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My Odyssey Part 17: Star Tells Me Her Story … As narrated

by Anne-Marie to Tony B

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne-Marie to Tony B - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; M/f; slave; surgery; oral; anal; cons/nc; X

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Continues from part 16

My Odyssey

As narrated by Anne-Marie Killamajiian,
Wife of Ahmed, of the House of Mustaffa, the Diamond Merchant

Warning: This story involves bondage, consensual sex, domination, coercion, sex changes, sexual slavery, rape, and other jiggery-pokery. It is entirely fictional, and is intended as entertainment for adults only. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or to any location or activity is purely coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (As if anybody ever is!)

Note: If you would like to contact the authoress to make a comment, you may contact Anne through [email protected] who originally published it as “My Story”. She hopes you enjoy reading her story. Tony would also appreciate your comments. We will endeavor to answer all emails.

Author’s Note: My apologies to my loyal readers. The last chapter was accidentally lost in a computer crash, and in reconstructing it, some of the details were lost, especially at the end of the chapter. Originally, the teaser for this chapter was to be “In the next episode, Anne-Marie learns her fate.” -- Tony-B

RECAP: In Part 16, Anne-Marie is taken to an unknown destination by plane, and introduced to her new bondservant, Star.

Part 17: Star Tells Me Her Story …

“This is the short version”, she said…

“I was a student at the Mediterranean University in the city. My father had bought me a motorcycle, and it was more of a motorcycle than I could handle at my age. I was learning but not fast enough. One night, after a spring rainstorm, the streets were still wet, and I lost control of the bike, and accidentally hit a young slave-girl, killing her instantly. Technically, she wasn't a slave-girl, but a bondservant. She would have been freed when she was sold to be a wife.”

“I didn’t try to run or hide, but stayed, and tried to help revive her. Alas, it was impossible. Maybe if someone in the crowd had been a medical technician, or doctor, but no such luck. She died the minute the bike hit her.”

“That spoke well of me at the trial, and the prosecutor did not seek the death penalty, declaring it to be an accidental death. However, the court felt that I had deprived the owner of his property – his bondservant – and declared that I should take her place. In order to do so, I was taken to a hospital in Libya, where a butcher of a doctor simply removed my male parts, and did no proper surgery to make me a woman. He didn’t even move what was left of my urethra to the proper female position, so I had to pee while standing up, and more often than not, managed to pee all over myself.”

“The former owner of the bondservant felt cheated out of the tribute he would have received when selling her to be a wife, so he – and his brothers – took it out on me by making me their sexual slave. I was forced to provide them with whatever sexual services I could, including anal and oral sex. It was horrible, as I was used several times a day, for almost two years...”

“Because my male parts were gone, I began to develop normally as a woman. My breasts began to grow, and my body began to change into the shape you see now. They enjoyed seeing my changes, and kept me dressed as a girl, and made me live the life of a female in every way possible.”

“One day my former owner had some business with Ahmed – your Ahmed – who took pity on me when I was offered as a sexual plaything, as part of the deal. Ahmed made me part of he deal, and bought me on the spot, away from my former owner and his brothers. He sent me to the Clinic in Thailand for reconstructive surgery, but there was little they could do for me. Doctor Bulieu rebuilt my genital area as best he could, so I didn’t have to stand to pee, and helped me to understand how my life would be different. I was only there for about ten days, but that’s where I met Nurse Betty. She was kind to me, and caring. I’ll never forget her kindness.”

“Since then, Ahmed has kept me as part of his house, and has taken good care of me. Although I am free to seek sexual pleasure from others, Ahmed has never used or punished me. I feel safe with Ahmed as my owner. And that’s all there is to it.”

The Night Before The Wedding …

Ahmed came to the suite where Star and I slept. He dismissed Star, who left the room, closing the door behind herself.

Ahmed said, “I’ve come to discuss your final instructions before the Wedding. Are you prepared?”

“Yes, Ahmed”, I said.

“You understand this marriage is final?”, he asked.

“Yes, Ahmed”, I replied.

“There will never be any divorce or escape. You will become my property to do with as I please?”

“Yes, Ahmed. I understand”, I said.

“Good. Now here are some final things… During the ceremony, you will stand at my left side with your head bowed. You will be bound and gagged, as per the custom. You will be asked only one thing, whether you accept the marriage. You must nod your acceptance. If you do not, things will go very badly for you.” He paused to let that sink in.

“I understand, Ahmed. I will accept”, I said.

“Speak now, if you have any reservations”, he said.

“No, Ahmed. I have none.”

“Alright. Star has filled you in on the wedding customs, and what will be expected of you as my wife. You know that at the conclusion of the ceremony, I will unbind and ungag you, and we will proceed to the reception where I will consummate the marriage before our relatives and guests. In addition, my three brothers will have the opportunity to have sex with you, but only this once. This is part of our tradition, originally meant to insure immediate pregnancy of the bride, and to prolong the bloodline. That is no longer important, but the custom continues. “

“I understand, Ahmed. I will submit without protest.”

“Good. Afterwards, I will erase your memory so that you won’t remember that part of it.”

“Oh, please don’t, Ahmed. I want to remember everything that happens on my wedding day – both good and bad. It’s very important to me.”

“As you wish, my dear. After the consummation, you will seldom be bound, except occasionally for my pleasure. You will be my wife, not my slave, and I will treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve.”

“Thank you, Ahmed. I’m sure we will be happy together”, I said.

“You will make me happy, my dear. You have already done so by being here.”

“But Ahmed, you bought me. I am your slave”, I said.

“Only a matter of introduction, dear. You are no longer my slave, but my betrothed.”

I was happy hearing him say that.

“Let me ask you,” he said, “… have you had sex with Star yet?”

“No, Ahmed. I’m not really into having sex with women.”

“Well, she’s there at any time you want her. Sex between women is common in our culture, and is readily accepted because it cannot lead to pregnancy. It’s just a matter of self-pleasuring, like masturbation. No one thinks anything of it. It would please me to know that you were enjoying the body that God and Doctor Bulieu gave you.

“I promise to tell you, if it happens”, I said.

“One more thing… Should anything ever happen to me, or should I die, according to our custom, you will become the property of my eldest living brother, to become his wife, and serve him the same as you will serve me. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Ahmed. I will comply with your wishes and your customs.”

Ahmed rose to leave, and said, “Sleep well, my darling. Tomorrow will be a big day.”

As he left, Star returned to the bedchamber. She didn’t ask what we had discussed, but nodded, knowing that it had been my final instructions.

Star had explained to me that this was to be a traditional tribal wedding. For centuries, men of one tribe would raid the villages of other tribes, seeking females to be wives. They would kidnap them, and wed them. Once married, the woman was considered the man’s property, and honor and obedience were the primary motivations. Death was the only escape from a bad marriage – or a bad husband. The women were virtual slaves. If the woman was rescued during the three-day ‘purification’ rituals, she would return to her own tribe as if nothing had happened. The man, of course, would try to kidnap her again.

The wedding ceremony, it was explained to me, would have the bride tied and gagged, so she couldn’t protest her fate, while the tribal elders performed the initial ceremony, sealing the marriage. The marriage would be consummated before witnesses, and the woman would then be forced to have sexual relations with all the brothers of the groom. This often amounted to a gang-bang, if the man had several or many brothers. In the west, it would be considered forcible rape. Ahmed has only three brothers, and they would all get to fuck me on my wedding day! Some women are forced to service all the men in their household, all the time. I was sure that Ahmed would not allow that tradition to happen to me. For all his honor of traditions, he was forward thinking about women, particularly about his servants and wife. While he could have several wives according to the tradition, he only wanted one, saying that one wife – the right wife - was all he needed. And he had chosen me, and paid a high price to get me. While I never knew the exact figure, Star told me that she had heard that he paid nearly $200,000 dollars for me, in both gold and diamonds.

* * *

The next morning, Star woke me early. “Wake up, sleepyhead. Today is your big day.”

It wasn’t necessary to remind me. I knew. I would have to forego my exercises today – there simply wasn’t enough time to do everything that had to be done. I was looking forward to the events that were planned for the day.

“Good morning, Star”, I said. “I hope you had a good night’s sleep, as I did.”

“Yes, it was very restful”, she said.

I got out of bed, and went to the bathroom. While I was relieving myself, Star was running the shower, to bring it up to a comfortable temperature. When I was finished, I wiped myself, stood up, and entered the shower where Star was waiting. For the past couple of days, Star was truly my body servant, showering with me, and attending to every personal need, treating me as if I were a queen. I guess, in her eyes, I was. While she was still in permanent chain bondage, she had not been forced to be gagged since that night on the plane, and she let me know how grateful she was that it was no longer part of her every day routine.

Using hot soapy water, she carefully washed every inch of my body, paying attention to all my private areas. I had granted her access to my life, and by extension, improved hers, and she showed her appreciation by giving me her allegiance and affection in every little detail. I had begun to love her.

When she had finished washing me, she rinsed us both off, stepped out of the shower and toweled me dry, then toweled herself. I stepped to the shampoo sink, and sat on the reclining chair that allowed me to tip my head back and allow my hair to dangle into the sink for a shampoo. Star washed my hair, and after I sat up, used a blowdryer to dry it thoroughly, and style it. She trimmed any errant hairs, so my coif would look perfect for the day. While in the chair, I was still naked, of course, and Star always complimented me on how beautiful I was. She was a real ego-booster, without any conscious effort on her part.

After my hair was fixed, we went back into the bedroom, where the bed had been made while we were showering, and a breakfast for two had been brought in on a rolling cart. It was always a perfect breakfast, always enough, and never too much. Miss Sims would have been proud of the morning chef in Ahmed’s house. We ate in the nude. I had insisted that Star would eat with me, as I wanted her to be a companion, as well as a serving girl. She would be my ‘Lady in Waiting’, for want of a better phrase. Besides, I was enjoying looking at her, as much as she enjoyed looking at me during our times together. She remained respectful, never starting to eat before me, and never passing through a door before me. I really liked her, for everything she was.

After breakfast, Star sprayed me with a perfume that had been selected by Ahmed. It was a pleasant odor, and seemed to last all day without being refreshed from time to time. She gave me a red sash to celebrate my wedding day, and tied it around my waist. She helped me into my wedding dress, which I will describe later, and fixed my hair in an upswept style, baring the back of my neck. I sat at the dressing table while she placed a pair of white, three-inch heeled shoes on my feet. White, with tiny pink bows, to match my dress. They also had an ankle strap, whose design was meant to keep my feet shod, and prevent me from losing a shoe at an inappropriate time.

I was almost ready, lacking only my gag and bondage for the ceremony, when Ahmed knocked on the door and entered. It was all right for him to see me before the ceremony. According to their custom, the groom often carried the bound and gagged bride before the tribal elders for the ceremony.

“I have another wedding gift for you, my dear”, he said. “… Your Maid of Honor has just arrived.”

I didn’t know about this wrinkle, or whom it was that had ‘just arrived’. I couldn’t even guess who was there to help me through the ceremony, as Maids of Honor are expected to do.

He stepped away from the open door, to allow my Maid of Honor to enter.

IT WAS BETTY! My Sister Betty! He had her flown in for the ceremony. “Betty”, I cried! “Oh, I’m so happy to see you!” She came to me, and wrapped her arms around me, and we cried. Between the tears, she said, “I couldn’t stay away – and Ahmed was kind enough to send a plane for me.”

Ahmed stood by the door, smiling.

Star also burst into tears. … Women are so emotional!

“Ahmed has been wonderful to me. And I do love him”, I said. “I’ve promised to make him a good wife.”

I looked toward Ahmed, only to find that he had silently left the room.

We hugged and cried for a long while. When I was able to recover my composure, I introduced her to Star. … “This is Star. She’s my companion and serving girl”, I said.

“Yes, I remember Star. She came to our Clinic for some reconstructive surgery after an accident. Good morning, Star”, she said.

“Good morning Nurse Betty”, she replied. “… And may God protect you.”

“Thank you Star”, she said. “… I see you’re getting along well.”

“Yes, thank you. I have no complaints. This is a good house, made all the better by the arrival of my Mistress”, she said.

So Betty and Star knew each other already. That was a relief. I wouldn’t need to explain her presence here. “But Betty,” I said, “… Star doesn’t have the rose tattoo that we all wear.”

“No”, she said. “Star never went through the transition, like we did. She only had reconstructive surgery after her male parts were removed badly. Technically, she would be classified as a full eunuch, not a changeling, but she’s much better off looking like a girl.”

“I’m not so sure about that, considering what men have put her through”, I said…

“Tell me what Ahmed’s like”, Betty said. …

“Well, he’s kind and considerate”, I said, “… He’s generous, and a man that’s worthy of my trust. … And he’s rich!”

“Then this will be a good marriage”, she said.

“I believe so”, I said.

“Is there anything I can do for you?”, she asked.

“Your being here is more than enough”, I said. “I love you Betty, and I’m so happy that you’ll be able to share my day with me.”

“I’ll be here for you all week”, she said.

“How wonderful”, I replied. “We’ll have a chance to share secrets.”

“Have you made love with him yet?”, she asked.

“No, not yet”, I replied. “It’s forbidden by his custom until the wedding night. But he’s promised to fuck me silly tonight.”

“I hope and wish that it’s everything you want, honey.”

“I believe it will be. …. And I’ll do everything I can to make it happen.”

“Henry and everyone else sends their love and best wishes”, she said.

I smiled, thinking of them. “I’ll see them all next year, when I’m an old married woman”, I smiled.

“And what of Star?”, she asked. “I only know that she has been used by men for their pleasure since she left the Clinic.”

“Yes”, I said. “… She had been used as a sex slave for most of the past two years, and is permanently chained, as you can see. Until Ahmed bought her, she was kept gagged most of the time to keep her from protesting her fate. She accepted her position in life because of the accident, but they made her life miserable, beyond mere retribution. Fortunately, Ahmed was not one of the abusers, and bought her away from her original owner a few months ago. Had he been involved earlier, he would have paid for the complete surgery for her.” I glanced at Star who was standing silently nearby, with her head bowed and her eyes looking at the floor. “I’m going to do the best I can to protect her from any further abuse”, I said. “I’ll be in a better position to help her starting tomorrow. There’s no reason she should be abused like that unless she wants to be. It should be her choice, not theirs.”

“Good for you!”, Betty said. “Long Live Feminism! I’m happy that you have made such a good adjustment. – You were a mess when you first came to the Clinic.”

“I know”, I said, “… and most of my adjustment came from your caring help. I’ll always love you for that!”

One of Ahmed’s servant girls entered and whispered something to Star. Star interrupted, and said, “I’m afraid we have to get ready for the ceremony, now. I have a Maid of Honor’s dress for you, Nurse Betty, if you’d like to change into it.”

“Thank you, Star. I will change. I want to look my best for my sister’s wedding. Where is it?”

Star brought a large box out of the closet, and opened it to reveal a dress almost exactly like mine, in Betty’s correct size. Betty took the dress, and went into the bathroom to change while Star tied my hands behind my back and stuffed the gag into my mouth in preparation for my new life.


In Part 18, Anne-Marie is wed to Ahmed Killamajiian in an unusual ceremony, and undergoes the tribal ritual that seals her to the House of Mustaffa as Ahmed’s wife for life.



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