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Away On Business 3: Come again Baby

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2011 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; MF; fantasy; pantyhose; toys; insert; voy; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies. Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

(A selection of erotic emails)

Away on Business – Volume 3

‘Come again baby’

Right, after you getting me all sexed up last night here is what I did. It was the thought of you sitting on the edge of the bed with your legs dangling that made me horny. You sitting there, your cock half erect and I came and straddled you. My legs around the back of you. Our bodies almost knitted together, my tits pressing hard against you. My pussy brushing against your cock. We kissed, licked, and bit each other. The wetness of my pussy already dribbling on to your pubic hair and your precum juices dropping on to mine; mmmmmmmmm. You then began to slide your cock slowly up into me and I pushed hard against it as to reach way up to the hilt. You left it there and my pussy tightened and wouldn’t let you withdraw it. I just love the feeling of your cock inside me. After several seconds I let you half withdraw it and we started to rock slowly together. Both of us moaning with pleasure. You were nibbling at my nipples licking and nibbling at them like a hungry puppy dog. This drove me wild, my head tossing with excitement. I clasped my hands behind your back for support as you began to fuck me faster and harder my ankles crossed behind you. Knocking against your bum as you thrust your body backwards and forwards into me.

You glanced down to watch your cock as it slid in and out of my pussy. It was all shiny with my juices. Our bodies were like snakes as we moved in rhythm with each other, my bum nearly sliding off the edge of the bed where your thrusts were becoming more forceful. Oh my god babe; our pants and groans of pleasure were becoming louder as we fucked for several minutes. We were both holding back from cumming because the sensation of our fucking was too good. Then we could hold back no more. I felt the warmth of your creamy juices shoot deep inside me. You screamed as you shuddered and jerked and the jets of cum kept oozing into me, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I then climaxed violently, shaking and shuddering my pussy forcefully thrashing into you. Your cock still inside me jerking still. I screamed your name as I cum bucket loads and our juices mixed.

Those were the thoughts that were in my mind, but this is what I did for real. I laid on my back naked, my feet up high on headboard. I stroked my breasts and ran my hands up and down my body. My nipples were hard as I fingered my clitty, making circular movement with my forefinger. I was very wet babe, my pussy on fire. I then inserted two fingers into my love hole and frigged myself for a little while. After this time I need full penetration so I guided the dildo very slowly up my sopping pussy and started to thrust myself with it. My legs were gripped well onto the headboard and it ratted and shook as I started to thrust myself harder deeper and faster. With you in mind my pussy muscles tightened. I groaned and panted; whispered your name under my breath and spurted my juices well and truly. So much cum babe, you would never believe it. I was soaked; it was absolutely and utterly soooooooooooo good; mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


‘Take me forcefully’

I slipped into bed, naked except for my little silky pair of black knicks, and you were by my side, naked with a half erect cock. You watched me play, fingering my pussy. I taunted you, teased you with that play hard to get look in my eyes. When I gazed into your eyes, I could see that hungry look; filled with lust as you watched my fingers playing with my pussy lips which were very wet. My juices oozing everywhere. You wanted me right then, but I wouldn’t let you have me. I was still teasing you, not letting you touch me at all. After several minutes of you watching me play and taunt you, you could stand it no more. You grabbed me, took my hand away from my pussy, pushed me down on the bed flat, and got hold of my arms and pinned them down with your strong arms. You straddled me, pinned my legs down with your strong legs, your rock hard cock dangling over me. Precum juices dripping onto my tummy. You savaged my tits, licking, nibbling and biting them. I was yelping with the pleasure and pain of your attentions. You then turned me over quickly and forcefully slammed me down on the bed. Pinned my arms down again, forced my legs apart and held them down hard with your legs. Laid on my back, forcing my head deep into the pillow. You then slipped your stiff cock deep into my pussy, not an inch at a time, but in one foul swoop you delved it right the way up mmmmmmm. I was letting out muffled groans and trying to shout your name, which was very difficult with my face downwards on that pillow.

You shouted out to me `shut up you bitch and fuck`. I tilted my bum upwards my body trembling all over, but worked with you, your cock delving very deep up my hot wet pussy. Ramming it in and out, in and out, both of us in harmony. You fucked me harder forcing my body deep into the mattress. My tits were squashed with the force of your hard pounding. Oh my god this is turning me on so much. I could feel your hardness throbbing inside me, the top of my head banging against the velvet covered headboard, which was shaking. You shouted masterfully, `I am cuming baby.` I tried to answer you but my face was so much pressed into that pillow, only muffled sounds were coming from my mouth. We were both panting and sweating as you fucked me soooooooooooo hard. My pussy felt red raw and sopping wet. You bit my neck and shoulders and after two more thrusts you shot your bucket loads of spunk into my love hole. With this my whole body shuddered, I took a deep breath inward the best I could and I spurt my juices all over your spunk sodden cock. I screamed as I kept cuming and cuming and still cumming, `Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ian I shouted.` I could feel your cock still twitching inside of me as I still kept cuming; so much juices babe, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You then softly kissed me all over to make up for the rough treatment, which I enjoyed immensely.


‘Kinky and tight’

The idea from you really turned me on babe. Dolly laid on her back and slipped the silky tights on, easing them up her legs carefully. Pulled them up tightly so they fitted right close to her pussy and bum. She then slipped a stocking over her head. You were lying beside me naked, except for a pair of tights with a hole in the crotch for your cock to poke through. With your cock in your hand, you kissed me through the stocking. I tried to kiss you back the best I could, you teased my lips with your tongue thru the silky material. You then ran your hands up and down my legs to feel the smoothness of the silky tights. I ran my legs up yours and the feel of your tights clinging with mine was a big turn on. My pussy was soaking wet and the wetness showed through the tights. I fingered my clitty carefully as I didn’t want to make a hole in my tights with my nails. You watched me as I became more excited. I watched you stroking your cock and spotted precum juices seeping through the your tights, and you then asked me to turn over on my tummy and put the dildo in place. I turned over placed my face on the pillow and positioned the dildo between my legs. With the wetness of my pussy I started to edge the dildo up. I felt the material entering my love hole as the dildo went a little further up. This felt soooo good and I began to pant slightly. My face was sweating, as was my pussy. I turned my head sideways to look at you. You had a look of desire in your eyes and you were wanking yourself a little faster as you saw the dildo sliding up me further.

It wasn’t long before I was becoming very aroused, my legs tightly together, and my pussy gripping the dildo. I worked the dildo up further, working myself up and down on it. The feel of the silkiness of the tights inside me was sooooooo good. You slapped my bum as it was moving up and down. You were groaning and making noises of pure pleasure as you watched me. I wanted to pant but found it quite difficult with the tightness of the material pressed against my nose and mouth. I was gasping for air. You could hear me muttering your name as I began to work faster and faster on that dildo. It was sooooo tight. As I pressed down harder on the dildo, up down, up down, I could feel the dildo pushing the material further up me. I could feel my wetness on them. The dildo was squelching inside me as I still continued to fuck myself with it. You edging me on saying, `Come on dolly fuck harder; let me see your arse moving up and down more. ` I huffed and puffed and tried to scream with excitement, as you watched my body wriggling and writhing. The bed almost collapsing, my face buried in the pillow, my pussy drew the material and dildo way deep inside me. I then had the most enormous orgasm; the bed shook, almost bouncing you off. My body bouncing high; and I cum and cum and cum. Whilst I was still cuming, you shot your bucket load of spunk all over my bum, making the tights stick to me with all your creamy cum babe, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


‘Double helpings’

First play with dildo. I started off by imagining you behind me and pinning me down with your strong hairy legs. The hairs on your legs tickling my skin, making my pussy wet and tingly. You then turned me on my side, opened my bum cheeks and gently slid Percy into my wet love hole. I groaned as I felt him slide up inch by inch; me using my dildo of course. You biting my shoulder as you fucked me so damn hard. As I felt your cock opening me up, I let out a shriek as he plunged deeper and deeper into my tightness. Making me yelp with each of your thrusts, your balls slapping against my cheeks as you fucked me harder and harder. Your precum juices and my wetness making it gradually easier for your cock to slide in and out easier, mmmmmmmmm. We were both panting hard and groaning loudly as you fucked me faster and faster. Both of us in heaven as we neared climax we both shouted each other’s names. Then I felt your creamy warm cum spurting inside me and with this I spurted my juices on your cock, which was now covered with both our juices, mmmmmmmmmmm Ian. You letting your cock soak for a while and when you withdrew it, some of our love juices ran down my inner thighs; soooooooooo much cum baby. Phew, it was only then that I realised it was the dildo and not your beautiful big smooth cock.

Second play with fingers. I just couldn’t help myself but to start playing again. This time the very thought of you lapping at my pussy. Jeez you turn me on something rotten Ian. This time I lay on my tummy and start my fingers moving around my wet clitty, still wet from my juices on the previous play, mmmmmmmmm, thinking of that long pointed and muscular tongue of yours. I lifted my bum up in the air, yet had my knees pointing to the mattress. I wriggled around on my fingers, not frigging but just fingering gently around my clit and clitty hood and the reddened pussy lips. Your tongue was lapping at me to and fro, in and out, driving me insane. You nibbled on my pussy lips and sucked them in. You held my thighs tightly down and I was panting with delight as I played a little faster. My body moving further down into the mattress. I tightened my legs together and I could feel my pussy muscles tightening. Panting and murmuring your name I began to cum, `Jeez Ian lap me faster baby.` My juices really flowing, and I cum some more, and more. I grabbed the headboard and my body shuddered violently as I cum some more and more didn’t want it to end babe, mmmmmmmmmmm sooooooooooooo good.


‘I’m forever playing in bubbles’

I laid back in the bath and put my head back to the rear of the bath. Closed my eyes, and imagined you were sitting behind me, your arms around my body, playing with my tits, cupping them and tweaking my nipples. I could feel your cock twitching onto the bottom of my back, mmmmmmm. That started me off playing with my clitty. The water rippling to and fro and I started to frig myself gently with my eyes closed. I could feel it was you frigging me, your cock now throbbing in the warm bubbly water. I then moved my body upwards while you slipped your hard cock gently into my love hole, easing it up gently into my tight wet pussy and leaving it there and slowly drawing it out again. Such a slow fucking it was, slowly in, pausing, and then slowly easing it out again, mmmmmmmm.

This lasted quite a while. You still had my tits in your hands, holding onto them while you thrust me just a little harder. We were both groaning with pleasure; the water moving to and fro in the bath as we fucked still slowly but slow hard thrusts. Absolute heaven Ian; I muttered your name between each thrust. We could not hold on any longer and I shouted `Ian I am cumming, come with me baby`. You shouted my name and we both came together, groaning loudly as I felt your creamy warm cum shoot deep inside me. My body shuddered and I came with you, water splashing everywhere as we both came for several minutes. Your juices still jetting in me and my pussy still tightening. My juices saturating your cock, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm; was brilliant babe.


‘Take it to the limit’

Wow Ian, what a play. Remember dildo equals your cock here. I slipped into bed; smoothed my dildo all over with KY and teased my crack with it, smearing the gel all over it. I played with my tits, my nipples with the other hand. My nipples already hard with the excitement of your words and the sight of Percy last night. This is one time I wish I had three hands. With the thought of me laying on my tummy and you on top bearing your full weight on me I got on all fours. At that moment my mind focused on the sight of your cock about to enter my sopping love hole. I slowly eased the dildo up. First one inch; then two inches; by this time I was already moaning softly with pleasure. With the thought of your hard throbbing cock I gently slid it up a further two inches, moving down on it very gently. With my arse up in the air and my face squashed into the pillow I thought of you kissing me all down my spine and biting my shoulders. This got me more excited and before long I had taken in about six inches, with the dildo stretching me open wider.

It was then I began to gather up speed, imagining you forcing me into the mattress further as you rammed your rock hard fat cock deeper into my hot wet tight pussy. I could feel your hairy balls lashing against the back of my bum cheeks, mmmmmmmmm. As I got more and more excited, gasping for breath, I felt the dildo going up me further. Oh babe it felt so good to have the full length sliding in and out of me, all seven inches of it. It really did feel as though it was your cock forcing its way into the depths of my pussy. I had never been this excited before. Didn’t want the feeling to end, but could not hold back any longer. I could almost feel your spunk gushing into me; the feeling of that and the thought of you screaming as you came made me cum. My body absolutely shuddered and I almost screamed as I completely lost control and I bounced on that dildo sooooooooooooooo hard. Jeez, I have never cum so violently, the bed shook, and the springs creaked. I almost bounced off the bed as I kept on cumming and cumming and cumming, gasping for breath as I still kept cumming. My sheet was saturated with my juices; as was the dildo. I didn’t want to remove the dildo for ages, it felt so nice way up deep inside me, jeez babe what a session that was.


‘How to tease your man’

Right, as you know I was full of tension last night so I literally dragged you to my bed. Blindfolded you and put your hands in handcuffs. I then sat on your face and rubbed my pussy all around your lips. Your tongue then poked out full length and you lashed my hot wet pussy with it. I wriggled on it and after a few moments of your tongue licking my juicy puss, I moved down slightly and bit your nipples. You groaned loudly and I nibbled them. You not able to move or see; you were completely under my control. I started to lick all the way down from your nipples down your tummy. Licked into your belly button hole and then down to your pubic hair. Your big fat cock was standing up rigid. You were begging for me to put your cock into my love hole, but I wanted to tease you real bad. Your precum juices trickled onto my lips as I started to take your cock into my mouth; just for a few seconds of sucking. I pulled your legs apart and stuck my head in between them, holding your hairy thighs while I sucked your cock slowly and deeply. You were moaning and groaning with excitement. Shouting my name for me to take you out of your misery and to fuck you.

With your cock in my mouth I muttered, `Wait`. I could see you watching me taking your cock into my mouth and watching me suck it in. All the way to your balls, and then slowly out again. I had your balls cupped in my hand and could feel they were full of your spunk that was longing to be released. When I thought I had teased you enough I straddled you. Took your cock into my hand and slowly got the big purple head and eased it up my tight cunt. `Ahhhhhhhhhhh`, I screamed as I took it in inch-by-inch, shouting louder with pleasure as each inch glided deep into my sopping wet pussy. Deeper and deeper it went until I could feel the beginning of your balls, mmmmmmmmmm. This is the point when I really fucked you senseless. I rode you like a jockey, in out, in out, faster and harder. Your cock was absolutely throbbing inside me as I bounced so hard up and down on you. You wanted to grab my hips and pull me onto you harder but your handcuffs restricted you from doing this.

I bent over slightly to bite your nipples. You were absolutely helpless as I fucked and fucked you soooooooo hard. You screamed at the tope of your voice `Oh Diane yes yes. I’m cumming. I’m gonna shoot all my juices up you`. I screamed `Yes Ian, give me your all. Release all those gooey juices right inside me`. At that moment you let out a yell and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I felt your spunk flood into me. At that moment I immediately came and my juices saturated your cock. `Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh`, I screamed and pulled my thighs tight against yours as I bounced up and down like a mad woman. Both our bodies shuddering we cum and cum for ages, my pussy still drawing your cock in, mmmmmmmmmmmmm Ian. That was truly the best fuck ever. I collapsed on top of you, leaving your cock inside me, as my pussy muscles were still twitching. I then dismounted you, removed your blindfold and your cuffs, and we hugged and kissed each other; ohhh such love.


‘Trapped intruder’

Wow, what a play; that phone call did it. With the thought of you sitting on the edge of the bed with your legs just dangling, and me straddling you and fucking you so damn hard. Rocking to and fro with your cock deep inside me. This is how I played.

I undressed very quickly. Just put on my thick black tights. Laid on my tummy, got well-gelled dildo into position inside the tights and pulled them up as far as they could go; almost reaching my tits. I started to tease my pussy, which was already throbbing and very wet. The thought crossed my mind of you biting me and licking at my pussy flaps, mmmmmmm. I started to work the dildo up just a little. With my hands free I played with my nipples until they were rock hard, pinching them slightly and then cupping my breasts in my hands. I concentrated on the dildo, with the thought of Percy’s enormous head entering me. Oooooooo, mmmmmm, I was moaning already, my face hard into the pillow, my hands working on my tits. I was becoming so aroused. The dildo started to slide up as I pushed down on it harder, my body wriggling like fuck. The feeling was sensational; my sodden pussy clenching on that dildo, making it slide in more. Half way hidden in the depths of my pussy, mmmmmmmm. I became more and more aroused thinking of fucking you hard on the edge of that bed. Rocking to and fro on your big swollen headed cock; sooooo big, mmmmmmmmmmmmm baby.

My pace quickened and I was moving up and down. The tights keeping the dildo in place were so good. My hands running all over my tits faster and my arse going up and down like a goodun; my pussy so hot, my clitty so swollen. I held back for as long as I could and then; jeez my pussy tightened. I turned my head to pant heavily, my pussy so deep into the mattress and my pussy banging down hard. I began to cum, mmmmmmm. Trying to control myself from not coming, I slowed down a little, enjoying the thrusts. The dildo all the way up now. I closed my legs and enjoyed the friction of the inward, outward, and to and fro movements. I was on fire and absolutely fucking you senseless in my mind. I could hear your voice in my mind shouting my name and shooting those jets of cum right up me. Mmmmmmmmmmmm babe; it was at that moment my pussy tightened again and without being able to hold back any more I let myself go and I CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Almost making a hole in the mattress and my body pushed all the way down deep into it and up again. Up and down, up and down; the bed literally shook as I had a massive orgasm. I lay there for several minutes, my pussy still clenching onto that dildo; still being held in tight through the tights, mmmmmmmmmm god. Absolutely sensational that was Ian, phew.


Hurry home darling
Diane xxx



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