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My Odyssey Part Part 11: The Beauty Shop by As narrated

by Anne-Marie to Tony B

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne-Marie to Tony B - Used by permission

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My Odyssey

As narrated by Anne-Marie Killamajiian,
Wife of Ahmed, of the House of Mustaffa, the Diamond Merchant

Warning: This story involves bondage, consensual sex, domination, coercion, sex changes, sexual slavery, rape, and other jiggery-pokery. It is entirely fictional, and is intended as entertainment for adults only. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or to any location or activity is purely coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (As if anybody ever is!)

Note: If you would like to contact the authoress to make a comment, you may contact Anne through Tony-B who originally published it as "My Story". She hopes you enjoy reading her story. Tony would also appreciate your comments. We will endeavor to answer all emails.

RECAP: In Part 10, Anne met Doctor Edie Harris who was to be her counselor, and grew accustomed to living in her new body!

Part 11: The Beauty Shop

Nurse Betty had prepared me for my first trip to the beauty Shop which was part of the Clinic, but not for the many adventures I would have there. … It was only a week since I came back from my medical coma, and Betty had said that it was time to get me ‘fixed up’. She called it a ‘Mini-Spa’. I was totally nude, of course, but getting used to being so in the presence of others. I was a little apprehensive about the Beauty Shop, though … Apprehensive about the unknown, I guess.

Betty guided me down the hall to the Beauty Shop. It was in another wing of the Clinic, away from the medical section, and near the combination cafeteria / entertainment center, and kitchen facility. The kitchen was open 24 hours a day, and had a short-order cook on staff to prepare whatever a guest might wish, like in a small restaurant. The food service was operated under the guidance of Miss Sims.

Betty took me into the Beauty Shop and introduced me to Sylvester, the hair dresser.

The hair dresser – beautician – cosmetologist – whatever – was a smallish Puerto Rican man, and nice looking. It was obvious that he kept himself up, as he had a large chest and arms from working out frequently.

Sylvester read my mind, or somehow sensed that I was slightly self-conscious, and he greeted me cordially. “Good morning, Anne”, he said, as he smiled at me. “Please don’t be self-conscious about being nude in front of me. I’ve spent hours with you already, and know what you look like, all over. It was I who removed most of your body hair, and I’ll do whatever touchups might be necessary in the next few months.”

“Thank you, Sylvester. You did a very nice job.” I could only admire a man who had spent so much time and effort on making me pretty.

He continued, “Most of our girls are self-conscious at first, until they get used to their new bodies. But I assure you, there’s no need to be self-conscious with me. I promise I won’t molest you. Whenever I have to touch you, I’ll tell you before hand, so you can be prepared. So just relax, and get used to being pampered…”

Betty said, “Well, I’ll leave you two together for a while. Call me when she’s ready, Sylvester.”

“Will do”, he replied.

Betty turned to leave… “I’ll see you later Betty”, I said.

“Yes, later. Enjoy yourself, now…. Sylvester will take good care of you”, she said as she left, leaving me with Sylvester.

“Please sit down over here, Anne. The first thing I’m going to do is give you a shampoo, and trim your hair. Your hair isn’t long enough to style yet, so this time, I’ll just give you a shag cut, which you can style yourself by simply brushing through it in the morning. Your hair will be growing fast, so we’ll be able to give you better and better styles in the next several months.”

“This might be an embarrassing question, Sylvester, but are you gay?”, I blurted out.

He laughed aloud at that… “No”, he said. “It’s a myth that all hair dressers are gay. I came to this job because I am a Certified Laser Technician, one of the few in this part of the world, and the rest just fell into place when we lost our original beautician.”

“I’m sorry, Sylvester. I didn’t mean to embarrass you”, I said.

“Not at all”, he said “It’s a common misconception. But we’ll get to know one another very well over the next several months. You’re scheduled for a visit every week until you no longer need that level of support. And you know what they say about sharing secrets with your hairdresser!”

I didn’t, but pretended I did. I’d have to ask Betty about that.

As I sat in the recliner in front of the shampoo sink, he commented, “You’ve turned out to be very pretty, Anne. It’s going to be a privilege to work with you. … Now relax, I’m not going to bite you – unless you want me to”, he said, smiling at his little joke.

I smiled back at his little joke, as I remembered from Charm School. Men like to be smiled at. What was strange, was that I hadn’t been to Charm School yet!

“Next week will probably be soon enough to look you over and do any hair removal that might be necessary”, he said. “Now close your eyes as I spray some water on your hair… Later on, I’ll touch up your manicure, and give you your first pedicure! If you have any complaints, take them up with the manager --- me!”

He smiled at his own little joke again. I smiled with him, and closed my eyes. …

I drifted off into a state of relaxation as I heard him say, “Next week, I’ll give you a facial, and a mudpack, and I’ll teach you some breast exercises.”

I couldn’t even imagine what he meant by that!

The Move …

At the end of the second week, counting from when I woke up as a woman, I was moved out of the Clinic wing, into an efficiency apartment on the second floor, where the staff and guests had living quarters. I graduated from being a patient to the status of being a guest.

The tiny apartment was little more than a large bedroom with private bath, and would have been in demand in any major city in the United States as a studio apartment. Here, it was absolutely luxurious.

There was a small kitchenette, with microwave oven, a small refrigerator, and a small dishwasher. Her name was Helen. No --- I’m kidding. It was really named ‘General Electric’. But I could prepare my own basic meals if I wished. The refrigerator and cupboard had been stocked with healthy choices by Miss Sims – things I could eat whenever hungry. I could make hot or cold tea to suit my taste, and it was restocked every other day with fresh milk and fruits. A small loaf of fresh French Bread was brought to my room each day on a breakfast tray, along with my medication. There was always oatmeal, and scrambled eggs. Some days the eggs had been fried with onions and bell peppers, other days, they were just plain eggs. Toast and Jam, and a dish of fresh fruit was always included. In this area of the world, you couldn’t find better in a first class hotel!

There was a small table with two chairs, and the door had a lock on it that could be locked from inside when I wanted privacy – or when I was entertaining, Betty said. Only she, Henry, the Doctor and the night nurse had a key to the lock and could open it from the outside.

There was a TV with a built-in video tape player, and a cassette machine with speakers where I could play tapes. Or where a night nurse could play sleep learning tapes for me. It was literally a small haven for me! There was a closet where I could hang my clothes, and a dresser where I could keep my other things. Henry had brought my full-length mirror, and vanity. The bed was a real Queen-sized one, that could easily accommodate two for sleeping, or for play, and there were extra blankets in the closet for when the weather turned chilly at night. The bed was made up with fresh sheets every morning while I was downstairs exercising with Henry. I never learned who took care of it, and of restocking the refrigerator, but Daryl, the Milk Maid, brought me the breakfast tray every morning before he went off shift.

I was being treated like a queen, and loved every minute of it.

Betty’s apartment was quite similar, and on the same floor, except that she had decorated it herself. She had a collection of dolls, and another of teddy bears. We spent hours together, swapping stories and giggling about the foibles of the men in our world. I knew all about each orderly long before I was allowed to date any of them. In a sense, my world was my own, and I didn’t have a care in the world. There was nothing that I had to worry about. Everything was provided. Anything I wanted, I had only to ask. And everyone made sure I was happy and well taken care of. One of the nurses had a small dog – a Chihuahua that she called ‘Cha-Cha’. She was a lovable little dog, and took to me right away. The nurse allowed me to care for Cha-Cha often, and I grew to love Chihuahuas from that experience. We spent hours in the hospital garden, with Cha-Cha exploring every inch of grass, and every plant, daily, to make sure there were no other dogs in her little kingdom. Or maybe not. Maybe she was looking for another dog to love and care for, too. …

The Weeks Passed …

The weeks passed quickly, as I learned more and more about myself, and about being a woman in a man’s world. There were so many things to remember – so many things to think about. Some of my best times were with my sister, Betty. She finally did show me her surgery.

She lifted her dress and pulled down her panties so I could see. “See how nice it is?”, she said. “It’s nice and tight – almost like a virgin’s pussy.” I didn’t know if I could take much more of that. I was having some strange thoughts here… On the one hand, as a man, I’d like to fuck her … But on the other hand, as a woman, I’d like to fuck her! …

Damn!, I thought. I can’t think that about Betty… She’s my sister, for Christ sakes!

But she did have a nice quim!

* * * *

It was a rainy day. It rains frequently in Thailand, and in the spring, there is the monsoon season.

Sadly, I made myself a cup of tea. I used the last teabag I had of Jai’s favorite tea ….. It was Twining’s China Black Tea, and they don’t make it any more, so I won’t be getting any more of it.

I was sad because I knew that I would be forgetting Jai soon, and I didn’t want to forget her. It was already difficult to remember many of the things I had done to her as we made love – but I could still remember the high points of our life together, and cherished the memory of the year that we had been together.

The tea was hot now, and I sipped it slowly, remembering our first day together, when Jai had made a tea ceremony for me….. I couldn’t remember all of the things she did, but at least I could remember her! But for how much longer, I wondered.

* * * *

One evening Betty was late. It was almost 6:15, and she normally gets off work at 5 o’clock. I was waiting for her. I had put on a pair of red panties and slippers, and wrapped my bathrobe around my body. … I wanted to show her what I had learned in Dance School that day!

As usual, she knocked on the door, then came in and sat down in the La-Z-Boy chair. She looked sad …..

“What’s wrong?”, I said.

“Nothing, really”, she said. “It’s just been a hard day.”

Forgetting my own news, I said, “Tell me about it…..”

“Well,” she said, “We had a young boy as a patient today. He lost his penis, and Doctor had to do some reconstructive surgery on him to save what he could. It was very bad…”

I wondered how he could have ‘lost’ his penis. I mean, they’re pretty well attached, and it would be damn near impossible to misplace it! Maybe it was an accident, or something. I knew that Betty didn’t like to talk about the other patients, but this one had really affected her…..

“I’m sorry”, I said. But turning to my own news, I said. “Look at me, Betty… Look at what I learned to do in Dance School today!”

I dropped my bathrobe and stood in front of her. Holding my body and head still, I shook my shoulders back and forth, which caused my breasts to jiggle from side to side…..

“It’s called ‘The Shimmy’”, I said. “And it’s easy! I just know it will drive men wild when I do it for them. And I like the way it makes my titties jiggle!”

I deliberately used the word ‘titties’ to emphasize my girlish pleasure at watching my breasts jiggle.

Her face brightened as she said, “Yes, I’m sure it will. You’re beautiful, honey, and I love you!”

I saw tears come to her eyes – I didn’t know whether I had made her happy, or sad… But obviously, she needed a hug!

* * * *

As the days passed, they turned into weeks, and the weeks started to turn into months. I grew more and more comfortable in my new body, and more comfortable being a woman. Thanks to Tai Chi, and my daily exercises with Henry, I had developed a very nice figure, and it had been several weeks now that I had been allowed to wear a bra when dressed. I still spent a large portion of my time naked, but it no longer mattered to me. What I was, and what I looked like to others, was their problem to deal with, not mine.

One afternoon, Betty excitedly came to my room to tell me that ‘Doctor’ wanted to see me for an examination, and a three-month checkup. Had it been that long, I wondered? Yes, - almost four, counting the three weeks that I had originally been ‘asleep’.

“That’s wonderful news, Betty”, I said. “I think I’ll wear my blue dress, the one with the little flowers embroidered around the bustline, and white shoes.

“You go, girl!”, she said, smiling at my excitement.

“Can you help me get ready?”, I asked.

“Yes, honey”, she replied. “I’m here for you!”

I got the blue dress out of the closet, and put it on the bed. That was followed by the white low-heeled shoes, and a matching blue pair of panties and bra. I dressed quickly, as Betty prepared to do my hair. As I sat at the dressing table and applied lipstick, she brushed my hair, and I felt her touch my forehead as she said, “You look beautiful!” I was pleased at her compliment, not realizing that it had also been a reinforcement of previous conditioning.

* * * *

“And how are you getting along?”, the doctor asked.

“I’m doing well, Doctor”, I said. “… and everyone on the staff seems to think I’ve made an excellent adjustment.”

“Yes”, he said, “… I’ve been reading your charts.”

“And how are you doing sexually?”, he asked.

“Satisfactorily, I believe”, I responded. “I’m frequently horny as hell, as you told me I would be, but I masturbate often, which relieves the tension.”

“Well”, he replied, “… today I’m going to give you a gynecological examination to see how well you’ve progressed surgically, and whether you can start dating.”

I knew what he meant. He used the word ‘dating’, but what he really meant was whether I had healed sufficiently to start using my vagina as it was intended to be used! I felt excited at the prospect. I was really tired of playing with the toys that Betty had given me. I had been careful with my female parts, but I still used the rubber appliances and vibrator daily to relieve my tensions, real or imagined.

“Let’s go down to the examination room, and we’ll take a look.”

He got up from behind his desk, and went to the door to hold it open for me. This was the first time he had not asked me to undress in his office, so I still wore my blue dress. He led me downstairs to the operating theater, where the surgical table had been set up with leg stirrups for the examination. He handed me a green paper hospital gown, and motioned toward a privacy screen that had been set up at one side of the room. “Please remove your dress and panties, and put this on”, he said. “The opening ties at the back”, he added. He handed me a pair of slippers, and said, “I think these will be more comfortable for you…”

I knew that, but I said, “Thank you, Doctor.” I took the hospital gown and slippers, and stepped behind the screen to remove my dress and put on the gown. When I was ready, I stepped out from behind the screen, and said, “I’m ready, Doctor.”

“Very good, Anne”, he said. “Please sit on the edge of the table here, lie back, and place your feet in the stirrups.”

He rolled a small cart over to the end of the table which held several medical tools, a speculum, and an inspection light. There was also a large tube of medical-grade K-Y Jelly. I knew what that was for, of course. He needed it to lubricate my vagina so he could insert the speculum easier.

“The first thing I’m going to do is examine your genital area”, he said. “I will be touching you, so don’t be alarmed.” As he said this, he was putting on a pair of rubber gloves, and he switched on the overhead surgery lights.

He raised my hospital gown and draped it across my abdomen to fully expose my genital area and butt. I felt his fingers gently spread my labia so he could get a complete view of the surgical area. He felt my perineum – the area between my asshole and vagina. I assumed he was feeling for any sign of surgical scarring in that area. It took only a few seconds for him to assess it’s condition, as he nodded and said, “Very good. There are no signs of surgical or keloid scarring.”

Next, he moved his hand and spread my vaginal opening apart so he could see the urethra. “That looks fine, too”, he said.

I felt no embarrassment at all at having my Doctor look at me and touch me in what is supposed to be my most private parts. … As he continued to hold my labia apart, he touched my clit, and I twitched involuntarily.

“I’m sorry”, he said. “I’m just checking your sensitivity.”

“That’s alright, Doctor”, I said, “… I was just surprised by your touch. … And I’m very sensitive, there.”

His finger circled my clit a couple of times, and I felt my vaginal muscles contract again in a quick spasm that would have led to orgasm if he continued. I felt him release my labia and grip my quim between his thumb and index finger, and pull it aside so he could get a clear view of my clitoris. “You look very good down here”, he said.

“Now I’m going to take a swab and insert it into your vagina to get a sample of your lubrication”, he said. “I need to be sure your Cowper’s is functioning correctly. You are already wet, so it won’t be necessary to lubricate you at this point. Just continue to relax and breathe normally.”

He picked up a long swab from the service cart, and gently spread the opening of my vagina, and inserted it slowly. I could feel him wiggle it around inside me, and felt a shock of surprise when he hit my cervix several times. It wasn’t like an electrical shock, more like a muscle spasm in the vagina itself. I had felt that before several times when pleasuring myself. Betty had called it ‘opening the gate for the pleasure train’ because it led to orgasm. (And she should know!!!)

He withdrew the swab and examined it carefully. “Looks good”, he said.

“Now I’m going to lubricate your vagina so that I can insert the speculum more easily. I will be touching your vagina, and inserting my fingers to get some of the lubricant inside as well. So just relax, I won’t hurt you.”

I wasn’t really concerned about his hurting me, after all he had made my vagina, and was certainly entitled to look at it now and then – and touch it when he needed to!

He squeezed some jelly onto the fingers of his right hand, and applied it to the entrance of my vagina, between the labia minora, and used a circular motion of his hand to spread it around. Then he took some more jelly, on just the ends of his fingers, and inserted his index and middle fingers inside me, and moved them around in a circular motion to grease up the area of the vagina that passes through my pelvic muscles, and into my abdominal cavity… the pubo … the pubbocy… oh, whatever – you know what I mean! The muscles in the pelvic floor between the legs, that I exercise every day with my Kegel exercises!

He seemed to keep his fingers inside me for a longer time than was necessary. I closed my eyes, and a soft sigh interrupted my breathing.

“Good”, he said, “… you’re sensitive inside. That’s what we wanted.”

“Yes”, I said. I smiled… “Good, and ready!”, I thought.

He withdrew his fingers from inside me. Oh, I thought in disappointment – he was just teasing me again!

“Okay”, he said, “Now comes the moment of truth. I’m going to insert the speculum and take a look inside. Many women don’t like this part of the examination, but I assure you it’s necessary to take a look.”

“Alright, Doctor”, I said, “I’m ready, and I don’t have any reservations about your taking a good look. Enjoy yourself, and do whatever is necessary.”

“Well”, he said, “You certainly have a good attitude about this…”

“No need to be coy about it, Doctor. I trust you. You’ve brought me this far, and you haven’t hurt me yet!”

“I’d say your attitude is perfect, my dear. Okay, take a deep breath as I do the insert”, he said.

I followed instructions, took a deep breath and held it. I could feel the speculum spread my vagina open, and slowly fill the interior with it’s cold presence. When he had it in far enough, he squeezed the two grips together, which spread me wide apart inside. He positioned the examination light to get a better view, as he slowly rotated the speculum to view the entire interior.

“Very good”, he said. “You’ve healed quite well, and I believe you’re ready for dating…” He closed and withdrew the speculum, and used a soft hand towel to wipe the excess lubricant from my genital area. Pulling my hospital gown back down into place, he said, “You can get dressed now, Anne, and thank you for your patience with an old man.”

“You’re not so old”, I said, and smiled at him. ….

* * * *

After I was dressed, we returned to his office where we found Henry waiting.

“Anne has just passed her internal exam”, he said to Henry, “… and she’s ready for dating. If she has no objection, I’d like you to usher her into womanhood, if you don’t mind. Do you have any objection to dating Henry, Anne?”, he asked.

“None whatsoever, Doctor”, I replied. “He’s a good friend, and I trust him. It should be fun…” Henry and I had often played Backgammon and Dominoes in the evening, when Betty was otherwise occupied.

“Henry?”, he asked.

“It will be my privilege”, Henry replied.

“Good”, he said. “You may take her out of the Clinic for the evening, if you wish.”

Henry looked at me, and I smiled. “Would you like to have dinner and go to the movies?”, he asked.

“That would be wonderful”, I said, and smiled up at him… I had never noticed that he was taller than I.

The doctor nodded and left the room, leaving Henry and I to plan for the evening… Henry reached out and took me in his arms and pulled me close. “I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time, but I waited until you were ready”, he said.

“I’m ready now”, I said. I closed my eyes and raised my face to his while he kissed me… I kissed him back, as Jai had once kissed me. It was a flash of memory from my life as Jim. I still had them occasionally, but as quickly as it came, it faded away… Edie told me that the flashbacks were normal, and would occasionally be triggered by something that happened, something that was said or done, or even something I heard. Henry’s tongue pressed between my lips and searched for mine. It didn’t take long for him to find it. They met in a wet touch. My tongue responded to the touch of his, and I felt a growing wetness between my legs.

* * * *

The dinner and movie were terrific, of course. Henry was every inch a gentleman. He ordered our dinner, and we discussed what kind of movie I’d like to see. He made the ultimate choice, and I accepted it readily. - It was an older movie, called “The Woman in Red”, starring Gene Wilder and Kelly LeBrock. It was playing at the only all English-language theater in the area, so there wasn’t really a lot of choices unless we wanted to wade through subtitled films.

Inside the movie theater, we found twin loveseats at the rear of the auditorium. He selected one, and guided me toward it. After I sat comfortably, he sat down beside me, and draped his arm over my shoulder. I moved closer, leaning against his chest. As the lights dimmed and the movie started, I reached for his hand and brought it to my breast, and let him know that it was okay to play with me while we watched the movie. I thought to myself that I would finally get to look at Henry without his clothes, or Tai Chi exercise suit – to find out what he looked like naked. He had seen me for months, and I would finally get to see him! In a moment, I reached out and touched his leg. “If you’d like something else…” I said, leaving it unfinished…..

“This is enough for now”, he said.

We both knew that I would surrender myself to him later that night, and that he would take my virginity.

“Will you be gentle with me, Henry?” I asked.

“I’ve always been gentle with you”, he said.

And that’s true, he always had been.

“Yes, you have, Henry. And I thank you for that! Tonight, you’ll get your reward.”

I leaned forward, reached behind myself and unhooked my bra. Being a strapless bra, it fell loosely inside my dress. I sat up again, and reached for his hand. I brought it up to my lips and kissed it, and replaced it on my breast so he could get a better grip. As the movie started, I felt his fingers searching for the nub of my now hard nipple, and giving it a squeeze. In the flickering light, I looked over to see the couple in the loveseat across the aisle, and saw that she was sitting still on his lap. She had raised the back of her dress, and pulled her panties down to her knees. He was holding her on his lap by hanging onto both breasts, and his head was thrown back in apparent pleasure. I could only imagine where his dick might be. She didn’t move, and I knew that she was milking him with Kegel exercises. She looked over at me and smiled. … I had just experienced my first moment of connecting with another woman! The moment between two women that men could never experience, or understand!

Henry and I enjoyed the film, and he also enjoyed playing with my breast during the whole movie, giving it a squeeze every now and then to keep me aware that he had not forgotten what would be happening later that evening. I think I thought more about that, than about the movie. I would give this man – my friend – my virginity, in just a few hours. What better gift could I give him?

At the end of the film, I excused myself and went to the ladies room. My panties were soaked from the wetness between my legs, so I threw them away. It was a good thing that Betty had told me to always carry a spare pair, ‘just in case’. She should also have suggested that I carry a small plastic bag to take the soiled panties home. ….. I used the toilet, and washed myself for Henry …

Betty had told me to squirm around a lot when Henry was making love to me, as if I was trying to escape. She told me that men liked to fanaticize that they had conquered their women, and struggling would turn them on even more than usual, and in a bad coupling, would get the man to finish faster. Right then, I couldn’t care less about that – I wanted Henry to have me – to possess me – and have his way with me. I would do whatever was necessary to please him.

In the morning, Betty asked me how it was the night before.

“It was delicious!”, was all I said!

I could still remember how it felt when Henry had pushed it into me! It was even better than I had secretly hoped! His penis curved upward, and was long.. He hit my cervix with every thrust, and drove me to orgasm again, and again! He rode me like a stallion! And kept me up half the night!

* * * *

The following week, we went out for dinner, and to see another movie. I had told Henry about having to throw my panties away because they were soaked with the juices from my vagina – he had turned me on so much by playing with my breast. When we got into the theater, he asked me to pull the back of my dress up, and pull my panties down, and sit on my bare ass. That didn’t bother me, I had often sat down while I wasn’t wearing any panties – or any thing at all. I figured that it would turn Henry on, so I did as he wished. I pulled the back of my dress up, scooted my panties down to my knees and sat down.

Henry sat down close beside me, and reached his arm around my back so he could pull me closer. I had not worn a bra that evening, so he could play with my breasts if he wanted to. The top of the dress was a halter, which left large arm holes nearly to my waist. The dress was cooler in the evening humidity.

He slipped his hand through the arm hole, and cupped my breast, and gave it a little squeeze. My nipples started to respond to his touch almost immediately! He leaned toward me, and whispered in my ear that he was going to fuck me after the movie. I knew that, of course, but hearing him tell me got my mind working on the thought of how he had pleased me last week, and I started to get wet between my legs again. I smiled in anticipation of what he was going to do to me when we got back to my apartment!

He kissed my ear. I felt his hot breath as his tongue circled the outline of my ear and licked the small Zircon stone in the ear stud that Betty had given me on my birthday as a ‘coming out’ gift, she said.

“Now take your panties off, and give them to me”, he whispered.

Even though he whispered, his voice was strong as he commanded me, and I felt I needed to obey.

It was a little awkward as I raised my feet and pulled them off. He kept hold of my breast, and wouldn’t let go, so it was difficult to get the panties off, over my shoes. When I did, I handed them to him, and he pushed them into his pocket. They were one of my favorite panties – black, with little pink flowers on the front – a near match, I thought, for the large rose that was on my butt, although they didn’t really match at all!

He held me, and continued to play with my breast, and rubbing the nipple. I knew I was getting wet, and would soon be sitting in a pool of my own juices. Boy, did he turn me on!

About half-way through the movie, he reached over with his free hand and pulled my knees apart, and pushed his hand between my legs. Instinctively, I parted them for him, so he could find the entrance to what I knew was his favorite place on a woman’s body. I raised my hips by squeezing my glut’s so he could find the entrance if he wished.

He began rubbing my clit, and I turned to kiss him. It lasted a long time – he was a great kisser, and he made me cum while he kissed me, squeezed my breast, and rubbed my clit! I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I lowered the hand nearest his body, and rubbed his penis. It was already hard, and I knew that I would ride him again, for as long as he wanted me.

He made me cum, over and over, during the rest of the movie. It was hard to keep quiet so no one would notice what we were doing – or rather, what he was doing to me, and I was doing to him! It excited me that he was doing me -- making me cum -- in a public movie theater!!!

Next week, Anne’s sexual adventures …..


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