Naked Anna

by CK

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It began one evening while she was taking a shower. Anna lives behind my house and her bath is right under the bathroom window. Anna is in her mid twenties and worked in town. I often saw her on the train in the morning when we would exchange pleasantries. On this hot July evening Anna had the window in her bathroom opened and she had not drawn the bathroom curtains back across the window.

As she stepped into the bath for a shower I noticed her. From my dining room window I could see her head and shoulders as she washed her hair. I wondered if I might see a little more from my bedroom window up stairs.

I went upstairs and entered my darkened bedroom. From the second floor I was looking down into Anna's ground floor bathroom window and I could see her full breasts as she showered. Now she was washing her body and occasionally she would bend down disappearing below her window, but when she stood up the view was very nice! It wasn't long before she was finished in the shower, stepped out of the bath, and disappeared to the other side of the shower curtain. I would have to wait for her next shower.

The next evening the bathroom light went on a few times through the evening, but there were no showers. It was the next day before fortune struck again. The hot summer meant that her bathroom window stayed open, as did the window curtain. This time I moved to my bedroom faster and enjoyed the view of topless Anna while she shampooed. As she scrubbed her hair, her boobs gently bounced and swayed.

She obviously had no idea that she had a spectator. Less than 10 minutes later she was stepping out of the bath to the other side of the shower curtain. Through the shower curtain I could only make out a silhouette of a young lady who appeared to be drying herself. From the shower it appeared that she went into her bedroom because I could see the light go on behind the curtains. A few minutes later Anna was walking into her kitchen with a towel wrapped around her and another wrapped up her hair.

For the next few weeks I kept a close eye on Anna's house in the evening. A routine quickly became apparent. She regularly showered Tuesday and Thursday around 8:30 and I only caught one other occasion on a Saturday evening. So I settled into enjoying a show twice a week. It was getting into mid August and I feared Anna would soon be closing the window in her bathroom.

Then one Tuesday night my desk lamp on the other side of my bedroom was on while I watched Anna in the shower. At one point it seemed that she looked straight at me. I darted away from the window hoping she didn't see me. I peeked through the corner of the window just in time to see her step out of the bath and behind the shower curtain. It appeared I was not discovered and I felt it was safe to watch her silhouette in the bathroom but the bathroom light abruptly went out. That was not consistent with her regular routine but I didn't think much about it.

The next morning on the train I was surprised when Anna sat right next to me. Before this we would only exchange greetings as we passed each other. Not wanting to feel uncomfortable I started up a polite conversation with her about nothing in particular. Anna swung the small talk around to her pilates session the night before.

"I had a really hard work out last night and came home really sweaty. I really needed a shower" she said.

Why was she telling me this? Was she onto me? I just replied, "Well, you look in great shape. Pilates must help." I'm thinking especially those beautifully firm breasts.

She went on to say, "Yeah, I do pilates every Tuesday and Thursday, but you probably know that don't you."

This had me worried. I thought I had to stay calm. I only said "Huh?"

She continued, saying "Right. How would you know I'm taking a pilates course? But you do know I take a shower every Tuesday and Thursday after my pilates course."

Still trying to play innocent, I asked "Why would I know that? Why would I want to know that?"

She said, "I saw you last night in your upstairs window watching me. I've suspected something for a while, but it became clear last night."

Perhaps my face was going red in embarrassment for having been discovered, but I knew I had to deny it. In a faked shocked tone I told her that I had no idea what she was talking about.

She remained so calm. She knew she was in the driver's seat with the conversation. "Don't worry. I'm not about to have you arrested. I doubt that I could prove it anyway. I just wanted you to know that I know."

My mind was racing. I knew I could never admit it. Who knows? She might even be recording the conversation! I'm in the window seat and there are still five stops before the downtown terminal. I needed to deflect the conversation somehow.

"I'm sorry but you have the totally wrong idea. But if you say you've 'known this' for a while, or so you think you've known for a while, why would you let it continue? You could have closed the curtain or something."

"Yeah. Did I mention the curtain was open? I don’t think so. Didn't you find it strange that I kept the bathroom window and curtain opened even on these cooler nights? This is way past time that the window was closed."

I was being played! I had to find a way to turn it back on her.

"So you think I'm watching you, which I must insist that you are wrong, but even if I was, which I wasn't, you did nothing to stop it at your end. Do you like being watched?"

With that question I think she showed a bit of embarrassment. Now she was on the defensive so she attempted to get back to my voyeurism, she asked, "So, do you like my body?"

"I think you are beautiful, yes. But I see a lot of beautiful women, and I don't lurk in the dark to watch them take a shower."

"Oh, did I mention you were watching me in the shower? Let me see... I don't think so. Perhaps I hinted at it though." She had a huge grin on her face because she knew she had me.

Thankfully my stop was coming up so I had a good reason to stop this very difficult conversation. As I got up to leave I said "Look, I suggest you close all your curtains tonight, or if you want to be seen maybe you should open all your curtains, I don't know, but you don't have to involve me." And I said goodbye.

As I left she said, "My next pilates class isn't until Thursday."

It sounded like she was inviting me to watch.

Thursday morning I noticed Anna's bedroom blinds were completely opened. The bedroom window was actually a large patio door that opened out onto a deck. I couldn't remember the blinds on the patio door ever being completely opened like that. That night Anna went for her shower at the regular time but the window and curtains in the bathroom were closed. So it looked like she was putting an end to my bi-weekly show. I thought to myself that all good things eventually come to an end. I sat in my bedroom just watching the shadows on the bathroom curtain.

The bathroom went dark and immediately her bedroom lit up spilling light through the patio door onto the deck. Anna appeared in the bedroom wrapped in a towel and another like a turban on her head. In front of the window she took off the wrap, used the towel to dry herself and then tossed it out of sight. She stood naked in front of the patio and was looking at the door as if it were a mirror. Then she took off the head towel and used it to continue drying her hair all the while standing nude in front of the window giving me a spectacular show.

The trees and bushes between our houses effectively prevented any other house from seeing her so without a doubt this show was for me. After drying her hair she spent another 10 minutes brushing her hair in full view of her patio door. Her blonde pubic hair quite contrasted her brunette hair that she was carefully brushing. Then she disappeared somewhere else in the room and quickly reappeared wearing a long nightgown.

She seemed to blow a kiss at the patio door, was she blowing me a kiss? She clapped her hands over her head and her room went black. I thought to myself that there indeed were people who bought stuff from those TV commercials. I waited a few minutes at my window but there was no activity at Anna's and it was clear she had gone to bed.

The next morning Anna sought me out on the train and quickly sat down next to me. She started by saying she had a great pilates workout last night.

"And did you have your usual shower?"

"I did! But I'm sure you are going to claim you knew nothing about it." A little smirk showed on her face.

"In all truth I tell you I am not aware of any shower last night." Now it was my turn to smirk.

"Are you disappointed?"

"Not at all! My evening was quite spectacular without a shower. Tell me, have you always been a brunette? Deep down I would say you are more of a blonde."

She knew I was referring to her nether regions but our talk was G rated. Anyone listening in would have no clue about the underlying event. "I guess you could say I'm half ditzy blonde, and half daring brunette, but I'm sad there are no pilates tonight."

"I'm sure you've worked hard all week. You deserve a break. Relax tonight at home. You know, let your guard down, let everything down."

"You think I should just 'chill' tonight, just let my hair down?"

Walking around her air-conditioned house naked all evening might be called chilling! "Oh, let more than just your hair down. Relax. Be 'naturelle'. Act like no-one is watching. This is my stop. I gotta go."

As I left she said, "OK. I'm home around 6:30. The first thing I'll do when I get home will be to kick off my shoes, and...relax." With a huge smile on her face, she gave a little wave goodbye. How much longer could we continue to talk in code on the train?

I could barely focus the whole day and ended up kicking off early from work. Taking an early train meant I certainly would not run into Anna.

At 6:30 I was up in my darkened bedroom waiting for Anna. She wasn't home until 6:45. I had almost given up on her, figuring it was all a hoax on her part, but she finally did arrive.

Her house lit up everywhere, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and even the bathroom. In the dining room she drew back the drapes completely from the window. Right after the bathroom light went on Anna could be seen in the bathroom window and she was taking down the window curtain completely! Then into the bedroom, the light went on behind the drapes and then the drapes were drawn full back.

In front of the patio window she ceremoniously kicked off her shoes, twirled around once with a carefree kind of attitude and then began to strip naked. She started with her top pulled over her head, followed by her skirt, then bra, pantyhose and panties. She stood stark naked, legs apart and arms high in the air, in front of the patio door!

Anna spent the rest of the evening walking around her house nude. She prepared her dinner in the kitchen, frequently passing by the kitchen window displaying her tits to me and then settled down at the dining room table to enjoy dinner. All in her birthday suit. After dinner she washed up the dishes. The sink faced the kitchen window so her show continued through the cleanup. I really enjoyed watching her tits jiggle as she scrubbed at the dishes.

After the cleanup she headed into the living room, which was at the front of the house. All I could see was her head over the top of the couch. Perhaps she was reading a book but I really could not tell. From what I could see the front drapes were all drawn, so nobody on the street could know she was naked in her house.

I stopped watching and got to do other things. I only returned to a window every ten or fifteen minutes to see if she had moved. I had to have my lights on to see in the house, so if Anna were looking she would have seen me. She remained in the chair until after my 9:00 pm check but at around 9:15 her head was gone from the couch.

I scanned all the windows and spotted her sitting on her bed still naked. She spotted me too! Before I could react she signaled for me to go over to her place. In shock I pointed to myself and then pointed over there as if to say 'you want me over there?' She stood up nodded and again signaled for me to come over. I shook my head partly to decline her request and partly in disbelief that she was making the request at all. I could see her trying to plead with me from her bedroom window until finally I nodded yes.

She began jumping up and down with joy as her tits bounced a little out of sync with her jumping.

I headed out my back door and into the darkness that was between our houses. I'm sure she lost sight of me on my way over because she didn't notice me as I came up to the edge of her patio deck. I tossed a little pebble at the patio door. Anna jumped at the noise so close to her and instinctively tried to cover herself. She tried looking through the window but the contrasting light and darkness from inside to outside must have made it hard to see things. She opened the door slightly and quietly called out "Are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here, in front of your deck."

"Well, are you coming in?"

"No. I want you to come out."

"But I'm not dressed."

"So what. Nobody's going to see you, but me."

"You want me to come out there naked?"

"Yup. After spending the evening walking around naked inside, the next step is to step outside. I know you can do it."

"But I don't want to. I want you to come inside."

"No, no. You're coming outside or I'm going home."

"But I'm scared," said Anna. "If I come out, will you come in?"

"Maybe. We'll see."

As she stepped out onto the deck, she said, "You're terrible, you know." She stepped through the door and partially closed the patio door behind her. She turned and faced me and said, "There! Satisfied?" Now that she was outside, I'm sure she could see me standing just off the deck.

"Now come over here."

Anna looked nervously around, covering her boobs with one hand and her crotch with the other.

" Come on, it's just a few steps."

She cautiously walked across the deck constantly looking all around, trying to convince herself that nobody was watching.

"Now lean over towards me."

To do this she held the rail with both hands so nothing was covered now. Her tits hung heavy from her chest. I reached up and I think she thought I was going to kiss her, so she leaned over further. Instead, I lightly pinched her nipples between my thumb and first finger and pulled down, forcing her to bend over even further. I heard a sigh come from between her lips. I think she liked it.

Then I told her "You're going to stay naked for the next twenty-four hours. I don't want to see even a towel wrapped around you. Sleep naked. Eat naked. Clean the house naked for 24 hours."

She thought for a second. "Tomorrow is Saturday. OK, I think I can do it." She was taking up my challenge as if it were her own.

I pinched her nipples harder and pulled them down further causing her to lean way over the railing. She barely whispered a simple 'ow'. I gently kissed her on the forehead and said that I would be back in the morning, and then quietly turned to leave. When I was over on my side of the fence I turned to wave at her. She waved back, blowing a kiss and turned into her house. A few minutes later, when I was back in my house, I watched as each room in her house, one by one went dark, finishing off with her bedroom.

The next morning, from my kitchen table, I could see Anna moving around the house. Without any lights on in her house, it was harder to see her but once in a while she would pass close enough to a window for me to see that she was still naked. After breakfast I headed over to Anna's with a full-length lounge chair and placed it near the railing, as that's where there was full sun. I gently knocked on the patio door. Anna came to the door and opened it. She had become quite comfortable in her nude state. She asked, "Are you coming in this time?"

"No. You're coming out again."

"I was afraid you were going to say that."

I explained, "Look. It is a beautiful day for sun bathing. I brought this beautiful lounger over for you and I have plenty of sunscreen, so come on out and enjoy the sun. You are sure not to develop any tan lines today."

Anna sighed, and stepped out onto the deck. Being naked for about the last 16 hours seemed to have given her a lot more confidence in her nudity. I told her to lie on her belly and that I would put on the sunscreen. She lay down, pulled her hair to one side and turned her head to the other side.

I began applying sunscreen at her neck, working down onto her shoulders and down both arms. Then I started down her back, rubbing the sunscreen thoroughly into her skin. I heard gentle sighs from Anna that told me she was quite enjoying this. I slowly went past her waist and onto her ass. I quite enjoyed massaging her butt for several minutes. I'm sure she was enjoying it too but she eventually said "I think my butt is good now."

"Oh, I know your butt is good! It is very sensitive skin. I have to be sure it is well covered."

"Yes, but behind my knees are sensitive too and right now they may be burning."

I left her ass and lathered up her legs right down to the soles of her feet and then told her I would be back in a minute. I stepped into her house and found a small hand towel and brought it outside. I took it and placed it so that it covered her head.

"Umm. I thought I was supposed to not have anything on, not even a towel."

"I will allow this as a protection from the sun."

I ducked back into her house, found her cell phone on her night table and punched in my phone number. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I picked it up and checked that her number displayed on my phone. Now I had her number and if she were to check her history she would see a new number there. A good guess on her part would lead her to think it was my number.

I picked up a kitchen chair and brought it out onto the deck. I placed it in the shade and sat down gazing at the lovely naked woman in front of me glistening from the sunscreen. I assured her that I was tracking the time and I wouldn't let her stay out there more than 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes I told her to roll onto her back. Again I started in with the sunscreen beginning with her neck, shoulders and arms. She remarked that I had already completely done her arms when she was on her belly. I told her that I was just making sure, but I think she wanted me to get to her breasts. I deeply massaged her breasts with sunscreen and with her eyes gently closed it looked like she felt she was in heaven. Eventually I moved down to her belly.

She said "Breasts are sensitive skin. You'll have to check them later." And she smirked.

As I moved past her waist her breathing changed. It became shallower as I began rubbing sunscreen into her pubic hair and vagina area. She spread her legs slightly and cooed, "That's a sensitive area too!"

I gently ran my sunscreen-lathered fingers through her crotch. My middle finger found her clit and she trembled with delight. We both enjoyed a few minutes while I explored every corner of her nether regions.

As I moved down onto her legs she gave out a quiet sigh of disappointment but still enjoyed the attention I gave her inner thighs. I finished off with a lengthy foot massage as I worked the sunscreen oils into her feet.

I asked her whether she preferred sunscreen on her face or towel to cover her face. She asked for sunscreen but warned me that it would sting her eyes and it tastes horrible. I applied a little dab on her cheeks, forehead and chin and then carefully rubbed it into her skin. She kept her eyes closed as I gently applied it around her eyes.

She said, "Don't forget my nose."

"How could I miss that big nose of yours."

She stuck her tongue out at me and I brushed it with a finger. She screamed at the horrible taste.

I said, "It's not nice to stick your tongue out." She stuck it out again but just a little bit and only for a split second. I went on to finish by screening her nose.

I sat down, pulled out my phone and silently took a few pictures of her lying there in the sun with her eyes closed. It looked like she had fallen asleep.

Suddenly she said, "You should check my breasts. They need extra sunscreen because they're not used to the sun."

"You're getting spoiled."

"And I'm loving it," she said.

I poured a blob on each nipple and then spent the next five minutes massaging it into her boobs and she seemed to love every minute of it.

I returned to my chair near the door and assured her that I would not let her lie in the sun for more than 30 minutes. Anna lay on the lounger looking so peaceful and even at ease with being outside and completely naked. I thought to myself that we needed to find a way to move Anna's nudity to the next level.

About ten minutes into her sunbathing on her back we heard her neighbor's back door slam shut. This really startled Anna and she became very nervous, sitting up and trying to cover herself with her hands. She anxiously asked if we could go inside now. I said, "No. You have to learn to face your fears. Anyway look over at your neighbor's yard. You can barely see through the bushes. Add to that that you are lying behind the railing of the deck and you are practically invisible. Lie down and enjoy the sun. You've only been on this side about ten minutes."

A few minutes later her neighbor started up his gas lawn mower. Anna could hear the mower going away and then coming closer as he went back and forth across the lawn just a hedge away. You could see the tension building in Anna as the sound approached us and as it headed away she would relax. I said, "Don't worry. Your neighbor doesn't even realize we're here."

"I just can't be seen like this."

"Why not? You have a beautiful body. You should flaunt it."

"I prefer to flaunt it fully clothed."

We both smiled at each other, but she remained on the lounger. A short while later she asked how long it had been and I said it has been long enough. I asked if she wanted to sun her back a little more. She liked the idea and rolled over. She asked me to check her sunscreen. I told her it was applied less than an hour ago and for sure it was OK. It wasn't long before she had had enough and wanted to go in. I really couldn't disagree, Anna had been laying outside completely naked for a little over an hour. Anna stepped inside and I followed with the chair I had used. She invited me to stay, but I had to decline because I had several errands to run.

"Will you come back for dinner?" she asked.

"That would be nice. Is there anything I can get you?"

"How about more sunscreen."

I gave out a little chuckle.

"Can you get a pizza for our dinner? I shouldn't do any serious cooking undressed like this. You won't even let me put on an apron."

"I can arrange for a pizza." My mind was already hatching a plan. I said goodbye and headed out the patio door. I folded the lounger, tucked it into the corner of the deck and headed back to my place.

I ran my errands including another bottle of sunscreen for Anna. Actually I bought two bottles. I got back home and puttered around the house for the afternoon.

Before I headed back to Anna's I called one of our local pizzerias and ordered a pizza delivered to Anna's place! I told them we can't always hear the bell if we are in the basement so instruct your delivery guy to just keep ringing the bell.

I was torn over whether I should be over at Anna's when the pizza arrived or not. It would be entertaining to watch her freak out and plead with me to answer the door, but it would probably be equally entertaining to hear her panicked story of the bare encounter with an unexpected delivery guy.

I decided to let Anna accomplish this challenge solo so I waited until I figured he had been and gone before I headed over. I quietly stepped in through the patio door. Since I was the last to close it when I left, Anna must have forgotten to lock it.

I stepped out of her bedroom and that is when she saw me. She jumped and screamed and tried to hide herself all at once! When she realized it was me, she gave me a laser stare that would have pierced armor steel.

She slowly said, "Don't ever do that again!"

I innocently said, "Well, don't leave your back door unlocked."

Her killer glare continued. In an attempt to ease the tension I said with a smile, "I got more sunscreen."

It didn't help much because she shot back with, "And where's the pizza?"

So it hadn't arrived yet. What do I do now? I said, "Um..." And then the doorbell rang. "Oh, that must be it now."

"You ordered delivery?!"

"Yeah, but don't worry. It's already paid for."

"I can't answer the door like this! You answer the door. I absolutely need to put on a housecoat for this. The challenge is off. I have to get dressed. I can't believe you did this! This is crazy! I got to go and get something to put on."

The doorbell rang again, twice this time.

I was standing in the doorway of her bedroom, so she ran right into me. I held her calmly and said, "Go answer the door."

"I can't!"

"You can and you will."

"But I have no clothes on!"

"Go to the door as if you are fully dressed, open the door, take the pizza and close the door. The delivery guy won't know what hit him."

"This is insane and probably illegal!" The bell rang again, but this time four or five times in a row. I gently turned her around and pointed her toward the front door.

"Take a deep breath and go for it. I know you can."

Another four or five rings. Anna shouted out, "I'm coming."

She stood at the door with her hand on the knob and mouthed the words 'I can't do it'.

I looked at her, took a deep breath the way I wanted her to and mouthed back at her 'you can'.

She took a deep breath, opened the door and blurted out "Sorry I took so long.”

From where I was I could not see the delivery guy. After a very pregnant pause, Anna asked "Is that for me?"

He stumbled over his words, "Uh, yeah, I guess."

Anna reached out and took the pizza from him. "All dressed?"

"Hell if I know. "

"Do you have your tip now?"

"No need for a tip, lady."

"Oh, OK. Well thank you then." And Anna closed the door with her foot. She came running back to the dining room and could hardly control herself.

"Did you see him? I think his eyes are still stuck open! That was incredible! Thank you for insisting I do it. Will he ever have an unbelievable story to tell back at the pizzeria."

She was too wound up to sit down for something to eat so I told her to get some plates and cutlery from the kitchen then a couple of glasses. Did she have any wine that could go with pizza?

She darted around the kitchen and then disappeared into the basement only to reappear with a bottle of wine. She put it down and then said "Oops, need a corkscrew." And off she went back into the kitchen. As she came back with the corkscrew in hand I told her to sit down.

She dropped onto the chair bouncing her boobs as she landed.

As I served a slice of pizza for each of us, I said, "You got a real rush from your exhibitionism."

"Wow! That was so scary and exhilarating at the same time. That poor guy. He was like a deer in headlights. I can't believe I'm doing this."

I reached for the corkscrew to open the wine and said, "You seem to be losing your inhibitions pretty fast. Wait until you've had a few glasses of wine." And I pour us each a glass.

"A toast. To your nudity. May you never want a stitch of clothing again."

Anna laughed but chinked glasses anyway, "Like that is very likely,” she said sarcastically. We each had another slice of pizza.

I said, "I think we should extend your naked challenge for another day. What do you say?"

"Tomorrow is Sunday. I accept your challenge for another 24 hours. I'd love to sunbathe again."

"We'll do that and more."

"Like what?"

"We can come up with a few ideas together. Want some more wine?"

As I filled her glass again, I said "So you like being naked outdoors?"

"I didn't say that. I said I like sunbathing and sunbathing in the nude is OK, I guess."

"Well you stood naked at your opened front door, but I bet you wouldn't step out front naked."

"Step out my front door like this? Piece of cake."

Perhaps the wine was working. "Stepping out isn't quite enough. You have to at least walk out to the sidewalk."

"Sure, no sweat."

"How about walking two houses up the street?"

"You're stretching my daring limit." She said with hesitation.

"OK, here's the challenge, dare, whatever you want to call it, for tonight: You walk out your front door, up the street to the corner and push the walk button at the lights. Wait there until the walk light comes on and then come back."

"You want me to stand at the corner of my street naked?"

"It's not like you'll be standing there all night. The walk light comes on in about 5 seconds."

Anna said, "I'm going to need another glass of wine."

"Find courage anywhere you can" and I poured her a third glass of wine.

She took another gulp of wine. "This is pretty risky. What if I get caught?"

"I wouldn't call it getting caught. There is a risk of being seen, but isn't that what makes it exciting?"

"Are you coming out with me?"

"I'll go out to the sidewalk to watch and make sure you wait for the walk signal."

Anna drank down the last of her wine and said "OK, let's do it... In 5 minutes." She spent the five minutes watching out front to see what sort of activity goes on out there at that hour of the evening. In 5 minutes, several cars went by, but no people on the sidewalk.

"OK. I must be crazy or at least a little drunk, but I think I'm ready for this stupid antic. Here's the key to my front door. It always locks. You go first and check that the sidewalk is clear."

I opened the front door and turned on the outside light.

Anna asked, "What did you do that for?"

"So we can see the steps. Imagine yourself tripping down your own front stairs and I have to call 911 with you lying down there naked."

She acquiesced but I could see she was not happy having lights shining on her nudity. I stepped down her front steps and out to the sidewalk. There was someone getting into a car down the street so I signaled for her to wait. A few seconds later the car was driving off so I signaled for her to come out.

She stepped out and closed the door. I heard the lock click into place. Now I held her only way back into the house. The first step down she stood on a pebble, which made her stumble, but she was holding the railing so she was OK. She tentatively walked out to the sidewalk as a car came around the corner. She ducked back up her pathway seeking a hiding spot. The car drove by and surely did not notice her.

I signaled the coast was clear again and she came back out to the sidewalk. I said "Now over to the walk signal and push the button."

Anna began to walk quickly to the corner. Halfway there another car drove up to the corner from the side street and came to a stop at a red light. Anna froze. There was nowhere to hide so she just stood there. The light turned green and the car turned away from Anna and up the street. She continued toward the corner and when she reached it pushed the walk button and then turned around to start back home.

I held up my hand to tell her to stop and wait. You could tell she was super-anxious to get back home. She jumped up and down like a little kid waiting for Santa. Her tits were bobbing around too. Then all of a sudden a car appeared from the north. It was signaling to turn right.

With no other traffic around and the light green the car made its turn. As it rounded the corner its headlights swept across the naked Anna lighting her up for just a second. I couldn't tell if the driver noticed her or not. For Anna it seemed like the light would never change for walkers but it finally did as a fourth car approached the intersection and was forced to stop. With the light signaling to walk on, Anna could return home.

The stopped car noticed Anna because he flashed his high beams as if to say you can cross. This put Anna in the spotlight again, but only for a second. The driver clearly spotted her because his high beams went on again and stayed on. Now Anna looked like a deer in the headlights except she was in the headlights.

She stood frozen there for a few seconds before she turned and began running toward me and the safe haven of her home. As she was running back she seemed to stumble onto a few more pebbles on the sidewalk and tried to walk gingerly while trying to move as fast as she could. Before she got to me, I had already started up her walkway to her house. She rounded onto her walkway as the car that was stopped at the walk-light drove past.

The driver had his window opened and waved to us so you could be sure he had noticed Anna. She ran up the few stairs and met me on her gallery under her bright porch light. She started her anxious little jumps with her tits jiggling and asked "Where are the f-ing keys?"

I answered a little startled "Oh yeah. You need the key" and I began to search in my pockets for it. I finally found it after searching my right pocket twice. She grabbed it from my hand and had the door opened two seconds later and zoomed into the safety of the house.

Inside Anna sunk into her couch relieved that she did it without serious incident and excited that she had accomplished such a daring feat. Every time was more challenging and daring than the previous time. She wanted to do something else even more daring or foolish, depending on how you looked at it.

It was late and I said I should be heading home. We both stepped out onto her back deck and she said good night by leaning over the railing as she had the night before and I took hold of her hanging nipples and pulled them downward pulling her over the railing far enough to kiss her but this time she made sure I kissed her on the lips. She stayed out on the deck until I was at my back door and waved before she headed back inside.

The next morning, as I arrived across the fence, I found Anna already out on her deck covering herself in sunscreen.

" Good morning. Getting an early start, I see. You know the sun is much better down there in the middle of your back lawn."

"Do you really think so?" she asked innocently. "Well, I'll need the best sun for the best suntan right? Can you move the lounger down there for me?"

I obliged her and carried it down. "Are you completely covered?"

"No. I'm completely naked," she said with a smirk.

"I mean covered with sunscreen."

"Oh. Well I didn't trust myself to do my breasts and crotch so you better do those and you did my feet so well yesterday..."

"I'll do your feet too." She handed me the new bottle of sunscreen and laid on her back on the lounger. I poured a good deal of sunscreen on her breasts and massaged it deep into her soft, white skin. I knew she was quite enjoying my handiwork. Then I moved to her crotch.

Sunscreen poured just above her opening startled her a little, probably because of the coolness. She cooed as I rubbed it into her blonde pubic hair. A tremor went through her as I brushed over her clitoris. I sank one finger into her vagina.

She didn't object but she did say, "I need sunscreen on the outside, not the inside. Maybe later you can go inside me..with me." She opened one eye to see my reaction to her Freudian slip.

I tried not to react. With her crotch well screened I move to her feet. She adored my gentle foot massage and did not try to hide it. The top and bottom of her feet and between each toe was thoroughly covered with sunscreen then I stopped and stepped back.

"No. Don't stop."

"You are looking for a foot massage not sunscreen, my dear. We can consider that later. Do you have any lawn chairs?"

She gave me a little pout. "There should be one in the shed."

I found one in the shed and brought it out.

"I'm going up on the deck. I got a magazine. I'm going to sit in the shade to read. I'll come back when it is time to turn the roast."

"Thanks" she said with a strong whiff of sarcasm.

I set the chair down and quietly took my phone out and took a couple of more pictures. I got into my magazine and lost track of time a little. After maybe 35 minutes I called out to Anna, "Time to turn the roast."

"Have you been keeping track of the time? This 'roast' had better not be well done."

"Oh no. This roast is definitely rare. Yes, very rare indeed!"

"Well thank you, I think ," she said as she rolled over onto her belly.

"This side of 'the roast' is not lathered at all."

I came down with the sunscreen and began from her neck and worked my way down. She loved the shoulder and neck massage and also the back rub. I covered both ass cheeks well and gave extra attention to her crack. My second finger found her ass hole and tried to work its way into her ass.

"Um, remember what I said about sunscreen? It goes outside not inside."

"Oh yeah. I'll get to go inside later."

"Maybe not that inside, big boy."

Well, it seems I was discovering some of Anna's boundaries. Although in the last 36 hours a lot of boundaries had been broken down or at least stretched more than ever before.

I continued down her legs to her feet with little fanfare then headed back onto the deck and took a few more pictures, the first ones of her ass and then settled down with my magazine again. After 25 minutes I suggested it was time 'the roast' came in. She sweetly said that she really didn't like being called a roast.

"Sorry, Anna. I meant it in the sweetest terms."

"There is nothing sweet about a roast."

"You're right. I'm sorry."

As we stepped inside she asked, "Are you going to stay for lunch?"

"No, not a good time for me to spend inside you, I mean inside with you." And I gave a smirk of my own. "Make a picnic lunch. I'll pick you up in 30 minutes."

"What?? We're going out? No, I'm not going out. Not in broad daylight! I can't go out."

"See you in half an hour. I'll be at your front door" and I headed out the patio door and over the fence.

She seemed to forget for a moment that she was naked because she followed me out the door and all the way over to the fence and called out, "I can't do this."

"Remember, you didn't think you could walk to the corner last night but you did. Um, and look at you in your backyard."

That sudden realization sent her darting back into her house.

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