Critter Squad

by Tigerstretch

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Continues from

Episode 4


"Come on, X. Get on the truck! There is a Critter outbreak. We need you to film it."


"Whyyy? Why are you grumpy again?"

"I'm not going anywhere until you give me a pair of pants and a T-shirt."

"Oh, enough with that!"

Silver grabbed me by my harness and pulled me inside the truck. Since the Critter Squad had turned me into Silver's sex slave and forced me to wear this very BDSM-like outfit consisting of a leather harness, kinky boots and gloves, and a snug collar, that was all I have been wearing. And now, we had a job to do OUTSIDE the barrack, and they didn't seem remotely interested in letting me wear anything else.

It wasn't all bad, though, because Silver was still madly in love with me, it was apparently not a fluke, and her hands made sure to make me feel good as often as possible. After pulling me inside the truck, she massaged my naked breasts with one hand, and with the other, she held my head authoritatively as she kissed me. Since we started this new relationship, mainly since they had imposed on me this submissive persona, Silver took it very seriously. She had made it very clear that she was the one in control and asked me to do kinky things to her without letting me ask something in return. Our relationship was new, but I had already lost count of how many times I made her cum with my tongue.

That said, our little romance was getting on the nerve of some people. Jaina turned, driving the truck, around and scolded us again.

"Can't you stop kissing each other for a few minutes? This is annoying."

"Nya! Leave them alone, Jaina. They are happy together."

"Well, at least it won't be hard to convince the fans that X is really Silver's sex slave. She is a natural from what we can see."

It wasn't entirely wrong. Silver had fun handling me roughly and pulling on my harness whenever she wanted affection, and I had no intention of complaining about that. Having this privileged relationship with the person I had drooled over for so long was the best thing in the world, even if it had started with a twist. As for this slave role imposed upon me, I couldn't say that it felt terrible to get spanked hard or have my nipple tortured. I just wished Silver would have unlocked my crotch shield to make me cum at some point, but she had not done that yet. Iit wasn't a necessity, though, because I was happy for now.

Instead of criticizing us further, Jaina decided it was better to focus on the job ahead and brief us about the upcoming challenge.

"Anyway. Listen, everyone. This job is about a single critter level two. It shouldn't be too hard if we work together. It's on a farm, in a barn. The farmer said nobody got infected as far as he was aware but that there was a ton of slime everywhere around the building."

"Nya! A spitter?"

"Sounds like it, Nekko."

I detached my mouth from Silver's and asked a question.

"What is a spitter?"

"Ah. X, you'll learn that soon enough. We decided it was better not to train you and let you discover things yourself. That way, it will generate better content for our CritterTube channel. Anyway, we have to entertain your reputation of incompetence. It sells."

"Well, Jaina. What if my incompetence causes you more trouble, and people decide to hate me even more?"

"We will cross that bridge when we get there. Look at the bright side, X. Killing you is no longer the number one suggestion the fans proposed on CritterTube to punish you."

"What is it then?"

"Oh, don't worry about that. It might change anyway."

"Tell me!"


Silver grabbed my chin and turned my head to kiss me some more. New employees didn't seem to have a lot of weight within the Critter Squad. As her tongue caressed mine, however, I knew there were some pleasant advantages to being part of the famous team.

After a short trip, we arrived at the farm where the space critter had been signaled. Even if my charming team had refused to enlighten me, from what I saw on CritterTube, I knew that level-two critters were no joke. They often were as big as humans and a lot smarter than the small level-ones too. In comparison, level-ones were generally big like a cat and simply reacted to close presence without coming up with any clever strategies to attack us. Level-twos were more like the equivalent of bumping into a bear in the forest. Scary. I had never heard about the spitter kind, though.

Jaina parked the Critter Squad truck next to the farmhouse. Before going to the infected barn, we decided to go and have a chat with the farmer who had reported the issue. It was my first time going out of the barrack while wearing this sex slave outfit, so I was pretty nervous about it, even though the entire world had already seen me wearing it during our catastrophic live stream. When I stepped out of the truck, the cool wind brushed against my naked breast, causing my nipple to get a bit pointier, which was quite humiliating.


And when Silver, from behind me, sneakily pinched them, it guaranteed they would stay that way for a while. She then gave me a hug.

"Mmm… can't wait to return to the barrack and play with you some more."

"Ah! Sliver, behave!"

"No… You are my slave, and I intend to enjoy it as much as I can."

"Bah, it's just until your crazy fans forgive me."

"Hehe… we will see about that."

"Hey! What does that mean!?"

"Nothing… Let's go, X. The others are waiting for us."

Grumbling, I followed Silver and rejoined the others. They had already knocked at the front door and were greeted by the farmer.

"Aaah! The Critter Squad."

"Yes! It's us! Haha. We are here for your critter problem."

"Oh, that naked one over there is the idiot who caused Silver to get infected?"

"Yes. We are trying to reeducate her."

Urrrgh! Even here on a farm, I couldn't hide my identity. I knew Jaina played the game and looked down on me to please the farmer, but it was still embarrassing as hell. I hid behind Silver as much as I could to allow them to proceed with the business. Jaina continued the talk.

"So, when did you first notice it, the critter?"

"About three months ago."

"THREE MONTHS? Why did you wait this long before reporting it?"

"I was busy! And frankly, it eliminated my rat problem. So I wasn't in a hurry."

"Gosh! Three months! That thing is done reproducing by now. It's probably even dead already."

As Jaina pinched the bridge of her nose in disbelief, I fully understood why she had reacted that way. If a critter level two had been left alone this long, it probably completed its life cycle and had laid its eggs in a random creature, and they had hatched already. These babies were probably long gone and would eventually infect other people and animals later. 

"Alright. Where is the barn? We will go take a look even if it's probably too late."

"Follow that path over there. It's at the end of it. That old building was abandoned already, so nothing is in it."

"Sounds like a perfect place for a nest. Okay. We will go take a look, but that will probably be an easy case to resolve."

Yep, Jaina knew her shit.

We returned to the truck and grabbed our equipment. Hacksaw and I grabbed our cameras, Silver her shocking stick just in case, Jaina her tablet and critter vacuum, and Nekko didn't care about bringing a weapon with her, confident in her own skills.

While we headed down the path, I filmed Silver and Jaina who were recapping the situation, creating content we could use in our next CritterTube video. They tried to make it more dramatic than the situation called for, but I didn't blame them. I remembered all these videos from them or other critter hunter teams that resulted in a big letdown. It wasn't nearly as entertaining if they didn't get attacked by a creature. Viewers loved seeing other people getting infected by critters. If a hunting team captured a critter, that, too, was interesting. But if there was no action at all, the number of views dropped dramatically, hence the necessity to create some fake suspense even if nothing would happen.

We arrived at the barn and it didn't take long for us to confirm that this job was way overdue. The entire ground surrounding the abandoned building was covered in sticky old slime. The trees, the bushes, the barn itself… Everything was nicely coated with this translucent mixture. The critter that lived here had spent a lot of time decorating the place. As the farmer suggested, it probably fed on rats and animals to survive while doing all that.

Jaina grabbed her tablet and began scanning. After playing with her various filters, she just sighed.

"Nooothing. Absolutely nothing. That thing is either long gone or dead already. I'm 100% positive that there are no critters inside this barn. Who wants to go check? I don't feel like getting slimy today."

"Nya. Silver and I will go. Just stay here."

"Why me?"

"Nya! You are strong, Silver. If we find the critter's carcass, you can drag it out with me. I'm too small."

"Fiiiine. Let's go. I hate being used only for my muscles."

Nekko and Silver walked toward the barn, ankle-deep in the slime; it looked quite sticky. They managed to crack the old wooden door open and squeezed inside. Immediately after that, I heard some odd comments from afar.

"Damnit! It's everywhere!"

"Nya! It's trying to crawl into my shorts!"

"That will teach you to be so small."

"Nyaaaa! Carry me on your shoulder, Silver!"

"In your dream, cat face."

I didn't know what they were talking about, but it didn't sound fun.

It took them about five minutes to reappear through the door, covered from head to toe in slime. They were tugging on something big, heavy, and black. Nekko didn't look happy at all and voiced her annoyance.

"NYAAA! Gross!"

"Stop complaining, Nekko. It's not fun for me either."

"Nya! It's too heavy for me! "

"Shut up and pull. Don't let me do all the work."

"I'm pulliiing! Nyaaa!"

Sliding in the slime, the thing they had found and pulled out of the barn appeared to us. It was a black creature, larger than a big human male. Based on its size alone, I knew it was a critter level two, which sent a big shiver down my spine. The only ones I had seen so far were all on CritterTube. Seeing one in real life was just terrifying.

Clearly, that one was dead and no longer posed a threat, but still… If I were to encounter a living level two in real life one day, I would probably lose my shit. It was a lot more intimidating than I expected.

Once close enough, Jaina kicked it in the flank.

"Well, that job is over, I guess. I'll go get the cart. It's going to be easier than dragging that thing all the way back to the truck."

"Well, kind of over, Jaina. There is one healthy bacterial nest in there."

"Ah yeah? Whatever. That's not for us to deal with. We will call the cleaners and they will come take a look. Give me a few minutes. I'll be back with the cart and some towels for you guys. That's going to be one boring video again. That's bad for business."

Once more, I felt like a newbie. Was I supposed to know what a bacterial nest was? Have I ever even seen one on CritterTube? For them, this was a closed case, and they were ready to return home, but for me, I felt the need to educate myself. If I were to remain on this team, it would be necessary to know at least what they were talking about.

I awkwardly raised my hand.


"What is it, X?"

"What's a bacterial nest?"


"What? Don't look at me like that. I never heard of it before."

Silver, still completely covered in slime, looked at me with a puzzled look.

"Video #127… Don't you remember that one?"

"No… I must have missed it."

"Well… That's going to be interesting, then. Go take a look inside the barn. Hacksaw, go with her and film that. It will be fun to put her reaction in our next video."

"No way! I don't want to get covered in slime."

"Nekko and I didn't want to get covered in slime either. Go in there with X and film her. That's your job."

"Fiiine… I'll do it. But if she gets in trouble, I'm not getting involved. She is your girlfriend. Not mine."

"Whatever… I don't care. We just need good content."

While listening to their conversation, the idea of using my ignorance to create new CritterTube content began to sink in. Perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut instead of asking silly questions.

"Come, X. Let's go take a look."

Hacksaw, camera on me, began walking toward the barn, dragging her feet on the slimy ground. If there was that much goo outside it, I could only imagine what it would be like inside. Hacksaw was wearing a leather jacket and pants, but I only had this leather harness, boots, and gloves. Too much of my skin was exposed for this kind of mission. But it wasn't as if I had a choice. Staying ignorant forever wasn't an option.

Hacksaw filmed me as I made my way toward the barn. She let me take the lead, so it would make a better video for the viewer. I could feel her camera close to my naked butt, something the fans would certainly appreciate watching. It didn't take long before we arrived at the door. Even if Silver and Nekko had walked in and out safely, I was still a bit scared.

"Hacksaw? Is… is it dangerous in there?"


"Just no?"


"Maybe is hardly a no."

"Just go in and see for yourself. Stop whining. I'll tell you more once we are inside."


Cautiously, I entered the barn. It was pretty dark, but the slime was slightly glowing so we could see our surroundings.

My eyes couldn't believe it. It was as if we had entered a parallel universe. It didn't look like we were in a barn anymore, or even on Earth, for that matter. The walls and ceilings were completely covered in some sort of squishy-hardened slime. The level two critter who lived here definitely had strange decoration tastes.

But then, I felt something crawling on my legs. I looked down and saw hundreds of small and translucent tendrils climbing on my skin. I went into panic mode.


"Relax, X. They are not dangerous at all. They are just feelers. There is nothing you can do about it. Usually, they are just knee-tall, but they have been there for a long time, so these are quite a bit longer."

"They.. they are climbing on me."

"It's just the way the nest can feel your presence. Just ignore them and keep walking. Let's go over there. I see the nest's heart. That's probably where Silver and Nekko found the dead critter."

The tendrils, or feelers, climbed all the way to my waist. It was like walking in a wheat field, but instead of wheat, it was living overcooked spaghetti. They were warm and slimy and felt like worms. Since I had nothing to cover my butt, they slid easily between my skin and my harness and invaded my buttcrack. They even tried to enter my asshole. The more I attempted to push them away, the more slime-covered I got, and the more they continued to explore me. Hacksaw rolled her eyes while she was filming my pointless actions.

"I told you… Just ignore them."

"But… They try to enter my…"

Then I remembered that this footage could be uploaded on CritterTube, so I immediately shut my mouth and turned red instead.

I had never been caressed in such a way and didn't like how good it made me feel. It would be better for me to avoid showing any positive reactions. I was suddenly grateful for having this leather crotch plate locked in place; at least these tendrils wouldn't enter my vagina.

Hacksaw and I walked through this ramen swamp, and she showed me the heart of the nest, where the critter spent most of its time developing, and it was also the brain of the nest. Destroying it would end this tendril fest, but only specialists could do it because it was a big job. She also explained to me that not all nests were bacterial. Only the bacterial ones were alive like this. She said it assisted the invading critter in detecting what would be coming his way.

It was interesting and I felt like I was learning something, at last, but I didn't want to stay still for too long as the small tendrils were loving my ass too much. Also, with all these blobs of slime dropping from the fleshy ceiling, it was probably better not to spend too much time in here if I didn't want to get one on the head. I knew it would make good content, but I preferred avoiding this additional humiliation.

When I entered the next room, I saw something shiny poking out of the tendril field. It was just a gooey stick with some sort of weak light at its tip. It looked quite inoffensive, actually, so I squished it with my fingers. It felt like a glowy marshmallow.

"Hey, what is this thing? It's kind of cute."

"Cute? Really, X? Why would you touch that? You see a shiny thing and walk to it without any concerns?"

"Should… should I be concerned?"

"Well, we are walking in an alien nest… sooo…"

"… I should?"

"I suppose you should, yes… But I guess you'll find out right away."

"Uh? Why are you saying that? Am I in tr… MMMMPH!"

What was that!? A slimy and warm bag lowered itself onto my head and tightened around my neck. It was transparent like a jellyfish, so I could see through, just enough to notice Hacksaw standing still, unhelpful, and filming me. I tried to get a grip on my head bag to free myself, but it was way too slippery. I couldn't take it off my head.


"Well, that's going to be good content for CritterTube. X walking into a basic bacterial nest trap."


The bag came from a fleshy mass attached to the ceiling and it was pulling me toward it. My feet got off the ground, and I ended up hanging by my neck, which was half-choking me. Was this how I would die? Hung by an alien nest while being filmed by my co-worker?

Why was Hacksaw not helping me?

The tentacle attached to my head bag kept pulling me higher in the air until my already encased head entered some sort of worm mouth. Was I getting pulled inside the nest? Was it about to devour me? I felt the mouth trying to stretch around my shoulders, so I raised my arms, trying to prevent them from sliding in.

But the more I resisted, the more my head bag pulled on my neck, choking me even more. 

"Stop fighting it, X. It's too late to escape. Just let it swallow you."


Nonsense. Why would I do that? I wouldn't die here today. I squeezed my hands between my shoulder and the fleshy mouth, trying to break the suction, but instead of helping my case, It caused my arm to slide right in. Only now I realized that it was a stupid idea.

I was doomed. The ceiling mouth sucked me in all the way to my hips. I immediately opened my legs to prevent the nest from swallowing me completely.

The inside of the mouth was covered in tiny tendrils, similar to the ones that covered the floor. They crawled all over my slippery skin, wrapping around my arms and harness; some of them even slid through my nipple rings and pulled on them mercilessly.

And it felt… amazing… I couldn't help it and let an obviously erotic moan out.


"Oh yeah! That's good content. X enjoying being swallowed by the nest. Haha. You are much more of a pervert than I thought. Your pussy is dripping. That's sick."

NO! It must have been just slime dripping from my crotch. With my legs fully open to prevent the mouth from swallowing me, I was certain that Hacksaw filmed me in my most embarrassing position ever since I joined the team. This would be posted on CritterTube, and my life would be over.

"And a big close-up on that wet crotch of yours! Haha! This day won't be a total waste of time after all. Wait until Silver watches that recording."


Too embarrassing… I closed my legs to prevent her from filming me there, which caused my body to slide right into the ceiling mouth.


I was trapped. So trapped. Hundreds of tendrils wrapped around my limbs, caressing me all over. My ass didn't escape this treatment either. My crotch was the only protected part of my body, thanks to the leather shield preventing me and others from accessing that area.


I twisted and turned, but it only caused me to feel even better. Being swallowed like this was so erotically against my will. Why was fear of death not even a thought? What would happen to me now? Shouldn't I be more worried than I was?


I was pulled deeper inside this wet and smooth esophagus, helped by the tendrils that licked me all over and the head bag that kept pulling me deeper into the nest. The organic tube I was traveling in got narrower and narrower, compressing my body more and more, deliciously crushing me. I was being transported somewhere. Each contraction and undulation made me inch my way toward an unknown destination.

Then I felt a finger poking me in the thin of my waist. It was Hacksaw who was tracking my progress from the outside.

"Hey. Are you okay in there?"


"I see. Still acting like a twisted pervert. Do you know that you aren't supposed to enjoy this? It's downright bizarre."


"Ah, whatever. Your weird arousal is going to get us tons of views on CritterTube."

If Hacksaw wasn't panicking, it was probably a sign that I wouldn't die, but knowing that my uncontrollable enjoyment would be posted on the internet for everyone to savor made me feel uneasy. How was that supposed to help me recover my reputation and convince the fans that I wasn't a total failure?


Okay, these nipple rings and that harness made it too easy for the tendrils to pull on and drag me through the nest.

Please, keep doing it.

Then I felt the tight pressure releasing from my head as if I was exiting the slime tunnel. Next, my shoulders and arms were released, and the rest of my slippery body just plopped out of the slimy tube as if the nest had suddenly regurgitated me. My limp and abused body landed in some sort of tight stretchy bag made of a thin organic see-through yellow membrane. It was suspended from the ceiling. I tried to move around, but it was so incredibly slippery that I just couldn't get any sense of balance. I felt like a baby kangaroo inside his mom's pocket.

Through the blurry membrane of the sack and the one of my head bag, I could see Hacksaw's shape, who was still filming me. I tried to speak to her, but my head bag was still securely attached to my neck. 


"There you are. You just learned about traps. Bacterial nests tend to do that. It captures you and places you in a conservation bag until the critter finds a use for you. Unfortunately, the critter's dead, sooo… You are stuck until we get you out of there."


"Yeah yeah… I'm not that cruel. Give me a moment. I'll go tell Silver. She is your girlfriend, after all. You are too sexually twisted for me. I'll let her handle that one from here. Until then, well, just enjoy yourself… I guess…"


I tried to grip my bag's membrane, but it was pointless. My entire body seemed encased in so much slime that I would never be able to escape on my own. All I could do was watch Hacksaw walking out of this place, leaving me behind in my… not so uncomfortable conservation bag.

At least I learned something about bacterial nests today; they were good at sealing sex slaves away.


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