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Away On Business 9: Bag To Bag

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; fantasy; pantyhose; bond; bagged; encase; plastic; cupboard; breathplay; tease; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

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WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies. Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

(A collection of horny emails)

Away on Business – Volume 9

'Bag To Bag'

Master's idea of using two bags for my play had me sooooo worked up; I couldn’t’ wait to go upstairs and start. My whole body was on fire. I had a sudden thought, instead of using two or three ties for my legs; I was going to put them all together to make one long tie. I laid the bags out on the bed ready, tied the three ties together and tied one end tightly around my ankles. Then slowly wound it around and around up the whole length of my legs right up to the top of my thighs. I was bound so tight mmmmmmmmmm; wishing Master could see this perfect example of leg restriction. I wriggled up to the top end of the bed. My bum against the headboard and as I as wriggling up my clitty was scraping against the mattress, this made me even wetter.

God my nipples were already hard my clit so hot wet and swollen. My whole body all warm and glowing and filled with sexual desire. I picked up one bag and put my feet inside and as I pulled the bag slowly upwards that plastic against my skin already giving me pleasure; it felt so good. I pulled it up along my tied legs, up to my thighs and then wriggled my bum in and pulled it up to my waist mmmmmmm. It was already clinging close to my warm skin. I then sat on it hard in a crouching position as if I was the girlie in that jar. I wriggled up and down and to and fro; I wanted that plastic to nestle into my every fold. I teased my pussy thru the plastic jeez it felt so damn good; the plastic already wet from my juices.

I took the second plastic bag and placed it over my head, taking several deep breaths as I did so mmmmmmmmm. If Master could see me now his cock would be so huge and throbbing. I then pulled it slowly over my shoulders, then down further over my tits which were heaving; the plastic sticking to my nipples. I stuck my arms inside in between my thighs, so I could play with my pussy thru the plastic of the first bag, mmmmmmmmmmmm. I hesitated for a moment savouring the pleasure before pulling it further down passed my waist and down under my bum meeting the end of the first bag. All was well tucked in now; god couldn’t have been much air in there. I then patted and teased my cunt. The plastic all hot and clingy against all of me. I started to moan and pant; already my head had that explosive feeling. I was almost cumming, but I didn’t want to cum yet; this was too good, but I knew I couldn’t wait long to have an orgasm because there would not be enough air. With that my fingers travelled up my juicy cunt, wow that plastic must have almost been melting inside me.

The bags already steaming up with my hot breath and sweat; it was like a second skin on my body absolutely clinging tight against me, jeez. I felt the orgasm beginning again. I frigged myself faster and harder and as I did so the top bag against my mouth was going in and out. I was almost choking and then I thought my head was gonna explode; my orgasm was begining. I bounced up and down hard as I frigged; the bags were sopping wet now, as I wriggled and writhed about. My legs desperately wanting to open but couldn’t. I bounced so hard the headboard nearly came out of its slots and banged against the wall. Fucking hell, I gasped and wheezed as I came hard. I was gasping so hard the bag was almost down my throat, mmmmmmmmmmmmm. That feeling of almost suffocating is something else. As I finished cumming I had to whip the top bag off quickly. I was literally out of air I think; but with my fingers still inside my pussy because I was still cumming. I frigged until my orgasm had properly finished and when I finally finished, I pulled out my fingers along with the plastic and I saw all my creamy sticky juices. So much of it, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sensational.

'Time For A Quickie'

Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Master, gasps, what delicious horny pics, mmmmmmmmmmmm. They’ve got me so flipping aroused, I have to play right this minute while I’m looking at them. Jeez my juices are streaming down from my throbbing cunt help. I strip naked, kneel at end of bed; not taking my eyes off pics. Places the dildo in between the base of the bed and mattress and slowly moves up and down the dildo just teasing my clit. I cup my tits and squeeze them together then taking each nipple one by one and tweaking them mmmmmmmm. I imagined Master had me all tied up and I could feel his hot breath on my neck behind me and his huge throbbing cock being dragged all over my back, before he slid his wet hot massive cock slowly up my wet hot tight cunt; using slow but hard thrusts mmmmmmmmmm. His hands on my tits. With this in mind, I started to move to and fro on the dildo, just teasing my clit and as I got more worked up I pushed onto the dildo harder. With each thrust, it worked its way further up my very hot and very wet lovehole. God I took my hands from my tits and held on tight to the mattress.

I eased my legs further apart and lunged so hard against the dildo it slid right the way up me, mmmmmm giving me so much pleasure. In and out, in and out, mmmmmm. I wasn’t far off cumming; my body pouring with sweat and juices oozing down my cunt.  It was then I buried my head deep into the mattress. I could hardly breathe and as I was panting and gasping I could feel ‘that feeling’, absolute and utter pleasure. My mind almost losing all consciousness as I felt the orgasm starting. I fucked that dildo wildly; the bed shaking, me absolutely gasping. The sound of the heavy and laboured breathing making it more thrilling. Oh my god, my body was shuddering violently as I still continued to cum. Jeez so much cum, all those sticky creamy juices spurting onto that dildo, which was all hot inside me mmmmmmmmmmmmm. As my orgasm eventually slowed down, I lifted my head up from the mattress and gulped for air and after several minutes withdrew the sticky wet hot dildo slowly from my cunt. Wow that was a quickie but soooooooooooooooo pleasurable Master, want you.

'Triple Tight'

Bloody hell Master, your latest pics were really hot and I mean hot, mmmmmm. Your stories fitted the pics so well, and yes I did notice the big smile on Vicky’s soft toy's face. I bet you would have a big smile too if you were sitting next to her eh. I was well turned on as I had the image of your pics in my mind. I couldn’t wait to get ready for play. I stripped naked my body all pink with arousal. I went to my drawer and got three pairs of tights; yes three pairs.  I wanted to feel more tightness than the usual two pair. I proceeded to step into the first pair. The silky lycra clinging against my skin as I eased them up my legs very slowly. I pulled them up to thigh high, stroking my legs as I did so. My clitty was throbbing and already was becoming red and swollen and it was all shiny with my juices that were beginning to flow rapidly.

I then stepped into the second pair, and as I eased those up too very slowly I could already feel the tightness from my toes up to my thighs mmmmmm. Then for the third pair; as I stepped into them I knew that they would be hard to pull up with the other 2 pair underneath. Slowly I managed to gently pull them up to my thighs; god the tightness against my legs was something else; mmmmmmmmm felt so good. I then lay on the bed on my back and got the dildo and started to tease my pussy crack. Not inserting it at all at this point. Just teasing and dragging it all along my pussy crack. My juices flowing onto it as I teased and teased; almost making myself cum but no way was I wanting to cum yet. I was ready to turn over onto my tummy now and drag my pussy up and down the mattress giving me maximum pleasure. So I got everything into position ready. I inserted the dildo into my lovehole; about three inches, then with some difficulty I pulled all three pairs of tights up to my waist.

As I pulled them up to the limit, I could feel the dildo move further up me; about four inches was inside my cunt now. I knew that with four inches inside me there was no way it would come out. I then grabbed the sides of the mattress and slowly started to move down the mattress. Then slowly up again; ooohhhhhhhhhhhh my body tingling all over and my nipples so erect as they dragged along squished down in the mattress.

As was my clitty, rubbing and the friction driving we wild mmmmmmmmmmm. I was well turned on and moaning and thinking of Master and those pics. Thinking of his big throbbing dick about to enter me as he lay on my back. Jeez what pure unadulterated lust. I continued to drag myself up and down, up and down; god I wanted so much to cum, but no not yet. I paused for a couple of minutes and then with my hands well gripped onto the mattress, I started to move up and down on the dildo. With Master fucking me in my mind, my up and down movements were becoming more forceful. I wanted to open my legs but there was no way that I could. My pussy muscles working overtime; the dildo was being sucked up further mmmmmmmmmm. I groaned louder and my breathing was becoming very heavy at this point. I wanted to bury my head into the pillow at the same time, so this I did mmmmmmmmmmm; love that feeling. In heaven; I then started to bounce harder up and down, up and down.

The bed started to shake as I started to cum, almost breaking my nails as I gripped that mattress so tight. The headboard knocking against the wall. I was gasping desperately now as I knew I was going to spurt at any moment; and then I got that wave of blissssssssss coming over me as I fucked that dildo so hard it almost disappeared into me. My pussy muscles gripped it yes, yesssss, yessssssssssssss, oooooooooooooooooo my god, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss. Then I cum like I’ve never cum before; panting madly gasping. Trying to catch my last breath and then I exploded, woweeeeeeeeeeeee Master you should have seen me jeez. I lay there for several minutes, before pulling the tights down. They were drenched with my sweat and the crotch drenched in my juices. When I eased down the dildo it was soooooooooo hot and wet with my love juice, mmmmmmmmmm. What an absolute wowser.

'Bags Of Fun'

As I looked more and more at your horny pictures, the more and more wetter I became. So badly wanting them to be me there; wanting Master to do all those things to me. I wriggled on my chair and was thinking of what was to come; with these pics clear and fresh in my mind I started to prepare for my breathtaking play yet again. I went to my tights drawer and got one pair out and then the other pair that had the special hole in the top. I laid them very carefully on the bed alongside two ties and then got one plastic bag. I smoothed it all out and laid that on the bed and did the same to the second bag, smoothing them both out and then running them all over my naked body, mmmmmmm. The feel of that plastic upon my skin was wonderful.

I dragged them between my legs, rubbing them against my pussy and bum crack; back n forth, mmmmmm. Already making me tingle; goose bumps everywhere. My nipples already becoming erect with sexual desire. I laid the bags down on the bed again and I just sat on the bed looking at all my play items, knowing what pleasure they were all going to bring me mmmmmmmmmmmm. I then began to get everything into position. I tied my ankles tightly together and then tied my thighs together as tight as I could and as I started to put both tied feet into the first bag. I had to stop for a few moments and tease my pussy with the plastic rubbing and probing with two fingers.

Ooooooo Master; the plastic was a little sticky with my juices. This I did for about five minutes, just teasing and probing teasing and probing. Rolling to and fro just wallowing in my pleasure. I was moaning with delight. I drove myself crazy, I was soooo turned on. Now it was time to continue with the top half. I bent my legs right back so my feet were touching my bum. I felt sex pangs shoot through me.  I was tingling all over and my nipples were as hard as rocks. As I scrunched my lower half up into the bag, my heart started to pound. My thoughts went to Master imagining him watching me and becoming very hard. With that satisfied grin on his face that at last he was seeing his girl play for real mmmmmmmm. I pulled the bag up past my pussy around my bum then up to my waist. The plastic already sticking to my warm skin; such a lovely feeling.

I got the first pair of tights and had a struggle to get my feet in but managed it and once they were over my feet they slid easily up my legs against the plastic underneath them. God I could feel the tights pulling the plastic tight against my skin, wowwwwwww what a feeling. As I edged the tights right the way up to my waist, I pulled both the bag and the tights up even tighter; they were very tight between the crotch. I could see a wet patch forming there already mmmmmmmmm. Now for the second bag; wow this was gonna be sooooooooo damn good. I paused momentarily to control my breathing and then started to pull the bag over my head. Over my head and down past my shoulders, then finally down to my waist and down under my bum to meet the other bag. I could see the bag misting up already with my warm breath. I placed the hole of the tights over my head and pulled them down past my shoulders down to my tits totally sealing the plastic bag which covered my head. Oh my god I had to act quickly. I was wondering whether there would be enough air. The wondering soon passed; I just didn’t care. I wanted my sexual pleasure.

I could feel the plastic moving in and out of my mouth and I rolled over onto my tummy and pressed my lower half into the mattress and started to wriggle and roll about; wriggle and roll; brushing upwards and downwards. My body was writhing all over the place. The plastic sticking to me all over; the sweat pouring off me and my love juices making the plastic stick more to my pussy mmmmmmmmm. Oh boy, I was now panting and my deep breaths making the plastic go even further into my mouth, mmmmmmmm. I couldn’t see out of the bag now it was all steamed up and the vapour running down. It was saturated, and with what I thought were my final breaths I started to cum, ooooooooo wowers were about to happen. I gasped and gasped; then that feeling came over me. Beginning to see stars; the blood rushing to my head, yessssssssssssss, oh yessssssssssssssssss, and then my body shuddered and shuddered so wildly. My god didn’t I cum good Master. I had to rip the tights off quickly and then the bag. I had run out of air; I know I did and when I ripped the bag off I had to take several gasps of fresh air. Phew that was a close one, but so fucking lovely.

'Return Of The Dark Cupboard'

With the pictures in my mind of Master’s bendy girls, suitcase girl, and that girl hanging upside down in that cupboard, it really set my pussy buds on fire and my wetness was oozing from me mmmmmmmmmmmm. So turned on I was; just wish Master could have seen me he would have been soooo damn hard.  I prepared all my play things; my two pair of tights, my two bags and one tie and swiftly took the duvet from my bed. I slowly undressed, and with each article of clothing I removed I felt more and more desire running through my veins. I was going to play in my favourite place. I went to the airing cupboard door and leaned against it and I started to step inside the first bag. First one foot and then the other, and slowly pulled it up past my knees and then further up over my bum til it reached my waist. Ooooooooooo god that plastic clinging to my skin really does things for me mmmmmmmmm. I then got the first pair of tights and put both feet into the one leg then slowly eased them up to my waist, mmmm. The tightness was making the plastic cling more so to my skin; and then I did the same with the other pair of tights. Put both feet in and slowly eased them up; being so tight it was quite difficult to ease them up with the other pair underneath but I managed it.

The tightness was unbelievable mmmmmmm; becoming very aroused now my juices starting to trickle down against the plastic. I paused for a couple of minutes and just started to rub my hand all along my wet pussy crack rubbing to and fro. The plastic rubbing against my clit and pussy lips mmmmmmmm, fucking hell. I could have cum there and then but that would be no good. I wanted this pleasure to last for as long as I could. I then opened the cupboard door; it was so dark in there and lovely and warm this would make the plastic really cling mmmmmmm. I started to get into position in that small space. I crouched down and wriggled my bum up right against the wall. I pulled the duvet inside and wrapped it all around my bottom half, wooo it was sooooo cosy and horny. I could already feel my clitty throbbing and my pussy muscles starting to contract in and out. I pulled in the other plastic bag, shut the cupboard door and when that door is shut I’m in my own little heaven. Now I practice my breathing before placing the second bag over my head, mmmmmm.

I got the other bag which was already very warm and as I pulled it over my head the plastic was already clinging to me like a second skin. I slowly pulled it down past my face, neck and over my shoulders; past my breasts and as it passed over my nipples I felt tingles all over. My nipples were as hard as nails, jeez such pleasure. Then I pulled the bag down to my waist to meet the other bag, but had to have my hands out for the next step. That was to tie the dressing gown chord around my neck to seal in the air mmmmm. Wave upon wave of pleasure ran through me as I got into position now. Had to act quickly as I didn’t have much air inside that bag. I then tucked my hands back inside the bag  leaned my head forward and bent it right the way over to between my knees and pulled the rest of the duvet around me filling every single bit of space. God, this was so horny. I was ready to wriggle and squeeze my way to orgasm. It was so hot; the bag was steaming up with my breaths. I could feel the wet plastic between my crotch from my juices which were oozing out. So fucking aroused now oooooooooooo.

My breaths were becoming slow and deep; I could feel and see the plastic going in and out of my mouth mmmmmmmmmmmmm. The pleasure was beyond belief; my pussy muscles working so hard, in and out, in and out. I wriggled more and more, my body shuddering. I was moving up and down and from side to side. Just aching to open my legs but couldn’t possibly, mmmmmmmmmm, arghhhhhhhhhh. Cumming so much, the door was rattling. I was now having that feeling when you seem to pass out of this world and into oblivion. All the time the bag getting wetter and wetter with my perspiration and juices. Oh yessssssssssssssssssss, cumming, cumming, cumming. Must have been almost out of air because I was gasping and wheezing. Wondering if I will finish cumming in time. Yes I made it but soooooooo much cum; the bag absolutely soaked now. I took out my hands, undid the neck tie, and ripped the bag from my head. God I was panting frantically trying to get my breath. I then removed the tights and the bottom bag all of which were dripping wet; was truly wonderful Master.

'Plastic Panties'

As I started to prepare for this great idea of Master's I wondered just what it would be like. It certainly sounded most thrilling, and as it was one of Master's suggestions I knew it would be a good one. I sorted out a nice soft plastic carrier bag and a pair of my sharpest of scissors and took them upstairs and laid the bag on the bed. I got a pair of my knicks from the drawer and laid it on the top of the bag and very carefully cut around them. My new plastic knicks had taken shape and I couldn’t wait to try them on. I had Master’s pics up on my screen and already I was quite wet. Now for the fitting of the knicks; I stepped into them very very carefully first one leg and then the other. Now for the difficult bit, easing them up; it was alright as far as my thighs and then I had to kind of wriggle it up over my thighs and bum. Soooooooo carefully I didn’t want to damage them in any way, oooooow, ahhhhhhh such a tight squeeze. As the plastic came into contact with my pussy I felt that tingle mmmmmmmm.

I was becoming very aroused already; eventually the panties were well in place and no damage done thank god. This I had to see in the mirror; I was wondering what they would look like and as I saw my naked body with just these plastic panties on I liked what I saw. I turned with my back to the mirror and looked over my shoulder and started to smooth my panties over my bum cheeks mmmmmmmm. This felt and looked good; I turned to the front again and just got lost in myself as my hand went down to my crotch and started to stroke my pussy crack to and fro. Smoothing down the panties which were now starting to cling against my warm skin; oooooooooohhh they felt so damn good. I relished the thought of playing with these on.

I continued to stroke myself and at the same time noticing that my nipples were very erect pointing outwards and so so hard. I glanced over to the pc still looking at the pics. By this time so aroused my skin was tinged pink and I was trembling. I now was putting on the tights which were to hold the panties well in place and as I pulled them over my thighs and my bum, I could feel the tightness and the plastic being even tighter against my skin.

God this felt great. I could hardly contain myself and I squatted down at the bottom of the bed and started to rub my pussy against the corner of the mattress. My clit was so swollen as I rubbed myself against that stiff ridge mmmmmmmm. I could already feel the wetness forming in my plastic panties. I was burning up with desire and wallowing in this pleasure. I stopped myself from cumming there and then; I got up and laid myself on my tummy near the top of the bed and with my hands firmly holding onto the headboard, I pushed my body deep into the mattress and dragged myself down the bed very very slowly. I paused for a moment and then very slowly dragged my body up the bed again mmmmmmmmm. My pussy deep in the mattress, the plastic panties rubbing against my pussy lips, sending waves of pleasure all through me. I dragged myself up and down that bed very very slowly for ages just enjoying every moment of this utter pleasure. The panties just getting wetter and wetter with my sweat and my juices. I could even feel the plastic in my bum crack now mmmmmmmmmm; fucking hell, the height of pleasure now.

I stopped again and savoured the moments. Then I started to drag myself up and down the bed again, my pussy deep into the mattress and the panties getting wetter and wetter. God knows how much juices were gathering in there and I hadn’t even cum yet, jeez. After about twenty minutes of dragging my body up and down, I felt my pussy muscles starting to draw in and out again. This time I just had to let myself go; and let go I did, wow. I started to cum, oooooooooooooooo, mmmmmmmmmmm, those panties so hot and wet I could feel my pussy muscles drawing them up me, yesssssssssss. Oh god, yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, and with this my body started to shudder and I pressed my pussy hard into the mattress.

I started to rub it up and down the bed faster and faster harder, and harder and then; and then I was cumming, like never before. I could feel the juices drowning the panties. All hot and wet they were, my orgasm becoming stronger and stronger. I couldn’t stop cumming. The bed was shaking, the headboard making a hell of a noise as I rattled. Such a climax Master; wowsers of the highest degree, mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I lay there for several minutes. I texted Master his final text of the day, still wearing the panties and the tights. When I finally removed them they were both absolutely saturated. The panties so wet they were all crinkled up, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, god Master its no wonder you enjoyed doing that, cos for me it was fantastic.

'Plastic Pantied Cupboard Play'

I had been waiting all week, getting more excited as the days passed, waiting for this day, when I was about to experience the play above all plays. I took Master’s advice by getting a plastic carrier bag, placed it on the bed and placed a pair of my panties on top to use as a template to cut out my lovely new plastic knicks. As the scissors worked around the plastic, I felt rushes of excitement flowing through my body. I cut it perfectly; shaping the leg holes, and then I got some sellotape and bound it around the leg holes to stop it from tearing when I was to put them on. I got the two big see through plastic bags from the drawer and laid those on the bed beside the plastic knicks.

I gazed at them in delight and already imagining what pleasure they were going to give me mmmmmm. The time was right now; my juices were beginning to flow and my mind totally focused on lust. Now I must get these panties on without damaging them. I took them from the bed and stepped into them first one foot and then the other and then very very slowly I pulled them up my calves. Then even more slowly edging my hips into them. I breathed inwards and pulled them over my bum cheeks. Ahhhhhhhhh yes, they felt soooooooooo good next to my skin. I patted my pussy a little thru them and ran my fingers along the crack of my bum. I felt some droplets of my juices already forming inside the plastic panties and they were clinging against my warm skin. I sat there a while teasing myself; my nipples as usual were protruding and were very very hard. I lay down, turned onto my tummy, and started rubbing my lower half up and down the bed to excite me even more mmmmmmmmmm. Sheer delight and wave upon wave of pleasure rippling through my whole burning body.

I was ready to go into the warm dark cupboard now, so I picked up the two bags and the duvet and scurried my way to the cupboard. The panties already wet against my pussy. I opened the cupboard door and firstly laid the duvet on the floor; then got one of the plastic bags and stepped into it slowly edging my lower body into it. It clung to my skin as I pulled it up to my waist. My body was on fire with desire and my pussy juices running; my clitty throbbing madly. God I had waited so long for this moment. I nestled comfortably against the back of the wall and pulled the duvet around me using up every bit of space, ahhh yes so comfy I was. It was then I practiced my breathing, before placing the other plastic bag over my head. I wriggled my pussy on the floor; the muscles were already contracting in and out rapidly, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

My body sweating with the heat and the plastic clinging to my skin. I pulled the door closed now; the darkness of the cupboard starting to send me into a different world. When my breathing was controlled, I then got the second bag and pulled it over my head over my shoulders and down to my waist to meet the other bag. I put my head between my knees and my mind switched off completely except for the sexual part. I was soooooooooooo turned on; my arousal almost too much to bare. Then I started to wriggle like an eel and bumping my pussy up and down on the floor as hard as I could. My pussy muscles contracting harder and faster now. My heavy breathing drawing the plastic in and out of my mouth, mmmmmmmmmmm, yesssssssssss. I then let myself go and I was cumming hard; so hard. My breathing becoming more labored now as I started my orgasm. The labored breathing turning to wheezing, and then gasping as I cum more and more arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

‘Master’, I shouted as I cum and cum and cum. The panties filling up with my hot juices. As I bumped up and down I could hear the squelching inside those wet hot plastic panties; mmmmmmmm absolute heaven. I was seeing stars and my head almost exploding, as I was drawing my last breaths of air. Jeez talk about wowsers; I just finished cumming when I lifted my head up quickly and bumped it on the cupboard shelve. I didn’t care though, I had had my pleasure and what pleasure it was woohoooo. I whipped the top bag off, opened the door and had to sit there for a few moments to get my breath back. I went to my bedroom and took the soaked bottom bag off and then the panties which were drenched with my juices.

Hope your having as much pleasure as I am,

horny horny horny

Diane xxx


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