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Away On Business

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2010 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; fantasy; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies. Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

(A selection of erotic emails)

Day one ‘After bath time’

Mmmm babe. I’ve just got out of the bath and am sitting on the edge of my bed. The mirror is in front of me and I’m fingering my clitty; mmmmmm it feels so good. I imagine you are sitting at the end of my bed watching and drooling as you see my finger circulating my red-hot wet clitty.  Its becoming enlarged and I roll back slightly so that you can have the full view of my gaping pussy; mmmmmmmm baby; my clitty is throbbing as I insert two fingers into my love hole. Just soft frigging at the moment, my juices already flowing nicely, as you watch you are becoming excited and are moaning gently as you continue to ogle my gaping pussy. I open my legs wide so you have a full view and I push my fingers further up and start to frig myself a little harder but slowly. My whole body is sooooooo sexually aroused, you shout to me ‘let me dildo you Diane’, this I agree to and as you tease my pussy with the dildo I start to wank your throbbing cock.

I notice precum juices dribbling from your rock hard cock; so big and fat; mmmmmmmmmmmm, but you are not going to fuck me this time; you are going to dildo me and watch it sliding in and out of my sopping wet love hole. You watch it disappear way up inside me and when you pull it out again you see it is saturated with my sweet juices. Oh baby; you suck my tits while you ram that dildo in and out and I am wanking you hard and fast, neither of us being able to control ourselves any longer we both climax together. Ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh your juices flood onto my hand; bucket loads of it mmmmmmmmmm, and you watch the dildo disappear up me as I cum and cum and cum. ‘YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’, we both scream together as we have our orgasm; our bodies shuddering violently; mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Day two ‘Time for bed’

I slipped into bed with my dildo and my head was full of you. It was though you were actually there; you were lying beside me and you asked me to play with myself and you wanted to watch me. I was lying on my back. I had one finger on my clitty and with my other hand I was stroking myself up and down my thighs and then my hand cupped my breast and I was squeezing it and then the other breast massaging and squeezing. I then put my finger on my nipple and was using circular movements on it. It was so damn hard; phew, by this time my pussy was already wet and throbbing, so I started to run the dildo all along the crack whilst still fingering myself; mmmmmmm, with my thoughts on you watching; becoming more excited I turned myself around. Head at the bottom of the bed, feet clasped onto the headboard. I eased the dildo up about two inches at this stage.

Your cock was very erect as you watched me moaning and groaning quite loudly. I told you to wank yourself as you watched the dildo sliding in and out of me. This you did, but before long you pulled down the dildo tossed is across the room, mounted me and fucked me senseless. That was my thoughts, but what I actually did is eased the dildo up my sopping pussy further, about six inches I think and my body was fucking it so damn hard. The headboard was rattling as I neared climax; my pussy was so fucking hot and wet, it made the dildo feel all hot too; and with you fucking me in my mind my pussy devoured most of the dildo. Ramming it in and out quicker and quicker; my pussy muscles working overtime. I climaxed big time; I thought I was never gonna stop cumming. Phew babe, everything to do with my bed was shaking violently and when I withdrew the dildo it was so fucking wet and sooooo hot. Oh my god babe it was the one of the climaxes ever.


Day three ‘Lap me good’

It started by me sitting on my knees bolt upright facing the headboard. I rubbed some oil onto my dildo, just slightly and then I teased my clitty very gently with the tip of it, imagining it was your tongue lapping me. I continued this movement for quite a long time; teasing my clitty with one hand and with the other rolling my fingers around my big nipples. Mmmmmmmm the sensation was astounding. After you lapping at my juicy pussy and my panting and groaning turned you on so much, you rolled me over onto my back. Put my legs around your neck and rammed your big fat juicy cock sloooooooowly inch by inch right the way up my tight wet hot pussy. You were watching yourself fucking me on a mirror that was on the wall beside the bed. Being turned on so much you started to fuck me harder. I was groaning and sighing with excitement as I glanced in the mirror too.

Oh boy, I was squeezing your buttocks hard and scratching your back digging my long nails in hard. I gave you a couple of slaps on that cute arse of yours that made you fuck me harder and harder. Your cock was saturated with my juices as we rocked together; in, out, in, out. Your sweat was pouring onto my body. As we both neared climax we both were screaming each other’s names ooooooooo. I felt your tight balls full of your juices slapping against me as your cock was so far up me I thought it was going to come up through my throat. The loose headboard was shaking; the bed was shaking; the springs were screeching as we fucked wildly. With one final thrust, you shot your warm creamy juices deep inside of me. At the same time my pussy muscles tightened right up, my arse lifted even higher and I spurted my juices all over your cock. Oh baby, it was then I pulled the dildo out; sopping wet, but in my mind it was your cock babes.


Day four ‘Watching you watching me’

I took my nightie off and positioned the mirror, my hands rubbing all over my body sending tingles from top to toe. Then my thoughts drifted off with you in mind, ravishing me all over whilst I was standing up. You were on your knees licking and kissing my feet sucking my toes and kissing my legs all the way up to the top of my thighs. I was groaning softly at your attentions as your tongue reached my pussy I moaned a little louder. All the time I was imagining this I was fingering my clitty, rotating my finger round and round and up and down; mmmmmmmmmmm. My finger became saturated. I put my finger to your mouth to taste my wetness. You licked your lips and said `mmmmmmmmmmm soooo tasty babe. ` Your tongue then returned to my pussy where you lapped and sucked. My hands grabbing the sides of your head; you drove me crazy, jeez.

With us both gagging for a hard fuck, you carried me to the bed, placed me on the corner, bent me over and positioned me ready for the fuck of a lifetime. Positioning the mirror so you could see yourself ramming me first, you then teased the back of my pussy with your big fat cock. This is when the dildo got used, running it from my pussy lips all the way along to that sensitive bit near my bum. I was aching to feel that hardness deep inside of me. Then after several minutes of teasing me you cupped my breasts and told me to hold on to the bed tightly because it was going to be a rough ride. At last I felt the tip of your cock entering my pussy, inch by inch you levered up your hardness. Me gasping as I felt each inch slide up my wet love hole. 

Panting and groaning with ecstasy I started to move my lower body in rhythm with your strokes. You were fucking really slowly; so slowly so I could get the full satisfaction of your hard cock; mmmmmmm baby it felt so good.  You gathered up speed, as you felt so aroused. Your breathing became very heavy and my groaning became louder as you fucked me so hard. I held onto the bed tighter; you glanced in the mirror and watched your cock sliding in and out of me. This turned you on so much that you couldn’t control yourself a moment longer. You shouted to me `I’m cumming babe. ` Feeling your hot breath upon my neck and your hands gripping harder on my tits; you let out a scream as you spurted your warm creamy juices right the way up my inside. At hearing you cum so loudly, it made me cum too. `Ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh IAN, give me a couple more thrusts, I’m still cumming. ` With this I yelled out again `AHHHHHHHHHHH IAN oh my god. ` My juices then came flooding onto your cock; mmmm baby. I love you making love to me, I thought. We both then collapsed onto the bed and kissed and hugged. Phew I thought to myself, babe I can’t get enough of you.


Day five ‘More bath time fun’

I felt soooo horny today, couldn’t wait to get in that bath. Masses of bubbles and nice and hot. My pussy gagging for your big hard fat cock; phew. I sat with my back to the back of the bath and threw the bubbly water all over me. I was rubbing myself all over. My nipples quickly became erect as I trickled the water over them. My pussy already tingling I started to finger my clitty and laid back and thought of you doing it. Mmmmmmmm my clitty was absolutely throbbing and my pussy longing for penetration. I got onto my knees and slowly pushed the dildo up half way and wriggled around on it. I was thinking of you teasing me and it wasn’t long before I became VERY excited. I was moaning loudly; even muttering your name, `OH IAN`. I wanted you to fuck me soooooooo much.

I gradually worked the dildo up further; my lower body working hard my pussy banging down on that dildo very quickly. Up down, up down; oh baby. I thought of your cock sliding in and out of me mmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhh it was soooo fucking good. It didn’t take me long to cum loads; my body shuddering. The water splashing everywhere. I cum and I cum and I cum babe. You should have seen it; wahey, when I withdrew that dildo my pussy ached where I fucked so hard. Oh boy I felt better after that Ian. Would much rather have had that delicious fat cock of yours deep in my pussy babe. Screams for you, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Hurry home hon am missing you so much.



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