The Handyman

by Guy le Bouc

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; spank; pillory; gag; cane; tawse; paddle; cons; XX

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Based on a fantasy by mon cheri

Paula's Kitchen Reno

“…Yeah …No, I understand love. …Yeah …You comin’ in through President then?… What? Nelson!? That’ll be a drive …Naw, maybe I can bring Linda along. She could do with a change in scenery. …Ha, yeah. We’ll see you next month then… Bye, kisses!” Paula hung up her cellphone and stared admiringly at the picture of her husband Arnold on the counter in his Royal Navy uniform, his commander epaulet on his right shoulder leaned into the foreground as he wore a wide smile. Paula walked around the counter. “You fancy a cuppa?” She was a little short and curvy but with nice legs and an ample bosom, a silver nose ring and dark violet pixie-cut hair with lipstick to match.

“Ugrrh… not right now, thanks.” Justin was under the sink straining to connect the piping for the new disposal. “Just be careful with the tap, you can use it over the right side.”

Paula heard and understood, but purposely turned it on with the spigot over the left. “Uff! Hey! What the hell!”

“Oops, sorry mate. Here, let me get you a towel.”

Justin emerged from the cabinetry with water soaked into his shirt and splashed over his neck and biceps. “I think you did that on purpose,” as he removed his top, wringing it out over the right side of the double sink.

Paula threw him a tea towel as she put the kettle on the stove, looking over her shoulder with her posterior directed toward Justin. “…And what if I did?” Justin grinned as she watched his hands gripping the towel, running it over his muscled arms and chest, his pecs flexing.

Seeing her body posture arc, presenting her ass as she set the kettle on the stove, he began spinning the towel into a rat-tail. “It’s not quite time for your other project yet, but just for that…”


Even with jeans on and the expectation of it striking her, Justin’s power generated a whip-crack with the fringed tip that nevertheless made her jump and left a stinging welt on her left buttock.

“Oooww! Huhmm! Mind you, that smarts! Smarts rightly…”

“Well, you did kind of ask for it… Didn’t you?”

Paula was rubbing her butt cheek, “Yeah! Yeah, I did. Maybe we could work that into today’s project?”

Justin looked down at the towel, “I dunno, it seemed like maybe it was a bit more than your usual implements. It’s a little uncontrolled.”

“Well, we can leave the gag off today and I’ll let you know if it’s too much.”

“Hmm… How about we work up to it then.”

This thought pleased Paula and she was all too eager to begin, her sex already thoroughly moistened with Justin’s first strike became more so as she thought about the various canes, floggers, and paddles she kept in her walk-in closet. “You’re on! How much longer then?”

“Well, maybe twenty minutes. Your little prank is setting us back a few.” Justin threw her the towel and hung his shirt on the back of a chair.

Paula turned off the stove, deciding to have tea after her session instead. She grabbed the picture of her husband and headed upstairs with the dampened towel in hand.

Her fetish was no secret to her Arnold. In fact, it was the reason they got together in the first place. They met at a cricket match when he was just a midshipman. Paula’s brother and uncle were in the Navy, and she met her man through them. Arnold was playing that day and won the game as Paula watched him from the stands. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but him just swinging that bat captured her fascination. She made the first move, and they went on a date immediately after the game, he even brought the bat along. After a series of dates, they were making out in his room at the Naval Yard, his cricket bat in the corner near his bed. Paula said she needed a break and snagged the last beer from his fridge. Deciding she didn’t care for it, she poured it down the drain.

“Oy, I coulda finished that!”

“Oh? It was a bit skunky. How long’s it been in there?”

“I dunno. Since I got stationed here. I think I’m owed some sort of reimbursement for that.”

“Pity, I haven’t got a shilling.”

“Well, in that case!” He pulled her roughly over his knee, grabbing the bat from the corner. “You gunna touch my things without permission again?” Swat! It wasn’t overly hard, but enough to cause her booty to bounce and sting a bit.

The strike took her completely by surprise as it instantly turned her on. The combination of her mildly bratty attitude, his rough capture of her body bent over his thighs, and his disciplinary action unlocked something in her mind and between her legs that she hadn’t ever known before. She became very wet, soaking her knickers, gasping, “Y-Yes.”


“Yes, I am gunna touch ALL your things you brute!”

Swat! “That so?” Swat! “Maybe you need a bit of a lesson then!” Swat! Swat! Swat! It was all very playful, but the continued paddling made her ever so horny that she almost came from that alone. They made love for the first time immediately after her first disciplining.

As time went on, they both noticed how enthusiastic she became regarding her need for spankings, and he was very into being her administrator. They continued with this long into their marriage, though with his climb in rank came longer periods away. She added to her discipline sessions by getting flirty selfies with other men on nights out and sharing them with Arnold while he was at sea. She could never cheat on him though; she loved him heart and soul. It was their own little game. Depending on just how ‘out of bounds’ she went, the severity and duration of her spankings increased. Arnold even purchased a special piece of equipment which Paula adored, a stockade that could be turned into a pillory. She once spent two full days in it at Arnold’s mercy, finding she couldn’t sit down for a full week after.

But again, Arnold’s climb in the Navy came with increased duties and time away. She never let Arnold know about Justin’s special services for her, which began nearly two years prior. She valued Justin’s prudence and ability to satisfy her needs while her man was away, to her complete satisfaction. Her secret projects with Justin actually made her spankings under Arnold all the more deserving in her mind as while she wasn’t actually cheating on him, he would certainly think what she was doing without him was way, way out of bounds.

Back in her bedroom she put the tea towel on the bed. Paula circled the stockade set up at the foot of the bed with the picture of her husband in hand. She ran a hand over the wooden structure with leather padding, reminiscing about how Arnold spent a whole day trying to assemble it. Not exactly a natural at putting furniture together, he asked Paula to ask Becky about the handyman that was over at her place. That’s how she came to be introduced to Riverland Construction regarding discrete full-service as printed on the business card.

Justin spent about an hour putting the stockade together as Arnold looked on impressed. Justin even demonstrated how to convert it into a pillory and back for him. The stockade kept Paula in a ridged doggystyle position with neck, wrists, and ankles restrained. A narrow pad supported her chest. As a pillory it was much the same, only she was standing in a bent-over position, the narrow pad supporting and restricting her movements under her hips, forcing her ass slightly higher than her head. She and Arnold enjoyed many hours of its use before years later it was gradually pressed into use as a makeshift clothes rack. Arnold’s increased time away finally elicited a confession to Becky over drinks about her needs and desires, and thus Justin’s other services were elucidated in full.

Paula placed the picture frame on the floor facing the stocks where her restrained head would soon be forced to face his frozen eyes, his smile becoming a sneer in her imagination. She went into her closet slowly walking down the line as she ran a hand along the implements of her punishment, leaving them to lightly swing and sway against her fingertips. She took her time picking out a thick leather tawse, a spindly rattan cane, and a short-handled riding crop. She put a finger to her lips as she thought about her final choice. She ultimately pulled a long varnished wooden paddle with the letters ‘TULS’ engraved into it.

She took her selections back to the bed and laid them out in a specific order. Paula picked up the damp tea towel, taking it to the bathroom to thoroughly wet and wring the corner of it, spinning it back into a twisted cone-shape before placing it second to last amongst the others. Taking a post-it note, she scribbled a series of numbers, ending the list with the word “cock”. She went back to the closet to pull a 7-inch black rubber dildo complete with balls from a cubby and placed it at the very end of her bed. She then opened the two brass padlocks on the hasps at the head and foot of the stockade, leaving them and the keys on her nightstand next to a bottle of oil. Paula then swung both ends of the restraints open, the hinges giving unsettling squeaks.

She removed her clothing completely and kneeled into the stockage, closing the wooden restraint around her ankles first. She then leaned down and settled herself on the chest pad, placing her neck and right wrist in the forward end of the enclosure, using her left hand to carefully guide the wooden restraint over her, slipping her wrist inside as it shuttered closed. She exhaled as she thought about whether she should have used her ball gag anyway. It was something that exited Arnold, being able to stifle her screams as he laid into her derriere. Paula decided she would work on keeping herself quiet instead. She thought about how Justin said the use of the tea towel wasn’t as exacting as the others and a thought suddenly entered her mind as she waited but didn’t want to reverse the procedure for getting out now that she was in and settled. At just that moment she heard Justin come into the room. He kept his clothing on during Paula’s extra project, except for his shirt today, not that she could see much of him anyway. Justin retrieved the locks from the nightstand, slipping them into the hasps and clicking them shut. He then took the oil and applied it to his hands before tenderly rubbing it over Paula’s arse, thighs and up her back, returning the bottle to the nightstand. “Before we start, could you bring the footstool from the loft and place the cock upright in my mouth?”


“Well, we agreed no gag, but I would like to keep it down. I know my cries do make you a bit squeamish.”

“I see, just a moment.” Justin left the room and Paula considered how she relished being locked in the stockade, unable to move or escape, waiting for her punishments. The oil on her skin began to warm and made the impact from her implements more pronounced. Her sex was warming at the prospect of masochistic pain inflicted on her backside. It was actually the waiting in the lead up to, and periods between, series of spanks, swats, and paddlings that turned her on as much as the act itself. The anticipation of discipline in her husband’s case was truly monumental given the selfies she sent him while he was away. She couldn’t wait until he was home next month and expected to have a right smack bottom for her efforts. Justin returned with the footstool and placed the black dildo on it pointing up as he slid it under her mouth. Paula opened wide as it was positioned, having to crane a little to just manage the head in between her lips. She looked at her husband’s picture and considered the humiliation of the addition of the faux cock in her mouth and having Arnold do this with her next time. Justin moved to the bed and picked up the note, scanning it. “You didn’t leave a number for the towel.”

Gingerly biting the head of the dildo to keep it from falling over, Paula said out the side of her mouth, “I’ll let you know when to stop, ‘K?”, a line of drool sliding slowly down the side of the black veiny member.

“No more than six.” His voice was tense and firm as his emphasis had a finality about the matter.

A few moments later she heard whoosh… whoosh… whoosh…, the swish of the rattan cane cutting through the air a half dozen times. Justin was considerate and took his time between each strike and between each implement, allowing Paula to relish every distinction on her body in her own way. She tensed in anticipation as her sex moistened. “Ready to begin?”

Paula nodded, “Mmm-humm” as she kept her lips wrapped tightly around the head of the dildo. The first lick was swift and firm, a red-hot line of fire cut across her upper thighs. Paula winced, bucked, and grunted as the stockade gave a shuddering creak. “Ugh! One Sir! May I have another!” Her teeth on the head of the dildo distorted her enunciation. The rattan cane rubbed back and forth on her before it was retracted slowly and struck an inch above the first with the same force, distinct thin red lines forming. Swat! “Oh! Two Sir! Please, may I have another!” From thence forth she gasped loudly when contact came, almost fumbling the rubber cock from her mouth. Swat! By the fifth strike, Paula was shuddering, perspiring, and dripping from her sex, each swat skillfully painful as the previous in a slightly different spot. After each, Justin made a point to rub the cane lengthwise across her skin before moving on. The marks on her arse and thighs resembled raised ruddy striations on her naked flesh. Swat! “OH! Fifteen Sir! Thank you, Sir!” She secretly wished she had added another five to the list, but Justin’s contract with her was very strict in that Paula couldn’t add to her docket after she’d written it down. Arnold would have to come through for her next month.

Justin next picked up the black leather tawse. This he first gently ran down her back, starting from her shoulder blades. The cool of the leather elicited a lust-filled moan from Paula as it caressed over her arched back toward her beautifully rounded derriere. Upon reaching her rump, she felt it leave her skin. She absently counted the seconds before… SMACK! “OOOHH!” The force behind the implement caused her to jump and the stockade to rattle. A tear formed at the corner of her eye as her sex began to pump wildly. She practically screamed out, “ONE SIR! May I have another!” as she looked straight on at her husband’s picture. Justin moved to the other side of Paula, giving a few soft taps to the spot on her ass cheek he intended to hit next. SMACK! “OOOfff!” Her restraints rattled some more as she reactively pulled at her wrists and ankles, though in her mind she knew it was fruitless to try to get away. Paula was almost crying as she felt her pussy constrict in twisted pleasure. “TWO SIR! May I have another!” She was nearly hyperventilating in sadomasochistic indulgence. SMACK! Justin gave longer pauses between his strikes with the tawse, switching sides and patting her ass with the broadside before lighting into her again, and again. He grunted with each application, the shade of red on Paula’s ass giving him genuine pause though she doggedly refused to call him off. Justin was nearly out of breath at the sixteenth lashing as a steady stream of Paula’s drool tricked down the dildo soaking into the upholstery on the footstool, her eyes puffy with tears and mouth strained from holding the cock. He continued his powerful assault, the final two being the crescendo in strength, enough to cause Paula to quietly sob. Her sex was reddened with desire and thoroughly wet as her juices began to stream down the inside of her left leg. Paula’s ass was inflamed, the marks from the cane augmented against the patch-like areas the tawse struck. Nerves were tingling now as she and her pussy yearned for the next round.

Justin wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand as he took a deep breath. “You doin’ okay?”

Paula still had tears trickling as she meekly answered, “mmm-hmm.” Her breathing became deep and sharp as her smarting ass gave her a sensuous pleasure that few like her knew and immensely enjoyed. It felt to her as if her pelt were radiating heat in a stinging pulsation as the blood coursed through her prickly skin. Her pussy pleasurably aching in contracted rhythm to the pain coursing through her backside.

Justin was more than glad to put the tawse down and take up the riding crop next. As much as he took pride in delivering on his clients desires, this type of physical punishment on a woman wasn’t his preferred service to render. Justin afforded himself a break as he watched Paula slowly regain a regular breathing pattern. “Ready to continue?”

She shook her head yes, the cock still between her dark lavender lips. Justin found the riding crop more agreeable for himself to use as he had done so on other clients’ projects. Paula’s list employed a period of time for the crop to be utilized instead of a measured number of strikes. She allowed Justin to use his imagination regarding vigor, force, and areas to inflict this implement upon. Paula heard Justin smack the crop against his hand a few times as he paced behind her before softly stating, “The time begins now.” The taps with the crop began on the small of her back and moved up to her shoulders. He stopped and patted her left breast from underneath with the business end before the stroke came in a confident smack to her nipple. Paula gasped as her areola hardened, goosebumps visible. Justin resumed patting the crop over her torso as he moved to the other side of Paula and gave her two more smart smacks to her right nipple.

“OH! Oh!” she couldn’t help herself as his improvisations during this part of her project caused her great excitement. Justin resumed tapping her body a bit harder as he moved behind her. He struck her gams, outer thighs, inner thighs, ass cheeks, the small of her back, and breasts in an irregular pattern, tapping her body firmly with the crop as he moved between areas. Justin checked his watch as he positioned himself behind Paula for the end of this segment. She felt him run the shaft of the crop between the folds of her pussy, pressing it into her as the braided nylon around it ground against her clitoris and taint. Paula gave involuntary moans tinged with panic, concerned about the rough texture biting into her tender flesh.

Justin stopped and wound an upward stroke that slapped directly on her wet and stimulated clit. “OH! Fuck!” She barely kept the cock head in her mouth as her sex began to build an orgasm. Justin repeated the strike a few more times as she bucked upwards, wincing and crying as she tried to maintain her composure and not cum. Justin could sense she was becoming overly stimulated and adjusted his next strike to her butthole. “OH! Oy! Oh!” This was a new area that was rarely if ever punished but the action gave her a novel stimulation in reaction to the force of contact all the same. “Again! Please sir!”

Justin raised an eyebrow in surprise as he only meant to back her off her orgasm, but repeated the strike to her balloon-knot another five times. Each lick gave Paula a type of almost electric shock to her system as her anus reflexively tightened against the unforgiving leather slap. Her back arched upward as she Oooh’ed and Ahhh’ed each time. Justin flipped the crop over to the clean side of the paddle and proceeded to swat her pussy in a rapid succession before time ran out. This elicited loud wails from Paula as her body writhed and twitched at the stimulation to her sex once again. The rhythmic pounding, not unlike a vibe, only more pronounced and stinging. Nearing the cusp, she whimpered in disappointment when Justin abruptly stopped. Her sex openly dripped with her fluid spattering below.

Justin returned the crop to the bed as Paula caught him out of the corner of her eye. He took a deep breath as he picked up the damp tea towel with the fringed edging. Paula’s excitement increased as Justin tested it a few times, flicking it in thin air and getting the tail of it to whip-crack in a repeated succession. He paused, “Like I said, this being the first time using this I’m only going to give no more than six strikes. Understand? If there’s blood, we’ll stop and be done for the day.”

Paula nodded but quietly hoped that it wouldn’t come to that. She felt guilt building as she returned her gaze to her husband, smiling back at her with his steely blue eyes. Justin wound up behind her, the towel twisted tightly as he took aim. CRACK! “OOOOOhHHHH! HMMMmmm!” She kicked both her legs up and down and jangled her wrists as the towel struck her left butt cheek. It felt like a white-hot poker jabbed into her flesh leaving a radiating sting that rippled up her body and through her spine.

Justin in a panicked voice rushed to kneel next to her head, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Paula didn’t answer straight away but inhaled deeply, relishing the magnitude of the impact inflicted. She let the cock in her mouth slip and fall to one side as she responded, “Wow! Yeah, that was incredible! Could you… Just switch sides between them?”

Justin breathed a sigh of relief, “Yeah. I’ll give some more time in between as well,” before he positioned the dildo back in her mouth. He went back to position behind her and wound up aiming for her right cheek. CRACK! Paula’s pussy throbbed with her wetness trickling up her midriff as she again struggled against her bonds. She squealed in a high-pitched tone as tears streamed from her eyes. She kept her gaze on Arnold and began devising provocative selfies in smutty outfits with some of the young men at the pub and the park to send to her love. Enough to get him to use the tea towel on her and for more than just six licks.

Justin sat on the edge of the bed in between his strikes with the wetted towel. One, to regain his composure as it’s use made for exceedingly painful welts on poor Paula’s behind. And secondly to look for any signs of breaks in her skin as he didn’t want to permanently damage her or leave any scars. Some of the prior inflictions had turned shades of purple, resembling Paula’s hair in depth of color. Justin stood and exhaled as he spun the tea towel.

CRACK! The third strike caused her to inhale sharply as the dildo slipped from her mouth, her face contorted in ecstatic agony. She sobbed in a crying tone, “SIR! Thank you! May I have another!”

Justin noted the black rubber dong on the floor now and resolved to continue Paula’s punishment without it. There was a long pause before… CRACK! The final three strikes caused her to buck hard, jangling her extremities as she flexed her fingers and toes for relief. Paula loudly sobbed and wailed as she asked for yet more. Her pussy flexed and convulsed with the daring force the towel imparted and she very nearly came but for the long pauses between edging her down. Finally, the towels use over, Justin gently ran his hand over Paula’s oiled rump, feeling the raised welts and streaks for any signs of seepage. He took his time as Paula slowly regained her poise, her pussy openly flexing to be filled with cock.

Without a word Justin picked up the wooden paddle. Paula heard the hollow sound of a hand running along varnished wood causing her to half moan, half sob. It’s cold touch to her left ass cheek gave her a start as she froze and then felt a breeze from it fanning her backside. She took a deep breath and held it as a deathly silence filled the bedroom.

SMACK! “OOoohhh! Thank you sir!” she yelled.

Justin removed the paddle, admiring his handiwork etched into her skin before he switched sides and lined up her right butt cheek with the paddle once more.

SMACK! Paula gave a sob as she gasped for breath, looking at her Arnold staring back at her, “OOOHHH! Sir! Thank you!” A matching pair of reddened areas on both of her cheeks read very clearly ‘SLUT’. Justin threw the paddle back on the bed and quickly grabbed the seven-inch black rubber dildo from the floor.

“OH! Oh, oh, oh! FUCK! OOOhhh! My Lord! FUCK!” Justin had rammed the cock all the way up to its base into Paula’s wet and waiting pussy. Grasping it around the firm balls he drove it in and out of her at a very brisk pace, a fine sheen of sweat covering his chest and arms. “OH! OH! FUCK ME! OH I’m Gunna CUM! I’M CUMMING! OOOHHHH!” With these words he jackhammered the dildo pugnaciously into her as he gave open hand spanks to both her butt cheeks with his free hand. “OOOhhhooOOO! Ugh! Ugh! F-uh, OOhh!” The wave of pleasure mixed with pain cresting, Justin pushed the cock in as far as it would go and left it in her. He walked off to get the keys and wash up as Paula panted and gasped, eliciting moaning sighs as the dildo slowly slid from her in a pulsing manner. It bounced with a soft thud on the carpet. Justin returned with the keys after a few minutes and opened the locks, swinging the restraints open as Paula remained in position, exhausted.

Justin gave her one last look, “You okay, Paula?”

“Oh my… Yes Justin. That was… very acceptable work today… Hmmm…” She smiled at the picture of Arnold as Justin left the room, closing the door. She eventually got up, noting some minor bruising around her wrists and ankles. She gingerly shuffled into her bathroom to examine her backside in the mirror, chuffed at the words ‘SLUT’ tattooed onto her butt by the wooden paddle. She was counting on Arnold leaving her with at least six of these running down her thighs, forcing her to wear long dresses or pants.

Justin wandered downstairs and found his shirt on the back of the chair very nearly dry before slipping it back on. He mused to himself before turning the gas range burner with the kettle on. Finding a second teacup, he set it next to one already on the counter and started gathering his tools. Paula eventually emerged with a flower-patterned silk robe tied around her as she stiffly came down the stairs with the picture of her husband in hand.

“Would you be put out if we took the next special services off the calendar? I can’t imagine I’ll be able to sit until this weekend!”

“Not at all. I can use the time to start on the backsplash. You wanted it wrapped around from the sink, past the stove, to behind the fridge. That’s a lot of tile to put up in one go. I think I will take that cup of tea now if you wouldn’t mind? I’m a bit tired from today's project.”

“No problem at all! Please have a seat. One lump or two?”

“No sugar for me, thanks. I’m sweet enough.”

“Oh, go on you!” as she began preparing the tea.


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