Parasitic Love

by Tigerstretch

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© Copyright 2021 - Tigerstretch - Used by permission

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Chapter 3 - How Parasites Make Love

"That was mean, Sky! You said just a little bit."

"Hahaha! I'm sorry. I got carried away."

After Skylar fed directly from my stomach and my incredible orgasms, she retracted to the back of my neck, and only then I realized what she had done.

My sneaky parasite had emptied the full content of my stomach, and now I had to eat again.

As I was cooking myself another meal, she just wrapped around my neck and shoulders, laughing at me and caressing me at the same time.

"Haha. Sorry. I just wanted to show you how much I could eat. I said I could put it back in your stomach."

"No, thank you. Not interested in pre-chewed food, let alone twice in a row. I'm not a bird."

"So, you had a lot of fun while I fed."

"Hmm… Yes. That was such a turn on. I'm maybe kinkier than I thought."

"I said it before. If my host is happy, I'm happy. So… if you want more from me… just let me know, okay?"

Ah! I wouldn't let her get away with it this time, putting all the pressure on her host like that.

"Sky… Just say it already."

"Hum… Say what?"

"Don't think I'm a fool. I know you enjoyed yourself too…"

"Yes, I said it. If my host is happy, I'm happy."

"That's not what I meant, and you know it."

"A… Allison… come on. What do you want me to say here?"

"That you want to do things to me, as much as I want you to do things to me."

"… Alli… no… I mean…"

"Why don't you want to admit it? What's the big deal? You wouldn't have played with my breasts at work or wrapped around my head while feeding if you didn't enjoy it… Those things were totally unnecessary. You just wanted to do it. Right?"

"No… I… Aaah! Fiiine! You win! Yes, doing things to you is fun! But only because it's you. Happy now?"


"But you know, I would NEVER do anything you don't want me to."

"Calm done, squishy parasite. I know that. But you know what? Maybe you should consider it."

"What!? NO! Allison! You are my host. I can't decide things for you. It would be unethical to use my power to force you to do things."

"Not if I'm okay with it. Skylar. You are a smart slime. I dare to think that you have good common sense. Am I wrong?"

"I… I think so… But… What do you want me to do?"

"I don't know. Use your creativity. You are the one mesmerized by human Arts. That's what it's all about. Just trying new things and seeing what works for you and me."

"Mmm… I will have to think about it. I'm just scared that I will do something you don't like, and then you'll throw me away."

"I won't do that if you use your best judgment. There is a big difference between you frying my brain and just teasing to be playful and friendly."

"Hmmm… I never had a host moralizing me like this. It's annoying."

At least she was thinking about it, which was a good start. I knew she liked to have fun, so I wanted her to get out of her shell a little bit. It would be nice to experience some spontaneous adventures.

I ate my second meal of the night in front of the TV, and Skylar was unusually quiet. Maybe I pushed her a bit too hard and made her anxious. Some people put me in the exact same spot in the past. They challenged me, it had not been super fun, but it had allowed me to grow as a person and take some initiatives that I wouldn't have taken otherwise. Skylar could learn a thing or two from humans. Relying too much on her host for every decision was not always going to make her happy. Once she would believe that I wouldn't put her in the juicer if she tried something that I ended up not liking, the trust would install itself, and she would become more confident.

A bit later, we went to bed and chatted some more.

"So… Alli… You dated some other humans in the past, right?"

"Yes, quite a few, actually. Why?"

"How come you are alone, then? I saw many other human girls with partners, and they were not as pretty as you."

"Sky, it's not just about prettiness. It's about chemistry. I haven't found the right person. But I love myself, so there is no rush. And sleeping around with random people is fun too. I'm not sad about my lifestyle."

"Ah. Okay. Mmm…"

"What is it, Sky? You sound depressed."

"… Nothing… It's stupid…"

"Sky… tell me."

I reached behind my neck and poked her with my finger.

"Well… I was thinking about what you've said earlier… about taking initiatives… and… I was thinking about what you've said about your lifestyle too … So, I wondered, Allison… Would you… date me?"

"Pfwahaha… What!?"

"Awww… Sorry. Forget it. I knew it was stupid and that you would laugh at me."

"No, no! Sky. What do you mean? Tell me."

"Hmm… I know I'm just a parasite… and you are a human… but… I like you… and when I noticed all those couples in the street here and there… I was kind of… jealous."

"Aaah. Poor Skylar. You are not just a parasite. You are a very cool parasite. So, what is it? You think that if you were "dating" me, you'd feel better around me?"

"I… I guess I would be less shy interacting with you… maybe. That's what couples do, right? Once they are together, do they feel freer to do nice things for each other? I don't know those things too well. Aaah… forget it."

"Alright. I accept!"

"You… You want to date me? Even though I'm nothing like you?"

"Yes. I like you quite a lot, actually. You make me laugh, and you are good in bed. I wouldn't mind exploring this weird relationship a bit more. And if it makes you more comfortable around me, then that's great. That's the whole goal of dating."

"Awww… seriously?"

"Yup. Dating doesn't mean it's forever. It just means that you are willing to explore new possibilities."

"So… can… can I do this?"

"Uh? Do what?"

Out of the blue, Skylar extended her body around my torso, trapping my arms against my chest, and hugged me tightly. It was so hot.

"Hmmm… Yes, you can! All night if you want! I love hugs."

"I'm very happy, Alli. Why are you so nice? You are so special."

"Because it's more fun that way."

For a long moment, Skylar hugged me and caressed my body gently until I drifted to sleep. I was delighted with this turn of events. It may have been very weird, but I genuinely started to fall for her. She was so gentle but also smart and full of sexual potential.

"Mooorning, Allison!"


Of course, Skylar wasn't sleeping, so she had all the time in the world to wrap herself around my head during my sleep and fill up my mouth. These teeth cleaning were always fun. I was very glad that she took the initiative to do this. That was exactly what we had discussed last night. I wanted her to feel more adventurous, and dating her was supposed to enable that. She was doing this both for herself and myself, and it was the best way to have fun.

"I have a little surprise for you, Alli. Look."


The morning light made me squint when she opened two holes for my eyes in my tight hood. I pushed myself up and rested my back against the headboard. I wasn't too sure what she wanted to show me and couldn't ask her because my mouth was still plugged.

But then, my eyes landed on my arms. And a crazy wave of pleasure traveled down my spine when I saw what I saw. Skylar had covered them entirely, including my hands and fingers, and it was a perfect fit; there was not a single wrinkle. That was fantastic.


"Nice, uh? Hehe. Look at your legs too."

No way! Did she grow that much overnight? I pushed the bedsheets off my legs just to see two black limbs. Sky had indeed grown enough to coat my entire body. It was like I wore a perfect latex catsuit. It was the hottest thing I ever experienced.

"Give me a couple of minutes. I'm almost done with your teeth cleaning."


That gave me enough time to rub my crotch and boobs through my second skin, which felt incredible. It was very frustrating, though; I wanted to hug Skylar so badly, but I could only hug myself. The deviant human with her sexy parasite.

After another five minutes, the squishy gag finally moved out of my mouth, allowing me to talk again.


"Aww… Thanks. I was so nervous. I thought you would be mad at me."

"Silly. I love it. That's exactly what I meant yesterday. I want you to do these things if you think I'll like them. You have to try stuff and find what works. I'm sure I won't like everything, but that doesn't mean I'll be mad."

"I… I think I understand. But I'm still a bit scared."

"Is this your full size now?"

"I told you that there are no limits to my growth, but I know what you mean. I'm pretty much the right size for your body. We achieved symbiosis. We won't need much to survive from now on."

"Uh? Speak English for me, please. You lost me."

"Oh, right. Sorry. What I mean is, now that I've reached a good size for your body, you won't need to eat anymore. I can recycle what you excrete and feed you back. We can last for a very long time like this without any new intake."


"Oops… Did I say something wrong?"

"YES! First, I like eating. So I won't stop doing that. Second, I have no intention of eating my own excretions, whatever that means. EWWW!"

"Oh, but you'd not taste anything. I'd just place the processed food back in your stomach. It wouldn't have anything in common with the original material."

"NO! Absolutely not!"

"Aww… sorry… I… I thought you would be happy. My previous hosts didn't mind."

"That's because they were snakes and small mammals. Humans like eating. Fact. And it's not always by necessity. There is no way I would abandon my burgers."

"I can simulate a burger taste in your mouth while I'm filling up your stomach."

"NO! Sky! You are missing the point. Eating is fun! It's more than just acquiring nutrients."

"Aww… okay."

"But what I really like is being covered by you like this. Sky, this is amazing."

"I… I could have gone… farther…"

"Farther? Do you mean…"

"Yes… like… inside?"

"Oh… Can you show me?"


"Yes. Don't forget… we are dating now."


That was pretty much all I had to say before I felt something moving under my covered crotch. That was bad… I immediately understood that I would enjoy this way too much. Inside my slime suit, some mini-tendrils wrapped around my clitoris, and a much larger one began forcing my pussy lips apart. Putting my hands over my crotch did not prevent anything.

"Aaaah! AAaah! Sky…"

"Haha. You like that?"

"Mmm.. Yesss! And… and why are you moving so fast compared to a few days ago?"

"I'm super quick now that I fully regained my strength."

"Oooh… I love that."

The big tendril pushed its way inside me and reached deeper and deeper while the mini-tendrils stimulated my clit nicely.

"Mmm! Close my eyes, Sky, and gag me again… Please."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes… I would really mmmphh!"

That little traitor. She asked me that question on purpose just so she could trick me. I just knew it. Rapidly, Skylar closed my eyeholes and stuffed a big tendril inside my mouth as I so craved. The living dildo inside my crotch began to slowly pump as if I was getting fucked by a large dick… just much better. At the total mercy of my parasite, some great arousal coursed through my veins. I sucked on my penis gag and massaged my breast as much as I could.

"Aaah! Alli… your vagina… it feels amazing… and you are sucking on me again… aaaah!"


Was she getting as much sensation as I was? That was my hope because she totally deserved it for being so awesome. Then, something I had not yet considered happened. Another tendril began pushing against my rear hole.


"Aaah, you like that too? Cool. I'll clean you in there while I'm at it."


Of course, she couldn't hear me. Or perhaps my moans were not very convincing. As shocked as I was, it didn't feel half bad, quite the opposite. It was perhaps even more fun than the one in my pussy. I could feel her tendril crawling inside my belly, gradually filling me up. Experiencing this while being fucked relentlessly sent me to a very happy place.

A powerful orgasm quickly hit me like a ton of bricks. Screaming in my gag was barely possible because it was touching the back of my throat, and I didn't know what to do with my hands anymore. My second skin was procuring me with crazy sex, and I didn't have to do a thing.

"Oof. Alli. That was a big one. Do you want me to continue?"


I furiously nodded. Alien sex was the best thing ever, and I wanted a lot more of it.

Fortunately for me, Skylar made me cum hard several more times before allowing me to leave for work that morning. I was in heaven.

"Aaah! I'm still turned on like crazy, Sky. Are you sure you didn't tamper with my brain again?"

"Haha! I swear. I didn't! But maybe it's my tendril in your ass that makes you feel this good."

"Traitor! You should have told me that cleaning my rear would take that much time."

"It had never been cleaned before, so it's not my fault. Plus, I like doing things well and thoroughly. But here is a little secret. I could have stopped and got out of your ass, but I didn't feel like it. Hehe."

"Silly parasite!"

Nicely concealed under my work clothes, Skylar had turned into a nice bodysuit today. But there was more. I was sitting on my office chair, trying to keep my voice low, while a tentacle moved inside my belly, scrubbing and cleaning my large intestine. It was oddly enjoyable. Just knowing I had a living organism wriggling inside my guts was what fueled my arousal the most. It sort of made me feel closer to her.

Despite what she was doing to me, I still tried to accomplish some work. Paperwork-wise, we were quite a team. I organized all my tasks, and then Skylar helped me solve the most complex problems. It seemed so easy for her. So easy that my management had already assigned me the most complicated cases, and curiously, I felt very comfortable accepting everything they threw at me. Sky felt part of who I was now, so it didn't feel like I was cheating or anything. If Sky and I could help the company and our clients do better, there was nothing wrong with that.

Around lunchtime, I went to eat my sandwich at the plaza just outside our building. I wanted to chat with my parasite, but it was a bit hard to do that while surrounded by co-workers. When outside, I could just put my earbuds in and pretend that I was on the phone.

I placed a hand on my stomach and smiled a little. It felt so flat and good. Skylar had finished cleaning my guts a few minutes ago and had retracted her long tendril. It was definitely something I would ask her to do again, even if I had this one minor worry.

"Skylar, if you smell, I'll put you in the dishwasher."

"I'm nooot! All your waste has been converted to a neutral compound already. There is not a single bad bacteria on or inside me. It's the reason why I could safely feed you if you would let me. You'd never know where the nutrients came from."

"Forget it, Skylar. You are not going to feed me predigested food. It's not the chemistry that bugs me. It's the thought."

"Aww… but you feed me all the time. I would love to do the same. Do… do it for me?"


"But… I'm your girlfriend, right?"

"Yes, but still no."

"Aww… I'm sure you would like it."

"Aaaah! Okay. Let's put that in the Maybe-one-day category."

"A "maybe" makes me happy."

"Silly parasite."

She had a very valid point, though, but it would still take more than that to convince me to be fed recycled matter. That said, considering it couldn't hurt. If it was true that I wouldn't taste anything, it was probably not that far from what the astronauts were doing in the space station, I suppose.

Instead of overthinking this, I changed the topic and proposed something different. I discreetly googled something on my phone and showed Sky a picture through my eyes.

"Look, Sky. I was thinking about this yesterday. Are you capable of doing something that looks like this?"

"Ooooh. Sure. You like being restrained?"

"Let's say I like exploring. That's one of the things I always wanted to try but never had an opportunity. When you hugged me tightly last night, it reminded me of this fantasy I had."

"I'll be happy to do it for you. But…"

"But… ?"

"If you are my prisoner, I might do fun things to you."

"Fun things? Like what?"

"If I tell you, it won't be as fun."


"Smart what?"


Very funny. Skylar unleashed a ton of teasing mini-tendrils on my breasts and nipples to punish me for calling her names. Perhaps our discussion from last night had sunk in, and she decided to be a bit more playful and take some fun initiatives. It made me happy because I knew this trust in each other would help improve our already great relationship.

After work, we went directly back home. As any new normal couple, who couldn't keep our hands from each other and knew exactly where this was going. Skylar just wouldn't stop torturing my nipples and tickling my clit as I tried to walk straight. Wearing her like a bodysuit gave her all the opportunities in the world to have some innocent fun at my expense, and I couldn't stop her, not that I wanted to.

The closer we got from home, the more excited we both were, and when I entered my apartment building, things got a bit out of hand.

"Aaah! Don't cover my head yet! What if a neighbor sees me? Just wait, okay!?"

"I think you like it. Because you are such a perv."

"Haha. You are an idiot, Sky… Yes, I do. But if we get caught, we will get in tr…mmmpph!"

Witch! She had created a tight hood over my head and closed my mouth hole as soon as we got in the elevator, and she tickled my crotch, which made me roll my eyes up. Again, trying to stop her was useless, but I didn't want to anyway.

Drunk from pleasure, I zigzagged toward my apartment door. At this point, who cared about the neighbors? I just wanted to get fucked.

As I tried to unlock my door, she jammed a large tendril inside my pussy, which made me fall on my knees and drop my keyset.


"What are you waiting for, Alli? Unlock that door, or you'll get caught. Haha."

Oh, I wanted her to fuck me right now. I never had a partner who was so adventurous and made me feel this alive.

I looked at my keys to find the good one, but my mind went blank. What was the right key? Wait… Why couldn't I remember something so basic? Was it because of my excitement or…

"What is it, Alli? Can't you remember which one your front door key is? Haha."

Why was I not surprised? She was making fun of me again, and this time, she made it clear, through sarcasm, that she had tampered with my memory on purpose.


"Haha… sorry, sorry… There…"

It was kind of cute to see her do that. I knew she felt terrible for tampering with my mind, but she still tried something innocent just to see how I would react. And then, by fear that I would get mad at her, she undid her memory block right away. Perhaps she was scared to end up in the juicer.

With my memory back, I finally managed to gain access to my apartment.

Our desire to have brute sex was so obvious that I began taking off my clothes right away. But before I even finished, Sky had already covered me from head to toes, including my eyeholes. Talk about an excitable creature. With my arms in front of me, like a lost zombie, I successfully reached my bedroom and dove on my mattress, where I was finally able to surrender. All I had to do at this point was to enjoy my new life.

"Mmm… Let's try your little idea, Allison. Do you still want to?"


Absolutely! I was ready! I didn't show her that picture for no reason.

As the tentacle relentlessly pulsated inside my vagina, my nose tendrils headed straight to my lungs, and my mouth's one slid down my esophagus towards my stomach. Then my ass was invaded again by another one that seemed to love depth. I would never look at anal sex the same way ever again. The way she made me feel full was just too good. 

With all my orifices stuffed, I was in it for the time of my life.

"Mmm… All mine. And I'll never let you go!"


"Oh? Are you okay with that too? Can I keep you encased like this forever? Is that what you want?"


I nodded energetically. Yes, my sexual brain wanted her to keep me encased for the rest of my life. Sadly, I knew she was just teasing to make my mind go in overdrive, but it felt good to believe it anyway.

Then my earlier request was granted.

"Okay, then. I'll wrap you up tightly and never let you go. Hehe."

Skylar began wrapping my legs together inside a single sheet. She placed little slime cushions between my knees and ankle to prevent pressure points discomfort, which was a nice touch. And then, the forceful crawling continued until my legs were tightly bound together.

Next, it was my arms' turn. Gradually, Skylar glided over them and pinned them to my sides, which felt like they were stuck inside internal sleeves. Skylar using her strength to position my limbs as she pleased was a new thing, and I LOVED it. It made me feel so helpless because it didn't appear I could fight back in the slightest. So in record time, I ended up confined inside a tight little cocoon, mummified by my amazing parasite, with no contact with the outside world anymore. From this point on, she could do whatever she wanted to me. I was her willing victim and hoped she would give me the best time of my life.

"Mmm… Do you love this?"


"Me too, Alli! This is very hot. I'll have to keep you like this until Monday."


I had not thought about that. It was Friday evening, and I didn't have to go back to work until Monday. Sneaky Skylar! She got me good this time around, and because of her playful side, I couldn't tell how serious she was. I was convinced that forever wouldn't happen, but the whole weekend… that was plausible. She could easily keep me wrapped up like this for a few days… and I really wanted her to.

Slowly, the three tendrils in my pussy, ass, and mouth got in motion. Nothing aggressive, something romantic and tender, something that felt heavenly.


"Feels good, uh?"


"Let's try this then…"

All of a sudden, my whole cocoon started ticking me. It was as if a thousand pairs of hands rubbed me all over at the same time, and it felt sooo good. I twisted and turned, not knowing what to do with myself anymore.

"Hey! Careful. You are going to fall down the bed. Move to your left… a bit more.. There… then up a bit… good. Don't move, I'll secure you to the bed. That way, you can squirm as much as you want."


"Oh? Do you like the idea of additional restraints? Haha. I knew it."

I nodded again. Being helplessly mummified by Skylar was already incredible, but being tightly bound to the bed on top of that, ABSOLUTELY! Whatever she wanted to add on top of that, it would be yes on my part.

I had no idea how she had done it because I couldn't see, but I was now immobilized on my back, unable to move much, as if I was held in place by a bunch of small bungee cords.

"There… All safe and secure. Let's try this again. Haha."

The cocoon rubbing and tentacle fucking resumed, but a bit more intense this time. Again, the one I felt moving inside my belly was the best, even though it was probably not the one who would make me cum. It was just the kinkiest one, and the thought turned me on like crazy.


"What is that? Do you want to cum? Haha. No. Remember, we are here for the full weekend, so we have to take our time, right?"


And her time, she took. She let me have my first orgasm only after an hour of this mouth-drooling delicious torture.

Restrained like this, I was a very happy woman. It was hard to think straight and fully grasp what was happening to me. A parasite from space had attached itself to me, fed on my dead skin and sweat, became my friend and then my lover, and now we had wild BDSM sex. Who in the world would believe such a crazy story if I were to tell it?

As the tentacles fucking pushed me toward my second orgasm, I realized that this was maybe way more important than I had previously thought. My feelings for Skylar were real and powerful. As I contorted in my cocoon, I would probably have told her that I loved her, as strange as I would have sounded. Skylar had an awesome personality and incredible sexual skills. Were those qualities that much different than what I was demanding from my previous partners?

"Okay. Feeding time, Alli. I can tell you are super hungry. Open wide."


"Hehe… Are you wondering if I'm really going to do it?"


"Do you want me to feed you? Look at the bright side. If I do it, you won't have to bother cooking tonight. That way, we can continue to have wild sex all night."

"… mmm…"

Ah, whatever… Her arguments were too good. Trying seemed the best thing to do at this point. Once Skylar fed me, I would know how it felt, and it would make her happy at the same time. Perhaps it would also make her understand how trusting I was.

I nodded and stopped moving, wondering what would happen next. Would I even feel anything?

Yes. I could. 

I felt my stomach slowly filling up with… something.

"Seee… told you. Not bad at all, right?"

I nodded again. Was that it? Had she simply deposited a small portion of nutrients inside my stomach, and because of it I wouldn't have to eat and drink tonight? No matter how much I had rejected the idea of being fed recycled food, it now seemed awfully convenient. I couldn't help but think about all those lunches I wasn't able to eat because I was too busy at work. If Skylar could do this at any time as she had suggested, it might become a service I would like to take advantage of occasionally. It wouldn't replace a delicious burger, but one didn't prevent the other.

"I gave you the perfect balance of nutrients so your genes can express themselves the best. You are already very pretty, but if you let me take care of you more, I can make you feel even better. Because I'm a parasite, my host is my life. If you are super healthy, I will be too. I mean, you saw how weak I was when we first met, right?. I really didn't like that. You let me grow on you and regain my strength, and I'm so grateful for that."


"Oh, right…"

The long tentacle running down my esophagus prevented me from speaking. Sky retracted it and opened my mouth.


"… Hehe… yes?"

"Are you sure you are not playing with my brain again? Because I'm SO happy right now."

"Nooo! I swear! And it makes me happy too because it's your own happiness. You are so amazing, Allison. Usually, it's not going that well with my hosts."

"No? Why not? They didn't like you?"

"… N… nevermind… I don't want to talk about them."

"Well, you brought the topic up, sooo…"

"Maybe I will tell you more about them one day, but I still prefer you. You are the most fun I have ever been with."

"… and the most tied up."

"Hehe. Do you want to continue, Ali?"

"Oh, yes. So far, you did…mmmph!"

Traitor! She did it again on purpose. Of course, I was going to say yes, so as soon as I opened my mouth, she engulfed her tentacle in it, which made me rage but also giggle.

"Hehe. Oops! Let's have some more fun then."

What happened next was so unexpected but so good at the same time. It was like a pair of strong rubber bands had wrapped around the base of my boobs and cut the blood flow. I felt my breasts pushing against my already tight cocoon, and they began to feel hot. And that was when Sky, somehow, gripped my protruding nipples.


"Hehe… What? I can't hear what you are saying…"


That little rat. She knew very well how good this felt and also that I didn't know she could do twisted things like that. I had not expected this kind of reward today. She was spoiling me with only stuff I loved.

The ass fucking also resumed. This time around, she didn't touch my pussy at all, which was a bit odd. I wouldn't be able to cum just like that, so I squirmed a bit, but she was holding me too tight on the bed for me to do anything. This alien sleep sack wouldn't let me go anytime soon.

She kept this on for quite a long time, which was fine since I wasn't in a rush, but then something very strange happened. I seemed to get closer to an orgasm, and the pleasure was coming from… my titts?

How was this possible? My boobs were on fire, and my nipples gently tortured… I loved it, but was it supposed to be enough to push me closer to the edge? I wasn't dreaming. It was really happening.


"Oooh! You noticed, right? How do you like it?"


"Hehe. You are so cute when you struggle, Ali."

What was this? What was this? She pulled on my nipples even more with her tiny tendrils, and it was just nuts. I was so close to cum from my boobs, as ridiculous as it sounded, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it.

And then it happened. I abruptly tipped over the edge and exploded.


Immobilized, controlled like never before, I couldn't even curl up to withstand the impact. My mind turned into fuzz, and I lost all sense of where I was and what was happening to me. And just as I thought I was going to pass out, a tentacle rammed furiously inside my pussy and began fucking me, and of course, Sky resumed my clitoris treatment as well. All of this together had the effect of prolonging my orgasm and pushing me over the edge again.


There was no way I would survive this. Finding this parasite was the best thing that ever happened to me, and now that she felt more comfortable playing with me, I would be in for the time of my life.

She repeated this cycle three times in a row. Three times when I almost passed out because of the pleasure. Was it really true that she wasn't tampering with my brain or injecting me with some feel-good hormones? Was my natural body capable of such pleasure when stimulated properly? Was I really capable of cumming from my tits as much as I could from my clit? 

Breathing heavily through my nose tentacles, my only lifeline, I tried to calm down a little, but it was not a choice I had. I could recover because Skylar allowed me to. After what felt like an eternity, she unwrapped my body, the sleepsack at least, and reopened my eyes and mouth holes.

The only thing she had not stopped yet was the relentless ass fucking, and she was doing it at a good pace.

"AAaah! S… Sky! Aaaah!"

"Hehe. Are you okay, Ali?"

"Oh my God, yes. Mmm… I don't even know where I am anymore… and you… you are still fucking me so hard."

"That's for me… I'm still fucking you because I like it. It feels good."

"Mmm… See? See how good things are when we trust each other? AAaah… deeper!"

I placed my hands on my belly and could feel her move inside me. It was as hot as it was strange. Why did I like this so much? It was so deviant.

"You… you are not going to damage my guts, are you?"

"ALLI! No! I told you. I would never do anything that could hurt you."

"Well, you did squeeze my boobs pretty hard… and pulled my nipples too."

"Oh… well… that's not the same… It was just… stimulation."

"It was painful, and you know it… AAAH!"

As I was about to argue with her that she wasn't as innocent and gentle as she claimed to be, she rammed her tentacle deeper into my guts. I turned to my knees and elbows and stuck my ass out while squeezing a pillow.

"Mmmm… That feels so good for me too, Sky. You are teaching me how to love anal sex… If you can even call this anal sex. It's so unnatural to go this deep."

"Hehe. It looks like you like it a lot."

"Yes… It's more the feeling of having something moving inside my belly. It's so strange but so hot at the same time. It's like it is alive."

"… Hum!"

"Oh, right. You are alive, Sky. But you know what I mean, right?"

"Yes, but still. For that comment, I'll give you what you love."

"… Heeey! What does that even mean?"

"It means… this…

Slowly, Skylar entered my vagina, which was a punishment I had no issue with.

"Mmmm… Yeees. Oooh, That's a large one… and deep… and…"


This weird sensation mixed with her little giggle made me feel suspicious. I suspected there was more to that initiative than just a simple fucking. Her tentacle was pushing deeper… a lot deeper…

"S… Sky… What are you doing?"

"Shhh… Nothing."

"Are… are you… crawling inside… my womb?"


"Aaaah! That… that feels… strange."

"And good?"

"Very. Aaaah! Are… are you going to… break something?"

"Nooo… I told you already. shhh… Just enjoy!"

I had never felt anything like it. It was half-tickling and half-pleasure. Something was getting bigger inside my belly, and I could feel the weight increasing. 

"Mmmm… Don't… don't stop…"

"You want more inside of you?"

"Mmm… yes. Can you?"

"Yes, I can. Tell me when to stop then."

Slowly, Sky began unwrapping my feet, then my calves, and even retracted from my ass. It seemed that she used all this extra skin to stuff my uterus with and more of her body. I could even feel my belly stretching a little at this point.


"Just a bit more? Hehe. Then I'll show you something super cool."

"My… my belly!"

"Aaand that should be good. I'll detach it now."

"Uh? Detach?"

The remainder of Skylar's body retracted to the back of my neck, only leaving my head covered.

"What… what did you do?"

"I placed a big chunk of my body inside your uterus and left it there. Hehe."

"That's… that's hot… but… How are you going to take it out now? Did… did you just impregnate me… and… I'll have to lay eggs… and…"

"Alli. I don't know what kind of tv show you are watching, but you come up with the weirdest ideas. I didn't impregnate you! I just placed part of my body in there."

"I… I don't know… you are an Alien after all."

"I've never met any other life form who could impregnate you and make you lay eggs. This is just such a strange idea."

"Oh… okay then… but… Why did you do that?"

"Because you loved it?"

"… Good point…"

"And because I wanted to show you this… You told me you liked when things were moving inside of your belly, so, look…"

Out of the blue, something began wriggling inside my tummy…

"Aaah! Sky! What… what is happening?"

"I can remotely control this other part of my body through your nervous system. That way, I can do things like this…"

"… Like what?"

I felt something crawling out of my vagina, sliding up my buttcrack and entering my ass. That had to be the weirdest and creepiest thing I ever witnessed. But, it was also feeling terrific, particularly when she crafted me a pair of tight panties and started massaging my clit.

"AAAH! Skyyyy! I have tentacles inside my vagina!"

"See? That way, if you want to go to the beach and wear a sexy bikini, I can hide part of myself inside your womb and the rest behind your neck. Nobody will notice me."

"I'm…. I'm about to… AAAH FUCK! THAT'S HOT!"

"Haha. I suspected you'd like it, Alli. You are so fun to play with!"

"Mmmm… Harder… Fuck me harder, Sky… I'm about to Mmmmph!"

Why was I not surprised? Once again, she closed my mouth and eye holes before I could complete my sentence. But then, the remaining portion of her body at the back of my neck crawled down my arms and forcefully folded them before encasing them in pockets. I couldn't unfold them anymore.


I was now on my back, unable to use my hands and arms, mute and blind with a parasite in my womb who was fucking and masturbating me.

How much more deviant could this get?

This time around, Skylar kept me like this for the rest of the evening, making me cum senselessly over and over. I couldn't control anything and wouldn't have it any other way.

This morning, Skylar and I wanted to go for a walk around the town to take a small break from all this surreal sex. In the end, she didn't really have any intentions to keep me encased for a whole weekend. Longer sessions would certainly happen later on when we would get to know each other better. Anyway, I wanted to show her more of my cool city. Unfortunately, my little parasite was in a bit of a strange mood today.

"I'm so sorry!"

"Sky! Would you stop! I told you, it's okay."

"But… but… I feel I went too far last night."

"No, you didn't. I told you. I had a blast!"

"But… but…"

Poor Skylar. After the amazing night she offered me, she felt needlessly guilty for having tried too many things at once. I could tell she got carried away, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. When very happy and sometimes while having sex, everybody tended to go a little bit too far. But in this case, her "too far" had not exceeded my limits and had provided me with the best sex I ever had. She had opened a world of possibility, and I couldn't do anything else but praise her for her love and playfulness.

"You gave me the time of my life, Sky. I don't see why you feel so bad about it."

"Aww… but… I didn't ask you enough how you felt."

"You didn't have to. You could see I was orgasming like there is no tomorrow. You knew I was having fun."

"Yes. I suppose… but still… I'm not used to this."

"Used to what? Dating?"


I reached behind my neck and squeezed her a little.

Squish! Squish!

"Hehe. It tickles."

"You did nothing wrong, Sky. Let's enjoy the fresh air, okay? It's a beautiful day today."

"Do… Do you want me to get out of your uterus?"

"Nooo. We talked about this already. Plus, you make it sound weird. Anyway, It feels good, and I like it. And I like those panties, and your tentacle in my ass feels amazing. Mmm… So kinky."

"Aww… okay. But you let me know if you want it out, okay?"

"Yeah yeah. Oh, look. You'll like this over there. It's one of the oldest streets in the city. The houses are very old. Since you like art, you'll appreciate this."

"I will appreciate houses?"

"Yes. In the past, they were making much prettier houses. Look at the architecture."

"Oooh… I see… I like this."

Visiting my city with Skylar was always fun. She put things that I had seen in a new light, and we were discovering new things together as well. Dating a parasite was undoubtedly strange, but it started to feel more and more like a normal relationship, just more exciting and more discreet.

Instead of being next to a man who kept grabbing my butt, Sky was entirely concealed, and no one could suspect what was happening under my clothes. Since we were a couple, she massaged my boobs, played with my clitoris, fucked me in the ass… all that in broad daylight. Nobody could tell me that Skylar wasn't made for me. She was perfect.

As we turned in a small street, something caught my attention.

"Sky? Do you smell that?"

"Alli! I told you, I don't smell! I'm super clean and…"

"No! Not you! … Don't you smell something burning?"

"I do. I thought it was normal. Maybe someone is cooking?"

"No, Sky… It doesn't smell like regular barbecue… Look at the house over there… There is smoke coming out the windows."

We ran to the old home, and before we even got close to it, we saw some flames.

"OH NO! The house is on fire!"


As I was trying to process this unusually dramatic event, the front door slammed open, and a woman ran out, coughing and panicking. She then ran to me, crying and screaming…


"It's okay… It's okay. I'm going to call the firefighters!"




Now I was panicking as much as she did. This was terrible.

I reached in my bag for my smartphone, but then my arm stopped responding.

Why? Why can't I move anymore? Was it fear? Was it panic? I needed to call the police right away!

But instead of calling for help, I tossed my bag on the ground and ran directly to the house.

Why was I doing this? It made no sense! I didn't want to die. This was a stupid decision. Was it even a decision?

But then, a little voice resonated in my head.

"I'm sorry, Ali! Sleep!"

My body entered the raging fire, and everything went dark.


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