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My Odyssey Part 14: Regressive Memory Training by As narrated

by Anne-Marie to Tony B

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne-Marie to Tony B - Used by permission

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My Odyssey

As narrated by Anne-Marie Killamajiian,
Wife of Ahmed, of the House of Mustaffa, the Diamond Merchant

Warning: This story involves bondage, consensual sex, domination, coercion, sex changes, sexual slavery, rape, and other jiggery-pokery. It is entirely fictional, and is intended as entertainment for adults only. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or to any location or activity is purely coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (As if anybody ever is!)

Note: If you would like to contact the authoress to make a comment, you may contact Anne through Tony-B who originally published it as "My Story". She hopes you enjoy reading her story. Tony would also appreciate your comments. We will endeavor to answer all emails.

RECAP: In Part 13, Anne flunked out of Bondage School …..

Part 14: Regressive Memory Training

One day, in one of my Counseling sessions, Edie wanted to try a new training technique called ‘Regressive Memory Training’. I didn’t know what it was all about, but she assured me that it would help me to remember things from my childhood, so I consented to be hypnotized.

She had me look at a candle, and talked softly to me about going into a deep sleep. That was nothing new to me, I went into a deep sleep almost every night, as a result of the sedative that someone shot into my arm at bedtime with the pneumatic syringe.

She told me to concentrate, and that she wanted me to tell her the truth about what I remembered. I didn’t think I was hypnotized, but later on, she told me that I had been. I mean, I thought I wasn’t hypnotized at all – that I could open my eyes at any time I wanted, and say “Surprise – I was just kidding! ….”

But strangely, my memories did become clearer, and more vivid. They almost jumped out at me, and I remembered things I had forgotten a long time ago. ….

Like when I was five years old, and first discovered that I had a hole in my body between my legs. I was afraid that all my insides could leak out of that hole, so I walked around for weeks with my legs pressed together, just to keep that from happening! Mama told me that could never happen, and that’s why girls wore tight panties, and women wore girdles. From then on, I always made sure I was wearing a pair of panties. The only time I didn’t wear them was when I was taking a bath, and I was especially careful to keep my legs closed, even then!

I remembered the boy from down the street touching me between my legs when we were playing ‘doctor’. Like any young girl, I wanted to know what a boy looked like. My mother had told me that boys stood up to pee, and I wanted to know why. The price I had to pay to see the difference, was to let him see my pookie, and touch it. I didn’t know much about ‘sex’, back then, but I knew I couldn’t get preggers because Betty had told me that a boy had to love me first before I could make a baby! Boy, was she wrong! But still, she was my older sister, and didn’t lie to me very often. Some things I just knew better than to believe…..

Preggers!?! ….. ‘Preggers’ was a word the big girls used in the girl’s restroom at school, when they were talking about making a baby with boys. They were so misinformed! None of them knew that a boy had to wrestle with you for an hour or so, and needed to stick his pee-pee in you to plant a seed before you could get a baby. My sister told me that I didn’t need to worry about that, that wasn’t how they did it, anyway.

I always wanted a pony when I was growing up, but of course we couldn’t afford one – and wouldn’t have had anywhere to keep one, anyway. I liked to watch the horse shows on TV, and the English Riding habits some of the big girls wore as they pranced their horses around the arena. But what did I know? Betty told me that when I got married, I could ride my husband as much as I wanted. I couldn’t figure out exactly how that was supposed to work out – a saddle and all, but I fanaticized about it a lot until I got older, and found out what she meant by ‘ride’.

I guess like a lot of girls, I had crushes on all of the movie and rock stars of my era. I went to a concert once, and the music was so loud, I almost gave up on Paul, George, John, and Ringo. While other girls still idolized them, I moved on – but I did keep their albums in the bottom of my closet, and listened to them secretly when Mama didn’t know. ….. But musicians come and go – movies are forever.

For a long time, I thought kissing a boy would be icky – until I kissed one, and found I liked it. I was about 14 then, and thought he would be the boy who would take me to the High School Prom, and I’d have to kiss him afterward. But his parents moved away, and he didn’t go to my school any more.

I remembered when my mother told me I should learn to dance with boys, and she sent me to the Arthur Murray Dance School to learn. The instructor’s name was Maxine Dopp – but we called her Maxine Dope! Not to her face, of course!!! I think I took about six lessons before one of the boys felt me up, and I quit the school in disgust. There was no reason he should have felt me up like that – I mean I wasn’t all that big. Not like Judy Garland or Natalie Wood! If he hadn’t been such a snot about it, I would have let him get away with it….. But Maxine, who had seen it happen, told him off, and called his mother!

Do you like Barbie Dolls? I had a whole collection of them when I was little. My uncle Paul worked in show business, and was on the road a lot. Every time he came back to town, he brought me a new Barbie Doll from somewhere he had been. He was gone a lot, and I had lots of Barbie Dolls! He used to tell us stories about all the movie stars he had known, and they were so fascinating, I hung on every word. That’s why I like movies so much today!

Betty was more practical than Barbie Dolls - she collected Teddy Bears, and Mamma had a whole collection of milk pitchers that were all shaped like cows. Sitting cows, standing cows, even cows that kissed when you brought them head-to-head. Our house was full of junk like that! Eventually, it all ended up in boxes in the attic. I used to sneak up there and play with Mamma’s cows and my Barbie Dolls, whenever I could. Never at night, though… there was no light in the attic, and I didn’t want to go up there when it was dark. I was afraid there might be spiders, and one might bite me!

Speaking of biting, my other uncle – uncle Archie, my mother’s brother, had lost his teeth when he was young, and he had a set of false teeth – ‘choppers’ he called them, and when I was young, he used to take them out and make funny faces at me. He could squeeze his mouth closed, and make himself look like an old man – at least a hundred or so. It was so funny to see him wander around the house “looking for his teeth”, when I knew he had them in his pocket the whole time. Sometimes he was so funny, I wondered if we were related at all. I mean, no one else in my family was as funny as he was!

I remembered when I was fourteen and wanted to wear a strapless summer dress. My mother said I couldn’t wear one until my body could hold it up all by itself. --- It can, now, I thought!

* * * *

My hair had been growing longer, and very fast, and Sylvester and I finally settled on letting it grow long and straight, and hanging down my back, like Jai’s, as I remembered. It was much easier for me to care for myself, only requiring daily brushing to keep it looking good, and I used hair clips to keep it off my ears and shoulders. And Sylvester enjoyed running his fingers through it when he gave me a shampoo every week, before my dates with Henry.

Doctor Bulieu had pinned my ears back when he had me in surgery, and they looked beautiful, framing my face, and resting just under my long hair. Sylvester called it a ‘Japanese Style’. I knew that if I had wanted Doctor Bulieu to fix my eyelids, I could have looked more Eurasian than American, but that would have been hard to explain, since my sister was so obviously an American, too. And I really didn’t want to look that much different than my sister.

Henry taught me something new every week….. Something that would give us both pleasure. It was never one-sided. If it would give him pleasure, it would also have to give me pleasure. He had a book called the ‘Kama Sutra’, with dozens and dozens of sexual positions, all illustrated and described. We tried out a different one, every week! He openly admitted that he was training me in the art of lovemaking, and I readily admitted that I liked it. Everyone knew that I was dating Henry on Friday nights, and sometimes on Saturday morning, and I had no objection to their knowing! I learned something new from Henry, every week! Even my sister left us alone Friday night and Saturday morning.

He trained me to ride him while I was on top, and how to milk him using my Kegel exercises. He liked the way my titties jiggled when I was bouncing up and down on him while riding his pole. Talk about the pleasure train!!! And, with Betty’s instructions, I could ride him fast, or slow, depending on the mood of the moment. Slow was best! It gave me pleasure to prolong Henry’s ejaculation until he was ready to burst. But he always controlled himself, and let me – or made me -- cum first!

We both enjoyed having me on top, as I leaned forward and supported myself with both hands on the bed under his armpits. In that position, my breasts hung down where he could suck on the nipples. A side benefit, was that it also positioned my clitoris where it would constantly be rubbed as I rode him. I couldn’t help but get off. I just closed my eyes and moaned!!!

* * * *

One day when Betty and I were watching an old Western movie with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, I reminded Betty that when we were kids, I really wanted a pony. I just mentioned it in passing, as a comment on the movie. About a week later, she brought me a small box, and told me it was a late birthday present. When I opened the box, it held two tiny horse figures, mounted on silver pierced earring studs. “It’s so you’ll always have a pony”, she said. They were so beautiful, I cried, just thinking about them, and how much she cared for me, her little sister! I guess I had finally grown up! Betty cried with me. --- Women are so emotional!

* * * *

“Anne”, Henry said, “there’s something I must tell you!”

“Yes, what is it?”, I asked.

“There’s something you’ve got to know”, he said…..

“What is it?”, I asked again!

“I’ve simply got to get it off my chest”, he said, teasing me!

Exasperated, I demanded, “Tell me already!!!”

“You have a perfect little ass!”, he said!

I faked hitting him, and we both laughed!

* * * *

Several weeks later, Henry selected the movie we were going to see on Friday night, and wouldn’t tell me what it was. He would only say that it was a special movie that was seldom shown in theaters, and that I would have to be wearing a corset to enjoy it.

I didn’t get the connection, but I trusted Henry, and knew he wouldn’t hurt me, so I agreed. But I didn’t have a corset. The nearest thing I had that might be considered a corset was a Bustier in red, silk, satin. It fit my figure well, and was comfortable to wear. So Thursday afternoon, he came to my room on the second floor and made me strip off, and took my measurements.

He went to the Company Store, and brought back a black satin Corset with long laces all up the back. It went clear down from the middle of my shoulder blades, over my waist, and stopped just above my rose tattoo. He wanted me to try it on right away, to be sure the size was right, he said.

The only way to put it on was to lace it up part of the way, and pull it up over my hips. Once in place, the rest of the laces would be threaded through the holes in back, and pulled tight.

I was still nude, and pulled it on over my hips, and up, over my breasts. The cups were a little small, and the waist was loose because of pulling it up over my hips. I held it in place, and Henry started to lace me up. He threaded the laces through the remaining holes, and started to pull it tight. As it tightened around my waist, I used my hands to push my breasts into the cups a little better. I was right, the cups were at least one cup size too small. But I held it in place, as Henry continued to pull the laces tight.

As he did so, I could feel it pulling my waist smaller, and it felt real tight on my hips.

As the upper part at my shoulder blades was pulled tight, my breasts began to squeeze out over the top of the fabric, and my cleavage was pressed together tightly.

“Only an inch more to go”, Henry said, as he continued to pull the laces tight.

The fabric squeezed my rib cage, and I could hardly breathe, as my breath was coming in short gasps.

“That’s tight enough, Henry”, I said. I didn’t want it to be uncomfortable. I knew he would want to fuck me while I was wearing it, and wanted some room to move around without pain.

“Just a bit more on the hips”, he said.

He pulled the laces at the bottom of the corset some more, and I could feel my flesh being squeezed out of the bottom of the corset, much as my breasts were being squeezed out of the top. As slim as my figure was, I had too much flesh, and too little corset.

But he finally stopped pulling on the laces, and stood back to get a look at me. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror.

I was gorgeous! I had an hourglass figure, right out of the gay nineties! If I’d had the proper costume, I could have passed for Lillian Russell – or Alice Faye in her most famous movie role as Lillian herself.

As I admired myself in the mirror, Henry came up behind me and put his arms around me and nuzzled the back of my neck.

“You are absolutely beautiful!”, he said.

I felt it. I looked beautiful, and I felt beautiful.

“There is only one thing more you need”, he said

He pulled a pair of black panties out of his pocket and handed them to me.

“Put these on”, he ordered.

I took them from him, and pulled the elastic at the waist open. It was a thong panty. The back, which would pass over my ass, was a mere string, barely a quarter of an inch wide where it would pass between my cheeks. Still, if Henry wanted me to wear it, I was willing to give him that pleasure.

I tried to bend over to slip them over my feet, but found that I couldn’t bend at the waist. The corset was holding me tight, and the best I could do was to bend from the hip. It changed my center of gravity, and I nearly tipped over in surprise. I reached out and grabbed Henry’s sleeve to keep from falling.

“You’ll get used to it”, he said. “Bend your knees and push you hips back a bit as you bend. That’ll allow you to reach your feet without falling.”

Strange that he knew so much about a woman wearing a corset, I thought. But I followed his instructions, bending my knees, and pushing my hips back as I bent from the hip to put on the thong panty. He was right, it made it easier, and I wasn’t going to fall.

As I got the panty over my feet, I straightened up, and pulled the panty up my legs and over my hips. The thong slipped between my cheeks, and I smoothed the front down over my pubic bone and between my legs. It was a little loose, I thought.

Henry, standing nearby, reached over and took hold of the back of the elastic, and pulled the panty up, giving me a wedgie. As he did so, the fabric slipped tightly up between my cheeks and touched my asshole. I nearly came, right then! It was the first time I had worn a pair of thong panties, and I liked it.

I turned around and looked at my rear in the mirror, and liked what I saw.

Henry, seeing me admire myself, said, “You should wear thongs more often – they really show off your butt!”

I smiled at his compliment, but didn’t know what to say.

I put on a pair of black pumps, which would match the color of the corset and thong, and paraded around the room for Henry. He loved it!!!

I was right! He wanted to fuck me – and I was willing.

He pushed me back on the bed, and slid the thong down my legs and off my feet. He raised my legs and spread them open, wide. I was still wearing my black pumps, and my feet were suspended in mid air, as he unzipped his trousers and positioned himself between my open legs. As he pushed it into me, I sighed in pleasure.

* * * *

The next day, being Friday, I was looking forward to this mysterious movie that Henry was going to take me to after dinner. He still hadn’t told me the name of the movie, preferring to surprise me.

As I was preparing to go out with Henry, Betty helped me put on my new corset and thong panty. I wanted to look my best for Henry, and knew from the night before, that the combination made him excited. He appreciated a corseted woman, and was very attentive to my comfort.

As we left the Clinic for dinner, he told me that the restaurant we were going to was very special, too. It was one we had never gone to before, and it excited me that he had called it ‘very special’. But he warned me that there were some surprises coming later that evening. I didn’t know what he meant, of course, thinking that maybe he had bought me a present of some sort – or maybe flowers. He knew I loved to get flowers!

He drove us to an out-of-the-way restaurant, in what I thought was an upscale part of the city. When we arrived, I needed a bit of help to get out of the car, because of my tight corset.

As we walked toward the entrance, he said to me, “Now don’t be surprised at anything you see!”

I didn’t know what he meant until we got inside the entrance. The hostess stood tall and straight on five or six inch heels, and had a very tiny waist. I immediately knew she was corseted, and knew that hers was tighter, and smaller, than mine. She was wearing a black evening gown that plainly showed her squeezed in waist!. I was surprised alright, because she was also gagged!

She recognized Henry, and nodded to him, acknowledging his arrival.

She held a ball in her mouth, and acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. The ball was jet black, and matched the color of her evening gown – and probably her corset, I guessed.

As I looked at her, I could see two leather straps that went around to the back of her head, holding the ball in place between her bright red lips. She was Asian – or Eurasian – I couldn’t tell which. But she didn’t seem uncomfortable. Her gown featured that high, stiff collar that Asian women like to wear. I quickly looked away, feeling slightly embarrassed.

What the hell kind of place is this?, I thought to myself.

As if he could read my mind, Henry said, “This is a bondage restaurant. All the help is either gagged or chained for the pleasure of their guests. None of them are in pain, and most of them really like it.”

I knew about pleasure bondage, of course. Henry frequently tied my hands when we were playing, and my sister Betty had been to a bondage school. I attended one of her classes once, and remembered there were two girls there who tied each other up in all kinds of positions so Betty could learn about pleasure bondage. But I didn’t know that there were restaurants that catered to the subject.

I took another quick look at the hostess as she turned her head to greet Henry, and I saw a small padlock on the straps behind her head, holding the straps – and the gag – in place.

I looked away again, as Henry said, “I’m going to have to tie your hands, before we can enter the restaurant.”

“But I can’t eat, if you tie my hands”, I protested.

“Don’t worry about that”, he said, “I’ll feed you.”

Taking hold of my wrist, he urged me to turn around, and submit to being tied up. At the same time, the hostess held out a short piece of rope. It was obvious he had been here before, and knew the routine. The hostess stood by, and watched as I was going to be tied.

He pulled my hands behind me, crossed my wrists, and quickly tied them together in position number two….. At least he wasn’t going to hurt me, I thought! Position two is a safe tie, I remembered.

As soon as my hands were tied, the hostess opened the door between the entryway and the restaurant itself. As Henry ushered me through the door, he said, “Don’t talk. Keep quiet. There is no need for you to speak while we are here, and I’d rather you didn’t.”

I understood. He wanted me to be silent, and accept being his slave girl. Again, I felt excited, and I was willing, if only to see what was coming next.

The hostess silently guided us to a table, and pulled the chair out so I could sit down. I positioned myself in front of the chair and felt her hand on my waist, either to help me sit, or to guide me into the chair so I wouldn’t fall. I didn’t know which. I was about to thank her for seating me, but remembered that Henry wanted me to be silent. I did the only other thing I could think of, I nodded my head, bowed it, and lowered my eyes in submission.

Henry came up behind the chair, and scooted it under the table, where I wouldn’t dribble food on my dress, I thought. He picked up a white linen napkin from the table, popped it open, and draped it across my lap. He seated himself next to me, on my right side, and said, “You’re doing very well, Anne. Keep it up, and you’ll enjoy this evening.”

I didn’t know if he could see my lips with my head bowed, but I smiled for him, and hoped he saw that I was pleased.

A waitress came to the table almost immediately, and handed Henry a menu. As he opened it to see what was available, I turned my head slightly and took a look at her. She was wearing a black mini-skirt, and white blouse which was open to her waist. She wasn’t wearing a bra – and didn’t need one! She was wearing a pair of handcuffs which were separated by about a foot of chain, and she was gagged, as the hostess was, with a black ball gag, which was locked onto her head.

Being gagged, she couldn’t speak to Henry, but waited silently at the side of the table, ready to take his order. She looked at me, and I quickly looked away and dropped my eyes again. This was going to be a fun game, I thought to myself.

Deciding what we should eat, Henry placed the order without asking me what I’d like. I knew this was a moment that I was supposed to submit to him, and was ready to eat whatever he chose. He ordered us a cocktail to drink, as the food was being prepared. When the order was completed, the waitress nodded her acceptance, and left for the kitchen to place the order. She returned a few minutes later, with the cocktails, sitting them both on the table in front of Henry. I knew that he was going to help me drink, when he was ready. I’d have to wait on his pleasure. He could make me drink immediately, or prolong the wait until the food came. Or maybe longer, if he wished. And I knew that was alright. For this evening, he was my Master, and I was going to be a good girl, and follow his instructions, whatever they were.

I suddenly remembered Jai, sitting on her bare ass in another restaurant, and in another time and place, as it quickly faded from my memory!

Henry picked up one of the glasses, and placed it in front of me where I could see it, and told me to raise my eyes. I did what I was told to do, and took a quick glance around the room.

I could see at least a dozen other couples in the restaurant in various points of eating their dinners. I didn’t have time to examine the details, but could see that most of the women were tied, as I was, and were being fed by the men who were seated near them. There was one exception – there was a young man there, who was in the same position as I – his hands were tied behind his back, and he was being fed by a well dressed woman, who was obviously his Mistress --- Mistress in the sense of owning and controlling him.

The women whom I couldn’t see, had their hands behind their backs, and I could assume they were tied, too, because they were all being fed, as Henry was going to feed me when the food arrived.

I was going to ask Henry to let me take a drink, when I remembered that he had told me to be quiet, so I didn’t ask, and waited for him to decide when to let me drink.

The food arrived, and my mouth felt dry, both because I felt excited, and because Henry had toyed with me, playing with the glass, and not letting me drink. He had drunk his drink, but hadn’t offered to let me drink mine. He just teased me with it, moving it from one place on the table to another, lifting it as if he was going to let me drink, then setting it down again.

Even though chained, the waitress had no trouble carrying the tray that held our dinners. Setting the dinners down in front of Henry, I couldn’t have reached them, even if my hands had been untied. All I could do was wait for him to decide when to feed me, and how much. I wondered how long he was going to prolong my waiting. The corset felt tight against my ribcage, and I turned my body slightly and shifted my weight a bit to relieve the pressure, but it was no use. I was held tightly, in bondage, and waiting for Henry’s pleasure. It was delicious!!!

He toyed with our food, cutting off small pieces, and putting them in his mouth. Each time he took a bite, he looked at me, and slowly chewed the food. He wasn’t feeding me, he was tantalizing me. He was letting me know that he was the Master here, and that he would feed me when he damn well felt like it – if at all. I thought about being hungry – and thirsty – and mentally pleaded with him to feed me and let me drink. I couldn’t help but feel he was doing this deliberately!

Finally, he cut off a piece of potato, and held it in front of my mouth on a fork, and said, “Open.”

Obediently, I opened my mouth to receive his gift of food.

He placed the potato in my mouth, and I closed my lips. He pulled the fork out of my mouth, between the lips, and said, “Chew, and enjoy.”

I was so hungry, I could have swallowed it whole – but I chewed slowly, while looking into his eyes to let him know that I accepted him as my Master.

As I continued to chew, he said, “now swallow!”

I wasn’t ready to swallow it yet, but I followed instructions, and swallowed the potato in my mouth. I couldn’t remember when a piece of potato ever tasted so good. It might have been the potato, but more likely it was the feeling I got of being his slave and following his orders.

I wanted more – of both!!!

He picked up a spoon, and used it to capture a spoonful of peas, and brought them to my mouth.

“Open”, he said.

Obediently, I opened my mouth wide, as he placed the peas into it and removed the spoon.

“Now chew and swallow”, he ordered.

I obeyed. I looked around the room, and noted that all the other captives – male and female, were following a similar routine. They were told when to open their mouths, when to chew, and when to swallow. It was all willingly, I marveled – realizing my own obedience to this routine! I swallowed the peas.

Henry sliced off a piece of meat, speared it, dipped it in the gravy and moved it in front of my mouth.

“Open”, he said.

Obediently, I obeyed.

Depositing the meat in my mouth, he repeated, “Chew and swallow.”

Again, I followed my orders. As I swallowed, he picked up the glass and brought it to my lips.

“Drink”, he said.

I placed my lips on the rim of the glass and parted them, ready to receive the liquid. He tipped the glass expertly, and I drained it to the last drop.

I expected to eat again, but Henry said, “You’ve had enough dinner, it’s time to leave.”

I hadn’t had enough dinner – only three bites, and I was still hungry. But I couldn’t argue with Henry, he was the Master here, and I had given him control of me for the night. I’d have to do with what he gave me until we got back to the Clinic, and I could raid the refrigerator.

I dropped my eyes in submission again, as Henry rose from the table and stood by the side of my chair. He gripped the back of the chair, and I rose slightly so he could pull it away from the table. Scooting it back about six inches, he reached out and took my arm and helped me to rise.

I was still hungry, but realized that was all I was going to get to eat until later……

As we left the bondage restaurant, Henry didn’t have to pay the bill, or leave a tip for the waitress. I wondered about that, but figured that maybe they would send him a bill, or maybe he had prepaid for the evening. Anyway, he didn’t offer to untie my hands, he just left them hanging tied, behind my back. I didn’t protest, knowing that it wouldn’t do any good, anyway. He wanted my hands tied behind my back, and they were.

He helped me into the car, and we drove silently to the movie theater. I wanted to speak to him, to tell him that I loved him, that I loved what he was doing to me, and that I accepted his right to use me as he wished. But he hadn’t told me that I could speak again, so I kept quiet.

When we arrived at the theater, he parked, and got out, Coming around to my side of the car, he opened the door, and helped me out. I was glad to get out of the car, because my corset was feeling tight, and the thong had ridden up between my cheeks, and I thought it would cut me in half – it had begun to hurt me back there. Still, I wasn’t allowed to complain so I kept quiet.

I thought he might untie me, but I was wrong. He kept my hands tied behind my back as he bought two tickets at the ticket office and ushered me inside the theater. The clerk took no notice that my hands were tied behind my back, almost as if it was an ordinary occurrence.

I realized that Henry was going to keep me tied, and corseted for the rest of the evening, as I felt the growing pain in my butt.

There was no snack bar as there was in American theaters – when you went inside, there was a small lobby, and a double door that entered directly into the auditorium. Most of the customers weren’t there to snack on candies and popcorn anyway – they were there to play with one another while the movie was being shown. Two hours of hot and heavy breathing in the dark was the norm. I had learned that from the very first time Henry had taken me to this all-English language theater.

Holding the double door open, Henry ushered me into the darkness of the theater. The movie was just about to start, and the lights were dimmed. We stood there for a moment, waiting for our eyes to adjust to the darkness. Henry spotted an empty double loveseat before I did, and guided me over to it in the dark.

He helped me sit down. He held me close, and brushed my hair. He kissed me gently on my temple, and told me that I had been very good so far, and that I had pleased him. I loved being told that I had pleased him!

As the movie started I turned my attention to the screen.

The movie was called ‘Secretary’. The opening scene was set in an office somewhere, and a secretary was distributing papers to one of the offices. She was wearing a neck bar which held her cuffed hands wide apart at shoulder level, and which was strapped to her neck to prevent her from being able to take it off. She carried papers in her mouth, and stirred a cup of coffee with a bound hand.

I looked at the screen fascinated, realizing that this was going to be a bondage movie. That fit right in with the evening I thought. ... I was bound, Henry had fed me in a bondage restaurant, and now was having me watch a bondage movie. Add to that, I was tightly corseted, which could be considered a form of bondage, too.

Henry whispered in my ear, “I want you to give me a blowjob!”

I looked at him, and realized that he meant, NOW!

Nervously, I looked around the theater, and realized that several of the women were also bound – or at least were holding their hands behind their back. A couple of them were being felt up by their companions. I thought I even recognized a couple that I had seen in the bondage restaurant, earlier.

“Do it!”, he said.

I looked into his eyes again, and realized that he wanted me to do it to him, right there, where people could see me, if they looked. I figured that the other customers would be so absorbed in their own pleasures, or in watching the movie unfold on the screen, and probably wouldn’t know, or care, what Henry and I were doing.

I slipped out of my seat, and knelt on the floor in front of him.

He unzipped his pants, and flipped out his dick. It was already half stiff, and he waited for me to open my mouth and take it in.

I looked at it in wonder, and felt his hand on the back of my head, urging it forward.

I remembered Jai telling me that I didn’t have to guide her, she knew what to do. And I did, too. I knew what to do to please Henry – and I would do it!

I opened my lips, and caressed his penis with my tongue…..

Next Week, Anne’s Auction Day finally arrives ….. Will she be sold for marriage? Or sexual slavery? Is it going to be happiness, or a stinking brothel? Will she protest, or accept her fate???


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