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Mystery 2

by Loathed

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© Copyright 2006 - Loathed - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; anal; cons; X

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Part Two

He knelt there. Face in the corner. He always knew it would come to this. Still though knowing and experiencing were two different beasts all together.

Surprisingly he was not as uncomfortable as he had thought he would be. His pride grabbed a-hold of him then and he glances around without removing his forehead from the wall. He found it rather odd how she had stuffed animals built up on the corner of her bed here in this corner. He smirked slightly. That was just one of those things he loved about her. She had that true predatory streak in her you knew you had not dare awaken let alone cross. And yet instead of pulling a carcass of some defeated beast into the trees with her, eww, she made her own form of little nest.

He heard an office chair move in the other room and snapped back to attention. He knew his pride couldn't save him now. Though some part of him had considered off and on again what his chances were if he tried to take control. He did want to submit, the thought of it send tingles all over his body. But then he realized that even without an elaborate set up she was going to test his boundaries. Over the months they had been separated she had already sacrificed so much to strengthen his mind and spirit. Now that she had access to his body he wondered if he would be able to handle it all.

It grew quiet.

He thought briefly about what had brought him to the position he was now in. He thought it said a lot about her knowledge of his mind that he knelt here now unrestrained. He could rise up and saunter into the room she was in. And she would take one look at him, give him that look, and say to him as she walked away from him that this was not all a game. He didn't want the silence that he knew would follow that event.

He had known she was in a mood. She had been trying to be tender and caring with him as she most often was. But his own insecurity and desire to remain rather care free and child-like had brought out the dry wit. He knew his behavior could be annoying. He didn't honestly mean to be annoying but he had not the experience yet to have had developed a razor-edged wit the likes of which she had. So he had pushed her until her frustration grew too great.

"If you're not going to take our time together seriously and talk with me then fine. I can almost tolerate that. But I'll not tolerate you laying here with me acting like you're more interested in playing with crayons then at least listening to what needs to be said."

She stared at him then. That cold stare she was capable of managing where those hazel, though today they were very blue, eyes seemed to have flames licking around their edges. He knew it was useless to try and play off what he had done but he tried to anyway. And that's what did it.

"Don't insult my intelligence or your own. You know exactly what you were doing. Now if you do not mind, and frankly even if you do, take off your drawers and get into the corner."

He had of course done as she requested. At the time though the horny pup in him figured this interlude would be brief. It had gone on for some minutes when he called out and asked her if she was getting all sexy for him. He could almost hear her fizzle in the other room. Quickly he tried to add that he had not meant to imply that she was at anytime other then sexy when she cut him off.

"You really should give up on speaking at this point. If you'd like I can always help you. Which will it be? Krazy Glue or Duct tape?"

He wasn't about to reply. He even managed to choke back the comment he had been about to offer her. He knew his pale attempt at cheek would not be taken well at this point.

He through all of this was inspired by her though. As full of pout as he wished to be he knew he needed this. Perhaps if he had long ago found his own inner strength he would have rebelled against this. But long ago he had given up. It seemed more frugal to let others with more experience decide the path. To some extent he realized one could say he was doing the same now. But deep down he knew that she had let him decide to be here. It had always and would always be his choice. She had said to him more then once -

"No. You always have a choice. At the end of the day all you will have is yourself and the choices you have made. Never let someone take away your power to decide."

God! She drove him wild!

Just as he began to think of her as some sultry old world philosopher. The likes of which entire towns would whisper about. He heard the chair move again. This time there was real movement involved and not so much just a creak.

He heard her move off down the short hall and enter out into the living room. He had hoped she would be coming right here. He heard the ting-ting of dish-ware being put in place and water run for a moment though it was very faint. Yeah, that was just like her. Even more-so when she was perturbed would she make sure everything was done properly.

A moment of silence. Every muscle in his body tensed. He even felt a tightening in his crotch and he bit into his lower lip as he pressed his head into the corner.

"God! I'm so sorry!"

He thought.

"I need her so bad right now! Let her come in, please! Let her come in!"

Silence reached his ears again. But then he heard the kitchen door slam the way it did even when you hadn't meant to slam it. Was she still mad? Wasn't she? Good choice! Game well played! The slider to the back yard opened. She told the dogs to get out before it to closed. "Schnick!" It too was locked. A moment later he heard her enter the hall. Well. Not so much enter the hall as close the hall door. Silence again. For a moment as the air conditioning kicked on he lost place of her. He shivered a bit as the cold air hit his body. Nothing "important" would be affected because of his position in the corner but still he could feel some hair some to stand on end. In his mind he was being stalked. He knew he could run or try to defend himself. But did he really want that? Wouldn't it seem a bit odd to have been positioned here for what, half an hour? Maybe longer? Then suddenly say the game was ended. A voice deep in his psyche somewhere screamed at him-

 "You're a filthy little slut. You know you wouldn't mean it even if you did say it. You want your buttons pressed and your skin bitten! Filthy...filthy little piggy."

He moaned ever so slightly. At that exact moment her head slipped inside the doorway to her room.

"What was that?"

Could he possibly fit anymore of himself into the corner? He was sure as hell trying! He heard a contemplative, "Ermm-Hrrrm." Pass her lips. He felt her weight on what they affectionately called "her kitty bed." Which really was nothing but a futon mattress done up in grand style on the floor. He had felt bad at first that she did not have more. But now part of him took great strength from and had great love for the fact that she always did so much with so little. In a way this simple yet elegant set up to her room was a physical example of just what he knew she was doing with him. Taking something functional, yet unremarkable, and putting her touch on it.

Nothing then for a moment. But then.....

A finger ever-so-gently traced a line from his crack all the way up his back to his hair line. He felt her fingers enter his hair and tug back gently. Even at this the butterflies in his stomach roared to life. He kept his eyes pressed closed as she gently pulled his head back and leaned down. Her chest pressed into his back as her teeth found a high spot on his shoulder. He grimaced as they bit into that soft fleshiness not far from where his neck met his shoulders. Was she going to draw blood this time? Really? No, she stopped well short of that. But she blew across the now wet spot. His body tingled even more.

She kissed up his neck and found his ear. Instead of licking or sucking on it instead she pulled his head to the side a bit with the hand still locked in his hair and nuzzled him. He knew how much it bothered her that for whatever reason she could not imitate the sound of a cat purring. But in his mind he could hear it. He could feel the gentle rasping against his skin. Again thoughts like this were not the kind he ever thought he would entertain. Now though there was something fundamentally erotic about such a predatory display.

She then pressed up against him. He thought it adorable how much she acted the "thruster." He pushed those thoughts from his mind, and quickly. He had learned very fast that when she was in a mood it was not in anyone's best interest to think of her as cute and cuddly. Boy was she ever in a mood!

She reached around then sliding her free arm around him. Her fingers found his nipple and she began to play with it. Gently at first, but it didn't take long for her to begin pulling at it and twisting. At the same time he felt her fingers slide from his hair and drop to what little he had in the way of hips. As her head rest against his own he heard soft words enter his ear, though soft they were they demanded an answer.-

"You want it bad don't you?"

He nodded softly. "Yes Mistress." "I'm sorry Mistress.."

Her fingers dug into the flesh of his hip at the same time as her others pinched down hard on his nipple.

"I asked a single question. If I want to know more I will tell you!"

He moaned softly. It was a love-hate relationship being in trouble was.

Her hand slipped down his chest and her weight forced his shoulders against either side of the corner. Her free hand took his sac into it and she began to massage his sac with a firm grip.-

"You're such a filthy little piggy!"

"I know how bad you want it."

She broke from him then and backed away. "Rut-roh." He thought.-

"Turn around. Remain on your knees. Do not rise nor look at me and lean back into the corner. Keep your hands behind you."

He did as he was told. His cheeks were flushed with excitement and he was only too glad to keep his eyes lowered.

As he leaned into the corner his mind began to race. He was so exposed now. He had not realized it but when he was facing the corner he felt an odd sense of safety. Some part of his "intelligent" mind knew she would never harm him from behind. Even in all her wickedness he knew there were certain things in her mind one simply did not do. But now, he was in a position that invited anything.

Even as he completed that thought he felt the fingers of both her hands find his hips. She had called him tiny once and in this moment he knew regardless of his true body size she would have called him that. When she had said it he thought she was truly speaking about his stature. Now though he realized she was commenting on something far deeper a part of his psyche.

She pressed against his and her tongue trailed over his chest. He had heard her speak before on blowing over areas one had licked but the damnable air conditioning was doing that work for her. He didn't even have to look to know both of his nipples were harder then he had ever thought they could get. He had never realized he could be so aroused without what he regarded the nuts and bolts of the sex act.

She began to nip at his skin as she moved her way across and up his torso. Her hands began to move behind him to his arse, massaging as they did so. Soon her teeth found purchase in the soft flesh of his chin. Again, in some part of his mind he heard her purring. The soft vibrations of such imagined sound seemed to work their way through every fiber of his being. -

"You've been a bad little boy you know Childe."

"It's not the first time I know. But you dare to act that way in my own home this time?"


"For that reason alone I have decided to show you just how serious I can be."

She pulled away from him then but her hands remained on his arse. Gently but with firm direction she pulled him out of the corner. He had no idea what she was going to do now. No idea at all. As she moved him forward his hands dropped slightly. They slipped between a pair of stuffed animals in the corner and brushed against something hard. Plastic? His mind raced as his knees shuffled him forward. It was on a mission to match that brief sensation his fingers had had with a picture of an item. Knowing her the only thing his mind could think of was...

"Oh no. Was that the pump from a bottle of lubrication? Shit. Okay. Think. What the fuck is about to happen!"

She seized on his moment of hesitation and turned him to face away from her. Even as her hands moved further up, back to his hips, she moved behind him.-

"I don't want to restrain your hands."

"Actually it is my home that you will remain completely through what we are about to experience."

"But if you get per-persnickety I will not hesitate to put you in a completely hopeless and humiliating position."

"If it comes to that you'll remain that way until my roommates return home. And what do you think they would have to say about seeing you in such a "good-bitch" position, Hrm?"

Cripes! He had no doubt in his mind that she was capable of that.

As one hand dug into his hip another was placed firmly upon his back. Pulling back with one and pressing forward with the other it became clear what she wanted. He was going to be bent over.-

"You may place your hand where you find them most comfortable."

"Rest your head on my pillow. But there will be no burying your face in it."

"I will hear every sound you make loud and clear. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress." He felt her rise then and step away. He was so lost in the moment that he now realized he had not yet opened his eyes. He kept it that way. Even as he heard the tell-tale sound of a lighter igniting. By the time he heard her door close, and lock. Then her presence beside him as she stepped on to the bed to close...and lock the window he could smell the intoxicating scent of her incense fill the air. Ironically he had purchased it for her. He had done it simply because he knew how much the scent meant to her and she had only two sticks left. But now he realized that in doing so he was inadvertently assisting in his own corruption. "You always have a choice!" Her words from a time past echoed through his head. There really was something to her teachings. How could he ever have doubted this?

His mind was not allowed to drift to far though. She was behind him again and this time he felt more flesh against him then he had previously.

Her fingers found each of his cheeks and began to massage them. As they did his hips began to rock slightly Wait, shit! He was encouraging her! What was he thinking?

Before he had time to think anymore he felt her teeth bite into one of his cheeks. It stung. It pinched. But it....felt good? Rational and irrational thought began to collide together in his head as her teeth moved to their sister cheek. He heard her moan deeply as her fingers dug deep as did her teeth. He realized again that he was rocking his hips in a gently sway. -

"Mmm. You are a filthy little piggy."

"And here when I called you a dirty little bitch you wanted to argue it!"

She laughed then. That naughty little sound she made that told you she had seen right through you. It told you that you never had a chance.

He inhaled sharply as her statement concluded. Her tongue had found his way to the small of his back. The top of his crack in fact. It did not stay there long though. It began to tease its way lower. Still her fingers played with his skin. Raking, digging, teasing. Pain, pleasure. Right now he was feeling all of it and some part of his mind told him to just wait. It was only going to get worse. Or was that better?

Her tongue found his rosebud then. He could feel his body flush at this. It was his first time. Though they had joked about this event many times it was quite different to be so totally exposed. It was an experience to say the least. Warm alternating with coolness from the breeze of both her breath and the air conditioning. Embarrassment and arousal at the same time. His fingers found the sheet beneath them both and they began to curl. Already he could feel his member begin to stiffen incredulously. As if it were saying to his mind, "Screw you buddy! I don't care what you think about this but I am loving it!"

With precision timing her tongue darted inside his pucker. Ever so slightly at first. But it did not take long before he felt the cool metal ends of her jewelry brushing up against him. Even as he realized this he noticed he was begging her to do nothing less.

He had for lack of a better thought to his mind began to ride her face. He was certainly acting the part of greedy little piggy. No wonder she had called him as much. He was even using his hands and wrists now to aid in his movements. Even as he began to act hungrily she stopped. Damn her and her impeccable timing!

She rose up and pressed her hips against his. Her hips rocked against his. Her hands were raised up and onto his back and slowly they worked their way down the length of his torso.-

"Remember. I want to hear everything."

"You know what I will do if you try to keep anything from me."

He knew without a doubt that he was going to remember this experience for the rest of his life.

She leaned into him then. He politely pressed back against her. He knew she was reaching for something off to the side and he was only too happy to act as a resting post to assist her. Some simple part of his mind danced to be touched by her. Even this momentary contact thrilled him. He didn't think it possible but his member grew even harder.

She was back then. One hand dropped to his hip. The other did not follow though.

Instead within a moment or two he felt a gently knock at his back door. It was barely a knock at all but he realized now he was correct about what he thought he had felt in the corner.-

"I love you Childe."

As she said this her finger slipped gently inside of him. Honestly he was shocked. Not at the violation but at her temperance. Some part of his mind, he supposed, had been totally fixated on all those smutty stories he had read and shifted gears to. That same part of his mind had not fully explored this type of connection. What it would truly be like to be in this position. God! Even in this she was teaching him things he never knew existed. Every cell in his body was experiencing both a physical and emotional sensation at the same time!

He pulled away slightly. Her grip was firm though and she was not plunging her finger into her depths. This was not so bad. What had he been worried about anyways?

It was then that it happened. Her finger slipped further inside him then he expected it would. Clearly, he had relaxed some. Was that a bad thing? Even as he thought as he did a moan escaped his lips.-

"Good Childe."

God! Her voice! That sultry mix of dark and light! It was as if someone had set off a giant tuning fork. His entire body resonated a hum. He had to experience more!

As if in true psychic form he felt her finger move a bit deeper. He didn't really know how much was inside of him but he did not care at this point. He had thought too much, he had felt too little. All he wanted right now was to fuck. And if this was how it was going to be then so be it. It was at that moment an odd thing happened. He would come to realize that her expert little movements had found his prostate. In the moment however he thought he had momentarily touched heaven. Stars swam before his eyes and he pressed back against her hand greedily.-

"Mmmm-guh! Oh, Mistress! Mmmm!"

"Oh. Isn't it cute? And her you told me you weren't a dirty little slut."

"Are you telling me now that you are?"

At that he nodded. Her finger had stopped moving but he realized his arse had not. Here he was doing something he never-ever thought he would be doing. He was begging to have his ass fucked!

"Please....Mistress...let me feel more!"

A momentary silence.

He knew the way he phrased it she would likely not decline his request. He may not be a philosopher but he knew to some small degree how her mind worked. She sincerely wanted to give him everything he asked for. Every experience he desired she would try to fulfill so long as it was in his best interest.

"PLEASE! Fuck me Mistress!"

At that her finger slid deep within him. He was expecting this and yet he was not. Again it was a battle of emotional and physical preparedness. He felt a bit of a burn it caused him to squirm a bit. She was holding him tight though. The fingers of her free hand had found their way to the flesh of his back. As he fought her he heard her suck air into her mouth through her teeth. Her fingers quickly found purchase. Even as they did he realized he was really riding her finger now. He could feel her moving her finger around inside of him. She was actually denying him pressure upon his internal pleasure spot!

Oh, what a minx! She was doing as he asked but not giving him what he really wanted. He didn't even know how to ask for what he really wanted. It just didn't feel or sound right to say, "Play with my prostate Mistress!"

 He would just have to show her.

And with that he gave himself fully over to her orchestration. Everything she had set it motion was having its desired effect. From the time in the corner to the incense. Even the fact his fingers had brushed against the bottle of lubrication earlier. It all served to make him feel positively drunk.

Before he knew it he was moaning loudly. He was thirsty for her touch. He wanted it all at once. He wanted to be tasting her. He wanted to be inside her. He loved her being inside him. He wanted her to be tasting him. He was swimming in uncharted waters and he loved it. it felt marvelous to be such a dirty little slut.

Just as he thought he could drift no further out into the sea they were sailing her finger found his sweet spot.-

"Oh God! Yes! Fuuuuuuuck it! Please! I'm so dirty! I love you!"

Anything and everything it seemed begin to tumble from his lips.

She was so deep inside him. Some part of his mind wondered if her finger wasn't actually up in his nose at that very moment. In his ecstasy he barely registered that her hand had moved from his back

He didn't give a shit! That was until he realized she had taken a firm hold on the length of his tool. Oh God! More? There was more she had in store for him!

When it was all said and done he felt more humiliated then he thought he could ever have felt. Not only did his little pucker feel violated in an undeniable way. But it had only taken a few firm strokes by her expert hand to make him spend his seed.

It was all a blur in truth. He felt her hand fasten upon him, he heard himself cry out. Then everything went wonky. His vision disappeared. He couldn't tell what either of them were doing. And while he was lost in that he felt a great eruption in his loins. He was sure he in that moment had ruptured something. He was truly spent.

Even before he was allowed to slump down though and loose himself to his contented bliss he was brought back to reality by a sharp slap to his arse.-

"I don't think so Childe!"

She laughed softly and leaned back on the bed.

"I'm going to wash my hands and tidy myself up a bit."

"While I do that you're going to clean up the mess you made up my little, filthy piggy!"

"And do a good job of it too, won't you?"

She rose with deliberate positioning. Acting as if nothing had phased her one bit. As if she was an old professional at this. Seen it a million times!

If his body had not been so completely exhausted his jaw might have dropped. God! She was good! She was barely more experienced at this them himself. Sure, she had read and studied more but as far as actual experience went they were both right on par with each other. Yet it seemed like she had been born into this. It was as if she had a preternatural gift.

It was then that his skin brushed up against something clammy.-


"Jesus! Did that much spunk come out of me?" He thought to himself.

He heard the water stop in the bathroom.-

"I don't hear you cleaning love. You're not being naughty are you?"

He quickly went into auto-pilot and began searching for something to complete his work with. It was as he began to clean he realized his thoughts were drifting to an earlier time. A time when for for whatever reason he had felt like he would be the one in control of her. Reflecting back on what had just transpired the thoughts in his mind were more then a little amusing. It was only then that he realized what he was really thinking about.

He had begun to plot his revenge.


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