Double Scoop

by Lancer175

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Storycodes: M/f; food; messy; bond; rope; gag; toys; insert; oral; sex; cons; X

Eddie and Patty had known each other since high school. Working part time at the local ice cream shop helped them to re-acquaint themselves. In addition to ice cream, sundaes and milkshakes, the shop also sold hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and other grilled foods. After work, they started dating again and realized how much they had in common. Sunday afternoons were always busy at the shop. Sometimes in the winter months, business was slow and they would go off into an employee lounge for some quick enjoyable sexual encounters. They had to be cautious in case the bell would ring and a rare customer would come into the shop.

Patty’s boobs weren’t massive, but very pleasing. Her tits were just the right size to give Eddie a pleasurable titty fuck. Eddie would sit in a chair while Patty moistened his penis with a slow, methodical motion of her lips to get him hard. Once she could taste a drop of pre-cum, she would surround his cock with her tits, pumping his sperm into a squirting fountain of cum. Other times, Eddie would lay Patty down on a cot, deep tongue her pink folds until she was in a frenzy. But the best of times was after the shop closed when they didn’t have to worry about customers coming in. Those rendezvous would be wonderful sex when they could fuck like rabbits all evening.

It was kinky Patty that first brought up the idea of being a bit more resourceful in their sex play.

“I’d like you to make me a banana split,” she told Eddie.

“Make your own banana split,” Eddie responded.

“No, I mean make ME a banana split.”

Eddie wasn’t sure exactly what kind of game Patty was playing, but certainly wanted to try. He started to get excited as Patty slowly undressed, standing as a statue in front of him, teasing him as she removed her bra and panties.

“So, you want me to make a banana split on, over and in you?” Eddie asked.

“Yup, you got the idea, it should be the best banana split you ever ate.”

Eddie seemed to get the idea she wanted him to use her to make the banana split. He pulled the cot from the employee lounge into the soda fountain area and covered it with plastic sheathing; melting ice cream and toppings would get messy. He had Patty lay down and again made sure she was okay with this most erotic and kinky play. Eddie had Patty raise her arms towards the top of the cot.

“Hey, what the fuck it this?” Patty asked while Eddie started to tie her hands to the cot.

“Well, I can’t have you moving around while I make my masterpiece banana split.”

As Patty began to protest, Eddie took an apple from the fruit bowl and stuffed it into her mouth. They have played bondage games before, so Eddie thought Patty wouldn’t mind if he combined his ice cream sundae with some bondage play.

After securing her arms to the top of the cot, Eddie stretched her legs and attached each ankle to the side supports at the bottom of the cot providing an excellent view of Patty’s bush and cavern entrance. Patty squirmed as he fingered her sliding in and out to get her ready for his special sundae treat. Patty could feel herself getting excited as Eddie moved towards her breast, tweaking each nipple with a flick of his fingers.

“Well, my dear, time to demonstrate my skills as an ice-cream-ologist and construct the perfect banana split, with an emphasis on the banana and the split.”

To prepare the “dish”, Eddie approached Patty with two ice cubes. Patty began to scream as he took each cube of ice and gently swirled it around the floating mound of bronze skin turning the skin color white and pink as the heat was removed from her body. He slowly and erotically moved the ice cube around each nipple causing the nipples to quickly harden into large, pink bullets that sprung up off each breast.

Eddie went to the ice cream cooler and scooped up a big dip of vanilla. Patty’s eyes got large as she anticipated the cold scoop of ice cream coming to rest on her boobs. Eddie took the scoop and forced it onto the hard left nipple, moving the scoop back and forth to help push he nipple into the middle of the single scoop to keep the ice cream from sliding off her breasts. Patty could feel the almost burning, freezing of her breast as the cold of the ice cream sank into her skin. She could barely breathe when Eddie forced a second scoop of vanilla on to her right nipple. Eddie stood back to admire his ice-cream-ology handiwork that gave a new meaning to “two scoops.”

The chocolate syrup he poured on to each scoop dribbled down her breasts. Eddie poured a cup of rainbow sprinkles onto the chocolate covered boobs to provide a colorful dessert for him to enjoy. Patty kept moaning under her apple gag with each different topping. To highlight his soda jerk talents he piled whipped cream high on each scoop of ice cream and placed a bright red cherry on top.

But, a banana split needs a banana. Eddie reached over to the fruit bowl and picked a fairly green, solid banana.

“What better way to make a banana split than put the banana in the split?” Eddie told Patty as he peeled the banana.

He slowly inserted the banana into her wet split causing Patty to moan with pleasure as the fruit was inserted. Careful not to push too hard and cause the banana to break, Eddie only inserted it about half way into her pussy.

“I have created the perfect banana split, delicious in many ways!” yelled Eddie.

With a plastic spoon in his hand, Eddie started to eat the ice cream sundaes that were beginning to melt down Patty’s breast. He placed mouth over the piles of whipped cream, first eating the cherries then lapping up the whipped cream. He dug into both scoops of ice cream and licked the toppings and syrup from her tits lapping every last drop of chocolate. He proceeded to her most favored location taking his time as he bit off the top of the banana. His teeth grasped the banana moving in up and down to move Patty to near orgasm. He ate another part of the banana as he heard Patty’s garbled moans of pleasure. He finished eating the banana by finally pulling the last piece of banana out of her nest, replacing the banana with his tongue.

The dexterity of his mouth muscle inside her was driving Patty wild. He lifted his head from her crotch and removed his pants. His underwear tent revealed a massive erection that he soon put to good use for both himself and Patty. Having thoroughly moistened her with his tongue allowed his manhood to easily slide inside, creating sexual excitement between them that they have never felt before. He tried to pace his movements in and out of her so they could both enjoy this pinnacle of sex as long as possible. He simply could not stop as the pace quickly picked up until his rapid pounding of Patty released a geyser smashing into her and filling her love void with steaming fluid. Patty arched her back as she experienced an orgasm of a lifetime.

The following week was very slow. As they were closing shop, Patty told Eddie she wanted the opportunity to make her own sundae. She convinced Eddie to strip naked as she brought the cot into the customer area. She made Eddie lie down on the cot and stretch his arms to the top so she could tie his wrists to the cot frame. She looked around for something to gag him and found a perfectly shaped lemon that was forced behind his teeth so he couldn’t spit it out of his mouth. His gag was effective as a ball gag would be without a strap.

With his hands tied and his mouth silenced, Patty went to the bottom of the cot and strapped each ankle to the corresponding corner. With his legs stretched in a V shape, his manhood stood as erect as a steeple straining towards the sky. Patty was very observant of Eddie’s already primed pump, but wasn’t about to let him have his pleasure just yet. She slapped his dong back and forth as if she was playing paddle ball. Eddie wasn’t sure if he felt pain or pleasure as his cock was smacked side to side by Patty.

“Well Eddie, it’s time for me to make my perfect dessert.” Patty bent over and began to suck on his nipples. Though they were small, Patty was able to get his hard nubs to rise slightly above his chest, just enough to hold her ice cream steady.

Patty had a different plan for her sundae. She picked up two waffle cones and put a scoop of ice cream into each cone. She then placed her ice cream cones on each of Eddie’s nipples with the apex point of each cone pointing straight up. She stood back and giggled a bit as the upside waffle cones gave the appearance Eddie had two pointed tittys. She poured a little butterscotch syrup over each cone and added some strawberry jam. She piled whipped cream around each cone until she could build a whipped cream wall up to the top of each point. Of course, she had to put cherries on top.

Eddie moaned through his lemon gag and squirmed some as the coldness of the ice cream began to numb his chest. He watched as Patty went over to the hot fudge dispenser and filled an extra-large waffle cone completely with the fudge. She slowly forced the cone full of warm, thick fudge down over Eddie’s already rock hard manhood. As his penis forced its way through the fudge layers, the chocolatey filling shot out a small hole in the top of the cone looking like a hot fudge ejaculation. Eddie was very close to exploding as the warmth of the fudge around his dick was an absolutely marvelous erotic feeling. Patty provided even more warmth when she filled a double dip waffle cone with hot fudge and placed each of Eddie’s balls directly into the cone openings designed for an ice cream scoop surrounding each of his nuts with layers of hot fudge. Eddie’s entire pubic region was an ocean of warm fudge oozing down from his scrotum towards his sphincter.

To keep the fudge from entering his asshole, Patty began to enjoy her homemade sundae by licking the fudge off the margin of skin below Eddie’s sex glands. When she reached his balls, she took each one entirely into her mouth, sucking and licking until his hanging fruits were clean of any chocolate. She decided not to continue her adventure to the peak of delight, but moved towards Eddie’s chest to begin to eat her sundae. She did a strip tease to the delight of Eddie, taking off her top, then slowly removing her bra, placing it over Eddie’s face so one cup loosely covered his nose and mouth. She took off her pants and dropped her panties to the floor.

Playful Patty moved over the top of Eddie, hands and legs along each side, dangling her tits so each nipple bounced off the tip end of each ice cream cone. She lowered her head down and began to eat each waffle cone, eventually getting to the ice cream. She pursed her lips over each nipple and sucked hard pulling the nipples slightly off of Eddie’s chest. She licked all the ice cream and assorted toppings off of his chest and licked every melted stream of ice cream. After completing the top half of her sundae, she moved to the special hot fudge treat.

Patty viciously bit off the top of the waffle cone letting hot fudge ooze out. She chomped along the side of the cone with such force Eddie was afraid she would bite into his penis. With each piece of the waffle cone, she would absorb large amounts of hot fudge off of Eddie’s erection. As Patty completed eating the waffle cone, she began the process of cleaning off all the excess hot fudge with a slow and sexually enticing tongue dance looping around Eddie’s massive sex missile. She took his entire cock deep into her throat, encircling her lips around it. As she raised her head up with a sucking motion, she sealed her lips around the penis forcing out a small drip of pre cum that let Patty know Eddie was ready for the final “topping”.

Patty climbed on Eddie, easing herself feeling his huge erection push the sides of her wet vagina providing a height of pleasure she has never felt. She took her thigh muscles and squeezed them together to tighten the grip around Eddie’s erection as she slowly raised herself. Her motions increased like a steam train leaving a station until the rhythm reached a crescendo. Her tits wildly swayed back and forth over Eddie as they both increased their passion until the final moment they simultaneously reached a spectacular orgasm.

Patty collapsed onto Eddie’s hot and sweaty body. She removed his lemon gag and passionately kissed him. She untied him so they could embrace on the cot kissing and fondling each other. Eddie grabbed her massive tits, squeezing them and sucking each nipple. Their experiment in making the perfect ice cream sundae and banana split gave a whole new meaning to “double scoop.”


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