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Monday Morning

by MondayMrngs

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© Copyright 2014 - MondayMrngs - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; office; panties; tease; fondle; torment; toys; insert; climax; denial; rom; cons; X

I put a lot of thought into my thong of choice today, just for him to request it moments after walking into the office.

It's early enough there aren't many people here, so I know the risk level is low. I remove my thong while sitting at my desk, allowing him to watch from the doorway of my cubicle. The strings catch on my stiletto heels as I hear footsteps getting louder, I might actually get caught taking my panties off with him watching - how would I even attempt to explain what is occurring?

Luckily the footsteps move past quickly & are completely clueless to the mischievous activity taking place just feet away from where they walk.

He takes the thong with a smile and places it safely in his pocket, as close to his hardening cock as can be. And we continue our work day as our peers trickle in from the weekend.

So now I sit here at my desk, panty-less, in my black pencil skirt. Only the thin tight cotton material between us now.

Our day proceeds with stolen glances to lock eyes and feel the intensity of love and lust only to bury it when others intrude into our concealed affair. He prowls behind me and pushes my hair aside to plant a sweet, wet kiss on my neck and is gone before anyone could have known he was there.

You see, our relationship is entirely clandestine, made up of raunchy texts throughout the day & comments that are meant out of context for my ears only. Sitting at my desk I can hear him on the phone with clients. He purposely uses terms like "penetration" to ensure my mind is always on him. His voice is powerful & intense - sending chills down to my pussy, I cross my legs feeling my wetness remembering I'm fully accessible when he so chooses to pay a visit & my peers are transfixed on their work. I hear him hang up the phone and wait... there it is, the sound of his chair moving as he rises. I know he's going to check the desks around me and ensure no one is close enough to see before he comes to me. I feel myself pulsing with desire to be touched

From my chair, my back is towards him, he enters and hovers over me, close enough to feel the heat radiating off his abdomen, as he leans down. His hands caress my arms, neck, shoulders. He blocks the view behind us with his body, takes one hand and finds his way up my skirt, feeling my body react under his fingers, the moist path leading him to my undoing. He slides a finger inside me as i gasp quietly into his ear. His eyes reflecting the power he feels to handle me in public.

I know that's not all he wants from me today but he returns to his desk anyway, leaving me panting with hunger for more. I'm waiting for our walk, every Monday we go. Up the stairs, down the stairs until I've climaxed. Unlike the thousands of people walking these stairs throughout the day, I'm walking with an internal passenger.

I excuse myself from our row of cubicles to insert my favorite & best kept secret, two silver bullets that quietly vibrate as I walk. The higher my heels are and the faster I go, the quicker I cum for him. We find an excuse to head to the 9th floor. Walking up is pleasurable and builds me up to the climax I'll get going down. As we walk, he talks about his reaction to my fantasies I've sent him that day. His voice seems to be in sync with every step I take, pushing my body closer and closer to the edge.

Every step, vibration. Every step, a chance someone could enter the stairwell and I'd have to silence myself and hide my excessive enjoyment I'm receiving from the stairs. I can see his hard on through his pants, only because I know what to look for. He always appears very well put together. I know better. I know he is unraveling with me. He wants to stop me, press my body against the wall and do the job himself, right here, right now without a care of being caught. But we are smarter than our natural instinct & refraining from giving in adds to the suspense and build up occurring inside of me.

We reach the top, I want to make it to the end so I don't have to walk through more orgasms but I feel my body deceiving me as we head back down.

Step, vibrate, step, vibrate, step, vibrate.

He instructs me to walk harder, faster. His voice.

Step, vibrate, step, vibrate.

Oh my fucking god, I am going to cum at work, again - it never gets old, it always feels dangerous. "Don't stop" he encourages.

Ahh, I'm halfway, I try to fight the urge. "Faster baby".

Fuck Fuck Fuck, the door opens and someone heads down the other set of stairs, passing us with a polite nod.

As soon as they are out of sight, I lose it. Naturally, my hands find their way behind me, crossed. My legs, crossed. I have to lean against the wall - overcome by waves & waves of pleasure. I'm still learning to stifle my moans. One still escapes and I open my eyes to him. He is so captivated by what is happening. He is not allowed to touch me, to feel my pleasure. He can only watch it unfold, yearning for physical contact.

As I compose myself, I am proud. He's training me, I know this. I must remain obedient and collected so that we can continue our sexual exploration in the only ground available to us - the office.

We start to walk down and I quickly realize we are still on the 5th floor. I have 4 more to go. Still pulsing from the last orgasm, I start down.

Step, vibrate, step, vibrate.

I can't help but run my fingers through my hair. A simple gesture that causes his cock to press tighter against his pants.

Step, vibrate, step, vibrate.

I can feel my wetness drip from my pussy, against my thighs. Please let me make it back to my floor.. i pray to myself.

One flight left, "Go, fast" he demands, I barely make it to the end when my body releases again, this time harder than the first.

I am breathing hard, eyes closed, this time I cover my mouth with my hand and bite down on the side of my fingers. I know he's feeling this one. His hands in fists at his side, ready to pounce. One last look into each other's eyes, knowing how deep our connection goes.

And it's only 10am on Monday.

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