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Away On Business 5: Mirror, mirror...

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

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In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies. Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

(A selection of erotic emails)

Away on Business – Volume 5

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest woman of all’

As I stood naked and gazed into the mirror and posed, I thought of Ian watching me and admiring my body. His eyes were full of lust and desire for me. He wanted to watch me play as he lay on the end of my bed. His mouth watering and his cock twitching. I took a silk scarf from my drawer dragged it along his body teasing him before I wrapped it around my breasts tying it very tightly. My erect nipples squashed in the tightness; it gave me a tremendous thrill. My eyes twinkling with lust and desire as my hands ran along the curves of my body. Watching my every move in the mirror; turning me more and more on. I ran my fingertips around my bum cheeks and around to my tummy and down to my pubes. I pulled my pubic hair gently and brushed the palm of my hand all around them and then all along the crack of my pussy. Patting and rubbing near my clit, which was already throbbing and wet. I was rubbing it up and down and using circular movements too and the sight of watching this in the mirror was making me more and more aroused.

I crouched down opened my legs and could see my two fingers now probing my cunt. God the sight of those fingers moving in and out of me was delightful, the tightness of the bond around my tits making me feel even more aroused. My tits heaving to pop out; I could feel the nipples hard against the scarf tingling and sending shudders through every sinew of my body. I heard Ian moaning with ecstasy in the background and my moans of pleasure drowned his. I could see that Ian wanted to fuck me, his cock already rock hard, but I continued to frig myself. My body bearing down and my fingers gradually creeping further up. I started to breath heavy and feeling as though I wanted to cum, I stopped frigging and just crouched motionless looking into the mirror. Then just as I was about to start probing my wet, tight, cunt again I heard Ian get up from the bed. Before I knew it, I saw him behind me in the mirror.

He slammed my hands against the wall; pulled my bum towards him held me by my thighs and rammed his rock hard cock right the way up me. We both glanced in the mirror as he held it there. Both moaning loudly, he started to thrust my tight wet love hole very long and slowly. Hard and meaningful thrusts. I clung onto the wall and bent over further. His thrusts were getting harder and faster. His red-hot balls slapping against my bum cheeks making me scream with pleasure. I watched the look on his face as he watched his big dick sliding in and out of me. He undid my bonded tits and held them while he fucked me harder and harder almost splitting my cunt in two, mmmmm. He then shouted my name as he shot his bucket load of warm creamy spunk inside me. `Ooooooooooooooooo yesssssssssssssss baby`, I screeched at him as I began to cum and cum.  Soooo good; my lower half rocking with his, spurting my juices all over his cock. Fountains of it spurting; both your juices and my juices running down my leg. Jeez Ian you sure know how to shag. As I looked once again I could see in the mirror it was my fingers that I was actually fucking but in my mind it was you Ian. I withdrew my wet sticky fingers, licked them mmmmmmmmm and removed the scarf from my breasts. My nipples still erect from the massive climax.

‘Well oiled body’

As I stood totally naked in front of the mirror, dildo laid out ready; I covered myself with baby oil. Smoothing it softly all over; massaging it well into the pores. I was already becoming aroused from earlier where you had turned me on. I squeezed the bottle all over my breasts and gently rubbed it in. My erect nipples glistening in the light. I turned sideways and admired them. I lay my head back and just enjoyed the pleasure that was running through my entire body as I cupped a breast in each hand and massaged mmmmmmmm. I put one leg up on the end of the bed and ran my well-oiled hand up and down massaging the oil in. Then the other leg. I was becoming more aroused, so went to the mirror again to see my whole body glistening and just seeking sexual pleasure. I crouched down; not taking my eyes from the mirror. Then started playing with my pussy, first running my fingers along the crack, around my pubic hair and then into my clitty hood. With one hand playing with my clitty hood, the other hand running all over my body giving me more pleasure oooooooo. Ian it was soooooooooo good. My thoughts drifted to you and what you would be doing to me.

As my two fingers frigged gently in and out I thought this was the time to insert the dildo. I just knew I had to have deep penetration I greased the dildo rubbing it up and down imagining it was your big hard cock. I placed it between my ankles and slowly brought it upwards to my pussy. I placed it between my pussy lips and slowly pushed it up. I groaned with pleasure as I felt the inches glide up me. I worked softly with it and was getting maximum excitement. I edged myself closer to the mirror so I could see every part of that dildo as it slipped in and out of me. Mmmmmmm, god I was groaning loudly and panting hard. Had to go a little faster now. I tried so hard to stop myself cuming. It was such deep penetration that I just had to fuck faster and faster. Oh my god, I looked at my face in the mirror; it was flushed and the look of lust in my eyes. My pussy so fucking hot and sopping wet. The squelching noise; and then I felt my pussy muscles tighten, and tighten, and tighten even more.  I watched myself as I came, my flushed cheeks, my upper chest red. My lower body shaking violently as I nearly went through the floor. Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Panted hard; almost screaming and shouting your name. Ooooooooooooo, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm and after shuddering for quite a while I eventually came to a stop; my god what an orgasm.

‘Take me from behind’

As I slipped into my bed naked, my clitty throbbing with desire for sex; I lay on my back, my legs stretched out my hands started to roam my body. My finger tips stroking my nipples. I ran my finger tips all around my tummy down my inner thighs down my legs and up again. I parted my legs slightly still running my hands along my inner thighs, which were so soft and silky. I started to feel ripples of pleasure running through my entire body. My whole pussy throbbing and I could feel my juices beginning to surround the whole of my love hole. With my thumb on my clit I started fingering myself gently, round and round and up and down the outside of my pussy. My fingers brushing against my silken pubic hair. This fingering and touching went on for quite some time. I was becoming very aroused.

In my mind I badly wanted Ian to fuck me doggy style. With this in mind I turned onto my side and brought my knees right up to just under my erect nipples. Then I inserted the dildo between my red swollen pussy lips, but not in the usual way from the front. I placed it from the back of my bum cheeks and inserted it into my pussy and when the dildo was about two inches in my wet love hole, I squeezed my legs together hard. My thighs tightly pressed again each other and began to probe the dildo higher. I gave myself short slow thrusts and as I began to feel more excited, I started to thrust a little harder, but still slow thrusts. The pleasure it was giving me was sooooooooooooooo good. I wanted to enjoy every second of this intense feeling of Ian fucking me doggy style, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss. I was moaning and panting softly, with each thrust my pussy muscles drew in the dildo further until the full eight inches was deep inside me now.

Long slow hard thrusts, in and out, in and out; jeez, I could feel a massive orgasm approaching. The bed creaking with the force of my thrusts; the side of my head banging against the headboard as I fucked harder and faster now. Was such a good feeling using the dildo this way from behind. The excitement within me getting more and more intense. Ripple upon ripple of pleasure, and then the full extent of the climax began. My body shuddered; my pussy muscles tightening right up the pushing the dildo in and out of my sopping hole I grunted loudly as I came, mmmmmmmmm. I gritted my teeth and I fucking cum so much my whole body rocking wildly. The bed springs creaking loudly. The sodden dildo was on fire with my body heat and I still kept cumming. I thought I would never stop mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Man oh man, can’t explain how good it was Ian. I long for your cock to give me that treatment

‘Slave to your love’

As I started to prepare myself for the play ahead I could feel myself getting excited inside at the thought of what was to come. I carefully laid out four ties, a belt and two pair of tights onto the bed. I stood naked just looking at them and imagined what I would be feeling when I finally get them onto my body. I gazed into the mirror for a while, fondling my body. Then looked again at the items on my bed I could feel pleasure vibes strongly now. My pussy very wet knowing that my master was watching my every move and the thought of him tying me up in a masterful way. I could see my eyes light up; pupils dilated, as I felt more and more aroused.

I went to the bed and picked up one pair of tights and very gently put them on up to the knees. The silkiness as I pulled them up along my calves sent shivers down my spine. With both legs in now, I endeavoured to put on the second pair. They glided on easily over the first pair. My knees trembled slightly as I got the first tie from the bed and tied my ankles together quite tightly. More ripples of pleasure flowing through me. I thought I had better put the greased dildo in place at this point. I played with my clitty button for a few minutes to get myself really aroused. Oh god how excited I was becoming. I gently eased the dildo up into my love hole; it went in easily where I was so fucking wet. My pubic hair was covered with my dripping juices. When the dildo was securely fixed I began to pull the tights right the way up to just under my breasts. As I did so, I cupped my breasts, which were heaving with arousal, my nipples erect. I then got the second tie from the bed and bound my knees securely with it. Then the third tie; I wrapped it around my high waist and tied it in a knot so that no way my tights could move, mmm.

I was feeling very restricted indeed such a tremendous feeling. Sexual vibes running through me like an electric current, and I looked at the remaining item on the bed; the belt with a large buckle. I wrapped it around my hips just so the buckle hung against my pubic hair at the crack of my pussy. I hobbled to the mirror and looked at myself all bound up. God what a turn on; my cheeks were flushed I was so damned excited. I hobbled back to the bottom of my bed and got the fourth tie. I looped it around the wheel of the bed made a reef knot. I slid my wrists in and then pulled it tight, wow. I was fully bound and helpless now. I was so excited by this time my juices really flowing. I slid along on my tummy so that I could see myself in the mirror and positioned myself ready for the fuck of a lifetime. Thoughts running through of my master Ian watching me, his sex slave. I managed to turn myself over onto my tummy, being careful not to dislodge the dildo. As I pushed my lower body down on it I could feel it was edging further up, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Being restricted gave me a sense of ultimate pleasure.

My breasts were squashed into the carpet. It was only my pussy muscles that I could move. Watching myself in the mirror, I began to work myself up and down, up and down. The buckle of the belt was knocking against my swollen clit, giving me such a thrill and the dildo thrusting in and out of my sopping cunt. I so wanted to open my legs but couldn’t. Those ties were soooo tight. I began panting and groaning, still looking in the mirror. My face was very flushed as was my chest especially as my tits were rubbing against the carpet crushing my erect nipples. I tried to cup them with my hands but the tie around my wrists wouldn’t let me. As I worked my body up and down harder and faster on the dildo I could feel my pussy muscles begin to tighten; but no, I had to control myself from not cuming yet. So I stopped dead still; just left the dildo inside of me got my breath back and relaxed. Then I started wriggling again, working that dildo in and out, in and out. That buckle still banging hard against my clit which was absolutely throbbing and I could feel my wetness thru the tights. They were saturated; I could smell my juices.

It’s no good I could hold on no longer and I began to wriggle like an eel, struggling to open my tightly bound legs. Oh god, my pussy muscles tightened and tightened, and tightened. I knew I was going to cum good, because the muscles were even more tightened than usual. Then I let rip; I groaned loudly, the sweat pouring off my body. I panted hard as I wriggled about so much, my body almost pulling the bed along as I banged my pussy down on that dildo. I thought the floor was going to open up as I pounded and pounded and wriggled like fuck, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fucking hell, again I thought of my master Ian watching me going through this. Just like an electric eel I was; cummming and cumming, woweeeeeeeeeeee. What an orgasm. Oh babe, I lay there for several minutes just wallowing in this pleasure, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I untied myself quite easily and pulled off my tights which were wet through with my cum juices. Jeez Ian what fun we would have for real.

'Tight Pleasures'

As I lay on the bed naked all relaxed and full of sexual desire I pictured in my mind what I was about to do. The thrill of being totally bonded by my black silky thick tights, mmmmmmmmm. I was already aroused by the idea and my mind concentrating on what my Master had told me. My fingertips were already running all over my body; my breasts, my tummy, my inner thighs. My outer thighs, over my pussy area, but not at this time actually touching my pussy which was already moist and quivering. I reached for the first pair of tights and slipped them on slowly up to my knees feeling the silkiness as I eased them up. This was followed by the second pair which glided up my legs easily over the first pair, mmmmm. Already the tightness of them around my legs gave me a feeling of pleasure.

Then with the third pair of tights, already prepared with a hole which was carefully cut to allow me to slip them over my head. As I pulled them over my head I had to take a deep breath as they were so tight. I slipped one arm in and then the other and as I pulled them down over my chest area I felt my breasts being squashed in so tight. They even squashed my erect nipples and at that moment I felt tingles and shudders race through my body. I then thought I had better place the dildo into my wet pussy, already hot from the tightness of the tights. I parted my pussy lips and ensured that it was placed far enough up my lovehole for it not to become dislodged. Now my tights that were around my knees had to be pulled right the way up to above my waist to meet the end of the tights I had put around my chest area. Thank god they reach; now I was totally bound. I looked like a mummy my body wrapped up in this silky tightness.

God it felt wonderful. I then proceeded to grab the tie which was lying on the bedside cabinet and looped it around the top end of the bed and I made a reef knot around my wrists. Wow, this was absolutely divine. I lay there momentarily and just savored this glorious feeling. My whole body tingling, my cunt absolutely dripping wet. I glanced down and saw that there was a wet patch showing through the silk tights, mmmmmmmm. I was ready to start my body moving up and down and tease myself. Moving up and down very slowly feeling that dildo working its way up. I could feel my clitty banging against the mattress on my downward movement; ooohhhhhhhhh this was so wonderful. The feeling indescribable; just wave after wave of pleasure and lust shooting through me. You should have heard my moans of pleasure as my bound body moved up and down. I was aware that I was becoming very aroused; so much so that I felt my pussy muscles tighten a little, but I managed to stop for a while and just lay and enjoy the feeling of tightness around me.

I laid still and groaned for a couple of minutes, before starting to move up and down again. God I could feel my hard nipples pressing against the tightness of the material, driving me insane because I couldn’t play with them with my hands all tied. I just pressed hard into the mattress on my downward thrust. Now I was starting to wriggle and writhe my body about; up and down and from side to side.

My thrusts becoming harder, I felt my pussy muscles tightening for a second time, but controlled those feelings and stopped once again, just lying there lapping up all the pleasure. Then I scraped my body along the mattress just managing to bend my knees up slightly and I pounded that dildo. My pussy was on fire and soaking wet. The dildo was all the way up now the whole eight inches sliding in and out. God it hurt a little as it slid up my tight lovehole, but the pleasure it gave me compensated for the hurt, mmmmmmm and not being able to control myself any more, I felt myself beginning to cum. Oh yessssssssssss jeez; muscles tightened right the way up. I wanted to lift myself right up off that bed but couldn’t; and then the bed shook the headboard moving to and fro where my hands were tied to it and the whole bed shook.

My body wriggling wildly, mmmmmmmmmmm. I let out a muffled scream my head buried deep in the pillow as I cum mega style. My mind thought my body was going to hit the ceiling. I must have cum for a few minutes, I didn’t want to stop cuming; have never felt such enormous pleasure,woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I then lay there for ages my pussy muscles still clenching onto the dildo. I wanted to fall asleep, as I was still all bound up; was such a great feeling, but I thought I had better take them off, mmmmm.

'Mattress Trapped'

I carefully laid out my tights for leg wear and the tights for upper body wear, running them through my fingers feeling their silkiness as I gently put them in place at the bottom of the bed. I went to the drawer and chose three ties; I chose coloured ones so that you could see where I had bound them in the photo that I was about to take for you. I laid them alongside the tights. All of these things in a neat row I was picturing where on my body these were going and this excited me. My skin tingling and my heart pounding I then thought I had better test the mattress as to the best place I was going to slide underneath it when I was tied and bound because it would have been difficult to do this when my tights and ties were on me. I went for the middle of the bed first, struggled a bit trying to slide under.

I then went to the bottom of the bed and found this a little easier to slide my body under. I was now becoming very excited thinking of myself under that mattress and my bound body wriggling about. My pussy was dripping juices and my breasts swollen with desire and my nipples hard as rocks and Master watching my every move, his eyes fixed on me, sheer delight on his face. I looked at my first pair of tights, picked them up and very gingerly eased them on, the silky material gliding up my smooth legs. I pulled them up as far as my knee; I felt a ripple of pleasure shoot through my body. I felt a shiver down my spine as I became more turned on. I then took the other pair of tights from the bed, dragged them to and fro across my breasts before putting them over my head and slowly pulling them down past my neck and I put each arm through and then felt more ripples of pleasure flow through my aroused body as I pulled them right over my breasts. Oh god that silky material was really doing something to me, and the tightness keeping in all those waves of utter pleasure.

I then reached down for the first tie and wrapped it around my ankles securing them tightly, mmmmmmmm. My body was overheated as once more waves of pleasure shot through me. My eyes dilated with lust, my tits throbbing underneath that tightness of the upper body tights. I looked at the second tie which was going to be bound around my knees. I stopped for a moment and then picked it up and wrapped it tightly around my knees, mmmmmmmm, becoming even more aroused; my juices started to trickle down my inner thighs. I went to the dildo and covered it with KY jelly. As I was rubbing it in I thought of Master’s big cock, as my hands slowly rubbed the gel in up and down several times. I placed it in position inside the tights; inserted into my dripping pussy and making sure it was secure, I endeavoured to pull the tights right the way up to meet the upper pair of tights at the waist before getting the third tie and tied it tightly around my middle.

God I was absolutely gagging for penetration by this time. I hobbled down to the end of the bed and burrowed myself into it; my body wriggled itself into the right position and after a big struggle I got myself comfortable. My legs half way under the mattress and my head poking slightly out at the bottom so I could breathe. Ohhhhhh my god Master, I really felt that you were on top of me. Your full weight on me. The feeling was sensational. With this in mind I wriggled to and fro the best I could, my pussy deep into the base. The weight of the mattress pushing me down really hard, mmmmmmm. I wriggled and wriggled; my pussy was on fire and sopping. I could hardly lift my lower body up with the weight of the mattress on me.

I wanted to fuck that dildo hard. I wriggled more and more. I was so fucking aroused, I was panting and sweating; I felt an orgasm coming on quite quickly, but I knew I had to stop it. I was getting too much pleasure for it to be over yet. I stopped for a couple of minutes and just wallowed in the lust, the tightness of the tights on my body and the tightness of the ties. I could hardly move but this was half the fun. I started to wriggle about again. My dildo easing its way up a little more as my pussy muscles worked really hard; wriggling like an eel I felt a second orgasm coming on. My squashed tits getting friction from the base of the bed got me wriggling even more. I felt a second orgasm begin to take place. Jeez it was as much as I could do to stop it; my whole body on fire, but with control I stopped myself from cumming yet again. I was driving myself insane.

I then thought of you on top of me, and imagining you with tights on, rubbing your hard cock to and fro on top of the mattress. It didn’t take you long to cum and shoot your jets of cum all inside your tights and that was it; with the thought of that, I let out a muffled groan, and my pussy muscles tighten and I wriggled and writhed so much. I was like a wild animal. I tossed my body about, moving the mattress halfway off the bed, as I had the most gigantic orgasm. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz, I spurted and I spurted and spurted more. I felt the heat of the dildo and the pools of wetness as I kept cuming and cuming. I thought I was never gonna stop cumming mmmmmmmmmmmmm, those tights were sopping wet and my body was soaked with sweat when I removed the tights and ties.

'Bound For Fun'

I lay out carefully on the bed the things I needed. First the pair of silky black tights and then the three ties followed by the greased dildo. I stood back and just looked at them feeling the excitement racing through my body. I stood in front of the mirror, firstly looking at the items on the bed and then looking at myself in the mirror and picturing where these items were going to be placed. My hands started to roam my naked body touching myself everywhere to get more stimulated. First my breasts, and my nipples, then followed down the curves of my body until I came to my pussy. I ran my hands around it, patting gently several times. Then with my thumb on my clitty, I started to finger my wet lovehole. Still glancing from the mirror to the items on the bed, becoming very aroused. I thought it as time to start tying myself up; placing the first tie around my breasts. I tied it tight squishing my tits firmly in and then tying the tie in a knot, mmmmmm.

This aroused me even more. The tightness squashing my erect nipples but the pressure of the tightness turning me more on. Now for the tights; I put one foot in and then the other and gently eased them up to the knee. I got the second tie and tied my ankles together very tightly and tied the tie in a knot so it wouldn’t come undone. Then I slipped the dildo in between my legs and teased my pussy with it before carefully inserting it between my swollen hot pussy lips and gently slid it up my wet hot hole. Right two ties left. I tied the second tie around my calves and with the third tie I tied it from the calf to my thigh area, ooooooooo ever so tight. I couldn’t move my legs one inch. The tightness was just overwhelming, such a feeling of pleasure. Ripple upon ripple of it starting from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, mmmmmm. Now for the final touch I yanked the tights right up to the tie around my breasts.

Now I was bound up at the ankles, my calves my thighs and my breasts, mmmmmmmmm my god. I was ready for the final part. I was beginning to moan and pant with this excitement. I crouched right the way down; I was bent in two. I threw the duvet over myself, my head and body totally covered and I wriggled like fuck on that dildo. Panting hard and groaning loudly, I felt myself cuming. I wanted to stop but couldn’t. The feeling of being bonded was so exciting. I wriggled and wriggled; kept thinking of myself in chains in Master’s sack within the box and this made me wriggle even more. The excitement overpowered me and I felt my pussy muscles tighten and I just cum and cum and kept on cuming, ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yes. This was beyond belief I still kept cumming. I screamed and panted sooooooooo hard. I never thought this could be so pleasurable. I took ages to calm myself down and then slowly release my ties.

'Duvet Wrapped'

I carefully laid out the items I was going to use which were two pair tights; one for legs and the other for upper body. One stocking for head; the duvet cover and the dildo. I sat on the bed just glancing at the tights that were carefully laid out. The light shining on them they looked so silky and I couldn’t wait to get these on so I slowly put one foot in and then the other. They glided up my smooth legs easily and I let them lie just below my knees because I wanted to insert the dildo before yanking them right up. I got the other pair of tights and slipped them over my head and pulled them over my shoulders, put my arms into the legs and then pulled them down over my breasts and down to my waist. I look into the mirror and just gazed at myself.

I could see my large nipples through the material this aroused me and the tightness aroused me even more. I then got the see thru silky stocking and pulled it over my head it was very tight but it gave me such a thrill. I lay on my bed and fondled my body, god the silkiness of the tights felt good as my hands run all over them. So silky and smooth and so tight, waves of ecstasy running through my entire body. Shivers down my spine and my pussy tingling and throbbing. I played with my clit for a while before inserting the dildo; I wedged it into my tight wet pussy and then pulled the tights up as far as they would go and they met the tights of my upper body, mmmmm. I was encased in this feeling of silkiness and tightness. I slid to the bottom of my bed then placed the duvet over me I wrapped it around myself tightly and then I thought of my Master helping me into the trunk which he had padded out for me. He pushed me down and I was almost bent in half. My legs bent, my head against my knees; I was ready for the lid to be slammed down. I was in total darkness. I knew I had a time limit so I wriggled on that dildo.

I was becoming so excited I thought I was in space; as I wriggled and wriggled ripples of pleasure gushing through me. My pussy was on fire, I was sweating through the silky material, panting hard. The more I panted with pleasure the more excited I became because I knew I had not much air left. That was it I started to have a enormous orgasm and my body shuddered and I cummmmmm, so fucking much. I was gasping for air as I kept cuming but couldn’t release myself until I had finished this most amazing orgasm, mmmmmmmmm it was soooooooooo good. I then unwrapped the duvet cover, got the stocking off my head quickly, and just sat for a minute or too getting my breath back.

Forever wet for you Ian

Love Diane xxx



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