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My Odyssey Part 13: Bondage School by As narrated

by Anne-Marie to Tony B

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My Odyssey

As narrated by Anne-Marie Killamajiian,
Wife of Ahmed, of the House of Mustaffa, the Diamond Merchant

Warning: This story involves bondage, consensual sex, domination, coercion, sex changes, sexual slavery, rape, and other jiggery-pokery. It is entirely fictional, and is intended as entertainment for adults only. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or to any location or activity is purely coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (As if anybody ever is!)

Note: If you would like to contact the authoress to make a comment, you may contact Anne through Tony-B who originally published it as "My Story". She hopes you enjoy reading her story. Tony would also appreciate your comments. We will endeavor to answer all emails.

RECAP: In Part 12, Anne remembered many of her sexual adventures, and heard one of her Sleep Learning tapes for the first time …..


Part 13: Bondage School

One morning, after breakfast, Betty had told me that Doctor wanted to see me. It was on a Friday, I think.

As usual, Doctor Bulieu had me undress while I stood in front of his large desk, and as he watched.

When I was fully naked, he said, “The reason I called you in today, is that next week, there will be a very important part of your Charm School education.”

Now what, I thought? They already had me dancing, singing, smiling all the time and catering to men. What more were they planing?

We have obtained the services of Master Wong Howe, a Chinese bondage expert. He will be here with two of his female assistants to teach you about pleasure bondage.

“I thought you said I wouldn’t have to be tied up”, I reminded him.

“That’s true”, he said. “And you won’t have to be tied up now, if you don’t wish to be. But we consider this an important part of your education, and something you should know about, since it may happen to you sometime in your life, and you shouldn’t go into it without being prepared. You may get into a bondage scenario, and you’ll need to know your limits, and what to do to be perfectly safe.”

I thought about that for a minute. …..

“Remember”, he said, “I also promised that you wouldn’t be hurt!”

“Yes, I remember, Doctor. But I’m not sure I’d like it.”

“I understand”, he said. “Let me make a deal with you….. You try it for just one day, and if you still feel the same way, you won’t have to go to the rest of the classes.”

“Well, okay”, I said. “I can deal with it for just one day.”

“Good”, he said.

“Can you tell me what’s going to be involved?”, I asked.

“Yes, of course”, he said. “We don’t want you to go into anything without being prepared.”

I reflected on that, and so far, he was being truthful. They always told me what was going to be happening so I wouldn’t be afraid.

“The class will start after lunch, and will last about two hours each day for six days. You can just watch, or if you feel adventurous, you can join in, and let them involve you in the demonstrations. But if you decide only to watch, Master Howe will insist that your hands be tied gently behind your back with rope so you can’t interfere. You may ask questions – after all, this is a learning experience. Master Wong’s two assistants will be the principle subjects of the demonstrations, and will tie each other up in various positions so you’ll know what they are, and how to relax your mind and body to deal with the restrictions. You would really learn more about it by participating, though.”

“The bondage will become progressively more severe, until the last day. As I said, you can opt out of the class at any time you choose. But I think you’ll find it fascinating to watch – and participate in, if you choose. It will be a real learning experience!”

“Okay, Doctor”, I said. “I’m willing to learn!”

“Good”, he said. “Nurse Betty will take you down to the exercise room after lunch on Monday, and will pick you up after the class is over. She’ll be responsible for tying your hands before the class each day you choose to attend. I know you trust her not to hurt you.”

“Will I need any special clothes?”, I asked. “A leotard, or something?”

“No”, he replied. “You’ll be nude, as usual.”

Now how could I guess that was going to be the case???

* * * *

When our meeting was over, I put on my clothes and left the office. Betty was waiting for me in the hall, and I told her that I would be going to bondage school next week.

“Oh, you’ll probably like it”, she said. “I did when I first went through it.”

My sister constantly amazed me! She never told me she had gone to Charm School! Or Bondage School, for that matter!

“And I know just the movie we should watch this weekend!”, she said. “It’s called ‘The Story of O’.”

* * * *

On Monday, after we had shared a lunch, Betty tied my hands loosely behind my back as we were preparing to go down to the exercise room.

“I’m really apprehensive about this, Betty”, I said. “What if I change my mind?”

“Master Howe is an honorable man”, she said. “If you ask him to release you, he will. But he is also a master of the art of bondage, and knows how to take a woman to the very limit of her endurance, and hold her there until she reaches an orgasm. If you allow him to, he will teach you how to really enjoy bondage. I hope that you will learn things you cannot learn any other way.”

“I’ll try”, I said to her.

“Are you comfortable?”, she asked. “Are the ropes too tight?”

“No. I’m fine”, I said. “You haven’t hurt me.”

“Okay”, she said. “Then let’s go downstairs.”

* * * *

As we entered the exercise room, Betty stopped and removed her shoes just inside the door. She said nothing, but nodded towards my feet. I got the message, and slipped my shoes off and left them at the door.

Master Howe was sitting cross-legged on the floor, and his two assistants were nude, like me, one sitting on either side of him. As we had entered the room, they had automatically lowered their eyes. As Betty led me to stand in front of him, I dropped my eyes in submission. Betty placed her hands together in front of her breasts, as if she were praying, and bowed. My hands were tied, so I just bowed a little.

Betty spoke… “Good afternoon, Master Howe. This is Anne-Marie, your candidate for instruction.”

He looked me up and down. Pausing for a moment, he took stock of whatever I had to offer.

Finally, he said, “Good day, Mistress Anne-Marie. Welcome. …..

I didn’t know exactly how to answer him – or whether I should, so I remained silent.

“Thank you, Mistress Betty”, he said.

Betty bowed again, and said to me, “I’ll be back for you in two hours Anne.” She returned to the door, put on her shoes, and left, leaving me alone with the three of them.

I continued to stand in front of Master Howe with my eyes down, and my hands tied behind my back, wondering what was coming next.

“Doctor Bulieu has told me of your reticence”, he said. “I am here to help you, not hurt you, and you may continue, or leave these classes at any time you choose. You may speak freely.”

I didn’t answer.

“Don’t be afraid, little one. Truly, it is said that wisdom comes from learning, and we shall endeavor to teach you what we know. If you continue, you will gain great understanding. If you leave, you will miss the knowledge that we offer.”

His two assistants, who had also been sitting quietly, raised their eyes, and looked at me for the first time.

One of them said in English, “Please stay.” She smiled at me – a beautiful smile, showing her perfect, white teeth!

“Pardon me for not introducing you”, he said. Gesturing to his right, he said, “This is Aisha”, and gesturing to his left, “… and this is Masuki. They are both Japanese.”

I didn’t know what to do. This hadn’t been covered in my preparation. So I turned to each one, and bowed. They both giggled, covering their mouths with their hands. Obviously, I had committed a faux pas.

“Please forgive a foolish young woman”, I said. “I have not yet been well trained in the art of politeness.” I lowered my eyes again.

I had a flashback memory of how polite Jai had been, and then it was gone!

I was amazed at my own level of politeness. When I discussed it with Betty, when we were back in my room, she said that when Doctor Bulieu knew that Master Howe was coming, that oriental politeness had been included in my sleep learning tapes. And that it usually only took three days or so for my lessons to successfully be implanted in my memory, depending on their complexity. A weekend was not usually sufficient for a memory to become fully ingrained.

The Master nodded his head. “It is understandable”, he said. “But we shall be very informal here. You may look at us, and speak freely.”

I raised my eyes and looked at him directly.

“That is better”, he said. “In many ways, the customs of the west are superior to ours.”

He was wearing a ceremonial Chinese robe, and held a fan in his right hand. In the days that followed, he used the fan to point out the various bondage positions, and other points of interest during my lessons. He never directly touched Aisha or Masuki.

“Please look carefully at Aisha”, he said. “You will notice that she wears a small piece of chain around her right wrist. And that she is seated at my right side.”

I looked at her wrist as she held it out for inspection. It was circled by a small silver chain, much like the submission chain that I was wearing, but smaller, and more delicate.. There was no clasp.

“And now, Masuki, sitting on my left. She wears a similar chain, except that it is on her left wrist.”

Masuki held out her left hand, so I could see her identical chain.

“I’m an old man, and it helps me to remember which is which – Japanese women all look alike to me”, he said, smiling.

I could see definite similarities – and definite differences in the way they wore their hair, and their makeup. But they could have been sisters. I could see where it might be difficult for an old man, perhaps with failing eyesight, to tell them apart.

“Let me ask you first, Mistress Anne-Marie, are you sexually active?”

He asked with no apparent prurient interest, so I answered him honestly. “Yes”, I said.

“And is your partner a man or a woman?”, he asked. “I need to know only so that I may guide your lessons to better serve you.”

He assumed that I only had one partner, which was true at the moment. “A man”, I said.

“Good!”, he responded. “Are you comfortable being tied?”

“My friend has not tied me yet”, I said. “I am not uncomfortable right now, but I have been bound tightly before, and didn’t like it.”

“Good answer”, he said. “You were obviously tied before by an amateur.”

“Well, it was actually steel handcuffs and a chain”, I said, “… and they were most uncomfortable.”

I didn’t elaborate. I didn’t tell him how badly I had been treated in that filthy jail!

“Yes, I understand”, he said. “What a pity that you were not well treated. We shall attempt to reverse your mind about bondage, then.”

“Thank you, Master. I’m here to learn”, I said.

“Would you like to watch, or would you rather participate?”, he asked.

“If you don’t mind, Master, I’d like to just watch for now.”

“As you like, little one.”

That was the second time he had called me ‘little one’. It seemed as if he had selected that as an appellation, so he wouldn’t have to use the more formal ‘Anne-Marie’ when he was addressing me. Well, that’s okay with me, I thought. It’s probably part of his tradition to use an endearing term when referring to his students. As long as he was addressing me, he could call me whatever he wished.

Turning to the girls, he said, “Aisha? … Masuki?”

They both rose, and went to the table, where various pieces of rope and chain had been laid out. I could see a large box which contained an assortment of other bondage gear – gags, cuffs, restraints, straps, hoods, blindfolds, and chastity belts. Aisha picked up the chains and put them back in the box. I thought that the chains would probably come later – but they never did.

“Come sit by me”, the Master said, gesturing to the space at his right where Aisha had been sitting.

I moved to the spot he had indicated and prepared to sit down. He offered his hand to help me lower myself, taking hold of my elbow. His hand and arm were amazingly strong and steady, considering his age. I took a guess…. He was probably a Tai Chi Master too, although bondage must have been his primary expertise. I knew that Henry was also exceptionally strong because of Tai Chi.

“Thank you”, I said as I reached the floor level and crossed my legs. In this position, it was impossible to shield my genitals from view, and it was apparent he had no sexual interest in what I looked like down there.

“We shall start with rope”, he said. “Aisha, tie Masuki’s hands behind her back in position one, please.”

He turned his head toward me, and said, “Please pay particular attention to the position numbers, and memorize them. On the last day of your class, if you continue, there will be a test.”

I could hardly imagine what sort of ‘test’ would be given. Pictures of tied up girls, where I would have to identify their position numbers???

Aisha took a short piece of rope as Masuki turned her back to the Master and me, and crossed her wrists. Aisha looped the rope around Masuki’s wrists once, and tied the loose ends in a knot.

“Now you will notice, little one, that this simple loop is the most basic of bondage positions. Yet it is very dangerous. While her arms are relaxed in a natural position, her hands can be brought up higher behind her back to a more painful position at the will of her Master.”

Aisha pressed Masuki’s hands higher up her back because he rope allowed the wrists to change position accordingly.

“It is dangerous because in this position, the hands can be brought up high enough to dislocate the shoulders or break the arms unless the Master is very careful.”

With that, Aisha pushed Masuki’s arms higher. Masuki was forced to raise herself on her toes, and let out a little squeal of pain. She was held there for only a few seconds, but I cringed watching her being hurt this way. Aisha released her almost immediately, and her hands fell back down to the natural hanging position.

“Release her, Aisha”, he said.

Aisha untied the rope and Masuki turned to face us again, her hands at her sides.

“Masuki, demonstrate position two for Mistress Anne-Marie”, he ordered.

This time, it was Aisha’s turn to be bound. She turned her back, and placed her wrists in the classic bondage position, as Masuki had done a minute before.

Masuki took the rope, and looped it twice around Aisha’s wrists. First in one direction, and then the other, crossing the rope, and turning it ninety degrees behind the wrists. She tied the loose ends, as she had been tied a moment before.

“Now you will notice”, he said to me, “that the rope, passing twice around the wrists in opposite directions, prevents the hands from being raised higher up the back, and prevents the potential of damage to the shoulders or arms.”

Masuki demonstrated that Aisha’s hands could not be raised to a painful position when bound in this manner.

I had a momentary flashback to when I had tied Jai like this. …..

“Should your partner desire to tie your hands, try to maneuver him to tie your wrists in position number two, for your own protection.”

I realized that this was the way Betty had tied my wrists together. Was it deliberate, or an accidental coincidence? I decided it must have been deliberate since she had been to Bondage School herself.

As the afternoon progressed, Aisha and Masuki were tied in dozens of positions, with the Master commenting on each one, and instructing me on the best ways for my own protection. Both Aisha and Masuki fully complied with his instructions, and never protested any position into which they were placed. It was obvious to me that they had done this many times before, and it was almost routine, first one, and then the other submitting to the various positions, then changing sides, as the other became the victim while the one who had been tied previously, assumed the master’s role. It was also obvious that they completely trusted Master Howe, as they followed his instructions without question.

Time passed swiftly, and I was absorbed in the instruction as Betty returned at the end of two hours. She took off her shoes at the door, and I was barely aware of her entering the room.

Master Howe said, “That is the end of class for today.”

With that, Masuki untied Aisha, whose turn it was to be the ‘victim’, and they replaced the various ropes and bondage items back in the box that I had observed when I first entered the room. They returned to the Master, and sat down in front of him, facing us both. We were a square, the Master and I on one side, and the two assistants facing us on the other.

He nodded to both girls and said, “Thank you, ladies.”

They both bowed their heads briefly in acknowledgement.

Turning to me, he asked, “Will you be back tomorrow, little one?”

“Yes, Master”, I replied. “I’m looking forward to it. And tomorrow, I wish to participate.”

“It shall be as you wish, little one”, he said. …..

Betty bowed to Master Howe, and helped me to stand up. She turned me around and untied my hands, without making any comment. We retrieved our shoes, and left the exercise room with the Master and his assistants engaging in quiet conversation. …..

In the hallway, Betty asked me how the class had been.

“They giggled at me”, I said.

Curious, she asked, “What did you do?”

“I don’t know”, I replied. “I bowed to the Master, and to each one separately, and they giggled.”

“No! You didn’t!”, she said in surprise.

“Yes ….. I did!” I answered. “And I don’t know what I did!”

“I know you didn’t know, dear”, she said. “You always bow to the Master, but never to the assistants. They are only there as models. ….. Did you apologize?”

“Yes – Immediately! I didn’t know what I had done, but I did know to apologize!”

“That’s good”, she said. “Then no harm was done!”

* * * *

Day Two …..

The next day, after lunch, Betty produced a long red sash. She tied one end around my waist, while explaining that this was a modesty sash, and would protect my modesty as my legs would be spread apart during most of the class.

She pulled the long end of the sash up between my legs, carefully spreading it out between my legs to completely cover my most private parts, and up through my backside, and looped it through the sash at my waist. She pulled it tight between my legs, and tied it to the sash, just above my rose tattoo.

“Is it comfortable?”, she asked.

“Yes, Betty”, I said.

“Okay”, she said. “… now place your wrists in position two, so I can tie them together.”

I marveled that she knew all this and had never mentioned it….. I crossed my wrists behind me as instructed, and she wrapped the rope around them skillfully, and tied them securely – a little tighter than yesterday, I thought.

“Are you ready for class?”, she asked.

“Yes, Betty”, I said. “I’m ready.”

She guided me downstairs to the exercise room, holding me gently by the elbow. We entered the room, where I had exercised with Henry just a few hours before, and slipped off our shoes at the door.

Betty guided me over to Master Howe, and bowed. He nodded, acknowledging her presence. I simply lowered my eyes, and stood waiting.

“Here is your student”, Betty said. “I shall return for her in two hours.”

Master Howe nodded again.

Betty bowed again, retrieved her shoes, and left the room.

I raised my eyes, and looked at the girls. They were both wearing modesty belts exactly like the one that Betty had tied on me, and nothing else. But they were unbound.

Master Howe said, “Come sit with us for a moment.”

Aisha rose and helped me lower myself to a sitting position on the floor, facing the Master, then returned to her position in front of him and sat down.

“You have said you wished to participate today”, he said. “Have you changed your mind?”

“No, Master Howe”, I said. “I wish to participate today, to learn from my experience.”

“That is a good answer”, he said.

He made a motion toward me, and Masuki rose and stepped behind me. She knelt, and untied my hands. She placed the rope on the floor in front of me, and returned to where she had been sitting before. I brought my hands around in front of me, folded my hands together and placed them in my lap with the palms open and facing up, as Aisha had placed hers.

“Very good”, Master Howe said. “You learn very quickly.”

I blushed at the compliment given by the Master, and dropped my eyes.

“Very quickly, indeed!”, he said.

It pleased me that he had recognized that I had extended the effort to submit to him.

“Today, we shall begin with bondage of the legs”, he said.

Aisha and Masuki rose, and went to the table where the ropes had already been laid out. They stood there, waiting for instructions.

The Master spoke …. “Aisha and Masuki will bind you gently today, but you will be bound for the entire class, and will be able to watch as you learn your lessons, and ask questions if you have any. Because the bondage is more difficult, each girl will be bound for thirty minutes each time before she is released..

I nodded that I understood.

“Please stand”, he said, “and allow Aisha and Masuki to bind you.”

I rose, and they came to me, one on each side, and took my arms. They led me over to where a rope was dangling from the ceiling. I looked at it with a little apprehension… Neither of them spoke to me.

Masuki stood in front of me and grasped my right hand with hers, then took my left hand in hers, and pulled my hands forward, crossing my wrists as she separated her hands, and held me there. She was gentle, but firm. In Tai Chi, this would be a fighting position – but I was here to learn, not fight, so I submitted to her.

Aisha took one end of the dangling rope, and looped it around my wrists in position number two, tying them together. Satisfied that it was tight, she stepped back and grasped the other end of the rope. Masuki released my hands as Aisha pulled on the rope, pulling my hands up, and above my head. When she was satisfied that I was in position, and not being hurt, she tied off the loose end of the rope around my wrists as before.

I looked at my bondage. I probably could have escaped if I wanted to, by pulling down part of the ceiling, but I was here to learn, and I wasn’t in any pain, so I continued to submit.

While Aisha was tying the rope at my wrists, Masuki went to the box on the table, and removed a piece of metal, about two feet long, which had straps affixed to both ends. I knew what it was – it’s called a ‘spreader bar’, and is used to spread a woman’s legs apart for sexual activity. It also prevents the woman from closing her legs as long as her master wants them to remain open.

Masuki placed the bar on the floor in front of me. They both knelt beside me, one at each side. Each one took an ankle, and slowly – but gently – pulled my feet apart, opening my legs. When my feet were apart, as wide as the metal bar was long, they used the straps to secure the bar between my ankles. I was held there with my legs spread wide, and ‘tied’ to the ceiling.

Aisha raised her hand between my legs, and started to run her fingers along my modesty belt to be sure that it was in the proper position, and that it had not slipped up between my labia, where it could hurt me. Surprised at being touched by a woman, instinctively I pulled my hips back away from her, and said, “No.”. Her hand froze in mid air and she turned and looked at Master Howe.

“Relax, little one”, he said. “Aisha will not hurt you. She is only checking to be sure your belt has not slipped into a position that could cause you pain, since you cannot do it for yourself.”

Masuki raised her arm and placed her hand on my butt, pressing my hips gently forward. I looked at her, and she nodded reassuringly. Trusting Master Howe, and Masuki, I accepted that Aisha wasn’t going to hurt me, and I relaxed my hips and stood up straight. Aisha looked at me again, and starting over, ran her fingers along the belt, to make sure it fit me properly. There was no sexual intent, although I did have a moment of pleasure as she touched me. Satisfied that the belt was properly positioned, she removed her hand, and Masuki did the same.

“I’m sorry”, I breathed to Aisha, and she smiled back at me and nodded.

Without rising, they turned to Master Howe and dropped their eyes, with their hands in their laps.

“Are you comfortable, little one?”, he asked.

“I am not uncomfortable”, I said. “I’m not in pain.”

“Good”, he said. “Remember that you can be released if you ask.”

That made me feel more comfortable. I felt that they were not going to hurt me, as Doctor Bulieu had said they wouldn’t.

“For the rest of today’s class”, he said, “you only have to watch and learn.”

As if by a prearranged signal, Aisha and Masuki rose and went to the massage table that was always in the exercise room. One at each end, they picked up the table and brought it over to where I was standing, and placed it about six feet in front of me. I figured that they were going to use this to demonstrate the various bondage positions for today.

“The purpose of leg bondage”, Master Howe said, “is to either prevent, or facilitate sexual activity. Rarely is it used to create pain, but it can be used to create humiliation.”

Masuki got up on the table, and laid back, with Aisha helping her get comfortable. She brought over a small pillow and slid it under Masuki’s head.

“It intensifies the experience, if the woman is forced to watch whatever is happening to her, as Masuki will be”, he said.

He rose from his sitting position, came over and stood beside the table, facing me. I noticed that he walked with a slight limp, and used a cane. I had not noticed it before – but it confirmed my realization that he was an old man….. He had never risen from his sitting position before – it was all description. No touching, and no actual participation. Masuki stretched her legs straight down the length of the table, and pointed her toes, waiting for her bondage. -- It was amazing that these girls knew exactly what Master Howe was going to do, or say, and were totally willing to be used in this manner. I noticed that Masuki’s nipples had hardened, and were sticking out from her breasts. It was obvious to me that she was experiencing some amount of excitement at the thought of what was about to be done to her.

Aisha brought several short pieces of rope from the bondage box, and proceeded to tie Masuki’s ankles together with one piece.

“The most basic tie”, Master Howe said, “is used to tie the ankles together. We call this, position 40.”

Aisha looped the rope around Masuki’s ankles twice, and knotted it.

“To make the tie more secure – and painful – an additional rope is looped between the legs, and around the existing loops, and pulled tight. This is called a ‘cincher’ tie – position 41.”

As he explained this, Aisha pressed the short rope between Masuki’s legs, and brought it up the other side of the existing tie, pulled the ends together, and knotted them above the first knot.

“You will notice that in this basic position, the woman may still be used for sexual activity. ….”

Aisha raised Masuki’s legs, straight up toward the ceiling, and pressed them back down against Masuki’s chest. Masuki’s hands and arms had not been tied, and she held them at her sides, using them to stabilize herself and prevent her body from rolling off the table.

“Additionally”, he continued …. “this raises the woman’s genital area for deeper penetration, and greater satisfaction for both parties.”

This was almost like a lecture with a live action slide show!

Satisfied that I understood the point, Aisha lowered Masuki’s legs back down to the table. I noted that they had always been careful with each other, and except when the demonstration had required it, to never inflict pain on one another.

“Are you alright?”, he asked suddenly.

His question brought my attention back to what he was saying….

“Yes, Master”, I replied. “I’m okay!”

He had noticed that my attention had wandered.

He continued… “The next tie secures the knees together, and is called position 42.”

Aisha took a piece of rope and looped it around Masuki’s legs, just above the knees. She pulled it tight, and knotted it.

“This tie may be placed either above or below the knees”, he said. “… it really doesn’t matter. Both positions are equally binding in a stationary position, and do not contribute to overall immobility. When tied above the knees, and the ankles freed, the woman may still be forced to walk, although with great difficulty. But if placed below the knees, walking would be impossible. In severe activity, a tie may be placed in both positions – above, as well as below the knees.”

Aisha draped another piece of rope around Masuki’s legs, below the knees. She pulled it tight, but did not tie it, so I could see the effect.

“In all these positions”, the Master said, “… the woman may still be used sexually by raising her legs as demonstrated before. She may also be used while she is on her side…”

Masuki rolled over on her side, as Aisha helped to keep her from falling off the table. Masuki raised her legs to her chest which would have exposed her private parts, had she not been wearing the modesty belt.

I was familiar with this position – I had once tied Jai in that position, the first time I fucked her! I knew what pleasure it could give both partners!

Lowering her legs, Masuki rolled over on her back again, and scooted her butt back into the middle of the table. …..

* * * *

The two hour class was almost over, and I was tired standing with my legs held wide apart, and my hands pulled up toward the ceiling. I asked Master Howe to release me.

He motioned to Masuki, who was free at the moment, waving his fan in my direction.

Masuki came to me immediately, and reached above my head and released the rope that was holding my hands above my head. We were face to face, and her breasts briefly touched mine. It was not unpleasant. She gently lowered my hands, and untied my wrists. She rubbed my wrists to make sure I wasn’t hurt by being tied.

She knelt in front of me, and released the straps holding my legs apart. As she did so, I brought my legs together with a sigh of relief. The pain in my hips and shoulders had subsided somewhat, and there was no need of my mentioning it.

When I was free, Master Howe said, “Come and sit down, little one.”

I sat beside him again, and watched as Masuki proceeded to untie Aisha, who had been the last bondage victim of the day. I knew that Aisha had been in some pain, too, from the strain of having her legs pulled up behind her back and tied to her wrists for so long. She didn’t complain, though ….. She never seemed to complain, not even when I knew she was being hurt.

Master Howe had called that position a ‘hog-tie’. I couldn’t imagine how it related to hogs. ….. But it must have made sense to someone.

Aisha and Masuki joined us, sitting across from the Master. They folded their hands in their laps, and dropped their eyes, waiting for whatever the Master had to say.

“You have all done very well, today”, he said. “I have been pleased. I am particularly pleased with you, little one. You have done very well today. One lesson you learned today which was very important, was endurance. I want you to think about that tonight. Will you join us again, tomorrow?”

“Yes,. Master Howe”, I said as Betty entered the room.

I saw her, and looked at Master Howe, for permission to leave.

“Yes, you may leave, little one. Sleep well.”, he said.

I rose, turned and bowed to him. He nodded his acceptance. I turned and walked to the door. I picked up my shoes as Betty bowed to him, and we left.

Day Three – Wednesday -- Pole Bondage – Positions 6, 8, and 47: Wrists, Elbows, and Ankles to pole

After Lunch, Betty bid me undress, as it was time for Bondage School. Once again, I did as instructed, turning my back to Betty so she could tie my hands.

“Not today, dear”, she said. “Since you have chosen to be a participant in your instruction, rather than an observer, Master Howe has instructed me not to bind you. We will go to the class together, as equal women.”

I didn’t realize the import of her statement, at the time. …..

So I put on my slippers – yes, I was wearing slippers now days, and no longer had to go barefoot everywhere. I was still nude, of course, but that didn’t bother me. I was used to being naked where other people could look at me. So Betty, in her starched white uniform, and I went downstairs to the exercise room.

As we entered the room, we stopped at the door, and Betty took off her shoes, and I slipped out of my slippers, and left them at the door. I turned to see Master Howe, Aisha and Masuki, waiting for me. They were sitting near the exercise pole, where I had been taught to pole-dance in one of my dance classes. Both girls had their hair swept up to the tops of their heads, exposing their bare necks. “Beautiful”, I thought to myself. An upswept hairdo was really becoming to them both.

Betty was taking a long time, I thought, so I turned to look at her. She was just folding her dress, and setting it on the floor next to her shoes. She was totally naked! Although she was my sister, and I had seen her without clothes many times – or so I remembered, the sight of her naked somehow surprised me. I looked at her rose tattoo, identical to the one I wore, and remembered how we both got them at the same time in High School, as a rite of passage, and an act of rebellion and self assertiveness! Our daddy was pretty mad that we had done it without asking his permission first. But we both knew that he would have tried to talk us out of it!

Standing up, she took me by the elbow and guided me over to where Master Howe was sitting with Aisha and Masuki. We both folded our hands in front of our breasts, and bowed to the Master, who motioned with his fan that we should sit down.

As we did so, it suddenly stuck me funny that should anyone come in, we would look a sight – four naked women, sitting around an old Chinese gentleman. I hadn’t thought about it before, but the door to the exercise room was never locked – in fact had no lock on it at all, and anybody could come in at any moment to find naked women being tied up. I stole a glance at Betty, and she was beautiful, sitting there with her hands folded in her lap, with her open palms facing upward. Her perfect breasts and flat tummy did her proud! I only wished that my figure turned out to be as good as hers!

The Master spoke … “Good afternoon, little one.” Nodding to Betty, he said, “And welcome to our class, Mistress Betty.”

She acknowledged his greeting by lowering her eyes and nodding her head slightly.

“Thank you for inviting me”, she said.

Turning to me, the Master said, “I suppose you are wondering why Mistress Betty has joined us today.”

“Yes, Master”, I said. “I am curious.”

“If you continue with your lessons today”, he said, “today may be painful for you, and Mistress Betty is here to help you deal with any pain you might experience..”

I understood. Betty was here to help me, if I needed it.

“Are you willing to continue?”, he asked.

“Yes, Master”, I heard myself say. …..

I stole another glance at Betty, whose eyes were still lowered, and saw a slight smile on her lips. I figured she was proud of me, and that I had chosen the right path.

“Very well”, he said. “Aisha? ….. Masuki?”

They rose, and came to where Betty and I were seated. They helped me to rise gracefully, and guided me over to the exercise pole. Aisha turned me around so that I was facing the Master and pressed my back against the pole. Masuki, standing behind the pole, gripped both my wrists and pulled them back on either side of the pole, and held me there.

I saw that Betty had moved so that she was now seated beside Master Howe, and was smiling at me, to assure me that I had nothing to fear.

Aisha went to the table that held the bondage box, and removed three pieces of rope. One was longer than the others. Returning to my side, she dropped two pieces of rope on the floor, and prepared to tie my hands behind the pole. Meanwhile, Masuki had turned my hands so the palms were facing each other, and had folded the fingers of one hand closed, which was held in the palm of the other. She held me firmly, while Aisha looped the rope around my wrists twice, and tied the ropes ends together.

I was thus held, with my arms pointing straight down, behind my back, and the pole. I knew that there was no escape from this position. What was it, I tried to remember…. Position number 6, if I remembered correctly. A benign tie, which could be worn comfortably for hours, without pain, Master Howe had said. It was one of the ties that I had been shown on the first day, but this was the first time I had experienced it. I remembered that it was Aisha who had been tied this way.

Aisha stooped and picked up the other short piece of rope. Meanwhile, Masuki pressed my elbows together, in line above my bound wrists and held them there as Aisha tied them together with a double loop. I remembered that this was position number 8.

Position 8, pulled my shoulder blades together, and pushed my chest out in front, causing my breasts to stick out provocatively. It also started to cause some discomfort right away in my back and shoulders. Having watched Aisha being tied in position 8 on that first day, I had not realized that it also caused pain.

Masuki knelt at my side and picked up the last piece of rope that Aisha had brought from the bondage box. She quickly looped the rope around my ankles, front to back, then back to front, resulting in a double loop around them She tied the loose ends in front, then pulled the loose ends of the rope back around the pole, and tied the ends once again. I was held firmly to the pole, with my arms held behind me, and my legs held firmly to the pole at floor level.

I hoped they wouldn’t gag me – I knew that had I been gagged, I would have been totally helpless to protest, or to ask to be released. And Betty wouldn’t be able to help me if I were in distress!

The pain in my arms and shoulders grew quickly, and in only a few moments, it felt as if my arms were being broken off, and ripped out of their sockets. In less than a minute, I was in excruciating pain!

“Master”, I called out, “I’m in pain!” I didn’t want to ask him to release me, I really did want to learn, but this was more than I could bear!

Aisha and Masuki were standing behind me, now, and Aisha was the closest. She reached out and rubbed my shoulders to try to relieve the pain.

I was determined not to ask to be released unless the pain became unbearable, so I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes closed, trying to deal with the pain. A moment later, I opened my eyes to find that both the Master, and Betty were standing in front of me with a look of concern on their faces.

“Has she experienced Transcendental Meditation?”, he asked Betty.

“Yes, Master”, she replied. “But her breakthrough was less than two weeks ago.”

“Then it has not been enough time”, he said. “It varies by individual, and Anne-Marie was not ready.”

He reached out pressed on a nerve on my right side, just behind my clavicle, and the pain seemed to lessen, but I was still in tears. He pressed another nerve behind my left clavicle, and the pain lessened again, but was still there!

“Go to your secret place, little one”, he said. “Go now, and forget the pain!”

I didn’t know what he meant. I had no ‘secret place’, and being tied, I couldn’t have left, anyway.

“I don’t think she has a secret place yet”, Betty said.

The Master began talking to me in a soft and low tone. “Concentrate on the pain”, he said. …..

How could I concentrate on it, I wondered. It was hard enough just to bear it!

“Turn your pain into pleasure”, he said. “It is gradually going away. Soon, you will no longer remember the pain. It will go away, and you will be fine. …..”

He sounded a lot like Edie, when she was counseling me…..

But as he spoke, the pain became less terrible. It did, indeed, start to fade away. I wasn’t thinking about it, but started to think of a summer day in a grassy meadow, surrounded by flowers and chirping birds. …..

“She will need your help, Mistress Betty”, he said…..

I saw Betty reach up to brush the hair off my forehead.

What the hell good is that going to do, I thought.

The Master said, “Sleep, little one. Go to sleep!”, and my brain seemed to shut off.

All I could remember was that Betty and I were running and laughing in the meadow, without a care in the world. I heard a name called out …. “Masuki?”, and felt my elbows being released. A light mist surrounded us, and I thought it might rain…. “It was too much for her”, a voice said…..

We were wearing identical dresses, although mine was smaller than hers. My titties had just begun to develop, and I was happy that soon, I’d be just as pretty as my sister!

My wrists were untied, and I was being held up by strong hands.

“She was not ready”, another voice said. …..

My ankles were released, and I was led over to a waiting bed – a four-poster bed in the meadow - and tucked in by my beautiful sister, in her summer dress and wide-brimmed sun hat. Her dress was white chiffon, with little blue bows between her titties. She reminded me of a Norman Rockwell painting I had seen in summer school, titled ‘Summer Bliss’, and I was twelve years old again, as I dropped off to sleep.

Before I woke up, I heard my mother’s voice, calling to me. “Anne --- wake up Anne. Everything is okay.”

As I opened my eyes, I saw my sister Betty. She was there by my bedside, along with Edie and Doctor Bulieu. He was just about to give me a shot with the pneumatic syringe, when Edie touched his hand, and said, “I think it’s better to let her rest naturally, tonight.”

Doctor Bulieu looked at her, and acquiesced, putting the air syringe back in the nightstand drawer.

Edie said, “You fell down and hit your head, Anne. But you’re perfectly safe, now. Do you remember falling down?”

“Yes, I think so”, I said. “I remember that Betty was there, and I heard my mother calling me – but that’s pretty much all I can remember. It seems like it all happened a long time ago…..”

“Yes”, Edie said. “You were lucky that Betty was there to help you. …..”

Her voice faded away, and I drifted back into sleep, as she brushed the hair off my forehead.

* * * *

The next morning, at breakfast, I asked Betty if we were going to Bondage School again.

“No”, she said. “You aren’t ready yet. Someday, maybe, but not today, and I have finished my classes. They only allowed you to come to class for one day, so you could see what it was all about.”

I accepted her word on that, she would know better than I, and Doctor Bulieu was waiting to see me again this morning anyway. …..

* * * *

Doctor Bulieu congratulated me on wanting to go to Bondage School with Betty, but said I was not ready yet. We never talked about Bondage School again, but it quickly faded from my memory. If it weren’t for the occasional flashbacks, I wouldn’t even remember being there for that one day at all. …..

Next week, Regressive Memory Training. …..


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