Naked Anna

by CK

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Continues from

Part 2

I went into my place, found a chilled bottle of white wine and put it into its own thermal bag. I dug out a few other things that we might need and tucked them all into a backpack. I looked out the back window and it looked like Anna was busy putting together a picnic. Good for her, I thought. It looked like she was at least preparing to go out.

I was perhaps two minutes late when I pulled up in front of her house. I stopped there and waited but Anna wasn't coming out. I turned off the car and went up to Anna's front door and rang the bell. She opened the door slightly, far enough to unlock it and then called out "You can come in."

I stepped in as Anna stepped away so as not to be seen. She was still naked. There was a basket near the door that looked like a picnic. She said "There's a picnic ready and you can go off and enjoy it because I'm not going out."

I looked quickly in the basket, "But this looks like a picnic for two. Whom else would I go with?"

"Anyone you like but me. I can't be seen outside naked at midday."

"Well, the idea is not to be seen and the thrill is to get away with it. Here's what we'll do: I'll take the basket and your key. I'll put the basket in the trunk and hold the car door open for you. You just have to step out of the house and into the car. The car windows are tinted so nobody will see you inside."

"I can't do it. It's too scary."

"Look. Your gallery is well covered-in by bushes, as is half your walkway. You made use of that coverage last night. It's maybe 10 feet from the coverage to the car. You'll be safe in the car in seconds."

I put my hand out for her keys. She took them from the top of the bookcase and handed them to me. That was the easy part. I headed out to the car with the basket and then stood beside the open car door. Anna was hiding behind the door with just her head peering out. I signaled to her but she wouldn't come, so I closed the door and went up to the house again.

"Just step out into the corner of the gallery behind the bushes. No one can see you there, right?"

"The corner of the gallery is well hidden. If I get too scared I'm going straight back in the house."

I didn't actually agree with her. I just said, "Let's start with the gallery."

I held the door just half way open while she slipped by me and crouched into the corner hiding behind the bushes. I closed the door and Anna heard the lock engage. Her eyes went wide open in terror. She was locked outside of her house naked! Without saying a word I stepped off the gallery, down to the car and opened the door again. Anna looked terrified.

I looked both ways down the street. There was nobody out on the street and not a car in sight. Again I signaled for her to come.

Still in a crouched position she made her way to the top of the stairs and then slowly went down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs she still had about 5 feet of the walkway that was well protected by bushes then there was just a short distance down the last part of her walk and across the sidewalk where she would have no protection at all. She stood up, covered her groin and breasts as best she could with her hands and dashed for the car. She leaped so fast into the car that she banged her head on the top of the doorframe. I closed the door and she was safe behind the tinted glass of the car window.

I went around the car and got in myself. I patted her on the knee and said, "I knew you could do it." I could tell her heart was still racing. I started the car and drove off.

We were about five minutes into the drive before she asked, "Where are we going?"

"I thought Glendale Park would be nice."

"What?! That's downtown! There will be hundreds of people, even on a Sunday!"

"You're right. We need some place where we will be closer to nature."

"Yes, close to nature and far from people for those of us who are dressed au naturelle."

"I think I know just the place” and we pulled onto the freeway and out of town. Once on the freeway I took the windows down. Anna tried to put her window back up but I had locked out her switch.

She tried to object but I wouldn’t give in. After about five minutes I pointed out that nobody had noticed her because nobody ever looked into other cars. She seemed much more comfortable with her situation.

We came up behind an 18-wheeler and I moved out to pass him. As I came up alongside the cab I said to Anna, "Wave hi to the driver."

I touted the horn twice.

Anna was caught by surprise saying "What?" and she looked over at the driver just as he looked down at her. He gave a big smile and waved himself. She instinctively waved back. I cruised along parallel with the truck for a minute or so. Now Anna was really getting into this, holding up her tits for him. She eventually said, "We should find another trucker, don't you think?"

Well she was really starting to get into this. So I sped up and passed the truck. Anna waved goodbye through the window and the trucker gave two short toots on his horn. There was a tanker truck a few cars ahead so I took off to catch up with him. Anna's nudity was totally lost on the other car drivers because they couldn't see into the car even though Anna waved to them.

As we came up on the next trucker I tooted my horn again to get his attention and this time Anna was waving out the window to him. We cruised beside him long enough for him to get several good looks then we drove off.

Looking ahead to the next truck I suggested to Anna to recline her seat and lay back as if she were sleeping. That way the trucker would have a better view of her pubic region. She eventually found the lever to recline the seat and she fell back in a near lying position. The bright sun shone in her eyes so she kept them closed. There were perhaps six cars between the next truck and us so I told her to just relax, it would take a while for us to overtake the next truck.

At the next entrance a school bus entered the freeway two cars ahead of us. It was full of what looked like young teenagers heading off to summer camp. I didn't say a word to my nearly sleeping beauty. The two cars in front of me passed the bus. Now it was our turn. I pulled into the passing lane and slowly came alongside the bus.

One kid spotted naked Anna and alerted the next and the next until most of the bus was pressed nose to the window on the left side of the bus. Anna was oblivious to what was going on just a few feet from her. The kids were getting noisy on the bus and the driver seemed to be trying to get them to sit down while driving on the freeway. In the interest of safety I moved on to pass the bus.

As I approached the driver I put Anna's window up so the driver wouldn't see anything. Anna looked up just in time to see us passing the nose of the bus. With a little tremble in her voice, she asked, "Ah, who was on the bus?"

"Oh, maybe 50 teenage campers" I said with a little snicker. "I bet their parents didn't know sex ed was part of the camp experience."

Anna was horrified, “That's it. No more showing off on the freeway."

I realized that we had really stretched the envelope with that exhibitionism, so I didn't push it any further. After about a forty-five minute drive we turned off the highway, up a few miles along a secondary road and then up a dirt road marked 'Toad Creek Hiking Trail'. After a few hundred yards the road opened up into a small parking lot with four cars parked.

"There are others on the trail" she said. "We're not alone."

"Only a few early birds who are well up the trail. People here prefer to get an early start."

I got out of the car, went around to the trunk and started to rearrange things so that I could put the picnic lunch into my backpack. Anna stepped out of the car, but was clearly nervous. She was naked and all her clothes were 100 km away. At the bottom of the picnic basket I found a bikini. I held the two pieces up and asked, "What's this for?"


Anna shyly answered, "Ah, it must have been in there from my last picnic?"

"Oh, OK," and I dropped them in the basket and closed the trunk on them. Anna's only hope for some covering was locked in the trunk. She would remain naked the rest of the day. As we prepared to cross the parking lot to the trailhead another car pulled into the parking lot.

Anna jumped back into the car behind the tinted glass. Seems I had forgotten to lock the car. I opened my door and asked, "What are we waiting for?"

"Ah, how about for the coast to be clear."

The new hiking trio, three guys, jumped out of their car, grabbed a couple of small backpacks and took off as if they were late for something. As they scurried up the trail and out of sight, I climbed out of the car again and Anna reluctantly did the same. Both doors closed and I pressed the lock button on the remote. The car beep startled a very high-strung Anna. She tried her door and confirmed that she was now locked out into the great outdoors, stark naked.

I headed straight for the trailhead, turned around and saw nude Anna struggling to walk across the gravel parking lot. "The trail itself is a much softer walk."

"It better be or my feet will be killing in the first 50 yards." The trail itself was much softer on her feet and soon she was walking like any other hiker. It was as if she had forgotten that she was nude. We were a good thirty minutes on the trail and Anna had become quite the expert at navigating fallen trees and rocks barefoot. I loved watching her jump over things just to see her tits bounce.

Then we heard a small group heading toward us and Anna panicked. She frantically looked for a place to hide and out of desperation she just stumbled into the woods and hid behind a big tree some 40 feet off the trail. I sat myself down and rested on a log.

The group of four met up with me on the trail and asked me if I was alone. It's never good to hike alone. I said that I was with my girlfriend and she was in the woods having a pee. One of the hikers remarked, "Oh. Wouldn't want to be seeing her bare butt now would we."

"I guess not," I said with a smile. If he only knew.

The foursome told me the view from the peek was great with a clear sky from horizon to horizon. I asked if they met others on the trail. Only four or five other groups. Most were enjoying the sun at the peak. I thought it was a good thing that I brought the second bottle of sunscreen for Anna.

"Any sunbathers up there?" I asked.

"A couple of women are up on the peak sunbathing topless on the rocks."

The lone woman in the group piped up, "Yeah, and you couldn't take your eyes off of them."

Oh, if they only knew what was hiding behind the tree? We wished each other a good day and they headed on their way. Only when they were out of sight did Anna even begin to climb back onto the trail.

Anna asked, "We're not going to the peak are we?"

"Why not? You might meet some kindred spirits."

"They are topless, I'm naked. Big difference!"

 "There is a fork in the trail about a kilometer up that leads into a hilltop meadow. It's not at all the same view but it's nice too."

"If nobody's there, I want to go."

"Well, the tall grass in the meadow should be easy to hide in."

"Then that's where we are going."

We got to the fork in the trail without meeting anyone else. The small sign said 'meadow lands' and pointed to the right. Without saying a word Anna turned right and walked on ahead of me. It seems that she had regained her lost confidence. When we reached the meadow we discovered another party was there too.

They were far off on higher ground where the grass seemed to be shorter. Anna headed to lower land and taller ground cover. The tall grass came up to just under Anna's breasts. If she crouched a little the grass appeared to come up to her neck, which pleased her. It was a safe location.

We pressed down the grass in a small area to make a little clearing where we settled down for our picnic.

As we were finishing up I stood and looked around over the tall grass. Not seeing anybody, I concluded that the other group must have left during our picnic. I told Anna that we were alone in the meadow. She ventured around in the tall grass not worrying about her nudity. She finally ventured out onto the higher ground where the shorter grass did not hide her.

It was around three when I suggested that we should head back down the trail. Anna took the lead, which I thought was bold on her part. The fork in the path where we had turned off the main trail came up quickly and as we reached it the two women who we had heard about who were topless came bounding down the path and came up on Anna before she could react. The two women stopped barely ten feet from Anna and stared in shock. Anna was frozen too.

Finally one of the women said, "Wow! And we thought we were being brash going topless but going naked like you takes it to a whole new level."

I caught up to the trio and told the others that they were the first people we've really run into on the trail. Not a minute later the girls' boyfriends caught up with all of us and spotting Anna one of them said, "Going topless ladies is nothing compared to this!"

Anna was embarrassed and tried to cover herself with her hands.

One of the topless girls said to Anna, "You're naked dear. There’s no sense trying to hide it. The guys dared us to go down the trail topless and frankly I'm finding it quite liberating, but you add a whole new dimension!"

"Well ladies, you're not going to be out done by her are you? I bet you double or nothing that you wouldn't dare walk down to the car naked like her."

The girl said, "You're betting $200 to each of us to go naked from here?"

Anna asked, "These guys are paying you to go topless?" She turned to me and said, "And I'm doing this for nothing?"

"How does it feel being naked out here?"

Anna said, "It's scary but meeting up with you has helped a lot."

She turned to her friend and said, "We should try it!" And turning to the boys, she said, "We accept your challenge." They both pulled down their shorts and underwear and they jumped around quite excited.

One of the guys said, "Hey! Naked means no hiking boots either."

"They are just to protect our feet."

Anna said, "It's not worth arguing about. The path to the cars is pretty soft on your feet."

Reluctantly the women took off their boots and socks and handed them over to their male friends. Off they went, but now they were three beautiful nudes. They walked slower now because they were barefoot so it was easy for us three guys to keep up. One of the other guys asked the girls to pose for a photo. The other two thought it was a great idea. This time Anna was the more reluctant one. We found a fallen log just off the path and the three sat down, with Anna in the middle, crossed their legs and put their hands on their knee, very lady-like. You could tell that they were nude but with their arms in front and their legs crossed you really didn't see anything.

We clicked a few pictures, but then one of the guys said, "Come on ladies. You're naked and we can't see anything! Show us some boobs and bush."

The nude on the right said, "You're all a bunch of perverts!" But she got up anyway and obliged him by standing with one foot on the log and one hand on Anna's shoulder and the other on her waist. Now everything was showing! "Is this better?"

The same guy who made the first comment said, "That's better, but this pervert thinks the pic would be balanced if you mirrored her on the other side."

"Oh god." Said the other, but got up and posed the same way on Anna's right side, our left. Anna put her elbows on each of their knees exposing her tits, but kept her legs crossed. The other two seemed happy with their girls showing everything and took a pile of pictures. I just took a couple of shots. Everyone seemed happy with the photo shoot so the girls got back onto the trail heading to the parking lot.

I took another shot of the three bare bums in front of me as they walked down the mountain.

We were now less than 50 feet from the parking lot and the girls stopped because they heard another party in the parking lot. It seemed that none of the three were yet ready to show off to others.

One said, "Let's wait for them to get into their car and then come out. They'll see us but only for a few seconds."

So they waited until they heard all four of the car doors close and the engine start before finishing their trek to the parking lot. The car drove right past the 'three bares' and I was quite amused by the double take of all four guys as they caught just a glimpse of our naked women. The car actually circled around the parking lot for a second look. They waved and the girls waved back and as they drove off I heard one of them say, "We have to come back here!"

The girls walked slowly across the gravel parking lot on their bare feet to our parked cars, which were quite close to each other. One of the other girls said, "Well, we made it guys, all the way to the parking. Now you owe us $200 and our clothes back."

Anna said, "You girls are lucky. You have clothes. I've been naked since Friday and there are no clothes here for me to wear. I'll be going home naked too."

"I can't imagine riding the highway and into the city nude!"

As one of the guys opened their trunk, he said, "That's a great idea!" and signaled to his buddy to toss his backpack in the trunk, He did the same with his and slammed the lid locking the packs and the girls' clothes away.

"Hey, give us our clothes back."

"When we get home. Now hop in the car."

Both girls insisted, "We're not leaving without our clothes."

"Suit yourselves, but we're leaving and the two guys hopped in the car and drove down the parking lot to where it met the road. They climbed out of the car and opened the two back doors for their naked friends.

As the two struggled to navigate the gravel in bare feet I heard one of them yell out, "You're bastards!"

Anna and I quietly got into my car and headed off. The trip home was uneventful. In fact Anna actually slept most of the way. I pulled up across the street from her house. Anna wanted me to park on her side of the street, but I pointed out that there was no parking allowed on her side on Sunday afternoons.

I said, "I'll get our stuff out of the trunk and meet you in the house."

Before she could say anything I was out of the car and on my way. I got into her house and darted straight for the living room window to watch her cross the street. She hesitated inside the car, probably waiting for a chance to run across the street unnoticed or perhaps just trying to build up the courage to make the streak.

Finally the car door opened and she came around the rear of the car and crouched down trying to hide, but she was held up there by a car coming up the street on her side. There was no hiding from this driver as he approached from the rear of the car. He surely spotted Anna because he slowed down and actually stopped and signaled to Anna to cross the street in front of him.

Anna tried to cover herself and signal to the driver to move on at the same time and she wasn't doing a very good job of either. But the driver was insistent that she had the right of way and should cross first.

Anna had no choice but to cross in front of him. So she got up from her crouching position and started across the street. She broke into a run that sent her breasts bouncing all over the place when she realized there was another car coming from the other direction. She ran across the street and up her walkway as fast as her bare feet would allow on the hard pavement and cement. She bolted up the stairs and tried the door, but it was locked. It always closed in the locked position.

She frantically rang the doorbell to get me to open the door. I was still watching the two cars that were now stopped in the street and watching an anxious naked lady jumping and pacing on her gallery and desperately trying in vain to open the door.

It only took me perhaps ten seconds to get to the door, but I'm sure it felt like an eternity for Anna. I unlatched the lock and before I could even turn the knob, Anna had opened the door and was pushing past me. I waved to the two drivers and one of them tooted his horn in appreciation of the short show, then I shut the door and the lock engaged again.

Anna dropped onto her couch and said, "Well, that was enough excitement to last a lifetime! I can't believe two other girls walked naked with me down the mountain. I didn't even get their names. Did you get their names?"

"No. I don't think they got our names either. Perhaps it's best that way."

"Yeah, you're probably right. It was so embarrassing running across the street in front of those two cars. I hope they don't know me! Why did you lock the door on me? You knew I was coming."

"The door just swung closed behind me. Your door always locks. We've certainly had enough excitement for this weekend, but there is always next weekend."

"Whoa, you want to do this again next weekend?"

"There is so much more we could do, or you could do. We could visit the mall naked, you could walk down a city street or a country road nude, and I could film you doing all these things!" My mind was racing with dozens of scenarios always with Anna naked.

"You want me to get arrested, don't you. How about we just spend a little time together inside?"

"Is that a little time inside _with_ you or inside you?"

She winked at me and said, "Maybe a bit of both."


After the hiking adventure Anna spent most of her at home time naked with most window coverings in the back left open. On occasion I even saw her outside hanging laundry in the nude. Cedar hedges on both sides meant her side neighbors could not see into her back yard. Sometimes she would entertain friends and for those times she had to be dressed. If anybody came to her door unexpectedly she would throw on a simple white and fairly sheer dress that did not leave much to the imagination. At least she was not naked. Nobody could have her arrested for being provocative.

Winter came and her outdoor nudity came to an end, but she continued to wear her birthday suit indoors whenever she could, which was most of the time. In mid January I was over at her place for a nice dinner (she looked adorable in nothing more than an apron) and I invited her to spend a week with me at a chalet that I had rented. I have been spending a week every February at this one chalet for years. It was a cozy place and quite secluded, being the only house on a very small lake. Anna was quite interested and quickly agreed. She felt that given it was a few weeks away, she should be able to get the time off work. She asked me what she should be bringing for the week.

I calmly said, "Nothing."

Anna smiled at me and said, "Come on! I need to bring some things. A coat, boots, sweats in case I am cold."

I relented saying, "OK. A good warm coat, boots and a few heavy socks for in the boots. But that's it. I assure you I can keep you warm inside."

She complained a bit but I think she knew she wouldn't get any further. She asked more about how secluded it was. I said there were a few snowmobile trails close by but nobody ever bothered the place. And that was only on weekends. Never saw anybody during the week. She seemed satisfied with that and looked forward to the time out of town.

We were leaving on Friday night and I had bought all our provisions for the week by Wednesday. Everything was packed in the car and I was around the block in front of Anna's by 6:00. I knocked three times then rang the doorbell; it was our secret signal telling her that she didn't need to put anything on. She opened the door while standing behind it and let me in.

"I'm almost ready," she said. "I just have this small bag to bring. It's only toiletries. Shampoo, toothbrush, that kind of stuff. No clothes, except for a few pairs of heavy socks, like you said. There's my coat, it's long and very warm. I'm just about to put on my boots."

"OK. I'll take your bag to the car."

As she was bent over tying the laces to her boots, away and out of sight of the door, I picked up her bag and coat and took them to the car. I came back to the front door, knocked three times and rang the doorbell.

Anna opened the door a little frazzled. "I'm coming," she said, "my coat seems to have vanished."

"It's in the car."

"Ah, come on! You said I could wear my coat. It's cold out there!"

"I said you could bring your coat, it's in the car."

Anna whined, "I'm going to freeze."

"You won't turn into an icicle from here to the car and the car is hot. I'm taking off my coat before I get in for the drive."

She tried to remind me that I still had other clothes on, but it wasn't having any effect.

I said, "I'll be at the car" and headed down her front steps. I stood at the car door waiting to open it for her. She peered sheepishly out her door and saw me there, signaling for her to come. I looked both ways down the street and then signaled again for her to come. She stepped out the door and seemed to shiver in the cold. She slowly closed her front door as if she wasn't convinced this was the right thing to do. I heard the latch click and I knew she had no choice but to get in the car.

Wearing nothing but a pair of boots she hastily made her way down her slippery steps toward the car. Just as she got to the car I opened the door like a chauffeur would, she quickly slid in, not even looking to see if anyone was watching, and I closed the door for her. Around the other side of the car, I removed my coat, tossed it on the back seat and then slid into the driver's seat. Anna remarked that the car was very warm and with the interior lights off she would be safe from peering eyes.

The drive to the cottage was uneventful. I even think Anna slept part of the way. We arrived at a cottage that was pitch black. The path leading to the front door was covered with about two feet of snow. I told Anna to wait in the car until I got the cottage opened and the path cleared. I left the car running so Anna wouldn't get cold.

I trudged through the snow, found the key where it was supposed to be, in the mailbox, and opened the front door. The temperature in the cottage was turned down to 50 degrees so I immediately turned the heat on. It would take a while to warm up. I found a shovel and cleared a path down to the car and all the while Anna sat patiently in the warm car.

I took all of our stuff into the cottage including Anna's coat. It was in the trunk for the trip up so it was very cold anyway. With all our provisions in and the house starting to warm up I signaled for Anna to come in. She climbed out of the car and was half way up the path when I called out to her to please turn the car off and bring in the keys. She reluctantly turned around and fetched the keys.

Entering the cottage, she quickly removed her boots and then discovered that the house was much colder than the car. 50 degrees is pretty nippy when you're wearing nothing above your ankles. I took off my sweater and gave it to her saying it will keep her warm until I set a fire. She asked if she could put on her coat too. I said that her coat was colder than the house, but she was welcome to wear my coat. She promptly put it on too. Being still naked from the waist down didn't help but at least her core body was warm.

With a fire roaring in the fireplace, the cottage began to warm up and it wasn't long before my coat was taken off and hung up. I set the thermostat to 77 and within about a half hour after Anna had walked in the door I commented that she didn't need the sweater any more.

She gave me a croaked look and sighed, "So here begins a week of nakedness."

I smiled and said, "Pretty much."

She pulled the sweater over her head and tossed it on the couch. "Can I keep my socks on at least," she asked.

Considering that the floors were still cold I acquiesced.

Through Saturday and Sunday we stayed inside enjoying each other's company. Several snowmobilers went by on a couple of different trails, including one across the middle of the frozen pond, but they didn't even so much as wave to us. The view of the pond was beautiful from the large picture window in the living room with a large snow covered deck in front, and Anna was happy to stand stark naked in front of it as long as she didn't hear the roar of a snowmobile.

I snickered every time she ducked away and tried to convince her that they were totally ignoring the house. It took until Sunday afternoon for her to build up enough courage to stay in front of the window. Nothing happened. She even tried waving to one pair on a snowmobile but they didn't even notice her. By the time she was semi-comfortable staying exposed in front of the window, there were no more snowmobilers.

Monday morning was dead quiet around the cottage save for a few chirping birds. All the weekenders were back to work and Anna and I were left all alone with not a soul around. By Monday afternoon Anna was convinced there would be nobody around. The sun was out and the temperature was just a few degrees below freezing. I suggested that we should go out for a walk. Anna wondered how we could walk through the deep snow. I explained that the best thing was to walk along the snowmobile trails since they were well packed down. Anna thought it was a good idea and went to get her boots. I got my boots and sweater, figuring that I didn't need my coat. Anna was putting her coat on when I said, "Whoa, what are you doing?"

She looked at me as if I was on crack. "Umm, you did say you wanted to go out?"

"Yeah, but you don't need a coat. It's not very cold out, there is no wind and in the sun you may even find it warm."

Anna was shocked. "You want me to go out in February wearing nothing but boots?"

"I'm sure you can handle it."

"No way!" Anna was pretty adamant that she was not going out naked, but I had gotten pretty good at persuading Anna to do things she would never have done before.

"Look. Let's try it for five minutes. If you find you're too cold, we'll be only five minutes from the cottage. Come on. You'll never know you can do it until you try."

Anna relented saying; "I might as well give in now 'cause I know you'll get me out there naked in the end."

"Now that's the enthusiasm I'm looking for," I said with a smile. I headed out the door and Anna, very tentatively followed behind me. Once she was outside she realized it wasn't as bad as she had expected. The air was crisp but with no wind the cold was not biting. She ventured down the stairs of the cottage and out into the driveway.

I told her that just a little way down the drive we would intersect a snowmobile trail and that trail would lead out onto the lake that was in front of the cottage. She quietly followed me down the road cautiously scanning her surroundings for anybody else out on the trail that day.

She asked, "What if we meet up with somebody?"

"Well I suggest we be polite and at least say hi. Or perhaps you will decide to jump off the trail and hide behind a tree. If you do decide to leave the trail remember the snow is pretty deep off trail. But you need not worry because we're not going to meet anybody. These trails are deserted during the week."

"I still worry about it."

We walked down the drive perhaps a hundred feet and found the snowmobile trail crossing. We headed down the trail and out onto the lake. On the lake we enjoyed full sun and you could tell that Anna quite appreciated the warm rays of the sun. She voiced some concern over how safe it was to be walking on the frozen lake. I reminded her that 600 lb. snowmobiles rode along this trail yesterday so I was pretty sure we were safe.

We walked a few hundred yards across the lake in full sun and then up through a meadow on the other side. From there, the trail led into the woods and Anna said that she was cold without the full sun. In all we had walked about a kilometer from he cottage and had been outside for maybe half an hour.

Anna commented that she was getting cold and wanted to go back to the cottage. So we turned around and headed back. As we got out onto the lake and into the open sun, Anna felt much better. I challenged her to make a snow angel in the snow just off the snowmobile trail.

At first she said I was crazy but over the past few months I have learned how to cajole her into doing some pretty crazy things. In the end she said she would give it a go. I advised her to jump off the trail as far as she could. That way the snow angel would look more mysterious with no prints leading up to it.

She took a good leap and landed about three feet from the trail, but sunk into the snow just above her knees. Her boots were completely under the snow. She gave out a shriek in shock. I'm sure she didn't expect the snow to be so deep.

She screamed out, "this snow is cold! Now what do I do?"

With a slight snicker I said, "Well, turn and face me, fall back into the snow and make an angel."

She looked at me over her shoulder as if to say, I dare you to try this. With a deep sigh, she resolved herself to do the unthinkable and spun around and with arms spread wide she let herself fall back into the snow. She gave out another shriek and just lay there as if frozen.

I calmly said to her, "Now wave your arms up and down," and I waved my arms like a bird. You could see her face grimace as she slowly moved her arms up and down through the snow.

"God, it's cold!" She screamed.

Ignoring her comments, I said, "Now open and close your legs too."

"My feet are stuck in the snow."

I said, "Well, pull them out. You're not standing on them."

She yanked her feet up and then quietly said "Oh God."

"What's wrong?"

She lifted her feet completely out of the snow to show two bare feet.

"I lost my boots!"

"Well, you can't do much about that now. Finish the angel and get up. I'll go looking for your boots."

She finished the snow angel by swishing her legs and flapping her arms some more. When she was satisfied with her effort she sat up in the snow and then struggled to stand up. Snow was hanging onto her naked body as she began to shiver. She stepped out of the snow and onto the trail while wiping as much snow and melted snow off of her body as she could. The bright warm sun helped to warm her up a bit but still she was clearly cold.

"My boots are buried around there" and she pointed to the base of her snow angel.

I stepped off into the deep snow off the trail and started swiping through the snow searching for a pair of boots while Anna stood on the trail shivering. I suggested that she start back toward the chalet. Her boots would be full of snow and of little use to her once they were found.

She started walking back now totally bare. She walked along the edge of the snowmobile trail where the snow was a little softer.

It didn't take long to find her boots although I wrecked the bottom of the snow angel. I chuckled to myself wondering if I would be able to get her to make another one. I knocked the loose snow out of the boots and started back to the chalet myself.

I saw Anna ahead of me but did not realize that she had gone off trail. I caught up to where she went off the trail and called out to her asking what she was doing.

"The chalet is just up there and I figured this is a lot quicker than following the trail." She was making her way through snow that came over her knees.

Just then I heard what I thought was a snowmobile. Anna heard it too and yelled over to me asking what was making the noise. Then the snowmobile came into sight heading down onto the lake.

I yelled back to Anna "snowmobile!"

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