Parasitic Love

by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 2 - Best Parasite Ever

"Aaah! That felt good, Alli."

"Tell me about it, Sky."

"Did… did I mess up? I just wanted you to feel good while I was feeding."

"Oh, it felt good, alright. Did you eat enough?"

"More than enough. There was a lot of dead skin on your chest. I will soon be as strong as I used to."

After Skylar retracted to the back of my neck, I ran my hands on my boobs, and they were SO soft, almost glowing. That had to be the best skin treatment in the entire universe; what else to expect from a hungry alien?

The most astonishing part of the treatment had been how easily she manipulated my pleasure. Obviously, she didn't mean to do anything wrong since my comfort and happiness were what she yearned for, but when she had tried to follow my wrong directions, the unexpected result had sent me to a place of euphoria.

I sat back in my bed and asked her a few questions.

"Sky, how did you know how to trigger the pleasure center in my brain like that?"

"You are a simple being."

"Uh? Thanks… That's rude."

"Oh, sorry. I just meant that your physiology is extremely easy to understand and manipulate. I observed you this past week when you were masturbating and understood right away how that aspect of human physiology worked."

"My head is that simple to you, uh?"

"The physiology is… there are still so many things I have to learn. Your psychology is very intriguing."

"So, what else did you learn?"

"The list is long. I know your genetic code, your memory process, your aging process, your…"

"Wait… My memory? You can tamper with my memory?"

"Yes, easily. But I would never do that!"

"How would I know if I can't remember it?"

"…I don't know… but I would never ever do that! It would be mean."

"Show me."

"No! Allison. It will scare you. I don't want my host to fear me."

"It's okay. Some humans do that temporarily to other humans as entertainment. Try something. I want to see how it feels."

"Mmm… I dunno about that…"

"Come on, Sky. I won't get angry. I promise."

"…Fiiine… What is your name?"

"My name? But you know that already… It's… it's…"

"You forgot, right?"

"…Yes… so odd. Ah, now I know, it's Allison."

"See… It's easy. But don't make me do it again. I really don't like that. I don't want you to think I'm manipulating you."

Interesting. That didn't frighten me. Instead, I thought it was cool. The guilt in her voice made me understand that she had no intention of harming me in any way, shape, or form, which had strengthened my trust in my funny parasite.

But what about the other things she said? Aging?

"What about aging, Sky? You said you understand it?"

"Yes. That's actually pretty simple."

"So, can you do things like giving me back my 20 years old body?"

"…Alli… That's enough for now. I don't want to answer that. I don't want to feel… used."

"Aaah, I'm sorry… You're right. It's just that for us, humans, getting older is a bit scary."

"That's what makes you who you are. Without aging, you'd be… different. right?"

She got that right. But without aging, I wouldn't turn into some sort of wrinkled apple over time. 31 years old wasn't bad at all, but I already missed being 20. If I read between the lines correctly, she probably had the power to do something about it but clearly wasn't keen to go around her strong ethic to do it. It would have to be a discussion for another time, even if the thought was rather exciting.

Anyway, I had better things to do right now than debating the laws of the universe.

"Sky, I need to go to work today."


"Yes… so I can earn money."

"Money. The thing you used to obtain a museum ticket?"

"Exactly. People use my skills and give me money in return. It's a great system."

"Sweet. Make more money so we can go to more museums, then."

"I don't mind if you stay connected to my brain, but you have to stay quiet, so I can focus on what I have to do."

"Yes. I won't interfere. I promise."


After a light breakfast, brushing my teeth, and dressing up, I headed to work with my new friend well hidden behind my neck. Since I lived downtown, I didn't need a car and just walked to work. It was the most convenient thing ever and also waistline-friendly. On the way there, Skylar kept me company and asked me funny questions about things that I knew nothing about, like the sewer system and why people were playing music. I guess I took for granted many things to the point where they were so ordinary that nobody cared about how they really worked. It made me a bit sad. Appreciating all the work that those workers had put into an infrastructure that made my life so much easier should be the least I should do to thank them.

"Alright, quiet now, Sky. This is my workplace. People can't see me talking to myself, or else it will be odd."

"Okay. I won't bug you."

"Thanks, Sky. I appreciate it."

I entered the giant building and headed straight to the ninth floor. After two weeks away on vacation, I could rest assured that a massive pile of paperwork awaited me, and probably six million emails as an extra. Being an accountant came with the downside of never running out of work.

As soon as I stepped into my small office, my boss showed up with the same workaholic attitude he had before I left.

"Ah, thank God, you are back Allison. Can you review those books? Something doesn't add up for June. The client is freaking out."

"Welcome back, boss."

"Yeah, sure, welcome back, Allison. And I need this before 10 am."

"Before 10 am? Come on. I just came back from vacation. What is this?"

"10 am, Allison."

I sat on my chair and lowered my forehead on the desk. That wasn't how I expected this day to start. But since it paid the bills, I didn't have much of a choice.

After logging back into my computer and ignoring all those unread emails, I turned to the books and tackled the first one. If I wanted to have a chance to finish this by 10 am, I had to start right away.

After half an hour of looking at the first one, It was not as bad as I thought, and I found the errors pretty rapidly. I made a few notes here and there and put the book in the completed pile. The second book was pretty much the same and quickly joined its friend in the completed basket.

"Apparently, I still know what I'm doing."

The third one gave me grief, though. What a mess it was. The bookkeeper who made those entries must have been on drugs or didn't care about his job security. For the life of me, I just couldn't find a way to make the faulty month balance. The numbers just made no sense.

Around 9:30 am, my boss came back to see me and put some unnecessary pressure on my shoulders.

"Where are my corrected books?"

"Here. I've done two, but the third one will take much longer."

"You still have thirty minutes. It is an important client, and I meet with him at 10 am, so I need the corrected book."

"But, it's not possible. It's a mess!"

"I don't want to hear excuses. Just do your job, Allison."

"…Just… get out of my office!"

My boss wasn't the best, and of course, I had to come back on a day when he was overly stressed out and gave me an unreasonable deadline. There was no way I could do what he wanted this quickly. It would take me hours to correct this one, and I only had thirty minutes left. I just couldn't take that pressure on my shoulders. I would do my best and let him look like an idiot in front of his client. Our firm performance was something I cared about, but he just had to take care of this earlier. It was not like he could fire me anyway.

I restarted my analysis, trying to find potential errors, but it was so complicated and hopeless.


"Shhh… I'm busy…"

"I… I know but…"

"Skylar, please. This is really a bad time. We will chat later."

"…line… line 57… it's an 8, not a 5…"

"Sky, I said… woah… wait a minute… You're right… How did you…"

"The other errors are on line 63, 84, 103, 121, 122. I'm sorry… I'll keep quiet now."

"Wait, wait, wait. Repeat that for me."

That was unexpected. I quickly grabbed my pen and wrote down the numbers Skylar gave me. Using my eyes, she had spotted all the errors while I flipped the page earlier. Until now, she had kept to herself, not wanting to disturb me. But as soon as she understood I was in trouble, she shyly intervened to help me.

"Sky! You are a genius! You found all the errors. I didn't know you were good at bookkeeping."

"I am not. It was simple maths and calligraphy analysis. I'll shut up now. Sorry. I feel guilty for having broken my promise to keep quiet."

"Haha. It's all good. As a reward, why don't you feed on my back while I'm finishing this? I was all sweaty because of the stress."

"Oh? Really. Can I?"

"Go right ahead. Just make sure nobody sees you."

It was such a great idea because feeling her expending on my back felt very relaxing. It was as if someone nice rubbed my back tenderly.

I quickly finished my report and hand-delivered it to my crazy boss, who couldn't believe I had actually managed to finish the impossible task.

"Here you go. All fixed up."

"…But… how…?"

"I'm just that good… get used to it."

"Thanks, Allison. You saved my life."

"Don't mention it."

On my way back to my desk, I was pretty happy with myself. But I would never forget that Skylar was the one who had saved me.

I sat back on my chair and looked at the ceiling.

"Feww! I owe you one, Sky."

"Letting me feed on your back is rewarding enough."

"It feels like you are covering my whole back… is it me or…"

"…I grew a bit? Yes… I'm recovering nicely. Thanks to you. I'm no longer scared that you can hurt me by accident."

"How much bigger are you going to get?"

"That's my decision. In theory, I could grow without limit, but it would be illogical to exceed what my host is comfortable with. I need you to be comfortable carrying me. You have to tell me when it's too much. I have ways to control my growth."

"Good to know. Will do."

The rest of the day was eventless. After the miracle I pulled, my boss left me alone. I managed to catch up on most of my emails, and Skylar kept her promise to let me work without interrupting me. Following her feeding, she returned to the back of my neck, well hidden, and I couldn't even tell she was there. Maybe I was just getting used to her.

Around lunchtime, I went for a walk so we could chit-chat about random things without me looking like a crazy person. I seemed to have triggered something in her since yesterday when we went to the museum because she was pretty curious about everything art-related, including clothing fashion. As good as she was with everything science-related, art was not something she was used to or understood, so she wanted to learn more about it.

After work, we returned home, and as soon as I stepped into my apartment, I stripped naked and jumped in the shower. Skylar liked it when I soaped her up as well, so I didn't have to worry about hurting her. Yet she made sure to show me her strange sense of humor.

"Aaaah! You put soap in my eeeeyes!"

"Skylar! You don't even have eyes."


"Hey, Sky. Do you have to stay behind my neck? Since you are getting bigger, it might become problematic, no?"

"Yes, that's where I'm most comfortable. But let me know if it annoys you, and I'm sure we can find a solution. I want to grow some more, but I won't if you ask me to stop."

"No, I don't mind. But I just don't want someone to discover you. We just have to be mindful of that."

After the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror, and the contrast between my clean skin and my normal skin was quite apparent. My chest and neck were feeling all nice, but my face felt a bit neglected even after I had washed it.

"You are so pretty, Alli."

"Hehe. Don't you have a crush on a slime male back at home?"

"My race doesn't have sex or genders. And my home is here. That's how we live. We randomly land on planets, as I did, and it becomes our home."

"Do you… fall in love?"


"With your hosts?"


"Awww… Sky! Are you shyyy?"

"Hey! It's not funny! I'm not used to talking about my love life with my hosts! My previous hosts were too dumb to have a conversation about that."

"Haha! Okay. I'll cut you a break. Hey, would you like to clean the skin on my face?"

"I would love to, but only if you are okay with it."

"Yeah, sure… Why not? If you had wanted to hurt me, you would have done it a while ago."

"I would never hurt you! It would be wrong. You are my host, so the happier you are, the happier I am."

"Alright, then it would make me happy to have a clean face."

"Okay. Go lie down on your bed. I'll clean your hair as well."

"Hey! I just washed it!"

"Well, you didn't do a very good job at it. I'll show you what clean hair is. Haha."

Following her instruction, I went back to my bed and comfortably rested my head on the pillow. I wondered what it would feel like to have her crawl on my face and feed. But if it were going to be like the other parts of my body she had taken care of, it would shave a few years off my physical appearance, so, even if unsettling, it would be well worth it.

"Are you ready, Alli?"

"Yes. Go ahead. Make me look young again!"

"Haha. You are already pretty. You don't need my help with that. Alright, here I go!"

Since she had recovered from her weakness, Sky definitely could crawl much faster than before. I would not call it quick, but she wasn't turtle slow anymore. She first wrapped around my neck, which felt really good, and then reached under my chin and began to cover my cheeks.

"Hmmm… It feels so nice, Sky…"

"Hehe. Does it? I'm just starting."

She continued her expansion and spread around my lips and nostrils, making sure not to block those, and then she unexpectedly covered my eyes.

"Aaah! It's so dark!"

"Oh? Do you want your eyes back?"

"No, no!… This is very relaxing. It's like at the spa when they put cucumbers over your eyes…"

"Cucumber? Really? That's weird."

"Hehe. Yes, I guess it is."

It didn't take Skylar much longer to finish wrapping all around my head. I reached my face with my hand just to check what was happening on the outside. It was like I wore a perfect latex hood that had left only my mouth and nostrils exposed. My hair was nowhere to be found and it kind of turned me on. Sky was so gentle and made me feel like a million bucks. Again, best beauty treatment ever.

"Hmmm… I could do this all day, Sky. You'll get me addicted."

"Hehe. Me too. I love taking care of my hosts. But it's so much more fun to do it with a sentient being who appreciates what I do."

"I dooo… Take all the time you need. This is so relaxing."

"It will take about fifteen minutes. Enjoy."

Yeah, I trusted Sky so much more now. Her role as a parasite was to keep her host happy, which became very clear to me. She wasn't pushy, cared a lot about my feelings, and listened to what I said to make sure she wasn't doing something I didn't like.

For many long minutes, I felt her feeding on me gently, not rushing things, and making sure she didn't forget any part of my visage. But then she proposed a little extra, as they did at the spa when they want to suck more money out of their clients.

"A… Alli… Would you like me to clean your teeth too?"

"My teeth? I just brushed them."

"Well… they are a bit… dirty."

"SKY! That's mean… My teeth are fine!… are they not?"

"Yes… but… I can… probably help… a bit."

"Fiiine. Since you are already wrapped around my face, why not."

"Yay! Okay, you won't be able to talk, but don't worry, Alli. I got you."

"I'm not worried about that, Sky. I trust you."

"Awww… Why are you so nice?"

I really liked Sky, and it was not a lie. And I liked what she could do as well. Where else would I get such cool experiences? She crawled over my lips until she fully closed my mouth hole. I could only breathe through my nostrils past this point, but it felt good… and erotic. When she parted my lips and slowly entered my mouth, a big sexual wave washed over me, and I was pretty sure she had nothing to do with it this time around. 


"Haha, Alli. That little moan was cute. Hang in there. It's going to take a while. Lots of little corners in there."


The deeper she got, the more turned on I got. She slowly coated my teeth, cheeks, and tongue, which was more than likely the best kiss I had ever received. I had not expected her to fill up my mouth this much and to go as deep. I could almost feel her inside my throat. Did she realize how it looked to me? It was like having a big form-fitting dick inside my mouth.

As she killed my bacterias and ate food residues that I might have missed with my toothbrush, I couldn't help myself but suck a little on her… just to experiment… and because I loved sucking on organic things.

"Aaah! A… Alli… What are you doing?"


"Yes… I know you feel good, but… you make me feel… good too… when you do that… Aaah!"

Interesting. Could Sky feel pleasure too? That was hilarious. Sweet revenge. After the emotions she made me endure, it was a nice payback.

Stretching and wriggling on the mattress, naked like a worm, isolated from the world by my gentle parasite, this was the best experience ever. So much that my finger reached my wet crotch for a bit of fun.

For way longer than necessary, Sky and I had this intimate moment. We made ourselves feel good in an innocent way, and I got a very nice orgasm out of it. I didn't know if Sky was capable of having an orgasm too, but I had no means to ask her at the moment.

After an hour of this, she finally began to retract. The latex-like slime exited my mouth, returning my speech abilities.

"Aaaah! Skyyyyy! That was amaaazing!"

"Hehe… You are a little perv, Alli. Sucking on me like this… Few! So, how do you like your teeth now?"

"Oh, wooow! They feel so… perfect… It's like coming back from the dentist."

"I found a few chips and cracks. I fixed those since you weren't in a hurry to end our little session. Oh, and one cavity as well."

"What? You can do that?"

"I do it just for the hosts that I like. Hehe."

"Aww, thanks. You are going to save me tons in dentist fees. I hope we will do this again."

"I would love it, Alli."

I went to the mirror to look at my face, and again, she had done a fantastic job. The other girls at work would surely notice and ask me for my beauty secrets this time around. Preparing a little canned reply would be a good idea because there was no way I would tell them my lovely parasite was responsible for it.

After a few selfies, I had dinner and ended up on the couch watching a few TV shows with Sky wrapped around my neck. Our friendship was growing fast, and it was also nice to see she was getting comfortable interacting with me.


The following morning, I had a very sexy surprise when I woke up. Skylar had already crawled inside my mouth while I was sleeping to clean my teeth some more. She said my toothbrush was not doing a very good job but that she didn't mind doing this as often as I would like. Of course, I laughed at her because I knew she was also doing it for herself; she liked it when I caressed her with my tongue, that little hypocrite.

But then, we had a new problem.

"Sky! You grew so much overnight! People might notice that big bump under my hair."

"I'm sorry… I drank too much saliva. I… I'll go on a diet."

"Haha. Slimes go on a diet now?"

"Well, I can stop eating. I'll slowly shrink in size."

"No, I have a better idea. You like fashion, right?"

"Uh? Alli? What does that have to do with anything?"

"Can you turn into a t-shirt? If you spread yourself around my torso, nobody would notice you under my clothes, right?"

"That's… a good idea."

"You can also feed on me all day. Haha"

"There is not much left to eat on your skin, but I could tickle you while you work."

"Hey! No! Don't do that."

"I totally will. Haha!"

Now she had a playful side. That was good to see. I let her crawl around my chest and back, and she molded herself into a tight undershirt, enhancing my curves. That was quite sexy and attractive to watch, actually. I could even see my nipples through the dark brown second skin.

"Oooh, Sky… I love this."

"Not bad, uh? That will work perfectly."

"You definitely grew a lot. Can you crawl even more?"

"A bit more, yes, but this is comfortable for now. I don't want to overstretch myself."

"Sweet. Then let's go to work."

Walking to work this morning felt great. Wearing something so kinky under my white blouse made me feel extra sexy, and since it was alive, the pleasant caressing sensations were enjoyable to carry around with me.

It was a bit hard to focus on my spreadsheets today, but when I told Sky to stay still, it really helped. I know it was cheating, but I also asked her to help me with a problem. Her ability to quickly look at numbers to find the errors was too astonishing not to use.

"Haha, Sky. If you help me too much, I will get a promotion soon."

"It's fine. I don't think you are abusing. You are a good worker already."

"Still, you are very useful."

"Then, I should get a reward… Right?"

"Aaanh… S… Sky… what are you doing?"

Out of nowhere, the slime covering my boobs started moving in a stimulating way. It was like a million tiny tendrils wriggled under the black skin, particularly around my nipples. This was so wrong… but it felt so good!

"Haha. I'm just kidding. Alli. Sorry. I couldn't resist."

"You little perv, Sky! You are going to get me in trouble. At least wait until we get home before doing things like that."

"Oh? Is that a special request?"

Did I inadvertently ask Sky to pleasure me tonight? Was that what I really wanted her to do? There was some sarcasm in her voice, so I was pretty sure she was mocking me for having said what I said, but still, I think we both entertained the idea.

"Just keep quiet, space slime."

"Haha… Alright… Alright… Let me know if you need me for something else."

"I will."

Since when did parasites have such a sense of humor?


After work and back at home, I tossed my clothes on the floor, had my usual shower, a good meal, and then laid down on the bed to relax. Skylar had retracted to the back of my neck and just chilled with me.

"So, Sky? When do you think you'll be big enough to cover my entire body?"

"Oh, I don't know. Is that what you want? I could do it tomorrow if I had a lot of food, but your body is super clean. I ate everything I found on your skin and hair."

"Ah yes, by the way, my hair is SO much softer now. How did you do that?"

"I just cleaned it very well and restored it as much as I could. I'm glad you like it. But, you know, you should stop taking showers. Not only do you get rid of some of my food, but it's hurting you as well."

"Hurting me? You are stretching it now. Showers are not dangerous. You just want more food."

"Hehe. Yes, mostly that. But I can clean you better than a shower does, and I love doing it… so…"

"I'll think about it. Anyway, since you can't grow very fast due to the lack of food, I will have to wait before getting a full bodysuit. It would have been fun."

"Hmm… Alli… there is a way for me to get more food, you know."

"Are you going to eat my flesh, Sky? I don't want that."

"NO! Never! Why would I do that? I don't eat my hosts! It would be so wrong!"

"Haha. So what is it then?"

"I could eat what is in your stomach."

"EEWWW! SKY! GROSS! I'm not going to puke on myself just so you can eat more."

"Nooo! That's not what I meant at all! You are always suggesting extreme things. I can simply go down your throat and feed directly from your stomach."

"Really, that's really not that much better, you know."

"Awww… Sorry."

"Okay, let's say I let you do that. It would allow you to grow much faster?"

"Oh yes. I would just need a little bit too. Not much at all."

Remembering how good it felt to have her play in my mouth sent good vibes in my body, but the thought of having a tentacle going down my throat was downright deviant. Since she was serious about it and since I wanted her to reach her full potential as soon as possible, I decided that it wouldn't be too unreasonable to give it a shot for her sake and mine. So far, I have only had good experiences with Sky.

"Alright… Let's try it."

"Seriously? Are you sure? You didn't seem to think it was a good idea."

"I'm not sure, but being human means trying new things. So go right ahead. Just don't make me puke, or else, I'll attach you to a raccoon."

"Nooo! Animals are too boring! Nothing like that will happen. I swear."

"Haha. Just do it before I change my mind."

"Okay. Just relax, Alli."

Yes, she was definitely moving faster than before. After quickly wrapping around my neck, she crawled over my cheeks and mouth, robbing me of my speech. But instead of stopping there, Sky kept expanding and engulfed my whole head like last time. In no time, I was fully hooded, blind, and mute. That wasn't the plan!


"Haha! You didn't expect that. I knew you would love it. I thought it would be more fun that way."

It was indeed more fun this way but slightly unexpected. Two small tendrils entered my nostrils and headed toward the back of my throat. They must have been hollow because I could still breathe. Then, gently, they entered my trachea, not causing any discomfort..

"You'll breathe better that way."


"Now to the stomach."

A fairly large tendril extended inside my mouth and crawled down my throat. Its smooth texture and body temperature didn't come close to making me choke. It was so weird to feel it going down inside my esophagus, but it was painless. Quite pleasant in fact. Why did this turn me on so much? I was such a deviant person.

"Hmmm Hmmm!"

"Hehe. You love that? I can feel it. And no, I swear, I'm not playing with your brain. I'm just glad you are enjoying yourself."


"It's going to take a while. I'll open your eyes, that way we can watch a tv show together while I'm feeding. Do you want to do that?"



Sky opened two holes for my eyes on the hood so I could see. Of course, the first thing I did was go to the mirror to check myself out.

My heart skipped a beat. That was so fucking erotic. Her shiny dark brown body covered my entire head except for my eyes. Nobody could be able to tell that I had tendrils inside my lungs and stomach. It was so hot that I just couldn't stop caressing my body.

"You are so pretty, don't you think?"


"Haha. You like it a bit too much. Okay, let's go watch TV."

Absolutely not! I was way too turned on to focus on a TV show. Instead, I returned to my bed and grabbed my favorite vibrator from the nightstand.

"Alli? What are you doing?"

Of course, Sky didn't know what that toy was, but she would quickly understand. I turned the vibe on and pressed it on my clit.


"…This is… amazing! Aaaah! You are sucking on me again… Alli! You know it makes me feel… weird. Aaaah!"


Best parasite ever!


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