Parasitic Love

by Tigerstretch

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© Copyright 2021 - Tigerstretch - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; bond; alien; latex; hood; gag; catsuit; insert; tease; anal; bodymod; denial; mum; rom; cons; X

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Chapter 4 - So You Didn't Think You Would Be A Hero


"Alli? Good morning, Alli."

"Heeey, Sky. Good morning. Hey! Where is my sexy teeth-cleaning today?"

"Oh, hum… I… forgot."

"…You forgot?"

I reached behind my neck to pet my squishy parasite girlfriend. That was too bad. I loved waking up hooded and gagged with no way of taking it off. At least she had wrapped herself around my entire body, encasing me in a sexy living catsuit. It was always so warm and pleasant.

As I did every morning, I pushed myself up to rest my back on the headboard of my comfy bed so I could have a chat with my lovely parasite.

But something was quite unusual. My headboard wasn't my headboard, and my bed wasn't my bed, far from it.

"Uh… Skylar?"

"Yes, Alli?"

"Why are we in a forest?"

"Oh… are we? Haha… Strange, eh?"

"What the fuck? What am I doing here?"

I looked around, and there were nothing but trees and singing birds. The prettiness of the place wasn't the issue. These trees were great, and the morning sun piercing through their leaves was almost magical, but the reason for my presence here was positively abnormal.

A bit confused, I tried to remember why I was here or, at the very least, where was "here." But the last thing I could recall was my incredibly terrific night of alien sex with Skylar. She made me have the time of my life, and just thinking about it turned me on a bit. But there was no explanation in my brain for my presence here. A piece of the puzzle was missing…

Good thing I wasn't stupid. I immediately remembered a certain ability that my lovely parasite possessed. I reached behind my neck and stabbed Skylar in the flank with my finger.


"Hey, you!"


"Give me back my memory."

"W… what memory?"

"Sky… Do you feel like taking a spin in the juicer?"

"AAAH! NOOO! It… it wasn't my fault! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

I knew it! I knew she had tampered with my memory, and I knew she wouldn't have the guts to hide it from me. Her values and ethics were way too strong for her to be able to lie.

"I have no clue what you are talking about, Sky, but give me back my memory right now, or I'll attach you to the first raccoon I see."

"Nooo! Okay… okay! But… promise me! Promise me you won't get mad. I didn't mean bad!"

"What in the world did you do to me?"

"You… You have to promise!"

"Fine. I promise. Now give me back my memory. I can't remember anything after our hot night."

"O… okay… But don't panic, okay? There is nooo problem… no problem whatsoever… Eeeverything is fiiine!"

Her attitude was so suspicious. As expected, she gradually returned my memories, as if she didn't want me to remember too much at once.

Our lovely sex night filled with alien kinks, then waking up the following day with her wrapped around my head and a portion of her body inside my belly. Those creepily-erotic tentacles coming out of my pussy to play with my ass and clit. That was almost as disturbing as it was hot. But if being a twisted pervert were to bring me that much pleasure, I didn't mind at all.

But there was still something missing.

"Keep going, Sky… I know there is more…"

"Yes, yes… It's coming… But I tell you, there is nooo problem at all, right?"

So far, there was nothing but joy and desire. Skylar was my fantastic parasite that I loved so much. Oh, now I remembered our little walk in the city after breakfast. She was still playing with my ass and clit as we were visiting and enjoying the old area of the town.

And then the house fire…

"Oh, nooo! The lady! The kid who was stuck in the burning house! SKYLAR! WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?"

"Please, calm down, Allison. They are okay. Nobody got hurt. I promise!"

And the last memory she returned was the most shocking one. I ran recklessly into the burning house… But… I didn't decide on this. Why did I even do that?

"SKY! Don't stop now! What happened next? I don't remember anything after that."

"I know… I'm sorry. There is nothing else."

"What do you mean, there is nothing else? I ran into the burning house! Where am I now? What am I doing here? How come I remember nothing? Stop holding back. Give me back my memories."

"I can't. You'll remember nothing past that point."


"Because… because I took… I took over."

"You… took over? What do you mean, Sky?"

"Alli! You said you wouldn't get mad!"

"I'm not mad! I just want the truth."

"I… I did what I said I wouldn't do… I… blocked your consciousness and took over your body… without asking you first."



"You did WHAT?"

"I'm sorryyy! I'm so sorryyy! I feel horrible about it!"

"Bu, why would you do such a thing? Sky, this is serious!"

"Are… are you going to throw me away now?"

That was a good question. Honestly, this time, it wasn't her being playful. She had basically placed me in a coma in order to use my body to do things without my consent. But even if it sounded terrible, I was under the impression that she had a very good reason for doing this to me, and I wanted to hear it. I already knew her fairly well, and it was unlike her to do anything that would hurt our relationship.

"I'm not going to throw you away, Sky, but I want to know why you did this to me."

"I… I don't know… There was no time to think… The house was burning, there was someone inside that you wanted to save, and I sensed that you didn't want to go inside and that you were very scared. So I forced you to do it."


As soon as she said that, I sprang to my feet and started yelling, scaring all the birds a mile around. I spun on myself and tried to rip Skylar's skin off my arms and torso, which was literally impossible.


"Uh? Allison?"


"Uh? Now you are freaking out again. No. Your skin is just fine. Look."

Skylar crawled off my arms, revealing my perfect white skin underneath it, which was an instant relief.

"Feeeew! So… I didn't burn alive?"

"Not at all. I know I did a lot of wrong things, but who do you think I am? I wouldn't let my girlfriend get hurt. I'm nicer than that."

"So… What happened then?"

"Aaah… That's a bit complicated. Look, sit down. I'll feed you breakfast while I tell you everything. Then you can help me because I don't know what to do anymore."

"…Alright, alright. I hope we are not in too much trouble."

I sat back down at the foot of my tree and let Sky crawl over my mouth. This morning, it was not erotic in any way, but I still let her tentacle slide down my throat so she could drop some well-needed food in my stomach. I was quite hungry and very willing to use my portable food dispenser parasite.

"So, Alli… Here is what happened."


"I'm sorry, Alli. Sleep!"

Immediately after Skylar had rendered Allison unconscious, she covered her entire body with a catsuit and hood to protect her from the raging flames and thick smoke. She made sure to block her airways quickly; she would keep her alive by regulating the oxygen level in her blood until it was safe for her to breathe again. Humans were not adapted to such intense heat.

But as she stepped into the flames, immediately, Allison's clothes and shoes caught fire and turned to ash.

"Oops. I forgot about that. She is going to be mad. It was her favorite coat."

Thankfully, those flames were nothing in comparison to the harsh conditions of space. Intergalactic travel had put Skylar through way more extreme temperatures, from the freezing cold vacuum of space to the radiant heat of a white dwarf. So there was no worry to have, neither for her or her beloved host. Allison would feel nothing.

"Okay… so she said the kid was upstairs?"

Walking in the fire devouring the house, Skylar began climbing the stairs. But after a couple of steps, everything began to crack, and the whole structure collapsed under her feet, sending her through the floor. After slamming left and right on wooden beams, she landed flat on her back in the basement with tons of incandescent crashing on her and burying her alive.

But again, this was nothing, if only a bit disappointing. She had no problem protecting Alli, but it was a bit humiliating to have failed to predict this.

"Ah, crap. Why is this house so fragile? Even my comet was sturdier than this."

She pushed the burning planks out of the way as if they weighed nothing more than a feather and got back to her feet.

"Let's try this again. The small human is probably not very strong, so I better hurry."

Like an agile cat and boosting Allison's strength to an absurd level, Skylar jumped here and there, gripping the walls and pieces of the floor that had not yet burned, and she climbed all the way up to the top floor of the house where she pulled herself back up to her feet.

"Infant!? Where are you? Hello!?"

The smoke was so thick that, perhaps, this kid was not in a position to answer anymore. Fortunately, that was not an issue for Skylar as she could simply sense instead of see. It was out of the question to open eye holes on the hood and use Allison's eyes. It would have damaged her unnecessarily.

"Ha! He is over there."

One door was still closed, and the kid was behind it, lying on the floor. Skylar used her knees and elbows to shatter the obstacle easily. Once inside, she wasted no time and picked up the kid and placed him over her shoulder. She then went to the window and smashed it open with her foot before jumping from the top floor directly to the street.

Skylar then casually walked to the panicked mother, who was also terrified by the strange black form approaching her.

"Hi… Is this the small human animal you were looking for?"

Receiving no answers, Skylar gently placed the coughing kid on the ground and looked around, just to realize that some people were filming her with their cellphones. What they had just witnessed was nothing remotely normal, and it would all be on video. Allison had warned her about this. People couldn't learn about her existence, or there would be big trouble.

Since it was pretty much too late to do anything about it, Skylar at least grabbed Allison's bag containing her personal effect. If she could, at least, prevent them from figuring out that Allison was the person behind that black skin, it would be the most important.

But when she turned around to leave, a strange car with flashing lights stopped near her. A man got out of it and pointed a little object at her. It looked quite inoffensive, so she wasn't worried. But the man began yelling at her for no reason.


"Uh? Why? I have to go."


"My mask? What mask? Oh, no! Sorry. I can't do that."


"Uh? Suuure… I won't get on the ground, so you can tase me… whatever that means."


"I told you, I don't know what that is, but I'm fine with you tasing me if it means you are going to leave me alone after. I have to go. "


As Skylar tried hard to understand what this guy wanted from her, another one of those blue men with a flashing vehicle showed up. She had no idea who they were. Now there were two who were yelling at her choices that didn't seem to be one. She would have to ask Allison about this strange behavior later.


"No. I have to leave. But for the third time, if you want to tase me, that's okay. I don't know what it means, but I'm fine with it. Really! I don't want any trouble."


Two little metal probes hit Skylar right in the chest and just fell to the ground, boringly. There was not a chance in the world that this thing would hurt her. But that was enough to understand that they had not done this to be friendly.

"Oh… I see how it is! That's not cool. I was trying to be nice, and then you throw things at me. Good thing I protected my host."


A few more of those metal needles fell at her feet after failing to penetrate her skin.

"Ah, you know what? I'm done with this. Leave me alone, okay? I have to go."

Was Skylar doing something wrong? She used Allison's voice to talk to those people, but they were not listening at all. And now, a whole bunch of red trucks with flashing lights were approaching as well.

She turned around and walked away. The best thing to do would be to leave this place and ask Allison for advice later, as she was much more familiar with the human world. But as she turned her back, one of these big men in weird blue clothes rushed at her and attempted a tackle. 

It was a stupid idea, so she just placed her hand in a way to make him crash to the ground at her feet..


"Okay. That's not cool. Why would you do that, mister? I let you tase me, and now you are trying to prevent me from walking away. You can't have it both ways."

Seeing that many other blue men were about to do the same, Skylar just ran away. Allison would be mad if she were to hurt those people to escape even though they were the aggressors.


I couldn't believe it. Skylar saved the kid, and when the police showed up, they thought she looked like a suspicious arsonist and tried to arrest her. She had no idea what the police were, so it was not her fault if she didn't know what to do.

But after the first part of her story, I only had one real question. Was Skylar really that powerful?

"Sky? You really saved the kid the way you described it?"

"Well, I guess. But I couldn't have done it without using your body. You are the one who saved him."

"Not really, no. I was asleep. So, is your skin that tough?"

"Oh, that's rude. My skin is all soft and delicate, Alli."

"Yeah, right."

"Hmm… Fire is nothing compared to traveling near a neutron star, so it was not a problem if that's what you wanted to know."

"Alright, if you say so. What happened next? How did you escape the police?"

"Oh, that was not easy. I just tried not to mess up more than I had already done."


Jumping fence after fence, Skylar tried to put some distance between the blue men and herself. They didn't have a chance to catch her, but to their defense, they were perseverant. She had at least managed to hide Allison's bag in a backyard somewhere. As long as her host remained anonymous, that was the most important. If somebody were to find out that it was Allison under this black skin, she would be in big trouble.

After exiting a back alley, another one of those flashing cars almost ran into her, but she gracefully jumped over the hood.


"Leave me alone! You are not nice!"

This was bad. Really bad. Skylar was now on a much bigger street, and so many people were after her. Allison had always told her to hide and make sure nobody could see her, but by now, everybody saw her running around.

"Aaah! Allison is going to be so mad at me. What should I do? What should I do?"

She kept running and running in the streets of the big city. Helicopters were flying above her, which probably was why they could keep up with her no matter where she was going. Along the way, people were taking pictures and videos of her curvy latex-looking body. How could she escape this? How could this end without someone getting hurt? Skylar wasn't scared for herself as she could confront pretty much anybody on this planet and win without breaking a sweat, but Allison would probably be furious if she did that.

But then, In the distance, she noticed a familiar structure, one Allison had shown her while visiting the city the other day. It was a bridge separating two city sections separated by a river, probably because humans were not very good swimmers.

"AH! That's it! They can't swim well! And the water is probably way too cold for them."

For another five minutes, she ran, hoping to reach the bridge before something else went down. Who knew? Even if very unlikely, maybe those people could spray her with a chemical that would force her to detach from Allison. That would be devastating.


Allison rolled her eyes.

"Sky, I'm preeetty sure the police are not using anti-space-parasite chemicals."

"And how do you know? They were not nice to me!"

"They don't even know what you are. They probably thought you were a cute girl wearing a latex suit."

"Still, I was scared."

"Scared? Based on what you told me, you are pretty much invincible. Nothing should scare you."

"…My host… If I were to lose you, I don't know what I would do. It would be the saddest day of my life. And you are my girlfriend too, remember?"

"Awww. True. It would be heartbreaking."

Squish! Squish!

I gave Sky a couple of reassuring squeezes to let her know that I understood where she was coming from. Being a parasite meant that she spent her entire life bonding with various beings and relying on them for her survival. It wasn't hard to imagine that the simple thought of losing her host could be distressing. I knew the police wouldn't spray her with strange chemicals, but she didn't. She didn't even know what the police were or why they were running after her. In our world, not complying with their commands or running away was enough to make them act all manly and mobilize all units to catch or shoot the offender. Skylar had done both, and they were certainly not happy about it.

"So, you ran all the way to the bridge? Then what?"

"Then they tried to talk to me more politely, but it was bullshit."

"Really? How come?"


"Please don't do this! If you jump, you'll die."

"What!? No! I won't die! It's only fifty meters high!"

"…That's… very high."

"Okay. Whatever. I don't know why you are running after me, but I don't like it, and my host will be super mad at me because of you."

"I… I don't know what you are talking about but get off the railing so we can talk about it. You… you are going to fall."

Skylar was indeed about to give this older cop a heart attack by the way she balanced herself effortlessly on top of the two inches wide railing. One single misstep, and she would fall. It was even more stomach-turning because she was on her tiptoes.

"If I step down, will you let me go?"

"…Sure. Yes. It was a mistake. We didn't want to scare you."

"OH! That's such a lie. I can hear it in your voice. I don't know who you guys are, you and your flashing cars, but I don't like you."

"We… We are the police. We are just doing our job. We want to protect you. Please, get off this railing before you fall."

"I don't know what a police is, but throwing metal things at me earlier wasn't nice. Did I throw things at you? No, I didn't! How would you feel if I had thrown lettuce at you? It would be mean, right?"

"… Le… lettuce?"

"Anyway. I'm going now. My host is going to be so angry because of you."

"NO! DON'T!"

Graciously, Skylar sprang away from the railing and plunged like a slender arrow toward the water. After a few long seconds, she pierced the surface, withstanding the impact easily, and swam away.

"Seriously, Allison is going to be so mad at me."

Since she wanted to put a good distance between these idiots and herself, she encased Allison's legs into a single sheet and created some sort of floppy sheet at the tip, mimicking those small aquatic creatures surrounding her. That definitely made her swimming way more efficient.

"Haha. Those small water animals are smart. That tail works well."

Like a torpedo, Skylar swam away, underwater. Based on what she knew about humans, it was very unlikely that the blue men would be able to keep up with her now.



"What? Alli! They were not nice…"

"You… turned me into a mermaid!?"

"A what?"

"Nevermind. So you swam away, and then what?"

"Then, after a few hours, I got out of the river and hid in the woods."


"Yes. We are about a hundred and fifty kilometers away from your home. I bet they won't think about looking for me here. HA!"

"Of course they won't, Sky! We are SO far from the city. No human being can swim that far. But now, how am I supposed to go back to my place? I have no car or clothes."

"We can walk back. I can turn into a swimsuit, so people won't know I'm a parasite."

"Skyyy! People don't wear swimsuits in the streets, even less on the highway."


I didn't want to be too rough on her because none of this was her fault. Without my help, she did her best with the knowledge she had at the time. The most important thing was that she had done nothing wrong; on the contrary, she had saved a child, which was amazing.

"Skylar. You are a heroine."

"What is that?"

"Someone very brave who puts her life on the line to save others. What you did was exceptional. You risked your life to save a child."

"No, I didn't. It was easy."

"SKY! Just accept it. Stop arguing."

"…Okay… But it was still easy."


Her perspective of what was hard or not was definitely not matching mine, but it was pointless to argue with a space parasite sometimes.

"Anyway. I'm proud of you."

"…And you are not mad at me?"

"No. Not at all. You did the right thing. I wouldn't have gone inside that burning house, and the firefighter would never have arrived on time to save him."

"Awww! Alli! Why are you always so nice?"

"Hehe. You make it easy for me, Sky."


"Anyway, where are we now?"

"Just North of the big river."

"Is there a road nearby?"


"And it is Sunday, right?"

"Yes. Sunday Morning."

"Well, we have to return home and assess the damage. I'm sure you'll be all over the news. And we have to go get my bag too. My phone and keys are in it. Hopefully, the police didn't find it."

"Not a chance. I hid it really well."

"Good. Let's go, then."

Skylar guided me through the forest because I had no idea where to go. Wearing a full catsuit in the wilderness was a bit weird, but it was incredibly convenient. Even though she didn't want me to say it that way, Skylar's skin was tough as hell. I couldn't feel the branches, and the rough ground was not hurting my feet at all. She also covered my head so I wouldn't get scratches everywhere on my face. That was the perfect hiking outfit.

It took us about twenty minutes to reach the road. It was a low-traffic one, but that would be enough for what I had in mind, even better. While we were walking, Sky had proposed that we swim back the way she came, but I wasn't thrilled by that idea. If someone saw a black form crawling out of the river, it wouldn't make things any better. So we needed an inconspicuous form of human transportation.

"Okay. I need clothes since you burned my favorite ones in the fire. Sky, I need you to transform into a pair of leggings and a tank top. Remember, I showed you those items at the store."

"I'm sorryyy! I didn't mean to."

"It's okay, but we will have to go shopping, and you won't be allowed to whine! Alright, make me some clothes now."

"Right. I will have to separate, though. Is it okay if I go back inside your womb?" 

"Yes, yes… that's fine… Whatever you need to do."

I didn't have to tell her twice. My pussy lips parted, and she forced her entry inside my vagina. Of course, Skylar being Skylar, she gripped my clit and made sure to massage my inside in the most stimulating way, which made me fall to my knees.

Aaaah! Sky! Do you have to make it so sexual?"

"It's just to help with the discomfort. Hehe."

"Mmmm… Right! Dumbass!"

She was a tease before the incident, and she didn't change. There was no reason for her to do this now. As she crawled inside my vagina and progressively entered my womb, she made sure I overly enjoyed the whole process.

"Skyyy! It's not the time. Aaaaaah! You are going to make me cum."

"Well, I was supposed to have sex with my new girlfriend all weekend, but then everything went sideways. So I'm taking the opportunities I can."

"Mmm… so inappropriate! Aaanh… but…"

"So good?"

"Yes. Silly parasite!"

"Hehe. Okay. Let me try to transform into a pair of leggings now. Let me know if that's what you want. It's one thing to cover you, but it's another to do it fashionably.

After finishing the separation, her tentacles creepily crawled out of my pussy and began wrapping around my butt and legs. Using my hands and fingers, I told her how high to go and where to stop on the ankle. From afar, nobody would be able to tell it was anything else than a simple pair of sexy black leggings with a tone of brown.

"Is that good enough, Alli?"

"Yes. Perfect. Now for the tank top, I want you to cover me from here to here. But I want to make sure people can see my boob crack."

"Uh? Why?"

"Because we are going to do some hitchhiking. If I look sexy, people will stop right away to help. That's how bad people are, Skylar. They love sexy girls with big breasts."

"Odd, but okay. I have no clue what to do, so your plan is still better than mine."

She struggled a bit more with creating my tank top, but with my guidance and some patience, we managed to come up with something not too whorish, yet very sexy. My noticeable cleavage would probably allow me to stop the first car that we would encounter.

"That looks perfect, Sky. You should become a clothing designer."

"Mmm… I don't think so. It was not easy. Alright, now let's take care of your boobs."

"…What about them? Mmmmm… aaaah! What… what the hell?"

Once more, I fell to my knees, this time grabbing my chest. What was she doing to me? My boobs got super hot, and a big wave of pleasure flooded my entire body. But then, under my fingers, I could feel my breasts expanding.


"Uh? But you told me that you needed big boobs, no?"


"You said that people loved sexy girls with big breasts. So I'm injecting a neutral compound inside your boobs to make them bigger."

"I never asked you to do that! I was just stating a fact!"

"Oh, really? Hehe. Sorry. Sometimes you are not very clear when you ask me for things."

"Hmmm… Aaah! Why does it feel so good? Is tugging on my nipples part of the process?"

"No, that's just because it's fun. I loved it when you came hard from your tits on Friday night, Allison."

"Aaah. Yeah, tell me about it. It's not even supposed to be possible. I'm sure you played with my brain when that happened."

"That's not true. You just really did cum from your tits on your own. I just stimulated you the right way."

"Oh, great. Now I'm so whorish that I can cum from my boobs."

"Hehe. Let me know when you are happy with the size. And no, it's not permanent, so don't worry."

It took Skylar a moment to finish my pleasant boob job, but it was well worth the wait. She had definitely increased my chance of stopping a car by a thousand percent. All there was left for us to do was to find a good story to justify why a girl looking so sexy was lost in the middle of nowhere so far away from home.

"Okay, Sky. Now you don't say a word until the trip is over, alright? Let's not take any risks until we are back home. I'll fix this mess."

"Sure. I'll be super quiet."

"And no teasing! Okay?"

"Aww… Not even a little?"


"Fiiine. I will talk to you later then, Alli. Good luck."



I petted her one last time and walked to the side of the road. Even though this was a bit of a particular situation, being sexily dressed like this and having an augmented chest boosted my confidence.

As the first car approached, I stuck my arm out and exhibited my sexy and feminine thumb. Yes, even my thumb felt sexy today.


"Aaaah! Son of a biiitch!"

He didn't even slow down. He passed next to me at high speed and even honked to scare me. Did he not see how cute I was? That left me grumbling. But when the next car approached, I struck my desirable pose again.


It worked this time. That one politely slowed down and pulled over a bit farther down the road. I jogged toward it, and he lowered his passenger window. I leaned too much, making sure that my boob crack was shamelessly exposed, and adopted my most girly voice to make him understand that we, females, were absolutely helpless without the assistance of a brave alpha male. It was all about the power of charm.

"Hiii! Thanks for stopping. You are a lifesaver. I need to go back to the city, but I'm all alone. Would you mind helping me?"

"Are you going to give me a blowjob?"

"…Uh? Hell no! Who do you think I am?"

"Get lost, then!"

I barely had time to step back before he slammed his foot on the accelerator and left me behind in a cloud of dust and a horrible burned tires smell.



Fortunately for me, the next car had also stopped, and this time it was a very old lady. It was a bit embarrassing that I had not even considered the possibility that someone other than a hormonal male would have stopped for me. That said, it was the best thing ever because that grandma didn't pay attention at all to my suspicious outfit and treated me like her favorite daughter. She also told me everything about her son and even tried to convince me to marry him. It was simply adorable.

Even though she drove slower than a turtle on valium and every single car passing us honked to let her know, it couldn't have been a better trip. Almost…

Skylar kept her word and didn't say squat during the whole trip, but she failed to keep her promise not to tease me. How inappropriate! While the old lady told me about how great her son was, Sky decided to fuck me in the ass and massage my sensitive breast. I think her message was pretty clear. I was her girlfriend, and she didn't want me to consider dating the old lady's son, which was ridiculous. Being so close to someone else in a small car prevented me from scolding Skylar. I did poke her repeatedly behind my neck, but she just ignored me or pinched my nipples.

One thing I forgot to ask Skylar before the trip was the location of my backpack. It would have been convenient if the old lady would have dropped me near it, but since I didn't know, I just asked her to drop me at the public park near the house that had burned down. There were always some ladies doing yoga in that park too, so my outfit wouldn't attract too much attention.

"Thank you so much again! You are so sweet."

"Are you sure you don't want to go out with my son? You would love him."

"Oooh, it's very tempting. I'll think about it. Okay? Bye now!"

"Bye, my dear!"

The old lady drove away, and immediately after, Skylar rammed her tentacle deep inside my ass.


"…You'll think about it?"

"Aaah, don't be jealous like that. Of course, not! I just tried to be nice to her. Oh, and thanks for molesting me during this trip. That was very classy on your part."

"Haha. I was bored."

"Yeah. Silly slime! So, where is my backpack now? Let's go get it so we can go home?"

"Under a shed in a backyard."

"Oh? Far from here?"

"Not that far, no."

"But a backyard, that's problematic, Sky. If I go there before nighttime, we will get caught."

"Well, the forest was a nice place to hide. I see a wood across the park, Alli. Couldn't we wait there until dusk?"

"Good thinking. I don't want to sit on a bench dressed up like this all afternoon. It's better if we keep a low profile."

We strolled through the park to reach the small wood at the far end of it. As expected, there were some yoga moms, some families, and people walking their dogs. Sure, I got a couple of curious stares, but that was unavoidable. Dressed the way I was and wearing no shoes, it was bound to stand out a little. If people wanted to feast on my sexiness, I couldn't care less. It was even somewhat flattering.

When we reached the wood, we made sure nobody had followed us, and we left the main path. We went as deep as we could until we found a good spot out of sight. With Skylar's super skin covering me, I didn't mind spending the rest of the afternoon in such a place. It wasn't like I would get eaten by mosquitos. Skylar crawled all over me to turn back into a full catsuit.

"Mmm… You are so warm, Sky."

"I can pick whatever temperature you want. Is this good?"

"Really? Can you do that? Show me warmer."


Immediately, the suit temperature rose to a point where it was almost uncomfortable, but it was so awesome. It was like lying on a Cancun beach.

"Oooh! That's amazing! I didn't know you could do that."

"Aaaand… cold!"

As quickly as she had heated me up, her temperature dropped and cooled me down very efficiently.

"AAAH! Sky! That's so cold!"

"Haha. Good for a warm summer day, no?"

"For sure. That's hilarious. Hey, I didn't think I would ask again so soon, but… Can you feed me? I haven't had anything since this morning, and I'm getting hungry again."


"No? How come? I thought you loved feeding me? You kept bugging me about it. Now that I'm asking you to do it, you say no?"

"Yes, Allison. See, I noticed that when you get your food from the store, you have to give the cashier some money."

"Oh, give me a break, Sky! What would you do with my money? You are a parasite."

"I demand to be paid in pleasure!"

"Why am I not surprised? Just feed me already, or else it's you that I will eat."

"Okay, but only if you put your back against that small tree."

"It's called a birch. And why would I do that?"

"You'll see."

I had to admit that Skylar made me laugh. Since we decided to date, she wasn't shy to play games with me, knowing very well that I could easily see through her devious schemes. After all, it was a nice day, so why not have a bit of fun with her. It's not like we had better things to do at the moment.

"Alright. But it better be entertaining because it's only going to be dark in like eight hours."

"Mmm… Maybe it will be fun."

Obeying her, I placed my back against the small birch tree. It only had a diameter of three or four inches. What did she have in mind?

I didn't have to wait too long to get my answer. Her skin at my waist level quickly wrapped around the trunk, preventing me from escaping.

"Ah! I knew it! You are a sneaky little egg-laying creature… Mmmmph!"

"Shhh! I told you ten times. I don't lay eggs. Anyway, you are all mine now! Hehe."

She always did that, crawling over my mouth to shut me up and plugging my mouth with a big tendril that only gave me a desire to suck on it. Her next step was to force my arms up, high above my head, and attach my wrists to the tree. I was in so much trouble. All I could do was kick my legs uselessly, knowing very well that there was nothing I could do to fight her back.

And I loved it.

Gradually, the black skin wrapped around the tree, pinning me more and more to it in the process. Sky encased my legs in a single sheet, aware that I had enjoyed our last mummification play a bit too much. At that point, only the top of my head remained uncovered.


"Oh? Do you want me to do this?"


To do what? That little rat. I wasn't sure how she did it, but she managed to crawl up the tree, about two feet up, so I couldn't touch the ground anymore.


"I knew you would love it, Alli. Now, if you want your food, you have to cum hard for me, okay?"


I had no issue with that.

"…from your tits!"


Of course, twisted little slime. I loved her so much. Who else would be able to give me such a good time and make me feel so alive? Best parasite ever.

She seemed to really love my ass because she went deep inside my guts using a large tentacle. Part of it was because she knew I loved the feeling of her crawling inside my belly, no matter how strange it sounded. It was painless and just made me feel so good. As a bonus, it would make me feel so clean afterward.

Then it was my vagina's turn. She plugged me well and even added a special touch by giving a knobby texture to that living dildo to give me all these extra sensations. Her little tendrils gripped my clit hard, but that wouldn't be where my pleasure needed to come from if I wanted to earn my lunch.

Skylar crawled off my larger breast but squeezed them at their base. Since I could still look around and my bigger breasts were easier to notice, I was in the first row to witness them turning into a nice shade of purple.


"Oh, yes. That's going to be fun. I promise."

It certainly headed in the right direction. She knew exactly what she was doing and that some light pain could also be part of pleasure. I had asked her to try things, and that was what she was doing. Some small tentacles circled my already pressured boobs and squeezed them even more. At the tip of the tendril, a round-shaped cone covered my nipple and bit in it, hard enough for me to yelp.


"Does… does it feel good? Hehe… I wanted to try, but… Do you like it?"


I nodded furiously. Of course, I loved it. Who wouldn't? This was so crazy and kinky. I always loved when my partners nibbled on my nipples. It was one of my weak points when someone wanted to turn me on effortlessly. I couldn't wait for what would happen next, whatever it would be.

She started pulling on my nipple while making them vibrate. That was too much. My eyes rolled up at the pleasure, and I abandoned myself to her amazing skills.


"Remember, Alli. You have to cum from your tits if you want your food."


I didn't care about food anymore. I just wanted to get fucked, no matter how Skylar chose to do it. Mummified and attached to my small tree, having sex in the park had never been this intense.

I swear, she kept me on the edge for a full hour, torturing my large boobs most deliciously. It was so frustrating to get this close to an orgasm just to see her kill the stimulation at the very last second. Over and over and over. How was I supposed to cum if she wouldn't let me?

"Alright, no more sight for you."

"Mmmph! Mmmph!"

That had to happen eventually. Sky covered the rest of my head and immobilized it by wrapping around the tree, taking away my ability to see and move. Good thing I trusted her because there was nothing I could do anymore to regain my freedom.

And now that I was cocooned helplessly and tied up to a tree rocking under the sun, Skylar kicked things up a notch. She increased her skin temperature until it was almost uncomfortable, steaming me inside my latex-like sack, and she ferociously attacked my boobs again.

This time around, it was serious business. The pleasure was insane, and she pushed me over the edge in no time. Yes, cumming from my tits was just as ridiculous as it was euphoric. As I was thrashing with pleasure in my dark world, tentacles entered my nostril and headed to my lungs, followed by a bigger one that entered my mouth and headed straight to my stomach.

"Open wiiide, Alli. You earned your lunch."


My stomach expanded, and a satiation feeling installed itself in my mind. It was a feeling of love, nothing less.

"I'll let you rest a bit, Alli. Try to relax."

"Mmmm… mmmm…"

For the next little while, we stayed there in silence. I could hear the wind in the leaves and feel my tree slowly dancing back and forth while Skylar caressed my body sensually, as only she knew how to do. I eventually drifted asleep for a little nap.


"Mmm? Mmm?""



"Hehe. No, it's not morning, but you slept quite a bit. I didn't want to wake you up."

Something was wrong. Why was I… suspended upside down?


"Hehe. I thought you would appreciate it. I attached your feet to a branch while you were sleeping. Want to see?"


Sky crawled off my eyes, and right away, I felt dizzy. My head was only a foot or two above the ground, and I was spinning and balancing uncontrollably. My parasite was a creative one, and I was willing to bet she would give me another good round of alien sex.

Unexpectedly, she ungagged me and retracted from my face.

"Aaah! Skyyy! You are crazy!"

"Tell me you don't love it…"


Her little tendrils began stimulating my clitoris mercilessly.

"Shhh… Alli. If you make too much noise, people will discover us."

"Haaa… but… you are… playing with my clit… mmm…"

"Let's see how quiet you can be if you aren't gagged while I'm fucking you, then."

"You… you are eviiil!"

"Yes, but you love it. Haha."

"I…. do. Little rat. AAAAH!"

"Shhh! Haha"

That stupid tentacle in my vagina. It started fucking me without warning, adding to the pleasure that her clit massage was providing.

"Fuuuck! Sky!"

"I'm having so much fun. At least this weekend wasn't a total waste."

"Hehe. Mmm… Sky… you know what?"


"I love you. So much."


"Mmm… Don't stop…"

"A… Alli… Did you just say…"

"That I loved you? Yes. Is that a problem?"

"…But… I'm just a… parasite…"

"And I don't care. Now tell me that you love me back, and fuck me harder than ever before to prove me it's true."

"I'm…. I'm so happy! Yes. YES! I love you too! And I'll fuck you hard… hang in there!"



"Sky, that wasn't funny…"

"I thought it was. Haha."

That went well. I've been thinking about telling her about my feelings for a while now, and I was glad she took it the right way. I was also rewarded by the roughest fuck of my life. Just brute sex. No teasing. No gentle torture. Just tentacles fucking my ass, pussy, clit, and boobs. She quickly abandoned her challenge and wrapped my head back to give me the ability to scream my pleasure to my heart's content without alerting the whole neighborhood.

I must have cummed about ten times in a row before she detached me from the tree and let me lie on the ground, still a prisoner of my thick cocoon. It was as if she, too, was exhausted and wanted to rest with me.

If I were now officially dating a parasite and would have this new amazing love-driven relationship, where would it lead me? Falling in love with an alien parasite was not something I ever expected to happen to me, but I would have been a fool not to fully jump into an experience that nobody else would ever have the chance to go through.

As much as I wanted to hug Skylar right now, I knew things didn't work that way with her. It would be in my best interest to prepare myself mentally to be a bottom in bed for the rest of my life.

It sounded good to me.


And she restarted fucking my ass…


Yes… Deeper, please.


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