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The Caped Crusaders, The Lost Reels 4: A Hair Of The Dog - Epilogue

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2018 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; superheros; aphrodisiac; desire; bond; handcuffs; hotel; used; F/m; prison; visit; captive; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 4: A Hair Of The Dog - Epilogue

It had been a week since the charity striptease and Batgirl's mock abduction while bound with one of her own stockings at the hands of the doughnut eaters, the large men taking Batman's suggestions to heart and more properly binding the struggling crime fighter with a selection of madam X's leather cuffs and chains to ensure she got all she possibly could from the experience once safely at the no tell motel they had chosen. The soft and wide leather cuffs buckled on securely while protecting her appendages, the chrome chains making their own unique noises as she rattled them with her passionate struggles through too many big O's to count as they tugged on the corners of the cheap bed frame they were temporarily attached to.

If nothing else, Batgirl apparently had gotten over her revulsion for large men, but this essence of fat man, (of which she had many, many varied helpings over the course of the night), provided no more than a temporary fix for her cravings. This wasn't any fault of the men in question, despite the firm bonds ensuring her cooperation the trusted men were really quite good to her, and she to them in ways that they may never have experienced before with her amped up lust. They just weren't the right fat men, or man, she concluding after that crazy night that she would have to go directly to the source to escape this lusty little quagmire she was sinking deeper and deeper into before she completely lost her mind...


Warden Crichton at the Gotham City prison was always happy to take a call from any of the caped crusaders, but Batgirl's strange request and obvious distress had taken him by surprise. He was obligated to help though if it did nothing to materially harm the prisoners he was entrusted to keep safe from themselves, as well as keeping Gotham's citizens safe from them until their sentences had been served and they possibly rehabilitated. Batgirl told the warden she just wanted to ask Candy Man some questions in private, the sub basement level solitary confinement cells as private as such things can be and ideal for her soft post conviction interrogation.

The problem was that Candy Man was not only a model prisoner, but somewhat of a rock star on the cell block with his recent up close and personal hands on contact with the rather desirable crime fighter, not to mention his masterful running of the prison's kitchen once again. He wouldn't talk about what the two had done while they were alone with her in such helpless and close proximity, but his taunting modified bat signal with a struggling Batgirl chained across the spot light was the thing of legends, it then recently repeated, (less the struggling part), where some of the prisoners couldn't help but to see it from their temporary housing if their cell's windows were facing the proper way.

The criminals weren't stupid, they knew the search light's beam had originated from near the new bunny ranch, and that Batgirl's tantalizingly bound form was somehow connected. That night she had vicariously performed in a great many of their dreams in one form or another, all while she had performed in the flesh for the group of large men that had claimed her for the night while inescapably chained and helpless. That night had been rather over the top, Batgirl thought, but not terrible by any means, although her desperate desires didn't lead to that freshly sated feeling she had yearned for down to her very core, hence her call to the warden and an even more desperate scheme...

Batgirl arrived at the prison late in the evening covertly covered with a cape so as not to draw too much attention, she entering at the back gate opened personally by the assistant warden, Warden Crichton home eating a late dinner in case this little indulgence didn't turn out all that well, his underling to take the potential fall in a wise but disingenuous political posturing. The assistant warden conducted her down to the solitary confinement cells through a series of harshly closed steel doors as they wound their way deeper and deeper into the stone structure, the air becoming stale and her mood even more sexually charged as if she could smell the object of her desires as they descended. Her guide told her in hushed tones that the prisoner had been properly showered and clothed before being cuffed to the headboard of the cot he was laying on, (as per her request), after getting caught with the contraband they had planted in his cell earlier so as to make a plausible excuse for his absence on the block.

He then told her two guards would be on station on the often empty solitary cell block if she needed them, but she declined having them in the cramped cell with her as she told the man she wished to speak with Candy Man alone where the two could communicate freely, she to remain locked inside the small cell with the cuffed man for security reasons until she rapped on the heavy steel door when the guards could be heard walking past on their rounds. It was most certainly against the rules, but the warden was willing to bend those for one so committed to solving crime, especially with no skin in the game for himself personally if things didn't work out...

Batgirl was flanked by the block's guards as she was escorted almost like a prisoner herself on the final leg of her journey after being handed off by the assistant warden who was only too happy to be anywhere else, the guards insisting she surrender her iconic utility belt to them, Warden Crichton warning her earlier of the restriction so as to prevent any contraband being inadvertently brought into his prison.

A formal strip search was deemed unnecessary by the warden, although the two guards on duty surely wouldn't have minded in exchange for missing out on their nightly card game with the other guards, but her form fitting uniform, (that the men examined quite closely as one would expect), fit like a second skin and left little to the imagination, nor a good place to hide anything.

The cell's door was opened on the dimly lit floor after a jangle of ancient keys, this part of the prison being nearly as old as the city itself and inspired no doubt by some ancient dungeon from another time and place. What little light that spilled through the half open short doorway was consumed by the well of darkness inside, Batgirl hesitating ever so slightly as her only fear, (well hidden from everybody), was that she was afraid of the dark, as irrational as that seemed for one with her peculiar alter ego.

The guards reverted to their training when they noticed her hesitation, they still not entirely happy to be down there with her despite her obvious physical attributes, of which they thought they didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of sampling personally. One of them gave the thinly uniformed Batgirl a gentle push down on her head to force her to bend over so she could get through the low doorway blindly without bumping her masked head (just as a policeman would do when putting a suspect in the back of their police car once the cuffs were on), they then closing the ancient door firmly with a crash once she had been prodded fully inside. The keys again were heard operating the noisy locking mechanism, but this time in reverse while trapping her inside, and nearly every bit of precious light out.

Terror threatened to overwhelm the masked crime fighter her as her eyes had yet to adjust to the scant light bleeding into the room under the door behind her, the unfamiliar room seeming to absorb it like a dry sponge, and she hoping that the guards (who were obviously not any more happy than the assistant warden that she was there and spoiling their routine) had placed her into the correct cell and not that of some uncuffed fiend free to do as he willed with her should he strike first and somehow overpower her before her eyes adjusted...

"Company?" Batgirl heard asked by a familiar bass voice from out of the darkness.

"Yes. Is there a light in this room?" Batgirl asked while trying to hide her unease in the darkness.

"Take two steps in and reach up for the cord dear. I should have suspected it was you that had gotten me thrown in here. Contraband, how original" Candy Man opined further.

Batgirl eventually swiped at and caught the string to a caged bare light bulb, Candy Man not able to reach it himself cuffed to his tiny cot as he was. The light was blinding for a moment, but welcome, Batgirl redirected as to why she was here on this crazy mission. The room was small with rough hewn stone walls and dead quiet, candy man telling Batgirl that he suspected that they were alone on the block based on how dead quiet it was, the guards apparently rather unhappy that he was down in this dank hole, causing them to be down in this dank hole to keep an eye on him.

"I need something from you" Batgirl told the cuffed criminal in a husky voice to redirect their conversation, being helplessly locked in the ancient cell doing something to her already inflamed lust.

"What might that be?" the obese criminal playing dumb with the hardly dressed woman before him, her body already well known to him visually. He sounded quite confident, illogically so while cuffed to a bed in solitary confinement, telling Batgirl this might not be as easy as she had hoped. How could he possibly know that she hadn't come for a little buggering payback herself now that their positions were reversed, other than she wasn't obviously equipped for such things physically?

Batgirl, (with her hands on her shapely unbelted hips and her poorly hidden need on her pretty masked face) just stared at the prone man for several seconds. "How's your sex life these days?" she taunted, as if that buggering could still be in his immediate future despite the evidence to the contrary.

"Could be better. How's yours?" he retorted confidently...

"Your candy gag has left me in an odd place despite my best efforts with several different men" she answered with candid resignation, her ploy to be intimidating with the trapped fat man falling flat as her insane lust gained full control once again. This man's large body likely had contained within it what she craved at a very instinctive animalistic base level, and like a criminal herself, she had both motive and opportunity.

"Looking for a hair of the dog then, after you have presumably exhausted all other options?"

"Something like that. Will you willingly help me, or do I need to beg?"

"Bound as I am you could just help yourself you know... What kind of begging did you have in mind dear?"

"Pleeeeease, before I loose my frickin mind completely."

"If you must." The bound fat man giving in to the rather pleasing opportunity standing before him with an eye roll as we all knew he would, his humor evident in his tone and his other options rather limited. He was an easy man to like less his criminal aspirations, but one could see by his earlier expression that the begging part did interest him.

Batgirl stripped him from the waist down near frantically, his state of readiness challenging the lie he was attempting to sell her as to his disinterest in her implied offer. His manhood was as disproportionally short and fat as his body, something Batgirl had discovered for herself just a week earlier with the other fat men she had allowed herself to be abducted and used by. Her little hand couldn't come close to fully fitting around this mans engorged hardware when she placed it there though, what he may be lacking in length he more than making up for in girth, something most girls couldn't easily accommodate. Such could even be an uncomfortable stretch for her toned and conditioned body, she thought to herself, but first things first.

Candy Man did his best to prolong the event for obvious reasons, but Batgirl knew men well and set to taking what she needed with a practiced skill and little regard for the criminal's own pleasure. This was all about her, her needs outweighing all others for just a few minutes more, and really one hundred percent Candy Man's fault...

It was a perversely noisy event with Batgirl's muscles stretched nearly to their limit by the size of the manly intrusion, her humming and slavish near worship unashamedly filling the tiny cell with noises it surely wasn't accustomed to. Her bent over posture and body's gyrations at the same time caused her hanging assets to swing with a life of their own inside their yielding purple uniform.

Candy Man soon began huffing and puffing as his enormous body went rigid, adding to the erotic noises filling the small chamber as his relief washed over him, his friends on the cell block somewhere above surely envious if they only knew. Batgirl made sure to get every precious drop without the slightest bit of shame, the sheer volume threatening to overwhelm her considerable abilities and cause a messy stain on her purple mask that would be impossible to explain away to the leering guards.

Her demeanor changed in an instant once her body had what it needed, she disengaging from her task so she could speak, but staying bent over the cot.

"Thank you" the cuffed fat man told Batgirl breathlessly.

"No. Thank you, I was starting to go slightly insane with all this" Batgirl told him while still holding his man hardware that had yet to fully deflate, she turning her head to look at his face while she spoke.

"How long will I have these insane cravings by the way, and how do I stop them?" Batgirl asked with uncanny calmness while getting back to business, as if visiting a prisoner in solitary that she had helped to put there and servicing him orally while he was chained to the bed was just another day.

It was as if there were two Batgirls hidden in that one skimpy uniform, and in a way there was.

"And thank you also for not divulging my true identity by the way", Batgirl glossing over the way she herself had been tormented for hours with no relief while HIS bound prisoner.

"I know how to keep a secret, besides there was nothing to be gained for me in outing you... As to your first question, I should think your unique cravings will abate in the weeks to follow, but I'm not entirely sure to be honest..."

"...I suppose your going to just leave me here in this dark hole now that you have what you came for?" Candy Man asked, not that he should have any reason to complain.

"Did you have other plans?"

"Not for another six months."

"I meant tonight."

"Being greedy are we?"

"I should think grateful would be a better way to put it." Batgirl then blowing playfully on the manhood that she was still holding, she almost reluctant to give it back to it's rightful owner until she was fully done with it...


"I told the warden that this was to be a soft interrogation, so in order to keep my word we must ask each other some questions. Is there anything I don't know about you that I should?"

"Batman suggested he could find me some investment capital when I got out if I wanted to go straight."

"I knew about that, but thank you. Your turn to ask a question."

"You didn't mind the cuffs, did you?"

Batgirl's deep smile was all the answer he was going to get, but Candy Man already had known this, he rather perceptive all things considered. His candy gag, after all, only amplified the desires of the one consuming it, it almost disingenuous to call it an aphrodisiac. The special one Batgirl had been given was just a little different, but most of the same principals still applied.

"I should think that's enough to allow me to keep my word to your warden." Batgirl retreating to the door and removing her mask, she then stepping out of her form fitting uniform and boots provocatively as Candy Man looked on with his jaw hanging open.

"Say one word about this little conjugal visit of mine to anyone and I might not come back next time. Got that?" Batgirl asked as she stepped bare footed toward the cot and it's bound occupant...

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