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The Caped Crusaders, The Lost Reels 2: On Display

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2016 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; superheros; captive; uniform; abducted; tease; torment; fondle; gag; drug; stimulant; bond; strip; glue; display; stand; window; candy; stuck; denial; cons/nc; X

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Part 2: On Display

Fortunately Robin was serious about having the watch that night and had indeed seen the erotic "bat signal" the Candy Man had arranged, but he didn't perceive it that way, Robin's innocence almost inexplicable with all the crime fighting duo had been through together. A Gotham city code inspector had beaten him to the scene of the crime though, he holding his ticket book in his hand and looking to levy a fine on whoever had dared to light that spotlight and put on that erotic show without a permit.

The light had long since been turned off by then and Batgirl missing, there being scant physical evidence she had been the one chained spread eagle over top of that powerful lamp other than her iconic utility belt left lying on the ground as if a taunting clue, and of course her motorcycle parked nearby. The belt had a locator built into it, but without it on her shapely hips the caped crusaders would be no better off than the police at finding their abducted comrade.


In the next scene we see Candy Man and his henchmen driving away from the scene of the crime in a colorfully lettered candy delivery truck with the captive Batgirl bound wrist and ankle within it's walls, she still struggling, but only half heartily as exhaustion had finally set in. Her uniform was nearly transparent with perspiration, but at least she hadn't been roasted alive by the powerful spotlight, every detail of her fit body clearly visible to her captors though.

What evil things are in store for her next we are left to wonder, as are the dynamic duo?

It was first light when Batman, (and Robin for the second time) arrived at the scene of the crime, the police roping off the area so as not to disturb any evidence. There were tire tracks possibly belonging to a delivery truck in the loose dirt, and at least half a dozen shoe prints in the dust inside the warehouse, but the taunting discovery of Batgirl's utility belt and her tiny boot prints outside told the tale.

She had been caught and abducted after a brief fight, her utility belt revealing something else to Batman though, or more accurately to his very sensitive nose as Robin looked on curiously at his antics. The two crime fighters had known each other long enough for Robin not to question him on something like this, best to just let him go and try to learn something from it later.

It wasn't fear that Batman smelled on that belt that mere hours before had sat on those shapely hips, (he knew that smell by instinct), but something else that he also knew by instinct. Batgirl had worked up a good sweat, that much was to be expected, but there was a strong hint of arousal on that belt as well. Batgirl's firm and fit body that he knew so well had apparently been pumping out pheromones like mad. It was a curious reaction at best to being captured and chained on display for all of Gotham's late night crowd to ogle, and that alone told Batman that she herself at least perceived her peril as less life threatening than virtue threatening.

Batgirl was a wild one, Batman knew this already, and he also knew that some firm restraints multiplied her kink tenfold. The two crime fighters had practiced this ostensibly to teach her how to slip her bonds when captured, but at some point during her "training" both crime fighters usually became distracted. Robin was always sent out on some foolish errands for those training sessions, Batgirl a serious screamer if not gagged, her passionate echoes reverberating off of the bat cave's walls as she struggled for release. There was almost no limit to the shapely crime fighters flexibility, nor Batman's imagination for new positions to bind the insatiable twenty something year old in, this workout perhaps more exhausting than most the crime fighters regularly engaged in to keep fit.

Crime fighting DID have it's perks, Batman thought with a smile.

...Deductive reasoning lead the caped crime fighters all over town, first to Gotham's famous doughnut emporium where some of Gotham's finest were warming up for their upcoming annual charity doughnut eating contest. There were so many police cars in the parking lot that one could easily mistake the doughnut shop for the police station, but only a fool would attempt a crime within it's sight. This criminal the dynamic duo was looking for wasn't a fool however, but a brilliant taunting villain with accomplices. Still their largest clue was the stolen bulk sugar, and there was a need for plenty of it with the upcoming charity event. The doughnut shop proved itself clean though, so much so that the caped crusaders took the time to sit down with the cops and have a Boston Cream with them and wish them luck in their upcoming event at the city fair.

It had been the doughnut shop's order of sugar that had been stolen, and a clever thief might steal their own order so as not to have to pay for it, but their finances checked out and the crime fighting duo went on to their next stop. Stealing sugar was one thing, but kidnapping Batgirl and baiting the crime fighters with her provocative bat signal was another. The owner of the doughnut shop was a former cop himself, and an unlikely criminal. He was also a rather large man in the flesh hence his early retirement, and Batgirl hated fat guys, she unlikely to become uncontrollably aroused for any fat man, or so Batman thought at the time...


...Meanwhile on the other side of Gotham, Candy Man and his henchmen had long since backed their colorful delivery truck into the basement of his newly rented candy shop, their bound captive reduced to making little desperate mewing sounds and trying to grind her shapely legs together for some kind of sexual relief. Batgirl felt herself going slightly mad with lust, but she was still able to recognize the empty stolen sugar bags when the men carried her hogtied form from the truck, they going well out of their way not to touch any of her inflamed erogenous zones on Candy Man's strict orders.

There was a large gleaming stainless steel vat where some hidden sweet smelling substance was being warmed and mixed with a giant industrial mixer, and a spray hose of some kind in a tarped off area of the basement that looked ominous to the bound crime fighter with of all things a large Christmas tree stand in it's center. The place was as impossibly clean as one would expect it should be when manufacturing food, Batgirl knowing by instinct things were about to go from bad to worse despite her mind being muddled by lust.

"Prepare her" Candy Man ordered with a theatrical wave of his chubby hand, Batgirl's muscular legs then unshackled and she pinned in place once on her back on the cold stainless steel prep surface by several sets of hands. The costumed henchmen held the exhausted crime fighter down firmly, her powerful legs and the kicks they had delivered before she had been subdued by them fresh in their minds. Even if she were able to mount some kind of counterattack with her wrists chained behind her and pressed to the table's surface, it was apparent there was little she could do to escape her fate without the dynamic duos intervention.

The men searched in vain for a zipper, or some other kind of fastening holding her iconic uniform together, they then abandoning that effort and simply cutting the thin garment from her body piece by piece with a comically large pair of scissors. The rush of cold air, (once the men had gotten that far), had her nips painfully erect once again, the rest of her magnificent body and it's rippling muscles revealed piece by piece as the crime fighter struggled and her eyes burned with indignity despite the obvious lust she were trying to suppress.

With her hands still cuffed in the small of her back and elevating her hips, and her shapely legs held splayed, there was no modesty to be found once the evil men had finished their dastardly deed. Candy Man stopped his salivating men from removing either her mask or her boots though, simply telling them that he liked both. Still their hands roamed just about everywhere despite their orders to the contrary as the bound Batgirl thrust her hips at them involuntarily, her body taunting them in it's chemically induced lust to hurry up and do the deed before she completely lost her mind.

With her mind altering gag still in place she really couldn't verbally complain, not that she might have done so in a genuine way anyway with the effects of the potent aphrodisiac. Her intellect and her body were at odds with each other, and at the moment her considerable intellect loosing that battle as the men held her down. The dark part of her chemically altered mind seemed to be saying "YES, YES, YES", her now bare and magnificent body bound and displayed in a near perfect position for several things that she needed at an animalistic base level.

Instead the leering henchmen rolled her over face down on Candy Man's order, they apparently fighting their own internal battle over what they wanted to do with the fit and struggling Batgirl, she presenting a once in a lifetime opportunity for such men fresh out of jail. Her head was left hanging off the end of the table by Candy Man's gross body, she thinking briefly her gag not all that a bad of a thing at the moment less he wish to force her to sample him first hand. Of a more disturbing thought to the bound crime fighter was her overwhelming animalistic desire to do exactly that, she willing to give the big man the best one in his entire life in exchange for what her body craved, possibly even from him if he were "UP" to the challenge.

Instead Batgirl's ankles were chained wide to the table's corners and she well knowing the picture she were presenting to the men behind her at that moment. Her breasts were mashed to the tabletop though, she thinking that a shame as she liked it when they were manhandled in the heat of the moment, the fools, in her opinion, missing out on an opportunity of their own.

While not quite the position her chemically altered mind had anticipated she knew it could still work, and the lusty part of her brain that had more or less been in full control since she first sampled Candy Man's treat seemed to be screaming "Lets get this show on the road you animals!" Batgirl flexing her strong leg muscles to test her bonds experimentally and clenching her shapely butt muscles in the process. Could these men possibly know what any form of restraint did to her even without her candy gag's influence?

Instead of taking her though, the men were dismissed and ordered see to their final candy preparations with much grumbling on their parts, Batgirl wondering if the fat man would crush both she and the sturdy table she were chained to if he should decide to mount up on her himself. She then thought that at least she would be spared having to watch him do the deed in this position, her chemically induced lust in direct conflict with her revulsion for men in less than prime physical condition.

When his men were out of sight and busy Candy Man instead lifted her mask and hood for a quick peek while blocking his actions from the others with his enormous body, telling his horrified captive in a whisper, "now that's a surprise." He then pulled it back down and patted her head as if a dog.

Batgirl's eyes franticly darted around to see who else had noticed her exposure, it was one thing to be stripped and chained, (and hopefully used) by a room full of muscular men, (and even one fat one), quite another to have her true identity known by them.

"Don't worry my sweet treat, I haven't forgotten about that buggering you had suggested. I must admit that I had other intentions for you initially that would have been far more satisfying, but your pretty little rude mouth ruined that for you earlier. Still it will be fun, just a different kind of fun than what you might be used to. Or maybe not..." the smiling fat man offered ominously.


Two of Candy Man's men came back over when he called them, one henchman each grabbing one of batgirl's arms and cooperatively they removed her cuffs, each holding a wrist with relative ease, her muscles almost too tired to resist from all she had been through to that point. A third man with an ordinary looking paint brush and a one gallon can of some purple liquid then painted each of her shapely butt cheeks with the brush as she tried to struggle away, the men holding her hands open and then pulling them toward her chained ankles and arching her back to the limit of the crime fighter's flexibility.

Each of Batgirl's hands were then placed low left and right respectively on her purple painted butt cheeks with a slap, it evident to those watching that her hands had been instantly glued in place when her fruitless struggles then obscenely displaced her rather perfect posterior.

As the henchmen eased her upper body back down to the cold table top her glued hands were made to pull at her backside, and when her magnificent breasts were once again on the table her shoulders were forced to roll backwards as her butt was held splayed painfully in invitation by her own hands, making it appear as if the crime fighter were in willing cooperating for her debasement.

Such things wouldn't necessarily be a first for the now perpetually randy crime fighter, and while not exactly what her body had been chemically induced to crave, it could still do it for her, she realized.

The men might have liked to indulge Batgirl's darker desires in a more physical way, but Candy Man had different plans, one of his henchmen handing his employer a long and blunt staff that he held before his bound captive with a evil smile.

"Guess where this is going my sassy captive?" Candy Man asked rhetorically as bat girl's eyes went wide, his chubby hand not able to go fully around the menacing pole she watched him greasing.

"Buggering indeed" Candy Man laughed as the scene ended...


...In the next scene we see what appears to be a giant grape cotton candy on display in the grand opening store window of Gotham's newest candy shop, it so large that it's stick can be seen in what looks like a motorized Christmas tree stand to keep it upright as it slowly rotates on display. Gotham city's citizens can be seen walking by on the other side of the shop window, they staring up at the rotating enormous sweet advertised as the worlds largest cotton candy, it so tall in it's display stand though that the top of it can't be seen from the sidewalk outside. The shop wasn't open yet, but the signage outside promised "Coming Soon", an artful double entendre by the shops new owner that was likely lost on the passing pedestrians.

Batgirl's masked head adorns the top of that treat, and it's clear that under all that purple cotton candy and obscenely placed pole stands our favorite tasty crime fighter, she placed on display in that window by Candy Man and his henchmen as nothing more than some free advertising to be noticed by whoever happens by...

Batman and Robin do just that as they stop by the new candy shop, the Batmobile parked right out front and gaining the soon to open shop even more free publicity. Both get out and admire the huge sweet, all while knowing it would take a huge amount of sugar to create such a display, possibly even stolen sugar.

Both stood mesmerized while staring at that rotating display for several seconds while wondering at the effort required to produce such a massive treat, although it was Robin who first noticed the vague outline of a familiar set of high heeled boots as the display rotated back around toward them once again.

The two had more than a hunch that something was amiss inside that store with Robin's observation, but the crime fighters still knocked on the door three times before defeating the simple lock to see that display in the flesh, and even after that they entered cautiously. For a lesser criminal such an obvious setup could be the perfect trap, Batgirl being the perfect bait for that trap. This criminal, Batman realized, wasn't quite so predictable though.

...Both crime fighters were left speechless when they saw the entirety of the rotating display, Batgirls hooded and pretty face just visible atop of that massive candy treat, her eyes open though and she obviously alive. Batman smiled at her predicament, but her face pretty clearly told him she didn't share his amusement. Her candy trap made it look as if she had gained three hundred pounds in the few hours since her abduction, her rather nice anatomical features hidden completely by the purple candy and a full length mirror placed strategically by the evil villain so the slightly vain crime fighter could observe herself on every rotation...

"Any traps in here?" Batman asked. "Blink once for yes, and twice for no" he reminded her while walking slowly around with her enormous self so as to keep eye contact with her rotating form.

Two blinks and some mumbled untellable words told Batman that it was safe to unplug the rotating display stand, and then to close the curtains on the display window as a small group had gathered to see what the caped crusaders were doing.

"Robin, look around here carefully while I sort this out, I have a bad feeling about this" Batman told his partner.

Robin started his search and left the two to communicate privately as Batman intended, he knowing this conversation might wander in a delicate direction, Robin almost awkwardly innocent in matters of the flesh. Batman then took off his gloves, they were impersonal for what he must do next.

With his bare hand he slowly reached up (Batgirl's head displayed as she was quite a bit higher than his own despite his six foot four stance) and opened her pretty lips gently with his thumb and middle finger to remove her candy gag. Her lips were stretched to the limit by his necessary intrusion, but her excess drool provided some needed lubrication. His reach was awkward as he didn't want to touch her candy coating just yet, kind of out and around, and then up. A chair to stand on would have made such things easier, but he was in a hurry to hear what she had to say.

With some effort Batman pried the candy gag from her lips, he then bagging the treat as possible evidence. What assailed his sensitive nose when she first tried to speak to him after being gagged for the last several hours nearly knocked him over though.

"Entertaining the criminals again?" Batman asked suspiciously.

"NO DAMMIT, I HAVEN'T!" she replied with venom in her voice. "Essence of Candy Man, along with a potent aphrodisiac, I've been on fire since he gagged me with it, and no, not one of them helped me over the top one single time the selfish bastards."

"Where does this thing go?" Batman asked of the pole she were riding, he wisely deciding to change the subject as Batgirl was obviously agitated by all she had been through. Robin could be seen walking back over with a box in his hands, Batgirl flicking her eyes down and backwards so as not to share her answer verbally with the sometimes naïve Robin who was well within earshot.

"HOLLY NAKED IMPALEMENT!" Robin exclaimed as he held up the remains of Batgirl's shredded uniform from the box he had found, he unusually quick to pick up on his friends plight. He had obviously seen her eyes, (she thought), the caped young man becoming quite observant of late.

Batgirl rolled her eyes, "Thanks captain obvious" she replied with her sometimes sassy mouth and quick wit. Did he not see the pattern here she thought to herself for not the first time? He was a smart young man, not a boy as some thought, how hard was it to see that nearly every criminal tried with all their might to place her in some kind of damsel in distress situation? Her purpose in all this was as a provocative diversion, the criminals they sought were infatuated with her, (even the female ones) her uniform there to taunt as well as to protect her rather fit body, and by extension the other good citizens of Gotham at her expense. She got off on all of it though one way or the other, it was a secret she tried very hard to keep, although Batman was likely on to her as he didn't miss much.

Batman then reached out roughly to where Batgirl's boobs would be if she weren't covered in a thick layer of cotton candy, he grabbing a handful with the intention of freeing the impaled crime fighter as both Robin and Batgirl looked on curiously. Instead of pulling a revealing handful of candy from her bound body though, his hand became stuck in place just as Batgirl's were on her backside.

Batman then used his considerable strength to pull his stuck hand away on reflex, Batgirl squealing in response before she could catch her breath long enough to vocalize her indignation.

"It's a kind of glue you nitwit, stop it before you either pull my boob off or run this pole right through me!"

"Yes, of course" the chastised crime fighter replied as he looked up at her sheepishly, his big hand caught in a most compromising position. "Do you have any suggestions as to how we can both get free?" he asked most reasonably.

"Candy Man took a taste of me himself after he stood me up in this stand and layered me up with his cotton candy spray nozzle, but just with his mouth. They glued my hands to my butt and legs to this pole with I suspect the same sweet smelling concoction, the stolen sugar bags in plain sight downstairs in his factory... He saw my face Batman, but his henchmen didn't" Batgirl added seriously.

"Oh, that's a problem. And the spotlight?" Batman asked.

"He could have done worse to me, the evil genius, and with his candy in my mouth I would have willingly participated."

"Robin, I want you to take the Batmobile back to the Batcave, there on the restricted shelves you will find a small jar of synthetic saliva. I need you to replicate about a quart of it so we can use it as a solvent to strip this candy off of Batgirl's body. The formula is on a card under the jar, and you know where the lab is. DO... NOT... drive past the ice cream shop with the Batmobile and do a burnout with it like last time!"

"Yes sir, no burnouts at the ice cream shop, and I'll call you on the bat radio if I have any problems." Robin running for the door and apparently happy to be anywhere else at the moment, the mere thought of stripping Batgirl of her candy coating back down to her bare flesh apparently uncomfortable for the young man.

"Edible candy glue?" Batman asked rhetorically after Robin had left. "What could one do with such a thing?"

"Glue my hands to my ass, impale me on a stick, and turn me into a giant desert for the Gotham city fair, and then charge a one dollar charity donation for each lick. I saw the signs he had made up, and with me gagged everybody would think I was a willing participant, at least until they discovered I was naked under all of this."

"That gives me an idea Batgirl" Batman then bending over and licking the fingers of his stuck hand until it was free one finger at a time. "Wow this stuff is sweet. So Candy Man intended for you to be a charity fundraiser while you were slowly eaten and stripped by all of Gotham as a massive distraction. We might just have to let him carry out his twisted plans to see what he does next you know..."

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