Critter Squad

by Tigerstretch

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Continues from

Episode 6

"Aaand, you are free!"


Finally, Silver pulled the dead alien head bag off my head, and I could take my first deep breath in days.

"How are you feeling, X?"

"Hooornyyy! Please, unlock my crotch shield."

"Haha. Okay, okay. Don't pull on my shirt like that."

"Silver! You fucked me all week in the ass. You didn't have to wait for me to beg."

"It was more fun that way. But now, I'll fuck you for real. You must be so frustrated."

"That's an understatement!"

Silver grabbed the key dangling from her neck and inserted it in the padlock that secured my crotch shield in place. The thought that I was so close to obtaining what I had craved for so many days made me even more desperate. All week, Silver fucked me during live streams and didn't even consider making me cum once. Now that I could speak again, she probably didn't want to argue with me and would finally provide me with the release I needed.

When she opened the crotch plate, a torrent of pussy juice rolled down my legs.

"Oh, someone is hot."

"Just… Lick me… or fuck me… I'm losing my mind."

"So, after a week prisoner of your head bag, the first thing you say is how much of a sex addict you are?"

"SILVER! PLEASE! Stop teasing me and get to work!"

"Haha… Here I come!"

Her beautiful face approached my crotch, and the first lick she gave my clit almost pushed me over the edge.

"Aaaah! Yes! YES! Finally!"

"Mmm, delicious X."




NO! Not a critter alert! Not right now! The harsh sound of the barrack's bell shattered my eardrums. The timing couldn't have been worse.

Silver looked me in the eyes, almost sorry for me, but she still flipped back up my crotch shield and placed the padlock back on it. I was paralyzed in frustration. She patted my crotch shield and smiled.

"It's alright, X. I will take care of you tonight. I promise."


"Come. We have a job to do."

She grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me out of the bedroom. Right away, we bumped into Nekko, who was carrying a bunch of backpacks to the truck. She looked at me and smiled.

"Nya! Your head bag finally died, X?"


"Nya? The cat got your tongue?"

Silver wrapped her arm around Nekko's neck and spun her away from me.

"Leave her alone, Nekko. She is a bit frustrated at the moment."

"Whatev… Nya! Let's go. This job will be interesting."

"How come? What is going on?"

"A big dog got infected, and his eggs hatched inside a private house, nya. We don't know the number of new critters or their levels."

"Oh, crap. That's not good. But how is that more interesting than our other jobs? Seems pretty standard to me. Animals get infected all the time."

"Ah! It's in a BIIIG mansion in the richest area of town. It's going to take some time to find all the critters in that place. Nya. Oh, and the housewife is missing, too. The husband and the maid ran out of the house when they saw a critter, but as per the report, they weren't sure if the wife was still inside the house. She often goes for long walks without her phone. Anyway, they cannot reach her to confirm if she is safe or not."

"Well, that's smart. Ah well. Let's go, then. At least it will be a nice setup for a video."

I wanted to ask more questions about this case, but since I had been denied my sexual pleasure for so long, I didn't want to open my mouth and let out my frustration inadvertently. Anyway, with their intention to keep me ignorant to record more interesting videos based on my mistakes, it was unlikely that they would have educated me in any way, shape, or form.

So I silently followed them to the truck and mentally prepared myself for the potential upcoming humiliation.


"Stop complaining, X. Didn't you see that fan holding a sign saying she loved you?"

"It was out of pity. Everybody else laughed at me or insulted me."


Silver tried to cheer me up, but when we arrived in front of the mansion, there was already a little crowd of fans waiting for us, and since I was the novelty, embarrassing comments about my "outfit" and my uselessness fused from their mouths. Silver was right, though; through the mass of negativity, there were some faint cheers but nothing remotely capable of counteracting the psychological harm.

It was better to move on with our job; the sooner we would be inside the house, the faster the fans would stop attacking me. In a hurry, I climbed the few steps in front of the mansion and pushed the big wooden door open to speed up the process. But when I walked in, Silver grabbed me by the harness and gave it a good tug that made my naked boobs jiggle randomly.

"Hey, X. Relax. Jaina hasn't even completed her scan yet. Don't be reckless. You cannot just walk in a house like that."

"Pfff… I thought you guys didn't care about what could happen to me."

"To a certain degree. You have to read between the lines. We say that to have fun with you, but our job is still dangerous. Don't put us at risk."

I sighed and dropped my shoulders. Silver wasn't wrong about that. I couldn't just walk head-first into an infected place and hope for the best. Once more, I was reminded how unprofessional I was.

My embarrassment was short-lived, though, because our eyes turned to the luxurious interior of the mansion. This place was spotless, thanks to the fact that they apparently had a full-time maid to take care of it. There were large paintings on the wall, a giant spiral staircase, and some furniture from the classical period. Every object that my eyes landed on was more expensive than my life.

Nekko, trotted to an expensive couch and climbed on it to bounce a little. It was inappropriate, but her small stature and cuteness made her action forgivable. 

"Nya! It's gorgeous. That's going to be fun. I'll go take a look in the basement first."

"Okay, Nekko. Be careful. Hacksaw, you check the main floor with Silver to film her, and I'll do the same with X upstairs. It's better to keep these two separated today."

"I agree."

Again, they weren't wrong about that either. I was already sexually frustrated, so if I stayed too close to Silver, we might end up making love on top of the kitchen table and forget that we had a job to do. I was so horny that my pussy quivered behind its annoying crotch shield. A bit more excitement and my juice would start running down my legs, which would be catastrophically embarrassing.

Nekko could handle herself since approaching the critters without getting touched was her specialty, so she fearlessly trotted down the stairs and disappeared into the basement. The rest of us waited until Jaina finished her scans.

"So? Anything?"

"Oh yes. I see two in the basement, three on the main floor, and… Well, that's odd. I don't think there is anything upstairs, but the readings are quite fuzzy. This house is luxurious, so they may have soundproofed the bedrooms or something. It's interfering with my radio wave sensor."

Another thing I didn't learn from CritterTube was that I always thought the scanning tool they were using was flawless. It didn't seem to be as accurate as I first imagined. Jaina kept playing with her filters while Silver and Hacksaw disappeared to the next room. They had their answer already, so they didn't need to stick around.

Camera in hand, I did my best to film Jaina in a flattering way while she worked. It was my job, after all. I didn't want to forget that, or else I would be nothing but a useless sex slave. Filming made me feel somewhat helpful.

After another minute, she turned off her tablet and announced her verdict.

"Alright, X. There is nothing upstairs that I can see. Let's go take a quick look anyway, just in case."


We climbed the cushioned staircase together while commenting on the place. We were both amazed at how much money, craftsmanship, and artistry had to be involved in such a beautiful house.

At the top of the stairs, we had two options. Left or right. Jaina went left and directed me the other way, seemingly confident that there was no danger.

"Go right, X. There is nothing on that floor, so you don't need to film this. Let's just conduct a quick inspection for the sake of being thorough. There are so many rooms. Check half of them, and I'll check the other half, and then we will go back downstairs to assist the others. Keep your eyes open in case you find a small level one critter that I missed. You know… watch the dark corners, under pieces of furniture, ceiling lamps. They love falling on you from the above, you know. Meet me at the top of the staircase when you are done."

"S… Sure… I'll be careful."

A bit nervous about being entrusted with my own safety, I went right and turned in the main hallway. There were three doors on the right and a big one ornate with stained glass at the far end, possibly the master bedroom. Maybe I got lucky and would get to see what kind of bed these rich people slept in.

Actually… That got me really curious. I walked all the way to that door at the far end of the hallway. It would be the first room I would inspect just because I wanted to. It felt great to be able to decide something today.

Slightly excited by this place, I jogged to the ornate door, pushed it open, and jumped in, pretending to catch an unsuspecting critter by surprise.

"YI…. k… e…s…"

I swore my heart stopped. My muscles seized, and my lungs collapsed. My little silly acting wasn't supposed to become real. At least… not THAT real.

A BIG critter, way bigger than me, had his big front paws resting on the edge of the bed. When I burst into the room, his head immediately turned to me. I almost peed my pants… if I had any.

I stayed there, petrified, silent, not breathing, trying to stop my blood from flowing. Like most critters, his skin was all glossy black, like polished latex. It had the shape of a quadruped, perhaps because it had been engendered from an egg that had hatched inside a dog. It was just waaay bigger than a dog. His head also reminded me vaguely of the shape of a canine, but I didn't discern a mouth, ears, or eyes. Critters were pretty much featureless.

It HAD to be a level two or perhaps even a level three critter. How did Jaina miss that with her scan? It was probably close to two hundred and fifty pounds.

Fortunately, the creature didn't seem to care too much about me. Maybe my immobility allowed me to remain undetected? I was pretty sure I remembered that the critters could only see moving or noisy prey. I didn't feel like testing that theory, though; so walking out of the room wasn't a risk I wanted to take. If that large critter decided to run after me, I had no chance to escape.

The creature eventually returned its theoretical gaze to the bed, and I noticed something that should have caught my attention earlier. Another black form was on the luxurious cushy bed cover of the giant baldaquin bed.

A woman… completely encased in black slime. All her limbs, even if coated, were free, as if she was wearing a full latex suit. That was odd since usually the victims were mummified and disabled. She attempted to crunch up, but the creature forcefully pushed her back down, which led her to emit a distressed moan.


The creature moved over her and pressed its crotch between her open legs. My eyes opened wide when it started humping. The situation was now crystal clear.

The big creature was fucking her, and not just a little bit. It was very bestial and intense. The lady tried to push it away, but she couldn't do anything about it. Her body language showed something between unwillingness and acceptance. I didn't know if it was because she was running out of energy, but she did seem to somewhat embrace what was happening to her as if her resistance was just an act to trigger a reaction from the critter mounting her.

To reinforce my feelings, she moaned some more, but this time, it sounded a lot more pleasurable. Was she actually… liking this? Maybe forced to like this?

No… Nobody could enjoy such treatment. Humans weren't meant to have sex with aliens.

But her moans… and this sight.

Something began to run down my legs.


After almost a week of sexual frustration, I was on the verge of breaking down mentally, and seeing this big black critter fucking mercilessly a equally glossy black sexy lady just caused my reptilian brain to release all kinds of pleasant hormones without asking me for authorization first.



The more she moaned her way to an imposed orgasm, the more I looked at this creature's black dick pumping in and out of her encased vagina and the more turned on I got. My hand slowly lowered to my crotch shield, pointlessly trying to access my deprived pussy.

I was breathing hard without noticing it, but the lady's moans, probably the missing housewife, were too loud for the creature to hear me, even if it was muffled by the slime coating her face.

My other hand went up to my naked boob and began playing with my pierced nipple.

And then she came hard.

"MMMPH! AArrrrmpph! MMPH!"

Trashing on the bed, she showed me how good of a job the creature was doing.

How long was she enduring this for? We got the call about an hour ago, so they must have been at it for just over that. Why was it doing this to her? Critters were instinct-driven only, so they didn't do anything without an evolutionary purpose. For them, fucking something meant reproducing, invading.

My eyes returned to the giant creature's dick, and it gave me the clear answer I didn't want to get. A round object seemed to travel down through it. The orb inside the member pressed against the woman's pussy, trying to enter it.

An… egg?

And then, it popped inside her, causing her to uselessly trash around and cum again. A large amount of translucent slime sprayed out of her crotch as if the creature had ensured over-lubrication to increase the success rate of the impregnation. Based on her bulged belly, it was pretty confident that her uterus was already full of critter eggs and slime.


My pussy was on fire. A strong signal in my brain embarrassed me to the greatest extent.

Jealousy… envy…

WHY? Why was I thinking this? I would never open my mouth to say it, but it was crystal clear; I wanted to be her, and I wanted to be fucked by that creature, too. My juice was flowing down my legs like crazy, my boobs were burning from arousal, and my face was tingling.

After the egg officially entered her victim's womb, the creature resumed its fucking as if he had plenty more of those to install inside her uterus. It took five more minutes before another one began migrating toward her pussy.

Since I had no access to my clit, my hand automatically reached my butt, and using my own natural lube, I began fingering my ass. I pulled hard on my nipple rings in a desperate attempt to increase my pleasure level and bring me closer to an orgasm.

But it didn't work. My tongue was out, my drool ran down between my boobs, and my fingers pumped my asshole, but the orgasm wouldn't come like that.

All I could do was let out a discrete whisper of desperation…

"Aaah… I wish it could fuck me like that instead of her…"

Again, this is not something I would ever tell my Critter Squad friends, or I would never hear the end of it.

For another five minutes, I whispered terrible things to myself, not caring about the trapped woman's real feelings, not understanding why she would want to be rescued. Helping her was not my priority.

So shameful. I was pleasuring myself using someone else's predicament as a stimulant.

And then…


My brain broke. Coming from nowhere, Nekko flew past me while my fingers were still logged deep inside my rear orifice and ran toward the creature before making a sharp turn to put some distance with it.

As soon as the critter level two saw that, it abandoned his sex game with the housewife and turned toward Nekko, who was taunting it. While it was distracted, Silver also entered the room, brushing my shoulder as she did, and threw a special net over it, one that electrocuted it.


She then violently stabbed it in the head with her shocking stick. Hacksaw joined the fray, too. I fell to my knee, feeling as useless as ever.


For a minute or two, my three friends battled the entangled creature until it stopped moving.

They had defeated it very efficiently without getting harmed.

That was when they all turned towards me… or more precisely, to the person standing behind me: Jaina, who was filming everything. With her hands on her hips, proud of her kill, Silver inquired about her main concern.

"So, Jaina? Good content?"

"OH! You have NO idea! X is SUCH a pervert. It's unbelievable."


I turned around to look at Jaina, who had a camera in her hand pointed directly at me to capture my first reaction.

"D… did you record… me?"

"Oh yeah!"

"A… all of it?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Be… before the fight too?"

"Oh yeah!"


"I wasn't going to miss one second of your first encounter with a level 2 critter. But I didn't expect it to turn out like this. I thought you would scream and run away, not that you would begin masturbating and whispering dirty things while a victim was getting abused."

My brain was buzzing when I understood that Jaina had lied to me in order to get an opportunity to create entertaining content. Sure, she was probably watching for my safety, but she never had any intention of stopping her camera without a good reason. This was the bread and butter of the Critter Squad; financing themselves with views, and when a team member did something unusual, it was an almost guaranteed success on CritterTube, the same way it worked when Silver got infected during my first job. It was the price to pay for being on the Critter Squad.

Jaina finally lowered her camera and turned it off.

"We are going to make so much money with this video. Haha. Alright, Silver. Take care of your sex slave. Hacksaw, Nekko. Help me capture the remaining two level-one critters downstairs. After that, let's vacuum pack this lucky infected housewife, she is full of eggs, and let's call it a day."

"Nya! I can't wait to see the video."

"Me too!"

"Me too!"

Sexually frustrated, humiliated, embarrassed, and so much more, I remained on the floor, unable to process what had just happened.

And how was this supposed to help my reputation again?


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