one."

"A dumbass huh? In need of an ass-kicking?"

"Yea something like that. A reminder about values and manners will probably suffice."

"I see." Garret says with a serious look. "And in need of a friend you say?" His interest triggered.

"Yea a cheer her up and rescue her kind of friend."

"Aha! I'll put on my big boy cape then… And and and up and awaaaay" Garret calls out as he strikes a superman pose. "Oh, and I'll need this, I'll get you another one. OK?" He holds up the wine.

Not waiting for a response he follows Chloe to the balcony where they sit down and talk, properly introducing themselves.

Kate joins Dana and Sheila who are playing games with each other again. Dana is teasing Shiela for her 2nd apple pocket. Having her bite at it as Dana keeps pulling it away at the last second.

"You girls having fun?" Kate asks.

Dana laughs and assures Kate that free drinks and snacks are always fun. Sheila sees her chance and bites a huge chunk from the snack Dana is holding.

"I win!" She mumbles with her mouth full.

"Crap," Dana says and pinches Dana's nose.

Kate looks at the girls playing and thinks she and Ariana do that kind of stuff too sometimes. Wishing Ariana would join them. "You two have fun now," And she walks away to check on Ariana.

Ariana is vast asleep with her book opened next to her. Kate looks at the cover and sees an artsy picture of a person on a blue background. Having no idea what it means or what the book would be about.

She puts a slip of paper on the page and closes the book before putting it on the nightstand.

Sitting next to Ariana she kisses her forehead. Deciding to leave her sleeping for now. Unsure if she enjoyed the day. Ariana stirs at Kate touching her mumbling something unintelligible.

Kate hears a muffled giggle behind her, as she looks over her shoulder she sees Dana and Sheila pull faces at her as they peek around the bedroom door. Feeling a bit awkward she ignores the two women and strokes Ariana's cheek again.

Chloe hangs on Garret's shoulder wishing she could have him. She had summarized what's going on with Jim.

"Jim huh, he sounds like a prick. Need any help with that?"

Chloe sighs. "I don't know. I barely know you."

"Yea but, think about it." He argues. "If you're with him and you wish you were elsewhere. And then you're with me and you wish you could kick him out…"

Chloe considers that.

"Follow your gut, miss, I always say. I followed it just now and look what happened." He gestures at her.

"Right." She looks longingly at Garret. "You’re right, screw him."

"That's the spirit!" Garret praises her. "Your place or mine?"

Damn he's forward, Chloe thinks. But she likes his direct approach. "Eh, my place has a Jim in it."

"Not for long, just say the word sweetheart."

"Could you?" Seeing a potential out from Jim.

"Let's see what we can do." Garret winks at Chloe.

Chloe had hinted to Jim to talk about his visa problems or that he doesn't love her. He had ignored her insinuations. As a result she had quietly struggled in the knowledge of living with a man who would never be hers and once he got what he came for would probably disappear, leaving her in an instant.

Jim found Chloe more distant recently, they barely talked in the last three or so weeks. But as long as he could stay in her house for free and have sex with her from time to time he doesn't really mind. Chloe is sweet, he thinks, but he can't love her. He has set his mind on going back to Japan and finding someone as cute as Ariana.

Jim checks with the Japanese embassy once or twice every week to see if his visa application is finally approved, but there has been no update for many weeks now.

Chloe and Garret talk a bit more while drinking their wine and Chloe really starts to like Garret, at least for now. His funny direct approach to things is wildly attractive to her. Problems just seem to melt away when he talks about them and Chloe is optimistic about life just hearing him talk.

Soon after they also leave, to 'scare off a rat' as Garret called it when he said goodbye to Kate. "I'll message you later, thanks for the apple thingies. They're great!" And he and Chloe rush off.

It's down to Dana and Sheila who are drunk. They finished most of the beer by now. Kate suggests the girls stay the night so they can sober up and head home in the morning. Dana thinks that's fine and drops down on the couch closing her eyes.

"Pillows, we need pillows and a pillow." Dana mumbles, mixing up words.

Sheila looks at Kate holding in a laugh and they walk to the storage room where she gives Sheila a duvet and two pillows. Soon after the girls are comfortable on the couch quietly whispering in each other's ears and giggling.

Ariana has woken up and spies on them from the bathroom door when Kate interrupts her. "Something the matter?"

"No, well, I dunno. I'm just thinking." Ariana whispers.

"A feeling?" Kate inquires.

"No, it's just that they're just like us aren't they?" Ariana whispers.

"Dana is you and I'm the other one…. Dana is always in the lead. Just like you."

Kate thinks about that for a moment. "Yea now that you mention it, maybe you're right."

"Right?" Ariana calls out.

Kate yawns with a moan. "And you? How was your evening sweetie?" She guides Ariana to the bedroom plucking at her hair.

"Oh it's alright. Garret is very loud." Ariana thinks. "And Lisa is uh dunno, I didn't really talk to her."

"Yea he is, but he's a good guy. Always ready to help any friend of his."

"Hmm where's Chloe?" Ariana asks.

"She went with Garret," Kate informs her, "I think they went to kick Jim out and finish their evening at her place."

Ariana looks at Kate wide eyed. "Whoa, really?"

"I'm sure one of them will tell us soon." Kate yawns again. She closes the door to the bedroom and the duo climbs into bed.

Ariana feels weird knowing there are two girls she doesn't know in her living room. How is she going to pee now with them sleeping in sight? And she has to wear a shirt now when she walks around? Ugh, such an intrusion.

Kate doesn't seem to mind.

"Good night Kate," Ariana whispers in her ear.

She wraps her arms around Kate feeling an urge to really snuggle up against her.

Kate whispers, "Hey remember the gym girls I told you about?"

Ariana nods. "The funny girls right?"

"Yea, well, that's them right there on the couch." Kate nods to the living room. "They're a couple too it turns out. I had no idea."

Ariana laughs, but you've been friends with them for years.

"Yeah, don't I feel silly…" Kate tells Ariana about Lisa. How she wasn't really there and just talked to Barry for four hours before leaving together.

Ariana thinks she should host a match making party next time.

8 - Defined roles

The next morning Ariana is awake early, she gets up and starts walking to the kitchen naked.

She's startled to spot an unknown woman in her living room. She covers her breasts and runs back into the bedroom. The toilet flushes and she sees another younger woman walk past heading to the living room.

Having completely forgotten about Dana and Sheila she shakes Kate awake. "Kate! Kate! There are people in the house."

Kate mumbles something and turns around.

"Kate!" Ariana hisses urgently. "Please. Wake up!"

"What's up sweetie," Kate says with a sleepy voice, "Did you sleep ok?"

"There's people in the house…"

Kate sits up. "Of-course, Dana and Sheila remember?"

"O… yeah." Ariana looks at Kate with a goofy face, remembering the sleepover girls.

"Come, sit." Kate pats the sheet next to her.

Ariana sits down and Kate hugs her. "Don't worry sweetie, I'll send them away soon. It's still early though."

"I know… I just forgot and panicked."

"Let's go greet them." Kate says.

"You go, I'll stay here."

Kate frowns but says nothing.

There is a knock at the door and a soft voice. "Hello? Anyone awake?"

Kate quickly wraps the bedsheet around Ariana and puts on a shirt herself. "It's open." She calls out.

The door opens to a crack and Dana's head peeks around. Seeing Ariana hiding under the sheets and smirks. She saw her a minute ago, but says nothing. "Hey, good morning, shall we get some breakfast? Donuts, bagels and coffee or something? I'm buying."

Kate looks at Ariana, "How about a donut?"

Ariana shakes her head.

"I'll have a donut, give me 20 minutes and we can go."

"You got it!" Dana laughs and she closes the door.

Ariana looks at Kate upset. "I'm not going!" She wants Kate to stay as well.

"You don't have to babe, but I would love it if you came along."

Ariana reconsiders for a moment but shakes her head.

"What's wrong, miss, did something happen between you and them?"

Ariana says nothing and crawls under the bedsheets and pretends to sleep again. There have been too many people in her bubble recently. She just wants to be alone with Kate.

Kate sighs quietly and gets dressed, freshens up and fixes her hair.

She heads out into the living room seeing the two women sit coyly next to each other. "Ready? Where is Ariana?" Dana asks.

Kate says Ariana needs her rest and is staying in bed.

The trio heads to the nearby coffee shop where Dana has a big strawberry filled donut with Coffee and Kate and Sheila have a Bagel with ham and cheese accompanied by orange juice.

Kate chats with Dana and Sheila asking them about what they thought of the party.

"I really really liked the apple snacks, but Dana only let me have two." Sheila complains.

Dana looks at Shiela who shuts up realizing she spoke out of turn. And Dana says "We had a great time, but we didn't really get to talk to anyone but you and that loud guy."

Kate had a similar experience, "Yea someone everyone seemed to single someone out and stick with them."

Sheila nods, eyeing Dana. Sheila softly asks, "Will Ariana be ok? She seemed a bit upset this morning?"

"Oh she'll be fine. She gets really tired of having people around." Kate says.

And continues to Dana, "Hey what's up with you two. I keep noticing Sheila always looking for you for permissions and things."

Sheila keeps quiet and focuses on her bagel.

Dana nods. "Yep, she's my little bitch. I decide what she does."

"Oh, how does that work?" Kate is intrigued.

Dana laughs, "Don't be so serious… We're just like you two, 'boss'…" She winks at Kate. "And someone has to keep order. So that'll be me." She leans into Sheila, rubbing her shoulder.

Kate eyes Dana, unsure what she means by calling her boss.

"You probably do that with Ariana as well?" Dana continues. "She seems like she needs a guide, looked like that last night anyway."

Kate thinks about Dana's words for a minute. "No, I think she was just overwhelmed by the people and chaos around her." Kate thinks, "She can be like that on the street too."

"Don't be too sure." Dana says to Kate. "I think she craves to be controlled, or if not that, to have a confident partner to keep her in line."

"Hmm," Kate says nodding. Knowing Dana is right about Ariana wanting a confident partner, but not too sure about wanting to be controlled.

"Shall I talk to her some time? See what's what?" Dana offers.

"No, no. It'll be fine. I'm sure she'll be fine." Kate hastily says.

Dana frowns. "And you? You're the leader, obviously. The boss…"

"Yea true, but more so because Ariana has trouble making decisions than that I'm an actual leader person." Kate argues.

"Uh-huh…" Dana says. "Anyway, look into it. Figure it out. I'm sure she'll be happier if you control her."

Kate doesn't want to talk too much about it as she thinks it's a bit awkward to discuss what Ariana is and should be without her there.

"What do you think?" Kate asks Sheila.

"Huh? About what? Ariana?"


"Ehh, I like her. But I think Dana is right. She's obviously submissive."

The women chat for a while longer, about loud Garret, how Lisa made her escape with Barry so soon. Ariana and Sheila being the sweetest girls in the world. Nice bagels. Casual banter.

After they finish their breakfast they say their goodbyes and Kate heads back home to her Ariana. On the way up in the elevator she decides she needs to know about Ariana's submissiveness. Dana had inspired her.

Entering the flat she finds the place quiet. Coming through the living room she sees the leftovers from yesterday before heading to the bedroom where Ariana is sleeping. Kate thinks that's fine and quietly gets undressed and takes a quick shower. As she comes out she's made up her mind about what she's going to do.

Kate considers how Dana and Sheila seem to have a dynamic where Shiela is subservient to Dana. Maybe that’s what Ariana needs as well? Simple and effective she naively thinks. She lays down next to Ariana leaning on her elbow and looks at the young woman's face. Her cute lines are entrancing.

Ariana is stirring and softly moaning, but seemingly still asleep. "Hi Kate," Ariana whispers a few moments later.

"Oh, you're awake…" Kate looks surprised. "Hey lover, good afternoon, how do you feel?"

"I'm tired, so damn tired." Ariana mumbles.

"How come honey, are you ok?" Kate sounds worried.

"I don't know, I'm just tired." Ariana repeats. "Too many people and noises."

Kate hmm’s and looks at her girlfriend with worry. The party wasn't that busy, she thinks. "Let me know if you don't improve by tomorrow ok?"

"I will." Ariana promises.

Kate looks at her seriously, "I want you to be mine."

Ariana looks puzzled. "I'm already yours…"

"Yes babe, but if you're gonna be with me I make the rules."

"You already make the rules." Ariana says nervously. "Anything new?" She looks longing at Kate.

"Well, nothing special or new really. We do most of it already I guess, but I just want to say it out loud so that our roles are defined better."

"Oh, ok." Ariana says disappointed. She doesn't really understand what Kate is getting at.

Kate looks at her, smiling. "Can you live with that?"

"Kate, please. We've been doing that for months. Just take charge already, make up your mind…" Ariana says irritated.

Kate says nothing. This wasn't going as she'd hoped and she gets the feeling everyone around her knows what’s going on except for her.

Ariana looks away from Kate. She's already submissive to Kate for the most part and has been since day one. Doesn’t Kate know that? She feels sad at the thought. "Fine, have me… Do as you please with me." she finally consents. "but I have one request."

"What is it?" Kate asks.

"I want you to actually control me…" Ariana's voice trails off. "…forever."

"What do you mean?" Kate looks startled

"Be more strict. And restraints or something. Something that only you control." Ariana timidly says.

"Ehh, ok…" Kate says. She hadn't thought of that.

Ariana notices Kate's surprise and wishes Kate would be better prepared when she talks about stuff like this. This is not confidence inspiring or fun. Ariana dislikes the conversation and gives up. She gets out of bed asking if Kate wants a drink.

"Ariana," Kate grabs her hand preventing her from walking away. "Hey, listen to me…"

Ariana looks at her with a questioning look.

"So you want to be my submissive? For real?"

"You're the boss Kate, we both know that." She says with a sigh. "I want to be happy. Making you happy makes me happy." Ariana finishes with a small voice.

That's not really what Kate wants to hear and tugs on her arm. "Come, sit."

Ariana kneels next to Kate's knees and looks up at her girlfriend.

Kate meant next to her on the bed, but this'll work too.

She caresses Ariana's face and explains she's not looking to turn her into a slave or anything like that. They're still equals but with more clearly defined rules.

"I know Kate. But I need more…" Ariana says with a disappointed voice.

"So you actually want to be a slave?" Kate looks surprised.

Ariana nods, hesitantly, "Maybe yes. But mostly I just want to feel helpless. Have control taken away. Chain me to the table. Or in bed with no way out. Boss me around, control me…" She blurts out in frustration.

"And a chastity belt and a cage or whatever?" Kate suggests jokingly.

"Sure, if you decide it's necessary." Ariana agrees.

"Right, then go make us some drinks. I'll come to the kitchen in a minute and we can talk about restraints." Kate orders her with a newfound assertiveness.

Ariana jumps up and practically runs giggling to the kitchen. Finally! She thinks.

Kate stares at the door as Ariana disappears through it wearing only her panties, then looks out the window, mumbling, "Fuck, that was awkward…" She wonders if Dana was right. Had she figured Ariana out in a few brief moments where I was ignorant for months? The thought frustrates Kate and it makes her feel inadequate.

Ariana dutifully pours juice for Kate. She had practically been Kate's little servant from the day she moved in but it was an unspoken implied routine. And while that is fine for Ariana, she always felt she missed something. Unfortunately every time Kate tried to find her way as a dominant partner it had more or less failed or fizzled out after one or two attempts. Maybe this time would be better since she talked about it first before doing the wrong thing. And they're going to buy restraints?

Pouring the second glass of pineapple juice for herself she thinks about being restrained. She feels like being restrained. She needs it, she thinks. Maybe she should keep it simple with cuffs, or some kind of harness? A hood perhaps? At the mercy of Kate. She'll ask what Kate prefers.

9 - Buying gear

Kate listens to Ariana her ideas and gives her input. She likes the cuffs idea but doesn't think sensory deprivation is what they need. Ariana agrees, but mentions it could be fun. Kate also thinks she can restrain her and put her in a cupboard or something if Ariana needs punishment.

She thinks about Kate's cupboard idea and agrees that cuffed and locked in a closet might work. But doesn't like hearing she might be punished.

Kate asks if Ariana knows what that kind of stuff costs, cuffs and things? Ariana isn't too sure but they should look for a good deal or sale online and there are starter kits available she knows. She suggests innocently they should just go to a shop and have a look, but Ariana thinks they might be recognized by someone. Kate hadn't considered that but undeterred she then suggests they should make it a day and drive to the next city. Ariana thinks for a second and agrees that that would work.

"Then find a good shop in a nearby city and we'll go there to look around and maybe buy some things." Kate orders Ariana.

"Sure," Ariana happily agrees.

They finish their drinks and Kate tells Ariana to get dressed. "Wear something appropriate so you can fit restraints or whatever without exposing yourself." She is anticipating some adventure in the sex shop.

Ariana nods excitedly and heads off to the bedroom.

Kate sits in the kitchen thinking about these new developments waiting for her girl to return.

She's not too keen on bondage, but some simple cuffs would be acceptable and low effort, she thinks. Hoping she can manage that. She convinces herself.

Coming out dressed in leggings and a tight t-shirt Ariana is ready to go. She is swiping through stores on her phone and shows Kate a big store for sexy items. "Look at the window display, it looks like bondage gear."

"Alright, should we go there?" Kate asks.

Ariana hesitates. "Dunno, but it's a big store…"

"Right, let's try there first." Kate decides.

The women rush to the car and head out. The store Ariana found is about an hour away and they chat about the day before, and what they see as good options for playing their submission games.

Kate asks if she's comfortable with wearing no underwear. And if she's actually ok with following orders.

Ariana admits she didn't wear underwear on most of her dinner dates, which surprises Kate. She never noticed and Ariana confesses that until Kate said she can choose to wear underwear she always assumed Kate would not permit it as well.

Kate is reminded about their brief argument a few weeks ago and asks why she thinks underwear is off limits on dates. To which Ariana shyly explains again that her first boyfriend forbade her to wear underwear on dates and the rule stuck. Kate asks what other rules she still follows but Ariana falls silent at the memory and looks depressed out the window. Kate decides to drop the topic for now and promises her to be a better owner for her than her previous boyfriends. Reaching over and squeezing Ariana's leg.

Ariana brightens up at hearing that and playfully mocks Kate, "It took you long enough to get on with it…"

"So you want it then." Kate asks once again.

"Geez, stop asking for permission and just own me already Kate. I've been dreaming of this for years."

This outburst makes Kate very insecure because even though Ariana seems to know exactly what she wants she can't or won't talk about her preferences for some reason and Kate is scared to disappoint Ariana or hurt her.

"Please try to learn to communicate about these things Ariana. I can't make you happy if I don't know what you want from me. Ok?" Kate instructs her.

"I'm scared to talk about it and you didn't seem to like it." Ariana confesses after a few moments. "I always end up getting hurt…"

Kate looks at her, "Well, if you want me to do it right, you have to talk to me about it. I don't want to hurt you…" She smiles at Ariana.

Ariana leans over to Kate and kisses her on the cheek, causing Kate to swerve and almost crash the car. But Ariana either doesn't care, or doesn't realize and just smiles, "Ok boss."

Arriving in the strange city Kate parks the car near the semi-discrete sex shop and they wander to the front door. Seeing a simple shop display of a mannequin in a leather harness. Similar to what Ariana had seen on her Maps app.

They enter the store and wander around the store looking at the endless rows of 'porno crap' as Kate mocks it.

Ariana looks at Kate, 'toys and gear' she corrects her, It's not crap.

Kate looks around nervously. "So where do we start?"

"Hello!? Can I help you?" A young woman pops up out of nowhere behind them.

Kate and Ariana flinch and look at the girl. "Hello…" Kate says.

"Anything you're looking for?"

"Ehh…" Kate says.

Ariana says she needs something to get locked up for her partner. Pointing at Kate.

Kate's face flushes red and turns away.

"Oh right," the sales girl chirps. "This way. What kind of restraints do you want? Leather? Steel? Vinyl? Wood? Plastic?"

Ariana says they're not sure, but something comfortable for long term wear. Like all night or several days.

The sales girl looks at the pair with uncertainty. Days? She thinks. Geez, excessive.

She tells the women that leather is usually more comfortable as it's more flexible. But steel or wood is more restrictive and unyielding. Plastic is usually cheaper, but with what they sell is more of a budget option.

Kate worms her way into the sales talk and suggests they look at leather and steel gear, but just want to browse for now. Hoping the girl would go away.

The young woman escorts the pair across the shop to where the leather cuffs are. She points at separate cuffs as good starter items and basic harnesses would work too.

She also gestures that further down the aisle are more advanced items like sleep sacks and sleeves and things like that.

"Ok thanks, we'll find you when we have questions." Kate says a bit more sternly than she intended.

Ariana meanwhile wanders off looking at wrist cuffs with D rings on it. Thinking Kate could use a padlock to connect them. She also likes the idea of a harness. Or a pile of belts and straps to just tie her whole body in any way they see fit. Or a sleep sack? Or or or. Her fantasy runs wild.

She strokes the leather items with a dreamy look not hearing Kate calling her name.

"Ariana!" Kate pokes her between the shoulder blades. "Hey, earth to Ariana."

Ariana flinches and turns around looking startled at Kate. "Yes?"

"Geez girl, pay attention. I'm talking to you."

"Sorry. I was thinking about, ehh, this." Ariana motions to the many items around them.

"I can tell," Kate frowns. "Do you see anything you like?"

"Yes. This, and this and that, and this and that one. And here, this." Ariana points at all kinds of items like cuffs, an arm binder and straps. A full body harness. Mittens. She can go on…

Kate motions her to stop, “Ok, ok, enough! Can you think of a top five perhaps?”

10 - The armbinder

Kate doesn't know what half of it is for or how it works and looks a bit lost at the barrage of options Ariana shows interest in.

Hmmm, Ariana thinks for a full minute. "This, these, that, and those. Pointing at a set of five cuffs, limbs and neck connected with a chain. An armbinder. A ball gag, and a hood with only her mouth and chin exposed. And what looks like a bag of an assortment of straps.

"What's this? Some kind of sleeve?" Kate holds up the arm binder.

Ariana turns her back to Kate, "slip my arms in it and pull the straps over my shoulders." She says.

"Behind your back?" Kate exclaims, that'll be uncomfortable.

"No it won't, not for me I think. Look." And she forces her arms close together with little effort.

Kate says nothing but slips the leather over her girl's arms and loosely drapes the straps over her shoulders.

Feeling excited Ariana instructs Kate to tighten the wrist strap, trapping her hands.

She then tells Kate to connect the shoulder straps across her chest looping them under her arms.

Kate follows Ariana’s instructions, "it looks stupid," she says with a frown.

"Lace it up along my arms, just pull it as tight as you can. It’ll look nice when it’s smooth and tight." Ariana explains.

Kate looks at how that works and sees it's just like a corset and starts tightening the long lace.

Soon Ariana's elbows almost touch and she grimaces in discomfort as Kate keeps pulling it more tightly up and down, smoothing the leather fusing her arms together.

"How's that?" Kate wants to know.

"Very tight," Ariana whimpers. Trying to bring her arms forward so she can get a glimpse of what it looks like.

Kate sees her strained shoulders and stands her up straight and leans forward. "This looks kinda nice. Go see. There is a mirror near the checkout." And she nods to the other side of the store.

Ariana swallows. "That's very far away."

"Go sweetie, I'll wait here." Kate wants to browse alone for a few moments.

Ariana shuffles away nervously, not really wanting to be seen by anyone.

Kate watches her girlfriend look nervously around as she finds her way across the store and smiles. Maybe bondage isn't as stupid as she thought. She picks up the hood and considers how that would look on Ariana's head. The open mouth would not hinder her demands for pleasure and with Ariana being blind in it she would be completely helpless.

Kate then sees a slightly different hood. Similar model, but with ear pads. Rendering her deaf as well, or so it says on the box.

Hmm, she thinks she should get the hood with ear pads perhaps? Or just any hood and use foam earplugs. Seeing the big price difference with the simpler hood.

Kate strolls around in the aisle a bit. She sees cuffs, she understands those. Strap 'em on, tie the girl. In a moment of clarity Kate sees Ariana struggle on their bed with cuffs. And in another flash Ariana sits at her desk working with a collar chained to the table leg. A devious smile creeps over Kate's face at the thought and decides that's what they need. Simple stuff.

Ariana had shown her a set all linked with a chain which could be removed. Meaning they could probably do other things as well with it.

The sales girl steps up and asks Kate if she finds what she wants. Kate asks about the set of cuffs and if there are similarly simple options.

The sales girl thinks for a second and guides Kate further down the aisle. If you want it to be MORE restrictive you should consider this. She shows a body harness with D-rings in a bunch of strategic places where cuffs can be attached.

"Ah?" Kate asks, seeing no chains. But the crotch is covered then.

"Yes, but that strap can be removed. Look." The girl explains.

"Oh yes, that's nice. And a more affordable setup? I mean, we're just getting started. We don't really want to spend a 1000 bucks on a whole get up for now." She awkwardly says looking at the price.

"Ehh, you could consider vinyl, it's much cheaper than Leather and just as nice." The sales girl suggests.

"Ohh ok, for comparison, can we look at that?"

"Sure," the girl leads Kate a few aisles down the shop. "Have a look around, the items are mostly the same design as you'll find, just a different material."

Kate looks approvingly at the prices. "And this is of similar strength and durability?"

"Yea pretty much, and less maintenance." The girl explains.

"Gotcha thanks." Kate smiles.

"I'll check back with you in a few minutes." And she walks away.

Ariana looks for a mirror but finds none. Her shoulders start to ache already and she doesn't like the arm binder at all. It's hurting her. Nothing like what she expected after seeing it used in videos on Pornhub. Those girls seem so comfortable in them. Giving up on the mirror she returns to an empty aisle.

Where's Kate? Ariana looks startled but doesn't see her Kate. In fact, she sees nobody at all… But that doesn’t mean much since the racks of the isles are taller than her.

She rushes through the aisle and heads toward the front of the store looking for her Kate.

Kate meanwhile is in the back ogling vinyl contraptions. She finds she likes the semi glossy look a lot more than the smelly leather.

Coming around a corner, Ariana bumps into a man near the entrance who grabs her by her ponytail causing her to squeal in pain and surprise.

"Whoa there girlie, watch it… What's the rush?" He looks her up and down with a hungry look while holding her in place under his outstretched arm.

Ariana instantly feels scared, she's in pain and wants her girlfriend. "I'm looking for Kate, where is Kate? I want my Kate!" She replies with a panicky and strained voice.

"Kate? That's your owner?"

Ariana timidly confirms. The man straightens up and looks around the store, not seeing anyone.

"Nobody here but us girlie." He turns her around while holding her ponytail and admires her small waist and round butt partly covered in the fully closed armbinder.

“Sir? Please let go of me?” Ariana tries to look at the man, but his grip on her ponytail forces her to look down.

Instead of letting go he says, “Maybe you should come with me instead. We'll find your owner afterwards."

"Ehhh…no." Ariana starts to struggle in his grip, helplessly twisting and turning as he keeps holding her ponytail up.

Reaching for her shoulder to control her better, his hand slips and he 'accidentally' touches her breasts through her shirt.

Ariana gasps and pleads, "Sir, please, let me go. I need to get to my girlfriend." Ariana stumbles as the man finally lets go of her and she runs away back to the leather items.

The man laughs at her nervous fear and slowly follows her, admiring her tight arm binder and cute backside.

Kate peeks around the vinyl aisle and catches her girl running past. "Ariana, here, look at these." She smiles.

"Kate! Help, a man… He's touching me." Ariana looks scared.

Kate pushes Ariana behind her and looks at the large man approaching. "Can I help you?" She asks.

"No, well, she's yours?" Kate nods. "Right, I need to talk to your slave. So. Ehh…." He shoos her away.

Instead of stepping aside, she shuffles backwards pushing Ariana along. "She's not a slave and she doesn't want to talk." Kate snaps back.

Ariana looks around Kate but quickly ducks back down seeing the man licking his lips as he looks at the women in front of him. "Please let me out, it hurts." She complains to Kate.

Kate motions her to stay behind her and be quiet.

"Kate, Kate, Kate," The man sighs. "She's clearly an undisciplined little brat and you're clearly not an experienced mistress. But I have an offer you'll appreciate. Give her to me for the afternoon and you'll get her back much more disciplined." He smiles creepily.

"Not interested." Kate exclaims, not even wanting to consider what cruel things he'd do to a woman.

The man rolls his eyes and with a silent 'fuck you then' wanders off. He calls out to Ariana, "You're missing out girlie, you'll make an excellent submissive little toy."

"Just fuck off, leave us alone." Kate shouts after him and turns to tend to Ariana.

"Kate, please! Quick! It hurts." Ariana complains, "I hate this thing."

Kate starts plucking at the lace trying to undo the knot she made. It's slow going but she gets the thing loose and throws the sleeve aside.

Ariana turns and hugs her girlfriend with painful arms. "Let's get out of here. I’m scared." She whimpers.

Kate looks over the aisles and sees the man at the far side of the store talking to someone. "It's ok sweetie, he's far away. Do you want to see what I found for you?"

"He touched me Kate…" Ariana gasps.

"Oh you poor thing." Kate looks at her. "What did he do?"

"I was looking for you, and he grabbed me by my hair and touched my chest."

"Want me to call the cops?" Kate asks, upset. Ariana shakes her head. “Then what?"

"Show me your things quickly and we can go then," she says looking down. Trying to control her nerves.

Kate shows her to the vinyl isle and Ariana clings to Kate's arm like a scared kid. Refusing to leave her side.

She looks at the nice vinyl and Kate explains what she learned from the shop girl. "Look, this is vinyl. Almost the same as leather but I think it looks nicer."

Ariana looks at the straps and harnesses. "Much cheaper too…"

"Yep," Kate agrees. "And I thought, these cuffs and then this hood…"

"Kate, look!" Ariana whispers, pointing a little ways down the aisle.

Kate looks in the direction Ariana indicates not really sure what Ariana means.

Ariana pulls Kate along to a promotional poster of a woman wearing a latex hood. "That looks so cool…" She points at the hood.

"What's that?" Kate wonders curiously.

Ariana thinks it's latex.

"Alright, let's find the sales help… She'll know. And these?" Kate holds up the cuffs."

Ariana thinks it'll be fine. "You can tie me to the bed or the chair, or on the balcony or anywhere. Or use a lock and just connect everything," she whispers, seeing many possibilities.

"That's what I thought too," Kate says. "So we'll take these? And the hood?"

"Yes, if it's nice to use and not super expensive."

They go find the sales girl and complain about her other shoppers but she shrugs it off as "Some are perverts…"

Ariana fumes at her, she should call the police, to which the girl simply says that if they don't like the shop they can find another one.

Kate squeezes Ariana's arm and shakes her head to indicate she should drop it. "We'll kick him in the balls if he comes close again." She grins.

"Fine, show us the latex hood from the poster." Ariana points at the sexy display.

"Oh, that's not in stock." The girl says with a disinterested look.

Kate interjects they'll find another, and walks away pulling Ariana along.

"Come," she says, "Take good photos of the items you want, also the poster and the labels, brands and everything. We'll get it in a different store. I'm sick of this place." Suddenly she's had enough.

Ariana simply nods. Eager to get away from the man. They take pictures of the labels, packaging and names of the items and head for the exit.

The man meets them at the door and tries one more time to get Ariana. He offers her an experience in discipline she'll never forget if she comes with him.

Kate explodes in anger and kicks at the man who dodges her laughing.

Ariana sticks out her tongue like she often sees Kate do when someone is annoying her and they run to their car.

"What a stupid fuckhead, I bet he's the owner too." Kate says to Ariana.

11 - Making a deal

They look at Maps and see that on the other side of the city is another bigger store that specializes in BDSM.

"Aha!" Kate calls out. And she drives them in that direction following Ariana’s route instructions.

Along the way Ariana spots a branch of a restaurant she has been wanting to try for a while. "Look Kate, can we try that?" She points at a big cheesy baguette on a poster.

"Ohhh isn't that the place you saw in the ad a while back?"

Ariana nods enthusiastically at Kate remembering. Kate doesn’t remember, but Ariana usually learns about new restaurants from commercials since she's usually at home. She smiles inwardly.

They order two baguettes filled with minced meat with grilled cheese and pesto on top and big lemonades and enjoy their late lunch. Ariana really likes the food and promises herself she'll learn how to make it at home.

After their lunch, Kate drives them to the other store and they rush in, not wanting to waste much time. They look around for a few minutes but find it hard to locate what they want so they ask the cashier for help. Showing their photos explaining the other store was full of creeps.

The man frowns and is very friendly and professional. He walks all over the shop with them to find the requested vinyl cuffs while explaining things about the material and how to take care of it. He even has a sturdy latex hood very similar to the one the girls saw in the first store. He shows them three sizes.

Kate says she has no idea about sizing and the cashier wraps a measuring tape around Ariana's forehead. "I’m sure a small one will work great for you." he promises her.

"How did you know it's for me?" Ariana asks.

"I see it in your eyes, miss." The man smiles disarmingly at her.

Ariana thinks about that. She looks submissive? She doesn't think so.

"I do have to make a recommendation though." The man says.

The women look at him questioningly.

"About the hood, latex is a great material. Smooth and tight and all that. But if you want a durable hood that won't easily break or wear down I recommend getting a leather one."

Kate looks at Ariana. "What do you think?"

"I don't know Kate. I just want to do it right and be stuck." She looks lost with options and overwhelming information.

"Look," the man says to Ariana. "Why don't you go choose a nice ball gag from the aisle over there. Any of the bright colors is fine. Take a close look at all of them and choose your favorite. Think carefully and take your time."

"Yes sir." Ariana timidly says, sensing she's not wanted in what happens next.

"Off you go then." He shoos her away.

And to Kate, "Miss, come with me please. I'll show you a few more items so you can compare and make a decision." They walk back into the store and the man apologizes to Kate, "Sorry about that, sending your girl away but as her owner this is a decision you need to make yourself."

That word again, ‘owner’. Kate thinks. The creep in the other shop also thought of Ariana as property. "She's not my property." Kate counters.

"Doesn't really matter right? Pet, slave, toy, sub… You're the one who decides what she does and wears." He winks at Kate.

"Ehh, ok?" Kate looks uncertain. "Could you really see in her eyes she's a submissive?" She asks.

He smiles warmly, "No, of-course not. I just took a guess. That said, I have to ask, you're obviously new at this. What do you really hope to achieve with her…" He asks, "…why does she need to be restrained. For what purpose?"

"Uhm…" Kate stammers. "She feels she needs to be helpless and to not have control."

"And you? Do you agree with that?" He asks carefully.

"Yes, well no… I don't know." Kate admits. "She's more into it than me. I just want to make her happy. She works from home, you know." He nods, "So with the cuffs, I figured I could chain her to her desk or something and keep it simple."

The man nods thoughtfully. And laughs softly.

"I see," he chuckles. "Well, then I recommend to actually keep it simple and to get simple restraints. See how you like that first."

Kate nods relieved. "Right… Agreed."

"For the best effect you could consider a steel collar and a chastity belt. If you add manacles and padlocks to them for extra effect and she'll crawl for you in helpless submission. If my estimation is correct."

Kate frowns, "And what will that cost?"

The man says, "Well, if we make a set I'll give you a discount. Seeing it's your first purchase and all, and probably a relatively large purchase? Maybe?"

"A set?" Kate curiously asks.

"Yea, a good starting point is a hood, a chastity belt, the collar and a set of cuffs." He suggests, "I'll have to calculate the price, but let's say something in the area of a 15-20% discount should work."

Kate thinks that could be a substantial savings.

"But first, let's pick some items." He says, "Look, here we are." They stop in front of a rack with hoods. "Now, if you take the latex hood and feel the material. It's a good hood. But even with normal weekly use, say, next year it'll start to wear. Micro tears may appear and before you know it the thing splits in two and you need a new one."

Kate nods. Like cheap shoes losing their soles, she thinks.

"Now this," The man continues, "These hoods are made of leather. Feel the material and notice it's thicker. Also notice that it doesn't stretch like latex does."

"I see," Kate nods. Not really seeing what he's getting at.

"Now think of next year. If you treat the material and clean it properly. It'll work and fit exactly like it does today, save for a tiny bit of stretch and molding as the hood shapes to the person's head. For example the nose or ears may be a bit more pronounced in the leather."


"In short, miss, both will serve you very well. Both cost about the same. But the leather will last you a long time where-as latex will wear out after a year or maybe 2."

"I see." Kate says. She holds up the leather hood. "What's this?"

"That's a flap to hide the lace. And if you look here." He points at two tiny iron eyelets. "You can lock it shut through there. Your slave can't remove the hood without breaking it, provided she can even find the lock orientation while blind…"

"Oh, that can be useful." Kate says with a thoughtful look.

"It certainly can." He grins.

Alright then, Kate thinks. And asks, "How much is the leather hood?"

"You can have it at the same price as the latex hood. As part of the other items you're buying."

It's like that huh. Kate thinks. "Alright, I'll think about the hood." Kate promises. "Let's look at a collar and a belt. You said steel?"

"Oh yes, steel collars are inescapable. It's very psychological right? Leather can be cut… Even if the wearer has no tools, leather does not feel permanent." The man explains.

Kate laughs, "So it's a trick then?"

"Well, steel is no joke. But yes, a mind trick if you will." He says. "Look, we have a lot of different ones. But this one is discrete, strong and can even be worn in public." He holds up a slender shiny steel collar with a semi-circle welded on it.

Kate immediately likes it. "I want that one. That looks nice."

The man nods, "And a chastity belt?"

"Eh… Yea, I guess." Kate hesitates.

"Much like the collar, it'll enhance the psychological effect of not having control. Plus she can't touch herself…" He laughs.

Kate looks at him frowning. "I see, and to wear it in public? That'll be a burden with steel, right?"

"A little yes, but with a skirt or loose pants it's usually fine." The man confirms.

"Hmm, no, skip the belt for now." Kate makes up her mind.

"Alright then, let's head to the counter, I'll make you an offer, it'll just take a few minutes."

Kate agrees and the man rushes back to his calculator grabbing a leather set of cuffs on the way. Meanwhile Kate wanders slowly after the man, wondering where Ariana went. She doesn't see her and considers calling out to her.

The salesman taps furiously on his calculator and writes a few things down, handing a piece of paper to Kate with the prices for the leather hood, leather cuffs and the steel collar on it and the discount at the bottom. In a separate price the leather cuffs are replaced with the original nylon ones.

A set of leather cuffs is actually not that expensive she sees. Except the discount she gets on the nylon is larger. Kate decides on the leather cuffs after all, they look much sturdier than the nylon ones. Remembering what he had learned about latex vs leather.

Kate indicates she wants the leather 'set' and he gathers the items in a bag while Kate looks around the store to find Ariana. She finds a remote controlled vibrator and has a naughty idea. She adds that to the order as well.

"It's a bit out of place, but if you agree for your girl to model a few things for our website we can certainly make a better deal on your purchase for it."

Kate thinks about that, and cautiously asks, "Model how?"

"Ehh, well, we have some new hoods that need modeling and a bondage harness for breath control, it'll…."

"Nono, no breath control." Kate decides, cutting the man off.

"Just the items as you offered with the discount please. Thanks." She tells the man. And calls out into the store, "Ariana where are you?" Feeling a sudden need to leave.

"Here Kate!" Comes Ariana's voice from a few aisles over. She comes back with a massive bright neon pink gag on a black strap.

"That's too big for you." The man states.

Ariana looks at the ball gag. "Really?."

"Open wide miss," The man says.

Ariana opens her mouth as wide as she can and the man holds the packaged ball in front of her teeth. "See, too big."

"Go get a smaller one babe. Hurry." Kate ushers her to the rack of gags.

"A medium or 35 millimeter one should be fine." The salesman calls after her.

"How much for the gag?" Kate asks.

"Oh don't worry about it. It's old stock anyway. Colored gear goes out of fashion quickly… Everyone wants black these days."

"Not her," Kate says motioning at Ariana, "She loves pink."

"I see," he smiles, "But only have her wear it for short periods of time and take it out immediately when she gets a cramp here or here." And he points left and right on his face below his ears. "If she practices often it can be worn for a long time eventually."

Kate nods understanding.

The man pleased with his sale and a chance to spew his knowledge at new bondage users gives the remote controlled vibrator and ball gag for free.

He winks at Kate. "She's a sweet thing. You'll be alright with this?"

"Yeah, we'll be fine. Thanks. Do you take orders online? We're not from this city."

The man does and gives her the shop’s card. Informing her she can pay with a bank transfer or even bitcoin for anonymity if she prefers.

"Actually, do you have a leather chastity belt?" Kate asks, "You know, something that looks like panties or shorts and is comfortable?" They do and Kate and the salesman head into the store to look at the belt.

Kate stares at the leather pair of panties reinforced with some kind of mesh. A waist belt locks it in place.

"Keep in mind that it has no openings… So for any toilet use the wearer will need assistance."

"Oh, she'll feel super helpless in that." Kate smirks, she bends and twists the material feeling it's soft and flexible. "I'll take it."

"The size?" He carefully asks.

"Ehh, small/medium from H&M? That's like a size 27 waist." Kate knows.

"Very small eh?" He laughs, and he picks up a small belt. "It's adjustable on the hips to medium." He explains.

Kate pays for their items and thanks the man for being friendly and professional. She always appreciates that from people she does business with.

Ariana comes back with a smaller pink gag and they head back to the car with Kate carrying several bags. Catching curious glances from Ariana.

Sitting in the car, Kate laughs "Right, that's plenty for now. We'll get you all trussed up soon. I got a few surprises for you."

Ariana's eyes light up. "Ohh, what surprises?"

"You'll see at home." Kate winks.

Ariana is tugging at the sealed plastic trying to get the gag out and asks for Kate to try and open it. Kate pokes a few holes with a key so Ariana has a start on the plastic. Finally she has the gag out and fits it in her mouth.

"mmomphmmhoock?" She asks Kate.

"What? Take it out if you talk sweetie."

"How does it look?" And Ariana quickly inserts the gag again.

"Hah, that's cute. Look over there…" She points at nothing.

Ariana looks and Kate quickly grabs the straps and tightens them behind her neck.

"mhey!" Ariana mumbles.

Kate kisses her girlfriend on the lips. "Keep it in until it starts hurting below your ears…" She orders Ariana.


Ariana feels around her mouth with her hands and Kate starts their journey home. She drives out of the city and notices Ariana fidget around and moaning softly while drooling all over herself.

"Hey drippy!" Kate laughs, "You're leaking."

Ariana looks down her chest and sees the strings of drool. "Ohm-moo!"

She wipes the drool away and onto her leggings. She does this many times during the 40 minute or so drive home and looks a right mess. Her shirt and pants are wet and strings of drool hang from her chin.

"Are you ok over there?" Kate asks, laughing at her.

"Ihm fwine!" Ariana mumbles.

Soon Kate turns into the parking garage and turns off the car. "Well that's enough of that for now. Take it off so we can go upstairs."

Ariana fumbles with the strap and takes the gag out. She sits for a few moments working her jaw.

"Look how easy it is. I can have it for a long time already." Ariana proudly says.

Kate realizes she'd had the gag in for almost an hour and assures her she's a natural.

12 - Tied up

The girls head into the elevator and Ariana wants to put the gag back in.

"What if someone joins us?" Kate warns.

"Nobody ever joins us once we leave the ground floor." Ariana states. But she waits impatiently for the 12th floor before putting it back in.

Kate feels like relaxing on the couch a bit as it's been a busy day with lots of driving and turns on the TV. She’ll see what shenanigans they can get up to soon, she thinks.

Ariana however can't wait any longer and rips open all the boxes and plastic wrappers while Kate watches her explore their purchases. She finds the wrist cuffs which are made of thick dark brown leather. Each cuff has a D-ring on it that can be connected to something, a rope, chain… Whatever fits through it. Similarly there are two ankle cuffs of the same design.

She tries to put on a wrist cuff but can't get the buckle to catch around her wrist. "Kate? It's not working."

Kate looks at the cuffs and smiles. "Oh they will. Check out the rest first and I'll show you how it works." She promises, while sneakily pushing the vibrator out of sight.

Ariana continues exploring and finds the slender collar. Ariana looks very pleased at the shiny steel and snaps it around her neck. It hinges right back open as the lock doesn't work. Ariana mmpfs at this.

In the next box she finds the chastity belt and her eyes go wide. "Kate, what's this?" Ariana asks suspiciously.

Kate laughs. "It's to make you extra submissive. C'mon try it on."

"You'll let me out?" Ariana asks nervously.

"Maybe…" Kate teases her. "Put it on sweetie, see if it's invisible under clothes…" She orders Ariana.

Ariana looks suspiciously at Kate but stands up and slides her leggings down. Stepping out of her panties she hesitantly steps into the leather belt.

It's a snug fit and Ariana is a little scared of it. She read online that chastity belts are true torture for the wearer. Pulling the belt over her hips she feels trapped already.

Kate tells her to face towards her and adjusts the hip straps so the belt can no longer slide down. She then tightens another buckle just below her belly button so it's snug around her bottom.

"There," Kate laughs, "Try sitting, standing and walking… See if it pinches or is uncomfortable in any way."

Ariana sits on the couch, stands up, and lifts each leg. She then walks around the living room and plonks down on the couch again. "I barely feel it." She reports.

Kate nods relieved, the belt was by far the most expensive item. "Very good, look in the box for the lock and key and lock it in place."

Ariana rummages through the box and finds a little plastic pouch with a padlock and a set of keys, along with a paper leaflet explaining where the lock goes. She loops the lock through three tiny loops in the front of the belt and pushes it closed.

Kate praises Ariana for her obedience, and tells her to hand over the keys. Hesitating for a moment, Ariana gives the keys to Kate who puts one on her keyring.

Kate then asks her "Now, do you want to see how the cuffs and collar work? Or do you want to try the hood first?"

"A hood?" Ariana asks, immediately distracted from the belt. "Can I try?"

Kate points at the last plastic bag and Ariana pulls out a plastic sealed pouch.

"Open it carefully." Kate instructs her.

Ariana carefully peels the pouch open and finds a folded leather hood inside. "Whoa, leather? Not latex?"

"I'm told leather will last much longer." Kate explains. "What do you think?"

Ariana smells the leather and folds the hood open, slipping her head inside.

Kate grabs her shoulder and holds Ariana in place "Don't move, ok?"

Ariana freezes and waits nervously for what Kate is doing.

Kate pulls the leather hood in place and smoothes the material out over Ariana's head. She then carefully tugs on the lace tightening the covering and realizes making her girlfriend helpless turns her on. When the laces are tight she ties them off and zips the flap shut. Kate then quickly scoots back about an arm's length. Ariana's entire head and neck is covered in leather leaving only her mouth and nose exposed.

Ariana sits unmoving for about half a minute before she realizes Kate is done. "Kate?" She calls out.

Kate says nothing and just sits back, curious what Ariana will do. Ariana pats around her nervously with her hands, trying to find Kate but she's just out of reach. Twisting her head left and right, asking for Kate several times. She then feels all over the smooth leather on her head trying to find the laces or a way to remove the hood but can't figure it out.

"Kate? Where are you? Help!" Ariana says panicky.

Kate pokes her shoulder but says nothing. Ariana flinches and squeals, twisting her torso right and feeling behind her she finds Kate's ankle.

"Meanie!" Ariana calls out. "Let me out please?"

"Why?" Kate asks, "Didn't you want to be helpless?"

"But Kate, I can't see…" Ariana complains.

"Exactly." Kate laughs. "Now sit still."

Kate goes to work and puts the collar around Ariana’s neck, the booklet included explains the lock is a long Torx screw. Kate spends the next minute screwing the collar shut with the included torx driver.

The hood extends under the collar and now can no longer be easily removed.

Ariana fidgets nervously, not understanding how the collar works. "No locks?" She asks.

"No sweetie, it bolts on. You'll never get it off without my help."

"Oh…" Ariana says timidly. "Kate? I'm scared. Can you remove the hood?"

"What are you scared of?" Kate inquires, a worry creeping in her voice.

"I don't know… It's very dark." Ariana says.

"You'll get used to it." Kate tries to comfort her. "Want to be restricted further?"

"No Kate, please?" Ariana says nervously.

"Alright, let me know if you want a drink or toilet break ok?" Kate tells her.

Ariana says nothing explores her restraints. Trying to touch her pussy. Feeling all over her hood again. Feeling around the collar in an endless cycle.

Kate meanwhile cleans up the packaging from all the items and remembers the freebie vibrator the store cashier gave her. And picks up the plastic bag.

She finds the vibrator and looks at how it works. The vibrator itself is simple enough. About the length of her index finger but twice as thick. It's a simple bluetooth controlled device connecting via an app on a smartphone.

Hmm, Kate thinks. She pokes Ariana in her side and says "Stay put, I'll be right back."

Ariana sits helplessly as Kate walks into the kitchen to cut open the pressed sealed plastic wrapper. She hates these wrappers. Always ending up with sharp edges and hurt fingers.

Carefully cutting the vibrator out of the packaging Kate then inserts batteries she finds in the kitchen drawer.

The thing turns on and off with a button but only into an 'idle' mode. All controls are handled by the app.

She finds the app and downloads it. A simple welcome screen has her create an optional account, which she refuses and follows the simple instructions to pair the toy to her phone.

A little light on the vibrator lights up blue, indicating it's connected.

"Kate? Kate?" Ariana's voice from the living room.

Kate pokes her head around the kitchen door, "Yes Ariana?"

"Can I have a drink please? I can't do it…" Ariana timidly asks.

"Are you saying you are too stupid to get a drink? Or are you helpless and unable to do it?" Kate teases her.

Ariana sits quiet for a moment. "I'm not stupid Kate… Please, can I have a drink?"

Kate laughs, and makes her an offer, "I'll trade you for it. You'll get some juice if you wear your ball gag again."

"I'm really thirsty Kate, please…" Ariana pleads. Feeling around her to find her way. She gets up and immediately bumps into the coffee table. Ariana shuffles forward a few steps and quickly discovers that crawling is easier and more safe. She crawls around the living room looking for the kitchen door.

Kate watches her fumble around in amusement and decides to give her some juice. "Stop right there young lady!" She orders Ariana.

Ariana freezes mid stride, twisting her head trying to decide where Kate's voice came from. She then sits down on her legs waiting for Kate.

Kate pours some juice and sticks a straw in the glass. She grabs Ariana's wrist and pushes the glass in her hand. "Careful now, don't spill it. There is a straw in there."

"Thanks Kate!" Ariana sounds thankful and tries to find the straw biting in the air where she thinks the straw will be.

Kate laughs at her silly attempts. "Need a hand?"

"No, I can do it!" Ariana assures her. And she continues searching for the straw.

Kate continues cleaning up, and leaves Ariana to it.

After a few minutes she hears a frustrated groan from the living room. Kate checks in with Ariana and sees her sitting on her folded legs with her juice in both hands. "What is it Ariana? Don't you like your juice?"

"Kaahaate!" Ariana whines with a start, "I can't do it…" She sounds frustrated.

"How does that make you feel sweetie?" Kate innocently asks.

"Ugh!! Stop teasing me… You know I feel stupid and helpless." Ariana scoffs.

"Aren't you happy with being helpless?" Kate wonders, holding in her laugh.

Ariana thinks about that and lets her head hang. "I am…" She says with a small voice. "But I didn't think being blind was so frustrating."

Kate laughs at her predicament and helps her drink her juice.

Ariana greedily drinks the whole glass. "Mmmm, thanks Kate!"

"Now, about that ball gag." Kate tells her.

Without thinking Ariana opens her mouth already and Kate pushes it behind her teeth. Strapping it snugly around her head. Ariana mmpfs, now she can't even talk anymore. Her hands move to her crotch but she is stopped by the chastity belt. Ariana whines in frustration.

Kate laughs at her and leans close to Ariana's ear, whispering "I own you now… Slave…" And presses a kiss on the ballgag.

Ariana moans desperately, she's getting so horny and she can't do anything. "pohkt ohn sujft." She calls out through her gag.

"What?" Kate asks innocently, stroking her nipples. "Poke a slut?"

Ariana whines. "mhoo, fhut on he chubs pweesh."

"Put on the cuffs?" And she slowly pulls Ariana's legs together.


Kate straps the cuffs onto Ariana's wrists and ankles but has nothing to connect the cuffs together. "We don't have something to connect them together…" Kate says disappointed.

Ariana wiggles in her bonds giggling at her victory. She knew it!

She sits back next to Ariana and tickles her sides, causing Ariana to scream and squeal with laughter. "Are you ready for your last surprise?" Kate asks, laughing at her struggles and seeing her panting.

"Peeez, mwatsj eh sujpwize." Ariana struggles to say.

Kate tells her she can find out and orgasm helplessly or stay curious until tomorrow morning when she can see again.

Ariana nods that she wants the surprise now.

Kate pushes Ariana down on her back and tells her to stay put. She then unlocks the belt and sees Ariana is dripping wet down there. She tickles the girl and makes her laugh and squirm sneakily slipping in the vibrator. Hoping she doesn't notice and re-locks the belt.

Finally Kate sits down on the couch and ignores Ariana for a few minutes while she flips through a few TV channels. "How's the gag?" Kate finally asks.

"Aye nweeto paktissj. Ish fwine. Mo hain." Ariana mumbles.

Practice huh, Kate thinks. "Alright babe, let me know if it starts to hurt."

Ariana nods, wondering what the surprise is that Kate has for her.

Kate flips through the TV channels and spots Jason Bourne, she watches the movie for a while. Kate has seen this movie a hundred times already and is not paying too much attention, distracted by the vibrator app. She swipes through the stupid introductory menus and finally is allowed to do things.

A 3d model of the vibrator shows on the screen with a row of buttons numbered 0 through 10 shows up next to it along with a little graph of the current intensity of the vibrations, currently it's a flat line at level 0.

She presses '1', Ariana squeals and squirms. "Matsj dath." She whimpers.

"If you have to ask, it’s set to the wrong setting…" Kate laughs and she presses '2'.

Ariana tenses up and moans. "ooooohmmmmm" she grabs at her crotch.

"Figured it out yet?"

Ariana nods. But doesn't understand how there is a vibrator in her.

Kate laughs at her puzzled response. "Here I'll treat you." And she presses '7'.

Ariana tenses up and screams in her gag. "Mwooaaaahhhh".

"Nice?" Kate asks.

Ariana tries to shake her head 'no' but can't stop moaning. "Mthooo musjh, peeez ftop."

Kate presses '5'. "How about this?"

Ariana's body tenses as her orgasm approaches, she frantically tries to reach into her belt and doesn't respond to Kate.

Kate smirks and watches the movie for a moment.

Suddenly Ariana bursts into a scream and her body spasms as she writhes on the floor. With the vibrator unrelenting buzzing away inside her the orgasm hits like a freight train and is prolonged by the non-stop sensations.

"Khaaaaathe, peeeez." Ariana begs after a minute or so.

"More?" Kate asks, and presses '8'.

Ariana howls into her gag and arches her back, her toes curled up painfully as an even bigger orgasm overpowers the first. She shakes uncontrollably.

Kate is fascinated by Ariana's contorted body but realizes she can't keep doing this and presses '1'.

Ariana relaxes and her toes go back to normal and the extreme arch in her back lessens.

"Ariana?" Kate whispers at her supergirl.

Ariana is a heaving mess on the floor, breathing deeply around her gag and through her nose.

Kate bends down and kisses her nose. "Welcome back…" She whispers.

"Khaatie peass, ehmoov muh gah."

Kate's done playing. As requested, she removes her girl's gag. Deep red lines are etched in the corners of her mouth. Ariana works her jaw for a few moments. "A drink, I need a drink please."

Kate sits Ariana upright and feeds her a drink through a straw.

"Please stop the vibe, it drives me crazy."

"You can take it I'm sure," And Kate taps '2' on her phone.

"Mnoooo, please, enough. Kate, please."

Kate lets Ariana know it'll stop if she makes Kate cum.

"Anything, I'll do anything, just make it stoohoop." Kate presses '3'.

Ariana makes an upset sound. She never felt more helpless than today. She hates it, but also loves it.

Kate orders Ariana to kneel in front of her, guiding her in place.

"There," Kate says, sitting down in front of Ariana. "Now it's your turn."

Ariana pleads with Kate. "But you'll turn the vibrations off, yes?"

"When you make me cum, as promised. So get to it. The sooner you finish me off the sooner you get your relief."

"Kaahaate" Ariana whines. Kate presses '6'. Ariana moans pained.

"I can go higher, or lower. Your choice." Kate pets her head.

"Lower please." Ariana submits and bends down and finds Kate smooth crotch and starts licking.

Kate presses '1' and leans back with a sigh. This was a very rewarding investment so far… She thinks.

Looking with one eye at Jason Bourne kicking ass while the love of her life tries to make her cum. Can it get any better? Probably with a better movie… She thinks as Ariana hits the spot. "Ooh yes, like that, yes! More, more…"

Ariana is desperate for her stimulation to stop. Her body feels sore and tired. She loves being helpless for Kate but isn't too keen on the vibrator inside her. It feels very powerful.

She laps at her friend's wet crotch sticking her tongue in deep hoping Kate gets off soon. And she does.

After a few minutes Kate grabs her head and pushes it into her crotch and she cums with a loud moan. Pushing Ariana away as she does.

Kate's body bucks and tenses and she slumps on the couch.

Ariana leans her leather covered head on Kate's thigh and begs her lover to make the vibrations stop. Continuously fidgeting and squirming her crotch looking for relief that she can't get.

Kate sighs in her post orgasm bliss and accidentally presses '10' on her phone.

Ariana squeals and almost falls backwards over in shock from the strong sensation inside her.

Kate realizes her mistake and hits '0'. "Whoops…" She whispers. Smiling at Ariana.

Ariana wishes to be free now but knows that Kate is always tardy after an orgasm and won't move for a while.

Resigning in her fate she tiredly leans against Kate’s leg waiting for her friend to get off her butt.

13 - Balance found

Kate meanwhile considers recent developments and feels quite content. This is quite a lot of fun, she thinks.

Being able to be a normal couple and completely dominating Ariana with some simple restraints if she feels like it. She's especially pleased with the hood and vibrator so far.

Would she be able to keep Ariana tied up all night, she considers. Maybe wearing her hood? She wonders what that would be like for her girlfriend. She'll find out some time she's sure.

Ariana meanwhile has a slight regret about her bondage. She loves the idea and it all works fine. But she didn't expect Kate to be so forward and torture her with that evil vibrator. She hopes Kate will let her free soon.

Kate vividly remembers Ariana telling her she has been stuck in a box for 18 hours completely confined in expanding foam. Not being able to move a muscle… She's convinced she'll be fine in this 'easy' bondage for a few hours. And Kate is right. But she didn't consider the mental aspect or how willing or able Ariana was at the moment.

Not that Ariana was unwilling, but everyone has their limits.

Ariana feels tired and dirty, she needs a shower. But Kate just rests on her couch not doing much.

She kisses Kate's thigh. Making little suction marks on the inside.

Kate finally stirs and looks at Ariana. "Damn girl. You're the best."

Ariana looks blindly up and smiles. "Can you let me go? I want to take a shower."

Kate agrees and looks for the Torx driver and spends the next few minutes fidgeting with the bolt to remove the collar. She then removes the leather hood which is all sweaty inside. But places the collar back on. She also removes the chastity belt and cuffs and tells Ariana to pull out the vibrator. "Go," Kate says when Ariana is done. "I'll join you in a minute."

Ariana says nothing and scurries to the bathroom and fidgets with her collar.

She turns on the water and sits on the toilet and tries to pee, but it won't come out.

Kate stares at Jason Bourne thinking she saw this movie too many times and turns off the TV. His Marie was kinda cute but not really though, she realizes. Weird how perceptions change, having never really cared for the attractiveness in an actress before.

She gets up and looks at the messy room. Ariana made a wet spot on the carpet. She herself caused a wet spot on the couch. Kate quickly wipes both spots with a spray of Mr. Muscle hoping it'll be fine. She then makes her way to the bathroom where she finds Ariana sitting on the toilet staring at her knees, she looks tired.

Kate doesn't say much and helps her girlfriend into the shower, washing her body. Ariana finally relaxes and she quietly pees in the shower feeling empty and relieved when she’s done. Meanwhile, Kate makes so much foam and bubbles that the whole cabin seems filled with it. Giggling at each other they play in the soapy foam tickling and poking at each other when Ariana sees Kate's smile and embraces her to kiss her intensely.

"Kate, my love…" She breathes heavily. "Thanks for today. For all your gifts and being there for me as always."

Kate looks her in the eyes. "Of-course babe, where else are you gonna go… You belong with me." After a few moments Kate asks, "How do you like your restraints?"

Ariana goes glassy eyed and admits she never felt more helpless than today. "I literally had zero control over anything. It's so good… And frustrating. And I hated you and then loved you so much for what you did to me."

Kate smiles at her, she thinks she knows what Ariana means.

Ariana looks at her weird and hugs her tightly, resting her head against Kate's shoulder. "Never leave me Kate, never ever ever leave me alone."

Kate considers this unusually strong show of affection and thinks it's because Ariana finally has her dream fulfilled, and without a rough and painful end. She doesn't quite know what to say back so just hugs her girl and says "Never. You're mine."

Ariana holds on to Kate for a long time feeling more happy than she'd been in many years.

14 - Public torment

The next morning Ariana finally realizes she's still wearing her collar and looks at it in the mirror. Deciding she likes the look and says nothing to Kate. Leaving it on for now.

Kate joins her and sees her adjusting the collar, "it looks good on you." She compliments her partner.

"You think so?" Ariana eyes Kate.

"Yea, you should wear it from now on." Kate tells her.

Ariana thinks about that.

"Do you want to go somewhere for breakfast?" Kate asks.

"Sure." Ariana says smiling coyly. Until she hears that Kate wants her to insert the vibrator and wear the chastity belt into the city. "Kate please, people will notice."

"Only if you give them something to notice." Kate laughs at her worried face. "Can you try? For me?" She asks. "Think about it for a minute." Kate walks away to the bathroom.

Ariana thinks about Kate's request for a while and says nothing but she quietly inserts the vibrator and locks on her chastity belt. She makes sure the waist and crotch straps are extra tight so the toy can't fall out and puts on regular clothes over her kinky outfit.

Walking out of the bedroom she finds Kate in the living room. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah," Kate says, putting on her shoes.

As they head down Ariana whispers "Have your fun. I did it… But don't abuse it."

Kate says nothing but puts her arm around Ariana's shoulders in a reassuring manner.

Ariana sits in the car feeling uncomfortable and unsure what's about to happen. She hopes Kate won't humiliate her in public. They enter a pancake house for breakfast and as they sit down she feels the vibrator humming inside her at the lowest setting. She mmpfs at Kate, her face flushing red.

Kate doesn't let on that she did anything and ignores Ariana's flustered look. Secretly enjoying her girlfriend's discomfort.

The waitress takes their order and Kate orders pancakes for both along with orange juice. Ariana wants Sprite. Their drinks arrive and just as the waitress sets the glasses down the vibrator speeds up causing Ariana to gasp.

Kate pretends nothing has changed and keeps playing with her phone.

Ariana can't focus on anything and tries her hardest to stay quiet and not move.

The vibrator dies down again to being a frustrating background nuisance.

Their food arrives and Kate seems to have forgotten about Ariana's torment and chitchats with Ariana about their day, if she had a dream, what she wants to do today.

Ariana doesn't say much and feels all hot and bothered. Looking upset at Kate for ignoring her horniness. "Kate!" She hisses.

"Yes sweetie." Kate innocently asks.

"Turn it off please." Ariana is very horny now but unable to cum or do anything about it.

"Ask me again and I'll make it stronger." Kate promises her.

"Kate please, turn it off."

The vibe doubles in speed.

"Mmmmoo" Ariana quietly moans.

"Told you," Kate smirks. She turns the vibe down to the lowest setting again while they finish their pancakes.

When they're both done and ready Kate suggests they should go for a walk, but Ariana desperately shakes her head no.

"Go pay sweetie, we'll go." Kate orders her.

Ariana slowly gets up and walks to the cashier, asking for the bill she feels the vibe get more intense. Just slightly. She stumbles over her words. "The … bill, pulease." Sounding like an idiot. The vibe turns off.

Kate joins her and apologizes for her friend being a dummy and pays for breakfast.

"I'm not a dummy Kate! Don't humiliate me like that…" Ariana angrily says as they walk away.

"Shhh babe, people might hear you."

Ariana feels incredibly horny and it shows. Her face is sweaty and her eyes are unfocused.

"You look like you have a fever. We better sit down for a minute." And Kate guides her to a bench in a secluded corner of a small park. Seeing no one she turns up the vibe to 4. Ariana clenches her legs and clamps down on the bench seat, her knuckles turn white. Gasping in surprise. "Nonono, Kate please, not here."

"Would you rather do this in a dressing room at H&M?" Kate asks. "No-one is here silly."

"Ohmmm," Ariana can barely contain herself.

Kate tells her to stay put and don't cum and walks away to a nearby pharmacy to get some Tylenol. As she enters the shop she sets the vibe to 1. She can just about see her girlfriend on the bench. If she looks closely she can see her struggle on the bench mouthing silent moans and gasps.

Quickly she presses 0 on her devious app. And buys her pills.

Coming back to the bench she sits down next to her girlfriend. Ariana looks angry at Kate trying to rub her crotch. "Ariana, you little slut! What decent woman masturbates in a public park." Kate whispers at her.

Ariana goes beet red and curses Kate for her stupid games.

Kate laughs, and holds up her phone showing the app, asking if she needs any help.

Ariana shakes her head and wishes she could disappear from the earth's surface. She feels so terribly exposed.

Looking around, Kate still sees nobody near them and presses 10 on her app. Hearing a groan as Ariana doubles over clutching her crotch and tensing up in an orgasm like she never experienced before. As the vibrations continue she curls up on her side on the bench with her head on Kate's lap, her body shaking all over and all tensed up.

Kate finally decides it's enough and turns the vibrator off. Slowly stroking her girl's face, smirking at her being helpless to control her body.

A few minutes later Kate helps a sweaty Ariana sit upright.

Ariana looks at Kate like she's going to kill her for a moment and gets up and drags Kate to the car. She's had enough of this.

Kate says nothing and follows her girlfriend reveling in her power over her.

Entering the car Ariana scolds her that she never wants to do that again.

"Why? Wasn't the orgasm good?" Kate says innocently. "Nobody saw you…"

Ariana fumes. "It's humiliating Kate! I felt so helpless I can't even control my own body now?"

Laughing at Ariana's weak argument, "Of-course you're in control, you inserted the thing yourself, remember."

Ariana shouts at Kate, "Because you told me to! You're the boss, remember?"

"Fine, fine. Private only." Kate winks at her.

“But I also remember you said you like to be helpless… right?” And she sets the vibrator to 2.

Ariana says nothing and squeezes her hands into fists, feeling powerless to Kate.

Kate drives them home and Ariana sits whimpering next to her on a slow burn. Not wanting to ask Kate to stop the vibrator fearing she'll turn it up again. When they finally arrive home the car bumps over the guardrail for their parking garage and Ariana can't hold it any longer and orgasms in the car clutching the dashboard for balance. The vibrations don’t stop however and she smacks her forehead into the dashboard repeatedly in frustration begging Kate to make it stop.

Kate says nothing and parks the car before lowering the vibrations to the lowest setting. "Come dear, let's go inside and take a shower."

Ariana timidly follows begging Kate to make it stop. "Please please, Kate pleaaaaseeeee! What do I have to do for you to stop?" She hangs off Kate's arm and almost goes mad with frustration.

"Nothing sweetie, it won't stop. Just enjoy your helplessness." Kate says cheerfully.

"Kaahaate! Please, it’s too much, I can't take it anymore." Ariana whines.

The elevator starts to go up and Kate says, "Kneel next to me like a little doggie."

Mortified, Ariana obeys quietly and kneels next to her partner. She looks up at her boss with pleading eyes, quietly whimpering but just Kate pets her head with a smile and ignores her looks.

Arriving on the 12th floor Kate tells Ariana to crawl to the door. She then kindly holds the door open for Ariana and lets her girlfriend into their home. Once the door closes behind them she sets the vibrator to level 10.

Ariana screams in surprise and clutches her crotch with her hands. Writhing and bucking as yet another orgasm ravages through her. Kate sits next to her on her knees and looks fascinated at her girlfriend. Literally 0 control over herself while unrestrained.

She strokes Ariana's forehead and lets her endure her orgasm for a while with the vibrator on high. It doesn't stop, Ariana can't stop. It's marvelous, she thinks.

As Ariana bucks and spasms in front of her unable to stop her orgasm she shuts off the vibrations. She caresses her girlfriend's wet face but it's like Ariana is asleep. She's tired, oh so tired. She never had three strong orgasms in a short period of time, let alone the constant teasing frustrating vibrations almost continuously in between. She's completely worn out.

Kate gently picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. Carefully undresses her and removes the chastity belt and vibrator and puts the feverish looking girl into bed.

"Rest up Ariana, we're done. Don’t move ok? Call for me if you need anything, anything at all." Kate whispers sweetly in her ear.

Ariana moans softly and nods. "I hate you!"

The rest of the day Kate pampers her to the best of her ability, letting her sleep for a few hours. When Ariana wakes up in the afternoon, Kate reminds Ariana that Kate is at her service. They shower together and Kate washes her hair and body and massages her tender vagina and aching muscles.

All clean, Ariana feels much better and the women relax together watching TV. Ariana doesn't have to lift a finger all day. Kate is there to assist and serve her.

"You did so good today Ariana" Kate whispers in her ear. "Did you like it?"

"I hated it and it was scary, but the orgasms are so strong and good. I'm so helpless." She mumbles. "Please do that again, but not in public. I don't want it in public. Promise ok?" Ariana finishes her mumbling.

"How about the forest?" Kate tries.

Ariana nods. "Some day. Not, soon."

She dozes off again. And Kate tenderly holds her lover as she watches TV.

Kate continues pampering Ariana the next day as well, which Ariana really appreciates after two days of fairly intense submission.


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