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My Odyssey Part 16: And away we go … As narrated

by Anne-Marie to Tony B

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Continues from part 15

My Odyssey

As narrated by Anne-Marie Killamajiian,
Wife of Ahmed, of the House of Mustaffa, the Diamond Merchant

Warning: This story involves bondage, consensual sex, domination, coercion, sex changes, sexual slavery, rape, and other jiggery-pokery. It is entirely fictional, and is intended as entertainment for adults only. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or to any location or activity is purely coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (As if anybody ever is!)

Note: If you would like to contact the authoress to make a comment, you may contact Anne through [email protected] who originally published it as “My Story”. She hopes you enjoy reading her story. Tony would also appreciate your comments. We will endeavor to answer all emails.

Author’s Note: My apologies to my loyal readers. The last chapter was accidentally lost in a computer crash, and in reconstructing it, some of the details were lost, especially at the end of the chapter. Originally, the teaser for this chapter was to be “In the next episode, Anne-Marie learns her fate.” -- Tony-B

RECAP: In Part 15, Anne-Marie was sold at auction to an Arabian with the impressive title of Ahmed Killamajiian, eldest son of the House of Mustaffa the diamond merchant. But her fate was still unclear to her.

Part 16: And away we go …

Fade in from black …

Ahmed guided me into the private jet he had waiting at the airport. It was obvious he had money – enough to pay for a limousine and a private jet. The engines were already running, waiting for takeoff. Inside, I was introduced to a young woman named Star. She was pretty, probably only 16 or 17. She was wearing a short skirt, tank top, and open toed slippers. The tank did nothing to hide her figure, which was very nice, and the nails on her toes and hands were bright red, as was the lipstick she wore. She wore steel slave bracelets that had been welded on, and which were separated by eighteen inches of chain. The chain also had a ring attached in the middle. Because of her chain, the tank or upper body clothing could not be put on in the regular manner, but it had buttons at the shoulders. It could be pulled up over her hips, and buttoned. I also noticed that there was a small leather strap around her head, passing between her lips, which I later learned held a mouth-filling gag in place to prevent her from speaking. Her long black hair fell loosely about her head and shoulders.

“This is Star”, he said. “…She will be your body servant from now on. You may command her, and she will have to obey, under penalty of death if she doesn’t!”

Wow! They are really strict with their servants, I thought…

“Although we have taken great pains to make her appear to be a young woman, she is really a ‘tween’ – neither a boy, nor a girl, but someone who is ‘between’ the two. She started out as a boy, but accidentally caused the death of a slave girl, and the courts adjudged that he should take the slave girl’s place as retribution. Had the death been deliberate, she would have been executed. Still, her failure to obey her masters can result in a quick death sentence with no further appeal. So she is very eager to please. I’m giving her to you as a wedding present. She can help you understand our customs, and provide any services you might wish. She has no penis or vagina, but has served men as a cocksucker and anal receptacle on demand. She will provide you with sexual services if you wish. Because she is a body servant, she is given more freedom to move about than most slaves are. I do not consider her to be a ‘slave’ in my house. But as you can see, by order of the court, she may never be unbound. The ring in her chain is provided so that she may be secured in various ways for punishment or sexual use. Because she has been obedient in my house, she has never needed to be punished, and is not used against her will.”

“Star,” he continued, “… this is Anne Bentley, your new mistress. She will soon become my wife, so you will be required to provide her with the same obedience and service you have provided me. Do you understand?” Star nodded her head and looked down at the floor. “Good”, he said. “Now take Miss Bentley’s traveling coat and strap her into the passenger’s seat.

Star looked at me. “Good evening, Star”, I said, and nodded my head toward her. She acknowledged my greeting by lowering her eyes in submission, and proceeded to unbutton the overcoat.

Before I could sit without Ahmed’s permission, I waited for his instructions. Instead, he stepped up to me and removed the overcoat that had been put on me to hide my nakedness between the clinic and the airport, in the stretch limousine. I was still naked and handcuffed from the auction.

“Sit”, he commanded, motioning toward a seat at the side of the plane. As I did, Star took the overcoat, folded it neatly and placed it on the seat behind me. She then strapped me into the chair tightly.

Ahmed checked the straps to make sure that Star had secured them tightly enough, nodded, and said, “Get comfortable Anne – it’s a seven hour flight back to my country…”

I figured the jet would be flying at 500 miles an hour or so and tried to envision a circle on a map with a 3500-mile range from where we were to his home base. The circle covered half the world. … From Japan, Korea, and China on the North, to India and the Middle East on the West, and clear to Australia on the South. I still didn’t know where, exactly, he was taking me. …
“Are you comfortable, Anne?”, he asked.

“Yes, Ahmed”, I said. “The temperature is very pleasant.”

I knew he was looking at me to gauge my reaction. I closed my eyes. Then I asked, “Ahmed, may I speak?”, I asked.

“Yes”, he replied.

“Would you like to pass the time by having sex?”, I asked. Secretly, I hoped he would answer in the affirmative, to get my initiation over with.

“No”, he said. “By custom, I must keep you pure until the Wedding Night. But then, there’s nothing that says I can’t look at you in the meantime. Miss Bentley, I promise you I will fuck you silly on our Wedding Night!” I was slightly amused by this man – at the way he could be suave and charming one minute, and crude and vulgar the next. He sat in a seat opposite me, and clicked his seatbelt into place. He picked up a telephone, placed it to his ear, and said, “Alright, Paul, we can leave now.”

Star sat in the seat behind me, and strapped herself in. I relaxed and settled into the plush seat as the engines started to whine, then come up to speed. I could feel it when we started to roll along the runway. I turned and looked out the window. Things were going by faster and faster, just like the thoughts that were swimming around in my head! Suddenly the nose of the plane tipped up, and we stopped rolling on the tarmac. It seemed as if the plane dipped, and everything suddenly became smoother. I knew that we were airborne, and I was on my way to my destiny, whatever it might be. … I would try to forget everything that had gone before today, and only live in the moment.

Time seemed to pass slowly as I could only watch our flight out the window. Ahmed was busy reading papers from his briefcase, and making notes, so he wouldn’t want to be disturbed. It was night, and it was dark outside – nothing to look at once we left the ground.

I began to feel uncomfortable because it had been several hours since I had been allowed to go to the bathroom. Finally, I had to speak in order to receive some relief. “Ahmed,” I said, “… may I speak?”

“Yes, Anne”, he said, “… you may speak to me.”

“Ahmed, … Its been several hours since I was allowed to go to the bathroom, and I really need to go.”, I said.

“Of course, dear”, he said. “Star, you may release Miss Bentley and escort her to the bathroom.”

“May I have the use of my hands, please?”, I asked. “I’ll need to be able to wash up afterwards.”

“Yes”, he said. He fished in his pocket and removed a handcuff key and handed it to Star, who had unbuckled me from the seat and had helped me to stand. “Thank you”, I said. Star took the key, and removed my handcuffs, leaving them on the passenger seat as she guided me toward the rear of the plane to the bathroom. Oh, it felt good to have the use of my hands again. It seemed like it had been hours – and in fact, it had been.

Star opened the bathroom door and ushered me inside, closing the door behind us. It wasn’t a little tiny bathroom like they have on most commercial planes, this was a large bathroom, with well-appointed fixtures and a full shower-tub for bathing. We were both comfortable in the room at the same time, without crowding.

“You’re very pretty, Star”, I said. “Would you like me to remove your gag?”

No, she shook her head. I’m not sure exactly why, maybe she liked being gagged, or maybe she thought it would be inappropriate right now. Anyway, I said, “Okay. I want you to know that I will do my best to take care of you and be a good, kind mistress.”

She nodded in appreciation. And turned her gaze away.

I sat on the stool, and took care of business. After wiping myself, I went to the sink, and proceeded to wash myself as usual. Star appeared at my side, holding a hand towel at the ready. “Thank you, Star”, I said. “Do you have to go, too?”, I asked. She nodded. “You may”, I said. She went to the toilet, pulled down a pair of bikini panties and sat down. She peed like she hadn’t peed in a week, the flow was so strong. She wiped herself, stood up, and pulled her panties back into place.

“Would you like to wash?”, I asked. She nodded in the affirmative. I motioned to the sink and stepped aside for her. She followed my example, pulled her panties down again and washed her genital area completely. I stood at the ready, holding out a hand towel for her to use to dry herself. She took it, and I saw tears come to her eyes. Maybe no one had ever shown her kindness as a woman. I took a tissue and wiped her eyes. “Don’t cry, dear. We’ll get along just fine.”

We returned to the cabin, and dutifully, I turned my back and placed my hands behind my back, waiting for the handcuffs.

“No, Star”, he said as she was about to place them on my wrists again. “… Put her hands in front of her, and don’t close them too tightly. I don’t want her marked. Just tight enough so that she can’t get them off.” Star followed orders. I sat down, and Star strapped me into the seat again. We were quiet for the rest of the flight, knowing that we shared a moment that men could never understand.

An hour later, I grew tired, and asked Ahmed if I could speak again… “Ahmed, may I speak?”

“Yes, Anne, what is it?”, he asked.

“It’s been a long day”, I said, “… and I’m tired. May I sleep?”

“Of course”, he replied. “Long – and eventful. … Are you comfortable? I’m afraid we don’t have a bed, but your seat can recline, and Star can get you a pillow if you like.”

“Yes, I’m okay”, I said. “… but I’m concerned about Star. Can her gag be removed for a while?”

“Yes, if you wish”, he said. He got out of his seat, and removed the gag that had filled Star’s mouth, for who knows how long?

“Thank you, Master”, Star said.

“Thank your Mistress”, he corrected her.

“Thank you, Mistress”, she offered. I smiled at her and nodded…

Ahmed reached out and touched her forehead, and said, “Sleep.”

Star closed her eyes, and dropped off to sleep.

“You … you put her to sleep with a post-hypnotic suggestion, just like they do at the Clinic”, I said.

“Yes, my dear”, he said. “Exactly the way they do at the Clinic. One of the things I neglected to tell you about Star, is that she was a patient there a couple of years ago, after the unfortunate accident and court that turned her into a slave-girl. She was there only for surgery, though, she was not given any subliminal training. Her mind and memories are entirely her own, as is her desire to live. Her response to hypnotic suggestion was a gift that Doctor Bulieu gave her, to help her accept her new life. She will be most happy to serve you well!”

“Will I be able to make her go to sleep?”, I asked.

“No, dear, she will only respond to my voice in that way. For everyone else, she will always be totally natural. And now, it’s your turn. … Would you like to sleep naturally, or would you like me to put you to sleep? If I put you to sleep, you will be totally refreshed when you awaken, even if you only sleep for a few minutes. …”

“Naturally, please.”, I said. “I have a lot to think about.”

“I am pleased that you asked me to remove Star’s gag”, he said. “It shows compassion, and I prize that highly, especially in the treatment of my servants. I’m proud of you, Anne-Marie Bentley. I believe I made a good choice for a wife.”

He reached in his pocket and took out the handcuff key. He removed my handcuffs.

“I don’t think we’ll need these any more.”, he said. “I’ll remove your submission chain in the morning.”

“Thank you, Master”, I said.

“Ahmed.”, he corrected me.

“Thank you, Ahmed.”

He dimmed the cabin lights, and said, “Rest now. It’s still several more hours until we reach home. I’ll wake you when we arrive.”

* * * *

I was actually wakened when the plane jolted as the tires hit the runway for landing. The steady drone of the engines slowed, and I was pressed forward against the straps that held me in the seat as the brakes were applied and the flaps raised. We slowed to a slow roll quickly, and taxied onto a parking space at the end of the runway, where a limousine was waiting. The engines shut down, and as I looked out the window, I could see men scurrying about to refuel the plane, and do whatever else they do to keep it ready for flying.

The door to the pilot’s cabin opened, and a tall lean man in a uniform came into the cabin. As he walked past me, he touched his pilot’s cap and bid me good morning, and added, “Welcome to Morocco.” He totally ignored the fact that I was naked, or that Star sat in slave chains. He moved to the cabin door at the rear of the plane, turned a lever, and pushed the door open. Three men pushed a set of steel stairs up to the open doorway, “The ground is yours, Mister Killamajiian”, he said.

“Thank you for a good flight, Paul.”, Ahmed said.

The pilot nodded, then turned around and entered the bathroom, which was next to the exit door.

“Star?”, was all Ahmed needed to say to set a series of events into motion as he walked to the exit door and looked out.

Star released herself from the passenger seat and unbuckled the straps that held me in place, and then she helped me to stand up. Taking the ‘traveling coat’ off the seat next to her, she opened it and held it up to drape it over my shoulders. With no armholes or sleeves, I could only place my hands at my sides while she buttoned up the front of the coat. She retrieved a second travelling coat that I had not noticed, and draped it over her own shoulders. She buttoned it up as far as she could from inside its confinement, and stepped up to Ahmed to finish the job of buttoning her in. Then she stood by the exit door, waiting. Ahmed walked over to me, and placed his hand in the small of my back, and guided me toward the door. As I stepped out into the cool morning air, there was a servant there to help guide me down the stairs so I wouldn’t fall. The sun was beginning to rise, and it was that magical time of day when the fairies and night sprites returned to their beds to await another sunset.

“Thank you”, I said. “My pleasure”, he replied.

Ahmed came next, with Star following closely behind. A second servant assisted Star down the steps. She repeated my appreciation to this second man… “Thank you”, she said. “You’re welcome”, he replied.

Ahmed smiled, and led us to the waiting limo. Opening the door, he helped us both into the back seat. There was the main seat for Ahmed and myself, and a small ‘jump seat’ at the side, for Star. Star faced the front of the car, and tried to blend into the seat as if she wasn’t there…The interior of the cab was well appointed. There was a small bar, with flasks of what I assumed were alcohol. I deduced from that, that Ahmed was not a follower of Islam, or at least, was not practicing that religion. I knew that it was not my place to question him on the matter.

The drive from the airfield to his home took less than ten minutes, during which time, we rode in silence. I took the opportunity to look out the window at the passing landscape. It was growing light out, so it wasn’t difficult to make out that this was primarily desert country. The cool breeze that greeted us when we exited the plane led me to believe that we were near the seacoast. – That would, of course, be the Mediterranean Sea if I was correct in guessing approximately where we were by all the clues I’d seen.

We rolled onto the estate – a small paradise sculpted out of nowhere. Where there was only sandy desert since we left the airfield, here were lawns, and trees, shrubs and gardens all around. We drove through an area of sculpted fountains, surrounded by towering date palms. This was truly a tropical country, full of surprises at every turn.

We pulled up before a veritable mansion in the middle of the desert, which was Ahmed’s home, and which soon would be my home, too.

As the car rolled to a stop, the door on Ahmed’s side of the limo opened from the outside, and a servant stood waiting to greet his Master. He seemed overjoyed to see Ahmed upon his return, although he had probably been gone less than 24 hours if he had come directly to the auction and left immediately afterward. Ahmed said to him, “Good Morning, Joseph. Please retrieve the luggage from the car, and take Miss Bentley’s luggage to her room.”

“Yes, Master”, Joseph replied, and scurried to take care of Ahmed’s instructions.

Ahmed returned to the car door, and helped me get out of the seat, and out of the car. While I stood there, trying to take it all in, he assisted Star to get out of the car the same way. I perceived that Ahmed was kind to his servants, slave or not. But what of the fact that he had kept Star gagged in the airplane until I asked him to remove it, I thought to myself. What was that all about? Another test??? I found out later that it was a test, to which Star had willingly submitted. She had gagged herself as the car arrived outside the plane. Had I not asked Ahmed to remove her gag, she would have spent the night in it. And Paul, the pilot, was aware that I was coming too. I guess that Ahmed had called the plane while I was in the holding room after the auction, hugging the wall.

Ahmed guided me to the large doors at the front of his mansion, with Star following closely behind. As we approached, the door opened, and a very proper-looking English butler stood at the ready to follow any of Ahmed’s instructions. “Good morning, Caruthers”, he said. The butler replied, “Good morning, Sir. I trust you had a good flight?” He was a perfect English butler! He reminded me of Edward Everett Horton in the old film, ‘Pocketful of Miracles’.

“Yes”, Ahmed said. “… Paul is a great pilot.”

“I see you brought us a guest”, Caruthers said.

“Yes, Caruthers. This is Anne. She will become my wife in three days, so I want you to do everything possible to make her comfortable”, he said.

“Very good, Sir”, Caruthers replied. “Welcome to the House of Mustaffa, Miss Anne.”

“Thank you”, I said. “I appreciate your kindness.”

Placing his hand at my waist again, Ahmed said, “Come along, Anne. There will be time to meet the staff later. For now, I want to show you to your room.”

Caruthers bowed, and disappeared into an anteroom.

Ahmed guided me across the large open entry, to an ornate grand staircase, where we would climb to the second floor. I assumed then, that the bedrooms were on the second floor. We stopped at the base of the stairway, and Ahmed reached down to unbutton the bottom two buttons on my traveling coat, so that I could climb the steps more easily. He reached over and unbuttoned the bottom two buttons on Star’s coat, also. He guided me up the steps, with Star following closely behind. At the top of the steps, we turned left into an ornate hallway, which led to the bedrooms in that wing of the house. We stopped at a double door, and Ahmed reached into his pocket and retrieved a golden key to the lock on the door. Turning the latch, he escorted me inside. Star followed.

I looked around the room, and it was magnificent. Well appointed with period furniture, and a large bed. There was a sitting area, and a fireplace. A large wall-mounted TV set, and music system. There was also a little alcove where Star would sleep. It had a single bed, a chair and lamp, a small dresser, and wardrobe. All that one needed to get along. A curtain divided it from the main room, which could be drawn when Ahmed or I wanted privacy. But I was stunned by the magnificence of the entire suite. Not only was it large, there was a domed ceiling with murals painted on it, and a chandelier! … There were several vases of flowers spread around the room. I could see a large bathroom, just beyond Star’s alcove. One could live in here forever, and never have to go out. There was a large air conditioning unit built into the wall, for use on hot days, which would keep the room at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the outside heat, year ‘round.

Ahmed unbuttoned Star's travelling coat, leaving it draped around her shoulders. Then he unbuttoned mine, and removed it. He handed it to Star, who by that time had removed her own traveling coat. She took them both, and placed them in an armoire near her alcove, for when they would be used again. She also had a small bedroom across the hall, for those nights when Ahmed would spend the night. I resolved that Ahmed would spend most of his nights with me, and Star wouldn’t get to use her alcove very much. …

I stood there naked, still marveling at the greatness of this room. “Oh, Ahmed”, I said, “… this is heaven!”

“Not quite, my dear – but it’s the best I can do on my limited budget”, he said with a sly twinkle in his eye. “Star,” he said, “bring me the cutter.”

Star opened a drawer in the dresser and removed a small bolt cutter, and handed it to Ahmed. “Hold still”, he said. “I’m going to remove your chain…”

Snip, snip, and a link was severed. The chain fell to the floor at my feet. Ahmed stooped to pick it up, and handed it to me, as he said, “You may want to keep this as a souvenir…”

“I’ll leave you two alone now, so you can get used to your new room.” With that, he handed me the golden key that was used to unlock the door, and said, “… Take care of this key – it’s the only one that will open the door.”

“It has also opened the door of my heart”, I said. I dropped my eyes in submission, and stood before him with a feeling of total love in my heart.

Ahmed smiled again, that smile I was to see often. The smile that told me that I had pleased him. He reached out and touched my breast, and said, “Thank you for giving me your heart. I will cherish your gift.”

Star sniffled, and I could tell she was about to cry. Ahmed looked at her and smiled. He turned and left the room, closing the door gently behind himself.

“Oh, Star… How wonderful this is”, I said as I reached out and hugged her.

There was a knock at the door, and a voice called out, “It’s Joseph, Miss. I have your luggage.”

I thought it best that the servants not see me naked, so I told Star to take care of the luggage, and I stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. I still held the golden key and my submission chain in my hands. This was my first chance to look around the bathroom. I discovered that there was a large separate shower, and a sunken tub, large enough for two or three people at one time. And there were two porcelain bowls. One was the toilet, and the second was a bidet. There is no greater luxury for a woman, than to have her own bidet. For those not familiar with this European luxury, it’s like a toilet bowl, except that it has a small fountain in the center, which sprays water upwards, and can be used by a woman to wash her genital area. This one also had an attached hose with an eight-inch nozzle that could be used for internal cleansing. It can also be used as a urinal by men should the need arise – or if two women must use the facility at the same time…

I heard Star open the door and thank Joseph for bringing the luggage. He placed it near the armoire, and left. I could hear Star open the luggage and start placing my clothes on hangers in the wardrobe, and sorting my personal items into the drawers of the dresser. I came out of the bathroom as Star was just finishing. She said, “You have some very lovely things, Mistress. I will be honored if you will allow me to launder them for you every day.”

“That won’t be necessary, Star. I’m sure there are other servants who can do that for us. . And I want you to stop calling me ‘Mistress’ when we’re alone. I’m Anne, and you’re Star, and that will be that. I suppose you have to continue to call me Mistress when we are among others, but we’ll see about that, in time.”

“Yes, ma’am”, she said.

“Uh, uh”, I said. “Anne!”, I corrected her.

“Yes, Anne”, she said.

“Good. Now tell me all about yourself… and I’ll tell you about myself”, I said. “Let’s send for something to drink. Coffee, or tea?”

“Oh, tea, please”, she said. “I don’t get much tea. ….”

“Well, we’ll see about that!”, I said. “If I’m going to be Mistress of this House, you’ll have all the tea you want!”

With that, I stepped to the phone, picked it up, and asked Star, “How do we order room service in this hotel?”

In the next episode, Anne-Marie learns what it will mean to be an Arabian Wife, and what she will have to go through as part of the wedding ceremony.


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