by Adegans

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; chastity; collar; chain; cuffs; hood; mast; electro; stuck; cage; rope; oral; straps; tease; denial; enclosed; remote; cons; reluct; XX

This is part of my Ariana series and a continuation of previous events, taking place a few months after .

Almost every story in this series should (mostly) work on its own but if you want context and some references/characters to make more sense it's better to read them in order.

Away From HomeIntro

Ariana Inoue is a 24 year old Japanese woman. She's turning 25 very soon. She has a naturally slender body and cute face. Ariana’s soft facial lines and her big dark eyes are admired by many. She has a small B-cup chest and she stands about 140cm tall with a nice round butt.

She works from home doing contract work like translating things to Japanese and business administration work. Ariana likes to stay home and take care of her home. Doing most of the household chores and cooking for her and her partner, Kate.

Kate is 27 and is very happy with her 'instagram' look. Her long dark blonde hair looks great on her. Like Ariana she has a fit body, but unlike Ariana she has to work out to stay in shape. Secretly she's happy that her body is more toned than Ariana's, just so she has the satisfaction that her working out is effective. Kate is tall and slender, at about 175cm.

Kate works at a large hotel as a floor manager, her duties include dealing with guest requests and coordinating housekeeping. But also room inspections so maintenance can keep things in order. She has been in this kind of work for a few months and her boss is starting to notice how effective she is at her tasks.

Kate and Ariana are living together and have been in a relationship for about 6 months now. Their adventures led to them being very close. Their occasional mishaps had both worried and upset at each other from time to time, but overall the two are inseparable.

Ariana is the homey type as she's often frustrated with the world around her. Only leaving her home occasionally when she and Kate go out for dinner or do some shopping. She rarely ventures out alone.

Kate on the other hand is a bit more outgoing, sometimes she teams up with some co-workers for lunch or a movie. But much less so since she met Ariana.

More recently Kate has finally discovered a balance she likes in being more dominant towards Ariana, they have bought some bondage gear and Kate challenges Ariana in ways she thought impossible months before. Ariana likes Kate's direction for the most part and is happy to submit but has her doubts about the more public stunts Kate tried to pull so far. Hating it when Kate oversteps her vaguely defined limits.

1 - Finding a gift for Ariana

Ariana's birthday is coming up in a week, she's turning 25. Kate has been thinking she should do something special for her girlfriend as it's her first birthday since they've been together. Kate also feels she's been a bit too experimental recently with their new bondage gear and toys so she wants to make it up to her with an extra nice present…

But what do you give a girl that doesn't really need anything.

She's visiting her friends Dana and Sheila and voices her concern. Ariana and Kate are not basic people, they live in a nice flat and it's filled with everything they need or want. Making it really hard to find a useful and cool gift. Dana suggests something intimate. Since they're into bondage, maybe something in that area. Kate kinda likes that idea, but is thinking something 'normal' is more appropriate. She likes restraining Ariana, but also feels the cuffs they use now are plenty.

Sheila suggests Ariana can use a new laptop. She complained to her about the worn out keyboard a while back.

Kate is surprised to hear that as Ariana didn't mention her laptop at all lately.

"Well, she says it's slow and old." Sheila assures Kate.

"Hmm" Kate responds. Having no clue what laptop she should get as she knows little more about computers other than how to use a word processor and YouTube.

"I don't know anything about computers…" She finally says.

"Just go to that big store in the shopping center, they'll know what to get." Dana says.

"Right." Kate thinks, maybe one of those applebooks or whatever they're called.

Kate looks around Dana's tiny little flat and thinks the young woman really should fix up the place. Everything is worn out, old or a bit broken. But she also knows Dana is in her final year of university and literally has no money to spare. It's much the same for her partner, Sheila. Sheila works some dead-end job at a pharmacy and is not well off either.

"So? When are you 2 moving in together?" Kate asks.

"As soon as this dummy convinces her landlord to let me in…" Dana points at Sheila.

Sheila looks out the window seemingly. "It's not that simple." She mutters.

"See? She doesn't love me…" Dana teases Sheila.

Sheila looks at the table.

"Seriously though, we don't know. The city's household tax is not favorable… It's literally cheaper to live apart than to share her house." Dana explains.

"That sounds so counterintuitive." Kate mutters. "And unfair to you guys."

"Yea well, find us a high rise apartment we can afford and we won't have that problem." Dana says.

Kate offers, "What if I talk to our building manager and ask for a discount rent deal for a year or so?"

"Hah, what does your place cost?" Dana looks at Kate.

"I own my flat, but the lower levels are rentals. I'm not sure what they cost. But some of the people that live there look poor…ehh, fuck…" Kate shuts up at her stupid choice of words.

Dana and Sheila frown at her.

"Uhm… Sorry, I mean. Some don't look well off. So it can't be that expensive. No offense."

Dana winks at her. "That's alright. But if you can ask, we can cough up some $950, all in. Maybe?" She looks at Sheila who shrugs. She's not good with money.

Kate promises she'll talk to someone about it. She knows a few units have been empty for a while. That had to be a bargaining position.

The women chat a bit more about life and having to meet more often and finally Kate says her goodbyes and decides to check out the computer store.

Dana lives near the mentioned shopping center so she leaves her car at Dana's and walks to the store. She looks around and reads the various information cards seeing higher and lower numbers and bigger and smaller screens but she doesn't know what's good or overpriced or what.

A sales kid shows up, asking her if she needs any help. And talking to the kid for a few minutes about her intentions she's still none the wiser. He shows her some ugly and expensive computers of which he says they're powerful and good.

"I'll think about it," Kate says to the teenager feeling inept in her chosen task. Wandering around the shopping area a bit she spots the Apple Store and looks at the sleek computers on display. That looks pretty, they even have a pink computer. Ariana loves the color pink.

Heading in with good spirits she looks at the few models and wonders where the rest is. Small model, bigger model and an extra expensive one. It's much the same for the screens, just two models. Could it be that simple?

Also here, a sales girl pops up and Kate asks about the computers. Where are the many choices? Turns out there are few, but internally you can choose a bunch of things. Kate says she doesn't know about that. And the girl shows her the options. A higher number usually means better, she explains. But you have to consider if you really need it.

That made sense, Kate thinks, and she explains, "Alright. Here's the thing. My girlfriend needs a new computer and I don't know what to get. We don't use Apple now. And I don't know what's good."

"Right, well first then consider the software. Apple computers use a different system." The saleswoman shows Kate what macOS looks like and Kate thinks it's really easy and logical. Much simpler than her own computer.

The sales person also explains that for most people the base model with maybe extra storage is fine. She explains that if they both have Macs they can easily share files and things like that and the many features and options dazzle Kate but it sounds practical and useful.

"Eh, so what do you recommend for someone who works from home and mostly does online office work?"

"This," the sales girl points at a MacBook Air. "Personally I prefer the bigger one, more screen right? And if you like it fast I'd add extra memory and storage."

"Ehh, ok…" Kate says. Playing with the computer. She likes the software, she even can understand it and the computer looks pretty. “And it's in pink?" Kate asks.

"iMacs come in Pink, Laptops only in more traditional colors."

"Oh." Kate sounds disappointed.

"Starlight is perhaps more feminine if that's what you're after."

"No, well, it's just that my girlfriend likes pink a lot. Imagine me giving her a pink computer…"

They both smirk.

After thinking for a minute Kate decides she wants to give Ariana a computer as she can't think of another gift for now. "Alright, I'll take it. Please make sure it's starlight and with the upgrades you said." Kate kinda likes the color. She hopes Ariana does too.

"Cool, I'll be right back." And the sales girl goes to find Kate's new computer. After a few minutes the sales girl comes back with a brown box and shows her the label which lists the specifications and Kate pays for the expensive computer.

Heading back to her car she sees a leatherwear store and looks at the leather boots on display. She sighs at the pretty knee high boots. 'So lovely', she thinks. Seeing the price she wishes she could justify it for a pair of shoes. But no.

She heads home thinking about her next problem. How and where to hide the laptop from Ariana.

2 - Ariana's birthday

Ariana doesn't want a party. She just wants to spend time with Kate. Go for a nice meal and enjoy their day. When Kate sort of insists that inviting a few people is good for her, Ariana threatens to lock herself in the closet all day. Kate knows Ariana will do just that so it's no point arguing the issue. No party.

"Just us then? What do you want to do sweetie?"

They sit on the balcony on the sun bed. Ariana leans against Kate with her back against Kate's pulled up knees. They're enjoying a golden sunset. "Can we go for dinner and lunch somewhere? And you can do chores for a change?" Ariana asks Kate.

Fair enough, Kate thinks. She nods, smiling at Ariana.

"For lunch, can we go to that new Japanese place? I want to try their ramen."

"Sure, and dinner?" Kate asks. She's not fond of ramen, but maybe they have something else.

"Lasagna for dinner." Ariana decides.

"Hah, that's nice. I'll make reservations."

Ariana smiles lovingly at Kate, knowing she'll organize everything perfectly. She’s very good at that. “What did you get me?" She asks innocently.

"You'll see…" Kate avoids the question.

"You didn't get me anything yet huh?" Ariana tries again.

"I thought I’d keep it simple, so don't expect too much." Kate teases.

"Aww, kaahaate." Ariana whines playfully. "Tell me!"

"Fine. It's a notebook… So you can finally start your memoirs." Kate laughs feeling really smart at the wordplay.

Ariana looks at Kate unsure if she's joking or not but says nothing. She doesn't want a notebook…

"You'll see in 2 days sweetie."

"I'll search for it…" Ariana promises Kate.

"Please don't, or whatever, you won't find it anyway."

Ariana looks uncertain at Kate again.

The next day Ariana dutifully works on her household chores and does most of the things as she usually does. Kate helps her fold the bed sheets. Just as they finish Ariana realizes that tomorrow on her birthday there isn't much to do… Which is fine, but Kate said she would do chores for her. Oh well, she thinks. Better if I do it anyway.

Finishing up the sheets, Kate heads for work kissing Ariana goodbye. Ariana won't let go of her as usual and it takes her a few minutes to finally get free of Ariana and make her escape.

Ariana feels particularly clingy today and asks if Kate can't call in sick and stay in bed with her.

Kate says she can't do that today as she already took the day off tomorrow, leaving Ariana pouting in the doorway.

"Hurry back home baby." Ariana tells Kate as the elevator door closes.

On her way down the concierge joins Kate on the 8th floor or so. Kate greets the old man and asks if he knows what the unit on floor 4 costs for rent.

The man says that should be below $1000 a month. Kate then asks if that's negotiable and the man shrugs. He doesn't handle the rent fees. He just maintains the building.

Putting on her cute face she asks if he can inquire for her, she knows of a couple that can probably move in soon. If they can do it for $600 a month for the first 2 years that'll help them settle for the long term.

The concierge promises he'll find out.

Kate rushes to work in her car and tends to her duties. There are a lot of annoying guests today, she frustratedly thinks. And why does everyone nitpick about everything anyway. She never complains this much when she's a guest in a hotel. She sighs.

During her lunch break she chats with Chloe while sending cute messages to Ariana. Chloe asks if it isn't Ariana's birthday yet. "Yea tomorrow she'll be 25." Kate informs her.

"Ah, tomorrow, are you guys throwing a party?"

"Yea, no, just for us. Ariana threatened to lock herself in the closet when I suggested she should invite some people."

Chloe laughs at the silly threat and reaches in her bag. “Here, can you give this to her? I bought it last month and thought she'd like it."

"What is it?" Kate picks up the small package.

"It's a Japanese soap, I put the card of the shop in there too."

"Oh that's nice." Kate sniffs the package but there is no smell.

"I think it's sealed really well." Chloe smiles, "I have no idea if it's nice but supposedly it smells like those blossom trees they have there."

"A mystery soap then." Kate concludes. "I'll make sure she gets it, thanks!" Kate wonders why she didn't think to get a bunch of Japanese gimmicky things for Ariana… It's so obvious to her now. Almost regretting getting a fancy laptop.

The afternoon passes slowly. Most hotel guests are finally happy and only one door card stopped working. Kate lazes around a bit at her post thinking about Ariana's day tomorrow. She should probably make breakfast and use the laptop box as a tray? Or pretend the gift is an afterthought and give it in the afternoon?

Nah, a breakfast gift is better she decides. She'll make some toast and…

ring ring

Her desk phone rings. "Yes? Kate Birch here. How can I help you?"

"Hello Kate," the hotel's receptionist’s voice sounds. "Boss wants to see you. Can you come to his office?"

"Sure, I'll be right there." Heading to the manager's office she wonders what she did wrong now. She only ever gets called to the office for stuff she screwed up.

Knocking on the door she's ordered inside. Nervously Kate stands in front of the big desk not being offered a chair. Kate decides it must be something bad, or something bad is about to happen.

"Kate, management has decided that all employees must undergo formal training for their duties."

"Eh, ok?"

"Since you lack any qualifications for your position you're to be brought up to speed in a 2 week course in Florida."

"Florida, sir?" Kate is stunned. She didn't expect this at all and why not just here. Locally.

"Yes, got a problem with that?"

"Eh, no, well that is… Can my girlfriend come?"

"You'll be put up in an AirBnB there, if she pays for the airfare she can join you."

"When is it?" Kate asks.

"If you're ok with it, next Monday. Otherwise next month."

"I'll check the tickets, but I think Monday is fine."

"Very well, off you go. You'll receive all details and such this afternoon via email." Her manager shakes his head behind Kate's back, all she cared about is her partner? She didn't even ask about the training. Hoping he did right by investing in her.

Kate stands outside the office. Adrenaline rushing through her. A trip, training. Away from Ariana. Her head spins. After a minute she gathers her wits and urgently needs to get a ticket or there'll be trouble in her little world. There is no way Ariana will accept being alone for 2 weeks.

Fuck! She thinks.

As she gets back to her desk an email pops in with her itinerary such as her flight number and where she'll be staying. She immediately books an extra ticket on her flight for Ariana. She'll make it out to be a little trip for them or something. Even though she'll probably be in school all day.

The rest of the afternoon crawls by. Someone's shower head 'fell off' and Kate had to scramble someone from maintenance to stop the flooding. The maintenance guy had accused the room's occupants of ripping it out of the wall. And Kate had to mediate with the guests to calm things down.

It's almost 5PM, she can finally go home, already having forgotten about her training course. She doesn't care about the training at all. Her thoughts are about Ariana and her birthday.

That night the two shower together after watching TV all evening. Ariana is extra caring towards Kate and she wonders why.

As Ariana slides her hands around Kate's upper body she whispers. "I found your present…"

Kate tenses up. "Oh?" She carefully replies.

"2 weeks to Florida? How cool is that? Did you book a nice hotel like last time?"

Kate turns around and looks her girl in her eyes. "Oh yes… I forgot about that. But that's not your present sweetie."

Ariana doesn't understand. "But it's a vacation right? For us?"

"Yes and no…" Kate says. "How do you know about that anyway?"

Ariana says she got the ticket in her email.

Kate nods, understanding it now. "Ah I see. But, it's for work babe. I couldn't bear leaving you here. So I talked my boss into bringing you along."

"Oh Kate!" Ariana hangs on her neck. "We're going to Florida together! I've always wanted to go there and see Santa Monica beach…!"

"Ehh, that's in California, but sure, you can go to the beach I'm sure."

"California? Oh…" Ariana sounds disappointed.

Kate tells her not to worry, Miami Beach is nice too. They dry off from the shower and head for bed. Ariana is all over Kate asking all about her training course and what they'll do while there.

She admits to Ariana she didn't pay attention to any of the details and just worried about bringing her along… So she has no idea what kind of training she's getting or what the schedule will be.

Ariana giggles at hearing that and thinks she's being silly.

The next day Ariana wants to get up as she usually does to make breakfast but Kate tells her to stay in bed and kisses her happy birthday. Kate quickly freshens up and worries about making breakfast. She burns the toast and forgets to bring jam and cutlery.

Ariana laughs at her terrible breakfast but bites greedily into the buttered toast assuring her it's good. She can't wait for her present.

Kate disappears and comes back with a boring brown box. Apologizing for getting her something simple because she didn't know what else to get. She carefully puts the box in front of her girlfriend. "Don't open it yet. I have something else too, from Chloe."

Kate puts the tiny package on top of the box. "Chloe thought you'd like it."

Ariana pulls off the paper and as a little colorful box comes into view her eyes light up. "Look Kate, It's in Japanese!"

"But what is it?" Kate asks.

Ariana rips the paper away. “Cherry blossom soap!" She laughs, and sniffs the box but smells nothing. Ariana opens the packaging and finds a sealed plastic soap bar inside. Carefully she pulls a bit of the plastic open and they smell the soap together. "Mmmm, that's so nice!" Ariana cheers.

Kate agrees it smells like spring. "And look, she put the card of the shop inside. So you can get more if you like it."

Ariana reads the business card. "Aha!" She hugs Kate, to give the hug to Chloe and thank her. She puts the soap aside and eyes the box. "Can I?"

Kate nods. Sitting back hoping she bought the right thing…

Ariana pulls on the tape and slides the contents out of the box. Which is of-course the iconic white Apple packaging with a big image of the product inside on it.

"Whoooaaaaa! A MacBook? Really?" Ariana cheers. She shoves the box aside and hugs Kate so forceful she almost falls over backwards.

"Thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you!"

Kate laughs, "Do you know how it works? The program is very different."

"I think so? I'll learn it. I needed a new computer! How did you know?"

"Sheila told me."

Ariana rips the plastic from the box and wriggles the lid open. "Wow, it looks like champagne." Ariana laughs.

"Starlit or something it's called." Kate says.

"It's beautiful." She opens the laptop and it immediately turns on and welcomes the new user.

"Go set it up sweetie. Happy birthday. I'll clean the breakfast things."

"Ok!" Ariana beams.

Kate cleans away the breakfast leftovers and smiles at herself for picking the right gift. She does the dishes, cleans the kitchen a bit and heads back to Ariana. Who already finished configuring the laptop.

"Look Kate, it's working already. Here is like, eh, Office I think, and look, wifi…" She opens YouTube. "It all works very easily. You should get one for yourself too!" She knows how Kate doesn't know computers very well.

"And your files?" Kate curiously asks.

"Eh…" Ariana had forgotten about those. “I'll figure it out ok?"

Kate laughs, "Sure thing babe, I'm sure it's not too hard."

Ariana spends the next few hours fiddling with the computer installing her email, moving files to the new system and browsing the App Store finding her softwares.

Kate looks at what she's doing but Ariana goes too fast for her.

"If I get one too you should teach me how it works…" Kate smiles.

Ariana looks at her laughing. "Yep!"

The women rush out for lunch trying the ramen restaurant Ariana picked, she thinks the Ramen is nothing special. Kate agrees, her teriyaki kebabs are not as good as Ariana's.

They spend time in the city park which is still a bit cold, it being February. There aren't many birds or things to see yet. They'll do some window shopping when Ariana pulls Kate into a large clothing store.

"Let's go try dresses." she laughs at Kate. “Just for fun.” She picks a tiny silver dress, and a gold one for Kate.

Kate finds high boots to go with them and lace-up sandals for Ariana. They march into the fitting rooms ignoring the frowning attendant.

"Ladies, ladies, please, one per room." She tries.

But the pair don't pay attention to her and enter the changing room giggling. Ariana undresses and helps Kate out of her clothes. "Kiss me" She gasps.

Kate pins Ariana against the mirror and kisses her intensely. Holding her head in place with her hand around her neck lightly choking her. With her other hand she reaches down at Ariana's already wet pussy.

Ariana utters stifled moans as she gropes at Kate's breasts.

Both women 'oomph' and 'ahh' softly until Ariana her knees go weak and she slumps on the little bench with a dull thud. Sighing in a quiet orgasm. After a few moments Kate pushes her aside and sits on the bench motioning for her to sit on her lap.

Ariana follows Kate's silent instruction and sits on her knees facing her girlfriend.

They kiss for minutes until there is a knock on the door. "Ladies," A man's voice sounds. "The fun is over, please finish up and step out."

Ariana and Kate look at the door startled and giggle at each other but ignore the request.

"Girls, come out please." The voice orders them more impatiently this time.

"Just a minute!" Kate calls out. "We're naked!"

Ariana giggles looking at Kate. "Where so getting arrested." She whispers.

Kate stops and listens to what's happening outside the dressing room but she hears nothing. She holds Ariana in a tight embrace while Ariana keeps kissing her neck and ear. "Come," She whispers to Ariana. "We better get out there and make our escape."

"Or try on the dresses and pretend nothing happened." Ariana thinks.

"Or that…" And Kate reaches for a dress.

Ariana slips on the Silver dress, helped by Kate. And starts lacing up her sandals. Kate then slips her own dress over her head and fidgets with the shoulder straps as the voice sounds again, ordering them to come out.

Ariana and Kate look at their silly party outfit and Kate thinks the dress is very ugly. It hugs their curves but at the same time has a terrible shape.

"Come out or we'll call the police." A different voice sounds.

"For what?" Kate demands, "We're trying on clothes. Leave us alone."

"We're pretty sure you're not. Come out now, or there'll be trouble." The stern voice calls out.

"Quick get dressed." Kate whispers, feeling it is time to try and escape. They briefly look at their terrible outfits and quickly change back to their own clothes.

As they emerge from the dressing room a minute or so later all sweaty and with messy hair, 3 shop workers and several shoppers stare at them with way too serious faces to not laugh at them. Ariana sticks out her tongue and pulls Kate along as they speed walk for the exit and make their escape.

Kate looks nervously over her shoulder if someone is following them. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

Ariana fumbles with her coat zipper as they rush out of the store, the cold air hitting her torso and she shivers. She laughs. "What the hell was that about?"

Kate says nothing and catches their reflection in a shop window. "Gosh, we look terrible." She laughs.

Ariana looks at them and quickly tries to fix her hair. But there is no saving it. She pulls out a rubber band and combs her peaky hair to the back, making a ponytail. Kate is not much better off and decides she needs to freshen up at a restaurant.

The women go find a Starbucks and look startled at their messy faces as they stand in front of the bathroom mirror.

"Oh my," Kate mumbles.

Ariana looks shy. "Ehh…"

They freshen up and after a few minutes look presentable again.

"That was so hot" Ariana whispers to Kate.

Kate nods in agreement. "But let's not get caught from now on."

Ariana looks down… "Ehh Kate?"

"Yes babe?"

Ariana points at her feet.

"Oh, fuck…" Kate calls out.

Ariana is still wearing the sandals from the store, poking from under her skirt. Her slippers in her bag. "So we're thieves now?" She giggles at Kate.

"Tsk tsk, you are. And that on your birthday." Kate shakes her head.

"If we go back now we will surely get arrested…" Ariana thinks out loud.

"Yea, let's not." Kate says.

Back in the restaurant part of Starbucks Ariana kneels down and rearranges the straps on the gladiator sandals tightening the laces a bit. She likes the look. "They look pretty on me right?" Ariana asks.

"Sure thing miss," a man says in passing.

The women look at the guy but he's already gone and they laugh.

"Well then, the men approve. Come, let's head for the Italian." Kate holds up her arm so that Ariana can hook into it and they walk arm-in-arm to their favorite Italian restaurant, avoiding the shop they accidentally robbed.

They have an excellent dinner, Ariana of-course wants her favorite lasagna. Kate opts for fettuccine with tomato sauce and they share a bottle of sweet wine and feeling a bit drunk as they wobble and swerve back home laughing the whole way.

3 - Dinner with Lisa

The next day Ariana feels like wearing her collar for a while and asks Kate to bolt it on her. She had tried to do it herself but couldn't get a good grip on the Torx screw. Ariana also briefly tries the hood but finds it restrictive and scary. Especially knowing Kate would be at work and she'd be very helpless if Kate would be gone all day.

Kate playfully suggests she should wear the hood anyway. Just to see how she'd manage. But Ariana refuses. When the collar is on and Kate leaves for work, Ariana handles some simple jobs finding yet another high paying accountant contract for almost $3000. Such a good birthday, Ariana thinks. That afternoon Ariana waits for Kate at the door welcoming her home as she often does. Helping her out of her coat and putting her shoes away.

It would appear that purchasing some gear had a profound effect on Ariana. She seems happier and more subservient over the last few months. This of-course pleases Kate immensely as she wants nothing but happiness for her lover.

Kate decides that Ariana should sleep with her hands and her ankles connected that night. She sends Ariana to Home Depot to buy a few padlocks and 2 meters of chain.

Ariana comes home with 3 locks and the length of chain. She's a bit nervous about what Kate is planning. So far she had worn the cuffs a few times but they'd never been tied to anything yet.

Kate loops a lock through the D-rings on her ankle cuffs. And another on her wrist cuffs. Linking them together. She then considers linking the collar to the chain, but needs a 4th lock for that. Grumbling at missing a lock she thinks just linking wrists and ankles is enough for now anyway. For the first time.

That night Ariana has trouble falling asleep at first thinking the restrictions on her arms are a burden but once she figures out she can put her arms in a bend so her hands are near her face she's almost happy with her situation. Wishing she could embrace Kate.

The next morning Kate lets her free. Ariana feels naughty and slips the padlock keys in Kate's purse. As soon as Kate leaves for work she puts on a sports bra and panties and locks the chain to her collar and ankles with 2 locks on either end and locks her wrists somewhere in the middle of the chain. Genius she thinks, even if Kate doesn't know it, she's in control of her freedom.

Kate is at work as her phone rings. A call from Lisa, her sister. She's in town that afternoon and wants to know if she can crash at her place for the night. Since Barry is out of town, she hopes to finally meet Ariana. It's been months since the party and thinks it's high time she finally gets to know her.

Kate replies she'll pick her up after work.

Around 5PM Kate is done with her shift and heads to the bus station to pick up Lisa. She'd been waiting in a nearby coffee shop there for a while, after doing some shopping. They head to the flat together in Kate's car.

Ariana meanwhile has prepared quite the welcome for Kate. She managed to fill her ears with putty and then spent almost 30 minutes positioning the leather hood on her scalp and carefully pulling it down.

This took so long because her hands are cuffed at pretty much navel height to the chain. She can move her arms out and up quite a bit. But her hands are cuffed together. This had worked fine for typing on her laptop. But reaching her head and precise movement is a bit more tricky.

Eventually she had managed. The hood is not exactly straight, but she is deaf and blind none-the-less. Of-course she can't reach behind her to tighten the lace of the hood. But she feels ready for Kate.

Ariana has been waiting for over an hour sitting kneeling in the hallway. Snoozing on-and-off hoping she would notice the door open and close. Every time she feels a slight draft of air she sits up straight hoping Kate will find her.

At last, around 6PM Ariana sits up straight and shivers as she feels the draft of the door. Finally Kate is home, she thinks excitedly.

The sisters enter the apartment and Lisa spots Ariana kneeling in front of the door with her head bowed down. She lets out a short scream and calls out "What the fuck?" seeing the weird thing in front of them.

Kate looks surprised and shocked at her girlfriend and smiles inwardly. Oh her cute girl… And what terrible timing.

Ariana had definitely felt a large draft which must be the front door and sits up, she doesn't realize what is happening in front of her. Being deaf and blind drives her nuts she finds. Why isn't Kate touching her?

"Kate?" She says out loud. Not hearing her own voice she doesn't know how loud she is.

Lisa stands frozen in the hallway. Kate has to think fast to resolve this. She whispers to Lisa, "Can you come back in 20 minutes please? I'll deal with this."

"What is 'this'?" Lisa whispers with a look of horror.

"Ariana likes these games." Kate says with a shy voice. "Please, come back in 10 minutes and pretend this never happened."

Lisa nods, unsure what to do or say. Kate shoves her out the door. "I'm so so very sorry. Walk around the block or something and buzz the door as if you're just arriving."

Ariana fidgets nervously. What is Kate doing? Why isn't she touching her? Letting her know she's here?

"Kate?!" She says again. "Hello!?"

She feels another draft… And suddenly there is a hand on her head, caressing the leather hood. The palm of a hand rests on her cheek and a thumb stroking her lips. Ariana opens her mouth and sucks the thumb inside.

After a few moments the hand is removed and lips are being pressed against hers and she kisses back greedily.

"Oh Kate!" she moans out loud. "I missed you!"

There is a pause as if someone is talking to her, waiting for a response.

"I'm deaf!" Ariana calls out. "Kate? Do with me as you will!"

Ariana is being pulled up by her arm and is forced to shuffle somewhere hopping a few steps trying to keep up with her mysterious handler. She is then shoved with force and she falls down without warning. Squealing in surprise Ariana lands in the soft sheets of their bed.

Rolling over Ariana tries to sit up but is pushed down. She moves again, but is pushed down more firmly. Then nothing. Curious what's happening she calls for Kate. But nothing is happening. No touch, no signals. She's left alone maybe? She waits for Kate to return.

Kate meanwhile lets Lisa into the apartment. Lisa only took 3 minutes to return. Way too soon.

"I'm sorry sis. I think Ariana wanted to surprise me with a game." Kate apologizes.

"You think? You're not sure? Maybe there is a kidnapper in the house waiting to jump out at us!" Lisa worries.

"Oh don't be weird, why would someone hide here and put Ariana in the hallway? She did this to herself." Kate assures her

"Don't be weird? Weird?" Lisa scoffs. "You two are the weird ones…"

Kate cuts her off, telling her to wait in the living room, she needs to free Ariana. "Just pretend you came in a few minutes after me and I'll convince her to pretend she just woke up - No awkwardness."

"Easy for you to say, I just saw a bondage mummy."

"Oh don't be so dramatic it's just a hood and cuffs."

"Just, just a… I need a drink." Lisa sighs.

"There's wine and beer in the fridge. Go!" Kate orders her sister away.

Kate returns to the bedroom and closes the door.

She kisses Ariana on her lips.

Ariana jerks around, "Kate!?"

Kate holds her head still and carefully pulls up the hood. Ariana's face and hair look messy as she blinks at the light. Kate puts a finger on her lips indicating she should be quiet.

"Kate!" She loudly whispers. "Please, I'm so horny! Help me out!"

Kate discovers why Ariana talks so loud and peels the putty from her ears. "Can you hear me now?" Kate asks.

"Yes Kate, please feel me, I'm super wet."

"Lisa is here sweetie. She arrived just as I put you on the bed."

Ariana abruptly stops everything she's doing or thinking. "Kate, no… Please! Get rid of her, I need you." Ariana whispers all flustered and hot.

"We'll have our time tonight babe, don't you worry."

"But, now…" Ariana looks desperate.

Kate shushes her, "Where are the keys?"

"In your purse, I snuck them in there this morning."

"You've sat in the hallway all day?"

"No, just for the afternoon. But the cuffs were on all day."

"Geez," Kate mutters looking for her purse. No wonder she's horny and desperate, Kate thinks. And feels tempted to treat Lisa to a hotel and exploit her girlfriend.

No, she thinks. I'll make it work. Time with her sister is rare these days. Coming back with her purse and fishes out a keyring with little keys on it and starts fitting them to unlock the cuffs and chain from Ariana, 'accidentally' stroking Ariana every chance she gets.

With her arms free Ariana holds on to Kate. "Please, fuck me now!" She urgently hisses.

"Shhh baby," Kate shushes her while rubbing her vagina. I'll make you cum tonight.

Ariana moans from Kate's touch and kisses her girlfriend. "Please Kate no more teasing, just fuck me."

Kate gives in and wraps a bathrobe on Ariana, "Come, quick, to the shower. I'll set your mind straight."

Ariana eagerly climbs off the bed and follows Kate. "Just pretend you just woke up ok? I told Lisa you were sleeping."

Ariana waves at Lisa who stares at her wide eyed and Ariana yawns dramatically as she walks into the bathroom.

The two disappear in the bathroom leaving Lisa alone and wondering what the hell is going on. She then hears the shower turn on and soft moaning coming from the bathroom as Kate pins Ariana against the wall licking and fingering her wet vagina. It doesn't take much to push Ariana over the edge, pumping into her girl with 3 fingers and groping at her chest she suddenly goes weak in the knees and lets out a long stifled moan.

Kate strokes her neck and shoulder kissing her before quickly rinsing off her girlfriend's body. "Come, Lisa is waiting for us, she is staying overnight. Go make dinner. You'll pay for this soon!" she promises her.

Ariana nods timidly, thinking 'pay for what?' Wondering what she did to deserve punishment.

"Ahem! Sorry about that." Kate says to Lisa, I had to wake Ariana up.

Mmhm, Ariana nods. "Hi Lisa," And she extends her hand.

Kate winks and nods at Lisa to play along. "Ehh, hi, nice to finally meet you." Lisa stammers.

"I'll go make dinner, is there anything you like to eat?" Ariana moves on wondering why Lisa is being so awkward and tense.

"Ehh, Steak and fries?" Kate suggests.

"Steaks still frozen." Ariana says. "But we have minced meat and chicken ready to go."

"Hamburger and fries?" Kate then tries, looking at Lisa.

"Ehh… Yea, burgers are nice." Lisa confirms.

Ariana nods and heads to the kitchen.

Lisa looks at Kate and bursts out laughing at the absurdity of the situation. "What the fuck Kate?"

Kate smiles with some difficulty. Feeling embarrassed, but also guilty for fooling Ariana. "Just go with it. I don't want any drama." She whispers back.

They sit down and chat a bit about recent happenings. Kate is curious about her and Barry.

"Oh Barry," Lisa says with dreamy eyes. "I'm gonna marry him! I just have to."

Kate laughs, "Does he know that yet?" She asks.

"No, but I want it." She giggles. "We'll see…"

"Who's getting married?" Ariana calls from the kitchen.

"Lisa is with Barry." Kate shouts back.

"Who's Barry?"

"Garret's friend from the party." Kate yells.

"Oh, that's nice. Congratulations." Ariana says, still having no idea who Barry is.

Lisa pulls a face.

"Lisa, can you help me for a second?" Ariana calls out at her from the kitchen.

Lisa looks uncertain but Kate nods, "Talk to her, I'm going to check up on my emails. I'll join you two in a minute."

Heading into the kitchen. She sees Ariana preparing a feast. "What do you need?" Lisa asks.

"How do you like your burger? Look, I'm making the patties now. But do you want cheese? Tomato? Or how do you prefer your burger?"

Lisa sits down at the kitchen table looking at all the ingredients. "Any recommendations?"

"Ehh, Kate and I like a complete burger with cheese, union and tomato and all this." She gestures over the ingredients.

"Oh right," Lisa says. "…then uh the complete burger but without union and cheese please."

Ariana nods. She works silently on the burger toppings and Lisa is fascinated by the woman who clearly has no idea she was caught pretty much naked and tied up.

"So uh, how was your day? Did you do anything special?" Lisa wants to know.

Ariana without hesitation says she did some work in the morning and slept through the afternoon.

Liar, Lisa knows.

Instead she says "That sounds so relaxing. What kind of work do you do again?"

"Oh contract work, translations, accounting stuff, business administration. You saw my office right? Kate helped me build it. She's very understanding and cool even though I don't usually make much money." She looks longingly out of the kitchen for her lover. "Where is she?"

"She said she had to check her email or something." Lisa informs Ariana.

The women chat about themselves and Lisa asks 101 questions about her, where she's from, previous relationships, family and her relationship with Kate and how living with her can be a nightmare.

Ariana doesn't think living with Kate is a nightmare at all. Kate is her hero, she says.

Lisa laughs at that. "Well, just be glad you're not competing with her for being the best sister. She can be tough."

"Maybe, but Kate is the best person in the world." Ariana assures Lisa.

Lisa smiles at hearing that.

Ariana cuts thick slices of tomato, chops some lettuce and pickles. "No cheese right?"

"No, thanks." Lisa confirms.

"More for me…" And she sticks a slice of cheese in her mouth.

Such a kid Lisa thinks, she can see why Kate likes being with her. It's playful and endearing.

Lisa helps put away the leftover vegetables and ingredients as Ariana grills the burger patties.

Kate comes in sniffing in the air. "Mmmm that smells good!"

"Almost done!" Ariana giggles.

Kate pinches Ariana's nose and wanders to the living room plopping down on the couch looking absentmindedly out the window. She's tired, she realizes. Very fucking tired. Can't they ever have a boring week where nothing happens? Maybe I need a vacation… Far away on a tiny island. Kate's mind wanders to palm trees and coconut drinks. Then remembers her training in Miami in a few days.

Maybe that'll bring some relaxation, she hopes.

Ariana conveniently forgets to bake the fries as she doesn't feel like cutting potatoes and hopes Kate forgot about them. Lisa doesn't mind and the 2 conspire to make Kate think she never asked for them if she brings it up. They build 3 massive burgers and Lisa suggests they eat on the balcony.

Ariana thinks it's far too cold for that still, it only being February but Lisa assures her it's fine.

The two step outside and Ariana immediately shivers. "Nope. Too cold…" She exclaims. Lisa thought it would be warmer but agrees and clears the coffee table in the living room instead.

Lisa kicks Kate awake "Wake up! Ariana made dinner. Appreciate your girlfriend sis."

"Huhwhadoyoumean?" Kate groggily responds.

Lisa sits her sister upright while Ariana puts the plates with burgers on the table.

The trio dive into their food and Lisa compliments Ariana's cooking.

"Almost as good as a whopper," Kate smirks. To which she gets a kick from Lisa. Kate looks at her but says nothing.

They chat casually and Lisa tells a bit more about Barry and how they're doing together. Barry really likes Lisa she thinks as he even offered to move to her city, hours away from everything he knows.

Kate thinks that's very sweet and It's high time she has a good partner after having been single for ages.

Ariana thinks maybe Lisa should move to Toronto and live with Barry so she can visit Kate more easily.

4 - Talking into the night

When they're finished eating, Ariana quietly goes and cleans the table and does the dishes.

Lisa leans over to Kate, "You should appreciate your girlfriend more. You're taking her hard work for granted."

"I'm not, I do appreciate her all day, every day." Kate defends herself.

"You sure don't show it, you lazy slob."

"What are you on about?" Kate inquires.

"If you hear what she has to say about you, how she adores and idolizes you, you'd be ashamed of yourself letting her do all the chores all by herself." Lisa accuses Kate.

"But she likes it like that." Kate counters.

"Kate!" Lisa looks at her sister seriously. "You're not listening to me… Go help her sometimes and just talk to the woman. Find out why she does what she does. Because it's not about doing laundry and scrubbing the floor."

Hmm, Kate grumbles. She hates it when her sister berates her on something she doesn't fully understand. "And what do you know? You barely know her." Kate accuses Lisa.

"Gosh you're ignorant Kate. Do you ever listen in on when she talks about you or your relationship?"

Kate shakes her head.

"Well, you should. I doubt you'll ever hear anything negative from her even if you're a bitch to her. That's how crazy she is about you and you don't even know it. Not really anyway."

Kate is silent, considering Lisa's words. She knows Ariana is crazy about her, but just like her friend Dana had done before she apparently has unearthed bits of Ariana in a short time she herself never noticed or considered.

Am I such a terrible partner? Ignorant? She worries.

Ariana comes back, "All done. What are you talking about?"

"Apparently I don't appreciate you, Lisa says." Kate looks accusing at Lisa.

Lisa rolls her eyes. "I just said she should not take you for granted Ariana."

Ariana sits on Kate's lap and wraps an arm around Kate's shoulders. Looking between Lisa and Kate. She wonders why Lisa looks so serious and Kate so frustrated. Like the two had a fight but Lisa won. "Eh ok… But she takes good care of me. It's fine." Ariana smiles. "And she's a crap cook anyway." She adds, sticking her tongue out to Kate.

Kate pulls a face. "I can make toast!" She protests.

All three laugh. Lisa compliments Ariana on being an excellent host working so hard for them and thanks her for dinner.

"No problem at all," Ariana smiles. "It's my pleasure. I'll get wine." And she gets up and rushes to the kitchen.

"See what I mean?" Lisa hisses to Kate. "Even if we point out you're taking her for granted she shrugs it off and thinks you're the best! You can do no wrong in her eyes. I want you to do better for her! She deserves that much."

Kate is tired, she had hoped on a casual evening but instead Lisa is all over her commenting on how she is doing things wrong in her relationship with Ariana. She doesn't really want to hear it.

Kate reminds Lisa they share their bed together, how more personal and involved can one be?

Ariana comes back with a bottle and 3 glasses. Pouring wine for them.

Lisa likes Ariana a lot, she thinks. She's attentive, friendly, smart-ish and playful. She wishes she had a partner like her, but as a man…

She thinks about her relationship with Barry, he has many of the qualities she wants, but not all and voices her worry. Barry is so sweet, and she really sees a future with him. But there is this nagging feeling in the background that something isn't right or is missing.

"Maybe you're gay too." Ariana suggests. "Kate didn't know either till last year… Or he's not the one… Or maybe he's gay… Or he's cheating… Or maybe he likes his work too much…"

Kate looks at Ariana and mouths to shut up.

Ariana stops suggesting things and looks at the floor leaning against Kate's shoulder.

"I'm sure it'll be fine," Kate says. "It's probably the nerves or the distance between you two."

Lisa nods and they all sit quiet for a moment and drink their wine.

"Hey I'm really tired, I'll go lie down. It's getting late anyway." Kate says. She motions for Ariana to get up so she can get up herself. "Don't make it too late, ok? I'll wait for you." She whispers to Ariana.

Ariana makes room and looks at Lisa questioningly. Lisa looks at her hands. She senses loneliness in Lisa.

Kate wishes them goodnight and disappears into the bedroom after topping up her wine.

"Hey, you ok?" Ariana asks Lisa. Leaning into her.

Lisa looks up and promises she's ok.

"Wanna talk some more? Or are you going to sleep as well?" Ariana wants to know.

Lisa rubs her arms and prefers to talk for a bit longer. Maybe they can watch a movie or something?

Ariana leans into the corner of the couch and makes herself comfortable. Lisa sits cross legged next to Ariana. And they chat a bit more about being alone and how to deal with it. A thing Ariana was quite good at before meeting Kate.

While watching TV together Ariana nods off and falls asleep. Lisa feels sleepy too and leans back against Ariana and not being rejected she dozes off as well.

An hour later Lisa in her sleep turns over and embraces her new friend as if they're lovers. Ariana breathes quietly, unaware of what Lisa is doing. Lisa sleepily listens to Ariana her heartbeat thinking she is Barry.

Kate meanwhile sits in bed reading a book and thinking about what Lisa had said. She's half waiting for Ariana, half just wasting her time not wanting to talk to Lisa for now.

Around midnight Ariana wakes up and wonders why she's not in bed. She feels a person hugging her closely and assumes she fell asleep on the couch with Kate.

The TV is showing stupid telesell commercials and might as well be turned off.

Ariana bends forward to grab the remote and notices Kate's hair is very brown and looks startled at Lisa's scalp.

Did she confuse the 2 women? No, she was watching TV. Lisa did this.

She squirms a bit trying to get away from under Lisa, but is being held on tight. Seeing no other option than to wake her girlfriend's sister she simply pushes her aside and quickly gets up from the couch.

Lisa mumbles something, mentioning Barry but stays asleep. Ariana then pulls on Lisa's legs so she's laying flat and in a somewhat normal position and leaves her there.

Heading for the toilet and then to Kate.

Kate sits in bed with her laptop, she's watching YouTube videos. "Kate!" Ariana gasps. "Why didn't you come get me?"

Kate looks at Ariana, "Didn't you have fun with Lisa?"

"At first yes, but later on she slept on me after I fell asleep. I thought she was you!"

Kate frowns, not quite understanding what Ariana means. "Slept on you? Explain."

"We sort of finished talking and I fell asleep, and when I woke up just now she's all over me holding me like I'm her boyfriend or something. It's very awkward. We sleep like that too…"

Kate shakes her head and puts her laptop aside. "Come sweetie. Get your collar and chastity belt, we'll go to sleep."

Ariana gets the requested items and Kate bolts on the collar for the night. She then has Ariana step into the leather belt and straps it on tight and locks that too. "I should add the vibrator as a punishment for sleeping with my sister." She jokes with a fake frown.

"I didn't do it Kate, honestly." Ariana says flustered not realizing Kate is joking.

Ariana has a love hate relationship with the vibrator. She loves the orgasm it provides but hates the torture it allows Kate. But at the same time she secretly loves the helpless feeling as her body betrays her when Kate pushes its, and her, buttons.

"I know sweetie, and you're too noisy anyway with the thing on level 4 or higher… But I'll get you someday." Kate jokingly promises her.

Ariana looks at the ground suddenly feeling guilty for something she didn't do. "That's not fair…" She mumbles.

Kate slaps her butt. "Life's not fair. Now get to bed."

She walks out of the bedroom to check on Lisa and sees her sister smirk on the couch in a weird position. Sighing quietly she gets a blanket and pillow from the storage cabinet and puts the blanket over her sister and places the pillow at her head. Does she have to take care of everything around here? She thinks amused.

Dana, her friend, would say that someone has to keep order… Maybe she's more right than she knows.

Ariana climbs into bed and sighs thinking about the 2nd promised punishment she doesn't deserve. Kate is so mean sometimes. Hopefully she forgets. Soon forgetting her worries as she nods off and sleeps dreaming of Kate showing her off naked on the balcony to the world making her orgasm in front everyone causing people to laugh at the goofy faces she makes.

Kate grabs a drink and quickly eats a biscuit before heading to the bathroom and brushes her teeth.

She sees someone move behind her but pays no real attention to it. Just one of the women.

Lisa sneaks up behind her and startles Kate with her being so close suddenly. "Hey," She says, rubbing her eyes.

"Hey cheater…" Kate replies.


"Yea you slept with Ariana." Kate laughs, "Or so she says."

"All I remember is that I snuggled up to Barry."

"Barry huh? Ariana looks nothing like him…"

Lisa looks at her not sure where this is going. "Sorry Kate, we just dozed off watching TV. I must've thought she was him."

"I know, I know. I'm just pulling your leg." Kate winks. "I put a blanket and pillow on the couch." Kate walks off with a good night and closes the bedroom door.

Now it's Ariana time, time to make her pay for her silly stunt from earlier, she thinks. But Ariana is already sleeping… Sighing Kate quietly joins her and plays with her girlfriend's hair for a bit. Admiring her cute face as she often does. Ariana looks much more peaceful lately, she thinks. Must be the restraints or something.

She'll apply her punishment in the morning.

The next day Lisa looks tired and worn out. Sleeping on couches never really had her preference. But not having to book an expensive hotel made up for it. She'll sleep more in the train when she goes home tonight.

The 3 have breakfast. Ariana has made pancakes and looks nervous at Lisa, asking if she likes them. Constantly moving around offering more syrup or sugar, more juice or anything to not having to sit still.

With breakfast done Lisa insists on Kate walking her out as she leaves and implores her to involve herself a bit more with Ariana and her world and not treat her like a little servant all the time.

Kate promises she will. But thinks Lisa has no idea how their relationship works.

Meanwhile Ariana cleans up the kitchen and desperately waits for Kate to come back hoping she would remove the vibrator Kate forced her to wear all morning on a low setting. Her so-called punishment.

She feels naughty thinking that Lisa didn't notice their little game but she's had enough now and hopes Kate agrees. She's super horny and needs her orgasm… Or at the very least for the teasing to stop.

Kate can't get Lisa's words out of her mind and decides to involve herself more with Ariana other than living together and being lovers. She thinks helping cooking is a good start and promises herself she'd help Ariana cook sometimes. Or to help fold the bed sheets more often and things like that.

5 - Kate's big news

A few days later Kate comes home from work and tells Ariana to get naked and wait for her in the bedroom. They're supposed to leave for Miami tomorrow. Ariana is very curious what Kate is up to and quickly obeys her girlfriend. Stripping out of her leggings and shirt, followed by her underwear.

Ariana sits on the corner of their bed waiting for her girlfriend. After a few minutes she finally enters the room. "What's up Kate?"

Kate holds up her keyring and says she has a proposition for her.

Ariana lights up. "An adventure?"

"Something like that…" Kate says. "Right, here's the deal… You can stay home for the next 2 weeks on your own."

Ariana's face darkens.

"Or," Kate continues. "Or you wear your chastity belt for the 2 weeks we're in Miami."

Ariana looks confused. "Eh Kate… What? I don't want to be alone…"

"Are you sure?" Kate asks.

"Yes of-course, I want to be with you and explore Miami. Go to the beach and help you with your training."

Kate smiles and Ariana worries just how serious Kate is. Two weeks in the belt? How will she wear her swimsuit and go to the beach?

The next morning Ariana packs their suitcases. Swimsuit for her, Bikini for Kate, dresses, Kate's favorite jeans, shirt and brown jacket for school. Shampoo and toiletries. And everything else they need for their trip.

Kate tidies up around the house making it 'away' ready. Unplugging the TV and such.

She quickly checks over the suitcase and adds the leather chastity belt and closes the case.

Heading to the airport Ariana asks if she really has to wear the belt. But Kate only says, "That's the deal."

The airport is annoying, lots of moody employees bothering the passengers with their security nonsense. Ariana wears her stolen gladiator sandals under a short mid thigh dress. She really really likes them. Kate is dressed more formally and looks ready for a meeting.

Landing in Miami Kate steers them to the toilets and she pushes Ariana into the disabled toilet, zipping open her suitcase. "Here put it on. Remove your panties." She hands the leather chastity belt to Ariana.

Ariana says nothing but takes off her panties and pulls the leather garment over her hips.

Kate smiles at her sweetly, "last chance… two weeks in the belt or go home now."

Ariana thinks she's joking about sending her home but accepts the belt anyway.

click The lock sounds ominously loud as it snaps shut.

"You're my bitch now." Kate whispers.

Ariana looks at Kate weirdly and wonders what she's getting herself into.

She stuffs Kate's winter coat in the suitcase and her own on top under the handle and they leave the toilet block.

6 - The house of horrors

Outside the airport terminal they find a taxi and head for their assigned house. It's an OK house in the city. Not too far from the beach and it has some shops in the area. The house itself has several bedrooms and there is a double garage. Kate already feels tired from the oppressive heat in Miami and looks at a bedroom and living room and doesn't care much for the rest at the moment.

Ariana is more curious and explores the whole place.

In the 2 car garage she finds a massive chain link cage kind of setup with a little dog-house inside it. It takes up half a parking space. Curious, she steps in and the gate clangs shut behind her.

Looking inside the doghouse she sees no dog. She turns and wants to leave the cage but the gate is locked.

She shakes the gate trying to dislodge the latch but it's stuck.

"Kate?" She calls out. But Kate has dozed off. "Fuck!" Ariana curses. "KATE! HELP! KAAAAAATE!"

Ariana screams and yells for minutes until Kate finally comes rushing in seeing a distressed girlfriend in a cage.

"What's up?" She laughs.

"I can't get out Kate…"

Kate laughs at her silly face and says "Well, guess you gotta stay in there then. Since I don't have the keys."

Ariana looks startled. "No! "She exclaims. "Please find it…"

Kate thinks for a moment. "What will you do for me to get out?"

"Anything…" Ariana dumbly says.

"Alright, I'll trade your freedom for your clothes for the day."


"If you want out, you'll give me everything you're wearing."

Ariana says nothing but undresses and throws her clothes and sandals over the fence.

"Good. Now slide your phone under the gate."

"Kate please go get the key."

Kate gathers all Ariana's things. "I'll search for it, stay put. Enjoy the doghouse for now." And she walks away.

"Kate?!" Ariana shakes the gate. She wants out badly.

Kate closes the garage door behind her. She's pretty sure the cage key is on her keyring. But this is fun…

Kate unpacks their suitcase and puts everything in the bedroom closet. She then looks in the fridge and finds it empty. Laughing at Ariana waiting in the kennel she heads out the door to the nearby supermarket.

She buys freshly made, ready to oven pizzas, some drinks and Pringles. Tomorrow they'll see what they'll do for dinner. Maybe Ariana can sort out some groceries while she's in class.

Heading back lugging her shoppings she wonders how Ariana manages all that every time. Probably on her scooter, she thinks. Back at the apartment she puts away the groceries and goes check on her girl.

She hears her calling her name already from the hallway.

She finds a nervous Ariana, pacing back and forth in the kennel.

"Kate! Please let me out, what took you so long? I need to pee. Please." She looks at Kate with big pleading eyes.

Kate laughs at her saying she looks like a caught doggie and looks at the gate lock, opening it without a key. It isn't locked, just latched closed.

Ariana sees Kate doesn't use a key and mutters something unintelligible. Much to Kate's amusement.

"Go pee sweetie, 2nd door to the left. When you're done, freshen up and put the pizza in the oven." She hands the key to the chastity belt to Ariana.

"Yes boss." Ariana bows her head in shame and quickly moves into the house.

Kate looks around in the garage, sees nothing of interest and follows her girlfriend. She doesn't like the place. It's ugly. The walls are an ugly green color. Nothing makes sense color wise in this place. Luckily it's only for 2 weeks, she thinks. Checking her email Kate finds her course schedule. A class tonight? Geez.

Kate enters the address in Maps and sees the education center is nearby. But, still a good 20 minute walk. She sighs and calls out to Ariana to hurry with dinner.

"Ok baby." Comes her clear voice.

Kate finds her in the kitchen trying to work the oven. "I have class tonight… Starting in 90 minutes." She sighs. "I'm so not in the mood."

"That's ok. I'll make the house nicer… It stinks in the bedroom." Ariana promises Kate.

"What a dump huh…" Kate scoffs.

"It has bad energy. I don't like it." Ariana says with a sad voice. "When will you be back?"

"I hope before 10pm"

"Oh, and tomorrow?"

"That's a day class, but only in the afternoon."

"So we can sleep in…" Ariana says with a smile.

Kate is distracted by Ariana's naked figure only wearing the chastity belt. It fits like a glove. She stares as Ariana gracefully moves through the kitchen talking about the house, the flight. Not listening at all to what she's saying.

Ariana looks at Kate and sees her stare at her. "Enjoying the show?"

"Huhwhat?" Kate is pulled out of her mesmerized thoughts.

"There is a crocodile in the pool…" Ariana smirks, remembering she read about that happening in Florida.

"Oh…" Kate says distractedly.

Ariana rolls her eyes and inspects the pizza. The one in the top is ready. She takes it from the oven and cuts it into slices and plonks the plate in front of Kate. "Here, have your dinner, miss distracted…"

Kate, her thoughts are interrupted by the smell of pizza and she looks at Ariana. "What did you say?"

"If you can't think straight with me naked you better give me my clothes back…" Ariana smirks.

"No, that's fine, I'll leave soon anyway. You'll get your stuff tomorrow morning."

Ariana gets the 2nd pizza from the oven and slices it up as well. They eat in silence. Kate is constantly stealing glances at Ariana.

"Hey, come to earth!" Ariana pokes Kate on the nose. "I think you have to go now."

Kate looks at her phone and sees she should hurry. "Shit!" She quietly mumbles. She'd rather stay with Ariana and play with her. Ariana looks longingly at Kate as well. Kate hugs her girlfriend and kisses her goodbye with the instruction to not cheat on their deal but otherwise she's at liberty. Ariana walks her to the door and without thinking waves Kate goodbye from the front door.

Their neighbor from across the street almost falls off his little step ladder seeing the naked Japanese chick wave at another hottie.

Ariana smacks the door closed and cleans up the kitchen. She finds another nicer bedroom that doesn't stink and decides to move all their stuff to that room and closes the stinky room's door.

Now to tend to herself. She's been feeling horny from being locked helpless in the cage and belt. She flops down on the couch and rubs her crotch feeling a tiny sensation. Groping at her nipples and squeezing her breasts she feels the excitement grow, but not nearly enough. She suddenly has an idea and runs to the kitchen finding a spatula. Sliding it in her leather restraint she can rub her vagina.

"YESSS!" She exclaims, and starts rubbing full of energy. Minutes later she's squirming on the couch moaning loudly and masturbating with the spatula. She cums loudly and immediately feels guilty about what she did.

Panting from her exertions she rests for a few minutes.

Ariana cleans the spatula and explores the house a bit more. There is a secluded little garden with some nice flowers. She steps outside in the humid evening air and walks the length of the garden, but sees a man sitting in the next-door garden. Quickly stepping back as she is still naked.

She rushes back inside hoping nobody saw her and notices a wet spot on the couch.

Grrr, she thinks. Hoping it'll dry soon.

Ariana saunters to the Garage again, and again focuses on the kennel, inspecting the door so she can unlock it next time.

She then blocks the gate and enters the cage. Sitting in front of the dog house she inspects it. Wondering if she fits inside she crawls backwards into the little house and finds she barely fits inside.

Crawling back out she looks around the garage to see if there is a bicycle.

She sees none, but finds a large dog collar with a small box on it, A GPS or something she assumes.

She straps the thing on and pulls it tight. The collar clicks shut and is stuck on her. Arian tries to adjust the collar as it's a bit too tight but can't get it off. She can't figure out the latch or buckle and sees no keys to try.

"Fuck!" She whispers and wags her butt like a dog.

"And now…" She starts saying, but instead screams and falls to the floor as a strong electric shock shoots into her neck.

The scream triggers more shocks which trigger more screams which trigger more shocks and so on. Ariana stumbles across the garage in pain clutching the collar. In her struggle she bumps against the gate and ends up inside the cage with the door falling shut. Ariana finally manages to keep quiet, learning quickly that she can't make a sound.

"What the fuck!? That hurts." Ariana quietly moans.

She looks around and notices she's in the cage again. She moves to the door and tries to open it but she can't reach the latch through the chainlink.

"Fuck!" She says under her breath, which earns her another strong shock. The cycle of pain and screams repeats itself again and Ariana cries uncontrollable, constantly making too much noise so the collar keeps torturing her.

After almost 15 minutes of near constant shocks she finally manages to control herself and holds her breath only making 'mmmmh-ing' sounds until the pain stops.

Feeling miserable she crawls on the dog pillow in the doghouse and after a while of bored waiting for Kate to save her she dozes off in a restless slumber. Only to be shocked by the collar minutes later when a car outside honks its horn. She hates the stupid house and their trip already.

Kate sits in class bored. Listening to stuff that's not relevant to her job. The class is a waste of her time basically and she wonders if she's in the right class and why she's here. She misses her girlfriend badly.

Finally it's 10PM and the class is dismissed. She walks home thinking she should bring a milkshake or something and orders 2 large vanilla shakes from McDonalds.

"Ariana, I'm back. She yells through the house." But there is no response.

She checks the bedroom and sees all their stuff gone. Not understanding, she searches the other rooms and finds their belongings in a much nicer bedroom on the other side of the house. "Aha! Clever girl."

But where was her clever girl…

"Ariana? Where are you?"

Ariana hears Kate rummage through the house but is terrified to make a sound. The collar had shocked her nearly continuously for the last 3 hours. Every time she sighed, moved, breathed too loud the damned thing would go off. And if she managed to not upset the collar, a sound from outside would trigger the thing.

She wishes she could just die, her neck hurts so bad.

The garage door opens and Kate yells into the room for Ariana.

This triggers the collar and Ariana screams and her voice gives out for the 100th time and makes a choking throaty sound.

Kate sees her spasm in the doghouse. And wonders what the hell is going on in there.

She unlocks the gate and disables the latch and calls out to Ariana, kneeling next to the entrance.

"Babe, hey? What are you doing in there?" All the while triggering the collar with her voice.

She grabs Ariana's hips and pulls her out from the doghouse. She comes out looking pale and feverish. Kate sees the big collar on her neck and asks what it is. Ariana makes sounds like she's being strangled and clutches the collar and pulls on it with a weak but desperate determination.

Something is super wrong Kate realizes. Can't she talk? And why does she look so pained and terrified? Kate turns her girl around and sees a big clasp holding the collar on her neck and notices the little box next to it.

What the hell is this thing, she thinks. Figuring out the clasp she has to push a button in, and slide the knob for the latch to pop open. As she pulls the collar away from Ariana's neck two connected red marks in her neck come into view.

Ariana relaxes immediately and slumps on the floor barely conscious.

"Babe? Hey! Ariana, talk to me!" Kate looks worried.

Ariana tries to talk but can't think straight from the pain she endured nor can she form words with her broken voice.

Goddammit, there goes her relaxed Miami vacation, Kate thinks.

She lays Ariana flat on the floor and slaps Ariana in her face to startle her. This works and Ariana moans painfully, looking at Kate as if to say 'let me die'.

Kate then carries her to the bedroom and dribbles water in her mouth which she weakly swallows.

Heading back to the garage looking for clues she finds the collar and sees the steel prongs poking out at the inside. Kate wonders why Ariana would lock on a shock collar and then finally understands what had happened. Ariana had shocked herself with this thing.

She rushes back to her girl who is sitting up in bed looking for Kate.

"Kate!" She croaks. "Stay here. Please."

Kate sits down next to Ariana, "What the hell happened babe? Why did you put the collar on and lock yourself in?"

"An accident. I thought it’s a GPS tracker and wanted to play doggie for when you got back. It shocks for hours, non-stop. I want to die… Gate locked and I couldn’t reach it." Her voice trails off.

"Oh baby, and you nearly killed yourself. Come, lay down, drink more and rest." Kate looks worried, feeling the marks in her neck. She looks at the red spots and they look like severe burns.

Ariana mumbles incoherently and Kate has no idea what she's saying or trying to do.

7 - Recovery

Ariana sips on a drink through a straw and doesn't feel like moving at all. Everything hurts. Kate has her drugged up on painkillers but it's not really working. Her voice was almost back to normal in the morning and her mind got a bit unscrambled too but her body remains sore. Kate tries to take care of her girlfriend but she's not sure what to do with the situation. She had removed the leather chastity belt and is considering if Ariana needs a doctor. She should probably go to a hospital for a check up. But Neither she nor Ariana want to admit something stupid happened.

Kate makes a simple lunch and Ariana nibbles on a slice of toast. She then rushes off to class, promising to be back as soon as possible. Ariana sleeps soon after.

That afternoon the housekeeping crew enters the house to do the cleaning up. Unknown to the women, this is part of the rental.

The two women find a half asleep Ariana naked on the bed. And one of them takes a sneaky picture of the pretty girl.

Ariana looks around sensing someone's presence but sees no one, she closes her eyes again.

The cleaners don't find anything to do as Ariana had cleaned the house last night, so they just take out the trash.

They walk by Ariana's bed again and whisper they should have some fun.

Ariana breathes steadily which means she sleeps.

They carefully drape her bedsheets over her head and the other strokes her stomach.

Ariana moans quietly and mumbles Kate's name. The women smirk, and the one touching Ariana slips her hand down and over her crotch. Cupping her vagina.

'mmm' they hear from under the bed sheet.

The woman slowly fingers Ariana for a few minutes but as she gets too excited they stop and hurry out of the house. Leaving Ariana to wonder why Kate stopped teasing her.

Kate meanwhile can't stand the classes and contacts her manager asking if there has been some kind of mistake. Nothing her instructors talk about is relevant for her position. If that's still coming or if she should be in another class? Her manager promises to check it out and call her back.

Having escaped her class for now she also calls Ariana to check on her and hears a soft voice at the other end. She asks if Ariana is doing better and hears she had a nice dream of Kate fingering her.

"So you're almost better?" Kate asks. "How is your neck?"

"I don't know. I can't see it but it still hurts and itches." Ariana complains.

"Mmhm. Well rest more I'll be home soon." She promises.

Home, Ariana mutters. She wishes she was home.

After class Kate finds a big pharmacy and explains to the man there that she needs to treat two electrical burns. Describing the marks in Ariana's neck without too much detail.

Loaded with painkillers, bandages, medical tape and aloe gel she gets back to the AirBnB so she can treat Ariana. Sticking a big bandage on her neck soaked in aloe.

The next day Ariana feels a lot better but is still weakened and prefers to sleep and relax through the day. The cleaners come and go without the girls knowing about it and Ariana has a nice dream again about Kate stroking her.

Kate's manager calls back and assures he she's in the right place. And when Kate argues that she's not part of the maintenance crew and wants to know why she needs to learn about lift controls and air-conditioning maintenance. She gets the simple order to just be present and get her certificate.

Kate rolls her eyes and thinks she's being used by the hotel to comply with some regulation they don't want to truly follow. Filling a quota or something.

Back at the house Kate brings dinner and the girls sit at the kitchen table eating their salads and subs.

Ariana says she is feeling a lot better and that maybe tomorrow she'll go to the beach.

Kate inspects Ariana’s neck and replaces the bandage with a new one coated in aloe. "It's still very red, sweetie. I don't know what to do about that."

Ariana worries maybe it's a scar and fears she'll be ugly because of it. Kate soothes her that if that's the case she doesn't mind and if her hair is covering her neck others won't even see it.

The next day Ariana goes to the beach, Kate has again put a new bandage on her neck, she does this twice a day, and Ariana feels like sitting in the sand. She finds a nearby beach and walks that way in her swimsuit and a skirt carrying a big bath towel. Along the way she gets 3 offers for drinks from men and one even wants to make a porno movie with her as the star. She declines all of them. Only hesitating at the porn offer because it's so outlandish. Talking to strangers asking if they wanna do porn… What's wrong with the world, she thinks.

She curiously asks what kind of porn and hears the cliche 'Japanese schoolgirl doing anal' scenario. How much would that pay? The man offers a couple of thousand bucks. Not enough, Ariana says. And walks away.

The man walks along keeping up and hands her his card, for if she wants to discuss it further. She takes the card and slips it in her phone cover without looking at it.

8 - Barry at the beach

Arriving at the bright white beach she's amazed with how nice the water is. She loves the white and blue contrast between the sand and the sea. Sitting down near a lifeguard tower she enjoys her view and stretches out on the luxuriously white sand.

She takes a selfie and sends it to Kate, just to tease her, and gets a bunch of hearts and an angry emoji back.

Ariana laughs at the reply and types, 'It's beautiful here.'

To which she gets an 'it's stupid and boring here.'

It appears they're at opposites today, she laughs quietly at her phone. 'Wish you were here.'

'Wish I was there too!' Kate replies.

Ariana rolls around in the sand for a bit, looking in all directions at the people and the hotels in the background. So nice.

The lifeguard spots the hot asian chick near his tower and comes over for a chat. He starts with a 'Konichiwa' as if that's original and asks for her name.

"I'm Ariana". She blurts out looking at the guy's impressive sixpack and muscled arms. He introduces himself as Barry.

She jokes it's not gonna work out then, because she already knows a Barry.

The lifeguard looks genuinely hurt by that and she invites him to sit down.

They chat for a while and Ariana has a good time. He asks about her bandage and she says she had an accident with some electrical wires a few days ago.

"You were electrocuted in your neck?" He asks with an amazed tone.

Ariana nods sheepishly.

"Did you go to a doctor?"

Ariana says she didn't. Her friend puts a bandage on it twice a day.

Barry nods and asks if he can see it. He's a trained medic.

"Sure," Ariana wipes her hair out of the way.

Barry comes real close now, she can feel his breath and smell his sunblock. He carefully pulls away the bandage and looks a bit shocked at the fiery red spots. "Girl, you're lucky to be alive…" He says with a worried voice.

Ariana looks at him, "really?"

"He traces his finger down her spine. "Many nerves are here and the burns are just a few inches away from it. That's very dangerous."

"Come with me, I have an ointment for this that works better than aloe." He invites her into his guard tower and sits her down on a desk chair. He pulls out a massive medical kit and gives her a tube of healing ointment for burns. He instructs her to apply the ointment 2 times a day until it stops itching.

He treats her neck with the utmost care and smears ointment on it and applies a new bandage.

Ariana enjoys his attention and care a lot. He seems to truly care for her. She looks at him, wishing Kate could meet him.

Barry thinks she looks at him wanting to take things a step further and he carefully leans in for a kiss. Ariana, caught off-guard, returns the kiss before realizing she shouldn't. She feels his tongue on her lips and pulls back.

"Barry, stop. I… Can't…"

Barry looks at her questioning, "Why?"

"I have a girlfriend," she admits.

He stands up straight. "You don't kiss like you're a lesbian."

"I used to date guys…" Ariana says apologetic.

Hmmm, Barry turns around looking over the beach.

"I, uh, better go," Ariana stutters. "Thanks for your kind help Barry. It was really nice to talk to you. Sorry for misleading you."

"Yea sure, no problem," Barry says looking hurt. He really really likes Ariana.

She quietly walks out the door.

"Ariana!" He calls after her.

As she turns around he grabs her shoulder and presses a kiss on her lips. Ariana looks at him wide eyed. "Please, Barry, no. I'm not lying. Sorry."

She quickly walks away and gathers her things, her head in turmoil, feeling guilty towards Kate. She feels sorry for Barry. He looked at her like Kate looks at her sometimes. Sensing his genuine interest in her. Ariana moves further down the beach and sets her things down near a restaurant thinking she can order a drink or something.

Looking around at her new setting she's approached by some people, "Hey cutie, You look hungry! We need +1 for lunch so Will doesn't feel lonely." He motions to the restaurant.

"I don't eat lunch with men called Will," Ariana snips back. What's wrong with this place she thinks.

The group laughs at Will for being eternally lonely now. And Will looks out of it.

Ariana asks him to join her instead of the idiots laughing at him. Now Will laughs and the group falls silent.

Will sits down next to her. "Hi, I'm will."

"Ariana" she extends her hand. "Just pretend we're talking or something. So they won't bother you." She whispers in his ear.

"Alright." He nods. "No offense, but I don't like dating Asians."

Ariana pulls a face and tells him she has a girlfriend called Kate.

Will laughs. Well then, wanna make a fool out of all of them?

She nods.

"Just lean in to me like you're really comfortable and enjoy my company."

Ariana scoots closer and hangs around Will's neck leaning on his muscular chest. A cheer comes from the group. They sat down at the restaurant Ariana looked at a few minutes ago. "Your deodorant stinks, Mr. Will," she whispers.

Will smiles uncomfortably, "Ehh, sorry. I guess. Let's walk away hand in hand. When we're out of sight we'll go our separate ways."

Ariana nods. Happy to get rid of Will and his stupid friends.

Will courteously gathers Ariana's things and puts them in her bag. Noticing the porn studios card on her phone. "You're an actress?" He asks.

"No, why?"

"The card." He points at her phone.

Ariana laughs and grabs his hand. Leaning into Will as they walk away. "I don't do porn for money mister."

They walk away stared at by Will's friends. They thought to make fun of him but instead he seems to have a date now. They quickly find it unfunny and focus on something else. Will sees his friends do something else and lets go of her hand. "Thanks for the rescue." He laughs.

"And thanks for carrying my bag." She thanks him. Ariana dawdles for a second not sure how to end this and Will kisses her hand as a goodbye.

She decides to find a restaurant and see if Kate can join her. 'Are you free yet?' She sends a message to Kate.

'Yes girl! Where are you?' comes her reply after 5 minutes.

Ariana wanders back in the direction of Barry's tower and sees a nice restaurant that has salmon. 'Near the beach. I'm hungry.'

Ariana tells the waiter she'll be right back with her friend if he can keep a table free. She smiles at him with her biggest eyes. Of-course he can. As long as she'll be back soon.

She sends her location to Kate telling her to hurry and sits on a bench looking at Barry's lifeguard tower.

Barry the watchful lifeguard sees her sit down, facing his direction and his hopes rise. She's back! For him?

After a while he sees another woman come up and kiss Ariana intensely. Whoa, he thinks. Fuck me that's mean, he thinks. His day is ruined.

Kate and Ariana head into the restaurant welcomed by the waiter. They have some great grilled salmon.

Ariana tells her about her beach adventures and they laugh at the porn card. "Thousands of bucks for a fuck huh?"

"Yea, anal too." Ariana smirks. Remembering she used to do anal quite often.

9 - Two weeks

Days pass quickly at the beach. Ariana goes every day and is very popular with the men. She gets many more offers for drinks and even another offer to do porn. One guy just wants to show her his boat and party with her and some other girls. She feels very wanted and hasn't felt this social in years. Even though there is nothing social about most of the men preying on her.

Kate joins her whenever she can and notices Ariana is healing quickly now. She's more energetic and talkative every day. The red spots are still ugly welts but the ointment she got from Barry seems to work well.

She also convinced herself that the hotel had singled her out as the only unqualified employee to get certified up to look better in business reviews. Why else would they send her on this pointless course? On the other hand it does flatter her that she DID get singled out and put up in a home in a different country to do so, because to her it means job security. Why else would the hotel invest in her and spend all this money on her.

As the 2 weeks draw to a close Ariana bumps into Barry again at the beach. She's been avoiding him a bit to not hurt his feelings and has been camping out near other lifeguard towers today she accidentally picks the one that has Barry in it.

She spreads her towel and takes off her skirt before running to the water to sit in the low waves for a bit. When she's done and gets back to her towel she sees Barry looking at her and she waves at him. "Hey super lifeguard!" She calls him out.

He waves back at her. “How's your neck?" He asks.

Ariana shows him her neck which still shows 2 purplish spots, but they look more like bruises now.

Barry is pleased with her healing. "You'll be 100% pretty in a few weeks." He promises her.

"Weeks?" Ariana looks at him.

"Yea burn scars take ages to heal completely."

Ariana is very self conscious about the marks and wishes they'd be gone sooner.

Barry asks if she will join him on his tower deck and Ariana comes up and sits on the balcony floor with her towel.

"I saw you last week, with that woman at the restaurant?"

Ariana looks at him neutrally, good she thinks.

"That wasn't nice of you to tease me like that." He says.

She looks at him confused. All she did was prove she really has a girlfriend. "It was just to show you I'm taken."

Barry tells her it ruined his day. Ariana has no answer to that, she can't fix his feelings.

"I'll go away soon, so you can forget about me." She mumbles.

Barry doesn't like that either.

Ariana gets annoyed and gets up to leave. "Barry, get over yourself, we talked for an hour or so? You've been very kind to me. But you can't expect me to drop everything and fall in love with you." And she starts walking away.

Suddenly she's tired of being here. Everyday she gets indecent offers, or some decent ones, but everyone seems to lust after the cute girls here. And she hates to be one of the cutest ones in a kilometer radius.

She puts on her skirt and folds her towel, ready to disappear from the public and hide in the house. Once again she wishes she was home in her flat, away from the world.

She marches to the house and goes tanning in the garden instead of the beach.

That afternoon Kate comes back and she needs Ariana. She rings the doorbell for Ariana to let her in and as the door opens she pushes inside and forces herself on Ariana. For Ariana's recovery they didn't really have sex for most of their stay as to not exert Ariana and Kate is desperate to get some. Ariana stumbles back from Kate's assault but soon adapts and gets into it.

Kate pushes her to the bedroom and feels like owning her girl today. Tying her wrists to her ankles so she lays on her back with her legs up and her wrists connected to it.

Ariana immediately feels helpless and exposed and Kate dives onto her, licking her crotch for all she's worth. Ariana quickly gets super excited and moans loudly struggling in her bonds. Kate crawls up between her legs and grinds their pussies together for a few moments before crawling up further until her vagina is on Ariana's mouth. "Do me," she gasps.

"Turn around and do me too," Ariana moans.

Kate complies and they do an awkward 69. Ariana is helpless to stop or touch Kate. Kate controls both their bodies. She pushes and grinds herself on Ariana's face while licking and fingering her girlfriend.

This goes on for a bit until Kate tenses up, she weakly fingers Ariana but is busy with her orgasm that's rolling over her like a steam train. She smothers Ariana for a bit until Ariana gasps and turns her head away to breathe.

"Finish me! Please, finish it." Ariana begs Kate.

Kate picks up the pace and gives Ariana her orgasm. Feeling the girl squirm below her. Kate sucks on Ariana's wetness to prolong her orgasm and Ariana squirms for a full minute before finally calming down.

After a while Kate gets up and heads to the kitchen where she heats up leftover dinner from yesterday.

She carries a still bound Ariana to the living room and positions her on the couch.

Ariana curiously looks at what she's doing and says nothing. Kate winks at her and collects the dinner leftovers. Over the next half hour she feeds Ariana rice and chicken while teasing her by sucking on her nipples or pinching them softly keeping Ariana aroused for the duration of her dinner.

Ariana never was fed dinner while being kept tied and aroused and likes it. Wishing for another orgasm.

She tells Kate she can tie her to the kitchen chair at home if she wants to force feed her sometime again. Kate quietly nods her agreement while rubbing Ariana's wet pussy. But not letting her cum, just as Ariana starts panting and moaning she stops and lets her simmer in heat.

ding-ding ding-ding ding-ding

Kate's phone rings. It's Dana. Kate rubs Ariana's pussy with more force, arousing Ariana again. While she takes the call.

Ariana wants to protest but Kate puts her finger on her lips indicating she should be quiet.

"Hey Dana, how are you? … Right? … We're fine … no … Miami … no, some training thing for work … Tomorrow afternoon … yes … yes … no, that's fine."

Ariana moans. Looking desperate at Kate who rubs her rapidly. She's holding in her orgasm, not wanting Dana to hear it.

"What? … oh Ariana is enjoying herself … yea, at the beach while I toil away at school … hahaha … no … no … How's Sheila? … Oh? … that's cool … Yea, we should yes … uh-huh … soon yes … I'll check with her."

Ariana whimpers, and mouths for Kate to hang up with pleading eyes.

"Dana wants to go for dinner soon, the 4 of us. Is that ok?" Kate looks Ariana in the eyes, continuously rubbing Ariana's pussy.

Ariana gasps, "mmm yeash, anytiihime…"

"Hear that? … No she's fine, just occupied … right … Yea Thursday is fine … Yea, sure … Say hi to Sheila for us … Right … I will, or wait, say it yourself, here she is."

Kate holds her phone to Ariana's ear and plunges her fingers in Ariana's dripping pussy.

"Hi Ariana, I'm looking forward to our dinner date. I'd love to see you there."

"Uhm-mee thooo yeaaah." Ariana confirms with a moan.

"What are you doing? You sound out of breath." Dana asks teasingly. She can guess what the girl is doing.

"Ohm, I'hmmm coming!" Ariana gasps, losing her grip on her body and orgasm. Bucking her hips in her bondage.

Kate puts the phone back to her ear hearing Dana laugh at the other end. "So uh, Thursday? … yea around 7PM at our place is fine … yea, sorry about that … Yes, she truly is the best, no don't tell Sheila or anyone … right, thanks … Indeed … haha yea … see you then." And the women hang up.

Ariana tries to kick Kate. "What the fuck!" She pants, breathing heavily. "That's not OK Kate we talked about that."

"It's just Dana sweetie, she knows you're a dirty little slut." Kate laughs at her.

Ariana looks upset, Kate should know better. "I'm no slut!" She pouts. "And please, nobody needs to know about us."

"Dana knows babe, she guessed it ever since you two met." Kate informs her.

Ariana mmpf’s angrily and looks away from Kate. Kate gets up and gets them both a cold drink. Ariana's with a straw. Ariana greedily drinks and asks if she can go to bed. She's tired.

Kate unties her girlfriend and carries her to bed tucking her in. She kisses her forehead promising she'll join her soon.

Kate checks her emails and finds there are no more classes. That's odd. But whatever. Happy to be done with that waste of time. They have one day together before they fly home the day after.

She joins Ariana in bed and she sweet talks to Ariana till they fall asleep. Ariana is still a bit annoyed that Kate made her cum with Dana on the phone but also found it a powerful orgasm which felt good.

10 - Going home

The next day they go to the beach again in the morning. When the sun gets higher they visit one of the bigger shopping malls and look for souvenirs or clothes or stuff to bring home. Kate suggests they buy something nice for Dana and Sheila. They look around but don't really know what to get. Thinking that a box of sweets or chocolates is so generic.

Ariana thinks of fancy gym outfits, but Kate isn't sure on their sizes. Maybe they can figure something out during their dinner and get them something after. Ariana agrees.

They get lost in the endless luxuries of Miami tourism and are a bit overwhelmed with all the outlandish activities and clubs available to them. Thinking it's all too excessive.

Ariana spots a wine bar and suggests they try that since they both like wine.

Sitting down at a table Kate orders a glass of her favorite wine. Ariana doesn't really care, she just feels like drinking alcohol to try and get rid of her middle-class feeling in all these luxuries.

"Just follow my lead then." Kate suggests and orders 2 of each every time their glasses are empty.

Ariana thinks Kate is so good with wine. Always picking the nice ones. They waste the afternoon away drinking fancy wines and eating little snacks along with it. They drink and party into the evening racking up a huge bill in wine, snacks and beers.

The next day Kate wakes up with a start in their bed, not sure how they got back but both of them are here.

Their plane leaves in a few hours. Groggily she gets up and washes her face. Letting Ariana sleep for now.

She packs their things, stuffing all clothes into the suitcase. Scanning over the house to see if she has everything. She then wakes Ariana.

"Morning sweetie…" Kate sweetly says.

"Mmmmgoawayiwannasleep" Ariana moans with a hangover.

"You can sleep at home babe. Our plane leaves soon."

Ariana opens her eyes and is met with a headache and a cute smile from Kate.

"Is there time for aspirin? My head hurts."

Kate assures her there is plenty of time. And invites her for a shower together. She prepares 2 Tylenol and a glass of water for Ariana. "Here, take these."

Ariana downs the pills and the glass of water and wanders to the bathroom on auto-pilot.

Kate follows her a moment later bringing the last of their towels. She had noticed that over the 2 weeks slowly the towels got less and less and she doesn't know why. They started with 8, now they only have 2.

She hates the house and doesn't want to think about who or what is stealing towels.

A much better choice is to shower with Ariana.

That afternoon they fly home and Kate asks Ariana to go find their suitcase while she goes to find her car in the parking lot. They'll meet next to the taxis.

Kate looks for the parking shuttle and finds her car. Turning up the heater she drives it back to the terminal where she spots her beauty from afar. Fuck she's gorgeous, even in her puffy winter clothes. She hopes Ariana thinks the same of her sometimes.

She motions for Ariana to get in and warm herself as she loads the suitcase into the back seat and off they go.

"It's busy huh?" Kate makes some smalltalk.

"Yeah, too much." Ariana leans her head on Kate's shoulder. "I'm glad we're home, I didn't like that house at all."

"Especially the garage was shit eh?" Kate carefully asks with a glance at Ariana.

Ariana visibly tenses up and says nothing. Her trauma is still fresh in her mind. She didn't tell Kate but she has nightmares every time she closes her eyes from her ordeal. It's getting tiresome.

Kate rushes them home and parks the car in their parking garage. Skipping to the elevator eager to get home the women are stopped by the concierge. "There you are." He calls out, "About the rent… The realtor says they can do it for $700 for the first 2 years, $900 afterwards, but on a 4 year contract minimum."

Kate laughs, "hah that sounds good. Thanks so much for asking."

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you for 10 days to tell you."

"We were in Miami for work." Kate tells him.

"Oh right, did you have fun miss? It's beautiful down there I hear." He looks at Ariana.

Ariana says nothing and looks at her feet. Then slowly nods.

"It was alright, but Ariana had a bit of an accident. So mixed feelings." Kate hastily interjects. She squeezes Ariana's shoulder to indicate to move ahead.

"Thanks again, we'll catch up soon ok? We're really tired now. Flying, airports…" She pulls a face.

They wait for the elevator and the concierge continues his rounds.

"What's that about rent? Don't you own the place?" Ariana whispers.

"Dana and Sheila maybe want to move in together and this'll be cheaper for them."

"Oh. That's very close-by…" Ariana mutters. Fearing a lot of social calls incoming.

"Yea, I don't know about that… But we'll see what happens right? We'll have to set our boundaries." Kate says.

Ariana nods. "Slow elevator." She mumbles.

A few minutes later the elevator finally arrives and a group of people they never saw before come out.

Ariana pushes inside as the last person is about to get out. The man is about to say something about manners but sees Kate shake her head and keeps quiet, seeing her mouth 'sorry'.

Kate feels Ariana needs to be alone, or at least home and in her bubble. Just the 2 of them.

Kate helps her girlfriend into their flat and offers a drink. Ariana shakes her head and heads straight for bed.

"Let me know if you need anything ok? Just call out."

"Ok, thanks!" Ariana smiles at Kate.

Kate 'activates' the flat. Plugging in the wifi, the TV, and checking the fridge for spoiled stuff. She opens a few windows to air the place out. MMM, she thinks, looking at the excellent view while feeling the cold air.

10 minutes later she quickly shuts the windows and turns up the heat.

She unpacks their clothes trying not to disturb Ariana. Then she takes a shower and loves the strong hot water. Much better than the weak flow they had in Miami. She loves her rain shower. Smiling at her reflection. Happy to be home.

When she's done she looks at Ariana and kneels next to the bed at her head.

She looks peaceful but stressed as well. Kate cups her cheek and softly strokes her thumb over Ariana's lips. As usual she opens her mouth and sucks on the thumb. So cute, Kate thinks. Carefully removing her hand and placing a kiss on her forehead.

She heads into the living room and calls Dana. "Hey girl, I have some good news. I think."

"Yes?" Dana cautiously replies.

"Well, 2 things… really. First, the most important. We're hoohoome." Kate laughs.

She can feel Dana roll her eyes at the other end. She hates being stalled like this.

"But really, remember the apartment? Both units on the 4th are free. And you can have one for $700 a month for the first 2 years then $900 for the other 2 years and ongoing if you like."

"Whoa, that's not bad. Can we take a look tomorrow?"

"We'll find the concierge when you're here." Kate confirms.

"You have a concierge? Geez you're so fancy."

"You soon too Dana, he takes care of the whole tower."

"Oh right…" A short silence. "I'M GONNA BE FANCY TOO!" Dana calls out.

"Hey about our call the other day. What was that about? Ariana didn't sound too healthy."

"Yea sorry about that. I uh, had her tied up and was masturbating her. I kinda expected her to be able to hold her orgasm." She hushes to Dana.

"Oh right… Well I was surprised that's all."

"Please don't mention it tomorrow, Ariana doesn't like other people involved or even knowing about our games. She's still upset about it and she has enough on her plate for now."

"Ooohh?" Dana sounds curious.

Kate summarizes Ariana's accident without going into details and how she's been a bit traumatized because of it. Mostly just tired and weakened. But certainly she has developed a fear of garages and collars.

"That's terrible Kate, really. She was doing so well." Dana knows bits and pieces of Ariana's history with abusive boyfriends.

"Yeah… It's a huge setback for her I'm sure." Kate sounds sad.

"We'll give her a good time tomorrow then, right?"

"Yea just be nice and sociable, she needs a friendly and carefree atmosphere the most I think." Kate assures Dana.

"Right. I'll instruct Sheila." Dana promises.

"Tell Sheila about the apartment, I think it's a great deal… And you can be living together in no time."

Dana assures her she will and sounds excited.

Kate adds, "I'll help you move, just let me know if you need help."

"Thanks Kate, really really thanks. I'll let you know."

They hang up.

"Who needs a friendly atmosphere?" She hears behind her.

Kate looks over her shoulder. "Oh, hey. How do you feel?"

"Thirsty… You were talking about me?" Ariana says suspicious.

"Indeed. I talked to Dana about the apartment and tomorrow night. And told her you needed a carefree and fun evening."

Ariana hugs Kate. "I mostly just need time for myself and with you, here, with nobody else."

"I know babe, go back to bed and rest up. What do you want to drink?"

"Some pineapple juice."

"Coming right up honey… just a minute." She guides Ariana back to bed and tucks her in. Kate gets a big glass of juice and sets it next to Ariana on the bed side table.

Ariana is already snoozing again.

Kate always wonders how someone can sleep as much as Ariana does. Considering she's very sensitive to her surroundings and people and that it probably takes a lot of energy. Still… 12 hours of sleep per day is the norm pretty much. It's nuts. Kate thinks.

She heads downstairs to find the concierge and asks for the keys for the units on the 4th floor. They'll take a look at them tomorrow night with her friends. She gets the spare keys for unit 4a and chats with the man for a few minutes about the Miami trip. He tells her he's been there in the 70's once. Kate laughs she wasn't even born then and heads back upstairs.

The next day Ariana feels much more lively. She's sitting in the kitchen enjoying a drink. And enjoying her familiar surroundings. Enjoying she's alone. Enjoying there are no men chasing her down to the beach. And many more small enjoyments. She sits grinning at the table thinking about it.

Kate walks in rushing for work "Hey, good morning, you're up early?" She stops and sees Ariana's grin. "What's funny?"

"Here is funny. I love living here, it makes me happy."

"Oh, right. Of-course, we have the best flat." Kate laughs at her.

"Yes, but also because you're here Kate…" Ariana breathes.

Kate looks at her funny, not sure what to say. "Thanks…" She mutters. "You do the same for me in this place." Then more confident, "I have to run. I'm late for work. I'm going to collect my useless certificate."

"Congratulations!" Ariana laughs.

They kiss goodbye and Kate runs out the door.

Ariana sits in glorious silence for almost 20 minutes before moving. She crawls in the lower end of their closet and digs up the box that holds her dildo and butt plugs. She looks longingly at the dildo, briefly thinking about Barry's impressive torso. But resists the urge for a penis inside her and puts the box back after a minute. Can't betray Kate, she thinks.

She then grabs her collar and holds it to her neck, feeling nervous and scared.

Sitting on the floor with the collar pressed against her throat she can't bring herself to close it around her neck. Shivering in her nakedness.

Ariana sighs and gets dressed. Panties, leggings and a sweatshirt. Nice and simple. She plays with her new MacBook really enjoying the new system. The screen is especially nice, it has such nice colors and high resolution. Browsing her job profiles she doesn't see any job's she likes to do today…

Kate comes home in the afternoon showing her certificate. "Look, I'm a certified something now."

Ariana reads the title 'Certificate of acknowledgment'. "What does that mean?"

"I have no idea, but it sounds useless. And my boss said it's all good. No more training."

Ariana looks relieved, they can stay home forever, she hopes.

"Don't forget our dinner date Ariana." Kate reminds her. "I'll freshen up."

Ariana had thought about the date all afternoon, how she would face Dana after the phone call.

11 - Dinner date

Around 6PM Sheila sends a message to Ariana, letting her know they'll be on their way soon.

Ariana gets up and lures Kate to their closet so they can get dressed for the night.

Kate wants to mimic Ariana's look a bit, trying to remember what Ariana wore on a previous dinner date.

Some skirt? Or was it a dress? Her black minidress and sneakers. She remembers now.

Kate finds the dress and puts it on. Yep, that's it, she thinks.

"Can you braid my hair like you do for yourself? Hanging over the shoulder?" Kate asks Ariana.

Ariana giggles, "Copying me huh?"

"Maybe a little… It's a good look." Kate admits.

Ariana decides on a sand color cotton pair of pants. Tight around her butt, casually loose on the legs. Sneakers and a fitted black cotton shirt. She braids both their hair the same way. But Kate's braid over her right shoulder and hers over the left.

"How's that?" Ariana asks.

Kate admires both of them, "That's very nice." She compliments Ariana and notices Ariana her burn marks are showing a bit but decides not to mention it. She wants a confident girlfriend today!

Kate and Ariana head down to the 4th floor, and Kate asks if she can collect their friends.

Ariana flatly agrees and heads down to the ground floor. Sitting in the lobby for a few minutes waiting for the women. She spots Sheila first who basically wears Kate's outfit but in pink. It looks good on her.

Dana is a bit less obvious, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. Both women wear matching converse shoes.

Ariana lets them in and Sheila hugs Ariana tightly whispering she missed her. Dana kisses Ariana on both cheeks saying she looks good, with a knowing wink.

Ariana is not sure what that means but she invites them up.

Kate meanwhile looks around the flat on the 4th. It's not nearly as nice as hers… She's disappointed with how it looks. The elevator arrives and delivers 3 women.

Dana marches up to Kate, "’Sup, neighbor?" And briefly hugs her.

"The place looks a bit worn down," Kate softly says. "Less nice than I expected. But hide your disappointment, I'll help you fix it up if you take it." She really wants Dana's life to improve for the better. Remembering how crap her current flat is.

The 4 women enter the apartment and are met by off-white walls with scuff marks all along the floor.

Sheila looks curiously around and sees it's basically Kate's apartment in terms of the floor plan, but less nice.

"It needs a lot of work I think." Sheila suggests.

Dana is a bit taken aback too. This is not what she imagined.

Ariana thinks that with a coat of paint it'll be fine but otherwise she doesn't say much. Avoiding Dana she focuses more on Sheila and Kate.

Sheila seems to have taken a special liking to Ariana today, she's constantly near her. Trying to make jokes and otherwise getting Ariana's attention. Ariana likes her dress. She loves pink.

Sheila and Ariana find themselves in the kitchen while Kate and Dana look at the other rooms and talk about painting walls and internet bills.

Sheila puts her hand on Arianas neck, who flinches and pulls away. She's super sensitive about anything touching her neck. Sheila, who has no idea about what happened tries to pull Ariana closer.

Ariana lets herself be captured in Sheila's embrace but squirms to avoid her friend's hand in her neck. Looking very uncomfortable.

Sheila whispers to Ariana she looks extra nice today. She leans in and slowly kisses Ariana's cheek.

"Sheila, no. Stop it." She whispers.

Ariana struggles free and the 2 women face off from each other for a moment before Sheila lights up.

"Just playing around," She whispers with a smile. "Dana said we should be extra nice to you."

Ariana looks uncertain at Sheila unsure what to think. "That's fine, but let's not betray them."

They stand there looking around as Dana walks in.

"What do you think?" She asks Sheila.

"It's nice," Sheila says. "But it needs lots of work."

"Right, but we can do that bit by bit. Fix it room by room." Dana says, repeating what Kate had said to her moments before. The two talk a bit about when their current rents end and decide they should move soon. Especially Dana pushes ahead as she wants Sheila for herself 24/7 just like Kate has Ariana. Sheila doesn't mind.

Kate and Dana go find the concierge to tell the good news and leave Ariana and Sheila alone on the 4th floor.

Ariana motions to the bathroom. "You should put in a rain shower. It's so nice."

Sheila pictures herself under it and smiles.

"And…" Ariana continues, "You should use this as the bedroom. Look what a big closet you can fit in here."

Sheila follows Ariana around nodding at her suggestions and ideas. Admiring Ariana's figure. Suddenly she has an urge to touch her. Feel her.

Ariana is in home-design mode now and ideas flood into her head, she notices Sheila constantly looking at her face and butt and not paying attention to her suggestions, but she tries to ignore it.

A few minutes later Kate comes to get the women and hears Ariana talk non-stop about fixing this, painting that, putting the couch there, and the kitchen x and y. She also notices Sheila following her with a lustful look on her face.

"Hey girls," she interrupts. "Ready to go for dinner?"

Ariana stops talking and practically jumps at Kate. Clinging to her arm.

They head down and Ariana is inseparable from Kate to prevent Sheila from coming on to her.

Finding Dana downstairs Dana tells Sheila she reserved the apartment for a week so they can talk to their current landlords about canceling and planning a move. Once both have that in order they can properly rent the place.

Sheila nods. And mumbles, "No more garden… Dana. No plants."

Dana thought of that and already asked if they could put plants on the balcony which was fine for flower pots and small plants.

"Ah, that's alright." Sheila agrees.

Ariana thinks she should get a plant on the balcony too. She never considered that.

The taxi comes, the 4 pile in and they speed off to a steak and grill house on the other side of town.

Dana sits up front, Kate, Ariana and Sheila are squished in the back with Ariana sitting in the middle.

Kate wraps her arm around her girl's shoulder and holds her close. Sheila feels Ariana's warmth and enjoys the feeling, leaning in slightly. Causing Ariana to shift uncomfortably.

At the restaurant they're escorted to their table. Sheila's bright colored dress gets a disapproving look from the waiter. While it's a nice and normal dress. The color makes it look a bit tacky and cheap. Suddenly self conscious Sheila wonders what's wrong with her or her outfit to warrant such a look.

Both couples sit down and inspect the menu. After a few minutes Kate and Ariana decide to share a massive Cowboy steak with fries and salad.

Dana and Sheila realize they can't really afford the place and settle for a more simple Sirloin and T-bone steak with mashed potato. Kate suggests it's her treat, but Dana doesn't want to hear it.

Kate insists on buying their drinks instead, and orders a nice bottle of wine and a beer for Sheila.

The drinks arrive and the women chit chat about their trip, the past weeks in their life. And all kinds of stuff. Ariana avoids talking to Dana as she feels shy about her phone orgasm and Kate and Ariana also avoid talking about Ariana's accident with the collar.

The food arrives and Kate dives in, slicing bites of the steak for both of them. Kate carefully feeds Ariana who sits there with her hands on her lap pretending she can't move and is dependent on Kate. Dana notices Ariana is in her own world and smirks. Kate really enjoys their dinner and steals glances at Sheila to see if she's paying special attention towards Ariana like she did in the apartment. But she talks just like the rest of them and all seems normal.

When Dana comes back from the restroom she sees the 2 big purple marks in Ariana's neck and looks startled at how big they are. Whoa, she thinks. That must've hurt to have that going on for hours. She had assumed it would be 2 small dots that had faded by now.

Sitting down she can't help herself and quietly asks Ariana if her neck is ok. Ariana visibly tenses up at the memory and says she's fine.

"Kate told me a little of what happened." She whispers so the others can't hear. "If you ever want to talk and vent, or need medication, call me. Remember, I'm almost a psychiatrist and my girl works in a pharmacy."

Ariana nods, not wanting their help. "I'll be fine, thanks."

Dana looks at her with a worried look.

Finishing dinner Ariana heads to the restroom and a moment later Sheila follows her.

Kate and Dana sit enjoying the taste of the steaks and wine and look at each other.

"So what's up with Sheila?" Kate asks.


"She's been eyeing up Ariana all evening, did you tell her to come on to her?"

"No, she knows nothing of recent events."

"Riiight, then why is she so interested in her all of the sudden?"

"I don't know, I'll keep an eye on it." Dana says.

In the restrooms Ariana looks in the mirror fixing up her hair and admires her outfit. She looks so casually official. It's sexy, she thinks. She gingerly touches her neck. The burns itch. Carefully rubbing her neck to make it stop.

Sheila walks past and strokes her hand over the small of Ariana's back as she does before entering a toilet stall.

Lost in her thoughts Ariana goes to the toilet as well and the women come out at the same time. Bumping into each other.

"Oh, ouch, sorry." Ariana yelps.

Sheila grabs Ariana for balance and in one motion pulls her close. And whispers begging, "Please please, help me out. I'm so horny, Dana won't let me orgasm."

Ariana looks at Sheila "So do it yourself…"

"I can't, look." She pulls Ariana into a toilet stall and lifts her dress up a bit, exposing a discrete chastity belt.

Ariana looks wide eyed at the thing. "How long has that been on you?"

"Almost a week. I'm going insane!" Sheila looks at her friend with lust in her eyes.

Ariana steps back unsure what to do or think about it. "Sheila, please, talk to Dana if it's bothering you. I can't help you." She then thinks for a second and says "Use a spatula. Figure it out. I did, it works wonders." And starts to turn. She wants nothing to do with it.

"Kate does it to you?" Sheila asks. Wondering if the 2 are plotting against their girlfriends.

"No, just once. But the spatula works. Try it." Ariana heads back to Kate, stupid Sheila she thinks. Trying to seduce me for her own purposes. What was she thinking? She sits next to Kate and wishes they could go home.

Kate looks at her with a smile. "Hey, there you are. Missed you!"

"My neck itches again." Ariana complains.

Kate looks at her neck and thinks the marks are getting more red. "I'll get some ice, wait here."

She gets up and heads to the bar. Asking for a bag of ice or something cold.

Dana looks at her with pity. "Poor thing. How long will it take to heal?"

"2 weeks so far and it's not getting better since a week or so." Ariana looks sad.

"I read it can take months to go fully invisible." She sighs. "I'm so fucking stupid for Kate."

"What do you mean?" Dana asks curiously what Kate has to do with it.

"We had this stupid house with a dog kennel and I locked myself in it by accident and Kate seemed to enjoy that. So when she went to school I did it again. I just wanted to play to be her doggie when she got back but the collar…" Ariana starts crying and rushes out of the restaurant.

"Kate!" Dana yells out to her friend. Pointing at Ariana.

Kate sees Ariana rush out and looks puzzled.

"Go get her, memories…" Dana calls out across the space.

A few guests look disturbed at the girls wondering what's happening.

Fuck! Kate thinks and rushes after Ariana with the ice-bag the barman had prepared.

She finds Ariana outside taking heaving breaths leaning her hands on her knees.

"Ariana! Hey, you're ok?" Kate hunkers down at her head. Looking at her girlfriend.

"Take me home please." Ariana mutters with tears in her eyes.

"Hey now, what's wrong sweetie. Come sit." She motions at a nearby bench. The pair moves to the bench and Ariana sits on Kate's lap so that Kate can hold her firmly. "Come, tell me what happened. Did Dana say something?"

Kate moves Ariana's hair aside and carefully puts the ice on the burns. "How does that feel?"

"Mmm cold. That feels good." Ariana mumbles.

"Tell me, what happened."

"Dana asked how long it takes to heal and I told her it's too long and the memory hurts. So I cried. And Sheila keeps coming on to me because she's locked in a chastity belt by Dana and she wants to fuck every time we're alone and now my neck itches and hurts and I'm fucking ugly now. I have nightmares every night. And before, I tried my collar at home and it's scary and I can't fucking take it anymore." Ariana takes a deep heaving breath from her rambling.

Kate doesn't understand half of what Ariana says but she holds her girl closely in a tight hug. Whispering sweet words to her trying to calm her down, promising to put Sheila in her place and assuring her she's not ugly.

After a few minutes she manages to make Ariana smile. And again a few minutes later she has Ariana convinced they should go back inside and have a drink and finish the evening on a positive note.

"How's your neck now? Feeling better?"

"A little, it still itches." Ariana sniffles.

"Good, come, let's get back inside. Have some wine, get drunk." Kate invites her.

Ariana giggles through her tears at the idea. She should get super drunk.

Arm in arm they head back inside. Kate waves away the worried waiter and mouths they're ok.

When they arrive at their table Kate sits Ariana down with the utmost care and decides it's time to rip their dates a new one. Quietly.

She looks at Sheila and bluntly says "Stop trying to fuck my girlfriend or I'll have you arrested for sexual harassment." She then turns to Dana, "And you, control your slut of a friend or I never want to see either of you again."

She's not overly serious, but what the hell. Bothering Ariana and making her cry over their stupid games… That's unacceptable.

She then focuses on the menu to pick out a wine for her and Ariana. "Do you like this one? Shall we try it?" She casually asks her like nothing happened. Ariana is amazed by her girlfriend's words. Clinging to her arm. And after a moment of thinking says she wants a fruity flavor.

Kate has her back and orders 2 double glasses of a sweet wine she thinks Ariana will like.

Dana and Sheila stare at Kate in disbelief of what she just said. Then Dana looks at Sheila with a frown but says nothing. Sheila looks guilty and upset at the same time.

Then Dana whispers something at Sheila who gets up and leaves the restaurant without a word.

Dana turns to Kate and apologizes for Sheila’s behavior. "She's probably just frustrated…" she quietly says.

"I don't care." Kate sneers. "Control her or stay away from us. We don't bother you with our games either. Not like this." She adds.

Dana nods. Bends down to Ariana and whispers she's sorry and she'll make it right to her sometime. Then to Kate, "Sorry girl. Really. I didn't think Sheila would be like this. If you'll have us I'd like to meet some time later after I dealt with her and make it up to you guys."

"Sounds good to me." Kate says, "Call me anytime. Not Ariana, me!" Setting some boundaries for the woman.

Dana nods, "I better go now. Sorry for being a bother to Ariana. I'll be in touch soon."

Kate nods and assures her she'll help with the move if she needs it. Implying their friendship is not really in danger.

"Shall we move to the bar?" Kate whispers, "leave this mess behind?" gesturing at the table.

Ariana nods in awe of her amazing girlfriend.

Kate signals to the waiter, he guides them to a somewhat secluded spot at the bar and waves for the barman to take extra care of the women. Seeing the women are going through something, he informs Kate the first round is on him. Kate thanks him for his kindness and they wait for their wine.

Ariana leans into Kate, "Thanks for that." She beams at her heroine. "That stupid Sheila, she's been after me the whole time."

"Next time tell me immediately sweetie. You know I have your back." Kate playfully tickles Ariana a bit, breaking the tension.

"Want some sausage slices?" Ariana asks, "Look, they have salami and stuff."

"That'll be nice, sure. Pick anything you like."

Ariana orders a cold plate with a variety of meats for them.

Several glasses of wine later Ariana forgot about her woes for the moment and they have a good time laughing and playing at the bar. Until finally the waiter comes up informing them they're the only guests left and the restaurant is about to close for the night.

"Huh? What time is it?"

"Almost 10PM ma'm, I can recommend the nightclub down the street if you wish to continue your evening."

"No, that's fine. Please prepare for our exit and we need a cab." Kate drawls

"Certainly, one moment." He winks at Ariana and they smile at Kate's drunkenness.

"I feel like taking a long shower." Kate babbles to no one in particular.

Ariana agrees and feels she needs to steer Kate home before she falls over from the many glasses of wine she had.

Back home Ariana feels like pleasing Kate but it's no use. Kate is too drunk and tired to respond properly to her advances. Ariana has an idea though, she steps into her chastity belt and straps it on tight. Locking it with the padlock. She writes a little note to Kate that she can unlock her when she's no longer drunk… Or any later date she chooses and sticks the note on Kate's phone.

Ariana ends up in the belt for almost 2 weeks, only let out two or three times a day for toilet breaks or a wash supervised by Kate. By the end of it she is so worked up in her horniness that even her spatula can't save her anymore and she begs for Kate to let her out. Kate makes her beg for 2 more days before finally releasing her girlfriend.

12 - Kate has a silly idea

Meanwhile Dana and Kate had worked out a bunch of details for the move. Dana doesn't know how to make up for Sheila's misbehavior like she promised so instead just apologizes to them every chance she gets and assures them Sheila will behave better next time they meet.

A few weeks pass and Kate is invited by Dana to help coordinate the move in the new flat. Dana has arranged for a friend to drive his van back and forth where they first ship Dana her belongings to the flat and then Sheila's things. Kate is to accept their stuff in the flat and coordinate boxes and furniture and such.

The day before the move Dana delivers the keys to Kate and that night Kate and Ariana go take a look at the flat to see if it's ready to move in. They're surprised to see the place has been painted front to back with nice earthy colors. The floor looks scrubbed and there are even some curtains hanging in the living room already.

"That looks nice," Ariana says.

"Yep, very nice." Kate agrees.

Exploring the flat they find the kitchen in working order, it just needs to be filled with kitchen utensils and machines and it'll be done.

"Very different from when I moved in." Kate says. "I sat on concrete for the first few weeks before I could finally afford a floor and a couch."

"Yea me too, just the couch and a bed. And everything else got added over time."

The women look at each other and laugh at their similarities.

"So do you want to help tomorrow?" Kate asks, "Or do you have work?"

"No, I can help. It'll be fun poking through their crap."

Kate laughs at Ariana for her nosiness. And thinks a lot of it will indeed be crap, as the 2 women are rather poor at the moment.

"Oh but we're not nosy, we're just unpacking." She laughs at Ariana in a mocking tone as if she's talking to Dana or something.

"Yes, it's easy and helpful…" Ariana laughs back.

Kate has an idea… "Let's make fun of them by sitting naked on everything we can."

Ariana laughs out loud and slips her shorts down. Pressing her butt against a door. "Like that?"

"Yea, let's sit on the kitchen countertop and every floor too." Kate instructs them.

Ariana runs giggling ahead and jumps up on the countertop, wiggling around on it with her naked butt.

Kate sits next to her. And leans in for a kiss which is greedily answered.

For the next 30 or so minutes they sit on the floor of every room scooting around like kids, finally ending up in the hallway next to where Ariana dropped her shorts. She kisses Kate and touches and gropes at her breasts, Kate strokes her girlfriend's wet vagina.

Kate fingers Ariana wildly until she tenses up and orgasms with a loud moan. Then she quickly rubs herself to orgasm and shudders quietly, panting from her exertions.

Ariana lays sprawled over the floor looking at Kate who's leaning on her elbow next to her, they whisper sweet words at each other caressing their faces or breasts.

A soft clunking sound as the elevator stops on the floor and a crrrk from a key being slid into the lock. Startled, the women scramble and run into the bedroom with their clothes.

And shimmy in whatever clothes they're holding. Kate wears Ariana's shorts and her mismatched shirt.

Ariana has Kate's leggings on backwards and her own tank top.

"So you think this'll be the bedroom?" She asks Kate.

"Yea probably," She says as they walk out the door, seeing Dana in the hallway.

"Oh, hey Dana." Ariana waves at her. "I like your colors." She points at the walls.

Dana looks at them suspiciously. "What are you doing here?"

Kate says. "We were curious if you guys fixed up the place and it looks great."

"Mmhm" Dana says, carrying a bedroll and some items.

"You're sleeping here tonight?" Kate asks, noticing the bedroll.

"No Sheila is. She'll be here soon. But I didn't expect you guys to intrude."

Kate gets the hint and shoo’s Ariana to the door. "Come dear, let the girls have their home." Kate ushers Ariana out the door.

"We're still on for 10AM?" She looks at Dana.

Dana nods, eyeing them, wondering where they had sex in her flat. They look messed up and look like she caught them mid-something. "10AM yes." She says.

"See you tomorrow then." Kate says goodbye.

They quickly go up to the 12th floor laughing at their little stunt-gone-almost-wrong.

"Look how suspicious she looked." Ariana laughs.

Kate nods, "We're terrible liars."

Still laughing they enter their home and go for a shower.

Minutes later a sad looking Sheila enters her future home.

Dana is already waiting for her. The bedroll spread out on the floor. "Get naked and get in the bed." She commands Sheila.

Sheila knows what to do, she's had to do it every night for the last 14 days, or was it 20… She lost count. She learned the hard way to not argue with Dana and simply undresses and gets in the bedroll with her arms and head outside it.

Dana zips it up and wraps lashing straps around it. 1 around her ankles, another at her knees. One more on her hips and one around her belly trapping her arms to her side. One below and above her elbows and finally one around her neck sealing the bedroll mostly shut.

Dana then ties the ankle strap to the radiator pipe on one end of the room and the neck strap with 2 ropes, one heading left to another radiator and another to the right into the hallway and attached to the radiator pipe there. Finally Dana pulls the strap between her ankles and the radiator tight so she can't move.

Sheila is absolutely stuck.

Dana kisses her on her forehead and sits next to her. Pulling out a vibrator and theatrically masturbates herself to several orgasms. Plunging the vibrator deep inside her, making a big show of her enjoyment and saying she doesn't need Sheila to do it for her.

Sheila looks at her mean girlfriend desperate for her own orgasm as she didn't have one for over 4 weeks now. Always locked in her chastity and tied up in her new flat at night for the last few weeks.

She thought the empty barren flat was scary at night, at first. Strange sounds from time to time seemed to creep out of the walls. Other nights she'd imagine Dana would never come back as she had no idea of time other than the sun eventually coming up. She feels miserable, worn out, and she is tired of this punishment routine.

And for what, she fumes, for being flirty with Ariana that night and trying to insert a spatula under her belt? Fucking hell. She thinks. So unfair. Dana had berated her for her behavior most days since she was called out by Kate at the restaurant. And when Dana caught her with a spatula it had only made things worse.

Meanwhile Dana is done making Sheila feel useless and obsolete and leaves the flat without another word. Like she did most nights. She takes the woman's clothes with her leaving no trace of her being there other than the tied up woman in there.

Sheila wonders when her punishment will end.

Waiting for the elevator Dana sends a message to Kate to not enter the flat before 8AM as Sheila will be in there tied up with her duties for the night.

An odd choice of words. But it'll have to do, she thinks.

'OK, let me know when the coast is clear.' comes the reply a few minutes later.

Dana comes home in her packed up apartment and looks around at the stacks of boxes and wrapped furniture.

Sheila's place doesn't look much better except most of her furniture stays behind. Dana's kitchen table is broken, and Sheila her table isn't but for the most part it's Dana's furniture that's being moved.

Sheila had whined about her punishment for the first week or so and Dana felt bad for being so harsh. But the girl needed to know her place. Fucking around behind her back is not acceptable she thinks. She chose Dana a few years ago, Sheila doesn't get to choose again. And who knows how many people she cozied up to for her relief. She didn't want to know but Sheila would pay for it regardless.

Kate is busy strapping Ariana in her chastity belt as Dana's message arrives. With a wondrous look she shows the message to Ariana and wonders what Dana meant with 'tied up with her duties'.

Ariana suggests they go take a look and ask Sheila but Kate says they'd better not. "What if she's actually tied up… "

Ariana giggles, "If she is we can get our revenge for what she did that night in the restaurant."

Kate shakes her head and tells Ariana to not go there before 8AM. She strokes and tickles Ariana, distracting her while she sneakily slips the remote vibrator in her pussy and locks the belt.

"Fine" Ariana obeys. "I'll go to bed then, busy day tomorrow?"

"Yep, let's sleep."

Ariana asks timidly, "You'll let me out tomorrow, right? Not like last time and I'm in this thing for 2 weeks?" Gesturing at her belt.

"If you're good tomorrow I'll let you out in the evening." Kate promises her with a kiss on her forehead.

They head for bed and Ariana dreams of tickling and slapping Sheila to insanity as she is tied up 8 floors below her.

13 - Moving day

Dana enters the flat at around 7AM and finds Sheila where she left her. Sheila immediately notices Dana didn't bring anything, no bag. She looks quietly at Dana not saying anything. She had given up talking to her a few days ago. Dana either told her to shut up as sluts don't get to talk to her, or ignored her.

She releases Sheila and tells her to stand up straight.

"Today is the last day of your punishment." Dana announces with a smile.

Sheila perks up. "Dana, really? Finally! Thank you, thank you!" She sounds so relieved that it's almost pathetic Dana thinks.

"Don't thank me yet, the day isn't over. But if you make it through today you can thank me tonight."

Sheila shuts up and looks at her suspiciously.

"Come, pet." Dana says and shoos her to the meter cabinet in the hallway.

She opens the door and reveals its insides. A tiny ceiling height cabinet with the electric and water meter in it.

When fixing up the apartment she had discovered that the electric cable for the flats above theirs runs through the cabinet in a thick steel pipe, and that the pipe is raised a few centimeters from the wall.

She motions Sheila into the cabinet with her back against the pipe.

"What are you doing?" Sheila nervously asks.

"Don't think and just do as I say, stupid." Dana says sternly.

Sheila quickly obeys without a second thought.

Dana uses all the straps from the night before to strap her upright to the steel pipe. A strap around her ankles, knees, hips, below and above her breasts. And finally one around her neck and forehead. Of-course her arms are trapped under the straps as well, with an extra loop around her wrists so she can't wiggle free.

After pulling every strap extra tight Sheila can't move a muscle.

"There, now be quiet and wait for me till I get back." With those words she closes the door and locks the cabinet.

Sheila stands in the dark wondering what the fuck is going on now. She's unsure of the time, but it was light out. Shouldn't the movers come soon? What if they discover her. But the door is locked. She makes a worried sound and shifts her eyes around looking at the little light creeping in around the door.

She'll be discovered for sure. Sweating in fear for the day ahead.

Dana meanwhile messages Kate the apartment is ready for the move, and thinks the first load will be delivered around 10:30. She then heads to her house to meet her friend with his van.

'I'll be ready soon, don't you worry about a thing!' Comes Kate her reply.

"Ariana, the mover is coming soon Dana says, are you ready?" Kate calls her girlfriend.

"Yes boss!" Comes Ariana's clear voice. She has prepared some drinks to bring down. And she's eager to see what kind of stuff the 2 women will bring.

Heading down they find the apartment empty. The only change they see is a coiled rope and a bedroll in the living room and a damp spot on the floor.

"Looks like they had kinky sex." Kate says pointing at the rope and damp spot.

Ariana giggles. "But where is everything? Where is Sheila?" She had expected her to be there.

Kate realizes they haven't seen or heard from Sheila in weeks.

bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt The intercom sounds.

Ariana picks up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello! I'm here to deliver the first load from Dana."

"Come on up, 4th floor." Ariana calls out and presses the button.

A few minutes later a man appears with a cabinet in his arms. "Hey girls, can one of you come down and open the door as I carry stuff?"

"Sure," Kate responds. "You stay here and carry the items from the hallway to where they should go ok?"

Ariana nods.

Kate blocks the door from closing, accidentally banging it against the meter cabinet. Scaring Sheila who's trying to stay silent inside. She lets out a small yelp from the noise. Luckily nobody hears it, and Kate and the man disappear downstairs. Right as Kate steps into the elevator she activates Ariana's remote vibrator on the lowest setting.

Ariana feels the vibrator spring to life and clutches her crotch. "Nonononono!" She panicky calls out and paces around the living room clutching her crotch, feeling upset at Kate that she again managed to insert the vibrator without her noticing.

"What's your name?" The mover asks Kate.

"Kate." Kate says, "She's Ariana."

"Ah cool, Nice to meet you. So you're the reason for Sheila's punishment huh?"

"Punishment?" Kate asks curiously.

"Yea didn't Dana mention it? She's turned on Sheila and has her under tight control since you caught her fucking around with, I guess, Ariana. Or something."

"Ehh ok…" Kate says surprised. "I didn't know that."

"Well, I'm not sure what's going on but Sheila is a changed woman… Much more submissive and docile when I saw her a few days ago."

Uh oh, Kate thinks frowning.

"You don't approve?" The man says seeing her frown.

"Ehh, I don't know. Sheila didn't screw around though."

"Oh but something happened right?"

"Yea she came on to Ariana because Dana withheld her pleasures as far as I understand it."

"Pleasures huh…" The man laughs. "That's a nice way of saying it."

"And what do you know about that anyway?" Kate asks, "You're so close to them?"

"Oh Dana tells me a lot about everything in her life. She's not as tough as she makes it look. Always asking people for help and advice. She asked me how to discipline a woman misbehaving so I said bondage and orgasm control…"

"I see." Kate feels like they're talking about a different Dana. Dana is her advisor at times. Confident and smart Dana…

They arrive at the van. "I'm Tommy by the way. Nice to meet you."

"Yea, sure." Kate says distracted by her thoughts.

Kate grabs some chairs and carries them into the lobby. Then heads back grabbing some bags of clothes and puts those in the lobby as well. Tommy follows her example and empties the van into the lobby.

They then shove everything into the elevator and Kate rides it up while Tommy goes to get more things from Dana's place.

Kate arrives on the 12th floor seeing her own front door and curses under her breath. "Shit, wrong floor." And heads to the 4th floor.

Ariana anxiously awaits her. "Kate please, not today!" She hushes to Kate as she carries the first things inside.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Kate asks.

Ariana looks pained. "It hurts… My stomach hurts."

Kate looks at her worried and shuts off the vibrator. "Hurts how? Are you ok?"

"I don't know, it feels like my period. But it's too soon. Can we not use the vibrator? Please?" Ariana pleads.

Kate hugs the poor girl and pulls her close. "Oh sweetie, I'm sorry…"

She gives the key to Ariana and tells her to hurry upstairs and remove the vibrator, but keep the belt on.

Ariana practically runs away to relieve herself. Upstairs she hastily unlocks the belt and fishes out the vibrator. It takes some doing but finally it comes out. Her vagina is very tight today. What the hell is that about?

Feeling flustered from basically fingering herself to find the vibrator she rubs her clitoris for a few moments feeling the tension leave her body.

Sitting on the bathroom floor for a few moments she pulls herself up and re-locks her belt before returning to Kate on the 4th floor and handing her the key back.

"Better?" Kate asks her.

"Yes Kate." Ariana looks at her lovingly, "Thank you for understanding."

"Always sweetie, no pain in our games, right?" Kate ruffles her girlfriends hair.

Ariana then frowns, "I'm very tight today, the vibrator was really stuck in there… What does that mean?"

"Eh, ok? But you're ok, right?" Kate says, sounding worried. "Maybe you're just tense?"

"I don't know, I never felt it before." Ariana whispers.

"Well, let me know if you don't feel better soon. We'll figure it out then." Kate says.

Ariana hugs Kate tight standing in the living room feeling so lucky with her sweet sweet boss.

Sheila hears some whispering and stressed out talking, something is hurting Ariana? Maybe? But she can’t hear enough to understand what's going on.

Ariana helps carry the last items from the vestibule inside and the girls try to decide where what goes. They don't really know. So they choose a bedroom and put the clothes there. The living room speaks for itself but if the cabinet they struggle with belongs there… They're not sure.

Oh man, I wish Sheila was here to help coordinate. Kate thinks.

"I think it's a bathroom cabinet." Ariana says and they argue if the thing belongs in the hallway then or in the bathroom.

"Shh!" Ariana suddenly says. "Hear that?"

Kate listens closely but hears nothing.

Ariana whispers at Kate "I think someone is in the meter cabinet."

Kate tries the door but it's locked. She listens at the door but hears nothing thinking Ariana is imagining things.

"I'm sure someone or something is here." Ariana whispers at Kate, I feel it. A presence. And I heard a yelp earlier.

Kate mocks her girlfriend by calling out "Hello? Anyone here? Ghost oh ghost come out!"

Sheila is terrified at the idea of being discovered. She almost gave away her presence 2 times now. And the people in her flat are becoming suspicious. That fucking Dana and her evil punishments.

Immediately feeling guilty at thinking bad about Dana she corrects herself. She should be nice to Dana for the lessons she got. Sheila holds her breath for the 100th time as someone walks by so she can stay quiet. Hoping it'll be over soon.

Tommy brings 4 more loads of furniture and inventory and announces he's thirsty. He asks Ariana to make him some coffee. Ariana senses his dominant personality and immediately jumps into the kitchen to retrieve the drinks she brought.

A few moments later Kate walks in and sees Ariana's submissive demeanor to Tommy and immediately feels jealous, observing the two to try and figure out what's going on.

Tommy enjoys his power over women like Ariana and bosses her around to bring a chair and cookies if she has any.

Ariana doesn't have cookies or biscuits and apologizes to Tommy for not thinking to bring any.

He says that's alright and takes his drink without so much as a thanks.

Kate steps in and says "That's enough Tommy, Ariana is not your servant. Go get your own biscuits if you want any. There is a convenience store a few blocks from here."

Her spell broken, Ariana lets Kate guide her away into the hallway asking what the hell she's thinking.

"Sorry Kate, he just started bossing me around. I uh, I don't know what came over me." She bows her head looking guilty.

Kate hugs her girl. And whispers she doesn't have to listen to him. You don't obey others either do you? Dana for example.

"Dana does not have a dominant personality." Ariana says.

Kate looks at her. "She's Sheila's mistress though…"

Ariana says. "I never feel Dana is dominant or strong. He is eh, different…"

Kate hmms and changes the subject.

Sheila hears their hushed exchange and can understand bits and pieces of it. What does she mean with 'Dana is not dominant'? Dana is super dominant to her… And who is 'he'?

She also figures that Ariana is easily controlled by a dominant person. An evil idea floats through her head. She wonders what would happen if she would send a dominant guy after Ariana and he'll screw with her head how badly that will upset Kate. She smirks vengefully at her dumb idea.

Kate and Ariana are again arguing about the cabinet and where it should go, carrying it from room to room to show each other where it should go. Tommy pokes his head around the door and says he's headed for Sheila's stuff now. 2 or 3 more loads he assures them.

The women wish him good luck and they hear the door smack shut followed by a surprised yelp.

"See, there's the ghost again…" Ariana whispers with a startled look. "The flat is haunted."

Kate is not so sure, but she did hear the yelp. "Very strange…" she says staring unsure into the hallway.

Then on to more important matters. "Babe, please stay away from Tommy ok? I don't like you talking to him."

"Hah, you're jealous again." Ariana teases her.

"Yes I am, and I don't like how you respond to him. So please steer clear of him or don't obey him, ok?"

"Yes ma'am." Ariana agrees.

"Thanks babe, you're going great today. But I still think the cabinet belongs in the hallway."

Ariana pokes Kate, "I don't care anymore, let's just put it somewhere and Dana can sort it out."

"Right." Kate says. "How about in the hallway?"

They laugh and put the cabinet in the living room as there is the most space. And smooch sitting on the worn out couch waiting for Tommy to return. Ariana thinks the couch is uncomfortable and wants to sit on Kate's lap touching her girlfriend.

Kate asks about her burn marks, and looks at her neck. Only seeing 2 blurry purple spots. "Whoa, it's almost healed." She cheers.

Ariana smiles. "I didn't feel them today…" And thinks that maybe soon she's finally healed and pretty again.

bzzzzzzzt The door buzzer sounds.

Tommy brings 2 more loads of items, mostly clothes and bedding. Some kitchen stuff. Then Dana shows up looking around acknowledging everyone's hard work and invites them all for donuts as a thanks for helping.

Kate asks where Sheila is, she's been wondering about that all day.

Dana is vague about her whereabouts and avoids answering.

Ariana had been thinking and decided to talk to Dana about the ghost.

"Dana?" Ariana asks. "Dana! I think the flat is haunted by a kami, probably a Onryō or Fuyūrei spirit."

Dana and Kate look surprised at Ariana. And Dana bursts out in a laugh. A spirit?

Ariana looks dead serious. "I heard it 3 times. You should get an ofuda and put it somewhere inside to ward it off."

Kate shakes her head. "What's a onro or fujurie spirit sweetie?"

"Onryō or Fuyūrei" Ariana corrects her, using the Japanese pronunciation. "A Onryō spirit can be evil and is a restless spirit from someone who died here long ago. They can curse things or persons. Causing chaos and disaster."

"And the other one?" Dana asks with a laugh.

"Don't laugh, it's real!" Ariana snips at her. "A Fuyūrei spirit is like a ghost and wanders around with no purpose. Sometimes they cause trouble."

Kate looks at Ariana, "Do we have protection like that?"

"Of-course!" Ariana exclaims, feeling she's not being taken seriously. "We have 2 Ofuda."

"What's that?" Dana asks with interest.

"It's like a talisman, usually made of paper or wood. It works like a blessing. We have 2, One is for a safe home and the other is to find love. But there are many types of protections you can declare."

Kate says, "Those are the plates in your office? Next to the door?"

Ariana nods. "Don't you feel safe at home? And didn't you find love?"

Kate agrees both are true.

"So it works! No kami to disrupt us!" Ariana assures them.

Dana laughs. I should get some of that too as she doesn't like ghosts in her closets. And she slaps the meter cabinet door.

Ariana says she should.

Sheila hears bits and pieces of what the women are talking about but doesn't get what's going on. Something about a ghost, she thinks. She hears Dana laugh repeatedly and wishes she could join her lover. Then there is a loud bang on the door and she tenses up holding her breath.

"Right well, let's go get some donuts." Kate says, winking at Dana who shakes her head at Ariana's crazy talk.

"Get your shoes Ariana," She pushes her girlfriend to the living room.

"A ghost huh," Dana smirks. "You believe that crap?"

Kate says she's not so sure, but can't deny she found true love. Supposedly because of the Ofuddle.

"Kaahaate! It's called a Ofuda not ofuddle!" Ariana whines.

Dana and Kate look at each other and burst out laughing.

"Fine, don't believe me. You'll see how the kami will bother you soon."

Dana promises she'll think about it. Knowing she won't have to. "Give me a minute, I'll find you down stairs."

"Sure, we'll wait in the lobby." Kate says and she pulls Ariana to the elevator.

Tommy had disappeared somewhere mid-ghost talk and Dana is now alone with Sheila.

Dana hears Ariana argue with Kate that she should take the ofuddi, or whatever she calls it, seriously as the door falls in the lock. Not wasting time, Dana immediately pulls open the meter cabinet door, hearing a surprised shriek from Sheila.

She's perched up against her pole exactly like Dana left her almost 6 hours ago. Her nipples hard and her thighs running wet from her vagina that's dripping from under her chastity belt.

Dana smiles at her girlfriend. "If I let you cum, will you submit to me?"

Sheila immediately yells "Yes, yes, anything, please Dana make me cum. I'll do anything!"

Dana tweaks her nipples and Sheila squirms in her bonds grimacing in pain. "Hmm no, not yet. I don't think you're sincere enough yet."

Sheila wails and begs desperately. "Danaaa please. I'll be good. I'll be your slave, anything, if you want. Just let me cum."

"My slave? Why would I want a useless slave like you? All you care for is your own orgasm." Dana frowns at her and slaps her tits causing another wail from Sheila. "Think about that…" Dana laughs and closes the door and locks it again.

She quickly freshens up and changes her shirt for something nicer. Wearing a tight top covering her ample breasts. She heads downstairs to treat Ariana and Kate for donuts.

14 - Clean slate

After their donut lunch the women head home and Dana once again thanks them for their help. Coming home, she leaves her girlfriend in the closet for now and starts unpacking some of their things.

Sheila thinks they're alone and calls out to Dana from time to time, but Dana ignores her.

Ariana had arranged the furniture the way she thought it would look nice and Dana mostly agrees with the setup. Ariana has assured her the energy in her apartment was good and the furniture felt good with it.

She just needed to deal with the ghost.

Dana smirks at her ghost in the closet and makes the bed. She puts their clothes in the bedroom closet and the bedding and extra towels on the shelves in the storage room. She unpacks some of the kitchen items and box by box the flat becomes theirs.

After about an hour of unpacking and setting things up, it's about 4PM, Dana thinks it's time to let her girlfriend out of the closet.

Sheila is fidgeting in her bonds. She feels incredibly horny at the idea of her punishment ending today. Finally she would be able to orgasm.

As the door finally opens she flinches in the bright light and looks pitiful at Dana.

Dana says nothing and unties the woman from the pole.

As Sheila takes a weak step forward Dana tells her she's been in the cabinet for a mere 8 hours. If she misbehaves in ANY way she'll go in for much longer.

Sheila nods with a sad look, suddenly having a feeling her punishment is far from over.

Dana straps her wrists together behind her back and lets the excess strap dangle down to the floor.

And now the conclusion to her master plan, Dana thinks.

"Here is your chance for a clean slate miss."

Sheila looks at her expectantly.

"Option one, you'll obey me and be faithful without question from now on. Every day, all day, forever or until we're tired of each other."

"Dana… I…" She starts but Dana silences her.

"Option two, you can choose to leave right now. Simply fuck off back to your house and forget about me."

"Dana, no…pleas…" But Dana silences her again.

"Or, if you don't pick option one, I'll loan you out to Tommy for the week so he can help you choose, he and his whip are very persuasive…"

She looks at Sheila, who looks back fearfully. Wondering who Tommy is. "Dana, I have to work. Tomorrow? I think. You have to let me go."

"I literally give you the most important choice of your life and you worry about your job?" Dana scolds her.

Sheila loses her temper. "Well fuck you then. I want out. Option 2."

Dana sighs. "You're sure?"

"Yes, let me go! I've followed since high school! I gave up my studies for you! I gave up my friends and have given you everything I am, and it's still not enough!?"

Dana looks at her and softly says, "No, I want all of you. Not just your affection and love." She whispers. "I love you Sheila, don't you see?"

"Hurting me is not love Dana. And for what? For me trying to get off after you deny me sex for weeks with your fucking chastity torture? For 5 weeks I've endured your cruel bullshit and I'm sick of it! So let's go back to how we were or let me go!" Sheila rages at Dana.

Dana says nothing but pushes Sheila to her knees. She then ties the excess strap around her ankles effectively putting the poor girl in a sitting hogtie. She looks at Sheila with a saddened face and says "Last chance for option 1".

Sheila says nothing and looks defiantly at Dana.

Dana sits next to Sheila and caresses her lover's head. Whispering encouraging words to her. Trying to convince her that she wants and needs to be with Dana.

4 and a bit minutes later she has Sheila in tears. Her defiance finally broke, She's blabbering at Dana feeling sorry for whatever she did and wants to stay with her.

Sheila doesn't want to be alone and definitely doesn't want to go with Tommy. She'll be good, she promises.

"You really mean it?" Dana says seeing her plan work.

Sheila nods vigorously and Dana looks relieved at the broken girl next to her.

"I'm very proud of you Sheila. We're going to be great together." Dana beams.

Dana leaves Sheila sitting on her knees for a bit as she prepares the bed for the two of them.

When it's ready she unties Sheila's ankles before leading her to the foot of the bed.

"Stand here and don't move." She orders Sheila.

Sheila curiously looks around her new bedroom and sees Dana's creaky old bed in the middle of the room. Her closet filled with their clothes stands to the side.

Dana comes back and removes the straps from her girlfriend. She then pulls out a key and unlocks the chastity belt. It falls to the ground and Sheila immediately starts rubbing herself.

"You said you'd be good. No touching!" Dana sneers at her.

"Dana, please I need it."

"Don't you dare…" Dana says threateningly. Giving her butt a firm slap.

Sheila sighs trying to control herself. Both her hands linger near her crotch and it takes a lot of willpower to not touch herself.

Dana feels content with her supposed mind fuck, she read in a book that if you pretend to be harsh the captive will eventually submit to whatever seems like an out or a better alternative. So an end to a seemingly endless punishment in exchange for obedience in this case. Tommy's idea for denying Sheila her orgasms also helped a great deal too, she thinks.

Feeling accomplished she pulls a very obedient Sheila to their bed.

"Lay down in the middle and wait for me."

"Yes Dana…" Sheila timidly says, hoping she'll be allowed release soon.

Dana pulls the blanket over Sheila's head so she can't easily see and walks away to the spare room and comes back with a box she ordered last week as a sort of housewarming gift for the two.

Sheila waits on the bed, her hands wandering around her belly button. Resisting the temptation to touch herself. She's unable to see what Dana is doing and after a few minutes feels Dana climb on the bed and crawl over her.

Suddenly she feels a rubbery thing pushing at her vagina.

Instantly Sheila knows what Dana is doing and pushes her crotch up to receive the big dildo. Only mildly surprised it's a strap-on dildo.

"Ohhhhh" Sheila whimpers loudly. "Yesssss! Finally."

Dana slowly pushes the dildo into Sheila until she grimaces in discomfort. It's a girthy one.

"Danaaaaaa! Yeees!" Sheila moans out loud.

Dana smiles and starts thrusting into her girlfriend. Pushing all the right buttons.

The sex is short lived for Sheila as she cums almost instantly. And on the 5th thrust she tenses up and orgasms loudly. Dana is not done yet though and only slows down a bit so Sheila can ride out her orgasm. Then speeds up again a minute later and fucks her girlfriend full of energy until she herself comes from the vibrating egg inside the harness. Sheila feels her lover tense up on top of her and slump over her panting heavily, the dildo stuck between her lips.

After calming down Dana gets up and pulls the dildo out of her girlfriend with a wet plopping sound.

She removes the harness and lays down next to her girl. "Are you gonna be a good girl from now on?" She asks menacingly.

Sheila nods. "Am I your slave now?"

"If you want to be, sure. But our arrangement from before is good enough for me."

Sheila looks at her stunned. Realizing she's been had. "So it was all a big trick?" She calls out in a flash of anger.

"No, you needed to learn your lesson." Dana casually says. Then more sternly, "The belt goes back on if you screw up, and not just for a month. Understand? And if you then still won't improve I'll never ever let you orgasm again… Remember that."

Sheila looks at Dana’s serious face. "Really?" Fearing the threat of never being able to orgasm.

"Yes, really. Don't go fucking around behind my back, ever! I'll find out and punish you for it. You're mine and you'll be faithful to me and me alone, you understand?"

Sheila swallows and nods. "I'm sorry I disappointed you."

"You better be. You almost ruined our friendship with Kate and our relationship with your lack of self control."

Her girlfriend looks guilty. "Sorry Dana… Really. I love you…" Her voice trails away lost in thought.

"I love you too Sheila." Dana says, pressing a kiss on her girlfriend's nose.

Sheila thinks about Dana's words. Her lack of self control… But she managed many weeks in the chastity belt, so long she lost count of the days. Craving another orgasm already her hand slips down and she carefully rubs herself feeling her wetness. She immediately feels guilty and asks Dana if she can masturbate. She may. Fucking hell she thinks she loves her freedom, she quietly sighs.

Promising herself to never disobey Dana again.

As Sheila quietly masturbates herself to a 2nd orgasm. Dana looks at Sheila telling her what a slut she is. But Sheila doesn't care what Dana thinks of her, all she wants is her orgasm.

Afterwards they cuddle for a few minutes when Dana wants Sheila to get them dinner while she prepares the kitchen. Dana promises they'll unpack everything the next day and make the flat theirs together.

After a week or two Ariana is relieved to realize that the couple from downstairs do not constantly come visit and seem to go their own way. She thinks Dana is very controlling and tries to avoid her. Sheila has returned from wherever she had been and is a much better friend to Ariana and Kate.

Kate is learning more about Ariana's spirit warding and likes the concept. She's surprised to find Shinto fascinating, having never bothered with religion much. Although she doesn't really believe in it, she takes an interest and no longer thinks the Ofuda Ariana has are just for show.

Ariana explains which Ofuda does what, and how important she thinks it is. Proving her own beliefs by the fact she has an unwavering love for Kate and that she feels safe when she's home and doesn't feel spirits in their flat.

A silly feedback loop Kate thinks with a smirk, but whatever helps Ariana feel better is important to Kate so she goes along with it.

After hearing all this Kate suggests they should get a talisman for Dana and Sheila. Ariana thinks that's a great idea and she takes Kate to a local Shinto shrine to get a protective Ofuda for Dana and Sheila. The Kannushi of the shrine wants to know what kind of spirit Ariana felt and she tells him her experience and pokes Kate, who smirks and confirms something seemed to be in the electric cabinet.

After some deliberation an Ofuda is drawn on a wooden slat and stamped by the cleric.

The seriousness of the whole procedure causes Kate to laugh. She never realized Ariana is so spiritual.

On their way home Kate asks her about that and Ariana says she's not religious at all, but you can't take the risk with kami. Better safe than sorry. Kate can't argue with that, and it was a fun and interesting experience she thinks. Wondering if she should get some of that incense for their flat.

The next day Ariana gifts the Ofuda to Dana and the two hang it above the front door. Dana likes the calligraphy of the talisman and thanks Ariana for her kind gift. When Ariana leaves, Dana can't stop laughing, after-all, she has already released her ghost.

Sheila comes home that evening and asks about the thing above the door. Dana tells her it's a gift from Ariana to keep Sheila's spirit in line.

Ariana on subsequent visits to the 4th floor never feels or hears a spirit again, affirming her belief that the Ofuda works.


-- Continues in story 5 --

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