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Away On Business 2: Bound to Please

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2011 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; MF; fantasy; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

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In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies. Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

(A selection of erotic emails)

Away on business – Volume 2

‘Bound to please’

I am lying naked on the top of my bed with just my little black lacy knicks on. You are sitting astride a chair at the end of my bed and you have your cock dangling between your legs; just slightly erect. I open my legs wide and raise my knees. You ask me whether you can take my knickers down with your teeth; this I let you do I grab your head and stroke your hair as I feel my knicks slipping further down my legs and you kiss my legs right down to my ankles. Then you put the knicks to your nose to smell my pussy juices. You then return to your chair and I place one finger on my clitty and start to move it round and round. My pussy is already quite moist at this point. I glance at you and you have the look of pure lust in your eyes.

After several minutes of playing with my clit, it has become swollen and is throbbing soooooo much; my finger wet with my juices. I am watching your cock grow by the minute as you sit and watch me playing. My nipples are already hard. You then get up from the chair and come over to me and you are in a teasing mood. You blindfold me and tie my hands to the bed. I am then aware that your tongue is licking me all over; from the very top of my body, all the way down to my tits. You are like a hungry beast as you suckle my tits ravenously. I am moaning softly as your tongue moves further down my body. I shudder and tingle as I feel your tongue and hot breath upon me. Suddenly you stop and it all goes quiet.

I think to myself what the hell is he doing. I can no longer feel you and no longer hear you. Then I realise; I feel this sensation on my tits. You have got a feather and are teasing it all over me; my nipples, my tummy, up and down my legs, and along the crack of my pussy. My body is tingling all over; I have goose bumps. My pussy is throbbing and you are driving me insane with this feather. I am trembling and moaning with the pleasure of this sensational feeling; mmmmmmmmm. I feel your big fat cock against my skin each time you move up and down my body. I am begging you to stop teasing me and I want you to fuck me sooooooooooo badly. I yell at you in between my moans, groans and panting. You then untie my hands, still leaving the blindfold on, and drag me to the end of the bed and place my legs up on your shoulders and tease my pussy with your big fat cock. I moan louder and say to you `Ohhhhhhh Ian please fuck me. I want to feel your hardness deep inside me, please, oh please. ` At long last I feel your rock hard cock enter my love hole.

You push it very slowly up. As I feel it sliding up me inch by inch I let out a loud sigh of pleasure. You push it right up to the hilt and leave it there and then slowly draw it our again. Your hard cock covered with my sweet juices. You slowly push it all the way again, stretching my tight pussy wide open. `Mmmmmmmmmm baby, ` I mutter in between moaning with pleasure. `I don’t want you to stop fucking me, make it last. `

We both cannot control ourselves much longer and you begin to gather up speed; thrusting me hard and fast, my bum nearly sliding off the end of the bed. My ankles grip round your neck hard as our bodies rock together in rhythm. Oh Ian, you are fucking me hard now. In out, in out. Your sweat dripping on to me as you fuck me into the next world. My pussy muscles work overtime as they draw your hard cock deeper and deeper into me. I grab your bum cheeks as you say you are cuming and I am nearing orgasm too. With one final hard thrust I feel the warmth of your explosion inside my pussy. I scream with ecstasy as I cum too; both our bodies shuddering and shaking violently as we both cum and cum and cum. `Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh`, you scream. I also let out a loud scream too, `OH IANNNNNNNNNNNNNN, oh yes. Yesssssssssssssssss, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. ` You then pull me back up to the top end of the bed, remove my blindfold and we hug and kiss each other; ohhhhhhhhhhh such bliss.

‘Good clean fun’

As I was running the bath, dressed in just my lacy bra and knicks, you came up behind me, teased my knicks down and threw them across the room. As I was in the bending over position, swishing the water to make the bubbles become really frothy, I felt your hard cock against my bum. You were teasing me with it; I then took a deep breath in as I felt you pushing your cock up my tight pussy very slowly. Right the way up deep inside me. I then breathed out, moaning softly with pleasure as you left your hardness in me for several second before withdrawing it half way. Mmm baby it felt so good. Your hands upon my tits, rolling my nipples round and round.  I held firmly onto the sides of the bath as you gathered up speed and started to fuck me really hard. My head almost in the bath as you bent me over more. You let my tits go and grabbed on my hips.

Guiding my pussy against your cock, mmmmm. You fucked me so hard. We were both moaning groaning and grunting as our bodies rocked together in harmony, until we both came together. Me yelping and you biting my shoulders as your lovely hot spunk shot right up inside me, which made me cum even more. My whole body shuddering whilst yours was jerking, mmmmmmmmm it was fantastic babe. That was what was in my mind, but what I actually did in the bath was this. I fingered myself for several minutes and when I got really excited I placed my legs over the side of the bath. Gently slid the dildo up my dripping wet pussy. Then fucked myself silly with it. With every inch that I felt inside me, it was really your cock sliding in and out so fucking hard and I cum loads babe, mmmmmmmmmmm.

‘Sausage roll’

Well the night of the duvet fun. I was completely naked and dying to get inside this duvet, warm though it was. I didn’t forget to bring the dildo with me thank god it would have been a hell of a hard job trying to free myself just at the moment I need it. I slipped into the duvet cover and rolled over in it several times to ensure I was trapped. I lay on my tummy, my hands clutching my breasts, rolling my nipples from time to time. My pussy, already wet was wringing into the mattress. I started to moan softly, imagining you were watching me with your cock in your hand wanking gently, mmmmmmmmmmm. I then ran my hands down my body past my tummy and to my pubic hair, and then I started to finger my clitty. It was wet and very hot. I felt my sweet juices oozing onto my finger and I fingered myself a little faster. The sweat was pouring off me as I tried to wriggle inside my bondage. I was really getting excited my this time, moaning and panting. I was ready to insert the dildo into my wet pussy now. I just about managed to position it within the tightness of the duvet cover.

First I slid all the way down to the bottom of my bed, and imagined you at the opening at the bottom waiting to shove your rock hard cock up me from the back. Oh my god, this thought turned me on big style and I started to thrust myself the best I could with the dildo, in and out, in and out. Phew, it was very hard work seeing as I was bound so tightly. I was sweating, moaning panting and shouting your name, `IAN FUCK ME NOW`, and you managed to slide your cock slowly up my love hole which by this time was saturated; dripping onto the cover even, trickling down my inner thighs. With my legs tightly together, but slightly raised as much I could I felt your hardness enter me and slide all the way up to the hilt. I let out a scream of ecstasy as you rammed me good and hard, mmmmmm. With this thought and the thought of you exploding your love juice deep inside me I shuddered violently, wriggling like a snake as I cum and cum and cummmmmmmmmmm. Fucking hell, you should have seen that bed shake and rock babe, woweeeeeeeeeeeee.

‘Spoons in the bed’

Right babe, as I said last night I didn’t have to do too much before I spurt my juices. Firstly I had a bath, where I laid back and gently played with my pussy; fingering just enough to get myself really excited. Wishing you was there and dreaming of that cock I so wish to have sliding in and out of my love hole, mmmmmmmmmmmm. I quickly got into bed with my dildo, laid on my back and stroked the dildo up and down my pussy crack, but was imagining it was you stroking your hard cock on me that way. I also imagined you were stroking your cock all over my tits and running it all over my body. My nipples hard as rocks. Wherever your cock rubbed on my body it left a trail of your precum juices, mmmmmmm babe.

I thought I would try something different, so lay on my side. By that time I really needed penetration so placed the dildo on the entrance to my wet hot pussy and then brought my legs up to my chest and closed my legs. Then gradually eased the dildo up, imagining it was your cock.  I worked on it, in out, in out.  Oh my god, I was panting and groaning like no-ones business and before long I cum loads and loads. Thrusting that dildo in and out of me, the bed creaking and shaking. I lay there for several minutes before I withdrew the soaking wet dildo, mmmmmmmmmmm babe; phew.

‘Watch me play’

As I undressed in front of my mirror I ran my hands up and down my body, imagining it was you behind me. Your hands running everywhere from my hair down to my tits and finally down to my very wet pussy. I grabbed my dildo and jumped onto the bed, aching to have penetration. I lay on my side facing the mirror, which was positioned nicely on the wall. I could see my nipples protruding and my hand wandered down to my pubes and I stroked them and then fingered my clitty. As I looked in the mirror I was becoming very excited so soon; mmmmmm my finger sopping wet with my juices. I had my breast cupped in my other hand. My body was on fire and I was moaning quite loudly. I then thought of your body behind mine, your hard cock knocking against my bum, your juices dripping onto my back; mmmmmm. I then watched myself get the dildo into position to the entrance of my pussy, imagining it was you starting to push your stiff cock slowly up me.

Oh my god babe watching in the mirror I watched carefully as I slid the dildo up. Inch by inch; jeez this is making me wet again, phew. I started to move my body back and forth on that dildo, imagine it was your cock of course. As I began to frig myself faster, my body moving back and forth on this hardness, I was becoming very excited groaning louder. As I watched my body shaking violently back and forth, back and forth, mmmmmmm. The bed was shaking as I reached climax; you should have seen it babe. Watching in that mirror is really something.  I came bucket loads and spurted and spurted. I withdrew the dildo, which was all hot and sopping wet, woweeeeeeeeeeeeee magnifique. Must try the mirror bit when I’m with you babe. Yes, you were right, this made me feel very wet again writing this. Goes for a bath and thinks of playing again imagine you have me up against that shower wall, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

‘Take me to heaven’

I wanted for you to be watching me this time. Places a chair at the end of my bed for you to sit on. I’m lying on the top of my bed, on my back, legs raised and slightly apart. You spot dewy drops forming on my pussy lips as I start to finger my clitty. You have your cock in your hand and are playing with the head. This turns me on and I grope my breasts and massage them. Then concentrating on my nipples I tweak them, they are soooo hard already. The more I watch you wanking the more excited I become. It is then that I turn over onto my tummy, head to one side so I can just about see you. I see precum juices forming and starting to trickle down your thigh. I then get the dildo and tease my pussy. You have full view of it as my ass it moves upwards and you can see it underneath me as I gently ease it up my love hole. As my ass moves upwards and then downwards, you see the dildo disappearing up my pussy. Then out again, in out, in out.

You are making very loud groaning and grunting noises you are soooooooo turned on watching me fuck this dildo. My tits swinging about and my ass moving up and down. You can stand it no more; you jump off from the chair and onto the bed, turn me roughly onto my side, remove the dildo and replace it with your huge stiff wet cock and you ram me hard. Fucking me so hard Ian, I am screaming with pleasure with the hard thrusts of your cock. I feel it throbbing inside me. I scream your name, `IAN OH YES IAN FUCK ME HARD BABY. ` We are panting, groaning and sweating. Your hands on my hips pushing me hard against you. Your cock right the way up deep inside me. Jeez such pleasure. Before long I feel the warmth of your juices explode inside me. You scream as you cum and this makes me cum. My juices flood all over your cock, which is still jetting inside me. Oh my god babe, phew I’m wet again.

‘My friend the mattress’

Jeez babe, you really made my juices flow with the sound of your sexy voice and the way you made love to me on that phone. I was really really horny, you drove me insane and I wanted you there and then. I couldn’t get up those stairs fast enough. I ripped off my clothes quickly, got the corner of the bed positioned with the mirror bent down at the bottom corner of the bed. Then I rubbed my clitty on the corner gently, watching my bum moving in the mirror and my tits swollen with desire.  I started moaning immediately, the sensation was out of this world. I started to push my pussy into the mattress a little harder. I imagined you sitting on the other corner of the bed watching me and you had your cock in your hand and were wanking. I caught a glimpse of your precum juices dribbling down from the eye of your cock as I watched it grow. I started to work harder on the mattress. Then I imagined you jumping over to my corner and came behind me and eased your stiff cock slowly up me. I turned my head to one side and could see your cock sliding up me when I looked into the mirror.

You grabbed my hips and then shoved your hardness all the way up, left it there and then slowly brought it down again. I could see in the mirror that your cock was covered in my wetness. Then I groaned loudly as you shoved it up really hard. We then gained a rhythm and I groaned. You let go of my hips and grabbed my tits to stop them bouncing around as we gained speed and fucked fast and hard. The bed moved slightly across the room with the force of your thrusts. I looked in the mirror again and I could then see your balls slapping against the back of my thighs as your cock thrust in and out. Oh baby you should have seen my bum going when I came fucking hell. The bed did actually move as I lost control and cum and cum and cum and cum. Oh Ian, you don’t half give me inspiration. I can’t wait for you to make love to me. You are the best darling. I want to belong to you totally. You set my heart on fire and my pussy come to that.

Hurry home hon am missing you so much.


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