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Monday Morning 3

by MondayMrngs

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Storycodes: M/f; vehicle; bond; cuffs; wrap; transport; toys; insert; tease; climax; rom; cons; X

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Part 3

He took the day off which means I have to put on a show today - to convince my coworkers that I'm more irritated that he's taken a day off at the beginning of the week, all the while hiding my intense excitement and slight fear for what my afternoon will hold. Everything is planned, nothing is left to chance.

The main reason he has taken the day off is to take our exploration to the next level. He's requested my presence over lunch. That gives me an hour, outside the confines of the office, alone with him. We've fantasized about this regularly and now it's becoming a reality.

My mind is racing to figure out what he has in store. I was instructed to bring my ben wa balls and the small vibe that fits into my thong, which sits pressed against my clit.

We have used this combination once before, on a quick road trip a week ago. I was wearing jeans which held the vibe in the perfect spot. He had the remote & teased me as we drove around. If I squirmed in my seat, he would push against the vibe, pressing it harder into my clit. Every pot hole he cruised over caused the weights in the ben wa balls to bounce sending me to heaven 5 or 6 times in a matter of 10 minutes. Both my thong and the vibe were hot and wet from cumming by the time we got back to the office.

Anyway, that was last week, more importantly, what is he going to do with me today?

We meet at exactly 11:55am - he's in a mini van. I jump into the front seat quickly, he takes my head and turns me to him, kissing me softly at first then hard on the mouth, his hand holding tight to my hair. Leaving my lips wanting more and my pussy craving attention.

I've done as told and inserted the ben wa balls prior to meeting him & get the vibe out to show him. As I turn to do so, he pulls out of the parking lot and I see the modifications he's made to the van. He's not only removed every seat aside from the two we are sitting in, he's replaced them - with a small mattress.

He smiles proudly as he sees my expression, questioning what is going to happen on this mattress. As he drives, he puts his hand up my dress, caressing my legs, tracing my thighs with his finger tips. I didn't realize until later, but he was already fantasizing about wrapping that exact spot with clear plastic wrap to keep my legs tight together. He directs me to a plastic bag under my seat.

In it, I find a set of leather cuffs, two small padlocks, and the plastic wrap. I've never been more turned on in my life. I've never used cuffs, certainly never been locked to anything and had no idea what the plastic wrap was for. Either he was going to kill me out here in the middle of no where or I was about to embark upon the greatest sexual fantasy I could imagine.

Thank god it was the latter.

He turned the van hard and pulled into a desolate area. He showed me the way to the back where he wrapped my thighs and my ankles tightly with the plastic wrap before I even had a chance to see what was happening. When he got to my wrists, I started to squirm. I wasn't sure I wanted this, I wasn't sure what was going to happen - at least that's what my head was telling me. My pussy on the other hand was dripping with cum and screaming for more.

I was laying on the mattress - feet at the front of the van, head in the rear. My arms were cuffed to either side and locked to the walls. My legs were wrapped tightly. He laid on top of me kissing me hard, my body already writhing with pleasure, hands shaking the cuffs trying to break free. I've always wanted his lips on mine, I've always wanted to hold him tightly to me, to over power him & take advantage of his cock by riding him fast, deep, and hard.

But today, I had no control.

I felt his fingers caressing my pussy, playing in my sticky, warm wetness. Then he put the vibe inside my thong. Still kissing me, he turned it on. My body reacted just as he hoped - my back arching with pleasure, moans escaping from my lips into his mouth as he kissed me. If this was all we did today, I would be completely satisfied.

But he got back in the drivers seat.

I'm laying, tied down, on a mattress in the back of a van and he starts driving. The ben wa balls giving me so much pleasure with every turn, bump, and hard stop. Add in the taunting surprise of the vibe as he randomly turns it on and off. Owning my body, owning my reaction.

It took less than a minute to cum the first time. He had his mirror set up to watch me, squirming, cumming, arching, moaning. I could only see the ceiling of the van and the occasional cloud in the sky. My body was rearing with desire, I came again and again. My wrists pulling at the cuffs, trying desperately to break free. My legs straining at the plastic wrap begging for freedom. Every bump, more pleasure.

I was sure I was going to break, I was going to pass out. I had no sense of time, no idea how long we had been driving. We hit a hard bump and I felt the vibe move off my clit, I felt a brief moment of hope that I could get out. But he saw from his mirror. He pulled my ankles bringing my body up so my feet touched the bottom of the front dash and my arms were pulled tight. He put his hand against my clit and brought the vibe back up.

"Be a good girl and cum for me again"

He pushed the vibe against me and he could feel my pussy tightening and then the release as I came again. His fingers could feel the pulsing, my pussy dripping. He kept the vibe against me until I was begging for mercy. Finally, turned it off just to cross over railroad tracks causing the balls to crash against my insides. I was panting. My arms and legs shaking from the thrill.

He slowed the van and pulled to a stop, He got out but I couldn't see where he went. I fought with the cuffs, stretching and bending, I was able to reach one side with my teeth and pull hard on the leather buckle but I was so exhausted I couldn't keep my body contorted long enough to free myself. I rested for only a moment before trying again.

I thought I could hear him walking outside so I hurried. I bent and twisted, I bit down hard and pulled until I felt the buckle release!! I was free! I knew I wanted to be completely free and composed by the time he opened the door!

Quickly, I reached to the other side & started on the buckle, releasing it and sitting myself upright. I had just started on the plastic wrap when the door opened abruptly. He climbed in the front. Looked back and saw me. A smile crept across his face. He was proud of me.

"I'll have to make those tighter next time" ..

Next time?!

Then he joined me in the back and helped me with the plastic. He saw the dark red indention in my skin from the wrap and pulled two cold water bottles which he must have got when he was missing as I was freeing myself. He gently helped me to the front seat and placed the water bottles on my thighs. He stared at me for what seemed like an eternity. Gently kissed me again and made sure the red marks calmed down before returning me to my car.

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