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Away On Business 7: The Bag Revisited

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; FF; M/ff; fantasy; pantyhose; lycra; scarves; straps; bagged; zipbag; encase; breathplay; doll; oral mast; climax; cons; X

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WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies. Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

(A collection of horny emails)

Away on Business – Volume 7

'The Bag Revisited'

You should have seen the excitement in my face as I laid that plastic bag out. My hormones were racing, my juices beginning to flow. I felt so aroused I knew this play was going to be the best I had ever had. I was already naked and I glanced in the mirror and gazed at myself I could see all the signs of arousal; my cheeks were flushed as was my upper chest my nipples were standing out like twin peaks. My eyes twinkling with lust and my pupils dilated. My hand went down to my pussy to feel the wetness; my clit was protruding and throbbing, god I was soooooooooo aroused. I scuffled quickly to the bottom of my bed where the bag was laid out ready beside it was the duvet cover and the two pillows in readiness. I just stood there staring at it and the thoughts that I would soon be in there all scrunched up sent waves of pleasure through my entire body. I was ready to step into it; this I did very slowly. As soon as my feet touched that plastic I realised just how much I had missed this feeling and as I slowly lowered myself in further with that plastic touching my naked skin it sent my clitty on fire.

I could feel drops of my juices trickling down between my legs wetting my pubic hairs. I was trembling with delight. I nestled my bum into one corner positioned my legs; oh god that plastic was sticking to my skin already. What a feeling mmmmmmmm. I got one pillow and tucked in behind my bum to cover every inch of that bottom corner. Then wrapped the duvet around my lower body making sure every bit of space was covered. I lowered the rest of my body in very slowly, just enjoying the feel of the plastic next to my skin. Such a feeling one cannot describe but turned me on immensely. By this time I was so aroused I had to stop my pussy muscles from twitching; I could have easily cum there and then but wanted this pleasure of the bag to never end mmmmmmmmm. I then lowered my shoulders and bent my head just low enough so I was able to tuck the other pillow in behind my neck. Very carefully I got into position, pulled the pillow around my neck. It was such a tight squeeze but managed to cram it in. Now for the zip; I pulled it very gingerly and closed it half way.

Tucked my head right in, took several deep breaths and slowly very slowly zipped the bag right the way up. Now I was all snuggled in, noooooo space whatsoever. The whole of the bag was stretched to the utmost limit. As I zipped the bag tightly shut my pussy muscles started twitching again, my clitty red hot. I could see the bag steaming up with my hot breath. Oh my god such a snug feeling I was in seventh heaven. I wriggled the best I could to try and reach orgasm. It didn’t take long; I could feel the plastic going in and out of my mouth with each of my pants mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I was cuming and I knew I couldn’t hold it back because air was running out. I knew this because I was absolutely gasping.

The bag almost fell off the bottom of the bed as I wriggled like fuck. I managed to roll it over with the force of my orgasm, jeez. It then rocked to and fro; bloody hell what an orgasm, best ever. I suddenly felt I couldn’t breathe any more, so I quickly undid the zip. Only a little way so that I could finish cumming. My god didn’t I cum; I was like a wild woman who hadn’t cum for months. All those juices saved up, woweeeeeeeee. The bag was well steamed up and the duvet cover saturated with my sweat and my juices.

'Bathtime Fun'

Yes Master you did it again; made me soooooooooooo wet I could hardly wait to rush upstairs and relieve this ache I have for you, to release all my tensions. As I ran my bath and poured in loads of bubble bath I slowly got undressed with your words pounding in my head making me feel wetter by the second. I stepped into the bath and lowered myself down amongst the bubbles I could already feel myself relaxing. I lay down with my head on the back of the bath, the bubbly water cascading to and fro across my breasts. I ran my hand from my breasts downwards, softly running my fingers all over my smooth skin. In my mind it was your hands exploring every crevice of my body, mmmmmmm. I was in heaven; not a thing could disturb my thoughts of you making love to me. I ran my two fingers up and down the crack of my throbbing pussy. Up and down, and then over my pubic hair. I had my thumb over my clitty which was growing very red and swollen and throbbing madly.

I moaned softly in my mind wanting you so so much to be lapping at my inviting hot pussy lips. They were on fire as I  rolled my two fingers around my clitty hood, gently teasing it, patting it mmmmmmmm heaven. Becoming more aroused I started to insert two fingers at the entrance to my pussy hole, frigging gently. With the hot water and the steam in the bathroom and being aroused so much my face was covered in beads of sweat I started to pant with pleasure. I had the picture of your cock in my head and to this end I inserted my two fingers further up my pussy hole. I could feel the sticky juices on my fingers as I started to frig a little harder. My fingers travelling further and further up my hot lovehole; my breathing became heavier and I was uttering your name, and thinking of your cock. I had to insert a third finger, oh my god.

I frigged harder moaning with each stroke upwards. The bath water was rippling to and fro; by this time I was very aroused. I lifted my right leg right up on the side of the bath, put my flannel underneath my bum to stop me slipping as my body began to move faster and faster. I frigged myself senseless; jeez I was like a wild woman possessed. I felt my pussy muscles beginning to tighten. My three fingers inside me right up to the hilt and then I started to cum. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and didn’t I cum Master. My body shuddering, the bath water splashing all over the place almost cascading over the side. My orgasm was so intense I almost slipped under the water. Wow haven’t cum like that in ages. My orgasm must have last about three mins before I released my sticky cum filled fingers and lowered my leg back into the bath. Then with a satisfied feeling, I just laid back and relaxed.

'Dolly Cums Too'

After Master left Dolly feeling so wet and turned on, she couldn’t wait to prepare for her play. Her pussy was flowing juices and her clitty swollen and on fire she started to think of the things she would need to lay out ready for her long await exciting playtime. With a big wide grin on her face and her eyes sparkling with desire, she proceeded to get the three ties from the drawer and as she pulled them out she pulled them through her fingers several times and then laid them out on the bed. She toddled over to the other draw where those silky tights were and took out two pairs of Diane’s tights. She rubbed them up and down her naked body, teasing her breasts; running them to and fro over them, the silkiness causing her nipples to become hard and erect and feeling tingles shoot through her body she laid them down on the bed.

As dolly went to get the plastic bag from the cupboard she stopped for a moment and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She thought she saw her Master behind her, watching her every move and could almost feel his breath on the back of her neck. This sent a shudder down her spine and she closed her blue eyes and purred as her ickle hands fondled her breasts and then ran up and down the curves of her body. She was sooooooo turned on; her pale skinned body flushed pink showing sins of arousal rushing through her veins. Dolly took the bag from the cupboard and teased her body with it. The feel of that plastic arousing her even more. She rubbed it all over her body; her body heat making it cling to her naked skin. She was almost bursting with desire and knew she had to now start to dress herself. She slipped on the lycra tights on her feet and slowly up her legs up past her thighs and then pulled them even tighter up past her waist.

After pausing for several moments and relishing the feel of the silkiness next to her skin, she reached for the first tie and tied her ickle ankles tightly. She picked up the next tie and ran it back n forth over her knees before tying them together tightly. Dolly was getting more and more aroused; the feeling of the tightness mmmmmmmm. She now had to deal with her top half; with the other pair of tights with a hole in the crutch she slowly pulled it over her head over her ears down to her shoulders then put her arms thru the legs of the tights and then covered her tits which were now like twin peaks. She hobbled to the mirror to have one last look before placing the bag over her. There she was all in  black lycra, what a sight mmmmmmm. You could see her hard nipples standing out through that silky material, and already a damp patch forming on the crotch of the tights where her wanton pussy was dripping with her sweet juices.

She hobbled back to the bed, got the see thru plastic bag held it in her hand and started to take several deep breaths before placing the bag over her head. She stopped for a moment again, picked up the third tie, pulled the bag over her eyes, past her nose down past her shoulders, over her swelling tits and down to her waist. She got the third tie and tied it around her waist pushing the bag tightly under the tie so no air could possibly get in. Now she was ready for some serious controlled breathing. She could feel the bag between her lips as she breathed in; she could see the condensation forming as she started to work her tight pussy muscles, in and out, in and out. Her body was tossing and wriggling about.

The sweat was pouring off of her as she started panting. More condensation was forming as the air was running out. She couldn’t see thru the bag anymore all steamed up. Her pussy working harder; she tossed her from side to side. She was nearly cumming, hardly any air left now. She knew she didn’t have long. Wallowing in those last few moments, she panted and gasped; struggling to get her breath her pussy muscles tightened right the way up. She was tossing about violently now, still cumming. Oceans of juices dripping and the tights were saturated with her cum. She pulled the bag off quickly and struggled to get her breath as the fresh air hit her. Still panting and gasping she was. After several minutes her breathing slowed down and her heart rate back to normal. She undid her ties and took her sodden tights off and just lay there thinking of the pleasure she had just experienced. She never had known  anything like this before and had never experienced such pleasurable and erotic play. All thanks to her master.

'Ridge Rider'

After looking at Master's mails, I began to feel more and more excited. My pussy was on fire and dripping wet the excitement almost too much to bear. I left the pictures on my screen whilst I began to prepare my things for play. Every couple of minutes stopping and looking at the girl in that magnificent box wishing it was me. I stripped naked; already my chest was pink, which is a sign that I was burning with desire for what lay ahead. My breasts swollen and heaving and my nipples very erect. I laid out the black lycra tights, a long dressing gown cord which would be used as a tie and the plastic bag. I laid them carefully on the bed and pulled back the undersheet on the bed to expose that corner with the ridge that was to give me such pleasure. Still glancing at my pc where those pictures were, I read thru Master’s story again.

I found it very hard to control myself; still staring at those bag piccies. I began fondling my body; it seemed as though my every nerve and sinew was on fire. All that lust within me was about to be released. I picked up the tights from the bed, slipped them thru my fingers several times before stepping into them and easing them up gently all the way up my legs. My skin was tingling as I felt that silkiness glide up. I glanced at my screen again ogling those box pictures; rushes of excitement rushing through me. I got the tie and carefully placed it around my calves tied it tightly and then brought the rest of the tie and bound it around my thighs and tied that end tightly. My god I couldn’t move at all, my legs were bound so tightly it almost restricted my blood flow. I was already at the bottom of the bed and I got up on my haunches then nestled myself on that corner.

With my pc screen in full view I looked at the pics not taking my eyes of them as I started to tease my clitty softly against the hard ridge. My juices were trickling down and already there was wetness on the mattress. I began moaning softly as I rubbed my pussy up and down very very slowly mmmmmmm. The pleasure was indescribable. I cupped my tits in my hands and massaged them around and around, running my fingers over the nipples which were sticking out like twin peaks. I began tweaking them which sent shivers through my entire body.

I purposely didn’t put tights on my upper half because I wanted to feel that plastic next to my bare skin. As I started to push my pussy harder against the ridge the friction was giving me so much pleasure I wanted to cum but there again I wanted this pleasure to last as long as I could. I managed to hold back my first orgasm; hard as it was I managed to control myself and slow down a tad. I stopped momentarily and thought of Master behind me watching my every move. I imagined him starting to play with himself and I could almost hear him groaning with ecstasy behind me, as I started to move up and down again. I desperately wanted to move my legs apart but they were bound so tightly I could not move a muscle. As I started to push my throbbing pussy up and down once again, the ridge of the mattress was soaked with my juices; my body started shuddering again as I was reaching orgasm for a second time.

God it was sooooooooo hard to control myself but I managed to stop again knowing that the next time I would not be able to control myself from cumming. I took a final glance at Master’s piccies and knew it wouldn’t be long before I reached climax. So it was then that I realised I must put on the plastic bag, and with my pussy resting on that corner I got the plastic bag and rubbed it all over my top half getting the feel of it. Ohhhhhh that plastic against my skin made me tremble with anticipation and as I fucked the corner ridge pounding it hard I moaned and panted loudly, as I imagined Master behind me wanking himself against my back and bum. I then slipped the bag over my head and pulled it down to my waist.  I began to cum; my body shuddered and writhed bucking hard I tried to look at the piccies but the bag was steaming up fast. I was panting and gasping hard wanting my legs to be free but couldn’t move them at all. As my thoughts drifted to Master again, I could imagine his rock hard cock spurting all that creamy spunk onto my back on the plastic, mmmmmmmmmmm.

I felt as though my mind was going to blow up as I cum sooooooooooo hard. The bed shaking; in fact it moved a few inches, as I pounded hard, my hands grabbed the mattress and almost ripping it as I still kept cumming. My mouth drawing in the plastic as I gasped and gasped oh my god. My heart pounding so hard I thought it was going to explode. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many minutes I was cumming for but this was so damn good. I ripped the bag off quickly and just stay there at that corner getting my breath back, but still I found myself rubbing my pussy against that corner bringing my orgasm to a finish, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm; that was really one hell of a play.

'Vicky’s Lesson'

I lay on the bed next to Vicky we were both completely naked. We lay down and we were chatting, she was telling me about her likes and dislikes and about her parents etc. but all the while she was talking to me; I was looking at her beautiful young body. So smooth and silky, her hair so long and silky which fell into curls as it flowed over her little rosebud titties. As she continued to chat I started to play with her hair running my fingers through it and twiddling it around my fingers.

I moved closer to her; smooth taut skin next to mine which sent tingles through my body. Just looking at her perfectly formed body turned me on so much I wanted her more than I had wanted anyone before. She was so young and innocent looking. I leaned over her and kissed her eyelids and then seeing her delicious red lips I put my lips to hers and I was surprised that she responded with great feeling. She certainly knew how to kiss; I asked her if she liked kissing a woman and she replied ‘it’s wonderful I never knew it would be so good’, and with that our kiss became more passionate. We probed each others mouths with tongues; god this ickle girl turned me on big time. She lay moaning softly as my mouth went to her neck, her ears, and then down to her beautiful little breasts. I took one breast into my hand and brought it to my lips and I teased her nipple until it was hard before taking it into my mouth and suckling on it.

She was loving it; I could tell because her ickle body was wriggling like an eel she was getting excited. Still holding her breast, I ran my tongue down her tummy and then down to her silky pink slit. She murmured to me ‘ohhhhhhhhh that is so good’. Taking my hand from her breast, I stroked her thighs and slightly opened her legs. I noticed her beautiful smooth pink slit as my tongue licked her inner thighs, then down to her calves. I lifted up one leg and put her ickle foot to my mouth and licked between each of her cute little toes, underneath her foot then held the other leg and did the same to that. Bringing my tongue all the way up her smooth leg to her inner thigh again. I then ran my hands all over her body. She just lay there lapping it all up moaning and groaning with pleasure. I asked her if she had ever had her pussy licked by anyone. She said ‘no’, but I would love to have it done. I assured her that she would adore it.

It was then that my tongue went to her slit; god such a lovely smooth n shiny split. I parted her legs a little more, she lifted her head and looked at me as my tongue started to lick all along it, and jeez she was so wet. I could taste her juices and I began to lick her more meaningfully, my tongue lapping against her. As my tongue started to enter her tight wet slit, I had waves of pleasure running through me. My clitty was on fire and throbbing madly; my tongue worked faster and harder it went all the way inside her mmmmmmm, she tasted so good. I could tell she wasn’t far off cumming because she was writhing about, her thighs tightening against my head. Then she let out a loud whimpering scream, as her pussy muscles tightened and her body shuddered against me. She was out of control as she cummmmmmm sooooooooo hard. She screamed again and again with ecstasy, all her juices squirting into my mouth. God didn’t she spurt, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm; my god she did enjoy that.

When she had finished cumming I kissed her all over again, my lips and tongue everywhere all over her lovely body. I played with her hair, pulling it gently as I pulled her on top of me still kissing her. Almost devouring her she was so sweet and tasty mmmmmmmmm, I had to have her tongue in me now. At this moment she clambered down in between my legs. I looked up at her; her golden locks falling between my thighs as I felt her tongue licking my clitty button, oooooooooooo. She certainly knew how to use that tongue, it was as though she was experienced, the way she lapped at me.

As Vicky was still licking at me, sending me into oblivion, Master slid onto the bed, lifted Vicky’s bum up so she was on her knees and gently slid his huge cock slowly up her from behind. I shouted ‘don’t hurt her please’, but you slid it slowly up her ever so gently. She just let out a loud groan when you first put it up, but then she started to whimper with the pleasure as your rocked to and fro in and out of her pink wet tight slit. It didn’t put Vicky off still licking me; I could feel her little tongue feeling all around inside my pussy. I lifted my head to watch you fucking her. God what a sight it was; divine, watching that cock sliding in and out and the look on Vicky’s face. Mmmmmmm, her tongue lapped me faster and harder. She was almost biting me as she was starting to cum again. She sure loved your cock Master. All of a sudden she screamed your name as she cum. Her ickle body rocking back n forth and her tongue lashing at me more. I watched her face, and you gave her one last thrust. She could now feel you explode your warm spunk deep inside her and with that I couldn’t control myself any longer and I cum too. My god, all three of us cumming together; sooooooooooo good. We then all cuddled together as we calmed down and caressed each other, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

'Teacher’s Pets'

Vicky peeped through the curtains as she watched teacher drive away in his car to work. She grinned as she saw his car disappear out of sight; she was having very naughty thoughts and was feeling so damn horny. She crept into teacher’s bedroom and spotted Dolly lying on his bed. To see her lying there so innocently turned Vicky on more. She was about to use dolly to her advantage. As dolly saw Vicky enter the room she smiled such a sweet smile; little did she know that Vicky was going to have her wicked way with her. With this in mind Vicky stripped naked and lay down beside Dolly and played with her golden locks she looked so pretty and vivacious lying there. Vicky and Dolly talked a while; she wanted to know what teacher got up to with her.

Dolly told her everything, and while she was telling her Vicky was getting more and more turned on. Vicky suggested to Dolly that she could make her very happy and could satisfy her too and started to take Dolly’s pretty little clothes off, which teacher had dressed her up in. Vicky played with her golden locks which fell seductively around her shoulders. Her fingers running through it; it was so soft and silky. Vicky started to kiss Dolly, she kissed her hair then pulled it back gently and kissed her neck her face and then on her pretty little rosebud lips. Vicky could see that dolly was enjoying every second and as Vicky’s lips touched hers, she parted them and Vicky probed her tongue inside her mouth and her tongue chased Dolly’s, mmmmmmm. Vicky’s lips then started to kiss her upper chest and then onto her beautiful pert titties; and as Vicky started to lick and nibble Dolly’s nipples, she could see Dolly was aroused.

She was moaning softly, and her little head was turning from side to side as Vicky started to use her tongue now; running it all over her tummy and down to her silken smooth pussy. Vicky started to lick Dolly frantically; god she was so tasty. Dolly was muttering ‘oh yes yes more more Vicky’, and the more she muttered and moaned the more Vicky’s tongue lapped her, tasting Dolly’s sweet juices.

It didn’t take long for Dolly to cum, her little body writhing and wriggling. She arched her back and pushed her pussy right up tight, to Vicky’s face and her tongue went all the way up her tight hot pussy. She spurted and spurted and spurted in her mouth as she came hard, mmmmmmmmmm. Vicky then kissed Dolly again, so she could taste her own juices from Vicky’s mouth. Dolly sucked Vicky’s tongue and she could tell by her face that she loved it. Vicky then asked dolly to do the same to her, which she readily agreed to. Teacher had taught her well, how to perform; her tongue was all over Vicky, she was almost eating her. Mmmmmmmm Vicky was in heaven especially when Dolly’s tongue reached her pussy lips and dolly teased them with her tongue lapping like mad. Vicky was groaning quite loudly; Dolly was driving her wild with her tongue, and at that moment just as Vicky was almost cumming, she heard teachers car drive up.

It stopped, she heard the front door go; ‘oh what shall we do? asked Dolly. Vicky said ‘don’t stop now Dolly; anyway teacher will love what he is gonna see’. So Dolly continued to lap Vicky and they were conscious of the bedroom door opening and teacher's voice said ‘what have we here then? Hmmmm I am going to join you two’. Vicky and Dolly sniggered as teacher disrobed. They glanced at him and could see that he was already hard at the sight of Dolly licking Vicky. He came up to the bed pushed Dolly aside and mounted Vicky and thrust his hard cock up her cunt. Dolly was happy to watch; and watched teachers cock sliding in and out of Vicky’s hole. Dolly was enjoying what she saw and as teacher fucked Vicky hard, his balls slapping against her bum cheeks, Dolly started to play with her pussy.

Frigging herself fast; she frigged with one hand and with the other she fingered teachers bum, as he still continued to fuck Vicky faster; both of them panting and screaming with ecstasy. Dolly shouted to teacher ‘Vicky loves your cock, she can’t get enough of you, and she is your fuck bitch isn’t she’?  Teacher shouted ‘yes she is, but you are too Dolly and I’m gonna have you next’. Vicky screamed and arched her back as she began to cum and all hell let loose. Vicky cum hard, her juices spurting all over teachers throbbing cock. Teacher screamed too ‘I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum’, and with this he flooded Vicky’s tight hot wet cunt with sooooooooo much of his white creamy goo it ran down her inner thighs. Dolly seeing this frigged herself silly as she began to cum too; and her body banged against Vicky’s as she wriggled her way to orgasm.

Have missed you Darling,

with all my love and wetness

Diane, Dolly and Vicky



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