The Handyman

by Guy le Bouc

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© Copyright 2023 - Guy le Bouc - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; oral; sex; bond; cuffs; cons; X

Based on a fantasy by mon cheri

Linda's Bath Remodel

Linda, a thirty-year-old brunette with great features, was somewhat new to the upscale cul-de-sac, having moved in nearly four months prior. She was modest, but lonely and bored. Her husband John was an investment banker specializing in emerging markets, which necessitated long durations away. When he was home, the majority of his time was spent on the phone and computer, making deals and finishing contracts. Linda was also fifteen years younger than he and things had slowed to a crawl in the bedroom, much to her consternation. 

She had a few toys but missed the human touch that connected passion with lust. She sadly felt the heat dying out between the sheets. Linda attempted to entice her man with exciting lingerie, adult movies, plying him with his favorite wine, suggesting weekend getaways, and even role play. He was always too busy, too distracted with business to notice or pick up her signals. While she still loved him, it was becoming harder to justify why and she began to consider if a separation would get his attention. She doubted it given how often they were apart anyway.

In the meantime, she observed a neighborhood clique of fellow housewives who gathered in the mornings for long walks, and the evenings for drinks. She took up exercise herself, hoping to make friends in passing. Her neighbor Becky, who lived directly opposite, noticed her and invited her to join their group after several weeks. She became fast friends with the others, Jenny, Paula, and Wenda, and in short order fell into their retinue. It was a welcome relief out of her doldrums but her need for intimacy was ever present in her mind. 

One weekend when all their husbands were away on business or leisure, Becky put together an outing which included an all-male review and drinks at the pub after. The showmen were of course buff, youthfully handsome, and all smiles as the women chortled at their gyrations, ogling their physiques and what little else was left to the imagination. Becky and Paula even managed to push Linda on stage for a one-on-one bump and grind in front of the audience. Linda went red with embarrassment as she sat in the chair. A well-oiled blond-haired stripper in a carpenter getup, complete with hard hat, vest, ripped jean shorts, and tool belt pushed his bulging crotch against her body, running his hands over her, taking his outfit off dramatically to the bass-heavy music, and inviting her to spank his rock-hard ass with a ruler.

Despite the comical display, the showman did succeed in making her horny and wet with desire as he had given her more attention in the ten minutes on stage than her husband had the past three years. She was still flushed and turned on as the enchanting stripper helped her off stage at the end of his set and escorted her back to her seat where the women tucked ten and twenty pound notes into his thong as they howled and took selfies with him. There followed much banter about Linda’s handsome one-on-one tease. An hour after the show, she was still beet-red, her nipples showing through her blouse, and slightly perspiring. The hunky construction worker was her favorite part of the evening as he was stuck in her mind.

“Seriously?! You’ve never been to a strip show?!”

Linda replied with a hand hiding her blushing smile as she held a cosmo in the other, “No! I’ve never been! I thought male strippers were just a bachelorette party event.”

“Oh honey, you need to get out more often!” Paula said with a hand on Linda’s shoulder.

“Well, it was nice while it lasted… Ugh, I could do with some of that! He could remodel my bedroom any day…” Linda sighed as she looked on in fantasy. The rest of the girls looked at each other with eyebrows raised, then back at Linda. Realizing she made a leading admission, “Oh, I mean, he was so young and fit, you know? I just… He was so close to me.” This elicited another round of glances and a snigger between the women before an uncomfortable silence fell.

Paula finally announced, “Well, I could use another drink. Anyone fancy me getting the tall fellow at the bar to buy us one?”

“Oy! You still think you got the charm to pull that off?” Wenda retorted.

“Well if the girls can’t help,” she pushed her ample cleavage up her dress with both hands, “I could always offer to buff the bishop!” All of the girls went into hysterics.

“You’re on! And if he doesn’t buy us a round, you’re hosting the next party!” Jenny supplied.

“Done!” And with that Paula, Wenda, and Jenny sauntered to the handsome lad at the bar, surrounding him as if they were police interrogating a thief. Paula immediately leaned into him and ran a hand through his hair as she fluttered her lashes. Clearly not prone to shyness, her hand soon made its way inside his jacket, near his waistline. Becky and Linda looked on from their table, Linda with a shocked expression and open mouth.

“Isn’t she married?”

“Aye, she is.” Becky said matter of fact.

“Well… What is she?...”

A small smile formed on Becky as she finished her drink. “Were you… serious about needing some work done?”

Linda shot her shocked expression at Becky. “What? Oh, no! I was only joking!” unconvincingly trying to play it off.

Becky continued, “Do you know what all our husbands do?” Linda closed her mouth and shook her head. “Paula’s is in the Navy, Jenny’s works in the Ministry. Poor Wenda, her man’s a pilot.” 

Linda registered a confused look. “What about yours?”

“Reginald? That miserable old sod is a college professor.”

“Oh, but then isn’t he home more often than the others?”

“Only when he’s not banging one of his students. He’s always giving private lessons after hours. I caught him at it many times through his office window. Confronted him too.”

Linda looked appalled, “Then, why don’t you divorce?”

“What, and give him the satisfaction that he could dispense of me so? No, I stay to spend his money. He’s such a fool, he doesn’t realize I’ve been siphoning off for years into a Swiss bank account. One day, I will cut him loose. That and I’ll ruin his career with the drawer full of photos I have. I’m holding out until I have enough to buy a place in the Cotswolds. Maybe I’ll run a B&B.” Becky was now looking off in daydream but returned to Linda in short order. “So, as I was saying… Perhaps your estate could do with a bit of a… remodel? What does your husband do?”

Linda in a small voice, “Um… he’s an investment banker.”

Becky chuckled, “Oh, let me guess! He’s always away and when he is home, he’s still at work?”

“Yes… That and… he’s older than me.”

Becky’s eyes went wide, “How much?”

Hesitant to say, Becky put a reassuring hand on Linda’s. “…fifteen.”

“Good lord! Did he pick you up from primary school?! I’m sorry. So, combined with his job, he hasn’t been taking care of your… construction needs?”

“…no.” Linda was almost in tears as Becky gave her a hug. “I tried everything! I even laced his drink with Viagra! It was a complete disaster! I had candles lit and was wearing practically nothing but fell asleep before he finally came up. The next morning, I saw the used tissues in the trash and he told me he had a good wank!” Linda was sobbing now as Jenny noticed from the bar, the other two glanced over, reengaging the tall lad with some sensuous dancing. “We had a terrible row and he told me to just use my toys to amuse myself if I’m that lonely!”

She was fully crying as Becky hugged her more tightly, gently rubbing her back. “Shhh, it’s okay. Here, dry your eyes. Look, I may be able to help.” She released her and began looking through her clutch purse. “Ah, here it is.” She held out a simple white business card.

Justin Riverland

Construction and Remodel Specialist

Discrete Full-Service

Complete Satisfaction Job One

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

020 7946 0960

Linda took it with a confused look, saying in a questioning tone, “I didn’t mean that I actually need anything worked on.”

Becky sighed and continued unabated, “Haven’t you ever noticed the silver utility truck at my house every so often? It even makes it ‘round to Wenda and Paula’s. Less often at Jenny’s place?” Linda thought and did remember seeing a familiar silver work vehicle with tools packed in the bed parked around the cul-de-sac from time to time but thought nothing of it. Becky continued, “I’ve had him doing work on my place for quite a while. He’s very good. The other girls have him over for jobs as well. Of course, we all have our own… designs in mind and he’s very adept at making sure the work is… done right… to our complete satisfaction.”

“You mean… you…”

“Oh yes… Oh, yes!” Becky said with lustful glee and the devil in her eyes, her smile widening to expose her glistening pearly teeth. “But for you there will be plans to be finalized and fee negotiations for his… services. Hmm, he may be a bit vexed that I gave you his card. But I’m sure I could smooth it over with some bonus thrown his way.” She continued smiling broadly as she looked on at the girls at the bar, now receiving a round of drinks courtesy of the tall young man. Jenny and Wenda meandered back to the table as Paula stayed behind to whisper something in his ear. He immediately alighted with a wide grin as Paula overtly wrote her number in lipstick on a bar napkin and kissed it, slowly stuffing it into his pants pocket. Linda’s shocked expression returned as her mouth hung open.

The cab ride home was a rollicking affair as the women all had too much to drink. They were let out one by one at their houses with Becky and Linda being the last pair to exit. Out on the walk, in front of Linda’s, Becky held her hand for a moment. “Do be sure to give my laborer a ring and mention my name. Don’t hold it against him, he’s an ex-pat from the States. Very charming. I think you’ll find you could do with a bit of a remodel… from time to time. Ciao, until tomorrow.” Linda watched her walk across the road and go inside. She held the card up to the moonlight to read it again, imagining the hunky young blond-haired stripper from earlier in the evening. Her panty began to become moist.


Linda kept the card close to her for the next two weeks as she resumed morning exercise and evening cocktails with her friends. Becky made no more mention of the handyman, though Linda couldn’t now help but look for the silver work truck which showed up to Becky’s place twice in the fortnight since she was let in on the secret. She noted that it was also at Jenny’s once, and four times each at Wendy and Paula’s homes. Despite her best efforts, she never got a good look at this Justin fellow that Becky mentioned was a Yank. He always wore aviator sunglasses and a black ball-cap pulled low along with work gloves, washed out jeans, and a nondescript t-shirt. From what she could tell, they were nearly the same age, and he had an active workman’s physique. Not cartoonishly muscular as was her carpenter stripper, but strong and rugged like he was chiseled out of wood, his skin tanned. She imagined touching his solid chest as he wrapped his cast iron arms around her. She swooned but resisted calling the number, hoping to give her husband one last chance for romance.

“Sweety? What do you think?” She slunk into the office doorway wearing a blue baby-doll lingerie piece which set off her breasts and teased her curves. She struck her most provocative pose with one arm up against the doorframe, one foot on point.

“Hmm? Oh, did you do some shopping? It looks nice.”

“I wore this on our vacation to Nassau five years ago. You remember? Remember how nice it was with the ocean breeze coming through the French doors?”

His focus returned back to the computer monitor and text messages on his phone. “Hmm? Oh, yeah. That was a fun trip. That reminds me! I need to book a flight to the Virgin Islands in four days. The group is closing on a resort that needs new management and property updates. I should send Harvey the financials… Shoot! Hey love, would you be a dear and get my carry-on out of the closet?”

Linda dropped her seduction and glowered. In a flat tone tinged with annoyance she replied, “Yes dear.” As she ascended the stairs alone in the dark, she announced loudly to her husband, “I’m thinking about getting the bath remodeled. I’m giving a contractor a call in a few days.”

“Hmm? Oh, okay. Oh, see if we can get our shower done with multiple heads in the walls. I had one of those the last time I stayed at the Marriott.”

Linda nearly stomped her way up to the bedroom, loudly closing the door with a clatter. She went to her nightstand and opened the drawer, pulling the business card to her eyes. She mused to herself, “Justin Riverland… complete satisfaction job one…”


Four days later mid-morning, she drove her husband to the airport, giving him an unceremonious kiss on the cheek goodbye. He barely registered her coldness.

“I’ll be back the week after next provided things aren’t too messy there. Are you okay dear?”

“Yes. Have a safe trip.” Linda slunk back into the car as her husband leaned down to the window.

The chill in her preparations for departure became more evident in her body language as she didn’t smile or even look in his direction. “I, uh, promise we’ll do something fun when I get back,” sheepishly and barely audible. It was doubtful that even he believed it himself.

“Ok.” She suddenly thought about the need to keep up appearances lest her attitude and plans arouse suspicion. “Sorry love, I’m a bit out of sorts. Lady’s days are coming on.”

“Oh! Uh, I understand. Why don’t you go out of town with your friends? That Becky seems to have taken a shine to you.”

She feigned a smile as she tried to warm her eyes, “I might just do that. She’s been keen about the Cotswolds.” They exchanged waves as the window went up and she pulled the car away. 

She dropped her pretense at once and drove aggressively to the neighborhood grocer which had a large car park. Almost as if she were arranging for a drug deal, she kept well off from the market and other cars, putting on a pair of sunglasses and pulling the window visors down. Linda pulled the card tucked inside her bra and held up her cell phone as she entered the digits. Expecting an immediate answer, it continued to ring, dampening her adrenaline until finally the line connected. Her thrill plummeted at once as an affable but scripted voice issued.

“Hello, you’ve reached the mailbox of Riverland Construction and Remodeling services. Please leave your name, number, and a brief description of your project. I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Have a good day.” Beep!

She hesitated for a moment, “…Oh, um. Hello, I got your number, I mean card from Becky? I live across the way from her. Anyway, I was thinking about how I need a… um… bathroom remodel! My husband wants multiple shower heads…” Linda realized how absurd it was becoming and couldn’t fathom why she mentioned her husband. “Um, anyway my number is 020 7946 0425… Oh! And my name is Linda.” She hurriedly hung up as if she’d just placed the world's worst bomb threat and exhaled sharply. Disgusted with herself, she threw her sunglasses to the passenger floor and gruffly put the sun visors back up. She looked at herself in the mirror as she thought. She resolved to buy a cheap bottle of rose from the market to give her the courage at the very least. As she drove closer to the storefront, she left a phone message for Becky. “Hey lady! I’m going to skip out on drinks tonight. I may be getting some carpentry done!”

Linda kept checking the bedroom window for any sign of the silver truck. She paced around in a cinched red silk bathrobe wearing a black bra and panty underneath, her hair down, phone in hand waiting, waiting, and waiting. She sipped from the wine glass on the dresser as she passed until the bottle was half empty. With each passing hour, Linda’s frustration had mounted. Finally at eleven, she blew out the candles and traded the red silk bathrobe for a pair of light blue flannel pajamas with cupcakes patterned over them. She huffed as she laid down, thinking about giving Becky a piece of her mind, “Maybe it was all a trick. A big joke to get a good laugh at the new neighbor!” Her eyes were closed and she was nearing slumber when the phone rang. Thinking it would be Becky on the other end, she answered groggily, “Hello? You have a good load of fun tonight while I’ve been waiting for a call all day?”

“Um, Hello? This is Riverland Construction. Is this Linda?”

She sat bolt upright with eyes wide open, embarrassment etched on her face. “Oh my God! Oh, I’m so sorry! I thought you were my neighbor! She… She gave me your card?”

There was a kind laugh on the other end, “That’s quite all right. I’m sorry to be getting back to you so late. I had a rather large job to finish and it took longer than expected. You said your husband wanted your bathroom remodeled?”

“Yes! Well, No! I wanted the bath remodeled. He said something about multiple shower heads…” Linda bit her lip and stopped short, unsure of what to say.

“I see. Would it be all right if I come over tomorrow to give you some estimates?”

“Yes! Yes of course! I’m available all day!” She was very concerned about how over-eager she was coming off but couldn’t stop herself all the same.

“Very well. We’ll say nine in the morning? We can discuss your ideas and see what I can do for you.”

“Yes. That sounds lovely. Thank you!”

“Oh, and if you see Becky beforehand, tell her I’ll be over after we’re done with you for the bonus she promised.”

“Um, Okay! Bye!” She hung up and gleefully flopped back down. Half embarrassed with herself for how she was on the phone, half titillated about tomorrow’s prospects, she had a hard time getting to sleep and her body was hyper stimulated with fantasy. She barely resisted the urge to pleasure herself as she finally fell asleep well after two a.m.

The next morning Linda couldn’t decide how to dress and decided on something revealing but not so overt as last night's outfit. She put her hair into a ponytail and slipped on a pair of black yoga pants and a strappy crop top that exposed just enough to keep things interesting. At the usual time, she saw Becky coming out to meet up with the rest for their walking routine and called out to her from the window. They met in front of Linda’s.

“Good morning, Linda. You going to do the route with us this morning?”

“No! I have an appointment for an estimate with Justin this morning! I was nearly out last night when he called!”

Becky smiled and took Linda’s hand. “I can tell you’re excited. However, you must understand, there are certain… rules for Justin’s services, between himself and you, and between his other clients. You noted the first word on his card said discrete? That’s something that the lot of us are bound to per his contractual agreement. We do not, nor have we ever, discussed the types of work that he does for each of us. Do you understand? Jealousies and over familiarity will kill friendships as surely as if one of us were to sleep with another’s husband. Therefore, we girls all have the understanding that Justin’s individual services are a special equity that we do not share. He will go into the particulars with you, but please remember that I let you in. You now have a responsibility for your discretion, my discretion, and all the other girls. What you say and what you do are between yourself and Justin only.”

Becky’s stern warning unnerved Linda and she shrank, taking a small step back. Becky noticed and dropped her demeanor, her face warming again. “I’m sorry if I’ve upset you. I’m very happy for you taking this first step in remodeling your estate dearie. Here, give us a hug. And don’t worry if his work takes a bit longer than expected… You’ll see my meaning soon. Ciao!”

Linda felt better after her embrace with Becky and watched her go up the block to meet with the rest. “Oy! Your laborer wanted me to pass you something.” Linda jogged up the walk to catch up. She leaned in and whispered, “Justin said he’d be around for his bonus after my place.”

“Hmm, I’ll have to shower before he drops in then. Bye love!”

Linda didn’t have long to wait before she saw the silver truck pull up from her bedroom window and Justin exit, walking to the door with an open tool bag in hand. Linda ran down the stairs and opened the door before he had the chance to knock. “Hello! Please come in!”

“Hi. I’m Justin, it’s nice to meet you.” He took off his hat and sunglasses, placing them on a close-by table. He also slipped off his boots as Linda quickly looked him up and down. Her breath was temporarily taken away. He had well-groomed brown hair and striking eyes to match. His arms and hands were strong and brawny with veins popped over muscles, there were a few small scars but nothing distracting. “So, you said you want your bathroom remodeled?”

“…uh, yeah. Um, it’s the master, upstairs.” Linda wasn’t sure quite what to do with him out of her imagination and directly in front of her in the flesh. “We’ll have to go through the bedroom.”

“That’s usual.” He followed her up the stairs. She could feel his eyes on her posterior. He looked around the bedroom as they entered. Linda quickly ducked to the window to close the curtain as Justin gave a bemused look.

“Oh, I didn’t want anyone from the street to see in.”

“The bathroom is through here?”

“Oh, yes.” Linda felt like she was thirteen again, trying to get a cute boy at school to notice her. She bit her lip as she lightly twisted side to side. “So… how do we begin? Do we talk first, or…”

“Well, talking is the first thing that needs to happen with your plans and my estimate. Mind if I take a quick look around and take some measurements?” He set his bag down and pulled out a pad of paper, carpenter’s pencil, and a tape measure.

Linda was utterly bewildered and wondered again if Becky was setting her up to make a fool of herself. “I thought Becky said you… You provided certain, services? My husband and I, we don’t… and I was needing… Ugh!” She went red with embarrassment, her ears felt hot.

He put the items in his hands down. “Miss, please sit down. You seem a bit flustered. Just start with what Becky told you.”

Linda sighed as she sat on the edge of the bed and decided to be as brave as she could. “She said that you do special jobs for her and a few other girls around our neighborhood. She said you were very good, and provided complete satisfaction.”

“Well, she told you correctly.” Linda resumed biting her lip as her sex moistened. “Did she mention specifically what I do for her?” She shook her head. “Well, that’s good. The first thing you have to know is that I don’t consider myself a prostitute and neither should you. I provide services. And to do my best to satisfy you, I have to know you, your likes, your needs, your wants. I also have to have a legitimate reason for visiting you, such as actually remodeling your bathroom.”

“Oh!” Linda hadn’t actually given any idea to what she wanted changed in the bath, much less what she was actually expecting from Justin. “I really don’t have any plans for the bath, other than my husband wanted shower heads in the walls.”

Justin softly chuckled. “I see. Well in that case, let me tell you about my contract clauses in order for me to do any work for you. First, don’t share what we do with anyone. Not even Becky or your other friends.”

Linda interrupted, “Yes, she was very adamant about that.”

“Good. You can be quite sure that I will not talk about your projects at the pub either. Second, my rates are built into the hours billable you will receive, depending on how elaborate your plans are. It also depends on how much effort and stress is put on my body.” Linda raised an eyebrow in question. “Do you have any unusual fetishes? Any hardcore kinks?”

“What! No! I just… want some… attention.”

“I don’t mean to shock you, but everyone’s turn-ons and desires are different. If I’m reading you correctly, you’re looking for straight sex, right? Nothing you would consider wild or strange?” She shook her head as she began to wonder exactly who in her group was freaky in the bedroom.

“Y-yes. I… I miss the touch of a man. Kissing me down there, stroking my hair, massaging me… filling me…”

Justin smiled, “Well, I don’t think we’ll have any problems there. Third, I cannot spend the night. I come during business hours only but I have to keep to a schedule so you will need to book my services at least a month out. Fourth, I will always wear protection. This is for my safety as much as yours and anyone else you may care for. If adult novelties or equipment are involved, you are responsible for purchasing them on your own and telling me how and where you want them used. They will be in your care as far as cleaning and storage go. Last, I do not accept gifts. I provide a service and expect payments only. I will not and cannot be confused by you as a boyfriend or any other type of close companion. Now with all that out of the way, do you have any questions?”

Linda nodded along as all these rules seemed to make sense to her. “Um, no I can’t think of any. Will you… Can you start any special services today?”

Justin took a few steps toward her on the bed. “I may. I can see you’re eager to start renovations right away. But I should really get the estimate for the bath in order first,” as he checked his watch. “I tell you what. Why don’t you get comfortable, and I won’t be but 15 to 20 minutes. Give some thought as to what kind of plans you had in mind.”

Linda watched him pick up his bag and items before he stepped into the bathroom and began taking measurements. She quickly stripped off her top and yoga pants and got under the sheets leaving her bra and panty on. Giddy with anticipation as her sex was properly wet and clit throbbing, the minutes seemed to stretch on forever as it seemed like Justin was purposely lagging behind in the next room. She eventually heard the bag being refilled before the sink faucet was turned on and soapy hands scrubbed. He emerged slowly with his bag in one hand and shirt in the other. 

Linda’s eyes widened at his rippling pecs and washboard abs. “Now this is a man!” she internalized as she absentmindedly pulled the bedcover higher under her chin.

“I think you’ll find if we start slow, you won’t be overwhelmed. Did you think about your plans regarding my work?”

“I want you to lay next to me for a bit, run your hands over me and… maybe… could you kiss my pussy?”

“Well, it’ll be easier with the covers off.” Linda looked down, not realizing she was clutching them tightly.

“Oh! Um, should I remove my under-things?”

“Maybe just your bra. Leave the rest to me.” He left his pants on as he clambered onto the opposite side of the bed.

She was trembling as he pulled himself closer to her, putting one arm under the nape of her neck, his hand on the back of her shoulder. She instinctively turned into him, looking at his chest, arms, and abs as she took in his scent. One leg draped itself over his pant leg. He watched her watching him breath. He swung his other arm over her and pulled her into a warm embrace. Linda moaned as this was exactly what she wanted and was missing for so many years. Defenseless, a strong confident male wrapped around her. Minutes passed as her eyes fluttered. She nearly fell asleep in his warmth though her nipples and wettened sex began to beg for attention. 

Looking up at him, she felt surer. “I want you to run your fingers over me now please.” 

He said softly, “As you wish.” 

He rolled her off and she put one hand up on the pillow. He kissed her neck as his thick, toughened digits gracefully swept slowly down her skin, over her breasts, inching toward her midriff. Linda moaned some more as she closed her eyes. He stroked her body almost rhythmically. Eventually he ran a hand up the inside of her thigh. Her breathing became lust filled and labored. His lips suckled her breasts, tongue circling her nipples as her body flexed, hands now pulling her panty down. He worked his way kissing down her waist, a hand brushing her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Then, quite suddenly she felt his tongue licking up one side and down the other of her clit. A high pitched “Oh!” escaped as she reflexively bucked her hips. One hand clutched the pillowcase as the other ran into his hair, pushing him deeper into her pussy. His flicking quickened as he slowly worked a finger in between her lips. She gasped as her sex was unusually tight from long-term sexual neglect. Her mouth formed as strained O issuing sexual noises of delight as his finger worked in and out to an increased rhythm. “OH! Oh my God! I think I’m going to cum!... OHH! Oooh! Yes! YES! Fu… YES! Faster! FASTER! YESSSS! OH!” Following her commands his finger and tongue complied as Linda writhed and squirted from her sex. Her orgasm was long and drawn out as she hadn’t had one in nearly six months. The wave cresting, Justin slowed as she released his hair. Her eyes still closed, she smiled and even laughed a little. She hadn’t experienced bliss like this in years. 

“Linda? Would you mind terribly if I were to wash up once more?”

“Oh Justin! Please, as you please,” a broad smile pasted on her, though her eyes remained closed.

He removed himself, picking up his shirt with his clean hand and returned to the bathroom. Linda stayed splayed on the bed, perspiring in the afterglow, breathing hard but softly. She slowly got up herself and started to put her clothes back on, seeing that her hair had gone frizzy.

Walking behind Justin back downstairs, he stopped at the door. “I’ll call with an estimate tonight. My billable hours will arrive in the post in about a week. If you would like to keep me on to continue remodeling your bath, let me know your schedule and I’ll pencil you in.”

Sighing, “Yes, yes indeed.” She caught herself being a bit too gleeful, “I believe I would like your next estimate at your earliest.”

“I’ll have to call you and let you know. Have a wonderful day Miss.”

She watched him go to his truck before she slowly closed the door.

Justin put his bag inside and grabbed a black leather-bound planner. He thumbed it open to the current week, pencil in hand.

Becky – Mon 10am Blowjob/Thurs Noon Bondage – Hardwood flooring

Jenny – Next Tues 2pm Femdom – Tile

Paula – Tues 9am Spanking/Weds 9am Stockade – Kitchen reno

Wenda – Thurs 1pm BDSM – Tile & paint

He scribbled in a space on the next line:

Linda – Mon 9am/? – Romance? – Master bath

He threw it back in his truck and walked across the street, knocking on Becky’s door.

“Hello,” she said with a smile wearing a black kimono. “I presume you’re here for your bonus?”

“Well, with referrals such as your neighbor, how can I say no?” He stepped inside as Becky put a pair of chrome handcuffs on behind her back. She spryly got into a kneeling position on the living room rug. Justin unbuckled and unzipped his pants, getting in front of her before he reached down and untied the silk knot around her waist, her large breasts heaving the outfit agape. She opened wide as Justin pulled his pants and underwear down, pushing his engorged throbbing member into her waiting mouth. He put both hands behind her head and began pumping into her red lips.


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