Late Night Ocean Skinny-Dip

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2024 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; outdoors; naked; roleplay; sold; cons; X

This is a very short story, really just a single scene from my crazy imagination…

…It was a little bit fun, a little bit crazy, but the ocean was particularly warm for this late in the season, and almost all the tourists were thankfully gone for the year. That left us locals… Between Memorial Day and Labor Day ‘they’, meaning the endless tourists, felt a bit like an invading army, but they were also the lifeblood of the local economy too, so a little bit good, a little bit bad, all at the same time. The beach was once again ours though, just us, and the very early morning surf-casting fishermen a few hours from now; no daily passes to be paid for, but no lifeguards either. 

Anyway, there's almost nothing like sleeping on the beach, except maybe making love on the beach to a full moon at midnight; it's the thing of dreams and fantasies… as well as inspiration for some classic rock songs too. Now to bump that up a notch or two, staked out on the sand spread-eagled, or even bound and buried in the sand to your neck was something wild too. We had done all those things and more in this very secluded beach spot of ours, and our foreplay pillow talk back then also suggested what I believe to be the ultimate submission, a "one-up" from even this. But this time we were just “doin’ it” behind a sand dune illuminated by the full moon, our passionate make-out sounds drowned out by the pounding surf. This wasn't the exact moment for more shared words though, just biologically driven actions. Soon our scant clothing was tossed onto the beach to be collected later; we're nursing on each other's boobs, we're grinding ourselves together thigh to thigh, snatch to snatch, we're sixty-nine with each other… you get the idea, hot passionate, over the top - safe - girl-sex.

Teen boys are okay, or at least the two I had so far were, but a woman has sexual stamina like only another woman can appreciate; and we KNOW what works, what feels good, how to build and ride an impending orgasm like a well surfed wave. Beth and I are obviously very good friends, but we're not getting married or anything like that, she's my work-buddy summer "safe-sex" fun, and I'm her's; quite literally, as in I almost feel owned by her. Beth is obviously the more dominant of the two of us - I'm always the one who gets buried, bound, or staked out - and this time as well she's mostly on top of me and grinding her sex into my face, holding my ankles firmly spread, pinning me down on the shifting sand with her stronger body and legs, so this is pretty submissively hot.

 I'm doing for her, she's doing for me; where inexperienced teenage boys in comparison pretty much do for themselves. Thirty seconds in and they nut out, before any kind of proper rhythm can be established, if you're lucky, where an as of yet unsampled older man just might be a summer education I could actually appreciate. I haven't had that particular "class" yet, no summer school extra studies of the kind that might actually do something for me in the real world, but perhaps a future college professor might be able to fill that proverbial void for me.

 Anyway, when all that hot beach passion is temporarily sated - there will almost certainly be a round two for us - Beth looks to that very warm water. All that sweating, and girl cum, and rolling around in the sand has us both looking like heavily salted brown pretzels all twisted up together, with our deep end of summer bikini tans, and that grinding sand just doesn't belong in a bunch of places. We're already one hundred percent nude from our fun in the sand, and a warm water skinny-dip seems the perfect way to end the first part of this wild night. 

Hand in hand Beth pulls me out into the smoothest part of the surf, we're giggling and laughing together like children; so far it's just the best night ever. I smell Beth both on my face, and on my breath; she's a right juicy dish when she gets going with her dominance thing, force feeding me a meal that I literally gobble up as I just love the taste of a woman in heat. Anyway, the waves are slightly rough left and right of us, but we're both good swimmers, and the trick is to get past the breaking waves and into the more gentle swells anyway, which we easily do. Rip tides are a concern when the ocean does this, but at night still on a high from all that wonderful sex it just didn't occur to us; we couldn't easily see what we could have during the full light of day. For locals that should know better it's especially embarrassing, but our minds were still on sex, or as it turns out at least mine was. This was something to obviously know before getting into the water, but the truth of the matter was that swimming was a last minute thought on my part, and a lifeguard in one of those tall lifeguard chairs during the day likely would have easily spotted this potentially deadly hazard.

By the time I realize our peril we can't even see the lights of the distant beach houses, the ones framing our little hidden area that still contains our clothing, and of course the keys to Beth's car that needs to eventually take us back home, which is inland far enough not to walk to, especially while barefoot and nude at night. The moon and clouds haven't helped either, as the former has slipped behind the latter. It's not by any means dark, but the moon is occulted enough to deny me some necessary light to guide our way back to our things. Neither one of us - I assume - are even certain which way we've drifted, but it soon becomes apparent that making landfall again, - no matter where that happens to be - should be our survival priority. 

We stay together, two being better than one and all that, realizing also that we've drifted out a bit more than maybe intended. Out here, sharks looking for an easy meal, or even very early morning fishermen in a boat looking for the sharks, maybe looking to get out and cast their lines before first light, are a real concern; both spinning boat propellers and hungry sharks providing the same kinds of bloody bodily carnage. Anyway, Beth spots a small fire on the beach in the distance, and she decides to swim for it as a reference. It's a decision with some potential consequences, as the fire almost guarantees people tending that fire, and we're not exactly dressed for company. Throughout this ordeal Beth has been cool, decisive, and in control, and I feed off of that confidence. She half-pulled me into this situation, and she'll get me out again; and I'll be most grateful afterwards too…

As we near the beach and navigate the breakers I can see several men around the fire, backlit by it. They are just hanging out, as if waiting for something, or as it turns out, ‘somebody’. They don't see us yet, but they are looking around as if waiting for somebody. 

"Remember the two things that you told me you wanted to do this summer?" Beth asks me, she's oddly enough not distressed by the situation that we're walking into at all. Cool as a clam, I admire that…


"You told me you wanted to be staked out nude with your toes near the low tide surf, and you wanted to have to fuck for your very life, so as to earn your release before high tide. You also told me you wanted to have some older men teach you something," Beth prompts.

I look to my summer friend and lover; she holds my hand and leads me in the direction she has chosen for me, with realization now in my eyes…

"I should have known better, you'd never get into the ocean at night without a plan," I tell my friend.

"I know these men, we have an agreement, their fire was so that we could find them more easily, either walking the beach, or from the water. They've agreed to help with your fantasy, mine too actually, but all that you need to do here is say yes or no. No means a ride back to our things, but yes gets you, really both of us, the night of our lives. I actually thought about staking you out myself tonight, and having them ‘accidentally’ discover you to have their fun, but I wanted you to have a choice here… one last choice before the no-choices things start happening for real."

"What's your fantasy?" I ask; just a little blown away at what Beth has done behind my back here. I'm not angry, but wow! 

"…I want to watch. I want to sell my hot girlfriend off to these men, betray her and watch what they do with her, maybe participate myself, maybe not. I'd really like it if they took her, meaning of course you, back to their rented beach house afterwards, kept you there as their chained and naked prisoner for a few days, maybe even mock-sell you off to a brothel someplace far away when they were tired of you. Pretty sick shit, isn't it?" 

Beth has read me well, hell she's probably been grooming me for this "opportunity" for the whole summer. How long has she known these guys, and how did they meet? I wonder. The first time I was ever bound for sex it had been Beth who did it, I was tentative that first time, but also both horned up enough, and trusting enough, to give it a go. Now I begged her to stake me out nude on the beach at night, or bury me in the sand the same way during the day as hundreds of people walked by, oblivious as to my hidden nudity just out of sight. She had mock abandoned me there a time or two, but she always came back, usually "demanding" some special favor to earn my release. It was a fun game of trust between us, and likely this would be as well, although these men were the variable in all that. But then again, you only live once…

"How much?" I ask my opportunistic friend, working a summer job at the beach, not exactly something to make one wealthy. I needed money for college too, as did Beth…

"A grand," she tells me. 

"A thousand dollars to get it on with either you and I? Wow, are these guys desperate? I'd do it for free if they were hot enough."

"Not exactly, these men are paying me a grand EACH to have you delivered to them, right here on the beach like late night Chinese take-out."

Beth already knows I'll do it, she can see it on my face, but I still have to ask the obvious question. "Why so much, or for that matter, if these men are married, why don't they just go home to get laid?"

"Girlfriend, just look at yourself, any one of these men would pay a grand just to go down on your sweet teen pussy, and you let me do that shit for free. The other things you and I are into, that's some next-level fun most good girls just don't do; premium price fun for the right guys. And wives with careers, and children to care for too; they probably don't get laid at all. Maybe on their birthday, or anniversary or something; trust me, most married men are perpetually horny and desperate, but fortunately they also have disposable income too, at least the ones at my old gym do. If I had a mind to, we could easily pay for our entire education in like a year with men like this. Think about it, five grand for a night? Neither one of us has made five grand this entire summer, not after taxes…"

"Getting paid to do what you and I would do anyway; I should be in sales I think," my good friend and make-believe pimp tells me jokingly.

"In that case, too bad you don't have any rope, you could deliver me a bit more properly that way" I tell Beth while crossing my wrists behind my back, telling her with my actions that we won't be needing that ride back to our clothes anytime soon. 

"My friends brought plenty, I guarantee it" she tells me, pinning my wrists together in her much stronger hands, marching me up the beach towards the fire, delivering me to my fate…


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