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My Odyssey Part Part 10: Meeting Edie by As narrated

by Anne-Marie to Tony B

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne-Marie to Tony B - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; bodymod; sexchange; fem; mc; discovery; cons; X

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My Odyssey

As narrated by Anne-Marie Killamajiian,
Wife of Ahmed, of the House of Mustaffa, the Diamond Merchant

Warning: This story involves bondage, consensual sex, domination, coercion, sex changes, sexual slavery, rape, and other jiggery-pokery. It is entirely fictional, and is intended as entertainment for adults only. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or to any location or activity is purely coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (As if anybody ever is!)

Note: If you would like to contact the authoress to make a comment, you may contact Anne through Tony-B who originally published it as "My Story". She hopes you enjoy reading her story. Tony would also appreciate your comments. We will endeavor to answer all emails.

RECAP: In Part 9, Anne continued to learn about being a woman, and she and Betty went shopping at the Company Store. She found out why men like to look at naked women, and a new word … ‘quim’.

Part 10 - Meeting Edie

A week later, I was growing accustomed to living in my new body, and learning about what it was like being a woman. One day Betty had me dress nicely, saying that I was going to see the Doctor that morning. Shoes, stockings, and a dress was all she gave me to wear. I did my best to fix my hair and makeup so I would be totally presentable for whatever was going to come, today.

We went down the hall to the Doctor’s office, and Betty tapped on the door. “Come in”, came from the other side of the door. Betty ushered me into the office, then closed the door behind her as she left.

Doctor Bulieu was there, of course, along with a woman I had not yet met.

“Remove your dress, please”, Doctor Bulieu said. “And place it in that chair.”

I figured it was going to be another inspection, so I did as instructed, folding my dress neatly and placing it in a chair, next to the wall. I stood, naked except for my nylons and shoes, waiting for further instructions.

The doctor had been reviewing my chart, not watching me undress. But the woman had watched me with interest.

Looking up, Doctor Bulieu said, “Anne, this is Miss Harris. She is our resident psychologist, and will be your counselor. You may discuss anything you wish with her in total confidence. Anything you wouldn’t want to discuss with anyone else.”

Miss Harris smiled at me. A genuine, friendly smile. I acknowledged her smile with one of my own, then dropped my eyes to signal acceptance. “You will have a counseling session three times a week, and more often, if you feel the need to discuss anything with her”, he said.

Miss Harris rose, and picked up my dress. With her other hand, she took me by the elbow and said, “Come with me, Anne, my office is just down the hall.” Turning to the Doctor, she nodded, and said, “I’ll see you later, Doctor.”

As she led me to the door, I protested, “My dress…”

“Don’t worry about that”, she said. “… I’ve got it, and my office is only a few steps away.”

She led me through the door, down the hall, and into her office. We passed Henry in the hall, but no one else, so I was relieved that no one had seen me. But then, I guess everyone here has already seen me… more or less…

“Please, sit down on the sofa”, she said. “I want you to be perfectly comfortable with me, and let me be your friend. Would you like to wear your dress?”

“It’s not necessary”, I said. “I’m comfortable being naked. And in this climate, it’s certainly warm enough to go without.”

“Good”, she said. “I noticed your hair is very nice. But a strand has fallen out of place on your forehead. Here, let me brush it back into place.” …

As she said that, she reached for my forehead, and I heard her say, “If you’re tired, you may take a nap…” And with that, I dropped off to sleep.

A few moments later, I woke up, feeling refreshed and alert. She smiled at me as she withdrew her hand. “There”, she said, “… that’s better. When we’re alone, you can call me Edie, but you must remember to call me Miss Harris when anyone else is around. Doctor Bulieu is a great believer in professional respect, and he likes the women around him to be submissive. But just between us girls, there isn’t any need to stand on such formalities.”

“I understand … Edie”, I said.

“Good.”, she replied. “Now I want to get to know you better. Tell me about how you feel about being a woman.”

“Well”, I said, “… so far, I don’t really feel much difference in the way I feel about myself. I realize that we had to do something drastic to get me out of that jail, and the state prison, and this change can certainly be considered ‘drastic’. I have noticed some differences in my attitudes toward my life, and how important it is to me.”

“Yes, of course”, she agreed.

“I’m remembering things about being a girl that never really happened – almost as if I were describing scenes from old movies. I’m told that things are changing about me, but many of them seem to be unconscious, like fixing my fingernails, and brushing my hair.”

“Tell me about how you feel about your breasts”, she said.

“Well, they itched a lot when I first woke up as a girl, but that seems to be less and less. Everybody told me that the itching was ‘growing pains’, and that it would eventually go away. Mostly, it has. Betty told me that I was way ahead of schedule in my physical development. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I find that I’m holding onto one of them -- sometimes, both. And I find it natural to hold one in my hand as I go to sleep – even with my sleep shot taking effect.”

“Yes”, Edie said… “That seems to be a normal reaction. Several of our girls have reported having a similar experience. We feel it’s an unconscious attempt to assure yourself that they’re still there in the morning. It seems to be perfectly normal, so don’t worry about it.”

“And I’ve noticed my nipples are starting to develop”, I said. …. “I find that if I rub them, for only a few seconds, they will stiffen up into small bumps on the front of each breast.”

“That’s good”, she said. “But how do you feel about having breasts sticking out of your chest?”, she asked.

I didn’t realize then, but the way she phrased her questions was leading me toward acceptance of the subject. “You know, I haven’t thought about it a whole lot. I guess I’ve just accepted it as part of my package. When I look down at myself, I get a feeling of satisfaction that they’re growing so nicely, and that they’re a visible sign of my femaleness, if you will. The Doctor says I’ll probably end up as a C-cup, which is probably pretty good for a girl my size. And Betty says I may get there in a few months, instead of the year or so many of the girls take to fully develop.”

“And how do you feel about being nude and having them exposed most of the time?”

“Well, I’m not self-conscious about them, if that’s what you mean. They’re a part of me, and either people accept that, or they don’t. You can’t really divorce the visible confirmation of my sex, with people’s attitudes about what I should, or should not hide or cover up. I am concerned that I’ll be getting some bras soon to support them, so they don’t begin to sag before they are fully developed. I want them to be ‘perky’, and firm to the touch.”

“How are you sleeping?”, she asked.

“I find that I can no longer lie or sleep on my stomach comfortably”, I said. “I have to sleep on one side, or on my back. If I’m on my side, I have to pull the breast tissue forward, so I’m not lying on it, and when I’m on my back, they flatten out and the tissue moves over onto the side of my ribcage.”

“That’s perfectly normal”, she said.

“I do wish they were larger, and protruded more in a cone shape.”

“Doctor Bulieu can do something about that for you, dear”, she said. “But you’re still growing, and the size and shape will change somewhat. It may be that you’d be better off with a large B-Cup, rather than a C. The C might be too big for your frame. We won’t know what can be done until you stop growing naturally.”

“Betty got me a training bra”, I said. “She wanted me to learn how it felt to wear one, and to provide me with some support for my growing breasts. I wear it at night, and during the day, whenever I can. And I like wearing it.”

“Good. Like your autonomic bodily functions, you will soon learn to accept wearing it, and won’t think anything about it, once it’s on. Now tell me how you feel about your vagina”, she said.

“Well, again, it’s part of the package. Henry told me it’s a very nice one, and it’s certainly sensitive and will be fully functional when the Doctor says I’m completely healed.”

“How do you feel about having sex with men?”, she asked.

“I’ve never had sex with a man, so the only thing I can relate to that is the Doctor is preparing me to be fully functional and orgasmic”, I said. “He has assured me that I will be able to enjoy it, and probably more than I ever enjoyed sex as a man. I don’t seem to have any objection to touching a man down there, or to giving him some pleasure. Betty says that multiple orgasms are the best feeling she’s ever had. … I do remember kissing a boy in high school, but that was simple experimentation, not sexual at all, so I don’t think that counts.”

Changing the subject, she said, “You need to think of a middle name, Anne. Most people in western cultures have three names, and you only have two so far. You might want to consider something simple, like Julia Anne, or Anne Marie Bentley. And you’ll need to decide on something in the next week or so, so that the Attorney who’s preparing your documentation has your full name to put on the papers.”

“Okay,” I said, “… I could go for Anne-Marie, with a hyphen. “

“Why the hyphen?”, she asked.

“I think it adds a bit of mystery to the name”, I said. “And I can always say I was named for both my grandmothers…..”

“Good”, she said as she made a notation on my chart. “Done, and done! Now I want you to tell me, just things you remember – things that come to your mind easily or strongly. I want to get to know all about you”, she said.

I felt confident with Edie. She was going to be a confidant and friend, all in one.

A few days later, I began to remember both of my grandmothers, for whom I had been named…..

Memories and Mammaries …

“These are just a bunch of random thoughts and memories I have of my childhood.”, I said…

My Mother:

Early potty training: “Front Side, Wipe Forward; Back side, wipe backwards.”

“You always wash yourself after going to the bathroom. Not just your hands.” … “In a public restroom, wet a few tissues before you go into the stall, and use them to wash yourself afterwards.”

“The difference between boys and girls: Boys are different than girls. They can stand up to pee, while girls have to sit down. Girls have a little tiny organ, while it’s much bigger and sticks out on boys.”

“Stand up straight, dear. Push your shoulders back and your titties out in front. You’ve got them, now, make the most of them.” And, “Stand Up, and Stand Out!”

“There are many things we just don’t talk about in front of boys. Sex is one of them.”

“We’re always ready for sex”, she said. “It’s a secret that we never tell men!”

I can remember her voice… She sounded a lot like you, Edie. She cared for me. … I guess that’s why I like you, too.

“Keep your knees together. Cross your legs at the ankles. Or cross your knees.”

My Daddy …

I don’t remember much about my father. … He died in a house fire when I was very young. He and mom had been separated, and one night, the house he had been living in burned up, with him in it. They say that he was smoking in bed and fell asleep, which set the house on fire. Mother kept his wedding ring as long as she lived. I will wear it around my neck on a chain, when I get married, too. It’s my ‘something old’. Mother remarried. Or maybe not … I don’t really know, but Benny became my step-father, and I always called him ‘Daddy’. Benny was a professional card player, and I could always count on him giving me a few bucks when Jai and I wanted to go to the movies. I also had a couple of uncles that helped raise me. They were Paul and Archie, and they lived together. There was also a distant relative named Jack, married to my father’s sister – aunt Rosalie. We were never close with that side of the family though.

My Best Friend:

Jai Oulu was my best friend. She lived next door, and we practically grew up together. We went to the same schools, shared clothes, and giggled incessantly about boys. Jai was beautiful. Her mother was Japanese, and her father was an American. He was a traveling salesman, and wasn’t really around that much, but he figured as an important figure in my life, because he was important in Jai’s life. Whenever he was home, when they went out, Jai and her mother always walked behind him, as a matter of respect. If they were in a store, and he invited them to a counter to look at something, when he moved on, they resumed their position behind him, as if being drawn by an invisible chain Jai said it was a cultural thing. When she went anywhere with her mother she adopted a short, mincing, fast step to match her mother’s. Funny, I knew her mother, but don’t remember her name at all.

I envied Jai. She got to go to Japan every summer with her mother to visit relatives. She usually wore an antique silver bracelet given to her by her grandmother, with Japanese-language characters engraved upon it. The literal translation into English was given as ‘No one before you, my husband, not even I’.

I remember that we practiced kissing. We even lay on top of each other to experience what it would be like having boys on top of us. We weren’t queer or anything like that, we were just sexually curious, and experimented a lot with each other. Jai liked to be tied up, and I liked to be held down while I struggled to get free.

Jai grew up to be a very beautiful Eurasian woman. She did a perfect, 90-step tea ceremony as her mother had taught her, and she danced with fans and a ceremonial kimono. She easily could have become Geisha. And maybe she is, somewhere in the world. I haven’t seen her in a long time!

My Boyfriends:

I remember my first boyfriend, but can’t remember his name right now. He stole a pair of my panties once, right off the clothesline in the back yard. I have no idea what he wanted them for, or what he did with them, but I never got them back. I know that he took them because he told me he had them. Every now and then, he asked me to give him a pair of my panties after I had worn them. I did, a couple of times, after he had done something special for me. I gave him a pair as a Christmas present, one year. He said it was the best present he’d ever received.

He lived just down the block, so we saw him often. He was one grade higher than Jai and I, but we rode the same bus to school all the time, until High School. His parents moved, and he went to another school. I had hoped that he would be the one to take me to the prom, but he was gone by then, and I had to go with another boy. His name was Tommy Kirk. He was kind of geeky at first – he played the clarinet in the school band. But at least he liked me. He would take me to the movies every Saturday afternoon, and I would let him feel my titties in the dark. He liked me to rub his penis through his pants while he felt me up. He turned out to be a great kisser. After we graduated, he went into the Army, and was killed in the war. It broke my heart, partially because we never had real sex together.

My Doctor:

I remember him telling me, “One isn’t born a woman. One becomes one.”

“The female body is built for pleasure. Both yours, and your partners. The female brain is wired to want to give pleasure to her partner. If a woman is not enjoying sex, then she’s doing it wrong!”

“A woman is man’s greatest gift! And becoming a woman will be the greatest gift you will ever receive…”

“You will find, my dear, that having breasts will give you a different kind of pleasure than feeling breasts!”

“You will find that there is great pleasure, in giving pleasure.”

“Any time you think that someone might have guessed your past, just remember King Kong was only eighteen inches high … We’ll teach you a few female tricks to distract them, and change their mind.”

“Some men like to hurt women during sex. You just have to put on your big girl panties, and take it like a woman.”

Growing Up …

I remember that I had a Betsy-Wetsy doll while I was growing up. There was a little bottle with a nipple that you could fill with water. Betsy had a small mouth where you could nurse her with the bottle, She would then wet her diaper, so you had to change her. It was just like having a real baby.

My Sister, Betty…

Betty is my older sister. She was three years older than I, and helped me through my growing years, so much. I’ll never forget her, or the many secrets we shared. It’s a bond that will last forever.

When she learned that I had been experimenting with pleasuring myself down there, she taught me what my clitoris was for, and how to use it for my own pleasure. She also taught me how to give a blowjob, and I learned how much I enjoyed giving pleasure to boys. I wasn’t a slut or anything, but I didn’t refuse many dates, and enjoying them.

“… It’s like a vagina, honey. We all have one, but each one is a little bit different – no two are exactly alike.”

A woman can pleasure herself just by taking a shower, or looking at herself naked in a full-length mirror, if she has a good attitude about herself.

“The ‘G’ in ‘G-Spot’, stands for ‘God Damn! That feels good!’”

A great secret that women keep from men, is how comfortable and sensual a well-fitting pair of panties really are. Betty said she could live in just a pair of panties all the time, if she could get away with it.

Betty told me that when I’m in a long-term relationship with a man, as he discovers new things to do to me, I’ll discover new pleasures, so it’s always important to be receptive to whatever a partner wants to do.

Men like it when you make noise during sex. You don’t have to scream, but moan, and gasp, and let him know he’s doing a good job on you, even if he isn’t. Men have very delicate egos, and you have to be careful not to destroy them. A wrong word can puncture them like a balloon.

One of my teachers, Miss Sims:

“Girls call them ‘titties’, women call them ‘breasts’.”

“Feeling full, and being satisfied, are two different things. …”

“The biggest thing about Americans, is that they eat too much. So don’t eat, if you’re not hungry. Better to throw food away, rather than carrying it around on your hips in the form of fat.”

Jim Irwin

I remember reading in the English-Language Newspaper, that Jim Irwin, the fashion photographer, had died of Cancer. He had come to Southeast Asia looking for exotic locations, and exotic women to photograph. He had gotten into some kind of trouble with the law, and had been sent to prison. I guess he got out, because the article said he had died in the hospital after a long illness. Too bad – he was a good photographer, but a bit of a horn-dog, always chasing the models. I tried out at one of his open auditions, but didn’t make the cut. “Nice, but not exotic enough”, was his comment. He was looking more for Asian women, even back then. Too bad he had never met Jai. She would have been more his type. Yet, I felt sorry to read of his death … almost as if we had some unfinished business. … I couldn’t explain it, but it made me sad to think of his passing.

Yet, with all of this, I still remember that I was once a man. Not many details, just a memory – like something you know, but don’t think about very often. I’m a woman, now.

Edie said, “I want you to practice body visualization exercises between now and your next visit. Just close your eyes, and meditate. Explore your body from the inside. Get in touch with how you feel, and how it feels to be in your body. Visualize being happy to be a woman. Meditate on the fact that you are pretty, and desirable. Men will want you, and you will want them. Don’t worry about any specifics for now, just think about how wonderful life is for you, and how much you enjoy everything about being the woman you are.”

“You will remember all that we’ve discussed here today. When I snap my fingers, you will wake up, fully refreshed and awake. One … Two … Three.” … Snap!

I woke up from a refreshing nap, and smiled at her. She said, “Okay, I’ll see you again day after tomorrow, after lunch.” …

* * * *

I continued with my counseling sessions with Edie three times a week, but I wasn’t having any success with the body visualization process that she wanted me to follow. I couldn’t figure out how you were supposed to ‘see’ yourself from inside, and thought it was a total waste of time to even pursue. Betty kept telling me that it was worthwhile, and that it would come in time, just to be patient, and continue meditating every day.

Then one day, about two weeks later, it happened! I connected!

It’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves, but it’s like you’re totally aware of yourself, and your body, as if you were inside, looking around. Betty called it Transcendental Meditation, or ‘TM’ for short. She told me it was a Hindu Philosophy, practiced mainly in India, but in other parts of the world, too, among groups of enlightened or spiritual people.

Edie was very excited when I told her about my breakthrough, and had me describe it as best I could, in as much detail as I could muster.

Basically, I told her it was like being in touch with my whole body. Like being totally aware of my body, my breasts, my vagina, my labia, and even my asshole! I could free-float around in my body and experience my heart pumping, and the blood flowing through my veins. I could experience my labia rubbing against my clit, and found I could use my Kegel exercises to bring myself to orgasm. I could feel my big toes as they touched the soles of my shoes, and my hair as it touched my shoulders. Talk about a mind blower, this was a real Trip, with a capital T!

It felt like I was talking for hours about this new experience, although Edie said it was a normal one-hour session. But I’ll never forget that one day, and the joy I felt when I connected my mind with my body!

Next week, a visit to the Beauty Shop, my first gyno exam, dating, and I lose my virginity.


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