by Adegans

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This is part of my Ariana series and is sort of a 'what-happened-before' story. Taking place 6 years before . It gives context on why Ariana is who she is.

Almost every story in this series should (mostly) work on its own but if you want context and some references/characters to make more sense it's better to read them in order.

Her First Boyfriend


Ariana Inoue is an 18 year old Japanese woman. She has short black hair. She rarely puts on makeup but recently learned to use eye liner and finds drawing cat eyes intriguing. Her Cute facial features and petite body are the envy of many classmates. She has a small B-cup and stands about 140cm tall.

Ariana lives in the college dorm sharing a room with another girl. She's been in a somewhat serious relationship with her boyfriend for the past few months.

Ariana never really stood out in school other than being the cute asian chick. She doesn't care for most of her classes and is generally unsure of what she wants for a career. She likes handcrafts and some simple handy-man kind of things. She's also good at math, but hates History and Biology and things like that. She'll have trouble graduating at this pace but she doesn't seem to care too much. Finally being away from her traditional mother she's actively on the hunt for a boyfriend. And she's pursuing a man. Having found Matt, she decided she likes older guys for now.

Unconsciously she's been looking for a confident father figure as she grew up without one and has been casually dating a 42 year old man named Matt Holler for a while.

Matt saw her first when she was still 17. They met at Starbucks. She didn't have enough money and he paid for her drink mostly to hurry the queue along. They talked for a bit and intrigued by her he insisted on meeting again. After a few casual meetups at Starbucks they started dating properly. For her 18th birthday he got her the newest iPhone. Her first, brand new, luxury phone and that sort of sealed the deal of her accepting him as her actual boyfriend. Up until then she was still on a casual dating mindset also talking to other guys.

Matt Holler is 42, he lives in a different city but is in town most weekends and sometimes during the week as well. She's a trader or something important Ariana thinks as he has his own car with a driver and always looks like he's dressed for a gala dinner or awards show. But he doesn't really talk about his work or his personal life with her.

More recently he'd been pressing and suggesting to be more intimate with her. She's hesitant as she's still a virgin and while she masturbates regularly she is a bit scared of having actual sex. She believes it's a big step in her life so other than her taking a shower in his hotel suite and him seeing her naked a few times they haven't done anything sexual yet.

1 - The invitation

"But aren't you curious then?" Matt asks Ariana.

"I am, but it's scary, and a big change." Ariana hesitates.

"I'm sure you'll enjoy it honey. It'll be a great night."

"I've never done anything like that, you know. I'm not fancy like you."

"But doesn't that make it more exciting?"

He had asked her to join him on a business dinner he's hosting. Meeting potential customers and business partners. They're currently sitting in the lounge area of his hotel suite with a drink. He insisted she try whiskey but she doesn't like it and wishes she had a glass of Coca Cola.

Ariana had dated Matt Holler for a few months but they never really went out in their social circles.

She never met any of his friends or anyone he knew really and he probably doesn't even realize she's still living in a college dorm. He had never asked about any of that.

"I'll think about it."

"Alright then, but let me know in time so we can have your dress made."

"A dress? For me?" Ariana blinks in surprise.

"Yes girl, it's a grownup party. We wear nice clothes." He loves it when she looks naively at him like that.

"You're spoiling me…" Her voice trails off.

"Ariana," he looks at her seriously. "This is an important evening to me and I want to make sure I'm comfortable and confident there. It would be my greatest pleasure if you could join me and help me with that."

Ariana stares at Matt and giggles.

"What's funny?" he frowns.

"You said my name, you never say my name."

"I'm being serious honey. Please come with me to the dinner party."

"Eh, ok. I said I'll think about it."

He nods, and smiles broadly. "Let me know soon, ok?"

"I will Boss." She breathes, lost in his charm. Does he need her? She can't imagine that.

Matt likes it if she says 'Boss' to him. He'd been trying a few of such words. Asking her to call him 'daddy', or 'mister'. He even considered 'master' or 'chief'. But seeing none of those sounded right to him he decided on the simple and easy to say 'Boss'.

Ariana thought it weird at first, but likes the official title. Maybe that's just how boyfriends work, she sometimes thought. Her roommate has a boyfriend who she calls 'daddy'.

He refers to Ariana mostly as 'honey' or 'girl'. Almost never saying her name.

They have a drink and smooch on the couch. His hands carefully roam her slender body. She likes his affection a lot as he's always so gentlemanlike with her. Until recently never even hinting at having sex. Even though she probably would if he asked for it.

Instead their dates usually consist of going to the movies and eating in nice restaurants. They share many Starbucks drinks. Ariana doesn't like coffee much so she usually has one of the fruity refreshers or a sandwich or something. She really likes the casual atmosphere her fancy boyfriend creates around her. She's very relaxed and comfortable with him.

They head to the hotel lobby where his car awaits and they head to the cinema once again. They watch some movie he doesn't really care about but Ariana loves that stuff he thinks.

After the movie he calls her a cab and she heads home once again thinking she's dating a true gentleman.

The next day, Monday, she calls him before class and tells him she'll accompany him to the dinner on Friday.

He's very glad to hear that and invites her to a dressmaker that Tuesday afternoon so she can have a dress fitted. It'll be great, he promises.

2 - Dress fitting

All Monday and early Tuesday Ariana keeps wondering what he has planned for her and is super curious to see the dress. Finally in the afternoon she takes a bus to the city center and finds the dressmaker. It's one of those upscale shops that makes exclusive cocktail dresses and smokings and things like that.

She's hesitant to enter the shop as she feels wholly out of place for even standing in front of it.

Ariana is welcomed by a mature woman who greets her with a warm smile. "You must be Ariana, come, come. We've been working on your gown all morning."

"Ehh, hello." Ariana greets the woman. She is overwhelmed by the luxurious look of everything inside and quietly follows the woman. She feels super cheap and ordinary wearing her everyday clothes from the bargain bin.

The woman shows her to the back half of the shop where a mannequin is propped up on a little podium wearing a form fitting black dress with a glittery shoulder strap over one shoulder.

Ariana's mouth hangs open seeing it. "Eh, that's for me?" She finally stammers.

"Yes dear. It's almost ready. Just a few more moments." The woman says pushing Ariana's jaw up, closing her mouth.

Ariana sits on a little sofa and looks anxious around. "Ehh, miss? Where is the Boss, eh Matt?"

"Who? Oh, Mr. Holler? I'm sure he's busying himself at his office."

"He won't come?"

"Gentlemen don't attend dress fittings miss." The woman talks down to her.

"Oh, ok. Sorry…" Ariana mumbles looking at her hands.

About 15 minutes later the dress is ready for a first fit. The woman pushes Ariana into a dressing room and tells her to get undressed. Ariana stands in the small space wondering what's happening to her. She thinks the woman is very bossy. Slowly she takes off her shirt and slacks.

"Are you ready?" A voice sounds.

"Yes, almost."

Not waiting, the door opens and the woman eyes Ariana up and down. "No underwear Ariana, it's a fitted dress."


"Come, hurry up. We don't have all day. Get undressed."

Ariana feels bullied and wants to refuse. But instead reaches for her bra and pulls it over her head. Lastly she slowly slides down her panties. Ariana covers her body with her arms as best she can.

"Come, come, try the gown."

Ariana shyly peeks out of the dressing room into the store. "Out there? Everyone will see me…"

"We're only open for Mr. Holler right now. Nobody will come in." The woman urges her out with a gesture.

She slowly steps out of the dressing room and can't see the street. But the 3 dressmakers are looking at her.

"Come darling, you look gorgeous. Don't be shy. We do this all the time." The woman softens up a bit.

Ariana feels a bit more daring at hearing that but still doesn't like that 3 strangers see her naked. She steps onto the podium and she has to step into the dress as one of the women pulls it up over her torso and zips it up on her back.

"Look at you. Isn't that lovely?" She compliments Ariana with a huge smile.

Ariana admires herself in the 3 mirrors surrounding the podium. She has no words for the dress. It looks perfect on her. Every curve accentuated, it's snug but not tight. "But my underwear… I need to wear panties at least." She finally says.

"Come now dear, most women don't really wear underwear when wearing attire like this."

"Well, I'm not most women." Ariana argues. "I want to wear panties. It's not decent without it…"

She feels she needs to make a point and not be bullied around by the 3 dressbitches.

One of the women motions at Ariana and heads into her changing room and looks at her underwear for the size. She then heads to the back signaling to Ariana she'll fix it.

The other 2 start fidgeting with the dress, adjusting the shoulder strap. Taking in the waist a bit. Adjusting her cups, Mr. Holler had told them a B-Cup, but Ariana is smaller than anticipated.

To make her appearance more impressive they decide on a liner, or filler, below her breasts. This pushes her breasts up for a fuller cleavage making them look a bit larger. This saves the women a lot of time remaking the cups.

Ariana is told to step out of the dress and wait on the small sofa. She sits awkwardly naked in the shop trying to look decent.

Both women disappear into the back to adjust the dress while the 3rd comes back and hands Ariana a pair of panties so thin and soft it's unreal. "Here, try these please. Invisible underwear." She smirks.

Ariana wiggles into the silky smooth panties and finds them tight but comfortable. The pair conforms to her body almost perfectly, creeping into her butt crack without bunching up and feeling tight over her vagina leaving almost nothing to the imagination. But at least she is covered. She smiles relieved at the woman. "That feels so nice." She whispers. "Can I get more of them?"

The 2 smile at each other. Maybe just the other 2 are bitches, Ariana thinks.

"I'll whip something up," She whispers. "3 is fine? Colors?"

Ariana nods shyly. "Black or hot pink please if you have it. Thank you so so much." She rubs her butt and hips with her hand admiring the perfect fit and smooth fabric in the mirror. No lines, she can barely feel the edges of the fabric.

The woman nods and disappears again to make more panties.

The other 2 dressmakers come back and Ariana has to try the dress again. Her cleavage looks much more formidable now. And her butt is accentuated more with the adjusted waist.

"Perfect!" It's decided by the lead woman.

"What do you think darling?" She looks at Ariana.

Ariana stares at her perfect figure. She twists and turns, lost in her vision.

"Miss, hello! How do you like your attire?"

Ariana snaps back to reality. "Uh, I ehh. It's perfect. I never had a nice dress like this."

"That's good to hear." The lead woman smiles. "You should thank Mr. Holler appropriately for his kindness."

Ariana bows her head. "I will…" Thinking she'll never be able to repay his generosity. She twirls around seeing the dress flare slightly and can't stop looking at herself. The dress feels amazing and fits like a 2nd skin. She never wore anything more comfortable.

The dress is ankle length, has a split up the front of her right leg to high up her thigh. Her torso and hips are tightly wrapped in the thin fabric that barely covers her breasts. Her breasts are pushed up into a, for her, impressive cleavage.

The top line of the dress is lightly reinforced so it won't slip down and on her right shoulder in line with the split on her leg a strap embossed with glittery diamond-like stones snakes over her shoulder to her back.

And the best bit, Ariana thinks, she demanded underwear and she got her way.

Ariana looks at herself for a few more moments and reasserts herself. She asks if one of them can take her picture, striking a pose. One of the women snaps a few photos while Ariana poses in a few positions.

She then dares to ask what the dress would cost.

The women look at each other and one says, "This particular model costs around $3500 for the basic model, but we haven't finalized the price for the customizations yet with Mr. Holler. Probably double?" She looks at the other dress makers who nod in agreement.

Arianas mouth hangs open once again and she doesn't know where to look. Fucking hell, that's more than all my clothes combined times 5, she thinks. She then wonders if she gets to keep it. Or that the dress is a loaner or something.

"Alright, if you have no further questions then we're done here, it's time for our next appointment." The woman says. She steps up behind Ariana and unzips her outfit and helps her step out.

Ariana covers her breasts and rushes into the dressing room. She finds 6 pairs of panties made custom for her. 2 black, 2 pink and 2 plum colored ones. Looking for the 3rd woman but not seeing her she stuffs the items in her little bag and gets dressed.

Stepping out feeling normal again she admires the dress hanging to the side on a hanger. Even without a shape filling it, it looks amazing, she thinks.

"So eh, what now? Do I take it? Or what?" Ariana asks shyly.

"Girl," the lead woman patronizes her. "Someone will collect the dress later this afternoon. You'll have to talk to Mr. Holler to see how he wants to present it to you."

"Oh ok. So we're done?"

"We're done, goodbye." And she's guided to the front of the store and pushed outside.

In the shop the lead woman picks up the phone and rings Mr. Holler to report on how things went.

"Did she listen to your directions? And was she pleased with the dress?" he wants to know.

"She was overwhelmed by the luxuriousness of it all. And was mighty impressed with your generosity. She probably has never worn anything close to the items we create."

Hmm, Matt sounds.

"Anyway, she's very submissive like you suspect. Getting her naked and into the dress was no real trouble."

Matt makes an approving sound.

"She, uh, did insist on wearing underwear. Something about being decent."

Matt laughs at hearing that, thinking it matched his profile he has of her.

"We made her something to wear under the dress that won't show. For all intents and purposes she is naked under it. A very natural look just as you want."

Matt smirks and hopes the women are right. He loves the appearance of nakedness under dresses like this.

"Excellent, I'm sure you did a fine job again. You can forward the invoice to my assistant as always. Thanks ladies."

And he hangs up, not caring for the cost of the dress.

3 - Before the party

Ariana is completely overwhelmed and doesn't know what to think about all this. She thought they'd go to a TGI Fridays or something, but now she saw the dress she wouldn't be surprised if the President of the USA would show up to the party.

And who the hell wears a $7000 dress? Movie stars and important people, that's who! Meanwhile, she's just a poor dummy from college. The luckiest dummy, she thinks with a smile.

She sends a stream of messages to Matt telling him about the dress and asks if he wants to see a picture.

A few minutes later his disappointing reply comes that he's busy and can't look at photos but he's sure she'll look amazing.

Ariana mmpfs to herself and sends a picture to her roommate showing off her dress.

'Whoa where did you get that?'

'My boyfriend had it made for me, I just went for the fitting. Guess the price…' Ariana teases her friend.

A ton of jealous smileys chime into her phone. 'I don't know? $500 bucks?' 'Try $7000… It's so unreal!!!' Ariana sends back. 'Oh, wow. That's insane! Careful with guys like that, rich dicks usually have a few tricks and quirks up their sleeve.'

Ariana doesn't believe so and thinks it'll be fine. Her Matt is nice, she thinks.

The rest of the week she's anxious for the party on Friday. She doesn't focus on her classes and her close friends find her absentminded and lost in thought the whole time. Ariana doesn't really care. Her mind is on Matt, her handsome rich Matt, and his fancy lifestyle. She fantasizes how she'll be on his side as his wife soon.

She's been wearing her custom made panties every day and they're so lovely. She wishes she could have all her clothes custom made to her body.

Finally it's Friday and in the morning she gets a message from Matt that she would be picked up at 4PM at her dorm. He'll send a car for her.

Staring at the message for a moment she sends a reply that she has class until 5PM.

His simple reply comes instructing her to be ready at 4PM in front of her dorm building.

'Yes Boss. I'll be ready.' She obediently sends back after a minute.

'That's a good girl. I'm looking forward to seeing you.' She receives back.

And then another message. 'Please leave our phone, wallet, everything at home. You won't need it.'

'Ok. And how do you know where I live anyway? I never told you….' She sends, but gets no reply.

Of-course he knows where she lives, Matt grins at the question.

Unknown to Ariana he had her followed for weeks to see if she could be trusted and not pose a threat to him. He had her profiled to figure out if she'd perform well at events like today. He knows about her being an only child, where she lives, what her routines are going out and when she's at school. He knows who she hangs out with and that she likes to be alone. He found out she's a virgin. He found out so many details about Ariana, things she probably doesn't even realize or know herself.

Looking at the information he gathered he had concluded she'd make an excellent naive play thing for when he's in town, away from his wife. And so far it's all been in good spirits, just simple dates and time wasting for both of them.

But ever since he bought her that iPhone she'd shown much more affection to him and the looks she gives him from time to time suggest she wants more, much more.

When she agreed to join him this Friday he decided he would make his move after the party. Willing or unwilling, he'll show her what Matt Holler does to a silly girl like her.

At around 2PM Ariana pretends to be suddenly ill feigning a stomach cramp and gets sent to her dorm room. She rushes to her room and takes a shower. Not sure what to wear, she decides to wear cutoff denim shorts and a long sleeve dark blue t-shirt with the logo of her school on it. Finished off with knee length socks and her converse shoes.

She thinks it's a very cute and youthful look.

Stepping outside she sees a luxurious car with a man waiting at the passenger door.

"Miss Inoue?" he asks.

Ariana nods, "Ariana is fine."

He nods and opens the door for her and helps her into the car.

Her room mate sees Ariana step into a fancy car and wonders what kind of boyfriend sends a driver to pick up a college girlfriend. Immediately suspicious, she sends a message to Ariana to watch out and think carefully before doing anything.

She hears Ariana's phone chime on the nightstand nearby and worries even more about her friend.

She's brought to Matt's hotel and escorted to his room by the driver. Matt is not there yet but the man says to make herself comfortable and help herself to something from the minibar.

Ariana looks in the minibar and only finds whiskey. She considers calling room service for cola, but is unsure if she's allowed to order things.

Ariana sits on the edge of the sofa, unsure what to do or if she can look around. She's never been alone in his suite. Everything looks so nice and expensive. She feels so simple and poor as she compares her simple life to Matts. Why does he like her? She wonders. What could she possibly offer this man when they get married?

Her only conclusion is all she has to offer is herself. Her body and kindness. Which is flattering but unsettling as well.

She hears Matt come in while he's talking on his phone and she gets up to greet him. Coming at him with her arms spread for a hug. But he shoos her away into the bedroom and smacks the door closed behind her.

She looks disappointed at the closed door as he rages into his phone on the other side about some lost shipment and customs inspections or whatever. She's not sure what Matt does for a living she realizes.

CEO of mystery, she smiles at herself. Wondering if he's actually a CEO.

Looking around she sits on an armchair near the window and curls up in it. She wonders what has him so upset to send her away like this and feels that maybe she's intruding on his life. She listens to the angry voice of Matt. He's extremely upset with everyone on the other end of the phone it seems. Ariana wants to talk to Matt, maybe she can calm him down. After a while she dozes off curled up in the soft chair while staring at his king size bed.

Ariana dreams of Matt stealing the show with her, attracting many business contracts and being super successful with her by his side as his muse. And all she has to do for him is wear her dress and be pretty for him. She smiles in her slumber as she proudly stands next to her Boss and feels a hand on her shoulder. Looking over her shoulder she sees a 2nd Matt behind her. And a 3rd Matt whispers sweet things to her from her left side. Opening her eyes she sees yet another Matt hovering over her with a smile and she yelps in shock.

Realizing her dream is screwing with her mind she sits up and rubs her eyes. "What time is it Matt?" She yawns.

"It's almost 6PM honey, we should get ready."

"Are you upset? I heard you yell?" Ariana looks at him with worry.

"No girl, everything is fine. Sometimes I need to be strict and angry to make people work better."

Ariana frowns. "What do you do? CEOs don't yell right?"

Gosh she's naive he thinks. "I guess I never told you…" He smiles, standing up straight. "I'm Matt Holler, trader in arms!" He proudly proclaims.

"What arms?" Ariana looks at him not understanding.

"Yes, guns, rifles. Some small cannons too."

"Oh… For hunting?"

"For hunting terrorists, yes. But don't you worry your pretty head honey. We should get ready for the evening."

Ariana remains seated. "Matt?"

"Boss, please. Yes?" Matt says.

"Boss, about the dress. It's too nice. I don't deserve it. I'll never be able to repay you, like ever."

"Just be the best girl you can be tonight, that's more than enough payment."

"But I should repay you somehow. I'd feel uncomfortable wearing your fancy clothes otherwise."

She leans close to Matt looking at him longingly.

"Alright, you can repay me in full after the party if you insist. But we'll talk about that later, ok?" Matt grins.

A knock at the door. "Enter," Matt commands.

A steward enters the room with a small cart. On it hangs a suit for Matt and Ariana's dress in a plastic sleeve.

"Your outfits, Mr. Holler."

"Thanks Erik."

The man bows and leaves the room.

4 - Meeting a minister

"There we are. Shall we get changed?"

Ariana quietly asks Matt to wait and takes his suit. When she re-enters the bedroom Ariana motions for him to stand near the bed.

Matt, curious what she's up to, follows her to the bed.

Ariana carefully lays the suit on the bed and pulls her Boss close. She helps him out of his jacket and unbuttons his shirt. Matt looks at this with an amused look but lets her undress him. She climbs on the bed so she can lift his undershirt over his head and exposes his big hairy chest. Their faces are very close together.

She looks in his eyes and resists her urge to kiss him.

Ariana gets back down and undoes his belt before slipping his pants down. Halting, realizing he still has his shoes on. Matt laughs and kicks them off. Stepping out of his pants.

Ariana reaches for the elastic band on his briefs with her gaze focused on his bulge but Matt stops her.

"Not now sweetie. If that's how you want to repay me you can do it after the party."

Ariana looks up at him with her big unknowing eyes, "You're sure?" She always thought every man would love a blowjob any time of the day.

"Yes honey, we'll have our special night tonight."

Matt considers Ariana's loving actions and considers she'll willingly give herself to him that night. A brief moment of disappointment flies through his mind. He likes a bit of a struggle.

Ariana focuses on his suit. It's a really nice dark blue pinstripe suit. She never saw anything like it. Taking the pants she has Matt step into them and pull them up. Delaying slightly at his crotch, 'accidentally' stroking his bulge.

She looks up at him, "A belt? Boss?"

He nods, "There is one in the jacket."

She looks for it and guides the belt through the loops, buckling it. Ariana then stands on the bed again and helps him into his shirt, buttons it up looking intensely in his amused eyes.

"What's funny?" She asks.

"You're funny, girl. Like my little servant."

"Do you like it?" She gasps under her breath.

He pets her on the head, "You're doing fine little one."

Ariana smiles and helps him into his Jacket. Finishing dressing him she admires his manly appearance. Imagining herself next to him for the rest of her life.

"Wait for me…" She breathes. Ariana rushes out the room and into the bathroom with her dress quickly stripping naked and slipping on her form fitting panties. She then carefully steps into her dress and slips it into place as best she can.

"Boss? Can you do up the dress?" She calls out to Matt.

He looks through the door seeing Ariana's back. "Whoa…" he says.

"Don't look yet, just do the zip." Ariana mutters.

He zips up her dress.

"Please wait outside. It's a surprise."

He indulges her and quietly steps out. Sitting on his sofa, putting on some cologne and combing his hair back with his fingers.

Ariana fixes her dress and applies her eyeliner in her favorite way, she attempts it 3 times before she's happy with her cat eye look. She loves the pointy lines in the corners of her eyes. Adding a subtle smokey layer of eye shadow as a finishing touch.

She then brushes her hair so it's all smooth and neat. But thinks it's too plain, so instead she starts a flat braid pattern. Her hair is too short for an actual braid but she twists and crosses strands of her hair. Anyone looking at the back of her head will see the start of a wide braid, ending in a cute finger length pigtail.

"Are you ready?" She calls out.

"Yes, I think so." Comes his reply.

Ariana slowly steps out from the bathroom. Twirling around in front of her man. "Tadah!"

His mouth agape, "Wow!" Is all he can say.

"Just wow?" She jokes.

"Honey, you've outdone yourself. You look perfect!"

She stands in front of him and shakes her head. "No, you, you have outdone yourself with this absurdly expensive dress! I don't deserve it!" Ariana calls him out.

"A Zara dress just won't do honey. You'll see," he says with a smile.

She sits beside him and admires both of them seeing her black dress perfectly complementing the blue of his suit. Ariana pulls him along to the big mirror in the bedroom and positions them in front of it. She clutches his arm and leans her head against his shoulder.

"Don't we look perfect? Husband?" Ariana mutters.

"Please call me Boss. Ariana," he uncomfortably says.

Ariana is too excited to notice, "Well? What do you think?"

"It's really nice." Matt says clumsily. He doesn't like posing like this and certainly doesn't like being called 'husband' by some college girl. "Come, we have to head downstairs and greet the first guests." He makes his escape.

They walk arm in arm to the elevator and head downstairs.

She holds onto his arm as he greets his guests, people in military uniforms, expensive looking suits, some women in outlandish gala dresses. Ariana wonders if the women are naked underneath.

Many are wondering who the stunning young beauty on Matt's side is but he doesn't introduce her to anyone. He barely acknowledges she's even there.

When they finally get to sit down Ariana leans into him and whispers, "You're not pleased with me? Why don’t you introduce me to them?"

"I am pleased honey, you're very well behaved. But these people don't deserve to know you…" he whispers back.

Ariana looks puzzled. That makes no sense, he's courteous and friendly to them. Why can't she say 'hi' or be introduced. And what does he mean with well behaved, she's not some unruly kid…

"They're the dictators and arms dealers of the world. Scum of the earth," he says.

Ariana looks at him with big worried eyes. "Really? Why did you invite them then? Isn't that dangerous?"

"No, but it's good money." He smiles at her. "Soon someone more interesting will arrive. Just you wait."

Ariana looks at him startled. She doesn't get it, he hates these people, yet he sells them weapons?

She sips her drink with Matt and looks around at the function room. It's nicely decorated she thinks and nothing here looks like it's an arms dealer event with dictators. Nothing about this makes any sense to Ariana's simple world. Why do business with people you don't like?

Soon after an attendant whispers something in Matt's ear and he smiles. "Come honey, time to greet the guest of honor."

Ariana perks up and follows Matt, curious who she'll see. So far she recognized nobody.

Two burly Japanese men enter the room looking suspiciously around and take position next to the door. Then a large older Japanese man walks in. Ariana doesn't really know his name but she saw him on TV a few times.

"Isn't that the Japanese minister of defense? Does he deal with them too?" Ariana whispers shocked.

"Yes honey, like I said, the guest of honor. I want you to introduce me in Japanese." Matt whispers to Ariana.

"Matt, no, I can't… He's very important, I'm just a col…" Ariana refuses.

"You're with me, girl. That makes you important too. Now do as I say!" She says sternly.

She falls quiet and thinks about just who Matt Holler is. Is he really important in the world? She has no idea and it scares her. Ariana thinks she knows now why she's here. Eye candy for an arms deal? She's not too happy about that.

Matt guides her closer to the minister of defense with his hand on the nape of her neck, forcing her forward through the crowd. They halt a few meters in front of the defense minister and she bows down at the right angle for him and greets him in her rusty Japanese, much to the amusement of the man. She then meekly bows to his aide. Before introducing 'Matt Holler, dealer in arms!'. Not sure what else to say.

She thinks she looks stupid in front of such important people but she feels Matt's ego swell next to her. The defense minister laughs at her introduction and tells her he knows all about the gaijin pretending to not be an idiot.

Ariana smiles sweetly and steps back. She wants to leave now.

Matt and the minister shake hands like the best of friends and move away to a nearby table leaving Ariana alone. Instantly forgetting about her it seems. Fine with her. She urgently needs a drink. Heading to the bar she's looked at by a few men on her path, turning heads left, right and center.

The barman only has alcoholic drinks, or so he claims, Ariana just wants cola but can't have it. So she takes the lesser of bad options and orders beer. Downing 2 beers quickly after each other. She's considering if she should get drunk or not as one of the female guests approaches her and asks who she is.

"I'm Motoko Kusanagi." Ariana lies unconvincingly, using the name of a Ghost in the Shell character.

"You're with Mr. Holler this year?"

Ariana wonders what she means with 'this year' and simply nods, asking for another beer.

"I'm with that man over there," she points at a big bearded olive skinned man.

"Oh ok." Ariana says not really interested. Guzzling down her beer.

"He really wants to meet Mr. Holler privately, he has a most interesting offer for him. Can you introduce him?" The woman jammers on.

Ariana considers the request. She herself wants to meet Matt privately as well. She decides she hates this party and doesn't like being here anymore and wishes for things to go back to casual normal. "Please talk to him yourself…" Ariana quips.

The woman looks upset at Ariana's unprofessional refusal. "Well, you look stunning Kusanagi-chan." The woman compliments her.

"Yea, sure, thanks." Ariana is surprised by the use of honorifics, even if it's the wrong one.

She bows slightly and orders another 2 beers.

With her drinks she saunters through the room, ignoring everyone and finds a place to sit in a quiet corner.

Too many people around her, too much attention from people she doesn't care about.

Matt notices his girl gone, and sees her wander around on her own. He motions for a bodyguard to look after her.

Matt eventually taps on his wrist and a well hidden earpiece informs him where Ariana went. He finds Ariana sitting alone in a far corner at a table with the bodyguard nearby.

"Here you are, Motoko is it?" Matt laughs at her ruse. "Please don't be rude to our guests, ok? How do you like the party?"

"Can we go? I want to leave please. Now?" Ariana urgently says, not noticing he caught her lying about her name.

"I'm the host honey, I can't leave yet. What's the matter?"

"Matt… Please, I feel very uncomfortable being here. The way you put me on the spot with Nakatani-sensei, I don't like it. And all these people? All killers I assume?"

Matt thinks for a second and sits down next to her. "Honey, Ariana, I understand your anxiety. And I'm sorry. Parties aren't your thing then?"

She looks at him with big sad eyes. "This is not a party boss… It's an arms deal. I don't like that either. Can we go? Please?"

"So, the expensive meals, your dress, the nice car that picks you up, your iPhone, the suite we spend time in… Don't tell me you don't like these luxuries, because they're paying for it." He gestures at his guests.

She looks at him startled. "Really?"

He nods, "Of-course you can take the dress off now if you hate it," he teases her. "But I prefer you keep it on until we are alone."

This is too much for poor conflicted Ariana, "Please Boss, I want you. Just manly, confident you… All to myself, forever." Ariana moans. "Aren't you rich enough? Can't you quit and be with me?" She drapes her arms around his neck looking for a kiss.

He gently pushes her aside, looking her into her eyes. "So be it, I'll make you mine tonight if you so desire. But you'll have to obey me completely, agreed?" He ignores her stupid remarks.

Ariana nods, "Anything boss…" She says.

"I have to get back to the guests. You should join me," he announces abruptly.

She shakes her head, "Sorry, I can't… I mean, I'll just embarrass you…" What a terrible evening, she thinks. Not at all what she imagined.

Not wasting more time with what she wants or her insecurities he presses a kiss on her cheek and leaves Ariana sitting there simmering with her desires.

Matt is distracted for the rest of the evening. Almost screwing up a few contracts by promising certain guns to the wrong guest. And forgetting to include ammunition on another agreement. He's thinking about Ariana in his bed, pinned under him, moaning, struggling as he takes her whichever way he wants, unable to stop him.

She's screwing with his head with her outspoken desire and wishes his wife was this eager to spend time with him.

The party winds down around midnight. Matt can finally leave without losing face. He finds Ariana who has moved to an adjacent little room and has curled up on a bench sleeping, several empty beer bottles littered on the ground surrounding her. The bodyguard stands guard at the door.

He carries her small body to the elevator and holds her close as they ride it up. Ariana stirs and mumbles something but stays sleeping until the elevator bumps to a halt on the 10th floor.

Seeing Matt from up close she smiles and wonders where they are.

"Hello Boss, where are we?" She yawns.

"We're going home now honey."

"How did the party go? Did you get richer?"

He smells the beer in her breath and laughs at her dumb question. "No girl, it's not about riches. It's about the balance of the world."

"Oh ok…" Ariana is unsure what that means.

"Can I stay with you tonight Boss?"

Matt says she's not allowed to leave until morning to which Ariana giggles.

5 - Her first time

He carries his charge into his suite and puts her down.

Inside, Ariana is all over Matt, standing on her tiptoes trying to kiss her man. Matt pulls her close and kisses her back. They embrace each other for a few moments when Ariana loses her balance and breaks off the kiss.

Matt sits her down and tells her to wait for him.

He throws his jacket aside and takes off his shoes. Ariana follows his movements. And when he comes back he kneels in front of Ariana taking her hand.

Ariana holds her breath… She's going to be Miss Ariana Holler-Inoue?

"Ariana, dear," he starts. "I know you are a virgin and I know you never had a serious boyfriend."

She frowns uneasy, not sure what to say to that.

He motions for her to be quiet, "Are you sure that you want to give yourself to me tonight?"

She nods slowly, entranced by his considerate words.

"I have some preferences you will not like…"

"Anything you like, Boss." She interrupts him. "Almost." She whispers.

He smiles at her naive willingness to please.

"I know you're a young and inexperienced girl. You have 5 minutes to back out and save your innocence. If you still want me when the 5 minutes are up you can join me in the shower. Once you do, you can't leave until I'm done with you. Think very very carefully."

He gets up and heads to the bathroom without another word or looking back.

She sits staring at the floor. 'Preferences I don't like?' What does that mean? 'Save my innocence?' She thinks he means her virginity with that. How does he know she's a virgin anyway? And I'm not allowed to leave? Her heart beats at breakneck pace and her head spills over with nervous curiosity. Fumbling with her dress she slips it off and walks to the bathroom before a minute has passed.

She quietly joins Matt in the steamy water and wraps her arms around him from behind. Leaning her head against his broad back.

"You're sure then?" he asks without turning around.

"I'm yours, Boss. Please take me." Ariana whispers barely audible over the water.

He nods, amused at her theatrical display of affection and washes her body in silence. He soaps her up admiring her figure from up close. Touching her nakedness for the first time. She shudders from his attention and says nothing, flinching when he touches her vagina.

"S…Sorry Boss." She mutters submissively.

He smiles and rubs her vagina gently. So pretty he thinks. "Let's go to bed," he whispers in her ear.

"Yess Boss." Ariana says nervously.

He dries them both off and carries her to bed. Laying her petite body on her back and crawling over her with his erect penis pointing at her. Ready to plunge in.

"Ehh Boss?"

"Yes girl…"

"You need to use a condom."

Matt sighs, "Condoms ruin the fun honey."

"I don't want a kid. Please use one." Ariana insists.

He sighs again, "I don't have any… I'll pull out."

Ariana crosses her legs.

"I'll blow you instead? Please." She looks nervously at him.

He pretends to think for a second. "Or, I can take you from behind?"

"I…In my, eh butt?" She stammers.

"Yes, in your butt. It'll be just as nice as regular sex," he promises.

"I don't know… I never…" Ariana gets even more nervous now.

"Here, turn over, I'll show you," he interrupts her and flips Ariana on her stomach and spits on her butt and rubs her anus with his thumb pushing the wet finger in slightly.

"Owww" Ariana squeals, clenching her butt.

Matt ignores her surprised yelp and carefully slips his thumb into her ass. Then replaces it with his index finger. Slowly pumping in and out. Ariana pants softly feeling the weirdest sensation ever.

"Ohh, yeees! Mmmm, that feels goooooood!" She quietly moans.

Matt pulls his finger out and sits on her knees. He lowers down and points his penis at her anus. He slowly pushes the head inside and leaves it there for a minute so she can get used to the feeling.

"Owowowowow" Ariana whines at the much larger intrusion.

He says nothing but pushes in deeper, slowly pumping in and out of her.

Ariana struggles and squirms under him trying to evade his penetration. Having his finger inside felt nice but this hurts. She reaches back to push him away but he grabs her wrists and holds them in the small of her back. Matt thrusts in more forcefully, grunting with every thrust.

Ariana cries in pain and feels helpless under his forceful assault. After a few minutes of weeping and moaning she feels him push in extra deep and holds himself there as he groans loudly. Spurting his seed into her ass.

He slumps down over her pinning her under him while his penis is still inside her.

She struggles weakly grasping around her with her arms trying to get away, but she's stuck for now.

Matt feels his penis soften and finally pulls out of the poor girl. Seeing her asshole clench and tighten.

Ariana jumps out of bed and runs to the bathroom with a tear streaked face. She looks at her back thinking she's split in two. But all she sees in the mirror is his semen dripping out of her butt.

She sinks to the floor crying softly. Unsure why people like sex so much.

Matt lies on his back in bed smiling, waiting for her to return to him. They always do. When she doesn't return after a few minutes he calls out for her. "Ariana, come here!" He orders her from across the suite. Ariana peeks her head around the door, showing her teary face, "come here girl. We're not done yet."

She looks fearful at him but says nothing.

"Girl, come here," he pats a spot next to him on the bed.

Ariana moves to the bed and sits down.

"I believe you offered me a blowjob twice today," he says. "Time to deliver."

Ariana looks at him. "I, you lied to me… Boss. You said it would be nice. It hurts."

"I didn't specify for whom it would be nice now did I?" He reaches for her neck and pulls her head down to his penis.

She smells herself on him and sniffles, not wanting to taste it.

He pushes her head against his penis. "C'mon, keep your promise, suck me off."

Ariana opens her mouth and he pushes his member inside. She nibbles on the head and licks around the tip tasting herself mixed with his semen.

"You never did this before, did you?"

"Mnoo shir," she mumbles.

"Let me help you, kneel on the floor," he orders Ariana to her knees.

Sitting on the edge of the bed he guides her to the floor making her kneel. "Now take it as much as you can and suck. Swallow down if you can." He forces her head towards his penis again and she takes him in her mouth.

Ariana doesn't feel like she has any choice.

Matt pushes his penis into her mouth without much resistance from Ariana. She works his member deeper into her mouth until he reaches her throat. Without struggling she tries to swallow him and he feels his penis being sucked into her throat. Moaning his approval.

Immediately, Ariana starts to retch and choke but he holds her head in place and pushes deeper. Slowly fucking her throat, encouraging Ariana to keep sucking.

Ariana feels miserable and helpless again. This also hurts and to make matters worse she can't breathe.

Just as she runs out of air he pulls out and leaves thick streaks of slime and cum hanging from her mouth. He rubs it over her face and into her hair laughing at the mess she made and the sullen look on her face.

She coughs and splutters for a minute. "Boss please, sex is supposed to be fun right?"

"Oh I'm having fun dear girl."

"I'm not," she whines.

"Then let me fuck your vagina if you want pleasures. You choose this yourself."

Ariana considers this and thinks that's unfair. She's had enough. "Can I go home please? Please please?" She begs Matt.

"No, the rule is that you're not allowed to leave until the morning."

"I've changed my mind, please. I'm sorry, I thought sex would be nice."

He reminds her that she agreed to obey him all night. "But, no more games," he promises.

Ariana looks at him suspiciously. Her love for him waning quickly.

"Go wash your face and join me, he tells her." He lays down on his back with his arm outstretched for Ariana to join.

Ariana wipes her face clean in the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror thinking she's the most unlucky girl in the world. After a minute of self pity Ariana reluctantly joins him in his embrace and he holds her close.

"Don't be afraid honey. You'll learn to like it soon enough. I promise."

Ariana nods. Maybe he's right, she thinks naively.

He tenderly holds her while they sleep together and even though Ariana feels cheated on her expectations she feels a lot better already the next morning. He calls her a cab and she heads home with mixed feelings.

6 - Pushing boundaries

Matt feels he conquered Ariana and considers she is his now. He estimates Ariana will be too ashamed to talk to anyone about what happened. But he wasn't rough enough with her to reject him, he thinks. All he has to do now is get her back to him sometime soon. Over the next week he sends her messages pretending nothing bad ever happened. He travels a lot and promises to be back next weekend especially for her.

That weekend he sends his driver to get her and she's delivered to his suite. He orders room service and treats her to the best steak with potatoes and asperges she has ever had. He then suggests they go to see a movie.

Ariana instead wants to talk to Matt. She thinks he was too rough on her the week before.

He explains that this is his preference and that she agreed to it by telling him 'anything he liked'. Plus, he argues, she must've liked it. Why else would she be back here now?

Ariana didn't consider that and feels defeated by his logic. She admits she liked being controlled or even forced. But she didn't like the pain and humiliation.

"So if I make it more pleasurable for you, you'll want more?"

Ariana nods cautiously.

"I see," He says, intrigued. "Fine, we'll test that soon," he decides. "But first a new rule for you. From now on when we're together you're not allowed to wear panties. Never, do you understand?"

Ariana nods.

"And to make it more interesting, next time we meet and onwards you'll wear a skirt. Knee length or shorter."

"Without underwear?" Ariana asks nervously.

"Yes of-course."

Ariana swallows nervously, but says nothing.

"So? Are you wearing underwear now?" he asks.

She confirms she is.

"You're being a bad girl then…"

Ariana gets up and slides her shorts down. And takes off her panties throwing it aside. She then pulls her shorts back up looking at Matt with an emboldened look.

"I see," He nods his approval. "Very good. Now let's go for a walk."

They walk the evening streets. Ariana is very aware of her nakedness, but soon realizes nobody will notice it as long as she acts normal.

They make small talk and chat about life and her future. His past. They enjoy ice cream, a drink. She slowly feels more comfortable with Matt. Seeing him as a confident gentleman has her forget their crazy night from the week before and she cozies up to him.

Sitting on a park bench he tells her to rub his crotch. She obeys immediately without thinking about it.

After a minute or so he says, "That's enough for now. Stop it."

He continues, "Good night Ariana, see you next week." And he walks away without a glance back.

Ariana sits baffled at what just happened. "Wait!" She calls after Matt.

He looks around, "Yes?"

"You're just leaving me here?"

"It's 10PM, our date is finished, right?"

"What if it's not?" Ariana pouts.

Back in the suite Ariana is told to strip naked and get on his bed.

Eager, she follows his instructions and waits for Matt to join her. As he climbs on the bed and on top of her she again notices he's not going to use a condom.

"Eh, Boss. A condom please…"

"I don't have condoms girl, you know that," he sighs.


He waves away her protest. "Make a choice. Let me love you the way I want to or go home…"

She considers his demand and turns on her stomach.

"Anal?" he asks.

"Be gentle please," she whispers, feeling humiliated. Craving to spend time with him.

Matt wastes no time and wets his penis and her anus and thrusts in. He plunges deep into her tight hole. Ariana yelps in surprise at the forceful intrusion.

He fucks her ass for several minutes before grunting and cumming inside her. Not as rough as last time but certainly not gentle. He smacks her ass leaving a red handprint.

"Go clean up and join me after!" He orders her.

Defeated, Ariana walks to the bathroom and washes herself. She looks at her butt seeing the red mark he left.

She sleeps in his embrace and feels peaceful. The next morning Ariana is sent home feeling emotionally conflicted.

She's distracted all week by how their relationship has changed and what a meanie Matt really is. But she can't stay away from him. She craves his attention every chance she gets and is completely infatuated by his supposed control over her. Even though she can walk away at any moment.

The following weekend he reminds her of her requirement to wear a skirt and no underwear.

Ariana shows up in a cotton minidress with nothing under it feeling very self conscious.

As a special treat he takes her to a nice restaurant and they sit in a secluded booth enjoying a glass of wine waiting for their food. He praises her for leaving her bra at home as well. But she counters that the open back of the dress prevents her from wearing a bra and she had nothing else to wear today.

He realizes she's not being extra sexy for him and feels disappointed for a few minutes.

Ariana has to tell him about her week and how she misses him. She carelessly says she doesn't miss him per-se, but she misses being controlled. This upsets Matt even further and he makes her promise she'll be loyal to him.

Ariana assures him she is. He frowns at her and rubs her back. Feeling her flinch, looking at him nervously.

His ego boosted seeing her fear for him.

"Slide your dress up," he quietly orders her.

Ariana starts doing as ordered but then realizes people could see her and stops, she shakes her head in protest.

"Do it girl!" he orders her again.

She feels compelled to obey and slips up her dress, bunching it around her waist. Ariana nervously sits on her naked butt looking around.

"See? Nobody knows or cares," he assures her.

Ariana looks around nervously again but says nothing. She sits awkwardly for a few moments when he tells her to rub herself. Startled, she refuses. "Boss I'm a decent girl, I can't do that. Not here."

"Decent?" he smirks, "No you're not. I have it on good authority that you chose to get fucked in the ass for the last few weeks," he says, humiliating her. "So if you can do that, you can also pleasure yourself for me right now."

Ariana stares at him pleading, ready to cry. "Please, not here." She whispers hushed.

"Yes, here. Do it now or I'll leave this instant and you'll never see me again."

"That's not fair…" Ariana mutters.

"It's a bargain girl, your pleasure for this dinner and my attention."

Ariana's hand slowly moves to her crotch and she rests her fingers on her pussy lips.

"Wait," he says. He reaches down and swipes his fingers between her wet lips. Eliciting a soft moan from Ariana. "Look at what a slut you are. Better yet, taste it." And he pushes his fingers into her mouth.

Ariana mmpf’s quietly while sucking on his fingers. She squirms on her seat, her face red with shame.

"Now, since you seem to be enjoying yourself so much, masturbate for me."

She looks at him pathetically but slowly rubs herself.

"That's a good girl. Now keep doing that until your food arrives."

Ariana looks nervously around every few seconds feeling guilty and horny at the same time. She hopes nobody will notice. Matt ignores her and plays with his phone.

Fortunately their food arrives soon and Ariana can stop fingering herself.

They eat in silence. When dinner is finished they walk around a bit in the city, enjoying the cool evening air. Ariana has fixed her dress but still feels flustered from rubbing herself earlier.

"Want to come to my suite?" Matt winks at her. "We can fuck…"

"Will you use a condom this time?" Ariana cautiously asks.

"No of-course not."

"Then no." Ariana says, not wanting to be fucked in her ass again.

"Fine, have a nice life then Ariana." Matt says and starts walking away from her.

"Matt, Boss… No. Please." Ariana calls after him.

"Have you changed your mind?"

Ariana looks ashamed, her eyes focused on her feet. "Boss, I love your attention and everything you do for me, but I don't want buttsex."

"Butt sex?" he laughs. "Didn't you say if I make it pleasurable that you’ll want more. Do you remember that?"

Ariana looks up at him with uncertain eyes.

"Come" he says, "I'll show you how to enjoy it." And he pushes Ariana along and brings her to his suite.

In the bedroom he pulls her dress over her head and throws it in the trash, "You won't be needing this crap anymore."

Ariana looks disturbed at the trash bin. "Boss? That's not garbage. I like my dress… How will I…"

"Quiet, no talking…" he orders her. He then pushes her over the edge of the bed and tells her to hold on to a pillow. Spitting on her anus as he usually does he fingers her gently for a few minutes and Ariana moans and giggles in pleasure. He adds a second finger but also that feels OK, Ariana thinks. She then feels a larger object at her anus. She braces herself as he pushes his penis into her butt. She moans and wiggles her ass feeling fairly comfortable this time. When he's all the way inside her he gently moves his penis in and out for a few minutes. This feels nice Ariana thinks. She can enjoy this.

Suddenly he plunges in deep and hard. Causing her to squeal. But he slowly pulls out and she thinks it's a false alarm. He repeats this a few times by being very gentle and caring, then suddenly thrusting in hard and being rough.

Just as Ariana starts to really get into it and feels her pleasure grow he rams his penis inside her and starts fucking her so rough it shakes poor Ariana to her core.

This hurts like always and she begs for him to stop as he slaps her ass repeatedly ignoring her pleas. Holding himself inside her with a grunt he smacks her ass a few more times leaving red handprints before pulling out and turning her around. "Open your mouth," He says, panting. When she doesn't respond he slaps her face until she complies and he cums over her face and into her mouth.

Ariana is too stunned to even cry or feel anything other than shame. She's pushed out of the suite into the little vestibule while still naked and covered in semen. The door slaps shut behind her.

Coming to her senses she stands in the small vestibule for a few seconds before realizing she's been had again and turns to knock on the door for her dress. The door opens and her dress and belongings are thrown at her and the door closes again.

She quickly steps into the dress and rushes home trying to wipe the sticky sperm of her face.

Arriving in her dorm room she vows to never talk to Matt again. He's no gentleman after all.

7 - Breaking limits

She manages to ignore Matt for almost three weeks before she can't stand it any longer and sends him a message that they need to talk. He replies that evening that if she wants to set boundaries or limits they have nothing to talk about. She says it's not like that and he invites her to his suite the next day to hear her out.

He sits on his sofa and has Ariana kneel at his feet.

"So? What do you want now?" He frowns at her.

"I want you to treat me better." Ariana blurts out.

"Treat you better? After you ignore me for three weeks? If anything I should punish you for your selfish behavior," he counters.

"Boss… It's too much. You can control me all you want. But in public or hurting me it's not OK."

"And yet you're here like a wanton little slut," he taunts her.

She looks up at him with a flash of anger.

"Fine, no rough sex today. How will you make it up to me?" he asks.

Ariana thinks about that, "If you promise to keep it inside this suite and not hurt me you can control me all you want."

"I see. Those are your only requirements?" Not believing she still wants him.

"Ehh…" Ariana hesitates. "I don't know. I guess."

Ariana sits naked in the bathroom. Waiting for Matt. He said to face away from the door and not look for him.

She had been sitting here for over an hour now. Not sure where Matt is or what he's doing. She thought she heard him on the phone as if he was placing an order.

Suddenly she hears him enter and she's pushed to the floor by her neck.

"Stay like that," he orders.

"Yes Boss."

He wets her anus and pushes something inside. It feels like a ball. As she grimaces in pain the thing plops inside and she feels a wider bit settle against the outside of her butt.

"Ouch! What's that?" Ariana asks nervously.

"A butt plug, I had it especially delivered for you just now. So don't lose it. But if you do, I'll throw you out naked without your clothes," he threatens her.

Ariana says nothing but suddenly feels very scared. There is something mean in his voice, she thinks. She then feels her wrists grabbed and he tapes them together with duct tape behind her back, also covering her hands.

"There, now, be quiet so we can watch TV."

Matt pulls Ariana to her feet and positions her near the TV telling her to not move a muscle.

He himself sits comfortably on the couch with a beer and some popcorn and flips on the TV and skips through the channels looking for a movie.

Finally settling on a movie channel showing action films.

Ariana can't see the TV as it's off to her right, just outside her view. Matt sits on the sofa on her left and ignores her watching whatever movie he chooses. She wants to talk to Matt but doesn't dare to make a sound. She quietly shifts around struggling with her anal intruder wishing he would pay attention to her.

The movie finishes well over half an hour later and he turns off the TV and walks away. Getting another beer. He grabs his tablet and reads a book or something on it. Flipping the digital pages from time to time she thinks.

Ariana meanwhile feels neglected. She feels the plug slipping and it's uncomfortable.

She stands there for almost an hour wondering what the hell he is planning when he tells her to kneel at his feet.

Ariana rushes to comply and kneels next to his legs looking up at her captor with a questioning look.

"Stay!" He gets the roll of duct tape again.

Matt sits down next to Ariana and peels off a strip of tape, sealing her mouth. She looks scared at him. He then wraps more tape 3 times around her ankles and knees taping her legs together.

Finally he pushes Ariana onto her side and sticks a double strip of tape over her ass and part of her vagina, sealing the plug inside her.

Matt then pulls her up to a sitting position. And he picks her up in his arms and carries her to the bathroom where he places her into the shower cabin and slides the shower door closed. He orders her to stay quiet and don't move, clicks off the light and leaves her in the dark.

What the fuck? Ariana thinks. And she mmpf’s her disapproval trying to get Matt to release her.

That night she lays in the shower cabin feeling very uncomfortable. The tiles prevent her from getting up and sliding the shower door open. After a few hours of trying to escape she gives up and falls asleep exhausted for a few minutes, sometimes an hour or so, but doesn't feel rested as the morning arrives.

Matt on the other hand feels very rested and is having breakfast. She smells bacon, sausages and toast.

She screams through her tape gag and kicks the glass wall for attention. When Matt finally responds she looks at him with pleading eyes.

"What do you want, girl? Food? Drink?"

She nods vigorously.

"Not gonna happen," he says, biting into a piece of toast dripping with jam.

Ariana struggles and moans mumbling she wants the plug taken out.

"You want the butt plug removed?"

She nods again.

"Would you prefer I fuck your ass?"

She shakes her head moaning pathetically.

"Then the plug stays in. How about your vagina?"

Ariana slowly shakes her head, but with less resolve. Doubt clearly visible in her eyes.

He keeps her tied in the bathroom all morning while he works and makes phone calls.

Ariana is desperate to have the plug removed. Her ass feels sore, her cheek pinches if she sits on the plug. And the tape covering her body itches and pulls on her skin. Her shoulders ache. He had broken his promise again by causing her lots of discomfort and pain.

She kicks and screams again for him through the tape.

Matt enters the bathroom. "Stop being such a nuisance girl I'm working… What is it now?"

She moans for him to remove the plug.

"Still bothered by the buttplug?"

She nods moaning. Indicating it's hurting her.

He kneels down and yanks the tape of her mouth.

Ariana squeals in pain. "Owwwww!" She howls.

He looks at her annoyed. "What now?"

"Boss… Please You said you wouldn't hurt me. Let me go Please please please!"

"And you said I could do whatever I want to you," he counters.

"Yes but you're hurting me."

"The tape and plug is hurting you, not me. I'm not even touching you."

She looks stunned, thinking that’s not at all a fair explanation. "Let me go please? I really really want to go home. I'm really sorry for any trouble I caused you. But I can't do this anymore."

He shakes his head. "You were stupid enough to give yourself to me without limitation and now you think you can get out?"

She looks frightful at him. "Boss please, let me go. I beg you. I'll do anything. Please just let me go."


"Yes yes anything, please just let me go, ok?" She desperately begs for her freedom.

"Alright, if that's what you want. You can earn your freedom for one more night with me."

Ariana nods her head enthusiastically with what little energy she has. "Thank you Boss, thank you so much! One more night, but no more. Please."

He leaves her to writhe and struggle hopelessly with the strict command not to bother him again.

Ariana gives up trying to escape. It's just not going to happen. She lays on her side biding her time before she's let go. She thinks he kept her in the shower cabin all day without anything to eat or drink. She is however unsure of the time or how long she's been in there. She hears footsteps near her and looks tiredly up at Matt.

"You look terrible," he laughs. "Not attractive at all."

He laughs at her angry face and walks away.

8 - Illusion broken

The evening finally arrives and Matt props up Ariana and makes her drink a strong coffee. She hates coffee but it's the first thing she gets to drink in almost 36 hours and greedily gulps down the foul tasting liquid.

Matt removes all of the tape, simply yanking it away but Ariana barely responds to the pain it causes. She's too tired and uncomfortable to care.

She's pulled to her feet and pushed to the lounge area where a work table is placed in the middle.

Ariana is bent over it and he tapes her legs to the table legs.

Matt appears into her limited view and gives her the choice of the night. He offers to fuck her ass as roughly as he can or she can choose that he fucks her pussy. Either way she can leave right after if she wants.

Ariana looks at him with tired eyes.

"Matt, just don't hurt me anymore. No more pain, boss." She mumbles not really understanding what he is offering her.

"Anal hurts. I'm sure you're sore…" he promises her.

"No more hurt." She mumbles incoherently.

"Vaginal it is then?"

She weakly nods.

"Condom…" She mutters.

"You'll find out within two months if I used one I'm sure," he assures her, laughing.

Ariana struggles, protesting his intent and choice of words.

A few moments later she feels the tip of his penis at her pussy lips.

"Ready?" he cheers.

Ariana doesn't respond.

"Here it comes…" And he shoves his penis in her virgin vagina.

Ariana wails from the pain caused by the sudden intrusion.

He holds her wrists like reins and fucks her pussy with great enthusiasm. Making quick forceful strokes.

Ariana's body shakes and bumps into the table and she finally sort of gets the sex she so craved two months ago.

After a while she actually feels pleasure from this man other than a wanton urge to please his kinks and stupid humiliation games. She moans in tune with his thrusts and has her first real orgasm from sex ever. Matt however is not done yet and keeps on hammering into her pussy, pushing the anal plug deep into her every time he bottoms out.

Ariana pants and begs for him to stop as he prolongs her orgasm and it's getting painful. He grunts and groans and pretends to cum into her sopping pussy before pulling out and unloading into a paper towel. Coming to his senses a few moments later he releases Ariana and tells her she can leave. She's free as promised.

"There you go honey. Get the fuck out. You'll be back soon enough, you're welcome any time."

"Condom?" Ariana mutters.

Matt shrugs and tells her to get the fuck out of his suite.

Some five minutes later she is dressed and pushed out the door.

Feeling exhausted and worn out. Ariana already feels pregnant, she can sense it.

Her life is ruined. What would her mom say? She already didn't approve of her dating an older guy and now this? She dreads the day her mother will see her pregnant stomach.

On her way out she sees a woman in the hallway, she asks Ariana which way room 2201 is.

"You're Matt's next victim?" Ariana asks dumbly.

"I'm his wife!" she sneers at Ariana.

"Wife huh?" Her world falling apart further.

"What do you mean victim? How do you know my husband?" Ms Holler asks suspiciously.

"He abuses girls." Ariana grimaces, and stumbles to the elevator.

"Hey, wait a minute. What do you mean? Did he… With you?"

Ariana nods tiredly. "Just now to earn freedom he fucks me, last week. Every time he comes up with new tricks. He… He's a monster and I love him…" She looks sad. "I hate him too."

The elevator arrives and Ariana stumbles into it leaving Matt's wife looking at the strange girl puzzled. "Who are you?" She calls after Ariana.

"Nobody… Just a dummy…"

Ms. Holler looks startled and wonders what the hell is going on. Who is this girl? What is she talking about? Her husband is a cheating rapist? Impossible, such a gentleman.

Ariana sinks down to the floor in the elevator on the way down thinking about what she did. And if she would be back. Probably not, not for him. He's married? She never suspected anything. He didn't ever wear a ring or mention another woman.

Ariana is so lost in her mind that she's more upset that Matt is married than about all the stupid things he made her do over the past few months.

9 - Bad choices

A few weeks pass and Ariana recovers from her ordeal with Matt. Her roommate sort of figured out what has happened and helps her recover without telling anyone. She also gives Ariana some good advice. Get a new phone number. Go on birth control and she should thoroughly check her phone privacy settings and apps. And finally, to throw out all his gifts and memories.

Ariana does it all, she also deletes all the photos they took together. All except one photo he took of her on the city ferry, their first photo. She keeps the iPhone he gave her, but she factory reset it after finding her location was shared in real time with Matt via the Find my Phone and iMessage location features.

After a few months Ariana is mostly her old self again. She didn't get pregnant after all. She did several pregnancy tests every week and had her period twice now. She dodged a bullet thinking Matt was shooting blanks, the irony, she thinks. Relieved she won't have to look at his offspring for the next 20 years she starts her birth control cycle.

That weekend she heads to a nightclub with some of her friends and they party into the night.

While dancing she keeps making eye contact with a cute looking guy who buys her a drink after a while. They dance together and she thinks she understands he's in town for a few days and is looking for a date that weekend. One thing leads to another and after a while she ends up on her knees in the toilets giving the worst blowjob the world has ever known.

The guy tells her to stop and calls her out on her ineptness.

"You never sucked dick before? Geez that's terrible."

She looks up at him with big sad eyes. "I don't know… I never did it like you want before." She mumbles. "You don't like it boss?"

"Ugh!" He groans at his bad luck of catching the hottest girl in the club that doesn't know how to suck dick.

He pulls her up by her arm and pulls her close. Lost in her eyes he kisses her forgetting his dick was in her mouth a few moments ago.

With one hand on her back he pulls her in. With his other band he feels her up under her skirt. Surprised that she's not wearing underwear.

"Kinky huh?" he yells at her over the booming bass from the club.

"Why?" She gasps between kisses.

He breaks off the kiss and motions down with his eyes. "No underwear? Nightclub? That's kinda kinky."

"I never wear underwear on date night, it's not allowed." Ariana meekly says.

"Who told you that?"

"My last lover. He insisted on skirts and no underwear on date nights."

The guy rolls his eyes and grabs his penis, guiding it under Ariana's skirt. He pushes her against the wall and slips his dick inside her.

Ariana moans softly. Not sure if she wants sex with her new boss. Or maybe she does, but not here. She should ask for his name? She thinks.

He starts riding up against her sliding his penis in and out as best he can. Ariana moans in tune with him as he gropes her breasts and squeezes her against the wall. After a few minutes of finicky sex the guy pulls out and cums on her thigh and knee.

"Oh crap… Sorry," he exclaims.

Ariana looks at the mess he made and giggles.

"Fuck, you're weird." The guy says and leaves her in the toilet stall.

Ariana tries to clean up as best she can before heading back to the dance floor. She looks for the guy but can't find him. Disappointed she then looks for her friends and only her roommate is still there and without a mate.

"Hey girlie, where have you been?" She asks Ariana.

"Some guy…" And she holds her hand up to her friend's nose who smells sex.

"Oh you dirty slut!" She calls out laughing just as the music stops for a second. Causing a lot of nearby partygoers to hear her. A laugh goes through the crowd.

Ariana flushed red with shame storms out and hides in the toilets staring at herself in the mirror. Her roommate enters the toilet area and calls her name.

"Hey, I'm sorry about tha…"

Ariana grabs her neck and kisses her on the lips.

Startled, her roommate steps back. "Stop it! Are you drunk? What the hell are you doing Ariana?"

"Don't you want to try?" Ariana asks, staring at her.

"No! I have a boyfriend, remember? Damn."

Ariana looks away, feeling rejected. "I'm going home," she says, "You coming?"

"No, I'll stay here for a while." Her roommate stays, thinking Ariana has lost her mind.

A few days later her roommate transfers to another dorm room, citing trouble with her bed as the reason.

But when Ariana bounces on the bed she finds nothing wrong with it.


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