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Monday Morning 2

by MondayMrngs

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Part 2

The power we have with each other seems endless. To feel as though you were meant for another person in a way you never knew existed... that’s what we have. One of my roles is to please him. To ensure every positive emotion he feels is excessive & overwhelming. To push his limits and breach new levels devouring the way of life as we currently know it. His role is as a catalyst. Guiding & spurring me to continue onward, to explore & develop my natural instinct and strengths. We both have an essential need for control & power and thrive on the fear of losing it.

My body is completely at his disposal, although at this point in time, he has not taken it. Instead, we have been pursuing an experimental sexual relationship that stems from literal physical distance. Let me provide you with a few examples.

I arrived at home after a long day in the office. The stairs of course were used once again. This time I utilized ben wa balls I had recently discovered. I’m not certain if every woman would get the same reaction as I have, but when I have these inside me & I walk, run, or move in general, an amazing, pleasurable sensation washes over me. Sliding the balls out at the end of the day is also a very gratifying experience for me & he always wants to know when they are in & immediately when they come out.

I text him that I took them out. Feeling quite satisfied as I reminisce on the day, I am startled at his response – requesting that I return them to the warmth of my pussy. Because he cannot see me, I hesitate but obey. Then he suggests I take my dog for a long walk. Again, I hesitate but obey.

As I walk, he texts me his fantasy for the evening. He wants to tie me up using the karada technique – ropes tied into a harness that are positioned with the right amount of pressure to give pleasure at the slightest of movements. I can feel myself building up already, I’m beginning to understand the sensations I’m receiving from the ben wa balls & that he wants me to cum completely out in the open, as I perform such a basic task as walking my dog.

He continues on, telling me he wants to blindfold me and run his tongue over my body, causing me to squirm & the karada to do its work on me. Whenever he brings his tongue and lips into the story, I immediately crave the contact. His lips have only ever touched my neck, I want them on my lips, I want them on the rest of my body. I want his tongue. I want it to caress my entire body and settle on my pussy, licking slowly until he can taste all of me.

For a physically fit woman, I am noticing my breathing has picked up. My pussy is now dripping wet onto my tight yoga pants, my dog who is walking like she too is at the direction of his hand - stopping & RUNNING ahead pulling me harshly - causing the ben wa balls to crash inside of me. I make it 4 blocks from home before I almost drop the leash & cum standing there on the sidewalk in the middle of the neighborhood. I stifle my moans with the back of my hand, finding a tree near the sidewalk for balance.

Short of breath and very excited - I keep walking. I can tell I am ready again and this long dog walk will lead to a series of multiple orgasms and I'm dying for more. I quicken my pace and turn the corner as the second sensational orgasm overwhelms me. A small group of teens is walking towards me and to hide my pleasure I decide to try to run past them - my pussy pulsating with delight! I ran five steps before dropping the leash and hanging on a street sign for dear life as I hid my face in the crook of my arm. I don't know if the teens ever looked back but I wasn't about to see if they were staring. The dog walk consisted of 9 orgasms. My legs were shaking by the time I reached my house again, walking as slow as I could not to affect my sensitive nerves again.

After the dog walk, I built up enough courage to go public more often. I have now cum at the grocery store, the mall, and during a family party (hiding alone in the back bedroom) thanks to the ben wa balls!

As exciting a time I was having, I was beginning to need the physical contact. I needed to be touched. We found a way to rendezvous over lunch at my house one afternoon. He met me there, the house was basically empty as I had very recently moved in. I gave him the grand tour and when we made it back to what would be a bedroom, he took me in his arms. We didn't speak but he slowly got down onto his knees, his hands found their way up my dress & he traced my thong with his fingers. He hooked his thumbs over the straps across my hips & pulled them down until they were laying at my feet over the skinny black stiletto heels I had on.

I thought, this is my chance to show him my power, so when he stood up, I pushed him hard against the wall and pressed my body up against his. I could feel his hard cock under his jeans and I wanted it. He liked my game but wasn't about to give into me yet. He slid his finger inside me and pushed back against me until I was against the wall across the room, He toyed with my clit & found the perfect spot, He kissed my neck and my ear. I wanted this to last forever but my body was betraying me. I wanted to make him work for this but I couldn't hold back.

"Put it inside me" I whispered and as soon as he did, my body reacted just as he hoped. I lifted my leg and wrapped it around his, my fingers running through his hair, gripping on for dear life. I never felt such a powerful orgasm from a man's fingers before. It was as if he already knew everything about my body & knew exactly where to touch. Still wishing for his lips on mine, he reminded me we had to get back. As he walked out, I remained leaning against the wall, taking it all in. I'll walk through this doorway every day remembering what just happened here. I'll smile but my husband won't know why.

We had never had this kind of interaction before. We didn't know what was waiting for us behind the door we had opened but I can't wait to share it with you.

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