Critter Squad

by Tigerstretch

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Episode 5

"She is my critter doll!"

"I don't care! Let her out!"

"No! She loves it."

"That's what concerns me the most."


"No, now!"



"Nyaaaa! Stop it, you two. Jaina, X is Silver's girlfriend. Let her do whatever she wants for once."

Critter doll? Was that what I had become? As Nekko inserted her small body between the much stronger Silver and angry Jaina to separate them, I rolled back the tape inside my head and tried again to understand what had happened to me.

Our last job on the farm was a success. We had recovered a dead level two critter and confirmed that the invasion was no longer posing a threat. After that, when Hacksaw and I explored the bacterial nest inside the barn to learn more about it, I got caught in a trap the nest had set up during its development.

The nest had grabbed me by the head, pulled me inside its esophagus-like organ, and forced me to sensually travel all the way to a conservation bag. Hacksaw had recorded everything, even the shameful moans I had emitted while being played with by the small tentacles inside the organic pouch.

I spent quite a bit of time inside that slimy sack, not realizing what it was really doing to me. Only later, when Silver finally came to rescue me, I fully understood the extent of my problem. When she sliced the bag open to extract me from it, I fell on the tentacle-populated squishy floor and realized that I had been encased inside some sort of slime envelope.

This slime coating was simply a special compound that the nest had covered me with and had hardened enough to prevent me from escaping. It was yellowish-transparent, somewhat flexible, but also very resistant, very much like silicone. My fingers were useless, and whenever I tried to move, my limbs just sprung back to their original position. My understanding was that only the critter who had set up that trap had the agent in its saliva to break my shell down. I supposed it was an efficient way for them to prevent competition from having their way with me. Of course, the Critter Squad had specialized tools that could have freed me up from my organic layer in no time, but my pretty girlfriend seemed to think it was hot to have a sex slave encased in hardened slime. She didn't explicitly say that it turned her on, but it was pretty obvious.

When we came back to the barrack, she placed me on the floor in the garage and hosed me down with water to make sure I was no longer sticky. The plan was to bring me to her bedroom and do dirty things with me.

Ah that was where we were. Jaina, exceeded by the perverted behavior of her co-worker, just walked out of the garage, followed by Nekko. I was now alone with Silver.

"Ha, X! Jaina can be so annoying sometimes. Let's go to the bedroom now. If they don't see you, I'm sure they will stop caring."


Like a ragdoll, she lifted my silicon-like body and tossed me over her shoulder. There was nothing I could do in that state. I couldn't talk or even express my feelings. She carried me all the way to our bedroom and dropped me on the bouncy bed.

Now what? I could only stare at the ceiling. Trying to sit down was useless as I just sprang back to my initial position.

"Hey! Stop moving. Dolls don't move."

Silver quickly went to close the door and undressed next to me. Despite my predicament, I couldn't get over this; my dark-skinned idol was the prettiest girl in the whole universe, and I felt so blessed that she had fallen in love with me, even if a situation like this one was a bit strange. She climbed on the bed and pressed her naked body on my slime shell. I couldn't feel anything, maybe a faint pressure due to her body weight, but just seeing her there with her large boobs squished on the smooth material covering me was enough to turn me on.

"Sooo… I saw that you loved being swallowed by the bacterial nest. I'm so glad that Hacksaw didn't warn you."


"I bet you are still turned on right now. I know I am."


"Let's see if I can find a good way to tease you."

She reached her nightstand and opened a drawer. After rummaging in it, she pulled a big pink vibrator from it. Apparently, we were going to have some sexual fun, but I didn't yet know what my involvement would be. All I could do for her was to look sexy and encased.

Silver climbed back on top of me in a sixty-nine position and moved her smooth pussy above my face. Thanks to the transparent cocoon I was in, I could see clearly this body part that I had licked so much. She was already wet, so when she rubbed it against my silicon face, it was very slippery.

Hearing her moan erotically made everything worse for me. I just wanted to stick my tongue out and lick her clit, but it was impossible.

"Mmm, do you like what you see, X? I bet you do. So what about this then?"

She turned on her vibrator and slowly inserted it into her vagina. That was unfair torture. Seeing these droplets of pussy juice falling on my face and running down my cheek was not cool. She was getting all the pleasure while all I could do was watch helplessly.

"Ooooh! That's so good. I love this so much. I want to keep you like this forever."

I tried to raise my arms to grab her waist or something, but it was too tiring. It was better to resign myself to act like a good slime doll and endure while being immobile. Somehow, it made me quite happy to see Silver enjoying herself so much because of me, and I wouldn't have changed anything. At the end of the day, having been captured by the bacterial nest had its positive aspects.

Alternating between rubbing her pussy on my face and enjoying her powerful vibrator, Silver pushed herself to climax a few times. And me, nothing. I was just hot, turned on, and encased. Deprived from orgasm as usual.

A pattern started to emerge in my relationship with Silver. The first night, we had sex and plenty of orgasms. But after that night, after she had transformed me into a sex slave, she had not allowed me to cum once. With that leather shield locked over my pussy, there wasn't much I could do but wait until she gave me an opportunity. Here and now, it was the same thing; she had no problem cumming without me and even teasing me about it.

"Mmm, X. I bet you want to cum too. You know, you are not a real sex slave, but I'm starting to like this."

I bet she was. Her pussy exploded again, spraying her juices on my well-protected face.

All night, she had sex with my encased body, and even this morning, while I was deep asleep, she continued abusing the situation. Seeing her so happy was priceless. Even after she left for breakfast, she came back and continued to play with me.

Even after a full day, she didn't intend to release me from my prison, and she must have been clear about this with the others because nobody else came back to check on me. Every time I saw someone since we came back from the mission, it was Silver, and it was to watch her masturbating on her new favorite sex toy.

How long would she leave me inside this erotic alien cocoon, hot and turned on?

Eventually, though, she came back and carried a tablet with her.

"X, we just posted a video of our job on the farm on CritterTube. Let's watch it together, okay?"


"Oh, don't worry. There is nothing you can do about it since it's already online. Come on, stop being grumpy. It will be fun."

Silver climbed on the bed, sat behind me, and positioned me between her legs so we could watch the video together. I didn't want to watch this as it probably included some very embarrassing moments. Alas, I didn't have a choice.

The first scene wasn't too bad, even though I wore this humiliating sex slave outfit. My butt was so naked, my boobs so pierced and available, and my whole self was so submissive. I was either just following Silver or being dragged forcefully by her. That sex slave image they wanted me to adopt was powerful.

Then there were snippets of our chat with the farmer, our little walk into the woods to the barn, the slime discovery, and such. They managed to make this job more interesting than it was. But what worried me was that only a third of the video had elapsed, and we were at the scene where Silver and Nekko pulled the critter level two out of the barn, dead. The next two-thirds of the video would be dedicated to something I didn't want to see; my encounter with the bacterial nest.


"Watch! Watch! It's the best part, X. So stop wriggling like that."

Seeing me walking in the slime and through a field of tentacles was very bizarre. It almost looked like I was on an alien planet. But when I saw exactly what happened to me and what it looked like, I wanted to die. Like an idiot, I had walked toward a shiny light, missing the obvious mass of flesh dangling above it. Without me suspecting anything, forgetting that we were inside a big alien nest, the head bag trap casually lowered itself over my head and captured me.

My struggle to escape the head bag and fight the big mouth that tried to swallow me was quite disturbing. I got swallowed alive while Hacksaw just casually filmed close-up scenes of my private parts, abusing my vulnerability. The sound was great too; we could hear me moaning of pleasure during the entire process. Once I had been fully swallowed, Hacksaw recorded me traveling through the alien organ, clearly being sexually stimulated and enjoying it for a camera I had forgotten, all the way until I popped in the stretchy bag, horny like an egg yolk surrounded by its white.

It was beyond embarrassing and humiliating. Who in the right state of mind would enjoy such an alien treatment?

To finalize everything, there was that scene when Silver cut the bag open to let me down, and even the one when she cleaned me with the garden hose; I didn't even know they were still filming me at that point.

I wanted to die, but Silver, her, was in a very good mood.

"The fans LOVED to see you getting in trouble. The comments are brutal. Interestingly, they kind of stopped hating you, and now, they just want to see you getting in trouble and see us taking advantage of that."


"Everybody knows you are an alien lover now, and that's really attractive to them."


"It's a goood thing! I'm telling you. I asked the girls, and they all agreed. You'll keep being our sex slave, and we will ensure you get in as much trouble as possible. Since you cannot hide your love for twisted things anymore, we will go down that route to create new content."

Oooh, I didn't like the sound of that. Nothing she said about me was false, but I didn't know if building on my reputation of being an alien lover sex slave would be too good for me in the long run. On the one hand, was it really what I was? On the other hand, would this be better for me than receiving death threats from their crazy fans?

It didn't matter.

"I'm sure you agree. We will start this new plan tomorrow. Oh, and one more good news. Nobody asked if I had released you yet, so I'm going to keep you another night encased in your slime doll suit. I LOVE YOUUU!"


Damnit, Silver!

As promised, she had another hot night of sex over my translucent suit. But the next morning, she carried me to the cafeteria and laid me down on the table in front of all the other girls. Carefully, they began cutting me out of my cocoon using a special tool.

It took about an hour for them to get me out of it, but little did I know that I wasn't out of the woods yet. The head bag that had originally captured me was still tightly fastened around my neck and face. So my whole body was free, but I still had that organic bag around my head. I tried to remove it without success. Jaina even pushed my hands away from it.

"Ah no. It has to stay on."


"We have to let it die. It should take about three or four days. That's the organism that provides you with nutrients and oxygen. Did you even realize you didn't have to eat and breathe inside your cocoon?"


Silver approached me and began kissing me through the head bag thin membrane. This time I could feel everything except that I couldn't put my tongue inside her mouth. Of course, she loved this.

"Oh, that's hot. Come. I need to play with you some more."

She pulled me off the table and raced toward the bedroom. Jaina yelled at her, but it was pointless.

"HEY! Silver. You come back here and clean this dry slime mess your girlfriend left behind!"

"Laaater… I'm too horny right now. Hacksaw, come film this."

"Oh, gosh. Are we doing another live stream?"


After throwing me on the bed, Silver rummaged inside her closet and pulled out a big strap-on. How many of these perverted toys did she have stashed in her bedroom? Hacksaw rolled her eyes and began filming, knowing that anything sexual involving Silver would sell quite well on CritterTube.

The camera turned on, and the show started.

"HEY, GUYS! Look at what we have here. We finally released X from her slime suit, but now she is horny as fuck."

Was I? Just a little bit… maybe.

"So I decided to help her forget her last two days of frustration. We will see how she likes it. But first, I need to do this."



That was the hardest slap on my butt so far. This one would definitely leave a red mark. Then Silver grabbed my wrists and cuffed them behind my back. I didn't see that one coming. Where did these handcuffs even come from? She then lifted my hips so I would rest on my knees and pushed my bagged face into the pillow. Good thing I didn't need to breathe.

"Let's see how much she likes this. We will find out if it's a good way to keep her entertained until her head bag dies."


I felt something cool and well-lubricated begin to slide between my buttcheeks. There was no doubt about it when I felt my asshole opening; it was her strap-on. For the first time, Silver was about to fuck me anally in front of all her fans, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Deeper and deeper, back out a bit, and then even deeper, her fake dick entered me effortlessly, triggering confusion inside my mind and a certain happiness. My pussy tingled, and my brain became fuzzy. This new experience she was offering me was precious.

And yes, I was getting pretty excited. I didn't know if fucking me in the ass meant that she wouldn't fuck me in the pussy, but it didn't seem to matter too much at the moment. Her strong tug on my harness just made me feel loved.


It was my first loud moan of the live stream, and I didn't even do it on purpose.

"Oooh, X seems to love this. Do you?"


"Good girl."

She increased the pace. The strap-on glided in and out of my ass, and the more time passed, the better it felt. I only had pink fuzz inside my head at this point and felt extremely submissive. I even forgot the camera was right on me. Even if I had a head bag around my head, it was transparent, and everybody could see my real facial expressions.


"So, X. Tell everyone the truth… You loved being devoured by the nest, right?"


I nodded energetically. I didn't care. Silver asked me a question, and I couldn't lie about it.

"So you want to do it again, right? You want more alien contacts because it turns you on?"


I nodded again. How could I lie? It was all true… I had loved seeing these alien-skin-covered women being vacuum-packed while I filmed them. I had loved seeing Silver get infected. I had loved being tickled by the nest tentacles and forced into a slimy pouch.

And I loved being fucked and perhaps even being degraded in front of the camera.

What was happening to me? Why did all of this feel so good? Was I really this twisted?

"X, you are the most corrupted girl I have ever met. You know that?"

I was starting to think about it, yes.

The live stream lasted for about an hour. It included lots of spanking, nipple pulling, and a lot of ass fucking. Silver never unlocked my crotch shield, and because of it, I couldn't cum once. But overall, this had been the best fuck we had so far. With the camera filming my bagged face, my tongue was out, my eyes rolled up, and everybody knew how dirty I was.

When the live stream ended, it was clear that my relationship with Silver had evolved quite a bit.


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