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The Caped Crusaders, The Lost Reels

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2016 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; superheros; capture; uniform; tease; torment; molest; fondle; gag; drug; aphrodisiac; stimulant; chain; bond; spotlight; display; denial; cons/nc; X

(I loved those old TV serial reruns from the sixties, this I hope a playful take on one of them without ruining any innocent childhood memories.)

...In the opening scene we see Batgirl's motorcycle parked outside a dark warehouse, she investigating the recent bulk sugar thefts from the Gotham city docks at Batman's request. Several of the special guest villain's muscular henchmen dressed as chefs are on the lookout for her though, she walking straight into a well set trap. The men then spring their trap when she becomes distracted trying to look into one of the dirty windows, a comic book fight breaking out with many kicks and punches, but even the athletic Batgirl's quasi marital arts are no match for several men at once.

The large men eventually get control of the flexible young crime fighter while sustaining only minor injuries among themselves, four of them holding her arms and legs as she struggles uselessly, her assets gyrating wildly as still another of the henchmen steals a lecherous penetrating feel of her womanhood as she is forced to stand before him. Her uniform is impossibly thin and resilient and easily yields to the man's intrusion, but it has to be to allow the nubile young crime fighter to exercise her full range of motion without the potential embarrassment of a major wardrobe malfunction.

One doesn't wear undergarments with such a uniform, nor suit up to fight crime in one like it without a fresh wax as either would only print through and spoil the whole effect. The man with the rude and probing fingers was quick to realize this, his evil smile indicative of his intentions as a portion of her suit remains embedded in the cleft of her womanhood for a moment longer. His eyes then lingering on a higher gyrating target of opportunity, Batgirl either very cold, or very excited to be so firmly held and struggling. The evil henchman was after all a breast man, and Batgirl had some of the finest in Gotham.

Before the evil men can get to the next logical step with their struggling captive the Candy Man waddles out to see what the commotion is, he an arch villain of the caped crusaders with a well known sweet tooth, and the obese bodily proportions to prove it. He was at one time a well known candy chef at the luxurious Gotham hotel, but that was long before he went bad, he fresh out of prison from his last grand scheme and wanting to get revenge on Gotham city's finest for putting him there.

The probing henchman reluctantly steps aside to allow his employer to stand directly before the curvy struggling crime fighter, she looking revolted beneath her identity concealing mask to have him within her personal space. The Candy Man holds a large red gobstopper in his chubby hand, he then placing the overlarge treat near Batgirl's pretty lips as if offering candy to a child, although it is plain to see that under her form fitting uniform is anything but a child.

"Bugger off you fat pig, don't even think about touching me" batgirl threatened, although she in a poor position to stop him from doing whatever he may like.

"Bugger off indeed, you are a sour one aren't you Batgirl? Don't worry though, I have a recipe that will make you just a little bit sweeter, and oh so much more cooperative at the same time."

The man with the probing fingers was now standing behind Batgirl, he holding her forehead back in one powerful hand, and pulling down on her lower jaw with the other as she clamped her tiny red lips shut. She was winning that battle for now, but this was a game of attrition, and even with her excellent muscular control she couldn't do this forever. She knew if she could cause a distraction and get to her utility belt she could send a signal for help to Batman, but, she was scandalized to eventually learn, her captors already had a similar idea.

Before she could create her distraction the gross man before her looked down for just a fraction of a second in a signal to one of his men, and in the next seconds one of the men holding her powerful legs immobile freed a hand from his task and pushed an invading finger up behind her, uniform and all.

The size of the intrusion wasn't as much of a problem so much as a shock, and Batgirl came up even higher on her toes in her high heeled boots and arched her back in reflex to escape the intrusion, her pretty mouth opening in reflex to voice her indignation. The Candy Man took that moment of opportunity to shove his special gobstopper in all the way, it getting lodged behind her teeth as it was intended to do, gagging her instantly. The man holding her head then pushed her jaw closed with force, sinking her teeth into the oddly textured candy, he removing his hands after the deed was done and confident she wouldn't be spitting it out any time soon. It was designed to last for days before in melted away, long enough for their plans and then some if all went well.

"In a just a few minutes you will be impossibly cooperative" the Candy Man promised, "and then we will see about that buggering, but I have a little chore for you first."

For those watching, the red gobstopper held her sexy little mouth open as if in shock, the red portion now visible and matching the inside of her mouth. Batgirl wouldn't be making any more rude comments to the Candy Man while sucking on that, nor calling for help either. The gobstopper was more than just a sweet tasting gag though, but a diabolical chemical concoction worthy of one of Gotham's more unique criminals.

The Candy Man watched for the effects of his candy take hold of Batgirl, her sunken cheeks and full open mouth already making it look like she were performing an obscene act for him. "Candy fellatio" he told his watching henchmen with a hearty laugh.

Then Batgirl's head and chest started to roll sinuously as he watched her cheeks move with the obvious actions of her tongue, she lapping at her candy gag on the inside as things got rolling along biologically within her rather fit body. It didn't taste quite so sweet anymore though, but she still couldn't make herself stop sampling the familiar tasting intrusive thing gagging her.

"WHA OVE O ONE OO ME?" Batgirl tried to ask with her gagged mouth, she trying to maintain some level of self control and failing miserably. Her body was on fire, the shock on her pretty face at having a reaction like this while in such potential peril evident to the leering fat man.

"What have I done to you? It's a potent aphrodisiac, with a chaser shot of something you might recognize if you haven't been an especially good girl over the years. I donated that part myself by the way. There's a rather titillating rumor at the Gotham city prison about how you caped crusaders celebrate a conviction of one of us, so I suspect that none of this is a first for you Batgirl, but I digress, although one can hardly blame me while watching you work your tongue around that candy in your pretty mouth. Let me demonstrate just how potent my concoction is" Candy Man offered, but he wasn't really asking.

Batgirl shook her head emphatically, terrified of her bodies willing betrayal, but the evil villain was having none of it as he gloated over the effects of his candy creation. He then ran his chubby hands slowly from her hips up toward her heaving breasts, feeling her taunt stomach muscles clenching as he did so. He felt her ribs next, wondering is she ever ate anything as compared to himself, he eventually grabbing a big handful of her fleshy orbs in each pudgy hand and squeezing maliciously. What would have caused most normal women to scream out in pain instead had batgirl groaning in lust, either sound potentially mistakable from such a well gagged victim, but the fact the Batgirl thrust her chest toward her assailant and not away cleared that up pretty quickly.

Candy Man, not satisfied yet with his demonstration then held one of his fat fingers at the cleft of Batgirl's womanhood, she doing her best to impale herself on it through her uniform to relieve her burning lust. There was no shame at being made to perform for the watching criminals, only burning animal lust that needed to be quenched at almost any cost.

The villain then pulled away as Batgirl's hips continued to thrust onto nothing, and anguished noise coming from her throat.

"Not yet" the fat man chided, "work first, play time later."


In the next scene we find Batgirl still wearing her uniform less her iconic tool belt, and still gagged with the mind altering sweet. She is chained spread eagle across the front of a massive searchlight face up, her struggling silhouette intended to announce to all of Gotham her capture once the clouds rolled in, but most especially to the Dynamic Duo who were know to have a sweet spot for the shapely crime fighter. This new bat signal, (Candy Man hoped), once turned on would get Batman's attention like no other, most especially if her struggles could be seen when projected on the clouds. Batman might know that her special uniform would protect her body from the searing heat of the high intensity lamp for a short amount of time, but only if he suspected she were still wearing it.

Candy Man had no desire to strip and roast the desirable crime fighter alive though, she much more useful to him in other ways, not to mention that torturing such a pretty treat to death suggested a certain lack of class. It at the same time made no sense at all to destroy something you control, far better to use her for his purposes instead. There was after all humor in crime at this level in Gotham, and no electric chair, one mustn't forget that little detail he thought to himself.

The men likely had their fun while chaining batgirl across the ten foot searchlight, they pulling her struggling limbs taunt almost to the point of dislocation. She was still struggling and working up a good sweat while making her uniform almost transparent with perspiration, and other bodily fluids freely flowing much to the crime fighter's chagrin. Escape would be fine she thought to herself, but a close second would be the freedom of a single hand with which to sate the burning lust her unusual gag had caused. The light wasn't even on yet, she thought to herself, and she was already burning up. What would happen when she was forced to watch her own struggling silhouette projected on the clouds for all of Gotham to ogle...

It turns out batgirl didn't have long to wait, the clouds in the proper position and one of the henchmen turning on the huge lamp, her struggling image projected on the clouds for those fortunate enough to be looking. It was an obscene display, men coming home from a late night restaurant or bar looking to the clouds and openly rubbing at themselves, their dates or significant others holding their hands to their mouths aghast at the show some anonymous shapely woman was putting on. To a man they thought the lewd show was to announce the grand opening of Gotham's new bunny ranch, but that wasn't for weeks yet.

...Bruce Wayne was one of those out that night, he in the company of a stunning woman he was trying to get to know better and just leaving the ballet. For a bachelor billionaire he had a hard time hooking up in Gotham, but crime fighting had a way of ruining his fun, while at the same time providing other darker versions of fun from time to time. It was a double edged sword he waxed poetically in his mind, conjuring up visions of Batgirl bound and struggling while wrapped wrist and ankle in Poison Ivy's thorny trap, her purple uniform in tatters at the giant plant's base and it doing it's best to impale her further on one of it's smooth bulbous branches. What fun that had been, he thought, the curvy crime fighter most grateful for her eventual rescue, even if he had made some lame excuse as to why he couldn't just cut her free from the limbs directly...

Batman's erotic daydreams had been interrupted though when he looked to the clouds and saw the projected image of a fit female body chained spread eagle and obscenely struggling, that magnificent body flailing about either in agony, or something else. It was reminiscent of the bat signal that the commissioner lit to alert the crime fighters of a problem, and here some fiend had sent a different kind of message to the caped crusader. "She's mine to play with now!"

Bruce Wayne knew without a doubt to whom that struggling form belonged, the fist width gap between her muscular thighs that he knew so well a dead giveaway, it clearly visible with the struggling crime fighter displayed as she was. The spotlight's beam had to originate near the Gotham docks, and he had sent her there to check up on things in the hope that he might get lucky with his date after the ballet, which he hated. Batman also knew that Batgirl's only hope was that she were still wearing her protective uniform. The searing heat from a search lamp of that size would roast the crime fighter like a chicken in minutes, and she would be well done long before he could ever get to her no matter what.

Robin had the watch that night, and if he saw the same erotic display as he there still could be hope...

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