Naked Anna

by CK

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Continues from

Part 4

It was nearly 11:00 and Anna was anxious to prove herself in the lake, so we headed outside, me in my boots and winter coat and Anna wearing absolutely nothing. I led the way to the top of the hill heading onto the lake and Anna followed in my footprints. I lined up the toboggan on the hill and invited her to sit in front. She sat down as easily as she would have if she were wearing a full snowsuit. I climbed on behind her and pushed us off down the hill. The snow was quite deep so we did not move very fast until we reached the final descent that was a lot steeper. Anna screamed as we picked up speed. She had to deal with the relative wind we felt and the snow blowing up on her. We came to a rather abrupt stop when the steep hill ran into the lake and Anna ended up sitting in snow almost up to her breasts. I helped her up and we trudged the last 15 feet over to the large hole in the ice.

Anna hesitated for a few seconds, not sure exactly how she was going to get into the water. She sat on the edge of the hole and put her feet into the water. She commented that she thought the lake water was colder than yesterday's tub. I reminded her that she didn't start by tobogganing into a snowbank yesterday. She pondered my statement for a minute while swishing her feet in the cold lake water. I was afraid that she was going to chicken out so I encouraged her by saying she hadn't come this far only to back away now. She agreed that she had come too far to back out now and took a deep breath and slid in keeping her head above water and holding onto the side. I told her that I made the hole big enough for her to swim around a little. She let go of the side and swam out to the middle. I smiled in approval. I asked about putting her head under water like yesterday. She stuck her tongue out like yesterday and sank completely under water, but didn't stay under for long. As she came up her head-top ponytail appeared first. Then I challenged her with something I thought she might find a little scary. I said, "What do you think about going under the ice and coming up in the hole I drilled over here", pointing to the small round hole less than two feet from the big hole she was swimming in.

With some fear in her voice she asked, "You want me to actually swim under the ice?"

I tried to convince her that it wasn't really dangerous, even though it probably was. "Just drop under the water and tell me if you can see the hole."

She dropped under holding onto the edge of the ice and quickly came up and said, "Yes. I can see the sunlight through the hole."

"So it will be easy to swim to it and you can hold your breath for up to 50 seconds so it will be easy for you to retreat back to the big hole if it doesn't work out."

She said, "OK. I'll try." She is so easy to convince to do the craziest things. She took a breath and went under. I could see her legs through the big hole as she headed under the ice to the little hole. Her head popped up but her shoulders hit the ice on either side of the hole. This small hole was plenty big enough for her head but not much else. She said, "It's hard treading water under the ice because I keep hitting the ice and there is nothing to hold onto."

I said, "Hold on for a sec. I think I can help." I knelt down beside he hole and took hold of her ponytail that still sat on the top of her head. "Let me hold you up by your ponytail." I took hold of her ponytail and held her head in the hole by her hair. "Stop treading water and just relax."

Anna slowly realized that I was holding her up and stopped her frantic motions under water. "This is easy. I don't have to do anything, as long as you don't let go of me." The ice was eight or nine inches thick, so her eyes were just a little below the top surface of the ice. From there she did not have a great view but at least she could see a little bit of her surroundings. I took a short length of thick string from my pocket and tied it into her hair. I guess I was pulling a little on her hair as I was knotting the cord in her hair because she began to ask me what I was doing.

"Just hang on. I'm trying to make things a little easier for me up here." I tugged on the cord to make sure it was secure in her hair and then I stood up holding the cord instead of her hair. "There. Now I don't have to be bent over you just to keep your head out of water." Anna didn't understand what I had done. "I've tied a cord into your hair and I'm holding you up with the cord. Take a deep breath," I told her just before I let some slack in the cord and she sunk under water. I immediately pulled her back up through the hole in the ice. She coughed a bit as she came up. The dunking had caught her by surprise.

She sputtered and said, "I wasn't ready for that!"

I had another idea. I had to stretch a little to reach one of the sawhorses and planted it over the hole. Then I took Anna's cord and tied it to the cross member of the sawhorse. I stepped away so Anna could see me better. Anna panicked. "Who’s holding me up?"

I calmly replied, "Relax. I tied the string to a bar above your head." Anna strained to look above her head but couldn't see that high. All she could see were the legs of the sawhorse near her head.

"So what happens now? Am I just going to hang here?"

"Well, I really should get these tools back in the shed. I should be back in a while." I collected up the chain saw and ice drill and prepared to leave.

Anna tried to sound nonchalant about it saying, "Oh. OK. I'm cool with that." Then she got a little more anxious with her situation. "Yeah, I'm REAL cool with that. I could even say FREEZING cool with that. You're going to let me out before you leave, right?"

I said, "Look, it won't take me ten minutes to get up to the chalet's shed and back and you were in the tub longer than that yesterday, so you'll be fine." And I headed across the ice to the snowmobile trail to circle around to the chalet. So I left her trapped by her hair in a small hole in the ice with her head sticking out and the rest of her floating in the icy cold water of the lake. She was struggling to find a way out of her predicament but the hole was too small for a hand to get through beside her head and as long as her hair was securely tied to the sawhorse she had no choice but to stay in the lake and wait for my return.

Now to be honest it did not take me ten minutes to return. It was more like six or seven. When I got back I asked how she was doing. "Oh, just hanging around" was her casual response. It seemed like she was enjoying her time under the ice and it appeared that she wasn't in any hurry to get out. I asked if she was cold and she said, "Of course I'm cold. The water is freezing but over the last few days my tolerance for cold has vastly improved, but if it is okay with you, I'd like to get out now. Don't forget, I still have to get up to the chalet before I can warm up."

She was right about the hike up to the chalet. I told her how incredibly impressed I was with how well she took everything, especially how calm she remained when I walked away. She admitted to being a little freaked out about that, more about me leaving than the cold water around her. I started to untie the knot holding her to the sawhorse, but it was hard. It turned out that my knotting skills were horrible. Part way through I complained that my fingers were cold, but Anna had no sympathy for me. She suggested just cutting the cord but any sharp instrument was up in the chalet and she preferred that I struggle with the knot rather than leave her again. She let me know that she was really feeling the cold and politely asked me to hurry. It took another couple of minutes to get the cord untied. Once it was loose I continued to hold the cord until she was ready to dive under the ice to reach the bigger hole.

I let the string go and she sank under the ice, popping up in the larger hole in mere seconds. There she realized that she still could not get out on her own. She simply did not have the strength in her arms to pull herself out. She looked up at me and didn't even have to say a word. I reached my hand out to her and pulled her up to a sitting position on the edge of the ice. She quickly stood up. In the sun she said the air definitely felt warm as compared to the water. I offered her my coat but she said she was determined to finish this naked. She is such a strong and determined young lady. I pointed out that there was a rather well beaten path over to the snowmobile trail on the lake, but she decided to take what she called the more direct path to the chalet, straight up the hill. So she headed off through snow that was nearly hip deep in places. I took the snowmobile trail, but this time she actually beat me up to the chalet. As I came into sight of the chalet I saw Anna entering the chalet. I stood the sled up in the snow by the door and stepped into the chalet.

I found Anna wrapped in a huge bath towel sitting by the fire. While we were outside it had died down so I added a couple of logs to revive it. Again I congratulated her on an outstanding performance out in the lake. She was quite smug about it saying, "You didn't think I would be able to do it all did you? I even turned down your jacket!"

I agreed, "You were truly amazing out there today. Bravo, I say!"

"Yeah, I was great", she said full of pride. "Bring on the cold! I can take it all! Got any plans for tomorrow? Let me amaze you again."

"You want to do more tomorrow? I can't think of any way to make it harder."

"Aw, come on. Surely you can come up with something. Think about it for a while. But I'm going to say now, I'll do it."

Man! Was she ever bold! I said to myself that I had to come up with a really hard challenge for Anna. "OK. Let me think about it for a while." She was content with my answer for the time being, but she made it pretty clear she wanted a bigger challenge for the next day.

Later that day I came to her with my new plan. "OK. We already know that you handle the snow-covered hill pretty well, so we're going to have to make it harder. When you step outside tomorrow, naked of course, I'm going to tie your ankles together with rope. That way you have to hop, crawl or roll wherever you go. With your feet tied you have to get down to the hole in the ice. Then jump in the lake and dive over to the small hole in the ice where I'll tie you up by your hair again, only this time there will be two other smaller holes beside your 'head hole' for your hands. You'll have to stick your hands up through the holes and then I'll tie them together over the ice with another rope. There you will stay trapped until I feel like releasing you."

"Sounds real cool", she said with a smirk. "Then I still have to get back up the hill."

"And that ought to be quite the challenge with your feet tied together!"

"You're on! See you in the morning." And she headed off to bed.

I thought to myself, "She is not taking the time to think this through. This is going to be harder than she expects. Tomorrow will be very interesting."

The next morning I was up and had breakfast by 8:00. The chalet was pretty well equipped with tools and I found a hand drill and a big drill bit that was 2.5 - 3 inches in diameter. It looked like it might be for drilling in the ice. I took my new-found tool down to the lake and drilled the required two holes needed to execute my ultimate ice challenge on Anna.

I came up the hill and found Anna drying her hair from a shower. I asked her if she was ready for the day's adventure. "I haven't had breakfast yet", she replied as she passed me heading to the kitchen. I took my boots and coat off and got myself a coffee. The day was young, and we still had plenty of time. As Anna sat down with her breakfast she said, "This is our last full day here. I'm sad that we have to leave this place. Last day for an outdoor adventure."

"It's cooler today and cloudy. Looks like it might snow."

"The air temperature doesn't matter much when you're in the lake, so I'm not much worried about that. Besides it’s got to be today or never. After I'm finished breakfast we can get started. Are you ready? Got everything you need?"

"I've got rope to tie your ankles, rope to tie your wrists and the same cord I used yesterday for your hair. I have already drilled the holes for your wrists. My hands don't quite fit, but your hands are smaller so there should be no problem. There is a thin layer of ice over the hole but I'm sure you'll have no trouble breaking through it."

"Wait, not only am I going swimming again, but you expect me to break through the ice to do it?"

I said, "The ice is not even a half inch thick. It'll be a piece of cake to break it up. If it makes you feel better, I've already broken up the ice in your 'head hole'." She was not really pleased with my answer. I guess she figured if she couldn't do it I would have to come up with another plan. That is if I wanted her in the lake today. I added, "how about I tie the cord into your hair now? Inside I can be sure to do a good job."

"I guess so, as long as you don't disturb my enjoyment of my coffee."

"I can wait till you finish your coffee. In fact I think I'll enjoy another cup with you. I really enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a naked lady." She smiled and enjoyed another sip of her coffee.

When she finished she announced that she was ready and it really didn't matter that I still had half a cup. It was my second cup of the day anyway. I got up, circled behind her chair, scooped all of her hair to the top of her head and secured the cord tightly into her hair. To test it I almost pulled her out of her chair. No doubt, the cord was going to hold. I suggested that it would be easier for me to tie her ankles while we were inside too.

She complained saying, "Then I'll have further to go tied up, or maybe you just want to see my boobs bounce." I tried to explain that it's harder to tie knots in the cold. She had no sympathy for me saying "I'm going to have to hop or roll or crawl through the snow and then go for a swim in the lake for I don't even know how long and your pampered fingers find it too cold to tie a knot outside. Try walking, or should I say hopping a while in my shoes. No, I take that back, because I don't have any shoes."

She was playing me on this one. We finally agreed that I tie her ankles inside and I would then carry her to the top of the steps from the deck that led down to the lake. I tied her ankles very tightly with a wide cinch between her legs. That way she would be able to take very little steps.

With her legs tied, I got on my coat and boots, hat and gloves and picked Anna up and headed out onto the patio. On the way out she made another snide comment asking if I was sure I would be warm enough.

It wasn't until we got outside that either of us realized that it was snowing, large fluffy flakes. We could barely see the lake for the snow falling. Our tracks from the day before were beginning to fill in. I put her down at the top of the stairs and told her I was going to walk around by the snowmobile trail. Anna looked at the snow covered stairs and her tied ankles and wasn't sure how she was going to make it down. She nervously asked me if I would go down through the snow with her. "I'm afraid I will fall. It's going to be hard getting down this hill like this."

She was clearly scared of what might happen and I agreed to follow her down the hill. She carefully hopped down the first few stairs, but clearly was not comfortable doing that so she sat down on a step and proceeded to bum down the rest of the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs she asked about the sled that we had used the day before. She waited as I went to fetch it. With some effort she managed to get herself onto the sled while I held it on the hill. As I was climbing onto the sled myself, I lost my grip on the sled and Anna shot down the hill on her own. As she shot out onto the lake she rolled off of the sled into a puff of snow. When I got down to her she told me she was afraid that she was going to hit the hole with the sled and that is why she rolled off. She was only ten feet from the hole so perhaps it was the best thing to do.

I helped her hop over to the hole. Her perky tits bounced a little but it was her cold erect nipples that would have caught more attention. By now the thin layer of ice was also coated with a layer of snow. She sat down by the ice-covered hole and swung her tied legs over the hole and used her feet to break the thin layer of ice. It broke into pieces really easily and after she had broken a fairly large hole, she slipped into the water while holding onto the edge. Her tied legs were not very useful in the water. The best she could do was to use them as a flipper. She made her way toward the small hole breaking more ice as she went. With her legs tied together she said she was really nervous about diving under the ice. I told her to pass the end of the cord tied in her hair to me through the little hole. The hole was close enough that she could reach under the ice to the hole to pass me the cord. With the cord in hand I told her that I could guide her to the opening and pull her up if needed. All she had to do was dive down and I could pull her up. She was still pretty nervous but she gave it a try. It turned out that she was better underwater than she thought she would be and made it to the small hole with hardly any help from me. With her head popped up through the ice I tied the cord around the sawhorse like I did the day before.

I pointed out the two holes for her hands and she started with squeezing her right hand through one of the holes. It was a pretty tight fit. With her hand above the ice I tied a rope around her wrist. It was a little more difficult to get the second hand up through the ice, but when she did I held her hand while I wrapped the rope around her second wrist. I asked her how she was doing and she said she was fine. I was amazed at how calmly she was taking it all, so I decided to untie the cord from the saw horse and make her hold her head up by herself. It turns out that she was depending on her hair being tied up to keep her head above water. She sank under the water and where her hands were positioned, they were not very effective for getting her head back up. Pulling up with her hands caused her head to hit the edge of the hole. I pulled on the cord to bring her head back in line with the hole and pulled her up as she gasped for air. "Oh my god! I thought I was dying!"

"Sorry. I didn't expect that to happen."

"Perhaps if I knew you were going to do that, I could be prepared. Don't ever do something like that without warning me." She was really annoyed at me and I was a bit surprised she didn't try to call off the whole thing, but then again with her under the ice and her hands tied together over the ice, there would be no calling it off without my help.

"OK. So here's your warning. Let's try it again. This time I'll slowly release the cord in your hair. Here goes." And I slowly released the cord in her hair.

"No! Wait! Oh god." She said in a panic but she flexed her arms and barely managed to keep her head above water.

"So you're right. If you have warning then you can do it. Well, I'm going to head up to the cottage. I'll be right back." I wasn't going to head off, but it was fun getting her scared and I was pretty sure this would do it. I was right.

"Please don't leave me like this" she pleaded.

"Why, you seem to be handling it fine."

"You don't see what's going on under the ice. My arms can barely hold me up and I'm kicking frantically to help but I'm not doing so good with my legs tied together."

I calmly said, "I won't be gone long."

"Don't leave without tying my hair back up, please. Even if you stay, please tie my hair back up."

"So if I tie your hair back up, I can go?"

"Yes, yes. Please, my arms are dying!"

"OK." So I tied her hair back up, pretty tight, but she didn't complain. With her hair tied I could see the tension leaving her hands. They were relaxed even if they were tied together. Then I got up to leave.

With panic building up in her voice again, she asked, "Where are you going?"

"I'm heading back to the cottage to return the sled. Maybe I'll get a coffee too."

"Have a coffee??? How long are you going to be gone?"

"I'm sure I'll be back in less than 30 minutes."

"Oh, only 30 minutes while I'm trapped in the lake under the ice freezing everything but my hands which are sticking up through the ice freezing in the air! Enjoy your coffee!" She said sarcastically and under her breath she quietly said, "I'm fucked." So I headed up the snowmobile trail dragging the sled behind while snow fell all around us. As I left, she called out, "Remember the water is really cold." I knew Anna could last in the water for a long time. She had done so well the day before, I was confident she could last longer. Of course this day was colder and snowing, but the water couldn't have been any colder.

Arriving at the cottage, I put the sled away and went inside. I started my coffee and then went to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with hot water. Anna would enjoy and deserve that when she finally came in. With my coffee in a thermal mug, I headed back to the lake. Anna heard my footsteps in the new fallen snow and she tried to sound very casual, "Oh, are you back so soon." I had not kept track of the time so I can't say how long it had been, but her head was covered in fresh snow. "So, are you here to let me out? Please! This lake is bloody cold, and I still have to get up the hill! Please untie me."

She was being very nice about it but it was obvious she was cold. "Can I finish my coffee first?"

"To be honest, I have to say 'NO'. I'm really freezing down here. I can hardly feel my fingers; they are so cold exposed to the wind and snow. My hair feels like icicles, I keep moving my legs to keep some circulation. I've been trapped here for a long time. Please let me go."

Anna was maxed out so I started to untie her hair but she screamed out, "Leave my hair to last. You have to untie my hands first." She was right so I moved to the rope tying her wrists. It was wet from the falling snow and the knots were a little frozen which made it difficult to untie. Anna could see I was struggling and tried to be patient only occasionally saying "Please hurry." I finally got one wrist untied and with a little effort that hand went through the ice. Her wrists may have melted some of the surrounding ice because it seemed easier to remove it than it was to push it through initially. Instead of struggling with the knot on the other wrist, I asked her to try to get her wrist and the rope through the hole. It took more effort than the first wrist but it finally went through. Now, only her hair held her. I started on her hair for the second time but again she interrupted me. "I'm so cold I don't know if I will be able to swim under the ice. Can you reach the rope still on my wrist from the big hole? That way you will be able to pull me out." I could just see her fingers at the edge of the big hole, so I had to reach my hand into the water, soaking the sleeve of my jacket to reach the rope, but I got it and pulled it out so I had the end on the ice.

I said, "Wow, that water is cold!"

"Really? I hadn't noticed," she said with a slight snicker. "See why I need to get out?" For the third time I started working on her hair cord. That cord was soaked from her dive under the ice and wet cord in the cold tends to freeze making it very hard to untie my knot. Twice during my struggles she pleaded, "Hurry, please." With the rope finally loose, I picked up her wrist rope and announced that everything was ready for her dive under. She answered, "I'm ready too." I released the cord in her hair and she sank under the ice. With her free hand she guided herself under the ice and let me pull her up by her tied wrist. She was bobbing in the big hole and waited for me to pull her right up onto the edge of the ice. She swung her feet out of the water and motioned for me to pull her up onto her feet. She was shivering, as she stood naked and wet in the driving snow and wind.

She knew she had to get to the cottage and some very badly needed warmth. She started hopping toward the hill but when she got to the steep bank of the lake she could no longer hop. She tried crawling but that wasn't any easier with the tied ankles. She tried bumming up the hill but even that way her progress was very slow. She was getting desperate and shivering more. She pleaded with me to untie her ankles, but those knots had been tied even tighter because they were tied inside, before coming outside. Anna tried untying the knot but it was behind her ankles making it hard for her to even see the knot. She fell into the snow in exhaustion and desperation crying, "I'll never make it up this hill."

I helped her to stand up again on her wobbly legs, took my coat off and had her put in on and then picked her up over my shoulder and said that I would take her back by the snowmobile trail because I did not want to risk stumbling while climbing the steep embankment with her on my shoulder. She didn't complain. I carried her straight into the chalet and did not put her down until we were in the bathroom beside the hot tub. I sat her down on the edge and steadied her while she swung her feet around and into the bath. It had taken us so long to come up from the lake that the tub was no longer hot, just very warm but just the ticket for her freezing feet. She took off my coat and slid into the bath savoring the warm water. While she lay in the tub I worked on first untying her wrist and then her hair. Her feet were under the water and I almost forgot that they were still tied together. I told her that I would be right back and reappeared with a pair of scissors to cut the rope off her ankles. I pulled her legs high out of the tub, which caused her head to slide under the water. She just stayed like that until I cut the rope and freed her ankles. Then she slowly popped back out of the water and said a very sincere "Thank you."

Anna was exhausted from all that happened during the day. We cuddled close to a roaring fire, me in my sweater and Anna in nothing at all. She fell asleep in my arms and early in the evening I carried her to bed and wrapped her well in blankets for the night. We would be leaving the next day. We had to be out by 5:00 pm, as I knew there was another booking for the weekend. I did some tidying around the cottage and then went to bed early too. If we got an early start on the next day, we could have the place cleaned up before noon and have the afternoon to relax.

We were both up early the next morning and our cleaning was almost finished by 10:00. I looked out on the lake and noticed the sawhorse that we had left on the ice the day before. I called out to Anna, "Anna dear. Can you go down to the lake and pick up the sawhorse that we left there yesterday?"

She gave me one of those croaked looks, "Seriously? You are completely outfitted for winter here and I'm naked and you think I should go down to get the sawhorse? After everything I've done this week I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I think I'll have a swim while I'm down there." And she headed out to do my bidding. She didn't seem bitter about it. Maybe she saw this as her last chance to face the winter elements. She sauntered over to the stairs leading off the deck and down the stairs to the steep path that went to the lake. The day was sunny and warmer than the previous day and the snow really didn't seem to bother her. I headed out onto the deck, but put my boots on first, to watch Anna make her last trip to the lake. She slipped a few times on her way down but the soft snow cushioned her falls. One fall was particularly bad where she fell forward, rolling in the snow and ending up face first in the snow. She lay there for a few seconds and I was about to head down to see if she needed help, but she eventually got herself up and continued down to the lake.

On the lake she circled around the large hole breaking up the thin layer of ice that had formed on the surface of the water. Then she looked up toward the cottage, waved to me on the deck and then jumped into the middle of our hole in the ice shattering what was left of the thin layer of surface ice. She was swimming again! Her head popped up and then she went under again. This time for longer than I thought she should be under. Again I started to head down just because she worried me. I knew it would take me too long to get down there to be of any help and I had no idea what I could do once I was down there. Just as I was at the top of the stairs her head popped up again. She must have been under the water for 45 seconds or more, which I found shocking!

She struggled to get out onto the ice. This was the first time that she got out of the water on her own. Then she picked up the sawhorse, the reason why she went down there in the first place, and started back up the steep embankment. This too was a struggle, climbing the steep hill barefoot in the snow and carrying the sawhorse. She finally made it to the bottom of the stairs and started up them. This would be the easy part. There was a railing and solid stairs to climb instead of uneven ground, but I called down to her saying, "The horse goes in the shed." She would have to continue up the slippery hill to the shed that was just under the deck. She let out a long sigh and headed up to the shed. With the sawhorse tucked away she slid back down the hill to the bottom of the stairs and came up onto the deck and into the cottage. She stood on the doorway carpet asking for a towel to dry off. The cottage was cleaned and she didn't want to leave any new tracks across the floor.

While sitting down for our last lunch she asked, "Were you impressed at how long I stayed under the water?" I said I was more worried than impressed. She was under for longer than I thought she could really hold her breath. She said, "I wasn't holding my breath, I was breathing under the ice. There is a small gap between the surface of the lake and the ice. I was breathing in that gap. I could have stayed under a lot longer but I was worried that you would be worried. I could swim all over the place but I was worried I would lose sight of the hole so I just stayed by the edge of the hole."

"I should cut another hole in the ice and have you dive between them."

"That would be way easier than being tied up under the ice like I was yesterday."

I said, "OK. After lunch I'll cut another hole in the ice, a smaller hole, about twenty feet away from the big one and I dare you to dive under the ice between them."

"And what are we daring for?"

"If you make it then you get to finish today completely naked until we get home. If you fail you'll have to wear your coat and boots all the way home," I said with a big grin.

With an equally big grin, she said, "You're on!" I was beginning to wonder how she was going to handle the real world of clothes when we did get home.

We finished up lunch and I headed back down to the lake with the chainsaw while Anna did the final cleaning up in the kitchen. The second hole was only about two by three feet and twenty to twenty-five feet from the main hole. The resulting block of ice I pushed under the lake ice. I returned the chainsaw to the shed, found a long length of ¼ inch rope and then locked up the shed for the last time. I went to the chalet's front door and called to Anna that things were ready at the lake for her 'dare'. She called back, "I'll meet you at the bottom of the stairs. I just have to put on ... a smile before I go out."

Anna met me at the bottom of the stairs wearing nothing ... but her smile. She spotted the rope and asked, "You're not thinking of tying me up again, are you?"

I answered, "No, but I thought it might be a good idea to tie a line onto you so, if you get lost under the ice, you can always follow the line back to the starting hole." She agreed that it was a good idea to have an escape plan like that.

We climbed and slid down the steep path together. I complained that some snow got into my boot and naked Anna turned to me and said, "Oh, poor you. You got some snow in your boot." It was clear that I should not expect any sympathy. Standing beside the big hole I tied my rope tightly around her left ankle. It was critical that it not fall off. Anna jumped into the lake for the second time that day. Holding the rope, I walked over to the second hole and stuck a walking staff I had used to get down the hill into the hole. I stood by the hole so that Anna could set the direction she should swim and I called to her saying, "I will keep the line taut as you swim so that it won't snag on anything in the water."

She answered back, "OK, but if I get too scared I'm following the rope back." She dove under the ice and I slowly let out the line as I felt gentle tugs on it as she swam. I continued waving the stick in the hole in the hope that she would spot it. Occasionally the tugs on the line would stop for a few moments and then resume. I was guessing that these occasions were when she was stopping to take a breath. I kept releasing more rope until I had no more. At that point I had to leave the location of the hole and start walking toward the big hole. I brought my walking stick with me, so there was no longer any indication through the hole. I was afraid that she had gone off course because I felt that the rope should have been at least twice the distance she had to swim, but when I was only about eight feet from the small hole, Anna popped her head up. I tied the rope around my walking stick and laid it in the snow. It would not easily move through the snow. I went back to the small hole to congratulate Anna on winning the bet. She said it wasn't that hard because my footprints in the snow showed up a little darker because the packed snow let through less sunlight and once she was close to the hole she could see the sunlight coming through it. She thought it would have been a lot harder if it had been a cloudy day.

The second hole turned out to be in shallower water and Anna could stand on the bottom with her breasts just out of the water. She was quite proud of herself and asked me what I thought. I decided to be honest with her and told her, "I found every time you jumped naked into that freezing cold water to be such a sexual turn-on." She was very surprised to hear that. I went on with, "Right now I have such a hard-on that it might burst out of my pants." She reached up and could just reach my crotch and confirmed my erection herself.

She said, "Can I make a bet? I bet you are too chicken to strip naked right here on the lake right now and if you do I will not come out of the water until I give you a blow job."

"You want to give me a blow job out here on the ice?"

"Only if you strip naked and I'll stay in the water until you explode in my mouth."

I had said to her in the past that I'd like her to eat my cock but she found it to be gross. This was my chance and I couldn't let the chance slip away, but now I would have to get naked outside in the winter. In the heat, or rather, cold of the moment I said, "You're on! And you'll be on my cock in a minute!" I whipped off my coat and shirt, shivered a little, then took off my boots, pants and underwear. I finished by removing my socks and complained that the ice was really cold.

Anna smiled and said, "Welcome to my world. Now kneel down close to me so that I can reach your cock." I laid my coat down next to the hole and kneeled down on it. She said I was cheating but let it go anyway. She started by just licking my cock and I realized she was in no hurry to have me shoot. I think she was relishing the fact that I was naked like her in a winter wonderland. I was cold out in the winter air but she was chest deep in ice water, and she still took her time. She lightly kissed the head of my cock then kissed all the way down my shaft and took both my balls in her mouth and sucked on them. Holding them behind her teeth she pulled at them as much as she felt she could and then abruptly released them from her mouth. Then she slowly kissed, sucked and chewed back up my shaft and bit and tugged on my foreskin all around the head before beginning to suck, kiss and bite the head of my member. I shivered all over as if I was cold. I was but that was not why I shivered. She asked, "Are you cold?"

I said, "I'm freezing but I am hot for you. Don't stop."

"I'm only just beginning. As long as you don't cum, you stay naked out here."

I added, "And you stay in the water," trying to remind her of her freezing situation.

"So what's going to end this? Me getting too cold in the water, or you getting too cold outside or you shooting into my mouth?" She went to sucking just the head of my cock. She was holding me back from climax and she knew it. Anna was reveling in how the roles were reversed for the first time in the entire week. Now she was in control. She was calling the shots. Now, I was the one who was trapped and I didn’t know how long I would be trapped.

Then she began to take more of my cock into her mouth slowly sliding up and down most of its length. I was loving it but I needed a lot more action to climax and I was still freezing. How long could she make this last? How long could she stay chest deep in the lake? I was beginning to think that I should have kept her trapped under the ice longer the day before. She continued to slowly take all of my cock in and let all of it out, kissing the tip and repeating the motion like she had all afternoon to play this game, which she essentially did as long as she could endure the cold water. I decided to reach over and fondle her tits to try to arouse her more. She sank as deep into the water as she could go and still keep my cook in her mouth, which forced me to sink my hands into the icy water to reach her breasts. Pinching both nipples between thumb and first finger, I pulled her up until I thought she was on her tiptoes and her tits were completely out of the water. In apparent retaliation she bit down on my cock. I had her nipples firmly between thumb and first finger, while she had my cock firmly between her teeth. I pinched and twisted her nipples and she bit harder and yanked on my cock. I gave in first releasing her tits and she smiled up at me and said, "I win", with my cock still in her mouth.

I said, "At least let me hold your tits." And she went back to standing normally with her tits just above the surface. Her up and down motion was slowly speeding up and I was building up to my climax. She sensed that and pulled off of my cock and just kissed up and down the shaft until I came down again. She repeated this three more times, teasing to near climax and then bringing me down unfulfilled again. I asked her, "How long are you going to keep riding me?"

"If you are too cold you can quit and I win the bet," she said between cock sucks.

"I think I'm getting used to the cold."

She said, "Well, maybe I should let you win then. Hold my head and you 'drive' for a while." At first I didn't understand what she meant, but when I figured it out I grabbed her hair with both fists and started 'driving' her up and down my member at my pace. As I built up toward a climax I rammed my rod faster and deeper into her mouth. All she could do was suck and lick when she got a chance. I had to let go of her hair to brace myself because I was getting dizzy, but Anna kept up the pace herself knowing I was on the edge of exploding. I screamed in ecstasy just before shooting and Anna closed in around my cock to be sure she got every drip. I shot and her cheeks puffed out full of my seed. She had to swallow a couple of times to take it all in and finished by slowly withdrawing from my cock and sucking the last drops out of the tip. She smiled, disappeared under the water and jumped out of the water wrapping her arms tightly around my neck. If I had not fallen back into the snow, she might have pulled me into the water with her. Lying on top of me in the freezing snow, she looked deep into my eyes and said, "Was I great or what?"

I said, "It's time I got dressed and you got out of the water."

She rolled off of me saying, "I'm already out." She tried to stand up but realized the rope was still tied to her leg and my walking stick was stuck deep in the snow.

I said, "I should drag you back under the ice with the rope."

"If you get your naked ass over to the other side of the big hole right now, I'll let you do just that."

Well, I thought that was a pretty good offer, so I got up, picked up the walking stick and rope and walked around to the far side of the big hole. "Man, is this snow ever cold!"

"You should try rolling around in it or being buried in it." She slid back into the water for the very last time. She called out to me, "Now you are going to pull me back. I'm just going to make sure I don't crack my head on the ice. Be quick about it. I can't hold my breath forever. Ready?" And down under she went and I started pulling on the rope as fast as I could. Water was flying off the soaked rope all over me and my feet were slipping on the ice. I took a few steps back into deep snow afraid that I might fall into the water. In short order her foot came into sight and her head popped out from under the ice immediately after. "Can I get out now?" I said yes and I pulled her out so she was sitting on the edge. I went back to get dressed, wet as I was, while she worked at getting the rope off her ankle. She found the wet, stiff rope hard to work with and came to realize just how hard it is to untie ropes in the winter. She finally got the rope off as I got my last boot on. I quickly coiled up the rope and together we trudged through the snow up the steep hill back to the cottage. I didn't complain about the snow getting in my boots and she didn't complain about falling repeatedly into the snow.

When we were finally in the chalet I whipped off my coat and we both hugged for love and for warmth. We had already cleaned out the fireplace so we just had each other to warm up by. I offered to run a bath for her but she said she was happy just cuddling. It was 4:15 when I finally checked my watch and softly told Anna that we had to pack the car and be on our way. Before we left I cracked open my suitcase and found some dry clothes to wear for the trip back. Anna made one last snide remark, "At least you have clothes to change into." But I knew that she had really come to like being naked. Anna took her own coat and boots out to the car and tossed them in the trunk. I locked the chalet, put the key back into the 'secret' location, threw my own coat in the back seat and jumped into the car with Anna. We were on our way home after a most incredible week in the snow.

The drive home was uneventful and it was dark by the time we got back into town. Instead of dropping Anna off at her door, I just pulled up into my own driveway. She asked, "Aren't you going to take me home?"

"Your house is just across two yards. Here's your key. Can't you make it there on your own? I'll bring your coat and boots over tomorrow. Or maybe you can come and get them."

"Wow! Chivalry is dead!" She took her key from me and, without even looking around to see if anyone was near, got out of the car, walked around the side of my house into the snow filled back yard heading to her place. I unpacked the car and took everything into the house. When I got over to my kitchen window that looks across the back yards to Anna's house I saw Anna still naked in her bedroom. Once she saw me, she waved at me and closed her bedroom curtains. I figured I had some relationship rebuilding in my immediate future.

The End


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