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Away On Business 10: Skin Tight Bagging

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; fantasy; pantyhose; bond; bagged; encase; plastic; cupboard; box; breathplay; tease; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

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WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies. Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

(A collection of horny emails)

Away on Business – Volume 10

'Skin Tight Bagging'

After hearing Master's description of how to get the ultimate of sexual pleasure, I couldn’t wait to act out his latest idea for me. The very thought of it had me so wet when we were talking about it. I had to try it that very night. I rummaged through my carrier bags to find the perfect one and to my amazement I found one that just fitted perfectly. I could feel tingles rush through me as I started to prepare. I rushed up the stairs, carrier bag in hand and went to my tights drawer and pulled out my black lycra tights with the hole made in the crotch so that it would fit on my head and down to my shoulders. I lay them on the bottom of the bed ready. I slipped off my nightie to reveal my very hard nipples and there was a damp patch on my nightie, where my juices had been dripping. So turned on already I was. I crouched at the bottom of the bed my pussy was absolutely on fire and sopping.

I removed the bottom sheet from the corner of the mattress and brushed my pussy up and down it very softly; just teasing myself. As my pussy scraped up and down that corner seam, I put one finger on my clitty button and played with that too, mmmmmmm. I was moaning with pleasure, getting wetter and wetter. I crouched further over the corner so that my tits were touching the mattress too. So with my tits scraping along the mattress and my pussy rubbing along hard and my finger playing with my clitty, I was getting more and more aroused. Hardly able to stop myself from cumming there and then. Now was the time to put the bag over my head and start to practice breathing. I got the bag and put it over my head and down to my shoulders and just let it hang loosely, while I started my breathing exercises. I felt it going in and out of my mouth; this gave me a further buzz, god so nice.

I put my pussy to the corner of the mattress again and moved to and fro along it. My juices absolutely oozing now and my clit was all hard and on fire. Now I thought; time to put the tights over my head I think. This is the moment I had been waiting for. I couldn’t wait to get the feel of what Master had explained. I slowly started to pull the tights over my head, mmmmm they felt so tight. I took several deep breaths and savoured the pleasure before pulling that silky material down over my nose and ears. I took two more very deep breaths and then pulled the tights all the way down to my shoulders and tied the legs around my neck. God it was so tight against my face. When all was secure, I put my hands behind my back, imagining they were tied tight and I then started to bump hard on that corner, mmmmmmm yes.

I know what Master meant; the tights had pulled that bag tight against my nose and mouth. I felt it going in and out with my every breath; oh my god what utter pleasure. My breathing was very slow and gasp like. I knew I had not much air. I felt as though I was suffocating, as I started to cum. I felt as if my head was about to explode and my lungs burst. I wanted to grab the bed; I was gonna cum and cum very hard, but I couldn’t. My hands were behind me; my lower body was thumping hard now; the bed was moving across the floor as I started to spurt. Ooooooooooooooooo what a feeling; didn’t want it to end. Seeing stars now; I could hardly breathe. I was still cumming spurt spurt, spurt, and spurt.

Nearly drifting off into unconsciousness, phew, yesssssssssss. I was cumming for so long, I had to rip the tights and bag off. I had no air left mmmmmmmmmmm. My face was streaming with sweat. I was still crouching down by the corner of the bed. It took several seconds before I could get my breathing back to normal. Jeez that was absolutely sensational. I really didn’t want it to end; and although Master wasn’t here, he was here in spirit and had satisfied me once again, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

'Bagged Again'

I was so excited at the thought of playing again for Master. It had been what seemed ages since I had a good play of the breathing sort. I relished the thought of having a stocking crushing against the plastic bag into my face. Just the thought was arousing me more and more. I took the ready chosen plastic bag and placed it on the bed and got the silky stocking from my drawer along with a pair of black thick Lycra tights and my well greased dildo. I placed them all on the bed next to each other. I slipped off my wet crotched pyjamas, and stood there naked just staring at the items on the bed, mmmmmmmmmm. I slid onto the bed and lay on my back, my legs slightly apart and began to run my hands all over my trembling body. I put my fingers to my throbbing wet and hot clitty and teased it with my thumb. Rubbing and patting; my heart was racing as I got more and more aroused. I took my hand away from my pussy and picked up the tights lying beside me and then eased them up both legs just up to my thighs. I then got the greased dildo and put it into position and as it slipped about in my hand, I gently eased it half way up my wet tight cunt.

When I felt it enough of the way up knowing it wouldn’t slide out, I then pulled the tights right the way up to just above my waist. Mmmmmmm, yes; that was well in place I thought to myself. I then turned onto my tummy and as I pushed my pussy down I could feel the dildo slipping up further. I started to move my body up and down, very very slowly. If I was to have moved too fast, I would have cum there and then but I had to get my headgear on first and savour that. Didn’t want to cum too soon because I wanted to savour those breathless moments for as long as possible first. I picked up the plastic bag and slipped it over my head and down passed my nose and ears down to my shoulders. Now to practice my breathing and get that under control, mmmmmmmmmm. I took several deep breaths, but being so aroused it took quite a while to stop myself panting with pleasure and get my breathing just right.

I relaxed for a couple of minutes and then I picked up the silky stocking; ran it through my hands before starting to place it onto my head. Ohhhh this was going to be a tight squeeze. I slowly but very slowly eased it down over my ears and took a couple more deep breaths, before easing it over my nose and down passed my chin to my neck. Ooooooooooooo my god, sooooooooooo tight. The plastic bag was like a second skin underneath that stocking; pressed tightly against my face; but oh what a feeling. I lay back own on my tummy again put my hands behind my back as though they were tied and started to push my pussy deep into the mattress again. The dildo doing its job, yessss. I imagined it was Master’s cock fucking me.

I bounced harder up and down; the dildo pushing further up my tight cunt. I started to gasp and the more excited I got, the more I gasped. Then I started to wheeze; I was almost cumming. I couldn’t have had much air left, but savouring these moments I didn’t care. My body was beginning to shudder as I was cumming. My pussy muscles clinging onto that dildo. Oh my god; seeing stars I was now almost passing out. The bag being drawn right into my mouth as I breathed what I thought would be my last breaths. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Felt like my lungs had ceased as I wheezed and wheezed. I couldn’t breathe any more; my air was gone, so I thought I had to whip off my headgear quickly. Absolutely gulping for air as I removed the stocking and then the bag which were soaked in my sweat. My body was still bouncing up and down as I finished cumming. My pussy muscles finding it hard to let go of the dildo mmmmmmmmmmm.  I just lay there thinking how fucking good that play was, phew. I then slipped off the tights and removed the very hot sticky and wet dildo; so much of my juices jeez, the crotch of the tights was soaked too.

'Return Of The Cupboard'

Well it seemed what had been ages since I could play in my cupboard; and with Master’s inspirations and horny pictures, I knew I just had to do it today. The more I thought about it, the quicker I did my household chores. I couldn’t wait to experience my bit of pleasure. I’m glad Master reminded me of plastic pants; I almost had forgotten about those. So firstly I went and sorted a suitable carrier bag out and I cut the crotch into shape from a pair of my knicks and tried them on for size. Ahh yes, they were perfect. I removed my bra and my tits fell out; they were already swollen and tingling with pleasure my nipples hard and protruding.

I kept the plastic pants on so that my body warmth could make them cling to me. I didn’t want to take them off in case I damaged them. I ran up the stairs and got my other things ready; one large plastic see through bag, one pair of tights, one stocking and a dressing gown cord, because I fancied tying my legs together too. I put my feet into the tights and gently eased them up my legs. My body trembling as I did so; I pulled them up as far as they would go trapping in the plastic pants close to my skin. I could feel the plastic in the crack of my pussy sending waves of pleasure rushing through me, mmmm. I picked up the large plastic body bag, the stocking for my head, and the dressing gown cord and made my way to the cupboard. I opened the door and the heat from there hit me.

I thought of Master now tying my ankles together as I got the cord and wrapped it round and round my ankles several times and then tied it in a knot. I could not move my legs at all no matter how much I struggled. I picked up the plastic bag and put both my tied feet into it and then pulled it up my entire body and as I did so I was trembling and shaking with pleasure. As I pulled it upwards over my tits, I stopped for a few moments to get the feel of the plastic. I massaged the bag into my tits mmmmmm, the heat of my body making it all clingy.

Oh god such a feeling I had to control my throbbing pussy which was soaking and on fire. In fact my whole body felt as though it was on fire; so turned on now. I then got into position; I crouched down, my knees up to my breasts, pulled the bag up past my shoulders. I then had to take the stocking and pull it over my head now because I couldn’t put it on when my hands were trapped inside the bag and I wanted to be totally trapped.  Every part of me, for the full effect. So I slowly put it over the top of my head; stopped for a while to control my breathing, mmmmmmm. So aroused I was, every part of me tingling. My nipples were as hard as rocks as they clung against the plastic; my pussy muscles were working hard and I knew I couldn’t wait much longer to be in my own little world. I quickly shut the cupboard door.

In total darkness now, mmmmmmmmm. With my breathing under control, I took three long deep breaths and started to pull the stocking slowly over my head; over my ears, over my nose, and finally all the way down to my neck. I grabbed the plastic bag at the sides and yanked it right up over my head. From the inside the bag, I tucked it into the bottom of the stocking, as best I could to trap all the air from coming in. That was it; I was all inside the bag now which was already steaming up, mmmmmmmmm. Wished Master was watching me; he would wank himself silly at the sight. I started to wriggle madly, my pussy rubbing on the floor. The plastic panties being sucked up my sopping pussy. I wanted to part my legs but couldn’t, oooooooooo.

I was drifting off to that special place again mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Panting madly, my body still wriggling nearing orgasm. Sweat pouring off me; my pussy juices dripping into the plastic panties. With my nose squashed by the stocking I was gasping for breath as I began to cum, ooooooooooooooooooooo Master. Gasp, gasp, gasp; the plastic bag stuck against my skin, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I was cumming hard, my body shuddering violently. How much air I had left I didn’t know. All I do know is that I felt as though I was in space. My heart was pounding and I was gasping louder arghhhhhhhhhhhh and with this I had to pull the stocking off quickly and open the cupboard door for some air. Phew, that was a close one; almost fainted but it was well worth it mmmmmm. I just sat there for several minutes. My pussy muscles were still contracting in and out, so I put two fingers inside the soaked plastic panties to my cunt and frigged myself til I had finished cumming properly. Oh Master that was just indescribable, absolutely fantastic.

'Friggin Wonderful'

As Master hadn’t mentioned anything sexual for two weeks, I was so excited to receive his horny pics and whilst I listened to his delightful soothing music last night, I opened the pictures again and took a good long look at them. This was the start of what was to become a most amazing play. I was aroused as I studied the pics in great detail, my mind turning to thoughts of pure lust. All that licking and all those girlies tied and taped up mmmmmmmm. It didn’t take long before I was wriggling on my chair and my pussy oozing juices. With thoughts of that bag clinging to my skin, I could not wait a moment longer to begin my sexual pleasures.

I got the clear plastic bag from my drawer; this time I didn’t want anything else against my skin but that plastic bag. I laid it out lengthwise on the bed and smoothed it all out. I slipped off my nightie and lay down onto the bed on my back. I parted my legs slightly and started to touch myself gently all over beginning with my tits. I massaged one moving it round and round and then the other and then both together. My nipples so so hard. I ran my hand down my curves to my inner thighs and stroked them up and down and then moved to my pussy and very very lightly stroked it up and down over my already swollen wet hot pussy lips. My touch was so light it felt as though someone’s tongue was there lapping at me.

I then played with my clitty button which was very hard and throbbing; jeez I was so so wet, my fingers already covered in my sticky juices. I wanted to cum so bad but hey, I wanted to savour this unadulterated pleasure. Wallowing in it, I held back, paused for a couple of minutes. That plastic bag on my mind the whole time mmmmmmmm. My body was all hot and I was so aroused I wouldn’t have cared if anyone could hear my groans of excitement. I was in a world of my own my whole body tingling and on fire. I now had to concentrate on my breathing before my body was to be enclosed in that bag. I took several deep breaths; in and out slowly until I had it under control. At this point I got the bag and took it to my feet and slowly eased it up my legs, oooooooooo, yessssssssss. The feel of that plastic; I had missed it so much.

Waves of pleasure rushed through me as I pulled it further up my body; past my knees, up my thighs, and as it brushed past my pussy I had very intense tingles shoot through me mmmmmmmmm. I pulled it further up my body, past my waist, and up to my tits. I stopped for a moment and rubbed the plastic into my tits, my hard nipples clinging to it. God they were so hard almost piercing the plastic and the whole bag was now clinging to my skin mmmmmmm what a feeling. I then turned onto my tummy and started to rub myself up and down the mattress slowly. I could hear the plastic making a noise as I continued to scrape my pussy hard along that mattress. I pushed myself as deep as I could down on the mattress, mmmmm. I could feel the plastic sticking to my pussy lips; my cunt was filled with juices and all seeping out.

I now was ready to pull the bag up over my head and with some final breath control I pulled it right up over my head and folded it over so no air could get in. At that moment I got this feeling of absolute ecstasy. The bag was steaming up and I wriggled and rubbed deeeeeeeep into the mattress. I was literally bouncing my pussy up n down now. I started to pant and the more I panted, the more the bag steamed up it was so clingy against my skin now mmmmmmmm. Wallowing in it; I could now feel that the plastic was all wet mmmmm so good against my warm skin. I didn’t want this play to finish but I didn’t have much time left and I then felt my pussy muscles tighten right up. I was about to have the most mind blowing orgasm.

I started to gasp and as I felt my pussy muscles tighten even more I began to cum. Oh my god, I buried my face into the pillow as I struggled to breathe, oh yes, oh yessssss god. My body was thrusting wildly up n down, wriggling like an eel; my juices spurting non stop onto the plastic.

All hot and wet down there phew; and as I continued to spurt even more I started wheezing. I didn’t want this to end; still spurting; my head and lungs almost bursting. My body still writhing about, tossing wildly. I knew there was no more air left so I had to remove the bag from my upper part and as I did so I was breathless, almost passing out. I didn’t care, I was in outer space. With the bag removed I finished off my orgasm which seemed never ending. I had to insert three fingers into my cunt to finish it off, mmmmm. The saturated plastic travelled up my cunt with my fingers. I had finally finished cumming, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm loads of sticky cum everywhere. Oh boy did I need that play Master, so so good. 

'Suitcase Dreams'

On looking at Master’s girl in a suitcase piccies, I was sooooooooo aroused. Wishing I was that girl; wondering what it would feel like mmmmmmmmmmm. With my mind full of lust, my red and swollen clitty, and pussy dripping with my sweet juices, I wondered what excitement I could get up to. Ahhh yes that big plastic bag, but before getting into the plastic bag I wanted to put on my plastic panties and cling-film wrapped around my boobs and a stocking mask. I got all the items ready and placed them carefully on the bed. With each moment passing I was becoming more and more aroused at what I was about to experience. My breasts heaving with sexual desire and my nipples standing out and so so hard. I stood in front of the mirror and watched as my hands rubbed up and down my curves. My flesh warm but with goose bumps from the feeling of arousal, mmmmm.

I parted my legs slightly and watched my hand wandering down to my pussy, brushing past my trimmed pubic hair and along my pussy crack. My hand picking up my juices as they trickled mmmmmmmmmm. My hands then went up to my breasts and I rolled my nipples around and around and pushed my tits together, massaging them. God the nipples were so fucking hard. By this time I was well ready to dress myself in my special fun things. I got the plastic pants from the bed and stepped into them, slowly but very slowly easing them up to my knees, then past my wet pussy crack over by bum and up to my waist. It took ages because they were soooo tight; the crotch bit almost cutting into my pussy mmmmmmmm felt good. I got the roll of cling film and started to wrap in tight around and around my breasts mmmm. My hard nipples squashed tight.

I then got the plastic bag from the bed and started to rub it all over my body; wanted to feel that plastic on my skin mmmmmmmmmmm yes. It had been so long since I had felt this pleasure. I smoothed it out against me making it all warm and with my body heat it was sticking onto me; such pleasure. I then opened the bag out and proceeded to step into it; first one leg and then the other and then I gradually pulled it up my body very slowly. It was now that I practiced my breathing. I pulled the bag up to my breasts and then stopped. Took several long deep breaths and then got the stocking mask from the bed and pulled it over my face, mmmmm. What an absolutely magical feeling, so tight against my face it was. I then pulled the plastic bag right the way up past my head and pulled it over as if it were tied.

I lay down on the bed and rubbed myself to and fro along the mattress. The plastic panties and the plastic bag making quite a noise as I slid down the mattress and dragged myself up again, mmmmmmmmmmmm. Wallowing in that plastic pleasure and starting to pant as I became very excited; god my clitty was so swollen and hot it was clinging to the panties giving me that extra thrill ooooooooo, yes, yes. I quickly buried my head into the pillow and I started to climax, gasping, becoming more pronounced. The air becoming less mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh. I started to bounce my pussy on that mattress. I was saturated with sweat it was soooo hot inside that plastic, which was clinging to my hot wet skin. I knew I was running out of air so I had to cum, and cum quickly. Bouncing hard, body shuddering, still gasping, which was leading to wheezing, phew. What an orgasm, wowsers in the first degree yes, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Then I was in that place where you and I both know; indescribable. Then I had to whip that bag and mask off real quick, almost fainting. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm luvverly Master. In my mind I was inside that suitcase though.

'Jar Girl'

As Master was describing of how he wanted me to play, I could feel myself getting hotter and wetter. I couldn’t wait to start my play I was sooooo excited at the thought of acting out his favourite jar girl play. As soon as I came offline talking to him I had to start getting ready straight away. After getting my things together, the black Lycra tights and the big plastic bag, I stripped naked and lay on the bottom of the bed, my pussy already seeping sticky juices. I started to play with my body starting with my tits which were swollen with arousal. I played with my nipples just rubbing them softly and it wasn’t long before they were rock hard and protruding. Tingles already shooting through me. My hands followed my curves all the way down to my hot pussy. I fingered my clit which quickly became hard and swollen and soooooooo hot. My love juices trickling onto my hand. I could have cum there and then I was so aroused but quickly stopped myself and lay there for a moment, knowing I was ready for my mega play.

I then got up from the bed and sat on the floor with my back against the bottom of the bed. I picked up the tights and slowly put my feet into them, and as I started to pull them up my legs I felt waves of pleasure making my body quiver. I pulled them up to my knees and hesitated a little before pulling them up further past my thighs and my pussy. As I eased them up as high as I could just under my tits, I felt the tightness of the material brush against my clit mmmmmmmmmm. That feeling of the silky material was heaven, so soft and clingy and I could feel the wetness on the crotch already.

I picked up the plastic bag which was on the floor beside me and started to rub it all over my body to make it all warm. Rubbing it all around my tits; love that feeling of the plastic next to my skin. I was becoming more and more aroused I could quite easily have cum again but stopped myself. My god imagining that jar girl all crouched in that jar was in my mind and I was going to be her mmmmmmmmmmmm. With that in mind I got into the crouch position, my knees right up to me as far as they would go, my nose almost on my knees. I got the bag and put it over my head.

God I was so excited, could hardly control myself but took several deep breaths and as I pulled it down slowly over my crouched body it was already sticking to my face. I wriggled the bag into place all the time getting soooooooo turned on. I pulled the bag under my bum and feet, so it was all secure no air could get in mmmmmmmmm. It was already beginning to steam up as I bent my head right between my legs, crossed my arms over my legs, and my thighs pressed together tightly. I had the feeling I was all tied up; all so tightly squished in this position and oh god what a feeling mmmmmmmmmmm. As I concentrated on my breathing, the bag started to go in and out of my mouth. I was starting to smell my pussy juices which were flowing and making the tights wetter.

I began rubbing my pussy along the floor wriggling and writhing about; my pussy bumping up n down on the hard floor. As my pussy muscles contracted in and out my breathing was becoming laboured, mmmmmmm. I was going to that special place; my squished body still wriggling and bumping up n down. I was cumming and boy wasn’t I cumming hard, god. My body bumping up n down even harder, only the back of the bed supporting me. I was now starting to gasp and my orgasm was in full force, mmmmmmm if only Master could see me now. I couldn’t see out of the bag; it was filled with vapour and my pussy was soaked. Then as I gasped that last few seconds of air, I cum, and I cum and I cum, full force. I saw stars, jeez my bum and pussy was sore after all the bouncing. I quickly removed the wet bag and drenched tights and sat there momentarily to regain normal breathing again. I have only one word to describe this play and that is a wowser.

'Bag Girl Thoughts'

Oh how long I had waited for this bag play, which I had missed so much and now I could feel myself burning with desire. Knowing I was going to experience that feeling again that only Master and I know. Mmmmmmmm here we go. Today I just wanted to use the bare essentials, which was the huge plastic see thru bag. I wanted to feel that plastic on my skin again. I had forgotten what it felt like. My greased dildo along with duvet for padding; just those three items would bring me the sexual pleasure I required. I began my stripping naked and watching the bag lady video that Master had sent me. All the time I was touching myself and panting and gasping with her. God my pussy was on fire and my juices seeping out in fact I had to hold back an orgasm. All I wanted to do was to get myself all juiced up ready for my play mmmmmmmm.

I was ready; my breasts were swollen and nipples rock hard. I was trembling with pleasure. I got the bag from the bed and held it next to my body, running it all over me, ohhh yessssssssss. That plastic clinging to my skin felt so damn good, I ran it between my legs and as I did so it collected some of my juices, as I ran it back and forth over my pussy lips mmmmmmmmmmm. I was wallowing in it, savouring every moment, purring and sighing with anticipation. I made my way to the airing cupboard clutching the bag, dildo and duvet, my whole body on fire and my love juices trickling down my inner thighs. I opened the cupboard door it was very dark inside, but I didn’t care, I was entering what was to be my heaven. I stepped into the bag, pulled it up my body very slowly.

I sat myself down and wriggled into position, my bum tucked tightly against the side wall. I got the duvet and tucked it all around me and with the bag up to my waist; I stopped for a few moments and got myself aroused again. I stroked my juiced up cunt with my hand and teased it fingering it gently and patting it. God my clit was well swollen and hot and wet. I was now ready to enclose myself inside the bag, mmmmmm. Wave upon wave of pleasure shot through me; droplets of sweat starting to emerge. I pulled the bag up past my tits, my nipples so hard they almost pierced the bag; then up past my shoulders and neck, then right the way over my face and head. My arms were now inside the bag, dildo in one hand and I managed to fold the bag over at the top and bring the overlap of the bag far enough down to secure it so no air could get in.

Mmmmm I had my breathing under control and with two fingers thrusting my cunt I teased my bum hole with the dildo gently ooooooooooo, yessssssss that felt so good; both holes being teased, never before have I felt this much pleasure. I started to pant as my pussy muscles gripped onto my fingers and my dildo wanting to go inside my bum hole. As I got more excited, the dildo did enter my bum just enough to give me the pleasure I wanted mmmmmmmmmm. Fucking hell what pleasurable lust, both holes being penetrated; my fingers were thrusting harder and faster now. The dildo working in and out of my bum fuck, fuck, fuck. I could hardly stand the pleasure it was so good and as I felt like air was running out I started to cum.

Jeez Christ, my body started to shudder; my body bumping out of control, pussy squirting juices. The bag clinging to me, going in and out of my mouth as I gasped more fiercely. I began to see stars and my cunt still squirting. I felt myself drifting into another world; my heart thumping fast thought it was gonna burst. Fireworks, stars, everything mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. When I thought I could breathe no more, I unfolded the bag and whipped it off me quick and just sat there trying to get my breath back. The bag was so wet where I cum it was stuck to my pussy it felt all warm. God what a play, fantastic, well satisfying. Wanting to do it all over again. Phew I’ve got to recover now, that was some session.

'Three Little Nymphos'

As I got into bed feeling very aroused and very wet I started to tease my whole body; massaging my tits, squeezing my nipples. Tapping my pussy lightly and then fingering my clitty button. My mind drifted from the real world into the world of my imagination. I wanted to be with my two favourite girls, Vicky and Lucy. It had been so long since we had fun together and oh had I missed it. I found myself entering Vicky’s bedroom and to my amazement she was laying on the bed naked, her shaven pussy glistening with her wetness as the light shone on it mmmmmmmmmm. Lucy was lying naked next to her admiring Vicky’s long blonde locks, as they fell onto her well formed firm breasts. I could see they were pleased to see me because they remember what fun we used to have all three of us together. With that I got undressed and joined them on the bed lying between them. I started to play with Vicky’s hair, running it through my fingers, while Lucy started to kiss her pointy breasts making her nipples very hard.

I could hear Lucy sucking them and making Vicky moan with pleasure, and as Lucy was sucking Vicky’s tits, I took Lucy’s tits into my hand and started to massage them. Squeezing them together and then bent down and put my mouth to them, mmmmmm. Her nipples became very hard as I took them between my teeth and nibbled them. Then Vicky begged Lucy to get between her legs and lick her and this Lucy did. I watched her nestle between her legs and her tongue then lapping at her pussy lips. This aroused me even more, so I knelt astride Vicky’s mouth and pushed my dripping cunt to her mouth. Without breathing a word I felt her hot breath and then her tongue start to lap me. Oh my god that tongue of hers is something else, making me squirm and wriggle and Vicky was squirming and wriggling too as Lucy tongued her faster. Vicky was panting now but still her tongue was lashing me mmmmmmmmmm.

I could feel myself almost cumming, so I came away from Vicky’s mouth; I didn’t want to cum that quick. I wanted to wallow in this lust so I wanted to give Lucy some pleasure while she was busy with her tongue on Vicky. So I got the dildo and teased Lucy’s bum ring and boy didn’t that make her squirm. She was squirming so much that she had to stop licking Vicky and begged me to work the dildo in and out of her cunt. As Lucy rolled off of Vicky and lay on her back, I started to insert the dildo slowly up her wet love hole. At the same time I thought I would give Vicky a taste of my fist because I could see she was wanting penetration. So I fingered her a little, my hand already soaked with her juices and then I slowly started to put my fist up her. She screamed with the pleasure and the pain as my whole fist entered her tight wet cunt. Her legs right up in the air and her arse moving up n down on my fist. She fucking loved it.

I could see the look of pleasure on her face. I noticed the same look on Lucy’s face as I started to push the dildo right deep inside her. The noise of them both panting and groaning, making me so fucking turned on. As I twisted my fist round and round inside Vicky she screamed, ‘I’m cumming, I’m cummin’, and with that I fist fucked her so damn hard. I felt her spurting her sweet juices; god so much of them, spurt after spurt after spurt mmmmmmmmm. I fucking love watching that Vicky cum, her perfectly formed body almost dancing on the bed as she still was cumming. Jeez can’t that bird go phew. I then removed my fist out slowly and her juices dripping from my hand I put my hand to her mouth and made her lick every drop off which she loved. Now I concentrated on Lucy, I watched the dildo thrusting in and out of her cunt. Her legs up on my shoulders, as I thrust her harder and faster. She was almost cumming. I put my other hand underneath her arse and started to finger her bum hole. This made her body writhe about wildly, her pussy muscles drawing the dildo right up inside her.

I only had hold of the very end of it now but managed to give her a few more thrusts and then didn’t she cum and cum and cum. Boy these birds sure know how to cum good. Now my turn for pleasure; I was soooooooooooo aroused by this time and I knew that I was going to have both of them giving me pleasure mmmmmmmmmm. Vicky started, her being the horniest of them both. She had her head between my legs immediately; firstly she licked off the juices that were trickling down my inner thighs and then she ran her tongue all along my pussy crack. I lifted my bum up and she licked the whole way from my pussy crack to my bum mmmmmmmmmm.

She’s sooooooooooo good at giving pleasure. Then I felt her tongue on my clitty button and then she delved into my wetness, lapping and slurping mmmmmmmm. My god, I was trying to wriggle about but Lucy was holding my thighs just watching Vicky’s tongue go to work. I then pulled Lucy away and pulled her up to my top half. I kissed her full on the lips, my tongue chasing hers. She then started to run her tongue down to my heaving breasts and sucked my nipples each in turn. I was being driven absolutely wild with pleasure, Vicky’s tongue in my cunt and Lucy mouth around my tits, mmmmmmm. I was panting like a goodun and then Lucy dildoed my bum, while Vicky continued to fuck me with her tongue. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I just arched my back and my pussy muscles took over and as I started to spurt on Vicky’s tongue. I pushed my cunt further onto her mouth, almost suffocating her and I felt her sucking my cunt sooooooooo hard as she slurped up my juices. Lucy was biting my nipples now until I had finished cumming, woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. What pure unadulterated lust; fucking brilliant. God how I had missed these two little nymphos, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

'Master’s Special Double Girl Trick'

On reading Master's very horny story about me and dolly, it had me absolutely sopping wet. I immediately gathered my things together for my play; quite a few things were needed for this play. My pink cossie, fishnet tights, four pillows and the duvet. With my mind in magic show mode, I carefully put on my tights and yanked them up to my waist so that they almost cut into my pussy crack. I got the costume and slowly stepped into it, pulling it up my body very slowly, already I was aroused. I could sense Master watching me, the look on his face of sheer amazement and with that in mind; I put the rest of my cossie on in a very seductive way. I played with my nipples and made them hard and protruding. I pulled the cossie up over them and first placed one shoulder strap on and then the other mmmmmmm. What a lovely tight fit that Lycra cossie was, pressed against my warm skin, showing my every curve. My hard nipples showing through the material.

I gathered up all my stuff to take into the cupboard. I lay down the duvet first so I could sit on that and then wrap myself all inside it later. I stepped into the cupboard and nestled myself neatly into the corner, my back against the wall. I got the four pillows and started to arrange them so that there wouldn’t be any empty spaces left anywhere. One behind my back, one at my feet and the other two, either side of me mmmmm. That felt all cosy. I then closed the cupboard door by holding onto the notch that was on it and pulled it shut. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, it was so dark but I didn’t care. It was so good to be shut away from everyone and everything.

Just me in my own kinda heaven. I sat for a while stroking my pussy, the silky material of my cossie getting wetter and wetter as I rubbed myself up n down. I was so aroused as my mind drifted off to the box scene of me and dolly our bodies squished tight together in the sixty-nine position; licking each other out and the thought of Master wanking, as he watched that box shaking around. Imagining the sight of him cumming, spurting his spunk everywhere. Now I had to get into position for breath play.

I got all four corners of the duvet; bear in mind it’s a king-size duvet. First one corner then the other until all four corners trapped me in. It completely covered me, no way for air to get in whatsoever. I bent my head down to my knees; all curled up I was, I could smell my pussy juices as I bent my head down even further. All scrunched up now and no gaps anywhere. The pillows surrounding the outside of the duvet so everything was all tight around me. I could feel the crotch of my cossie getting wetter and wetter. As I fingered myself through the material, the more aroused I got, the further the material travelled up my wet cunt mmmmmmmmmmm. I was starting to pant with pleasure. I frigged slowly as I didn’t want to cum yet. My body was sweating profusely now, wave upon wave of pleasure shooting through me.

My body all hot and tingling all over. My breathing becoming laboured now as I frigged harder and a little faster; my two fingers all hot and wet as they thrust in and out of my hot wet cunt. I could feel my head starting to spin as I was nearing orgasm, this is the point where one likes to breath slowly and frig slowly at the same time to get that buzz from getting to the brink of being in that place. All thoughts disappearing in my mind except for the one thought of cumming and breathing, gasping. Oooooooooooooo yessssssssssss; my mind then went blank and I started to cum. I knew there couldn’t be much air left but what a feeling that is mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I brought my knees up to my chest, my knees touching my head and I started to spurt arghhhhhhhhhhhh and gasp; spurt and gasp, spurt and gasp. I was almost passing out but didn’t want to escape from the pleasure this was giving me. Sweat was dripping everywhere it was so hot huddled up in my cocoon. Finally I had finished spurting and I unwrapped myself from the duvet and gasped again as I came out into the fresh air. I had to sit there a while until my breathing returned to normal. I noticed a pool of wetness which had gone through my cossie onto the duvet; so much love juice jeez. Phew that was a close one but sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

'Safe Girl Confinement'

I was watching the horny video that Master had sent me, all 3 parts together mmmmmm. Ohhh how I wish I was that ‘safe girl’ all scrunched up in that safe, but I had to substitute that for a cardboard box. I would make it as tight fit as possible by blocking up every empty space. So I got all the things together in the spare room; firstly I taped the box all along the bottom to ensure that it didn’t come apart during my play.

Knowing how hard I shudder about when I’m cumming, I didn’t want it to burst open at the seam. I got the big plastic bag and some pillows, along with a stocking to be used as a mask, pair of black Lycra tights and two pillows to stuff in the empty spaces. Firstly I wanted to look as much as I could like safe girl in her skin tight cat suit. I pulled on my black Lycra silky tights, which were very tight and clung to my legs like a second skin. Ohhh how I love the feel of that silky material next to my skin, especially pulled up to my waist really really tight so that they dig into my pussy crack mmmmmm. I then slipped on my cossy and where I had washed it from the time before it had shrunk a little so fitted skin tight. It squashed my tits, but my hard nipples showing thru even more than last time; it felt soooooo good.

I went and had a look in the mirror and ran my hands up and down my curves. I could see that my bum and tits were well squashed in by the tightness. I could also see the crack of my pussy thru it. Of course by then my juices were starting to flow and a wet patch already forming. I got the stocking and slowly pulled it over my face to see what it looked like. As it covered my whole face I could just about see in the mirror how good it looked. Almost as good as safe girl mmmmmmmm. I took the mask off and went to the spare room again and placed the box against the wall and stepped into it. As I stepped in I noticed the wetness of my juices that was seeping through the tights and cossie. By this time I was well aroused, the Lycra material in both the tights and the cossy already making me sweat. The more hot I got, the more it clung to my body mmmmmm. I positioned my bum into one side of the box and as there was a bit of space at the sides so I stuffed a pillow down either side of me. First I pulled the plastic bag inside with me so it was to hand and got the stocking mask and began to pull it over my head; past my ears, before pulling it over my nose and mouth.

I practiced my breathing and as I sat there practicing, I felt my pussy muscles contracting in and out. My clitty all hot, swelling and throbbing. My god this was going to be a wowser of a play. I rubbed my pussy crack up and down and felt waves upon wave of pleasure and tingles right through me. Trembling with pleasure; now was the time to put the mask fully in place, mmmm yessssss. I pulled it right the way over my nose and mouth and down to my neck. Owwwwww sooo tight it was. The plastic bag which I had draped over the box I pulled in quick and put it over my head and pulled it right the way down to my bum. Then down to my feet so that all my body was covered in it. With my hands covered with the plastic I pulled the two top flaps over so that I was encased; wishing Master had been there to seal the flaps shut.

I had to act quickly now there wasn’t very much air in there. I bent my head right down touching my knees; well actually in between my knees. I could smell my pussy juices again, my cossie crotch even wetter now mmmmmmmm. I also put my two hands between my legs so that I got a feeling they were tied, wow. I was so tightly scrunched up; wonderful feeling. My pussy muscles contracting in and out faster now as I began to pant. I was near to cumming, my cossie, mask and plastic all sticking against me. I could feel the vapour inside the plastic, everything so wet and steamy. Ooooooo god I was cumming and cumming with such a force. The nearer I came to orgasm, the more I was gasping, yes, yesss, yesssssssssssssss.

I began to see stars and my chest felt as though it was going to explode as my body shuddered about wildly. The box tipping from side to side; and then I drifted off into the unknown. Just the feeling of utter sexual pleasure remaining. The box was banging against the wall as I finished cumming and I was gasping frantically for breath. With that I had to open the box flaps, lift my head up and peel off the plastic bag from me and the stocking mask. I gulped for air as I came back to reality, and to finish off cumming. Yes I was still cumming; I frigged my cunt until every last drop of juice finished spurting, phew. That was sooooooooo fucking good. I then removed my soaking wet cossie and tights. Wow Master, what a play; took me thirty minutes preparing and only about two or three minutes playing; but it was worth it.

Love it when you send me horny bondage video links to get me going

Lol not that I need much to get me going

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Love you

Diane xxxxxx



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