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by Loathed

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© Copyright 2006 - Loathed - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; anal; cons; X

She sat there even in all her weariness and thought of him.

They were to the world two spirits separated by nearly everything. But if you were to ask either of them they would tell you that the other completed them. Without the other either of them would be lacking in someone they had perhaps searched their whole life to find. Though neither of them would have ever expected that they would find it as they did.

She thought back to a night previous. Two simple words he had shared with someone else that night. Those words, "I am submissive." They had served to bring life to a fire deep within her. It was not the implication of debauchery that served to arouse her. Instead it was that with that simple sentence he had begun to show that he was in fact developing. Perhaps there was hope for them yet. She felt that if he were able to embrace his dark inner passion then he would come to know true freedom. His body and his spirit would be able to experience pleasure the likes of which he did not know existed.

Slowly her tired mind drifted from intellectual thought. Her passion had been growing for some time. She had not told her lover of her feelings during the previous night. Nor had she really explained to him the passion that had been building inside of her. There was some part of her that feared she might remained forever unfulfilled. Eternally denied a lover aroused by the shadow as she was. That her life should be filled with moments, close, but never taking her soul to the dark depths it wished to visit.

As her mind drifted even further she began to see them together. Her and her lover together in a simple bed. There were no elaborate knots. There were no thick bedposts. Instead it was their passion alone that held them there, bound by each other through their embrace.

He sat there, naked. Leaning back so that he rested using the palms of his hands. His legs outstretched before him, open slightly like a v. She knelt before him, careful to find a comfortable position. Neither of them wanted to deal with needless adjusting and moving on the account of hurried positioning. She leaned into him setting her hands on top of his own. Slowly she let her lips find his. As their lips brushed together she told him not to move.

Inching closer to him she lifted each of his legs over her own. She wanted to be sure that she could enjoy this for a good long while. She did not want to have to shift her position and give him reason to move in return. Instead as she continued to slide in closer to him she slid his hands closer to her. She teased him ever so slightly by lifting his hands to make moving them easier. She could tell by his reaction that he thought he was going to begin taking a more active role in the little game. Instead though she placed them firmly upon mattress once they had reached their desired position.

She was pleased now. The soft fabric and lace of her garment danced across his flesh. She moved her hands to his inner thighs as her lips lingered dangerously close to his own. She delighted in the purchase that her manicured nails found as they bit into the soft flesh of his thighs even as her teeth bit down into the flesh of his lips. She moaned tenderly as a soft gasp passed his lips. His display and the thoughts of this titillating dance they choreographed brought her nipples to full erection. He could feel them pressed against his chest and she knew that he would easily give himself to her. As much as she wanted to know him in that way she desired more for them to loose themselves to the darkness of their encounter.

She pulled her head back and breathed deep. She could almost feel the caress of the incense drift across her skin. So close now they were. She knew already that she was moist. She could feel the desire rolling off of him like it was a wave as tangible as those seen over blacktop on a scorching summers day. Using her nose her seductively nuzzled at his face. She bid him to turn his neck to her. Licking there tenderly even more thoughts danced across her inner vision.

"We must not play too rough though. He is so tender after all."

Even with the thoughts of warning coming to her she would not be contained though. Her teeth bit gently into the flesh of his neck. The feeling of him pulling back served to create both a rising tide of passion and of annoyance within her. She knew he was trying to follow the rules while still getting away with whatever he could. In truth though, she would not have had it any other way. For this was as much a battle of wills as it was a battle of patience and of passion. Continuing to nibble and bite she made his way to his ear. She knew that her love was not fond of prolonged diatribes in situations such as these. And she knew that to expect too much in the way of feedback would only serve to disconnect him from the dark pool she wished him to be lost in. Instead into his ear she whispered only two words.

"Beg me."

She laughed softly as he blinked. She loved these moments of confusion. She loved to actually watch his eyes and see the processing of information going on behind them. He had no idea what she wished for him to beg for. Yet that well hidden part of him churned knowing that he did not want to make a request of error. She cooed then, nuzzling close to his ear once more.

"Beg me to allow you inside me. Find your words and tell me how badly your cock desires to be inside me."

Even as she told him this she moved back away from him. Before he had time to she roughly broke their positioning and directed him into a new position. When she was done he was on his hands and knees before her. She put her knees between his own and easily directed him to spread his legs a bit further. She could feel the mixture of emotions coming off of him. Part of his mind wanted to recoil, to refuse this. The other part of him though knew that anything could be coming next. That thrill and fear associated with surprise served to make his cock grow even larger then he thought possible.

"You'll not have my pussy tonight."

She told him with a cool edge to her voice.

"You've not earned that. But if you beg well enough perhaps I will allow you to pleasure my ass."

She knew that since she had discovered on her own what enjoyment she could take from within her tradesman's entrance that her lover had been unable to be rid of his own thoughts about pleasuring her in that way. As her hand traced the front of his thigh she issued her order again.

"Beg me."

"Give yourself over and convince me."

"You will get nothing and give nothing if you choose to keep to your quiet ways now or during any of what is to come."

Even as her fingers continued to trace the flesh of his thigh she brought down her other hand against the pale flesh of his ass. Oh how it glowed in the soft illumination of the candlelight.

She closed her eyes. Her hips pressed against his ass. She could hear the words begin to tumble from his lips but she was not yet ready to listen. He had to prove to her how much he wanted this. The delicate fingers of her right hand found his member and fixed themselves around it firmly. Her left hand in answer were dragged down his back. Slowly and softly firm phrases passed her lips. Phrases with which she continued to tease and drive him forward with. She was sure to add an edge to her voice with which she caused him to think she doubted his sincerity. She knew that this game of wondering would drive him as crazy as her touch was. Finally his ass began to press in against her. His movements began to match her own and rise urgency. She laughed inwardly. For so long he had thought that begging was simply a matter of words. But now as he was placed there before her the very fabric of his body was beginning to beg her. Briefly she toyed with the idea of simply rising and leaving him there, but quickly she decided against it. Instead she merely asked him.

"And what if I were to leave you right now? What then would you do?"

He groaned loudly and pressed back against her even harder.

"Please princess no! I think of only you. I'm not even thinking about what it would be like to get off right now. I swear it! Honestly, thoughts of making you cum are what's driving me wild!"


She said to herself. His sentiments were edged with the tiniest amount of self serving bullshit and yet she knew that part of him truly was fascinated with the idea of making her cum.

She turned him around then and made him sit with his hands on his thighs. she bade him to continue to tell her how badly he desired to pleasure her as she moved away and returned with a bottle of liquid "assistance." She kneeled down then just out of reach to her lover. She teasingly presented her ass to him and using her own juices coated one of her index fingers. Looking back over her shoulder and blew him a kiss and then as she closed her eyes she put her head back. Slowly her finger danced around her puckered opening. Even slower still she began to sink it into that opening. Even as she did so she continued him to carry on with his deviant lamentation. She lost herself to the sound of his voice filled with lust and need. She delighted in his tortured reply when she asked him how badly he wished he could be touching himself at that moment. She was so proud of him and he did not even realize it. Slowly she began to approach him. She sauntered back towards him and could feel his muscles tense as she came within reach. She looked back at him then. Slowly she withdrew her finger and as she did so she lowered her head and turned back to look at him. A loving and yet dangerous smile moved across her visage as her lips parted.


A phrase perhaps silly to some and yet perfect for her to use in this moment. It took him but a breath to be upon her then. His fingers digging into her ample curves. So tender he was that his member did not instantly force itself inside. Instead he seemed to delight in the skin to skin contact he found against her wetness. it was only after a breathless and extended moment that they then were lost to their passions.


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