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The Caped Crusaders, The Lost Reels 3: A Hair Of The Dog

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2017 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; superheros; captive; display; stuck; candy; lick; tease; torment; fondle; club; M+/f+; gobstoppers; aphrodisiac; striptease; auction; fundraiser; bond; handcuffs; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 3: A Hair Of The Dog

"Seriously, that's the best plan you can come up with, display me naked on a stickfor all of Gotham after everybody has had a bite, just as Candy Man intended?" Batgirl asked incredulously. "I would do anything, ANY THING your twisted bat mind could think up not to be displayed like a bound prize for all of Gotham to ogle..."

"...a second time," Batman finishing her sentence for her.

"Yes, a second time. Do you have any idea how flippin wound up I am right now even with that candy gag removed? If I can't get control of this I might hurt someone you know, do you want that on your conscience?"

"No, I suppose not" Batman responded with a lecherous smile while pondering his suggestion, "still we'll have to find a way for you to replace the charity donations your tasty display would have generated, for the good of the community obviously."

"I said I would do anything. Didn't I?"

...Batman thought for a moment and then called Chief O'Hara on his bat radio and told him what he needed and where he was, the chief sending the men Batman had asked for with strict instructions not to say a word about their mission to anyone. The charity doughnut eating competitors arrived shortly thereafter in a paddy wagon, they sworn to secrecy and given instructions where to eat, and where not to. They were men first and foremost and genuinely excited to do their part to free the tasty Batgirl from her candy bonds, and while overweight and not the least bit desirable to the bound and impaled crime fighter, she still knew she would at some point have to find a special way to say thank you to all of them after this was over.

It was a scene to watch, the breast men worked on that general area of her bound body, eating her down to a scant candy coating over and around her magnificent assets, prominently thrust out and displayed with her hands still glued to her perfect little butt. The ass men worked on her there as well while doing their part, with the leg and foot fetish men doing much the same. What was left for the others was still pretty nice as Batgirl's bound muscles rippled just below the surface, and like a heard of ravenous buffalo free ranging across a Midwestern plain they stripped her almost bare, at least until their appetites wavered.

For both Batgirl's modesty and Batman's later potential private snack at the Batcave the large men were instructed to only eat her down to a bikini patch of remaining cotton candy, but even that was too much for their conditioned hearty appetites, and despite their resolve their belly aches eventually overwhelmed them. More physically fit reinforcements were then called in from the department and similarly sworn to secrecy, several hansom policemen taking turns nibbling and licking Batgirl's candy coating down to her bare skin.They pushed the bikini line boundaries Batman had set where they could get away with it, Batgirl showing more side boob and neither region flesh than any bikini of the era, their tongue on skin contact at the same time tickling her nearly to the point of giggling and twitching insanity.

Batgirl might have been a serious martial arts trained crime fighter, but her rather magnificent body was just as ticklish as any other's behind her knees, or at the nape of her neck, or anywhere even close to her forbidden bikini line, just as Gotham's finest were amused to discover. The policemen had also revealed the entry point of th epost she was both fastened to and impaled upon, the girth of the intrusion she was riding and easy way she apparently handled it causing them a knowing smile. The rumors whispered about the department were that Batgirl was a wild one with few boundaries, and here was now direct physical evidence to support this, most especially with her own hands still glued onto her rather perfect bare butt clearly aiding the effort.

The bat radio eventually crackled with Robin's voice, the policemen off in a little group of their own and fortunately out of earshot. "Batman, I think found the jar of synthetic saliva in the restricted section, is it next tothe jar labeled 'stay hard bat lotion', the one on top of this months True Detective magazine?"

...Batgirl's eyes flashed toward Batman's as she obviously heard what had been said, the beginnings of a smile forming on her pretty lips. "Mister all night long and well into the morning have a secret or two?" Batgirl quipped quietly for Batman's sensitive ears alone.

"You behave, less I find some excuse to leave you like that" Batman threatened playfully with a smile of his own. There was after all a precedent for this in their recent crime fighting past. "I don't recall hearing any serious complaints..." Batman letting the subject drop rather suddenly. "I am working on a pill form of that little discovery you know, for the good of mankind obviously" Batman offered magnanimously while changing the direction of their conversation ever so slightly.

"Obviously" Batgirl offered with the same magnanimous tone while somewhat accurately imitating Batman's deep bass voice, she having a rather quick wit in matters of the flesh despite her wholesome public persona...

"That's the one Robin. I will need just a little less than a quart now, and don't you dare touch that other jar unless you want detail duty on the Batmobile again."

"Yes sir" Robin answered while attempting to keep a secret of his own, he not driving past the ice cream stand in the Batmobile and spinning the tires to show off as he had promised, but instead doing in front of the high school as that was more on his way.


In the next scene we see Batgirl exiting the clear glass bat showers of the Batcave, her identity concealing hood and shredded uniform nowhere in sight, she toweling her long hair dry with a purple towel suggesting she had been there before. She is wrapped tightly in a second damp and thin towel just long enough to cover her womanly charms at both ends and her body looking none the worse for her ordeal, the details of how she had been removed from the post and the remnants of her cotton candy bikini left to the viewers imagination.

Robin is nowhere in sight, and Batman can be seen running his hands along the rear tires of the Batmobile and feeling the chunks of melted rubber stuck there, he shaking his masked head in disgust ever so slightly.

Batgirl is walking directly toward him with a purpose, and we the viewers become aware of the seductive way she is placing one bare foot directly in front of the other like a runway model, her exaggerated steps and posture causing her assets to swing freely under her towel while the knot holding it on gets looser with every step. She stares at Batman like a predator as she closes the gap to stand before him in intimate closeness on the far side of the parked Batmobile, the lower half of each of their bodies hidden from view.

"I need something from you Batman" she tells him in a husky voice so out of place from what we have heard from her pretty lips in the past. "Candy Man's gag has left me with an insatiable man craving..." no more words from her even necessary. She then drops out of sight behind the Batmobile and we see her thin towel flung into the air, and then we see Batman's head roll back as Batgirl looks to sate her cravings...

"How was it?" Batman can be heard asking in the dark Batcave sometime later, the two laying together in the obvious afterglow of their passions on a bed of some kind.

"Like giving a starving woman a lollipop when she really needs a steak sandwich" Batgirl answered, "but it will do for now until you can figure out what Candy Man's 'treat' has done to me."

"I'll work on it" an obviously exhausted Batman can be heard telling her, but one is left to wonder how hard, Batman after all a man like any other deep down under that suit of his.


Candy Man and his henchmen are easily and peacefully arrested by the police, and that turned out to be a good thing as a portion of Gotham's finest had come down with stomach aches after helping to eat Batgirl free of her bonds, as did Batman himself. A through search of the warehouse lead to the discovery of dozens more of those special giant gob stoppers, but these were determined by Batman to contain nothing more than the powerful aphrodisiac and not a trace of any essence of Candy Man.

One by one they disappeared from the evidence locker, the senior police officers taking them home first, (and then the junior ones that ate Batgirl free of her bonds afterward), an aphrodisiac candy ballgag that Batman assured them was safe to use at home too good not to try out on their wives and girlfriends. Crime fighting, Batman told them time and again, did have it's perks.

In what could be seen by some as a conspiracy before the trial, Batman met with Candy Man in his holding cell, and there the two had a very private off the record discussion, Batman in the end assured that justice would be served...

The only thing the prosecutor could get the obese criminal and his henchmen on was receiving stolen property, Batgirl not able to "recall" who had bound her to the spotlight, nor who had kidnapped her afterwords. The fact that she had been impaled and turned into a giant candy treat not brought up in court for obvious reasons. This was in exchange for Candy Man not disclosing her true identity, and sharing his candy recipe with the caped crusaders, a fair exchange all things considered. Each received a six month sentence, pretty harsh for the only crime they had been convicted of, but they were after all repeat offenders...


Gotham's new live show bunny ranch was located outside of city limits, the owners rather shocked when the well respected Bruce Wayne entered negotiations to rent the place out for an entire night of charity fundraising. The doughnut eating contest had been a total bust at the Gotham city fair weeks earlier, the large police officers too ill to compete, leaving the firefighters no competition, and therefore no show with which to raise charity donations. Likewise Candy Man's twisted scheme to use the candy coated Batgirl as a fundraiser of his own had also had fell flat, his apparent taunt of the dynamic duo with the searchlight not working out as he had planned either, although his true intentions for that he had insisted on keeping to himself.

The bunny ranch agreed to hold a closed admission show for Gotham's city workers, including the police and firemen, all to raise donations for the various charities that had beenhit so hard during the failed fair. It was a good way for the risqué business to endear itself to the city as well as avoid any frivolous code enforcement problems in the future. Several of the younger police officer's wives volunteered magnanimously to "perform" at the bunny ranch for the good of the community only if they could do so while wearing a simple mask to conceal their identity, and while enjoying what remained of their new favorite candy treats to boost their erotic courage. The pilfered candy gob stoppers had been used so much by the ladies that they were now the size of cough drops and easily concealed, but they still provided more than enough erotic motivation for the wives to put on an anonymous striptease for a randy and cheering charity crowd.

The show promised to be a huge success, the wives that performed to be auctioned off in what they were left wearing to raise even more for their charities, although it was just a little unclear how willing the ladies had been for that part of the show beforehand, or if they even knew. The lucky police husbands to a man not objecting to the kinky auction if it meant a night of peaceful sleep for themselves, the wives in question wearing down the young cops with night after night of impassioned action, (not to mention the occasional "nooner" while on watch), giving truth to the phrase, "be careful what you wish for, you might just get more of it than you can possibly handle."

A wooden silhouette cut out of a spread eagled Batgirl (that she agreed to pose for at Batman's insistence so that it was atomically accurate) was chained over top of a spotlight and announced the nights events, the modified bat signal originating from the parking lot of the bunny ranch and shining on a convenient cloud easily seen from the Gotham city prison. The signal was used as a tongue in cheek advertising ploy for those with specific knowledge of the Candy Man case, and a rare taunt of his own from Batman to the criminals he had helped to put there.

Bruce Wayne was in attendance, but his young ward wasn't, he not yet twenty one and not legally allowed to attend the flash of flesh fundraiser. After each of the masked wives had done their best amateur dance and stripped down to as little as they dared, (in some cases almost nothing, all while piles of charity cash was thrown on the stage for each article of clothing thrown into the cheering crowd), it got even crazier.

The wives were handcuffed behind their backs at the conclusion of their dances as if they had just been arrested, and then auctioned right off the stage to the highest bidder by the M.C. for some astounding amounts, so much so that several groups of charitable men had to pool their donations to claim their prize. The ladies own husbands had been easily outbid, whether this had been the original plan or not didn't seem to matter though as this was for a good cause. The winning bidders would obviously have to find some way to share that prize between themselves before they delivered the ladies back to the police station holding cells in the morning as agreed, but the handcuffs, (which the police wives had some familiarity with), and melting gobstoppers made that easy.

The last dancer of the nightmight have been a surprise to some if they hadn't thought about the significance of the advertising spotlight, but not to Bruce Wayne, that particular young woman keeping her promise to do "any thing" his Batman persona could dream up to ensure her part of the charity fundraiser were successful. Many of the men had already left in groups with their randy and handcuffed charity prize wives for the night, but there were still plenty in attendance, the hefty doughnut eaters now in the front row near the stage as if they had been tipped off.

Batgirl was the last performer, she not in her form fitting crime fighting uniform though, but in a purple dress and heels that fit her magnificent body just as perfectly. She wore a simple mask like the others, but her highly conditioned flexible form did things on that stage that the others just couldn't do. A full and graceful split on stage followed by a standing one up against one of the obligatory shiny chrome poles, her own hands closing both around her elevated ankle and the pole, each well over her head in a suggestive demonstration of her abilities.

Gravity graciously took her thin dress and slip to her hip in that position, taunting the men to ante up if they wanted to see more, Batgirl's body well worth the charity donation.

She eventually shrugged out of her thin dress and allowed it to pool at her high heeled feet when enough cash had made it's way onto the stage, she tossing it into the crowd with a flip of her toe as if she had done this before. Her matching slip and garter belt were next after she had mounted and spun inverted on that pole, slipping the former garment off gracefully over her head while her powerful legs held onto the chrome pole. Each item thrown to the roaring crowd lead to more cash thrown onto the stage in a sultry and ancient exchange, the irony of her avoiding public bound and impaled exposure at the failed fair in exchange for nearly the same with a smaller and more select group on stage at the bunny ranch reminding her of the folly of making open ended agreements with Batman.

She was left in her hardly there front hook demi bra and scant panties, and still her stockings and heels as well with her lust boiling once again, the large men in the front row helping her out of the later at her invitationas she sat on the edge of the stage and extended her shapely splayed legs in their directions with her own hands planted on the stage between her legs in mock modesty. The large and lucky men tickled her shapely legs playfully while doing the deed, they knowing now how ticklish she truly was and taking familiar advantage as one might expect.

The other ladies had stripped down just as far for their own charity performances before being cuffed and auctioned off as Batgirl watched from backstage, (they driven to that deed though by unsatisfied lust and a very adult candy), but Batgirl wasn't one to be easily outdone as she battled her own lusty desires, although without the candy's erotic fuel.

She next hopped down from the stage gracefully barefoot and approached the nearest massive doughnut eater once again sitting in his front row seat, the stocking he had expertly rolled from her magnificent left leg laying over his shoulders like a cherished favorite scarf. She then just as gracefully stepped over him and straddled the man's body as the randy crowd got nearly silent, her pushed up assets nearly touching his lips and her arms wrapped around his neck affectionately, she taking the opportunity to bend her neck and whisper something into the man's ear that made his smiling face visibly react in shock.

Batgirl ground her scantly covered womanly charms directly on top of his fat manhood in her version of a lap dance as his buddies looked on enviously, her hips grinding on him in highly exaggerated strokes that most women simply weren't capable of doing.

With her arms wrapped around his head she redirected his lips to her own and kissed him deeply, and then she whispered into his ear again, but this time we could hear what she had said.

"You guys were very nice to me, and I intend to be very, very nice to you in return to say thank you in my own special way, but I need you to do something for me first, if your courageous enough..."

Batgirl dismounted her large friend before the big finish and offered up her crossed her wrists in front of her symbolically, bowing her head submissively to both the man and the watching crowd. The large man tied her offered wrists together with her own stocking, she not truly trapped though bearing in mind her considerable escape skills. Her restraint was more to tell everybody watching that she was willing participant, as well as to signal her body to give in to the experience as being bound triggered something in that pretty little head of hers. The large man easily tossed the bound crime fighter over his shoulder as he and his large buddies got up to leave, the night to come offering all manner of entertainment and few boundaries.

There would be no bidding for this prize, neither the M.C. nor anybody else having the courage to attempt to stop the large men, Bruce Wayne smiling at Batgirl as she looked his way from her perch on the man's shoulder. He had paid for the entire event, and if he was willing to allow the men to skip the bidding process, it was apparently OK with everybody else, their fundraiser already far too successful not to do again next year.

Batman, (and therefore Bruce Wayne), knew that Batgirl was looking for a hair of the proverbial fat dog that had bit her recently, his theory that she needed a little essence of fat man to provide that which her body had been conditioned to crave the best he could come up with, his own efforts coming up short as well as exhausting the man behind the mask.

In order to give one or two of the men a merciful fighting chance with the impossibly fit Batgirl, ( Batman had no idea at the time that the entire competitive doughnut eating team would be participating), as well as to ensure that Batgirl would be sure to get all she could from the event, he had visited their favorite doughnut shop earlier in the week and spoke with the two team captains.

"An opportunity may present itself at the bunny ranch fundraiser gentlemen" Batman offered ominously. "You are definitely going to want to be there as a special guest dancer had requested your front row presence. I suggest that you both get plenty of rest beforehand, and a visit to madam X's house of leather and steel for provisions would also be in order. She will know what you need, but feel free to improvise as the spirit moves you."

"Thank you Batman" one of the smiling fat men said, the other shocked to silence.

"No, thank you" Batman offered with total sincerity...

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