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My Odyssey Part Part 12: Anne’s Sexual Adventures by As narrated

by Anne-Marie to Tony B

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My Odyssey

As narrated by Anne-Marie Killamajiian,
Wife of Ahmed, of the House of Mustaffa, the Diamond Merchant

Warning: This story involves bondage, consensual sex, domination, coercion, sex changes, sexual slavery, rape, and other jiggery-pokery. It is entirely fictional, and is intended as entertainment for adults only. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or to any location or activity is purely coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (As if anybody ever is!)

Note: If you would like to contact the authoress to make a comment, you may contact Anne through Tony-B who originally published it as "My Story". She hopes you enjoy reading her story. Tony would also appreciate your comments. We will endeavor to answer all emails.

RECAP: In Part 11, Anne gave up her virginity, and was rewarded with hours of orgasms. At least it seemed like hours!

Part 12 - Anne’s Sexual Adventures

A couple of days later, I went to Edie’s office for my counseling session. As I sat on the sofa, Edie said I looked tired, and could take a nap if I wanted to. She reached up and brushed the hair off my forehead. It seemed as if I was always having trouble with my hair when I went to see Edie, because she was always pushing it back off my forehead. …..

Like all girls, she wanted to know all about my date with Henry, and I told her all I could remember.

I told her about going out to dinner with Henry, seeing the movie, and playing in bed with Henry after the movie. I told her that I had given my virginity to Henry, and that he had given me a night of pleasure that I had never imagined possible.

She seemed pleased, and didn’t ask for any more details. It’s hard to describe multiple orgasms anyway, let alone, one!

I must have taken a nap, because when I woke up, my hour with Edie was over, and she said she’d see me again on Wednesday. ….. I was proud of myself, and wasn’t ashamed that others knew I had been on a date with Henry. Let them think what they will, I thought!

* * * *

In the weeks that followed, Henry and I slipped into a routine that included dinner, a movie, and sex, every Friday night – and sometimes during the week. The Doctor had given Henry carte blanche to take me out of the Clinic for these evenings, and I appreciated the feelings that Henry always left me with. I was never disappointed with his performance, or my own response to his tenderness. He really made me feel wanted, and I enjoyed the feeling of the ‘no strings’ pleasure he gave me. Our sexual play times were solely meant for pleasure. We both understood and accepted that, so there would never be any hard feelings between us, should anything happen, or when I left the Clinic. In a way, I grew to care for Henry very deeply. I knew that he was also still active sexually with Betty, but there were no recriminations there, either. In fact, I found it hot that he was servicing us both, regularly. Not at the same time of course, but giving us both pleasure, none the less.

Henry taught me how to give him pleasure, and how to take my own pleasure in giving it to him. He taught me how to give him a proper blowjob. Betty had provided me with a rubber phallus – she called it a ‘form’ – which was similar to the one I had in my vagina while I was in my medical coma, and for some weeks after that, at night when I was asleep.

“For you to practice with”, she said.

I guessed they called it a ‘form’, because it was used to help ‘form’ the vagina while it was healing after the surgery.

Anyway, following Betty’s instructions, I held it in my mouth, and played with myself, to simulate giving head to a man, while getting myself off in the process. It also allowed me to learn how much of something I could put in my mouth, and still breathe and swallow the excess saliva created by simulating sucking the form. Usually, I could get off within a few minutes, depending on the fantasies I created while sucking on this thing. I knew that sooner or later, I would have a real man in my mouth, and would be giving him pleasure. That was the essence of what Betty wanted me to learn.

“Do it well, honey, and you’ll never be sorry!”, she used to say.

Well, that night had finally arrived, and it was with Henry! And I remember it well!!!

We had returned from the movie theater, with Henry playing with me in the dark, and I was ready for sex. I dimmed the lights, leaving only one table lamp on, so it was going to be as romantic as possible in my tiny apartment.

We undressed, and stood by the bed. I was ready for him to fuck me, and make love to me all night, if he wished.

He held me close, and kissed me. I loved him kissing me!

He asked me to give him a blowjob. I wasn’t really ready, but looking into his eyes, I knew that I would have to summon all I remembered about giving pleasure to a man, and dropped to my knees in front of him. I watched as his penis started to become hard, and reached out and held it in my hand. I slowly moved my fingers up and down the shaft, watching it grow. I knew his penis was long, because he could hit my cervix with it, but I had never really looked at it when he was fully erect, and ready for sex. This time was different. It was poised only inches in front of my face, and I was not repulsed by the thought of giving him pleasure in this way. In fact, it seemed natural that I should be on my knees in front of him, and have his dick in my mouth. I smiled as I thought of it, even though I knew that it was too long – that I wouldn’t be able to hold it all in my mouth even if I wanted to. But I was willing to do the best I could, and give him as much pleasure as I could.

He placed his hand on the back of my head, and gently pushed me toward him. I could smell his scent – or odor – and knew that in a few moments, I would be tasting it, too. It was not unpleasant ….. He didn’t smell like dead fish, as some women do. Yes, women know what other women smell like – we can tell if they’ve had sex, just by their body odor. Henry didn’t have that tell-tale smell. I liked his smell.

His hand was urging my head forward, and my lips touched the head of his penis. I knew that I needed to lubricate it with my saliva, and started licking it, all around. I was surprised that I suddenly had a lot of saliva in my mouth, and used it to wet his firm tool. I moved my face closer to his crotch, and let his dick slip between my lips, as I continued to hold it at the base. With my other hand, I was holding his hip, and let it slip around behind him, and urged his hips toward my face, slipping his dick into my mouth as far as I could. I got at least half of it into my mouth – maybe more, as he started to moan, and tell me how good I was.

Just sex talk, I thought. Betty had told me about sex talk!

I moved my head away from his body, letting him slip out from between my lips, then thrust my head forward again, taking as much of his rod as I could. Slowly, I did it again, and when he was almost out, I swallowed the excess saliva that had been building up in my mouth.

I pressed forward again, and repeated the process again, swallowing every time I felt a buildup of juice in my mouth. He tasted great! Almost like a pineapple milkshake that he had bought for me after dinner, but not as cold, of course. ….. I was enjoying this, I thought!

I removed my hand from his hip – no need to hold him, and brought it to my chest and squeezed my breast. I rubbed both nipples, hard and fast, and they popped up like so much hot popcorn! I tweaked each one, enjoying the delicious feeling in my breasts, and in my mouth. I felt my vagina start to twitch, and realized that I was going to cum pretty soon.

I released my nipple, and slid my hand down the front of my body, over my belly, and between my pussy lips. I suddenly realized that both my lips were in use – the lips on my mouth by Henry, and the lips between my legs, by my own fingers.

I flicked my clit back and forth, as fast as I could and began to moan from the experience. I wanted to cum --- I wanted to cum with Henry. Last week, he had made me cum, and I had made him cum, but this time, I wanted us to cum together! I wanted him to come in my mouth, as I came in my hand! --- I was almost there, and I hoped Henry was, too. There was no way I could tell him because my mouth was filled with his manhood. ‘Manhood’??? …. Where did I come up with that word, I wondered. It only broke my concentration for a second, and my pelvic muscles began to spasm, and I knew the pleasure train was just about to arrive.

As it did, that delicious warm feeling swept over my body, and Henry spurted his semen into my mouth! I had done it! We had achieved a mutual orgasm!!! I continued to pump my head back and forth, as Henry pumped his sperm into my mouth – I gulped it down every time I could, ignoring the need to breathe. ….. It seemed like he would fill my stomach with his juice. I never realized that a man could have so much sperm to give me.

I couldn’t have asked for any better – either in a partner, or in an experience. I couldn’t wait to tell Betty all about it in the morning, over breakfast.

* * * *

Eventually Henry introduced me to pleasure bondage, where he would tie me up gently, and ‘force’ me to have an orgasm. I particularly liked having my hands tied behind my back and being on my knees in front of him, with his dick in my mouth. Much as I had originally been repulsed by the idea of ‘having sex’ with a man, particularly of giving oral sex, I found that I really liked it. I enjoyed having his dick in my mouth, because it gave him pleasure. I knew that he would always give me pleasure, too. We found that he could make me cum just by tying my hands behind my back and rubbing my clit. It wasn’t earth-shattering, but it was a good orgasm, every time. Every time he did me, I wanted more. I was becoming a sexaholic. Or maybe I was becoming a Henry-holic!

I liked the idea that a man could control me so much that he could make me cum. A woman’s orgasm is such a personal thing, that having a man ‘forcing’ me to cum – giving him control over my mind and body to the point where he controlled my orgasm, as surely as he controlled his own, was simply mind blowing!

The thing I liked most about giving a blowjob, I learned from my sister Betty. She taught me that in giving a blowjob, I was the one who had the control over someone else’s orgasm. I could make them cum quickly by going fast, or prolong it as long as I wanted by going slowly and teasing him. I could make him cum, or keep him from cumming, as I pleased. The control over someone’s orgasm was delicious!

The best orgasms were when Henry took me as I lay flat on my back, with my legs spread wide, up in the air, and holding him close to my breasts. I imagined that I could feel his sperm pumping into my body, and that would bring me to orgasm.. True to his word, he never mistreated me - he always respected me, and was always gentle. He cared that I always had at least one good orgasm, and usually more than one. – And several smaller ones, during the afterglow. … I found that I was always ready for sex. Because I was given a deep sleep shot every night, I didn’t have the chance at night to bring myself to an orgasm, and my days were filled with activities, and being with Betty, so my time with Henry, and the others, was my most satisfying time, sexually.

During the days, when we were apart, he would pat me on the ass when he saw me, or cop a feel of my breast, every chance he got. A stolen kiss now and then, added romance to our lives. Once, he took me in one of the linen closets in the Clinic. I loved the surprises he gave me, and I always submitted. I loved his touch, his cologne, and the smell of his body while he was fucking me. I loved waking up and seeing him next to me in the bed on Saturday mornings, when we had time to play some more. He liked to fuck me in the morning when I had to pee, saying it increased my awareness of being fucked, and it did! He made me drink an extra glass of water before we went to sleep, just so my bladder would be full in the morning.

I didn’t realize it then, of course, but Henry was training my body to be responsive to a man’s touch, and at the same time, how to use my body to give men pleasure… They had all been training me to WANT to be responsive to a man’s touch – and to want him to touch me because it would give me pleasure. And in giving me pleasure, I would be giving them pleasure. What a tangled web we weave…..

* * * *

But Henry wasn’t my only partner… As I became more sexually active, I was allowed to dress normally, more and more. I wasn’t kept naked all the time, as I had been for those first few months. My wardrobe kept growing, as Betty and I shopped at the Company Store regularly. And she had been right – two dozen pairs of panties were not enough. They became my favorite piece of clothing, and I had lots of them! Bras, too, as I had finally finished developing, and had perfectly sized breasts for my body. I came in at 38 inches, and a small C-Cup. Just perfect for my body size and carriage.

I finally dated Daryl – the Milk Maid. Henry called him a “N’op” – which when spoken, rhymes with “mop”. Betty told me that it was an abbreviation of the phrase ‘No Op’, which had originally been used on Daryl’s medical charts to indicate that he was a ‘No Operation’ patient, who would not be receiving full transition surgery.

Daryl was indeed, a ‘wet nurse’. As we had sex for the first time, he was lactating, and he dribbled milk all over my chest! I had to laugh at that later, as I described the event to Betty… But because of Daryl’s proclivities, it was almost as if I were having sex with another woman who was wearing a strap-on. Strangely, it didn’t have any appeal for me – I didn’t really get turned on. I don’t know what the other women saw in him! But I was committed, so I gave him the best ride I could. It got back to me that he thought I was hot! We had several more dates during my last few months at the Clinic. … Just friendly romps in the sack.

Another man I had sex with, was Sylvester, the beautician. I suspect he used Viagra, or something like it, because he took so long to cum. It was pleasant enough, but took a lot of effort to make him get going – more than an hour from insertion to ejaculation. His penis was small, so he couldn’t hit my Cervix – my ‘G-Spot’ - , and I had to work myself up by hand while he was going at it. Fortunately, he had the stamina to keep up a steady pace, even if it did take a long time to reach his goal. But he was a friend, and I wanted to give him an evening of pleasure. … I guess I like to fuck my friends! Literally! I had never thought about it that way before, but it was true!

I also had the opportunity to have sex with a pretty nurse. But since I’m not into sex with women, we never developed a relationship beyond friendly courtesy to one another, and an occasional kiss. My mainstay was still my sister, Betty. I could always count on her to be a confidant and friend. It was often difficult to remember she was my sister – we had the same mother, but we were so different in many ways. Still, we loved each other, and I was glad she worked here at the Clinic. It made my medical recovery so much easier. I’ve almost forgotten what brought me here in the first place. We often discussed getting another tattoo, to match our roses… I’d forgotten why we ever did that to begin with. I suppose it was just a high school whim. … Or maybe girlish rebellion.

Most of my other sexual adventures except one, were unremarkable – just exercise for the mind and body. Nothing would ever develop with any of them past an occasional roll between the sheets. I found that I liked being used by men for their pleasure, regardless of their skill at releasing my own orgasm. In fact, I actually tutored some men in the art of pleasing a woman, which improved their skill level, and their performance. It was all a matter of their understanding what pleased a woman – of how to bring one to orgasm.

There was a new Japanese Intern at the Clinic. His name was Takamiro Yamamoto, ‘Taki’ for short - and his medical specialty was in Urology. He seemed nice enough, and asked me for a date right away. Betty warned me that he was an unknown quantity – that none of the nurses had dated him yet, so no one knew how good – or bad – he was in bed. I would be his first, if I accepted a date with him. He obviously knew the meaning of the rose tattoo – how could he not know where he was planning on practicing medicine.

He smiled at me, and asked for a date several times the first week that he arrived. I agreed to have dinner with him in the cafeteria, thinking that if I didn’t like him after eating with him, I’d fake a headache, and dump him!

Turned out, he was very personable, and good looking. He was polite, and we got along swell. So I dropped my reservations, and invited him up to my apartment to see what would develop. (I knew what would develop in my own mind, at least!)

We watched a little TV, and drank some herb tea – Doctor Bulieu didn’t allow any alcohol in the Clinic, which was probably just as well.

Gradually, our talk turned to the subject of sex. I don’t know whether I had brought it up first, or whether he did – I suspect he did! But he told me that he liked to shower with women, and washing them after he had tied their hands behind their back to heighten the experience.

At first, I didn’t see any harm in it – after all, I remembered that I had washed Jai once in a simulation of a Japanese Bath, and Taki was Japanese, and probably wouldn’t hurt me, so why not? I was feeling adventurous.

Well, we managed to get into the bathroom, and took off all our clothes before getting in the shower. Somewhere, he came up with a short piece of rope, and tied my hands behind my back. Then he held me close and kissed me. I melted right there, and was ready to bathe with him.

He turned on the water, adjusted the temperature, and held my arm as he helped me into the shower. He picked up a washrag, soaped it, and began washing my body. I quietly moaned with pleasure. I knew what Jai had been getting out of it when I washed her!

He scrubbed my back vigorously, and soaped up my glut’s and butt crack. I was enjoying it! Suddenly, I felt his fingers exploring my butt. He circled his free arm around my body to hold me still, and pushed a finger inside my ass!

I was startled at this invasion, but was willing to let him have his way for a while. No one had ever finger-fucked me before, and it was a new experience.

He pushed his finger in and out of my butt slowly, as he whispered in my ear how much he wanted to fuck me. His lips nuzzled the back of my neck, and I started to get turned on! I could feel my vagina start to twitch, which I knew was ‘opening the gate for the pleasure train’, as Betty liked to put it. If he kept finger-fucking me, I thought I’d be able to reach an orgasm without too much trouble. I felt his penis against my leg, and it was getting stiff!

He continued to finger-fuck me, and I closed my eyes and moaned aloud. He took that as a cue indicating my acceptance of what he was doing, and he picked me up bodily, and carried me out to the bed. We were still dripping wet!

He gently placed me on the bed, and rolled me over on my stomach to untie my hands. Holding me there, he climbed onto the bed, and used his knees to push my legs apart.

Oh, God, I thought…. He wants to fuck me in the ass!

I tried to protest, but he ignored my protest, and grabbed both my wrists and held me down. He positioned himself above my body, and lowered himself onto me. His dick searched for my ass, and finding it, he pressed forward.

“No”, I cried. … “No, I don’t want it like this!”

“Shut up, bitch”, he said, “and take it like a woman!”

THAT really stung! He was acting as if I wasn’t one!!!

I don’t know of any woman that wants to take it in the ass, I thought! Not here in the Clinic, anyway. I know that Betty does it occasionally, when a man wants to do it to her that way, but even she doesn’t like it!

As he pushed his dick into me, I started to cry…… It hurt! And he didn’t seem to care that he was hurting me! At least I cared enough about Jai to always be careful with her. Taki was going about it in a state of animal lust. He didn’t care about me, he just wanted to get his nuts off. If I’d had a knife, I’d have taken them off for him!!!

I tried to remember what Betty had taught me about Transcendental Meditation about going to a secret place, so I wouldn’t remember the pain and degradation of being used this way. I certainly didn’t like it, and didn’t want it to happen again!

“Please stop”, I pleaded. “You’re hurting me!”

But he ignored me, and kept thrusting in and out. Thankfully he had a small dick, and maybe this was the only way he could get off! Somehow I thought that Japanese men were noted as having large penises. I thought about him rattling around loose in a normal vagina, and started to laugh. Maybe he was too small to satisfy a woman in the normal way. I laughed again. Not at him, but just at the mental images I was bringing to mind.

That stopped him! Stopped him cold!!! I didn’t know why, but he pulled out of me, and his dick was as limp as a wet noodle! I figured it out….. He thought I was laughing at him – which I was, in a way, but not in the way he took it. I realized that laughter could be a self-defense tool!

He got off me, and slapped me hard on the butt. Without saying a word, he went into the bathroom, put on his clothes, and left me lying there on the bed, still laughing!

Needless to say, within a matter of hours, everyone in the Clinic knew he was a dud in bed, and couldn’t even shoot blanks! It wasn’t long after that, when he said he got a better job offer, and left the Clinic for good! Most of the girls thanked me, and couldn’t do enough for me for ‘saving’ them from ‘a fate worse than death!’

Even Edie and Miss Sims got a kick out of hearing how Taki had tried to use me.

We were a small community of women at Doctor Bulieu’s Clinic, and after Taki, I was fully accepted as one of them – even more so than before! Before, I had been a patient – then a guest – and now a friend!

I ran into Taki one more time ….. He came to the Clinic to ask Doctor Bulieu for a reference. I heard later that the Doctor had refused him, giving him a choice of no reference, or a bad one, citing inappropriate behavior with a patient!

* * * *

Betty finally told me the great secret about panties that women never told men. The secret was in how great they felt against bare skin, and if you positioned them just right, they would rub against your clitoris while you walked, and they could bring you to orgasm without anyone knowing about it. Especially in high heels! There was something about the tilt of the pelvis involved.

Not much of a secret, I thought, but I knew what she was talking about, since I had the experience myself. Accidently, of course. ….. Alright, deliberately! -- I lied!

Mostly, Betty just told me stories, and we shared secrets about the men we’d been with. I told her about Henry’s tattoo – he had been in the Navy, but she already knew about it! But I’ll never forget how she told me about her first time in the back seat of a car, and the resulting comedy of errors after she got her foot caught in the seat belt. He didn’t know what to do to get her loose, and they eventually had to get a knife and cut her loose by cutting the seatbelt.

Betty once told me in one of her stories, that she felt like a gay boy trapped in a woman’s body. I never thought of her that way, though. I always thought of her as a fully sexual woman, and was proud that she was my sister. Her duties at the Clinic kept her busy during the day, and I seldom saw her, but we nearly always had breakfast together, and our evenings were free to chat, play games, and watch movies on the television.

As promised by Doctor Bulieu, there was a plentiful library of pornographic tapes available for us to watch, and critique when we weren’t otherwise occupied for the evening. We watched them avidly, laughing at the absurdity of the story lines, and the actors themselves. Some of the tapes were nothing more than camera tapes of couples having play time together. One thing I did learn from them was that sex is fun, and a pleasant activity to share with someone else. I’ll always thank the Doctor for giving me that knowledge.

One of our favorites was a series with the same actors and actresses, and implausible story lines – a whole production company that turned out a series of soft porn tapes. ‘Kinky Pirates’, ‘Kinky Sex Slaves’, ‘Kinky Hotel’, ‘Kinky Bikinis’. and others. ….. Another movie I liked was called ‘Sudan’, and starred the beautiful Maria Montez. She was captured by slave traders, and was branded as a slave. Her ordeal was fascinating to me, although I would never want it to happen to me. On the TV screen however, it was a beautiful part of the story. Come to think about it, there were a lot of movies in the Clinic Library that featured girls being tied up. … I could probably name more than a dozen. … Even such popular films like ‘After the Fox’, with Peter Sellers, ‘Barbarella’, with Jane Fonda, and ‘Faithful’, with Cher. … Oh well, movies are just for entertainment. - Or so I thought! Later, I found out that all the movies in the library had been carefully selected to coincide with my sleep-learning tapes, in order to enhance my life as a woman, and reinforce my female memories. If Betty and I selected a movie to watch, that night, I would receive subliminal reinforcement of the themes in the movie that added to my memories or enhanced my feelings of being a woman.

* * * *

My Sleep Learning Tapes …

One morning, when I awoke, I found that the Sleep Learning machine was still running, and I could hear the tape. It was barely audible, and sometimes it was difficult to make out what was being said. I suppose that my brain was working on it, though… As near as I can remember, the same few phrases were being repeated, over and over. That’s the nature of a continuous loop tape player, of course. You’d think the brain would get tired of hearing the same thing, over and over, but apparently it made sense to those who were guiding my transition.

I could make out certain phrases, as things I’ve discussed with various staff members during the weeks since I arrived at the Clinic.

“I like being a woman. ….. I am a woman. ….. I’m very pretty. ….. I don’t remember why I was brought to the Clinic. ….. I don’t remember much of what happened before I came to the Clinic. ….. I like men. ….. I like having sex with men. ….. I like to give men pleasure. ….. I like to be submissive. ….. I want men to touch me, hold me, and kiss me. ….. I am not ashamed of my body. ….. I like men to look at me. ….. I like to give pleasure. ….. I am proud of how my body is developing. ….. I am not afraid of men. ….. I am confident in my abilities. ….. I enjoy being a girl. ….. I want to experience all life has to offer me. ….. I am happy. ….. ”

I lay there fascinated at all the things that were being fed into my brain, and exactly how well it was working… Most of the suggestions I already agreed with, and some I wasn’t sure about, but there weren’t any things that I disagreed with. …

“Men like to look at me, and I like them to look. ….. I like to look my best whenever I leave my room. ….. I like having sex with men. ….. I don’t remember a lot of my childhood because of the accident. ….. “

I felt confused. The voice on the tape was my mother’s voice – yet it was Edie Harris speaking. I could clearly make that out. I resolved to ask my sister Betty about it as soon as I could.

I remembered that I had to go to the bathroom. Much as I hated to miss anything, I got out of bed and went in to pee and wash myself. When I finished, I found that Betty had arrived, and had switched off the tape player. She usually came in before breakfast, to take me down to the exercise room, where Henry would be waiting, and where we would do our morning exercises.

She suggested we sit on the bed together, that she had something to tell me… As we sat there, she took my hand in hers, and said, “Would you like to take a nap?” And with that, she brushed the hair off my forehead, and I drifted off to sleep. …The next thing I remember is Betty waking me up, and leaving my room to go down to the exercise room.

Next week, Bondage School!


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