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Away On Business 4: No Escape

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2011 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; MF; fantasy; pantyhose; scarves; toys; insert; voy; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies. Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

(A selection of erotic emails)

Away on Business – Volume 4

‘No escape’

This one really did send me to outer space babe, here we go. I prepared everything, stretched tights as much as I could. Greased the dildo, folded my king size duvet up into four so it would feel heavier on my back. Placed stool at the end of my bed for you to have a bird’s eye view of this wonderful scene.

I slinked onto the bed started to put one leg into the tights, proceeded by the other leg. God it was such a tight squeeze too. After struggling for a bit I managed to pull them up to the top of my thighs. I laid on my back and then I put two fingers to my clitty and started to run them back and forth lightly. My clitty was quite large and my pussy very wet. I could feel the wetness on my fingers as I rolled them around my clitty button, mmmmmmmm. Your eyes were fixed upon me, watching my every movement. I glanced at Percy and noticed his head was growing as you watched very inattentively. I could hear you murmuring soft groans of pleasure. I sat up slightly so you could see me playing with my nipples with the other hand; rolling them around and tweaking them. They were very hard and prominent. You were whispering my name `Oh Diane, oh Diane`. This made me more excited watching you watching me. As I was becoming very aroused I then turned onto my tummy. I got the well-gelled dildo and put it into place gently. This I did with a bit of a struggle inside my thick tights.

I pulled the tights right the way up to just under my tits. God they were sooo tight babe. I pulled the folded duvet onto my back; it felt quite heavy and it didn’t take too much imagination to think it was you laying on me, mmmmmmmm. I could hear you groaning with excitement. I felt the fixed gaze of your eyes upon me as I started to move up and down. With my hands free I cupped my swollen breasts, my nipples rock hard. I could just hear the sound of you wanking as you watched my bum going up and down in those tight tights. My legs bonded together in that tightness and the dildo gradually working its way up my tight pussy, mmmmmmm. I had the sudden thought at this point of two eels wriggling about inside me. My thrusts on the dildo became harder as I wriggled about on it. My juices were really flowing now, the sound of muffled groans where my face was buried in my pillow. I was becoming very aroused now, and started to bounce up and down so bloody hard. The dildo well within my sopping pussy my pussy muscles gripping it in hard.

You wanted a better view so you got up from your stool, sat on the end of the bed and started to slap my arse and shouting, `cum for me baby`. This made me bounce up and down harder and faster. My legs trying to force themselves apart but couldn’t. By this time I was screaming at the sensation; pure unadulterated hard-core sexxxxxxxx. I felt my pussy muscles tighten and all sorts went through my mind at that point. The dildo, the eels wriggling and driving me wild, and your hard cock in your hand; so fucking big and the sight of your creamy white juices, as you shot your load, mmmmmmmm. I felt the massive orgasm begin. I literally screamed as I cum, `Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh`. My body almost leaping up to the ceiling as I cum, ooooooooooooooo, never an orgasm like it. The duvet fell onto the floor; I felt as though the whole of my body was lifting into space, jeez.

I shuddered and jerked wildly, still cuming, the mattress almost reaching the floor with the force of my thrusting; still cuming. You moved up closer to me and I felt your cock pressing against my back; you wanked a little more and I could feel wetness on my back. You had cum all over me spraying me with your beautiful creamy juices. I was still cuming and shouted your name, `IAN, OH IAN`. This did reach me to the highest heavens. Have never had an orgasm like it. I didn’t remove the dildo or the tights for several minutes as my pussy muscles were still tightening ending my climax; woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

‘To frig or not to frig’

You sure turned me on again last night. You sure know how to handle me don’t you. You are the only one that can. Remember I am thinking of you as well as what I was doing. This is what I was thinking to get me right into the mood; really felt you tonight. You crept up behind me. I felt your hot breath upon my neck as you started to kiss my neck and my ears. I felt a shiver down my spine as you slowly slipped my nightie off. I turned around and started kissing you softly, first on the lips; our tongues entwined. Then we kissed each other’s shoulders, whispering to each the words I love you. You turned me around again; my back facing you and as I felt your tongue running all the way down my spine. I softly whimpered at the thrill it gave me goose bumps everywhere. Your hands then cupped my heaving breasts. I laid my head back onto your chest as I moaned softly and enjoyed the feel of your hands massaging my breasts. My nipples becoming very erect, as I was becoming very aroused. You led me to the corner of my bed.

This is what I actually did. I leaned right over the corner of the bed. My legs spread slightly; my head to one side. I played with my nipples, using circular movements; first one breast and then the other. I slowly moved one hand down my body slowly and stroked past my pubic hair down to my clitty. Very slowly my finger touching the button. I felt ripples of pleasure flowing through my body. I wriggled on my finger to and fro and round and round still very slowly. I began to moan with delight as I started to enter the deep thoughts of my imagination of you making love to me. Still playing with one nipple the other breast rubbing against the duvet with my to and fro movements, mmmmmmmmmm. I moved my finger around my clitty hood. My lower body still wriggling about with pleasure. I glanced in the mirror to see my bum moving in and out. I was sooooo turned on but didn’t want this feeling to end. I began to gyrate my lower body. My finger moving further into my pussy, which was very, warm and wet; my juices trickling onto my finger. I inserted a second finger and started to frig myself, up to the first knuckle but pushing in long and slow thrusts. I was aware that my clitty was banging against that corner of the bed. The sensational was simply divine.

My breathing became more heavy and my moans of pleasure louder; my nipples becoming even harder and pronounced. My pussy becoming hotter and wetter. I started to frig a little harder and deeper. Two fingers now up to the second knuckle, ohhhhhhhhh babe. Trying to hold back my orgasm. I stopped for a moment, thought of your hard cock about to enter me. I then knew I wasn’t far away from cumming. I then started to thrust my fingers as far as they could go, groaning more. Breathing becoming very rapid. I started to enter into space as I felt myself cumming. I glanced again in the mirror to see myself banging hard against that corner; my bum moving in and out. My clitty banging against the seam of the mattress. My breasts rubbing against the duvet; my two fingers probing in and out. My pussy was on fire. I let out one almighty scream as my pussy muscles tightened and I exploded every drop of my juices all over my fingers. `IAN`, I shouted as I had the most amazing orgasm, oooooooooooooooooooooooooo. My pussy gripping on my fingers; still cumming, that orgasm seemed to last for ages as I was in a different world; such a feeling Ian, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

‘Play nicely with me’

Right here we go. I first read your story and took every word in to get me in the mood. By the time I had finished reading it I was absolutely dripping wet; phew, so horny.

To get the hot mood really hotter before I got into bed naked, I tied my legs together really tight with my dressing gown cord and positioned myself on my back for the first start of play. Just using my fingertips I started to run my fingers up and down my body. Starting with my neck, slowly running my fingers down along my arms and then to my breasts; using circular motions around the nipples, which didn’t take long to become erect. Underneath my breasts all the way along, sending a shiver right through my entire body. Then all the way down my sides. Then I put both my hands on my inner thighs and stroked them gently with my fingertips all the way up and down and round and round, mmmm. Still going very slowly, it was such a feeling of pleasure. My juices were becoming into full flow as my hands wandered up to my pussy crack very slowly rubbing and stroking. My hands brushing against my soft pubic hair. I felt myself trembling with pleasure, and found myself beginning to take deeper breaths as I was becoming aroused.

My hands wandered up to my breasts again; this time cupping them and squeezing the nipples. I wanted to frig myself at that point, but didn’t want this pleasure to end so I became in control and waited. Continuing to caress my tits, stroking the nipples, which were protruding outwards, to their full extent, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I then turned on my tummy. Lifted my bottom half up slightly. Wanted to open my legs but couldn’t; the bond was far too tight, my thighs well squished together, my face buried in the pillow. I then could wait no longer; my hands went down to my pussy. My clitty was on fire as I started to finger it. My juices covering my finger. I fingered it for a long time, holding back my cumming. Continuing to finger my clit with one hand I placed two fingers with my other hand at my love hole entrance and slowly pushed them up slightly, mmmmmmmmm. With one finger on my clit and the other two pushing upwards further.

I frigged still slowly the wetness was running everywhere. I started to wriggle up and down on the fingers just a little faster and started to moan and pant. I turned my head to one side so I could breathe properly. Pangs of pleasure becoming too much to bare I started to frig harder and faster. The feeling of wanting to open my legs drove me crazy. Near to climax now; and all hell broke loose, trying so hard to stop myself cumming. I could hold it no longer; my body reeling and writhing, the sound of my groans and panting. I felt my pussy muscles tighten and that was it; my fingers all the way up my cunt now frigging madly and rampant. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I almost stopped breathing as I began to cum wildly; jeez babe, I couldn’t stop cuming. The fucking headboard shook and I heard it bang against the wall. The bed vibrating with the force of my cumming; oh my god such a good orgasm Ian. Nothing ever like this before; I just long to have my first orgasm with you fucking me.

‘Dressed to thrill’

Wow babe, I have never been turned on so much in my entire life as I am with you. I slipped off my nightie and put on my silky dressing gown. It felt so good next to my skin; it clung onto my hot body. I tied the belt as tightly as I possibly could, my waist pulled right inwards. I got another belt from my other dressing gown and tied my legs with it. I removed the duvet from the bed and lowered myself onto the bottom edge of the bed. Already I was quite wet and my clitty longing to feel something rough against it. My nipples rubbing against the silk made them come alive. I grabbed hold of the mattress with one hand and slowly dragged my body upwards towards the headboard; pressing myself down hard feeling my pussy brushing along. The friction of the mattress sending waves of pleasure through me; my tits being scraped along made them hard it was then I started to moan with delight, mmmmmmmmm. I began to push myself downwards again using the same procedure, edging my way to the bottom of the bed again now. Slowly feeling every second of pleasure, I could feel my juices starting to trickle. My dressing gown was wet I could see it thru the silkiness.

Slowly moving myself up and down the bed in this way was starting to get me very aroused. My legs tightly together struggling to open them but there was no escape. I started to wriggle a little and knew I had to now start to go to work on my pussy. My pussy lips swollen and my clitty throbbing and oozing with juices. I pulled myself up towards the headboard again, placed my head on the pillow. Tits and pussy squished deep into the mattress. I put my hand on my pubic hair and stroked it round and round and up and down very slowly. Running my hand all along my crack, god the feeling was sensational there. I was moaning and panting slowly. My dressing gown soaked with juices as I stroked and rubbed all the way around my pubic hair region. I could feel the hair through the silkiness; it turned me on more and I then played with my clitty. One finger around my clitty hood one finger on my clitty button, which was quite hard now, and throbbing madly.

As I was wriggling about my nipples were very hard as they were squishing into that mattress sending more waves of pleasure right the way through my whole body. I was becoming more and more excited; I badly wanted to free my legs but there was no way I could they so very tightly bound. It was at this moment I could not hold back any longer. I wanted penetration and I wanted it now so I inserted two fingers into my dripping wet pussy through the dressing gown, mmmmmm. It felt so good, the silk absorbing all my juices. I frigged myself slowly but don’t know how much longer I could control myself. My panting became more rapid and my moans of pleasure louder. I started to frig myself harder and faster; my clitty banging into the mattress and my tits squished down. I wriggled wildly as I began to climax, oh my god. Could hardly breathe my face was buried into that pillow. I felt my pussy muscles begin to tighten; tilted my back upwards, my thighs tightly squeezed together. I almost screamed out as I began to cum, jeez. I was like a wild woman; my fingers probed right up to the hilt. I tossed my body up and down real hard, the sound of those bedsprings creaking. I was literally bouncing up and down sooooooo high, wow babe. I thought I wasn’t going to stop cumming, and when I withdrew my fingers from my hot pussy the dressing gown was absolutely saturated. Was a huge wet patch, mmmmmmmmmmm that was absolutely fantastic.

‘Toys will be toys’

By the time I had finished this story my juices were already flowing and I felt trickles dribbling down the sides of my pussy. I was tingling all over and really wanted my Ian's lips and tongue gliding all over me; but instead I slipped off my nightie. Got my tights and dildo from the drawer and slipped into bed totally naked; my skin flushed and I felt glowing with desire. I lay on my back and caressed by body up and down with both hands for a moment or two before slipping on my Lycra tights. Putting both legs into one leg of the tights, I edged them up my legs slowly as the tightness of them made it quite difficult to pull right up. However I managed to pull them up to my pussy. I continued to caress my body gently with my fingertips, cupping my breasts and rolling my fingers around my erect nipples making them even harder. The ripples of pleasure running through my body; it was electrifying. Such sexual pleasure. I was already becoming aroused so my hands wandered down to my very wet and very hot pussy. Fingering around my clitty hood with my right hand and with my left forefinger paying attention to my clitty button. I could feel its hardness as my finger pressed against it. It was wet with my juices as was my clitty hood, mmmmmmmm.

I started to softly moan with pleasure at the sexual feeling and arousal. At this moment I thought I must put the dildo in its right position. I took the greased dildo and placed it at the entry of my love hole, pushed it in about two inches, then pulled the tights up as far as I possibly could. Right up to just under my heaving breast. The tightness alone giving me more pleasure. With my thighs very very tightly clenched together I turned onto my tummy and positioned myself ready for the long and slow fuck. I raised my bum and gently lowered it edging the dildo further up inside my tight wet cunt. Up again, and then slowly down harder, edging the dildo almost to its full eight inches deeper inside me, stretching my pussy to its limit, mmmmmmmm. Sighing and groaning at the stimulation this was giving me. I fucked slowly but deep for quite a while. Trying to restrain myself from climaxing. I listened to the bed creaking as I gained a little speed. My hands holding onto the end of the mattress and my head buried in the pillow trying to breathe the best I could but I didn’t care I was enjoying every moment of sexual pleasure.

My legs were struggling to get out but they wouldn’t move an inch. Now I couldn’t hold back much longer as my body bounced up and down on the dildo. My whole body writhing and wriggling about like a snake. My bum going up and down wildly; groaning and whimpering. I knew the moment was not far away when I was going to have the most enormous orgasm. I screamed; the sound muffled by the pillow. Ooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmm arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I bit the pillow; my hands tightly holding the mattress. My legs wanting to escape that tightness. I was dripping with sweat as my pussy muscles tightened. The dildo hot with my juices and the friction of thrusting in and out of me. I almost hit the roof as I came; spurt after spurt after spurt; never wanted to stop cumming. Oh my god, I muttered your name as I still kept cumming, my body like a wild animal wriggling and bouncing up and down. This lasted a couple of minutes, mmmmmmmmmmmm. Thinking to myself, I look forward to the next story.

‘Your turn to have some fun’

This is what I would like to do to you today, the big tease. First of all I would bathe you, rubbing you all over with the soapy sponge; kissing you every now and then. My eyes gaze at your cock and balls floating from side to side in the bubbles. Lusty thoughts running through my mind and thinking what I’m going to do to you when I get you out of that bath.

You step out of the bath; I wrap a bath towel around you and lead you swiftly to the bedroom. I lie you down, kiss you softy of your luscious lips then before you can utter a word I get the tights and ties from my drawer. I notice the expression on your face the wondering of what the hell I am going to do with you. Well firstly I tie your hands together above your head. Then I slip both your legs into one leg of my tights, pulling them right up to your waist. You screech as you feel your cock being squished by the tightness. I then get a leather belt and bind your feet together by the ankles; wrapped around several times to secure your feet together tightly. I have two things left which are scarves; one I place across your eyes and blindfold you, the other I place around your mouth and gag you. Mmmmmmmmmm now you are completely in my control. As you lay there helpless I place my pussy on your face and you can smell my juices. I hear you muttering and groaning `I want to lick you Diane`, but I take no notice although my pussy wants to feel your tongue lapping at it. I control myself and concentrate on you.

I am licking your ears Ian, licking and nibbling; kissing your eyelids through the blindfold. Kissing your cheeks and chin. I move down lower and concentrate on your chest region, licking and biting gently on your nipples. I plant kisses and soft bites all over your tummy; put my tongue around your belly button. I move lower and see the enormous bulge inside the tights and although your cock is squished inside the tights I can feel it throbbing, as I start to put my tongue all around it through the tights. Mmmmmmmmmmm, licking you like a lesbian I am getting turned on. I can hear you groaning with excitement behind that gag. You want to remove it but you are helpless; your tied hands are waving about madly as you try to grab my tits. I continue to lick your cock and balls, stroking your thighs at the same time, you can hear me panting as I do so. You know I’m getting very aroused and you beg me to untie your hands so you can get at me.

I turn you over onto your tummy; you are wriggling about dying for your cock to be released. I sit on you again; your cock pressed hard against the mattress. I kiss and bite you gently all over your neck and shoulders and all the way down your spine. I ease my way into the back of the tights and start to bite your bum cheeks. You are still wriggling about like a snake; `now you know how it feels`, I shout, `you are the one all tied up now. ` At this moment, my pussy dripping with juices all over your back I quickly turn you over and undo your blindfold, gag and untie your hands. You quickly grab me, push me down on the bed and ravish me. You have your hands upon mine pressing them down so I can’t move. You rip the tights from your legs; untie your feet. Your rock hard cock covered with precum juices, you turn me on my side and ram your hardness right the way up me in one hard thrust. It slides all the way deep into my pussy. I scream as you fuck me hard, paying me back for teasing you, I bring my legs up close to my breasts, wanting more and more of your cock inside me. Your balls slap against my bum cheeks hard as you fuck me harder and faster.

My clit on fire as your hardness bumps against it. My juices well flowing, smothering your juicy cock as it pounds me and pounds me, thrust after thrust. Such a sensation; I scream, groan and pant with ecstasy never wanting you to stop, mmmmmmmmmmm. As your cock grows even bigger inside me reaching my cervix, I shout, `I love you Ian, don’t stop`. As my pussy muscles grip your cock tightly not wanting to let it go, you groan with excitement. I can feel beads of your sweat dripping onto my back. Your hands on my love handles pulling me hard on to you as you fuck and fuck you shout to me, `oh Diane I’m going to cum any moment now and fill your cunt up with my spunk`. At the same time I am about to cum; our bodies locked together we both start orgasm.

Our bodies rocking together and with one really hard thrust I feel your spunk start to shoot inside me. The warmth of it bringing me to a climax; my pussy muscles tighten right up and as I feel jets of your juices flooding inside me. I feel myself spurting, arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my body shakes about against yours to and fro. Still cuming; I feel as though I am lifting right up to the ceiling as I continue to cum and cum and cummmmmmmmmm. I can still feel your spunk jetting into me, loads of it mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We both lie there without moving. Your cock still planted in my pussy; the juices mixing, all hot and sticky. Wow babe, what a session eh, lovely.

‘Red hot and bound’

Well last night was the hottest conversation ever. You left me in such a wet state with your bondage fantasy hun. I was so thrilled to share that secret with you; I always told you that you can tell me anything and I mean anything and I’m so glad that you do babe.

By the time I laid out my things for my play I was absolutely sopping wet. My juices almost trickling down my inner thighs. I slipped off my nightie over my head and as it brushed past my nipples they were already erect. I couldn’t wait to feel engulfed in those silky Lycra tights. I stepped into one leg, eased them slowly upwards to me knee, and then slowly eased my other leg into them. The silkiness brushing against my skin mmmmmm. After a struggle both legs were in now just up to my knees. I then placed a scarf around my ankles tightly; with the other scarf I tied it around my knees bonding them close together. Already I felt a thrill rush through my whole body. My pussy tingling like mad and juices still trickling down I saw them glistening as the light shone upon them. With a third scarf I tied it around my waist just underneath my tits, which were swollen with desire for sex. It was time to put the dildo in place now. I wriggled my way over onto my tummy and placed the dildo in the crack of my pussy rubbing it back and forth over my swollen pussy lips and my hard clitty button. Waves of pleasure rippling through me.

I bent my knees and lifted my bum upwards to feel the sensation before I was to yank the tights upwards as far as they would reach. Rubbing to and fro, my hand running all around my pubic hair and onto my swollen clit, which was throbbing. I was panting and moaning with delight as I started to push the dildo slowly up my well-juiced cunt. Gently inch-by-inch until I knew it was secure I took a deep breath and then stretched the tights up as far as they would go. They stretched up as far as the scarf I had tied around my middle. My tits were heaved upwards with the tightness of the tights and the scarf, my nipples were soooo erect now and as I lowered myself down into the mattress. I could feel them almost scraping along as I sank deeper into that mattress, with my face buried in the pillow almost suffocating me. I started to gently move my body up and down and felt the dildo sliding up more. I gasped with pleasure; the tightness of my bonds giving me such a thrill.

The wanting of to be released so I could move, but there again it was the tightness that was giving me the pleasure and oh so much pleasure. Then the thoughts of you underneath me all bound up and your cock rubbing against the mattress working yourself off made me tremble and become very very aroused. I held back the feeling that I was gonna cum. I was enjoying the thought of you underneath me my pussy rubbing against your bum as you wriggled your body the best you could. God. You buried in that mattress and me on top of you wriggling myself into oblivion. With this thought I felt myself fucking that dildo harder now; my legs and ankles not able to move, just my pussy fucking that dildo. My nipples rubbing against the mattress. I was fucking like a rabbit as I was become so excited. The bed was shaking as my wriggling body worked hard. I was panting and sweating, shouting your name. Then I almost lost consciousness as I began to cum.

My god... this feeling was just indescribable, I wanted to hold back but couldn’t and then I just had to let go. I grunted loudly as I felt my pussy muscles begin to tighten. The dildo almost melting inside me, my pussy was on fire. The tights were sodden with my juices. I could not control myself any longer; my body out of control. I wriggled not only up and down but also from side to side. Wriggled anyway that was possible just to cummmmmmmmmmm. Fucking hell my pussy was so far into the mattress I thought it was going to split it as I bounced right up and then right down again. Again and again my pussy gripping onto that dildo not wanting to release it. My juices spurting, gallons of it, soaking my dildo. I then bounced slower as my pussy muscles gently released the grip on the dildo and I slowly came to a halt. My bonded body became limp as I just lay there; the dildo still within me. It was several minutes before I untied myself and slipped off the tights, which were wet with my juices and my sweat. The dildo still inside me I slowly released it; my juices coming out with it; and for several minutes after that my pussy was still twitching. Mmmm, jeez what a session babe.

‘Thoughts of lust’

God Ian, you turn me on so fucking much. Last night I laid my goodies onto the bed. No dildo and no tights because I wanted to feel all my bare skin on that mattress. My only goodies were a leather belt and two ties. I gazed for a few moments at them lying neatly on the bed and could feel the excitement rising. I looked at my naked body in the mirror; my cheeks were flushed, my pulse racing. Still looking in the mirror I started to run my hands all over my body starting at my neck and shoulders, down to my breasts. Cupping them and massaging them. I fingered my already erect nipples, which sent a shiver down my spine and tingles of pleasure like an electric shock right through me mmmmmmmmm. I sat on the bed and got the first tie and tied my ankles together. With the second tie I tied my knees together and with the leather belt I strapped my thighs together tightly. So tight, almost stopping my bloody supply, but I was already turned on. I lowered my body onto the corner of the mattress my legs just dangling and gently rubbed myself up and down against it, my bum wriggling to and fro.

I grabbed the end of the mattress with one hand and grabbed the middle of the bed with the other. Then the pleasure really started. I very slowly dragged my body as far as I could go across the bed almost to the other side; slowly forward. Paused to savour the pleasure then slowly pulled myself back again. Ohhhhhhhhhh the sensation was so great, my pussy scraping along, my clitty delving deep within it sending ripple upon ripple of pleasure from the top of my head passing right the way down to my tightly bound ankles mmmmmmmm. My pussy oozing with juices; and as I pulled myself across the mattress again I thought of Ian underneath me. His tongue lashing to and fro on my swollen pussy lips. I started to moan with pleasure as I dragged myself forward and backward time and time again. The friction of my clit against that mattress was making me very aroused and I started to wriggle the best I could. At this moment I wanted penetration so I got back to the corner of the mattress. I flattened my upper body on it, my breasts squished down hard; my nipples like twin peaks. I opened my wet red swollen pussy lips, inserted two fingers and frigged myself slowly. Mmmmmmmm moans and groans of pleasure, in out, in out. Becoming very excited now I started to work harder.

My bound legs like dead weights behind me; just my fingers and pussy doing all the work I frigged harder and faster. My cunt on fire I rocked my body violently back and forth, back and forth. I wanted to cum so bad but held back. I inserted a third finger. My head and breasts were buried deep into the bed as I frigged so hard and so fast. I just could not hold back any more and I started to cum. My fingers sliding further up inside me saturated with my juices and I rocked against that bed moving it across the room with the force of my rocking to and fro. Fast, faster, faster; jeez and I began that massive climax, yes yessssss, yesssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm.

All my love hope to see you very soon,

your willing and ever horny partner





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