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Away On Business 6: More Duvet Roll

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; fantasy; pantyhose; scarves; bagged; zipbag; encase; breathplay; cupboard; fist; voy; mast; climax; cons; X

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WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies. Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

(A selection of erotic emails)

Away on Business – Volume 6

'More Duvet Roll'

As I lay naked upon my bed I felt myself shiver and tremble with pleasure at what lay ahead. As I gazed at the items I had carefully laid out on the bottom of the bed, I felt that tingle flow through the whole of my body. Just lying there, dressing myself in my mind those bondage items. After several minutes of just relaxing and fondling myself, feeling the curves of my body and my fingers running over my nipples, which were as hard as rocks and running my hand right along the crack of my wet pussy. I thought of you Master and it was you that was going to get me ready for the big thrill that was about to occur. I sat up on the bed and picked up the first pair of tights and slowly put my feet into them, and then slowly eased them right the way up passed my knees and over my thighs then pulled them right up to my waist. I stepped off the bed and looked into the mirror, whilst I slipped the second pair of tights over my head and shoulders, put my arms thru the legs and pulled it down to my waist.

I could see my nipples which were almost poking thru the silky material they were so hard. I posed in the mirror for a short while before slipping the stocking mask over my head, god it was so tight, squashing my eyes almost shut. I could just see myself, admiring the sensuous sight of my whole body wrapped in black lycra. I stepped back to the bed and picked up the first tie which I put around my ankles, already I was becoming very aroused. My body already sweating from the tightness of the tights against my skin, then with the second tie, I bound my knees together. My arousal becoming more intense, such pleasure which I didn’t want to end. I picked up the third tie, squeezed my thighs together and tied them very tightly so I couldn’t move them at all. I managed to get myself up from the bed and hobble to the mirror to have one final glance at myself, god I felt so fucking horny at the sight of my bound body.

I hobbled back to the bed and very slowly encased myself in the duvet cover. I rolled myself over and over in it so it was like a cocoon. I was trapped in there for as long as I wanted to be; now it began. The wriggling about to try and relieve myself; my pussy wet and on fire my clitty throbbing. I managed to throw my body onto my tummy and grind my pussy deep into the mattress. I was desperate to cum but kept holding it back, the more I wriggled the hotter I was becoming. I could hardly breathe as I panted hard, my body sweating at the heat inside that duvet. I knew air was running out fast, so I continued to delve my pussy into the mattress, wriggling and writhing my body like an eel up and down, side to side. I wanted to open my legs and bend my knees but couldn’t, those ties were sooo tight.

I then thought of Master watching me and helping me into that plastic case and zipping it shut. It was at that moment that I began to climax, jeez my whole body on fire, gasping for air, my pussy muscles tightening right the way up. Then it was as if I was floating I cum and cum and cum, my body tossing about as best I could; the bed rattling and springs creaking loudly. Oh my god such utter excitement. I then quickly wriggled out of the duvet and whipped my mask off quickly and gulped in the air.

'Black Bin Bagger'

As I looked at the two black plastic bags laid out on my bed, I wondered what these were going to feel like. Wondered if I could go through with it; and the more I thought about it the more curious I became and decided yes this must be done. I got one of my pillows and put it into the middle of the bed, because that is how I was going to work myself off on. I stripped naked and got the bags one by one and opened them out of their creases. They did look very inviting. I stepped into the first one hitching it up to my waist and looked in the mirror. As I stood there gazing ay myself I could feel the plastic starting to mould to the warmth of my lower body. This felt good I thought to myself, mmmmmmmmm. I then slipped onto the bed for a few minutes enjoying the sensation this plastic was giving me. Sending ripples of pleasure through my body, my pussy was tingling and becoming wet I started to play with my pussy to get me more aroused.

My juices dripping onto my fingers. By this time the plastic was sticking to my body such a lovely feeling as I became more and more aroused. Now for the second bag.  I unruffled it put it over my head and pulled it down over my shoulders and over past my breasts. The plastic against my nipples gave me immense pleasure as it started to cling to me. I pulled it right down to my waist to meet the bottom bag it fitted quite snugly around my waist because it clung against my body. Now everything was trapped inside; I was encased in black plastic. Such a turn on; my body heat making it stick more. My Master was right when he said plastic bags give so much pleasure. As I hobbled towards the bed and lay on my back, I could hear myself breathing hard. A little frightened at first, but then I remembered Master's golden rule don’t panic.

So I brought my breathing under control and I felt the bag moving as I inhaled and exhaled. God, I was in heaven; I have never experienced anything like this before, utter pleasure. Knowing I didn’t have much time, I managed to twist myself over onto my tummy; lifted my head up so I could feel the bag going in and out with each of my breaths. My pussy on the corner of the pillow which was bunched up and I started to move to and fro on it mmmmmmmmmm. That feeling of the plastic against my pussy which was banging into the pillow mmmmmm. The sound of my panting and the feel of the plastic sticking to my skin I began to cum. Breathing hard, gasping, jeez I couldn’t hold back this orgasm.

My body jerked and shuddered the bed shook, as I had the most amazing orgasm. The plastic stuck to my whole body and face. My body wringing wet, I wriggled and writhed like never before. I was literally gasping for air; I quickly got the top bag off. It was stuck to my skin almost melting. Then I took several breaths of fresh air. I still hadn’t finished cuming, so I left the bottom bag on until my orgasm had finished. Oh divine; how much I cum mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I then removed the bottom bag peeling if off my body, part of it soaked with all of my juices.

'Plastic Bed Corner'

After chatting with my Master last night he managed, yet again, make me feel very horny. He never fails to turn me on time after time, so I knew I would have to play to relieve myself of this sexual desire to get rid of the frustration that was built up inside me. I prepared the bed by taking off the duvet cover which was later going to be on my back to give the weight of the feeling of Master's body behind me. I then got the plastic black sack and very carefully tucked it into the end of the mattress by the corner. Already I felt the excitement within me juices trickling past my pussy lips; my nipples sticking out and hard. Shivers down my spine at the thought of Master fucking me from behind. I stood back for a moment and just looked at that plastic sack and wondering what it was going to feel like rubbing my clitty and pussy on it. Becoming more aroused at the thought, I then got my dressing gown chord and tied it to the wheel of the bottom end of my bed, looping it round securely and then wrapped the other end around my ankles tying it into a tight knot.

There was no way my feet could come out. My ankle bones rubbing together. I then got the other dressing gown chord and hobbled up to the top end of the bed and looped it around the bed wheel and then around my wrists and tied it in a knot again my wrists very securely tied. No escape, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm; becoming more excited I stood against the corner of the mattress and rubbed my pussy very lightly up and down along the plastic. God the feeling was absolutely beautiful. I did this for some considerable time just savouring this utter pleasure. My eyes closed as I moved up and down; already my juices dripping onto that plastic still rubbing my pussy up and down. My clitty on fire and swollen I was sooooo aroused. I bent over the bed further so my tits were running along the mattress. God my nipples were so hard as I brushed them along, lightly sending ripple upon ripple of pleasure all through my naked body. I started to moan softly trying desperately to hold back an orgasm which I felt coming on. I stopped for a few moments remembering what Master had said hold back.

After holding back on the first orgasm I started to rub my clitty on the corner again. Light strokes slowly up and down, my clit was throbbing and hard, as were my nipples as I brushed them across the top of the bed. I changed from rubbing my pussy to rubbing my thighs against the mattress first one thigh and then the other. I felt the wetness of my juices between my legs as I continued this rubbing of thighs, mmmmmmm felt so good. My arousal becoming stronger again. I was almost cuming for a second time. My panting and moaning becoming more intense. I knew at this point I had to stop again and get ready for the next phase which was the thought of Master fucking me from behind. I managed to put the duvet which was folded in half for  a heavier weight onto my back and in my mind it was your body Master, just about to take me from behind, mmmmmmm. Boy oh boy, I crouched to the corner of the mattress, stood on tiptoes and started to rub myself harder on that plastic covered corner.

The friction on my clitty driving me insane; rubbing myself up and down, up and down. My tits knocking against the bed as I grabbed one side of the mattress with my tied hands. My legs parted slightly from the knees upwards. I could feel my arousal building up to a higher extreme. I was sweating and panting, gasping with excitement then I just couldn’t hold back any longer. Jeez I pounded that corner sooooooo hard almost screaming as my tits knocked against the mattress. My pussy knocking hard against that plastic. The feeling of that plastic on my pussy was something else. It was saturated with my juices as I continued to rock against it. The orgasm was rising and rising and then it came with a force. My heart pounding and my pussy working hard I cummmmmmmmm god didn’t I cummmmmmmmmmmm. My whole body shuddering and shaking. The bed moved a few inches I cummm so hard. Loud moans and groans, heavy breathing; I thought I was never going to stop. I didn’t want to stop. The sheer delight this pleasure was giving me. I slowed down my movement, but still rubbing against that corner for ages afterwards just rubbing gently until I finally stopped cumming.

'Fist Of Fun'

By the time I had looked at the pictures you sent me last night and our conversation on chat, I was very very wet. My clitty was throbbing like hell and my heart pounding. So I stripped naked and slipped into bed, my mind was full of you and the things you were going to do to me mmmmmmm. I lay on my back stretched out my legs straight and concentrated real hard and I could feel that Master was here with me.  My hands ran up and down my body caressing my shoulders then down to my breasts rolled my fingers around my nipples that were already erect and hard. I ran my fingers underneath my breasts then down to the curve of my waist down to my hips and thighs then down to my calves and ankles; then slowly made my way back up my body again. I repeated this several times. My body oozed sex and it was now to concentrate on my aching pussy longing for some sort of penetration so I stroked my pubic hair and up and down the crack of my dribbling pussy.

I could feel the juices on my pussy lips as I started to play with my hot throbbing clit mmmmmm I was in heaven. As I became more aroused I put on my plastic glove, I brought my knees up and parted my legs slightly and inserted two fingers into my sopping lovehole frigging myself slowly and very gently. Turning my head from side to side and moaning with delight and as I parted my legs more I inserted another finger. Three fingers and still frigging slowly and gently. I could feel the waves of pleasure rippling through my whole body becoming more and more excited; almost cumming in fact. I didn’t want to come yet because I wanted my pussy to take the whole fist so I stopped frigging and left my three fingers soaking in my juices while I just relaxed and thought of Master and what he would do to me. All that kissing, lapping and fucking. God, that’s a turn on in itself. After a few minutes, I slowly started frigging again, my three fingers moving further and further up.

Moving them from side to side, investigating the inside of my tight pussy. I was starting to pant and groan quite loudly with excitement now my bum lifting right up as my fingers moved right the way up to the hilt. Time to fit in the fourth finger; ouch, it hurt a little but managed to slide it up to meet the other three fingers mmmmmmmmm. Fucking hell, frigging with four fingers; what a feeling. I started to frig harder and faster I was almost cuming. I grabbed a hold of my thigh and moved it outwards as I now inserted my thumb and slowly eased it up to meet the other four fingers. My hand shaped like an umbrella was all deep inside my hot wet pussy. I frigged hard as my pussy muscles began to tighten. Jeez and then I almost reached the ceiling; my legs in the air my bum pointing upwards my back arched way up I started to have the most amazing orgasm. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I shouted loudly as my pussy muscles drew the whole of my hand up. The painful feeling subsided as pleasure took over and I tossed about wildly cumming and cumming. Never thought I would stop cumming, wowwwweeeeeeeeee what a climax. My pussy twitched for ages afterwards, and when I eventually stopped cumming I withdrew my hand slowly, and removed the glove which was drenched with my cum. I was almost tempted to do this again but decided I would call it a night.

'Tightly Bagged'

As I looked at the pictures that my Master had sent me, I could feel the arousal rise up my body. My clitty hot and wet, and my pussy sending tingles through my every nerve; and with the two black plastic bags and two pillowcases ready on the bed I proceeded to get into them. First the bottom bag I stepped into this very gingerly, the feel of the plastic next to my soft warm skin. I could feel it clinging to me as I bent my legs and nestled into it. Getting me more aroused I slid myself onto the bed and then put the bottom half of my body into one of the pillowcases then got the second bag and put it over my head gently pulling it down past my shoulders and over my breasts. Within a few seconds this too was clinging to my face and skin. I felt so wet and horny by this time; my sweet juices trickling down from my pussy onto that bottom bag mmmmm. If Master saw that he would be sooo turned on.

I then pulled the top bag right down to my waist, quickly slipped the pillow case over my head on top of the plastic bag and got my dressing gown cord and tied it around my waist securing the bags and the pillowcases. I was well trapped inside and only had moments of air. I could feel the plastic bag drawing in and out of my mouth as I started to pant. My pussy muscles were working hard as I wriggled about like an eel tossing myself on the mattress. My gasps becoming deeper; I could feel my nipples rubbing along the mattress through the plastic bag as I tossed from side to side. Up and down; the mattress springs were creaking and moving up and down rapidly. The bed shaking. I was going wild now with excitement. Sweating, gasping for air which I knew was running out. The bag clinging to my body. I could feel the wetness from my hot breath on the plastic. Gasp, gasp, gaaaaaaaaaasp; oh my god.

I then let my pussy muscles take over; they tightened. I gasped again screaming with ecstasy. Jeez I was cumming and cumming and cumming so much I thought I was going to explode with excitement. I could feel my hair was wet with sweat as I still kept cumming, woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I quickly ripped off the top pillowcase and bag which was saturated with my sweat and got my breath back before removing the bottom bag and pillowcase which was saturated in my cum.

'Slavegirl’s New Zip Bag'

God Master, I have never in my life experienced anything like the plastic bag play. Jeez my head was spinning. The moment I felt the plastic in my hand I knew this was going to be the ultimate experience as described by my Master. I slowly got undressed not taking my eyes off the plastic bag carefully laid out on the bed. Already my clitty was throbbing but I wasn’t going to rush this and managed to calm my sexual feelings down a tad. I felt a shiver go through the whole of my body. I was trembling with excitement. I took the bag from the bed and sniffed the newness of it, mmmmmmm such a wonderful smell. My cheeks were flushed as I rubbed the plastic all over my face. I stepped in front of the mirror and put the plastic to my skin; first my neck and shoulders, down past my breasts which made me let out a huge sigh of pleasure. God what a feeling.

Slowly moving it further down my body the plastic was all warm from my body temperature I ran it down my tummy around my thighs down my legs to my feet and then all the way up again. It was a wonderful sight as I watched this in the mirror. My eyes lit up and ripples of pleasure rushed through me. This went on for several minutes just touching my body with it. With one hand now on my pussy and legs slightly parted, I began to rub and pat pussy softly and slowly and the other hand still running the plastic all over me. Jeez what pleasure; my juices were flowing as I still kept gazing into the mirror. I then put the plastic between my legs and rubbed it up and down my pussy crack mmmmmmmmmmmm. Now was the time to attempt to get into it. I laid the bag carefully on the bed all spread out ready to step into. I stopped for a few moments and just imagined myself inside. Was I really going to be inside it at long last? Yes this wasn’t a dream I was going to be inside it for real.

I got a piece of ribbon and attached it to the zipper. I then stepped into the bag and very slowly got to my knees; bent them right up and then nestled my bum into the corner of one end, mmmmmmmm. God that feel of plastic against my lower body was indescribable it felt soooooooo damn good. I felt a few drops of my juices trickling down my inner thigh and my clitty was throbbing like hell. I very slowly eased my heaving breast with erect nipples down; my nipples touching my knees. I was so turned on; I could feel the plastic starting to stick to my lower body. God how I love that feeling, absolutely sensational mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I was moaning softly with pleasure as I started to bring my shoulders down. It was quite a tight squeeze and waited for a couple of minutes savouring the joy of this wonderful substance next to my skin.

Clinging to it with the warmth of my body which felt as though it was on fire, especially my pussy. I could feel the muscles pulsating in and out mmmmmmmmmmmm wow. I was time now to curl my neck right down and position my head, oooooo such a tight squeeze but felt good. With one hand on my pussy, I started to frig myself a little. Two fingers, in, out, in, out mmmmmmm. I was burning up I knew I had to get my head right the way down in the foetal position and zip the bag up. Still frigging with two fingers in my wet lovehole, I started to zip the bag up. Half way at first; controlled my breathing, and gradually zipped it up more. Three quarters the way done up now. The whole bag was clinging to me ever so tight, already misted up with condensation mmmmmmmmm. Now to zip it up all the way, counting down three-two-one yes. All zipped in I was. No air whatsoever now ooooooooo it felt so good. I was soooooooo excited. As I panted the plastic moved in and out; I could hardly see out of the plastic it was all steamed up wow.

I continued to frig madly, my body rolling about all over the place. I thought I was going to burst with the feeling of pleasure, god. I managed to hold back the first orgasm but the second one I just had to let it all go, arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed as I cum. Me in the bag tossing all over the place, cumming and cumming and I was gasping for air. Wasn’t sure how much was left but didn’t really care at that point and I had the most massive orgasm. Oh my god Master you should have seen me in that bag I was like a wild crazed woman cummming for my life. My gasps were so great I had a mouthful of plastic as I still kept cumming. I had to undo the zipper quickly and fought for breath as released myself. Phew, what an unbelievable experience and all thanks to my Master. He came up trumps once again with his great idea.

'Bagged In The Cupboard'

After reading Master’s horny story, I was already wet and ready for a very exciting play. I prepared my plastic bag, unfolding it all and laid it on the floor running my hands over it hard to get out the creases. I prepared the duvet and the pillow laying it beside the bag, and put the clock just outside the cupboard so I could time myself. My body was hot with pleasure and my breasts were swollen, and nipples erect with the sexual thoughts running through my mind. The excitement of being in that bag once again sent waves and shivers of pleasure like electric shocks from the top of my head right the way down to the tips of my toes. I dragged the bag near to the small space on the bottom of the airing cupboard and very gingerly stepped into it taking the duvet with me so I could stuff it into every spare bit of space near my feet and legs. With my legs and my bum nestled into the bottom corner of the bag I tucked the end of the duvet around my ankles legs and bum and in between my legs.

Now that was all securely in place I brought my body down so it laid on the bottom side of the bag; then taking the duvet and stuffing it around every space around my middle body. I eased my shoulders in wrapped the duvet around them then with the remaining bit of duvet I stuffed behind my neck.

I pulled the ribbon of the zipper onto the inside of the plastic, put the pillow over my face, and with one hand got hold of the ribbon and zipped the bag half way along. I bent my head right down to my chest. God I was so tightly padded in it was giving me such a thrill. My other hand was caressing my pussy and I was very much aroused and started to pant with excitement. Already I was trying to wriggle the best I could. I pulled the zipper almost shut then rolled myself into the small space at the bottom of the cupboard. Darkness in there, my god, so exciting though. I was sweating and the bag was already steamed up with my panting. I was almost cumming but managed to stop myself. When I was deep inside that cupboard I then zipped the bag right the way shut, glanced at the clock, and then I wriggled like hell. I could feel my body banging against the side of the cupboard as I frigged myself into oblivion. I knew there wasn’t much air because I was gasping. I must have sounded as though I had asthma, gasp gasp, ahhhhhhhhhh.

This lasted for a couple of minutes while I still kept cumming, shaking myself from side to side. I could feel my cum juices all over my fingers. The bag was so steamed up I couldn’t see out of it. Good job I had all the padding in that bag otherwise I would have been very badly bruised from all the wriggling and shaking about. Oh my god the feeling was absolutely sensational jeez. Air was running out; I could hardly breathe. Had to get out of there quickly. I quickly tugged on the ribbon and unzipped the bag. I glanced at the clock; three minutes had gone by. I lifted my head up and still gasping I sat there for a couple more minutes to get my breathing back to normal and then stepped out of the bag, removing the pillow and duvet. Jeez another successful thrill of a lifetime that was and I was one satisfied slavegirl.

All my love and juices




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