Critter Squad

by Tigerstretch

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Episode 3

"Is this really necessary?"





Everybody was against me; Silver, Nekko, Jaina, and even Hacksaw.

It was all Nekko's fault. She came up with this strange scenario that would allow Silver to date me without destroying her online image. The Critter Squad was a precious brand that needed to be preserved, and since the whole internet community hated my guts following my disastrous first mission, it wouldn't have been good for Silver to announce to her fans that she was dating their number-one public enemy. Instead, the plan was to make them believe I had become her sex slave as a punishment for my mistake, which had caused Silver to get encased in space critter skin and get humiliated on CritterTube.

It was not a dumb idea on paper because this was a CritterTube show, and it could be seen as simple acting, but they were pushing it a bit too far, in my opinion. It all started yesterday as soon as they had managed to extract my blessing for this wobbly plan. They had brainstormed and decided to create a new internet character for me that would later be used on CritterTube. 

They all had a persona they were sticking to, one that helped the fans to relate. For Nekko, it was her cat acting and her fake ears and tail. For Hawksaw, it was her badass attitude, along with her aviator sunglasses and toothpick. If I were to remain on their team, it only made sense that I would need to develop a character too, but was I not supposed to have a say about this selection? Together, they came up with ideas for my name, outfit, and role without listening to what I had to say. They also decided on the way to get started with this on CritterTube as soon as possible because speculations had been running wild since my unexpected appearance on their channel, and most people demanded my resignation or, coldly, my death.

So the Critter Squad didn't waste any time implementing their plan. Asking for my opinion about the fine details was apparently not required. They were internet professionals, and they knew better. Sure, that was a valid point, and if someone could restore my reputation eventually, it would surely be them, but did they have to be this secretive about what they would do to me?

The same morning after I gave my blessing in the cafeteria, they made me lie down naked on the table. Okay, I didn't mind having Silver kissing me in order to distract me from what they were about to do to me, but when I felt them cleaning my young and tender nipples with alcohol swabs, I attempted to protest. That said, when someone like Silver forcefully held someone down, that person had no chance of escaping. 

"Wait… What are you going to… YAP!"

Too late. Jaina had pierced my sensitive tit and was already in the process of installing a cute little silver ring through the new hole.

"Look at that, camera girl… It's adorable."

"… Yeah… but… YAP!"

My eyes turned to my throbbing, pierced nipple, but it was just another distraction that allowed Nekko to perform the same operation on my other one.

With my chest on fire, there was nothing else I could do but look at Silver's grin. She was abnormally satisfied with what was happening to me. As if she had read my mind, she shrugged and shared her thoughts with me.

"What? That makes you look terribly sexy. I like the idea of having a sexy girlfriend."

"Yeah… But it huuurt!"

"Nekko zapped me in the neck once. It hurt a lot, yet I survived."

"It's not the saaame thiiing!"

Following that pain and confusion, Hacksaw came to me with a piece of paper that had some disturbing words printed on it.

"Look, camera girl. That's a temporary tattoo."

"What… what's written on it?"

"You'll see… Don't move."


Before I could protest more, she peeled the translucent film from the paper and applied it to my naked lower belly. Fighting seemed to be a losing strategy, so I remained still to avoid turning this into an art disaster. 

Once Hacksaw removed the transfer film, Nekko cocked her head and read the words out loud for me.

"Nya! "Silver's sex slave." I like it."

"Silver's what?"

Even if they had announced their intention of turning me into just that, the words still hurt my soul. How was this supposed to help me recover my reputation again?

"Ah, don't worry, camera girl. It's not like a permanent tattoo. This one is just there for the next six months."

"GAH! Six months!?"

After a brief pause to let me recover and to let Silver admire my new upgrades and fantasize about all the sexy things she would do to me tonight, things got even worse. While eating sandwiches, they brainstormed to find me a new online name. Originally, they had nicknamed me Camera Girl instead of calling me Alexa, my real name. But now, they came up with the most watered-down way to call me; X. They searched for the best thing that would match my new submissive Critter Squad character, but it spiraled down out of control pretty quickly; from Alexa to Alex to Lexa to Xa to Lex to Ex, they finally landed on X. Just X. I became X, Silver's sex slave.

Charming. Just charming. What a questionable concept.

Shortly after that, because the bottom of the barrel didn't seem to exist at Critter Squad, they presented me with my new uniform; a thin leather harness. The small straps criss-crossed all over my torso, my boobs got reddish because they had to squeeze through two metal rings, and my butt was also fully exposed and available to people to see and slap. At least there was that leather triangle hiding my pussy from direct view. I mean, I could have been okay with the harness itself, but did they have to lock it with small padlocks too? It wasn't obvious how I could express my sexuality in the future if I couldn't unlock at least my crotch shield. Unsurprisingly, Silver was happy to keep the key around her neck. It was sitting right between her two delicious boobs, and if I tried to grab it, she would probably accuse me of wanting to massage her chest.

Then came the accessories. They made me wear humiliating leather thigh-high boots with flat soles that were locked at the ankles, long leather opera gloves locked at the wrists, and a leather collar locked around my helpless neck. That last one had the word Slave engraved on it as if that was even a necessity. My new uniform already screamed submission.

After Silver clicked the last padlock behind my neck, she turned me around to take a good look at her new upgraded girlfriend. My face was burning red.

"Okay, X, you are one hot chick! You know that?"

"Is… is this outfit really necessary?"

"YES! And look at the bright side. I'm even more in love with you now. Your exposed butt is demanding to get spanked daily."

Why did I have such a big crush on Silver? I was pretty sure I wouldn't have let this happen if she had not been there, telling me how much she was attracted to me. She grabbed my harness roughly and pulled me closer before pressing her lips on mine, which instantaneously erased most of my worries.

But while I was in a trance, loving the kiss too much, I heard Jaina say something I didn't like too much.

"Okay, lovebirds, let's record the video now."

"No, I'm busy kissing my new sex slave."

"Silver, we have to quench the controversy now. CritterTube is speculating a bit too much, and we might start losing followers if we don't justify why we are keeping X on our team."

"Fiiine. Let's do it then."

My mind didn't know how to hide itself right now. As much as I understood the bigger picture of this plan, the short-term effect would be beyond embarrassing. They were about to post a video online for all the fans to see with me dressed up like this, and since they didn't even tell me what the video would really be about for the sake of not making me feel too anxious, I was heading right to the unknown.

The only little thread of positivity I was hanging onto was the fact that my childhood heroes had recruited me and that they were a lot smarter than I was regarding relationships with fans. I had a certain trust that they knew what they were doing and would get me out of this deep hole I was in, so one day, I could walk in the street by myself without risking having a crazy fan attacking me because I had caused the famous Silver to get infected on my first mission.

"Come, X. We will film it from my bedroom."


Hand in hand, I submissively followed Sliver to her bedroom, still troubled by the fact that I was dating her. I was genuinely in love, so much that I still couldn't fully believe it was truly happening. How could someone like her get such a big crush on someone insignificant like me? Everybody on the team was probably wondering the same, too, because, as per what they had said, it had never happened before. Silver had vowed never to date anybody so she could stick with short-term adventures with random fans. It was pretty odd that she would abandon that lifestyle for someone like me.

When we arrived in the bedroom, she made me lie on the bed and sat next to me. Jaina installed the camera so that they would see me first, resting on my back, and Silver would adopt a casual pause with her hand resting on my belly as if I was an object she had acquired.

"Alright, you are ready, Silver?"

"No… Let's gag X first. She is already in trouble, so I don't want her to say something wrong while we are on livestream. Anyway, if she can talk and doesn't, it's just going to make things even worse for her."

"Right. Nekko, go gag X with this."


What did she just say? Were we not pre-recording this? My little heart began to race. I didn't know what the worst between getting gagged or going live on CritterTube dressed up as a sex slave was.

Nekko pushed a black ball gag Jaina had handed her behind my teeth and attached the strap behind my neck. It was a strange sensation, but perhaps it was better that way. Silver was not half-stupid and probably knew what she was doing. This gag could protect me. Every time I watched her on CritterTube, live or not, she was always perfect. She was one of the most engaging people who always made me feel like I was part of the Critter Squad family. These memories, along with her petting my belly, kept me somewhat relaxed. Did I trust her that much?

After Jaina finished setting up the fixed camera and that Hacksaw was ready with her handheld one, they began the countdown. There was no going back.

"Alright, Silver. Be as cool as ever, or it will be hard for X to recover her reputation. Sooo… in 3… 2… 1…"

At least they seemed honest about helping me restore my reputation. Jaina said a silent zero, and Silver's charisma filled the bedroom. She was sexy, energetic, beautiful, and oozed positivity. Her big gray eyes got bigger for the camera, and her smile was like a little sun clashing with her dark skin. Even if I was terrified, I was still a massive fan of hers and quickly forgot my problems. My heroine was here with me.

She unleashed her charisma.

"HEY GUYS! YES! I'M BACK FROM THE HOSPITAL! YAAAY! I'm SO happy to see you again and CAN'T wait to go hunt ugly critters with you again! SO, today is a special day. Look what I have here on my bed!"

She pulled on one of my new rings, stretching my nipple uncomfortably, and let it go so my boob could slap back into place.

"Oh YEAH! You know who that is, right? RIGHT? Everybody, this is X, our new recruit. And YES, I read all your comments on our last video, and YES I agree with you all. That little rat messed up BIG time during her first job and caused me to get infected. I was pretty unhappy about that!"

Well, if their fans didn't already know that I had caused trouble, now they did. I wanted to cry.

"SO, believe it or not, that coward girl wanted to quit after that! But no no no, I'm not going to let her run away like this. Why, you will ask? Well, it's simple. First, she is so freaking pretty, don't you think?"

Well, being flattered like this coming from Silver, I turned a bit red and loved her a bit more. Saying that in front of the whole world was a powerful statement. I was so stuck on that that I didn't even notice Hacksaw taking close-up shots of my entire body for everybody to see and comment on.

"And more importantly, she needs to make amends. Until she does, she will be my personal slave and will have to endure everything I feel like doing to her, like forcing her to wear this cute little outfit."

She grabbed my harness with her two hands and gave it a rough tug.


"OH! Quiet, you! Don't you agree that you messed up and need to make amends?"

It took me a few seconds to realize that she was actually waiting for an answer. With her eyes locked on me, I found some courage to give her a little nod.

"Good girl, X! You know what, let's give you your first punishment."

My first what? From the corner of my eye, I saw Jaina silently but actively waving her hands in a way to show her disapproval of this spontaneous idea while attempting not to ruin the live stream. But Silver's attention was on me only, not that I disliked it. She sat on the edge of the bed and effortlessly pulled me over her lap. That harness was beginning to be a bit too convenient. Jaina facepalmed herself and shook her head. This wasn't the plan.



Silver's powerful hand landed on my naked ass in the most perfect manner. A jolt of pain erupted from my brain, and the shockwave made my skin undulate around the impact zone.

Then, about ten more uninterrupted slaps, more powerful than the first one, triggered sensations that I didn't know existed in me.





My ass was on fire. I kicked my legs and tried to wriggle my way out of there. But Silver was waaay too strong and didn't seem interested in letting me go.

"Oooh! That's addictive… And X seems to love it. Haha. Alright, guys. I'll let you go now and continue to have fun with her. Together, we will reeducate that cute slave, right? Make sure to let me know in the comments what we should do to her. The most-voted idea will win! Thanks again for your support, guys, and make sure to like and subscribe if you want to see more of this. SEE YAAA!"



The little beep indicating that the live stream had stopped made everybody pause, except for Silver, who seemed incredibly proud of her performance.

As I collapsed over Silver's lap with my throbbing ass, I could see Jaina staring at us with her mouth open.

And then… she exploded.


"What?… Why are you yelling? It was just a few gentle butt-slaps. X kind of deserved it because she is so pretty… And she loved it too."

Did I?


"Why the screaming then? I thought it went well… We will pretend to punish her until she makes amends. Was that not the plan?"


Jaina tried to rush at Silver to strangle her, but Nekko grabbed her by the waist and kept her away.

"Nya! Calm down, Jaina. Silver doesn't know she fucked up."

"Raaah! Raaah!"

"Nyaaa! CALM DOWN!"

Nekko, despite her small stature, managed to spin Jaina around and force her to breathe in. Silver looked down at me and just shrugged.

"Don't worry, X. Jaina has a temper."

Hearing that, Jaina turned around and began yelling again.





"YES! Exactly… OH!"

"Mmm… Did I really ask them that?"



As Silver seemed to realize what she had done, I was slowly coming to the same conclusion. But Jaina put it into words first for everybody to understand.

"The fans HATE X so much. They will come up with the most horrible scenarios to make her pay for what they think she has done to you. And since you told them that the most voted idea would be executed, we won't have a choice. Ignoring what the fans proposed will turn them against us. They will never forgive us for lying and will probably even try to punish her themselves if we don't do what they asked."

I sat back up next to Silver, and she repeated the same word… 


That wasn't good. I understood the essence of it and just gulped. All the death threats I had received on CritterTube during the past 24 hours came back to my mind. The Critter Squad fans could be very intense and cruel.

I stood up and attempted to walk away. Being gagged didn't prevent me from thinking, "Goodbye, I'm going to kill myself now." It was fun while it lasted, but this was clearly the end of the road for me.

Silver's strong hand grabbed my harness and pulled me back to her. Again, this harness was too convenient.

"Come back here, X. You are mine. You aren't going anywhere. Do you know what I am saying? Let's wait and see. Our fans are not all that bad, and I'm sure they won't be that harsh. We have to believe they will do the right thing."

Those soothing words didn't have a prolonged effect on me because Nekko turned her phone toward us to show us what was on the screen.

"Nya! So far, they want us to incinerate her alive. 341 votes ahead of drowning her."

Silver patted me on the head.

"Don't worry, X. The haters always reply first. Everybody knows that. right?"

She flicked one of my nipple rings with her fingertip.


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